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  • Class Code 03-K64 Firefly

    A Mid Bulk Transport.
    Standard Radian Accelerator Core. class code 03-K64 Firefly.

    From the series Firefly, before Dubal Early crept on board.
    Sitting around the table are the crew of the Firefly.

    "This ain't right, is she coming or going?" asked Jayne.

    "She wouldn't want to leave, I think she wants to help," said Simon.

    "Zoe?" asked Mal, "how do you see her?"

    "She tries to help, but she doesn't know how."

    "She cut me!, how's that helping?" asked Jayne, "she wasn't helping me."

    "No, but I think she was helping Simon," said Book.

    "How do you reckon on that."

    "Simon was trying to eat, you were spitting on your gun."

    "That's right, he asked you to stop," said Mal.

    "But you did it again, just to spite him" observed Inara.

    "I think River just wanted to help her brother," said Book, "she is very aware of everything around her."

    "But she don't do things right."

    "She does have a lot of things in her pretty little head," said Mal, "which sounds a bit crazy when it comes out."

    "Oh I don't know," said Book, "ever thought about what she says. I first noticed it at that house of ill repute. River said it's started."

    "I noticed that, well maybe afterwards, but yeah. She full of stuff like that. Shiny? you said she shot three people, with her eyes closed."

    "All this don't help us now," said Jayne.

    "Who could we ask to help us?" asked Wash.

    "The past."

    "Huh? er who?" asked Mal

    "A seance."

    "No, that is not the answer," said Shepherd book, "when has the past ever helped."

    "The bible is off the past," said Simon.

    "Yes; true. But not a seance, that?s the devil's work," he replied.

    "You have a book, we don't. If there was another way?, but there isn't, it may even help us to seek the guidance from your book, Shepherd Book," said Inara, smiling at him.

    "Why does it feel like I've just been conned?"

    "Are we all agreed?" asked Inara.

    "No, Mal."

    "Have you a better idea Jayne? any idea's?"

    "Who knows how?" Jayne asked.

    "I do," said Inara.

    "You do? part of your training is that?" asked Mal.

    "No, the whore that Jayne took, she showed me, that's a thought. Jayne should know how to it now," said Inara.

    "What? that can't happen, can it?"

    "It might do, have you got any girl parts?"

    "WHAT! NO!."

    He grabbed hold of himself. Every-one in the room burst out laughing.

    "Then we do it now, here. Inara? what do we need?" asked Wash, "I meant the seance Jayne."

    "Well, now, I knew that."

    "Nothing Wash, just clear the table. I will call the past, who-ever comes from the past, will choose who to be."

    "Who do you think that'll be?" asked Mal.

    Inara looked around the room.

    "There are three here, Shepherd Book and Wash, they will leave us."

    "Can Serenity record this?, in case we forget?" asked Inara.

    "I'll go and do that," said Wash.

    "You didn't say, who is the third?" asked Zoe.

    "I am," replied Inara.

    Wash returned, sitting down, he looked around the room.

    "So what do we do?"

    "We don't," said Book.

    "They already have," said Inara.

    "But you said about the three of us," said Wash.

    "I did, I said that, but not who would do what," said Inara.

    "So, why us?" asked Wash

    "We don't fit, but to know why, we'd have to ask them," replied Inara.

    "Kaylee?" asked Shepherd Book, "who are they?."

    "Simon, he is Wesley."

    "When was he Wesley, what did he do?" asked Wash.

    "From five hundred years ago, he was her watcher but she wanted Giles."

    "Who is she?"

    "Zoe is she, she is Faith."

    "What does Faith do? and who is Giles?" asked Wash.

    "Faith is a Vampire Slayer, Mal is Giles."

    "What does one of them do, both of them and Faith?"

    "She was sent to help the humans, Giles does as Wesley does, they are chosen to help a slayer each."

    "No, you have only said of one of these slayers, and yet there are two watchers. So there are two slayers here?, right?"

    "Wrong there are three slayers here."

    "Do we know who they are?" asked Inara.

    "One you know of, one you've met, yet one is still hidden."

    "Three slayers, two watchers?" asked Wash.

    "There is another watcher here, but he chooses to be another."

    "I think you need to make that clearer," said the shepherd.

    "He wants you to think he is another, he was a rival of one who is not here yet."

    "Who isn't here yet?"

    "Dubal, Early to his friends; if he had any friends."

    "Who is this Dubal?"

    "I know him," said Book, "he is a bounty hunter. So, I'm a watcher? to who?"

    "Yes, you said there was three, who is the other?" asked Inara, "that means then that we are all in this together. Then who is Wash and who am I?"

    "You were together, you will be together. Now you join, when you know, you will see."

    "That made the sort of sense that's not," said Wash.

    "As I understood it, no, I don't understand it, why are three vampire slayers needed?" asked Book.

    "Only one is needed."

    "Okay, but how will we know her?" asked Inara.

    "She will see what is, and say what will be."

    That sounds like River," said Book.

    "Didn't you say they are here to help the humans? from what?" asked Wash.

    "The demons."

    "Who are the demons?" asked Inara.

    "The one you see as Jayne has a demon in him, so do you Inara."

    "Kaylee?" asked Book.

    "Jayne was the one known as Spike, Inara was known as Anya."

    "Now as I remember, wasn't a demon said to be against the human kind?" asked Book.

    "Most, yes. But not all," said Kaylee.

    "Who am I?" asked Wash.

    "A friend, someone who helps us be who we can be, not who we are."

    "And you, what do you do?" asked Wash.

    "The same as you will, I try to be a friend to all, to see what is and understand it."

    "For how long will these others be in us?" asked Book.

    "Always in the past, always of the now and for-ever always. They guided you to be here, they will guide you, as she guides me," said Kaylee.

    "Okay, we have these people in us, what do they want?"

    "They want you to be what you can be, not as they were. As you are different from them, they guide the inner you to be what you need to be."

    "Inara, you have the demon Anya, you help Xander to be him. Simon is Wesley, he helps she who is now, he guides the inner Simon to help her, ready for when her watcher is ready. Wash, you are Xander, you keep us right, you push us to be, what we should be. You gave me the will to willingly give my gift."

    "What do you mean? what is or was your gift?" asked Inara.

    "My life was my gift."

    "You gave your life?" asked Book.

    "That time."

    "That? many times did you die?"

    "She died once to many," replied Kaylee.

    "Mal is Giles, he helps me to be what I can be, a friend to all, a help to all, and a guide to River. Zoe is Faith, she was and is the ?do it ' girl. Jayne was a vampire, he wanted to be part of the good. He always had a love hate relationship to the slayer and her watcher, that is why he now treats River the same," said Kaylee.

    "But he doesn't treat me that way," said Book, "if anything we are becoming friends."

    "But he does treat Simon that way, when you are ready to be her watcher, then Jayne he will treat Simon as he treats you." said Kaylee.

    "And you are?" asked Book.

    "I have waited for you to be ready, to be with me," said Kaylee.

    "And that we are, little one," said Mal, he faced Inara, "what just happened?"

    "The recording!, " said Wash.

    "Maybe you will understand me then," said River.

    "That's a worry," replied Jayne.

    "What is?" asked Mal.

    "Understanding what she says."

    "So, missy Kay Lee Frye? who are?, or were you," asked Inara.

    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.