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The witching hour:a season 8 ficlet

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  • The witching hour:a season 8 ficlet

    Author’s note: This fic was inspired by a conversation about Monty Python, but also by the inclusion of another British legend in a panel of the Buffy comics.

    Buffy’s feet echoed along the corridors of the castle. She could hear voices. Singing. It was coming from behind a set of wooden double doors. She pulled open the doors with a quick tug. In the hall beyond, she saw a motley collection of drunken men. They were singing, dancing…and all of them were wearing armour.

    “We eat ham and jam and spamalot…in Camelot!” crooned one of them. Then he began to perform a noisy tapdance.

    Buffy shook her head. “Let’s not go to Camelot,” she murmured. “For it is a silly place.”

    When she woke up, she discovered a pair of coconut shells lying on the pillow beside her. She stormed down to breakfast, shells in hand. When she arrived in the kitchen, Willow was there eating breakfast with Xander. Buffy showed them the coconuts.

    “Seriously, Will. Could you stop allowing your Wicca squad to practice before bedtime. I’m getting seriously sick of my dreams coming true.”

    “Don’t they often come true?” asked Willow, a little defensive. “I mean, with the whole slayer prophesy dream time power thing?”

    Buffy shook her coconut-clutching fist at her. “These are from Monty Python and the Holy Grail which I was watching before bed last night. NOT a slayer prophecy.”

    Xander craned closer. “Oooh, we should sell them on ebay!” Buffy glowered. “Or maybe we should not so much.”

    “Well, Will…talk to them?” She put down the coconuts and poured herself some cereal. “I’m just thinking it’s a good thing they weren’t doing the late night practices when I was watching Doctor Who a few weeks ago…or we’d have that coming true!”

    “Erm…” said Willow, quietly. “Yeah. Good thing they weren’t.”

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --