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City Boy: a season 8 ficlet

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  • City Boy: a season 8 ficlet

    Dawn was back to her regular size, finally. Since the welcome shrinkage, a lot of things seemed to be going her way... as, for example, her brand spanking new boyfriend.

    Though she was kinda wishing she hadn't used those exact words to describe him. Much mockery had ensued, plus, as the general boyfriend-related ribbing continued, an unsavory joke from Xander about how, a few months before, she could've used the whole of him as for a particular solitary activity. Everyone had gone pretty quiet after that, and Xander had gone around for a week looking like a dog who'd peed in a confessional booth.

    But, gross mental imagery aside, Dawn was loving the couple lifestyle. She had no illusions that she was falling in love with Charlie, but he had certain attributes that made him an excellent Mr Right Now.

    a) He was hot

    b) He was smart

    c) He was highly unlikely to turn her into a giant.

    Where c) was concerned, she'd actually had Willow check him out for mystical powers. Zero. Charlie was captain normal of the average Joe squad, at least where magic was concerned. As a senior equity partner in a prestigious London City firm, however, he was far from average in the wage stakes.

    Not that Dawn was interested in money. was kinda nice, being whisked away to exotic locations. Her previous experience of whisking had mostly involved kidnap scenarios.

    "So...what's little lord fauntleroy given you this week?" Xander asked one morning at breakfast. "Not that I'm in any way hideously jealous of his wealth, good looks, and British accent."

    Dawn smiled. "This week it was the blue box treatment."

    "He gave you a TARDIS? That is so...and now I'm suddenly realising you meant something from Tiffany's." Xander shook his head. "And now I'm realising that the fact that I know that means I clearly spend too much time with women."

    Dawn was about to reply when Andrew looked at her very seriously. "Dawn, you do realise your boyfriend works for Wolfram and Hart, don't you?"

    Xander and Dawn stared at him.

    "What? No he doesn't! He works for Denton Wilde Sapte!" Dawn frowned. "You are so full of..."

    "Yes," Andrew nodded. "I know that. Denton Wilde Sapte. Who've just been bought out by Wolfram and Hart." He gave her and Xander a contemptuous look. "Honestly! Don't either of you read the Financial Times?"

    "Oh God," said Dawn. "My boyfriend's..."

    "...probably evil," finished Xander, with a sympathetic nod.

    Dawn put her head in her hands and gave a heavy sigh. "Guess that proves the monks really DID make me out of Buffy."

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --