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Willow's new addiction: a post-Chosen ficlet - PG13

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  • Willow's new addiction: a post-Chosen ficlet - PG13

    "I can't believe I never watched this show before! Why did I never watch this show?" Willow gazed at the screen with a stupid grin on her face.

    "Because you were too busy saving the world?" suggested Kennedy. She teased her fingers through Willow's hair, basking in the reflected glow of Willow's geeky joy. She loved it when Willow got excited. Not just like that, either. Though that was good excitement too.

    "It's not that. I did watch TV. But not this. And, I know that it's not exactly Quality Television with a capital Kwuh, but?seriously." Willow pointed at the screen. "Hot lesbians. Many many hot lesbians. Many of them having sex. And me, with none on my screen until now. No hot lesbians in my television!" she pouted. "Except in that episode of Babylon 5 that Andrew made me watch and to be honest, pretty disappointing stuff ? I mean, she goes evil almost straight away, and that is irritating tv cliché numero uno. Or maybe dos. Cos, dead lesbian is uno."

    Kennedy kissed her rambling mouth. "Shh. You're going to miss the bit where Shane slams her against the wall."

    At the mention of Shane's name, Willow's face whipped back to the tv screen.

    Kennedy smiled. "She's total lesbo catnip, isn't she?"

    "Mmm. Nips," said Willow, distractedly, as Shane peeled off the top of the latest girl she'd picked up, then pulled her own vest over her head.

    "I'm not sure I should've bought you this box set," said Kennedy. "I'm not gonna get you off this sofa any time soon am I?"

    Willow turned back to her and gave a wicked little smile. She picked up the DVD remote and paused the episode on an image of Shane pushing the girl down onto the bed and kissing her neck. "Who says we need to leave the sofa?" she said, and dropped the remote to the ground, emulating her screen hero in ways that made Kennedy very, very glad she bought that box set after all.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --