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The Tutorial: a Giles-at-Oxford ficlet

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  • The Tutorial: a Giles-at-Oxford ficlet

    The grey-haired tutor sighed. "Rupert, I realise that you've agreed to these sessions under duress."

    "Too bloody true," grumbled Rupert. He crossed his legs, folded his arms and leaned back into the sofa in his tutor's office. His hangover was beginning to build, as the still-drunk-from-last-night feeling began to wear off.

    Doctor Williams was not having any of it. The old man gave him a stern-yet-kindly look. "But I'll remind you that, for one thing, if you don't turn up on time ? SOBER - and show at least some kind of engagement with this particular course, you'll be sent down."

    "Yeah? Well maybe that wouldn't be such a disaster," said Rupert.

    His grandmother had pulled strings to get him into Oxford ? strings attached to watchers who worked part time as dons at the university. The condition being that he had to take a supplemental course in addition to his degree, learning more about the supernatural, to equip him to fulfil his destiny once he left Oxford.

    Destiny. Yeah, that was a fun word. He didn't think much of destiny. All he really wanted right now was to be curled up somewhere in a corner, with a bacon sandwich clutched in his hand.

    "But it's not just about making sure you stay with us here, Rupert," Doctor Williams continued. He leaned forward, taking off his spectacles and polishing them on his academic gown. "Some of this information might actually help to save your life one day. Or the life of your slayer."

    Rupert made a scoffing noise. He was becoming more and more certain that his future life would involve anything but becoming a Watcher. But, he wasn't quite ready to be chucked out yet. If he was going to leave, it'd be on his own terms. So, he settled himself as comfortably as possible among the sofa cushions. "Go on, then, Doc. Impart away."

    "Right. Excellent," said the tutor. He smiled, now all-kindly, no stern. "Then I think we will begin with the demon Lurconis, whose name translates into English as Glutton?."

    Rupert leaned his head against the back of the sofa. Yeah, like any of this will ever be relevant?

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --