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The regeneration game: a Doctor Who season four ficlet

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  • The regeneration game: a Doctor Who season four ficlet

    Authors: Wolfie Gilmore (mostly) and Litzie

    As the glowing lights around the Doctor's face and body faded, a gasp went through the room. The regeneration was complete. Donna couldn't quite take in what had just happened. Had he really just...? What?

    "Doctor?" Rose stared at the new figure lying on the ground.

    "Doctor?" said Jack. He grinned. "Ooh, that's new. I like that look on you."

    The Doctor blinked and sat up, then stood a little shakily. Donna stepped forward then stopped. She stared at the new face... the new body. She shook her head. "No.... you're having me on."

    "Doctor?" There was a tremor in Rose's voice. She took a step back.

    Donna turned to her, one eyebrow raised. "See, this is why I never fancied him. He was an alien. A-LI-EN! And this is what you get for getting off with an alien." She pointed at the Doctor's new form, with its blonde hair, blue eyes, shapely hips and curvaceous breasts. "See, Rose. Now you're a lesbian!"