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    Glorificus, Illyria, Baaliitus, Faith ?
    The Amulet, Angel, Giles, Faith ?
    Willow, Turee, The Goddess Turee, The Goddess Aradia ?
    Tara, Goddess T?ara, Goddess Diana ?
    Goddess Turee, Goddess T ?ara, The Powers That Be, Gregor ?
    The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The Vampire Slayers ?
    Goddess Turee, The First Vampire Slayer ?
    The Vampire Slayers, The Armed Forces Of Byzantium ?
    Spike And Darla ?
    How many types of vampire are there?


    "Wesley is dead, I will miss him greatly, he was good to me," said Illyria.
    Angel, Spike and Gunn looked at each other in total amazement, Illyria had just admitted that she had feelings for Wesley, for a human, even though he was dead.
    "I wish to do more violence," said Illyria.
    "Well, there's plenty of demons right in front of you love," announced Spike.
    Illyria raised her arm and tilted her head. Once again time almost froze for every-one except Illyria, she attacked the demons, just by using her evil eye she killed them. When there was only a few left she stopped, slowly but happily she went back to stand next to Dawn. Spike looked down the alley, then at Angel, then he looked down the alley again.
    "Wasn't there a few thousand demons here abouts?" asked a puzzled Spike.
    "They've nearly all gone," said Gunn.
    "Yeah, I did notice that," remarked Spike, "and how did Dawn get here?"
    Angel span around, looked open mouthed at Dawn, who was looking very puzzled.
    "I was enjoying a quiet game of chess with Buffy, then I'm in a strange alley with you guys," said Dawn.
    "I wanted her to be here, I wanted the most powerful person in the world to be with me, to help me do what I needed to do, so I brought this Dawn here, why, do you know her?" asked Illyria.
    "Umm yes, Dawn is a friend to us," replied Angel.
    "Then I will return this Dawn being, to where she came from," said Illyria.
    "I hope she said hello to Buffy, for us," said Spike.
    "Illyria, where did all those demons go?" asked Angel.
    "I killed them," replied Illyria, "but I did leave a few for you to play with!"
    "Excuse me guys, but, I think I'm dying here," said Gunn. Angel answered him.
    "Oh, trying to get our attention are you?" asked Angel.
    "Some people, eh, tch, never happy as are they," said Spike grinning at Angel.
    Gunn looked at Angel, then at Spike. He was a bit unsure if he was being taken seriously or they realised what was going to happen to him.
    "That hotel is near here, so we might as well go there for now, we'll get Wesley and put him in my car, then we can all go back to the Hyperion. Spike take Gunn with you and check out the place when we get there," said Angel.
    at the Hotel Gunn looked around from the counter.
    "There's a bit of dust here and there, reckon some-one's been looking after the place," said Gunn.
    Spike was leaning against the counter when Angel came up from the basement.
    "How is Gunn?" asked Angel.
    "He's not doing anything, he's dead," replied Spike, "oh, I need a chair."
    "Why do you need a chair?" asked Angel.
    "I've just had a thought," replied Spike as he began to grin at Angel, "it was a good one as well. If you can get a message to Willow, find out if she has got two Orbs of Thessula. If we could make Gunn and Wesley vampires, then Willow gives them souls it would be okay."
    "Yeah, good idea Spike, I'll do it now," said Angel.
    As Angel was about to pick up the phone, it rang. He picked it up on the second ring.
    "Hello," said Angel.
    "Is that Angel Investigations?" he heard.
    "Um yes," said Angel, who was more than a bit shocked.
    "It's on speaker, that could be useful," said Spike, "and its one way to find out if the phones connected."
    "Oh good, thanks for fixing my problem, the cheque is in the post, oh and my wife says to thank Chaser for her."
    Angel slowly put the phone down. All was quiet.
    "Um, yeah, some bloke wanted to thank Angel Investigations for fixing his problem, his wife said to thank a person called Chaser," said Angel.
    "Yeah, I heard and I've no idea who, who is that?" asked Spike.
    Angel was fixed to the spot as a woman with long black flowing hair entered the room and walked over to Gunn,
    "Not much point getting a first aid kit for him, is there," she said.
    Angel recognised who was talking to him.
    "Cordy, but your dead. Your a ghost," said Angel.
    She went over to Angel and pinched him.
    "Ow, hey, it should be me that does that!" said Angel.
    "Oops, my bad," she said.
    Angel pinched her.
    "Hey, I felt you, your not a ghost," said Angel.
    "Er, hi," said Spike.
    "What?" Then turning to Angel she asked, "What is that doing here?"
    "He's a sort of friend, a good guy now," said Angel.
    "Oh, really?" questioned the young woman.
    "Guess he wanted to be," said Angel.
    "Your that Chaser aren't you?" asked Spike.
    "What of it?" asked Chaser.
    "No problem, there was a phone call for you, some bloke said thanks for fixing his problem, and his Mrs said hi," said Spike," your not alone are you?."
    "So, is that a problem?" asked Chaser.
    "Just wondered who they were, that's all," said Spike.
    "They are getting some food, didn't think to get blood though," said Chaser.
    Two people walked into the foyer.
    "Angel and Spike meet Gavun and Thomson," said Chaser.
    The main doors swung open and there stood Illyria.
    "Spike, I'll tell them about Illyria. Reckon you guys should sit down for this one," said Angel.
    Gavun, Thomson and Chaser sat down and looked at the figure of Illyria in astonishment, Illyria put Wesley's dead body down, next to Gunn.
    "So, who is she?" asked Chaser.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, and you to Spike," said Angel.
    "Funny, I get that a lot," said Spike.
    "You should change your name, as Chaser told us about a really evil vampire called Spike," said Thomson.
    "Just because I've changed, doesn't mean I should change my name as well," said Spike.
    "What!" said Thomson.
    "I was that Spike, now I'm this Spike," said Spike.
    Thomson quickly stands up and pulls a wooden stake from his jacket. Angel pushes him back into the chair and stops a lunging Illyria.
    "Look, Spike is a friend, accept it, he's a good guy, heck he even saved your life and every human and animal on this planet," said Angel.
    "What!" said Thomson, again.
    "He really likes that word, doesn't he?" asked Spike.
    "Right then, Illyria is not a human, she is not from this dimension," said Angel.
    Illyria walked up to Gavun, looked, then turning to Angel.
    "Why does she dress as a boy?."
    Illyria looked at them, they could have brother and sister, they were both fit looking and slim. Thomson had short, wavy collar length blonde hair while Andrea had shoulder length Brown hair.
    "What is she on about. We've fought the vampires for years," said Thomson.
    "This is the Goddess Illyria, she is from a Hell dimension, but, she has chosen to be our friend. She is usually right, if she says Gavun is a girl, then I would believe her," said Spike.
    Gavun stood and faced Illyria.
    "Your right, I am a girl. Thanks, my name is Andrea."
    "You should be proud to be a girl, I am. Angel, Spike, I came here to your world to fight and destroy another Hell Goddess, but I could not find her," said Illyria.
    "Tell us her name, we will find her," said Andrea.
    "When I'm ready, when the time is right," said Illyria.
    "If you'd have told us about that, we would have helped you, but, when you are ready. Just ask us, if it at all possible, we'll do it," said Angel.
    "This could be a good time for me to ring Giles and Willow," said Angel.
    "Who is this Willow?" asked Illyria.
    "If Angel and I can make Wesley and Gunn vampires, and Willow can give them back their souls, then they would be ok-ish," said Spike.
    Angel was talking on the phone, to Giles.
    "Hello can I help you," said Giles.
    "I want an Oak tree," said Angel.
    "What, I?m sorry we don?t have any Oak trees here,"
    "Oh, so how about an Elm?" asked Angel.
    "I?m sorry, no Elms either, we don't have any trees,"
    "What about Willow?" asked Angel.
    "No trees," said Giles.
    "Okay," said Angel in his normal voice, "Wesley will need Willow's help."
    "Who? Where are you?" asked Giles.
    "Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. It's Angel, we killed to many of Wolfram and Harts friends and customers, so they kicked us all out, What is left of us are at the hotel again, Spike and I have had a chat and we'll make Wesley and Gunn vampires, but only if Willow can give them they're souls back," said Angel.
    "Willow should be able to do that, she is near here, so we'll be there tomorrow morning, about ten," said Giles.
    "Hey, Spikey, Willow will be here about midday tomorrow, with two Orbs," said Angel.
    "Just a minute," said Spike, "if we make these two vampires, as we're doing it for their good, it won't give us bad memories will it."
    "Hmm, yes your right," then smiling, "so lets bite them," said Angel.
    "Do we need to put them somewhere safe, and as they are dead can we bring them back to life?" asked Spike.
    "As they are dead already, and as we will be making them part of the undead, and as we've never been told that we can't do it, and who is there to say that it isn't possible?" asked Angel.
    "So let's put them in the cage in the basement and bite them," said Spike, trying not to smile. The next day as Angel was walking out the back into the garden he saw Spike standing in the sunlight, and he was smiling, arms out stretched.
    "What are you? How are you doing that sunbathing thing?" asked Angel.
    "Well let me see, oh, I found this box in the basement when I went to check on our boys, there was some clothes that might fit our little miss bluey, then I found a dented ring, the ring of Amara none the less," said a very happy Spike, "not as important to me now though."
    *2 "Umm, I thought that I had smashed the ring ages ago," added Angel.
    "You only bent the bit that goes around your finger, the ring itself is meant to be indestructible," said Spike.
    "That's good for the ring then. Oh, hey I've had a really good idea, if we hold hands," said Angel.
    " ?Ere hang on a bit," interrupted a shocked Spike.
    "If we hold hands then neither of us will be affected by the sun. Oh, it feels like we've become friends," said Angel.
    "Yeah, I noticed that earlier, it seemed to happen after we bit those two yesterday," said Spike.
    "Hmm strange, anyhow, if we wait till Willow gets here then we go outside the front, holding hands skipping and singing it will really freak Willow out," said Angel.
    "That's just plain nasty," said Spike, "bloody good idea though, I can't wait till she gets here oh, ooh, hang on, the First used to have a trigger for me it made me go evil, mm, yes, if we sing it, it will really pop her mind!"
    Willow got out of the car, with Giles. As they looked at the hotel, the front doors swung open violently and they saw the vampires of Angel and Spike skipping into the sunlight singing
    "Early one morning, just as the sun was shining, I heard a maid sing in the valley below, Oh don't deceive me, Oh never leave me, how could you hurt a poor maiden so."
    "That song," said Giles, "that's the one that the First used, to trigger Spike."
    As Spike and Angel opened the doors to go back in to the hotel they collapsed in fits of laughter. Angel faced Giles,
    "Sorry 'bout that, we just couldn't resist it," he said.
    "We? When did you become friends?" asked Giles.
    "Oh come on, it was fun, wasn't it? it made you laugh a bit, I know it did, I saw you smile," said Spike.
    "How come you and Angel are friends now?" asked Giles, again.
    "It was just after we gave, er, close to life, to Wes and Gunn," said Spike.
    "I've got the stuff you asked about Angel, how about I give them their souls back," said Willow as she fought off the feeling of impending laughter.
    As Willow went into the hotel she stopped and looked around, "so where is Fred?."
    "I was her," said Illyria.
    "Nope, I think that I'd remember what Fred looked like, not that big in person, but big in personality," said Willow.
    "You do not believe me, is she Willow?" asked Illyria.
    "Illyria, Willow, is here to help Wesley," said Spike.
    "Then I will allow the comment about Fred and I will not kill her," said Illyria.
    "Nah, you wouldn't really kill me," said Willow.
    "INSOLENCE!!" Shouted Illyria, "if you were not here to help my friend you would now be dead."
    Illyria stormed off.
    "Say, Willow, you reckon you could have killed that HellGod Glorificus?" asked Spike.
    "Not really, why?" asked Willow.
    "The Goddess Illyria stripped Glory of most of her powers, then came here to finish the job off. She could kill you with a look, do yourself a favour make Wesley well again. Illyria sees Wesley as a valued friend, you help her friend, Illyria will see you as a friend," said Spike.
    "I'd better go and help out old Wesley and Gunn, Giles and Xander are here to help me, oh Cordelia can you help us, sorry I didn't see you there?" asked Willow.
    "I'll help you, just that. I use the name Chaser now,"
    "Chaser, hmm, I like that name," remarked Willow.
    Angel took Willow and Chaser down to the basement,
    Spike stayed with Illyria, he told her that Wesley would soon be alright, that Willow would do what-ever needed to be done. Once again the doors swung open, Xander quickly looked around and saw Spike.
    *3 "Oh it's you, have I ever said that I don't like you."
    Illyria looked at Xander then at Spike.
    "If you want I can kill him before his next muscle moves," she said.
    "Its okay, I think it's the way the he says hello to me, we are as friends, not quite on hugging terms yet though," said Spike.
    Illyria faces Xander, then walks off.
    "You keep the warmest of friends Spike, could she really have killed me?"
    "Hmm, yep, it's like this Xander, Illyria was once a God from a hell dimension, but now she is with us, if she says she could have killed you, believe it," said Spike.
    "Glad she's on our side then," said Xander.
    "I was going to ask her why she was here, but then I thought she might be a bit unhappy with me, " said Spike.
    "I could say something, but I won't," remarked Giles.
    "You did say something," quipped Spike.
    "No I didn't," said Giles.
    "Did ?say something', didn't he Xander," suggested Spike.
    Xander being quick to pick up on what was going on.
    "Yes, I did hear him ?say something',"
    "I even asked to come here, why?" Giles asked himself, as he turned away. Spike grinned at Xander, Xander slowly shook his head.
    Spike moved closer to Xander and quietly spoke to him.
    "Reckon you could teach me the snoopy dance, ?cos if we did it at the most inappropriate time it would be bound to make people laugh." said Spike.
    Willow came back from the basement.
    "Well, that's done, anything else you want, while I'm here?" asked Willow.
    Spike grinned, stretched out his arms, "Thanks Willow, I could kiss you now."
    "Oh! lucky me. Good job I prefer girls," said a visually stunned Willow.
    "That's game, set, match to the girl with the red hair," said a very happy Giles.
    The doors of the hotel were savagely pushed open,
    *4 "SPIKE," called Dana, "I want you!."
    Spike saw Dana and froze, he tried to hide his hands behind his back. He looked at her, she wore red leather jeans and a ?T'-shirt, and three red lines down her face.
    "Does he remember me, Dawn?" asked Dana.
    "Think so, he did move both his arms, but I felt sure that he'd be a bit more pleased to see you," said Dawn.
    "You two know each other?" asked Spike.
    "She is a Slayer, I'm her Watcher," said Dawn, "I'm sorry Dana, I'd have that there would have been more of a reaction from Spike, maybe he didn't realise that you cutting his hands off was just your way of saying hello, he did use to have a thing for slayers."
    "Niblet!" said Spike.
    "I thought it was a bit much how you kept on about fancying this person that wore a long black leather coat and had blonde hair," said Dawn.
    "Dawn!" shouted Dana, "wait, I do seem to remember your sister telling me, you used to have a crush on him."
    "Oh, really," said Spike, he smells Dawns hair, "apple scented shampoo, my favourite. Mm, you do smell good."
    "Get off me Spike," said Dawn, pushing him off.
    "Didn't push very hard did she?" asked Dana.
    "Must still like me," said Spike.
    "Stop it you two!" exclaimed Dawn.
    Spike and Dana laughed.
    "I felt sure that you would be stuck in cloud cuckoo land, how did you get out ?" asked Spike.
    "I did have a lot of problems, but then Dawn and Willow got to me, I don't know what it was, but that Willow has definitely got it," said Dana.
    Giles looked at Angel, "Are you going to be staying here, for a while at least?"
    "Don't know, at the moment we are just squatters here," replied Angel.
    "I hope we don't go back ?there?," said Spike, "it was a bleedin' horrible place, and well, I did get lost several times, it was more like a flaming rabbit warren."
    "Hey, I'm going to say hello to my old car again, that Viper was nice, but I did miss my car," said Angel as he began to run out to the back.
    "He'll be back in a second, I think he'll find that it reflects quite well, so it might be a bit to bright out there for him," joked Spike.
    Sure enough, Angel came back smelling like over done bacon, "I might leave it until a bit later."
    "Hello every-one," said Wesley.
    "Hello Wesley," said Willow, "how does it feel.
    "How does what feel?" asked Wesley.
    "How does it feel to be on a liquid diet?" asked Spike.
    "Ay," said Wesley.
    "Your a vampire now," said Angel.
    "Oh, that's right, I nearly forgot. Good thing I'm not a watcher anymore.
    "Why is that a good thing?" asked Giles indignantly.
    "A Vampire Slayer who's Watcher is a vampire, it may take the fun out of it.
    "Your a vampire?" asked Gunn.
    Wesley spun around, "Yes I am, and so are you, and you are a bald one," then turning to Angel he asked, "has there ever been a bald vampire?."
    "That's a good question," said Spike, "and every good question deserves a good answer, so I'll shut up and let Giles answer this one."
    "Oh, err, yes, um, ah, err, oh, oh, yes the master was bald," said Giles suddenly feeling very pleased with himself and smiling like a Cheshire cat.
    "You may have got that one, but, well I think the smile may have given it away," said Xander.
    "Willow," said Angel, "have you got a computer with you, 'cos if you have, then hop on the 'net and see if there are any old commercial properties in town?"
    Willow went into the old office to start looking for places for Angel, after five or ten minutes she announced that the best one was on the out-skirts, it was an old disused transport warehouse, and that it was near to an abattoir!
    Just after the sun went down a happy Angel was driving his car with Spike, Illyria, Wesley and Gunn with him, to look at the transport warehouse.
    The warehouse had been organised with twelve large offices at the front and a storage area with a stores at the back and a few security cameras around the whole place, the real estate agent was a bit pushy, trying to get the place of her books, so Angel took it at a good price saying that as soon as the phone lines were connected they would move in. Xander helped out with converting the offices to rooms though the front room was done as a ?lunch bar'.
    Angel asked Giles, Spike, Willow and Illyria to his office
    "I've got this money problem, I can get the warehouse no problem, but I've grown attached to this hotel, I'm having difficulty with letting go," said Angel.
    "At some point you will have to let go," said Giles.
    "I heard Wesley and Gunn talking about this place once, Wesley said something about some bloke that gave you some financial advice about this place a long time ago, he was rich and he liked weird stuff, any possibility of him helping you out," said Spike.
    "What do you mean by weird stuff?" asked Illyria.
    "A game called Dungeons and Dragons, anyway, so how about we show him a thing or two about us if he'll buy this hotel, run a restaurant and we rent the rooms," said Spike.
    "His name is David Nabit, lonely bloke, he just wanted a friend, he's very rich, if Xander was to do work on the rooms it could work," said Angel.
    "If he'll help, invite him here, I'll help out," said Illyria.
    Angel rang David Nabit and invited him to the hotel, as it was he was glad to get the invite, so glad in fact that thirty minutes later he walked into the foyer.
    "I've come to fight the demons, is Angel here?."
    "Who are you?" asked Spike.
    "I'm David Nabit, Angel asked me to come here."
    "Oi!, captain forehead, David Nabit is here," shouted Spike.
    Angel called a few people down top the office,
    David had a smile for every-one, Chaser, Wesley, Spike, Illyria, Angel, Giles, Willow, Dawn and Dana.
    "David, we've called you in to see if you'll help us out, we'd like you to buy this hotel, Spike suggested that it could be run as a restaurant and we would rent the rooms from you. Now I remember that you like the demon thing so how about meeting more than what's in that game you used to play," said Angel.
    "If I can help you guys out, I will. You showed me some friendship, that meant a lot to me," said David, "but I'm really interested in demons, what do you know?."
    "The question is who don't we know," said Angel, "and we'll try to get more people to tell you about themselves, but we won't put you in any danger."
    "Out of all of us in this room, apart from you, there is only two normal humans here," said Spike.
    "That's how many, er who?" asked Willow.
    "Well Giles is normal, and you," said Angel.
    "Giles is a Chosen Watcher," said Illyria, "there are three here who aren't human, Vampires have a human base, you know who two of the non-humans are, you can only guess who the other one is," said Illyria.
    After two weeks Angel Investigations moved in to there new home, Angel had rung Nina and she was going to be coming back and she would be working for them. It was agreed that ?Angel Investigations' should be properly reformed They had organised for deliveries to be made from the abattoir and as Willow was a human, it was agreed that she be the owner of A. I., Giles and Xander were almost becoming permanent fixtures.
    At a recent meeting of A I, Spike had suggested that one of the ex-swat vans be bought so that they could have a proper business van, Angel said that that he had been in touch with Kate who now had her own investigations business, but she had given Angel few contact numbers for the main police station. Giles said that he and Xander were improving the security system but the front entrance from the road needed more work to be done.
    Wesley remarked that there would be a problem with them going out during the day, but as Angel pointed out the ring of Amara would be kept in the office for their use. Giles stated that he had looked at the place over the road as he was thinking about setting up a museum there and having a training area for any Slayers that may visit and an area at the back for a new Watchers Council place, as there were only a few Watchers left in the world and none of them had set up a council head-quarters.
    The other problem being that there was more slayers now, he said that he should be seeing some-one the next day to discuss terms.
    There was much discussion about the placing of the counter, fridges, food cooking areas and food preparation areas for the lunch bar at A.I., one thing that got well received was the erecting of a roof over the car parking area. Spike suggested that there be a door bell for the main doors, this seemed like a good idea until Spike said that it should play, ?Early one morning, just as the sun was rising', Giles for some reason or other didn't appreciate Spikes choice of tunes. There much hilarity and argument when it came to choosing a design for the Angel Investigations van, after twenty minutes or so it was agreed that with ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS curved over the top of a full moon and a winged dragon below the moon and to the left with a rampant winged unicorn below the moon and to the right, with fluorescent colouring around the outside of each item, this last thing would help make it stand out at night.
    Giles came into the warehouse at noon the next day feeling rather pleased with himself, unfortunately there was only Xander and Spike in the main office.
    "I've just bought the place over the road, I'm going to do as I said before but I may have a shop, a new age magic shop as part of the museum which I will call ?The Museum Of Ancient Religious Artefacts'." said Giles.
    Xander and Spike visually agreed with each other.
    "I also decided to sell Tarot cards, rune stones and crystals and maybe some new age books and some other trinkets,"
    "You can't beat a good trinket," acknowledged Spike.
    "So if you two would come over with me I can try and figure out where to put stuff and what colour to paint the place. trying to ignore Spike's comment.
    Once inside the main doors Spike stopped, and looked around.
    "It's a bit like a crypt in here," said Spike.
    "A crypt?, why does it remind you of a crypt?" asked Xander.
    " 'Cos there's bugger all in here," said Spike.
    "Oh, yeh, ha-ha," said Xander.
    "I did it on purpose, just to make you feel at home," said Giles sarcastically.
    "So Xander give me some ideas, what do you think, where could I put display items."
    "If you have a few partitions you could have separate areas for different subjects, just keep the partitions low," said Xander.
    "By putting a bench along there you could have a new age section in full view of everyone and have your counter by the door," added Spike.
    "And with some cameras, with screens under the counter you could watch all that goes on."
    "Uh Giles, have you got that Shadow Caster thingy here?" asked Spike.
    "I have, why?" asked Giles.
    "Well, if you put it on a ledge near your counter you could make it activate every hour or so, it would create a mystic feel to the place, it'd be bloody good advertising as well, just don't put all the stuff on it."
    "Yeh, just put the earth, the men and the girl with the chains," said Xander.
    "Na, leave off the chains, it may upset a lot of Giles' customers," said Spike.
    "Oh dear," said Giles, "I may have to agree with Spike."
    "Oh really, ?cos I was thinking it would save a few embarrassed looks, ooh Giles, it's time for a horrible visual. Did Xander like using chains with a certain ex-demon?" asked Spike, grinning happily to himself.
    "Oh no, what a horrid visual," exclaimed Giles.
    Meanwhile back across the road at Angel Investigations.
    "We have just had a very nice phone call, we've got a case that doesn't appear to involve any demonic activity," said a happy Willow.
    "Why does that make you happy?" asked Angel.
    "Well, if we are successful we'd get several brownie points for it, plus we can advertise it," said Willow.
    "That's the way to go Will, if we use the van, the name, the phone number, it will all work for us," added Gunn.
    "I'm beginning to see what you mean, what's the case all about?" asked Angel.
    "A few days ago a young girl was abducted, the police and the FBI have no new leads to go on, we have been called in by the girls father," said Willow.
    "How did he know about us?" asked Wesley.
    "He didn't say, but I'll find out later," said Angel.
    "You don't need to, it appears that there a connection to the president from the girls mother, as she was the presidents campaign manager when he was trying to be the governor of that state," said Willow.
    "Friends in high places is a good thing," said Wesley.
    "The FBI was brought in because the president has a soft spot for the girl, but it's the resources only that are being used, not the man power," added Willow, "we will be going there tomorrow, a nice area, Silmento, the road is, Canterbury Avenue."


    Willow introduced each member of the team to the clients. Geoffrey Palmer and Catherine Palmer were in their late forties, well dressed and they gave the feeling that they had both come from influential families, Chaser would have smelt the money a mile away. Willow she said what they would be doing, she asked how and why they were chosen for the job. Geoffrey told Willow that he was glad that they had put a use to the Hyperion Hotel and that was the only reason that they had been chosen. He said that the police and the F.B.I. had not been able to find anything and had gone up against a brick wall, Catherine and he had decided that a new approach may open up their memories of their daughter. Willow asked them why the F.B.I. had been called in. Catherine explained that, a long time ago she had been the campaign manager for the person who is now the president of the USA. Catherine had asked him for some help and as a result the F.B.I. had helped.
    Angel entered the room.
    "We have had a quick look around the girls bedroom, these jeans appear to have a stain on the knee, is it blood ? If it is, would it be alright if we borrowed the jeans, as it would be helpful to us."
    Geoffrey had a look at the jeans, looked at Catherine, nodded then handed the jeans back to Angel.
    "Susannah had tripped on the hose last week and scraped the skin off her knee, so yes, it was probably some blood on the jeans," answered Geoffrey.
    Angel told Willow that they were going outside to check the path and to get Spike and Illyria's view. Angel called them over to get a look and a whiff of the jeans. Spike seemed puzzled by the smell.
    "That smell, it's over there by the garage, its on the steps, and on the path, but, I'd say it is stronger by the garage."
    "I cannot smell her blood but I can almost taste her body smell, the best place on the jeans will be at the back of the knees, the rubbing on her body will have a lot," Illyria puts the material to her nose, "her smell is strong, it is by that building," she points to the garage, "it is there, by the door of that building, some-one must have carried her," said Illyria.
    Wesley puts his hand on Angel's shoulder.
    "If the garage was used, it would have drawn attention, although if the person was a local, putting their car in the garage would be a good idea for it not to be seen, even if the door was not closed," said Wesley.
    "Lets go for a drive around here," said Gunn, "have a chat with Willow and let her know what we're doing."
    Angel walked into the front room of the house where Willow was still talking to Geoffrey and Catherine, he looked at them and asked.
    "Did the police say how the girl was taken?."
    Catherine turned to face her husband.
    "I think that they thought that she was taken from a friends house, why?" said Catherine.
    "We believe that your daughter was taken from this house, and that she was carried into the garage. Oh Willow, we are going to drive around the neighbourhood, if your finished here, we'd prefer it if you came with us."
    Willow stood up.
    "I will probably need to speak to you tomorrow, ok if I leave a message on your answering machine?."
    Geoffrey confirmed that she could, and that one of them would get back to her. Then he thanked both of them.
    Willow sat behind the wheel and the van slowly moved off, when a car came up behind them she pulled over to let it pass, they had only gone about fifty metres or so when Wesley asked her to slow down, Angel looked over to Spike.
    "He is going to be good at this," said Angel.
    "Yep," said Spike, "does that mean that Charlie boy here is going to be the muscle again."
    Wesley interrupted by pointing to a house.
    "That's where the smell is coming from."
    "I will make a note of that number. When we get back I'll want Willow, to get some details of who lives there."
    As the van pulled up near the ramp at the warehouse, Giles was standing by the open doors, Angel bounced over to him, closely followed by Spike and Willow,
    "Our new boys are going to real good," said Angel.
    "Young Wesley here has got a very good nose for this type of work," said an exuberant Angel, "he is going to be a real asset to us."
    "We've got a couple of surprises here for you all, first up Xander is here, so is Nina, plus there is something strange which you all will need to look at. The three of us were setting up the security camera's when we saw, well, you will all need to see."
    "Where is Nina?" Angel asked Giles.
    "Some of us have more important things to think of," said Giles, "Willow, a favour please, will you please go and give Nina a big hug, if nothing else it will take that silly school boy smirk off Angel's face,"
    They all laughed (except Angel) and walked inside. Nina was curled up on the sofa watching a programme about painting flowers when they entered the room.
    "You've returned from the back of beyond, Angel," said Nina hugging him. Willow looked at Angel and Nina,
    "Can't remember the last time I did that," she said.
    "Nor can I," said Gunn, "Well, anybody up for a cup?."
    "I will," said Xander, hopefully.
    Gunn smiled then continued.
    "Of blood."
    Gunn looked straight at Xander and smiled whilst nodding. At last Nina came up for air after kissing Angel.
    "Now that's the thing about us vampires, we don't breath," said Spike.
    Willow faced Xander and turned up her nose, Xander looked at Willow and nodded.
    "Yes, I agree, and I just had a visual of Spike kissing Angel," said Xander.
    Everybody laughed except for Spike and Angel. Spike took a sip of his blood.
    "What the sodding hell is this!" he exclaimed.
    *5 "It's a herbal infusion, it is Cinnamon and Apple flavour and before you make any comments about where it should be put, Nina bought it for us," said Angel.
    "Oh, it's lovely," said Spike turning to face Nina, "Yeh, well, umm, err, it is quite nice, makes a nice change," even Spike was beginning to believe himself.
    "Cinnamon and Apple flavoured, warm pigs blood, I wonder what the manufacturers would think of that combination," said a greatly confused Giles.
    As the niceties had been done, Giles put the security tape on the TV and turned it on.
    "Now, I was about to tell Xander to stop looking at Sally when we all noticed that her car had been blocked in by that Yellow sports car, Xander made some comment about it may help her if we took some more footage of her predicament, when she went around to the back of the sports car and," he pointed at the screen, "now watch this," said Giles.
    Sally looked around then she picked up the back of the car, walked it back several paces and then put it down.
    "Xander, Nina and I had a few concerns, so we went to see what was going on, but as we grew near to the door Nina began to growl, she said that Sally was causing that effect on her, there was something wrong about her," said Giles.
    "If we get Sally to deliver some stuff tomorrow, then if you two oldies are here, we can get her to say what it is that makes Nina behave like that," said Xander.
    Early next day, early for vampires anyway, at about ten am Willow went to see Angel in his office.
    "The woman is Amanda Wilaton," said Willow.
    Angel glanced at her, "That's good, but what woman?, who are you on about?."
    Willow looked at Angel,
    "Oh yeah!, sorry, the woman that owns the house, where Wes said the smell of the girls blood was coming from, she is a sales person for a Laboratory Supplies place, they mainly sell to the mining industry."
    Angel looked at her then said.
    "You are liable to make this place seem to work like an actual investigators, I vaguely remember Cordy saying that unless there was a website, ?we are', then we couldn't find anything," said Angel.
    Angel thought about what Will had just said, then he said,
    "See if you can find out where that woman went, a couple of days before the girl went missing, then get Spike and yourself to look around that area."
    "There is something else that we need to talk about," said Willow, "the office where we, or should I say I do the work could do with being done up a bit, I figured that with two or three desks, decent and comfortable work chairs, an internet connection for each computer on the desks, a good printer, photocopier and scanner Some pictures on the walls, maybe a waiting room."
    "Ah, yes," said Angel, "if its made to look good, then when everything is going well we could have an advert made of us, good thinking Willow, you've put a lot of thought into this, haven't you?."
    "Not finished yet, Giles has been starting to think about a separate place near here for training new slayers, more offices, his own shop and setting up a headquarters for the Watchers Council," said Willow
    "Now that is a good idea, I must admit that was thinking along those same lines myself," said Angel.
    "I've had a chat with the bosses of the abattoir, to see about them having a shop to sell their products, with our lunch bar, we would each get more businesses out of it, bring more people to the area, then maybe more businesses would be inclined to move out here," said Willow.
    "Ok," said Angel, "I will get it all organised for you, might even smarten up the front a bit."
    Willow nodded then said, "I'll get Spike and Gunn to do a bit of ?night work', see where the woman's been."
    At that moment Sally came in.
    "More meat and stuff for you, though I can't think what you are doing with the pigs blood," said Sally.
    "Willow, could you let Giles and the others know that the meat has just been brought in. Sally can you stay a minute as we have a few questions?" asked Angel.
    "Not a problem," said Sally, "as long as you tell me what the pigs blood is for, I must admit I've tried to think of what it could be, and now I'm really puzzled."
    "Well, we put a cinnamon and apple herbal infusion in it, it tastes better that way, one of the investigators made some last night, get the door Spike," said Angel.
    "You need to warm it first," said Spike.
    "Wait a minute, this doesn't feel right," said Sally as she turned to leave, only to see Spike standing in front of her and the doors were closed.
    "How did you do that?" asked Sally.
    "I will tell you, if you tell us all how you picked up that car yesterday."
    "What, what do you mean," said Sally, looking around nervously.
    Giles looked intently at her, "I would recommend that you do remember moving that yellow sports car, you know, the one that blocked you in, of course if you have a problem, we could show you the video of it."
    Sally visibly slouched, then sat down on the floor. Spike looked at her, then gently touched her shoulder.
    "You are amongst friends here, we are investigators not instigators, we are curious, that's all."
    Sally grimaced a bit then smiled at Spike.
    "Thanks, but, well, I am a vampire," admitted Sally.
    Spike shook his head, "No you're not, if you were I would know ?cos I am a vampire."
    Angel spoke up, "I'd like to know why Nina here growls when she is near you."
    Sally turned to face him.
    "That is a bit strange, I can feel the hairs on my back stand up, when I'm near her."
    It went quiet for a while.
    "Look, you are nice people, I really don't want to upset you."
    It went quiet again.
    "Ok, but you asked for it, I am a vampire, it seems that the DNA from a mosquito, a snake, a tiger and a human got all mixed up many eons ago and, well, here I am."
    "You're the only one?" asked Angel.
    "No, there are quite a lot of us, but we lead separate lives," said Sally.
    "Well, I'm impressed," said Xander, "I don't think I've heard that one before, she is sort of a natural vampire, yep, that is a good one. Hey, are you afraid of holy water or crosses, do you burn in the sun?" asked Xander.
    Sally looked wryly at Xander.
    "You do know that there are no such thing as those vampires don't you, they are just something you see at the movies."
    Xander smiled, "I hate to burst your bubble, but, well, where do you think the idea first came from. Take a good long look around you, those things that you say don't exist, Angel is one."
    Sally looked at Xander, then at Angel, "What?"
    "He is telling you the truth, I'm a vampire, so is Spike Wesley and Gunn. Illyria here, is a Goddess from a hell dimension, Willow is a Wizard, Giles is a Watcher, as was Wesley. Nina here, she is a werewolf and with you having a bit of cat in you, that's why you two have a problem with each other," said Angel.
    Sally raised her eyebrows, "You, Xander, you were missed out why? and you, Giles, what is a Watcher?."
    Giles said, "I am a personal guide and a trainer for the Vampire Slayers."
    "A trainer of Vampire Slayers? Sounds fun, I bet you've got some rum old stories," said Sally.
    "Yes several, lets see, Spike here had both his hands cut off, by a Vampire Slayer, Angel was sent to hell by a Vampire Slayer but he was rejected, as for Wesley and Gunn here, they were made into vampires by Spike and Angel, but Willow had been informed before then so that she was on hand to give them both souls, oh and Angel and Spike have souls."
    Nina said, "If Sally is interested in doing a second job she could join in with some investigating, as, well, if she is anything like me she will be able to see at night and her hearing will be a lot better than every-one else's."
    "Seems like a good idea every-one agree, hmm, what about you Sally, are you up for it," Sally nodded, in agreeance.
    "Excuse me," said Xander, "I'm human, I reckon that they are all here to help make it safe for me to walk along the road at night, one thing though Sally?, are you affected by the full moon, if you are then we can make a second cage."
    "No, I'm not affected by the full moon and what do you mean a second cage?."
    "The cage is for me," said Nina.
    There was a knock at the door, Xander crossed the floor to answer it.
    "Hello, come in this is... bloody hell, it's Owen," said Xander, "what are you doing here?."
    "Hello Xander, I got married recently and the wife and I, we have bought a catering supply business, about a mile or two down the road. I recognised the name Angel, so I came here, it'd be good for her, y'know, the keeping in touch thing, with people that she knew."
    "Ah, yes I remember now, Angela Dickinson, poems," said Willow, "who did you marry?, and how did you remember the name Angel?, what has that got to do with your wife?."
    "Well, you'll know her, you and her were friends, her name is Anne, and her maiden name it is Summers!"
    Willows eyes nearly bulged out of her head, she turned to Giles and he nodded.
    "You knew!" Willow shouted accusingly.
    "Yes, I knew, but she wanted a quieter life and she wanted to settle in."
    Angel stared at Owen, then said.
    "We are going to be setting up a lunch bar, Sally here is a delivery person for the abattoir. Anything to do with cooking, a heater unit, whatever, so if you don't mind, give Bu, er, Anne a call, tell her that a lunch bar is being set up by Giles, Willow and Xander, ask her to bring some brochures and we will go round the back and set up a bit of a party for her."
    "Yes, ok, that would be good, oh, Angel, thank you," said Owen.
    Owen went outside to get better reception on his phone. Giles went over to Sally.
    "Anne's first name is Buffy, she is a Vampire Slayer, I'm her Watcher, I believe she knows every-one here except Illyria and Nina."
    When Owen came back in he was smiling.
    "She'll be here soon, she?s just going back to our place to get some brochures."
    Giles said to Owen that he was going to be setting up a new watchers council soon, so he would be needing a complete set up, anything for the kitchen would be good. After fifteen minutes the doors opened and in walked Anne Thurman, she was carrying several brochures.
    "Alright love," said Owen, "I'll just nip out back and get the owner."
    As Anne stood there, she was aware that several vampires were nearby, she glanced at the girl by the window, she seemed to be ok, so Anne walked up to her.
    "My name is Anne, hi."
    "Yes I know, I was told by the others," said Sally.
    "The others, who are the others?" asked Anne.
    "His name is, Alexander, or something similar to that and an older bloke his name is, I think it's Giles, those people are seriously weird, there is one of them they think is a Hell Goddess, that blue hair and blue on her head and neck, it did look a bit off."
    "Ah, that sounds like Illyria, I've heard of her but never seen her," said Anne.
    "That older man, said that you are a Vampire Slayer, does that mean that you want to kill me?" asked Sally.
    "Why, you're not a vampire, are you?" asked Anne.
    "Yes," said Sally, with that being said she turned around to face Anne.
    "You, you are a Vampire ? but, I don't feel anything," said Anne, "I hope I'm not losing my senses."
    "My name is Sally, funny thing is, those other two said the same thing, they said that, but they used their nicknames."
    "Hi-ya Buffy," it was Willow.
    Anne turned to face Willow, smiled and then hugged her.
    "So, tell me everything. A lot has happened since I last saw you," said Willow.
    "Mmm, I will tell you about it all some time," replied Anne, "I feel like I'm getting my best friend back."
    "But what is happening here?" asked Anne.
    "Where do I begin, Giles is here and Xander, tell you what, if you come out the back with me." Having said that Willow took Anne by the hand and led her to the main office where everyone was waiting for her.
    "S U R P R I S E !" they all shouted. Owen put his arm around Anne's shoulders,
    "I thought you might like this," he said.
    "Thanks," said Anne, "it's good to see the old faces again."
    Anne spoke to them all over the afternoon and evening, she had a good chat with Giles, he invited her to be a part of it, even to the extent of her being in charge of the training of the slayers. He thought that it would be good for them to meet her and also as Angel, Spike, Wesley and Gunn were all a hundred per cent behind the idea, the girls could all get to meet real vampires who would help to teach them.
    As Willow gave Owen and Anne a lift home later that evening, she was invited in for a cuppa.
    "So Willow, Spike told me that your a Wizard now, that's quite a big step up for you," said Anne.
    "Well, the Wizard tag is mainly so that others have some-thing to label me as, I don't really know what the meaning of wizard is, but I have been told that it is a person who magically does the impossible oh, and Dawn is the key to my being able to do really big things," said Willow.
    "Speaking about Dawn," interrupted Anne, "One evening when we were playing a game she just vanished, a bit later she re-appeared with this strange story about how Illyria had wanted her, now I didn't say anything to Dawn but, well, what is Illyria's story, where she come from?" asked Anne.
    Willow raised her eyebrows.
    "Well it's a bit like this," said Willow, "Fred breathed in the essence of Illyria, or her spirit, or soul, or call it whatever you want to, and the thing called Illyria grew inside her until it was her. Then, well, Fred was completely gone and all that was left was Illyria. She is a Goddess from a hell dimension, which is here on earth but they are in a different time frame so that they are unknown to other dimensions, there was a gap once and that was a few millennium ago. This gap was in the old Yugoslavia, the area became known as Illyria, that is where the legendary evil eye stories are said to have come from, it's on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The gap closed, by itself one day. Illyria the person, is very strong, very perceptive, she can alter time when and where she wants."
    Willow leant back in her chair as if to clear her head, then continued.
    "Wesley had fallen in love with Fred, just before the transformation took place, he put those feelings aside, but he was attached to Illyria and helped her to find herself in this world, at one point he tried to cull Illyria's powers as they were uncontrollable, but it seems that once Illyria gained more control of herself, she gave herself those powers back, so any-way, there is now a connection between Illyria and Wesley. The way that Illyria see's it, is that as Spike is Wes's friend, then if some-one tried to harm Spike she would attack that person. If you entered a room which Wesley and Illyria were in and you said hello to Illyria first, she would ignore you, until you had said hello to Wesley, the thing is until Wesley treats you as a friend, Illyria will treat you as an enemy."
    "I'd better go now, Spike, Charles and I are going to do a bit of night time investigating, were trying to find out what a persons movements were on two or three days, Owen, thanks for the drink and I'll see you again soon, Anne."
    "It's probably a good idea as I've got some things to put on the computer, Owen has been helping me it."
    At about eleven the next morning a very happy Giles walked into the front office of AI where Gunn and Xander were organising the shops layout.
    "I've just signed a lease agreement for some more museum pieces, I did say that I was going to run it as a museum ? It?ll make a reasonable front cover for everything else, all I have to do now is figure out what type of museum I want to do!"
    Just then a man walked in with a large box on a trolley,
    "More stuff for the office," said Gunn.
    "Ok, we'll let you carry on and we will keep out of your way," said Xander, then looking at Rupert he tells him that the office is being done up.
    "Where is everyone then?" asked Giles.
    "Angel, Willow and Nina have gone to follow where that woman went who they think kidnapped that little girl, Spike, Illyria and Wesley are at the back of this place doing some research or something, and Sally will be here soon to give us a hand."
    "Ah Rupert, Illyria said that you were here," said Wesley.
    "I just popped back here to tell you something that you'll like. Spike and I were trying to find out about the Wolfram and Hart place when Illyria asked us why we wanted to know about them, so I told her that we were going to try and get rid of them. Illyria just looked at me and asked where did I want them to go, I said that I wanted them to just disappear to a dimension that has shrimps as its inhabitants, or any other dimension that's totally empty with no inhabitants and no way out."
    Illyria looked at me, looked up, then back at me.
    "It is done, you will not hear about them again."
    "So, I was hoping that you could go and see what has happened to the building itself," said Wesley.
    Angel, Nina and Willow were watching an old unused mines entry, Nina had said that there was a woman's voice inside the tunnel and that there was the sound of a muffled child's voice. Angel asked Willow to nip back to the car and get the picnic hamper and put the car out of sight. When Willow returned Angel asked
    "The car is out of sight isn't it?"
    "Yes," said Willow.
    "There is no chance of any-one seeing it or even getting a reflection from it," said Nina.
    "The car is completely hidden, it can't be seen from anywhere," said Willow and giving a big, sort of knowing smile to Angel.
    Angel nodded, "the magic stuff, huh."
    "Yes," said Willow.
    They all sat down and relaxed,
    "I'd like to live like this," said Angel, after a few minutes.
    "Why don?t you, Willow could look after the running of the place and if we asked Willow to teach us how to work the computers you could operate the investigations from the office while I watched the Lunch Bar."
    "That sounds good to me, what do you think Willow?"
    "It would work, and if that is what you want to do, then yes, plus you could get involved if you wanted to."
    Five minutes later the woman drove out of the mine, Angel cleared everything away and put them neatly into the picnic basket.
    "We will leave this here, lets go and get the girl."
    As they began to walk into the mine Willow put her hand on Nina's shoulder, can you see or hear anything that might be a trip wire or a trap."
    Nina stopped, then turning to Willow she shook her head.
    Angel then put his hand on Willow's shoulder,
    "My turn, sorry. Can you see in the dark," he said.
    "Not really," was Willow's reply.
    They told Nina that they would wait there, but to call if she needed any help. Presently Nina came out of the darkness with a pretty young girl, she was a bit grubby, but her long fair hair on the black top stood out. Willow smiled at Susannah and explained who they were.
    "If we take her to our place, get the police to arrest that woman and while Susannah here is having a shower, we can try to clean her clothes and call her parents," said Willow.
    On their way back to the warehouse Willow sat in the back, she was keeping Susannah company, brushing her hair and giving her a bit of a wash. Nina suggested that Willow should stay in the shower room while Susannah was having a shower, so that she would know that she wasn't alone. At the warehouse, Angel rang the parents to find out the names of the police detectives who were in charge of their daughters case, he suggested that it would be a good idea if they came in to see him.
    The police had rung Angel and told him that the woman had been arrested and taken in to custody and that she had admitted to taking the child, but they were a bit puzzled as to how the girl had been found.
    When Geoffrey and Catherine got to the office and they had just sat down, and Angel had said about their new approach, a young girl was brought in by Willow,
    "Mum, Dad!" exclaimed Sussanah.
    Spike looked at Angel.
    "That, is what it's all about."
    A few of days later, Angel got a phone call from the president, he was very moved that Angel Investigations had been able to rescue the girl, to ensure that the woman who abducted the girl was arrested and that it was done in such a short time span, he also added that if the need arose he would recommend them.
    He offered to do them anything that they wanted. Angel had suggested that prisoner 430019 be released on the condition that she work for Angel Investigations.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.

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    "There is nothing like a new dawn to make everything seem better, as long as we don?t try and look at the sun," said Gunn.
    "Huh, what? don't like that saying," said Spike.
    "Not to sure that I'm in favour of it," said Wesley.

    "You guys take the fun out of a warm sunny Sunday morning," said Xander.
    "A day off, relaxing in a nice hotel," said Giles.
    "So, where had you been staying, Giles?" asked Gunn.
    "I had a small apartment in one of the suburbs, even then others came and visited," said Giles.

    "Hello Giles, this place is way better than that little place you had before, handy as well ?cos there are some more slayers coming here soon," said Willow.
    "Oh hi! phew, this place goes on forever!" said Dawn.
    "You've looked around the whole place, man!. Nobody else has ever done that," said Gunn.

    "Well, I didn't do it on purpose, I sort of got lost, thought I was at Giles' old place, so I was going to have a shower early, like really early, even before the sun came up. I've been trying to find my way around here since then ! Do you have a guide book for this place, because that would be a really good idea," said an exhausted Dawn.
    "Any plans for today?" Gunn asked Dawn.

    "Not really, why?" Dawn replied.
    "Guess who just got the job of making a guide book for this place."
    "Guess who my assistant will be," said Dawn, looking directly at Gunn.
    "If he was going to smile, I think Dawn just put a stop to it," said Willow.
    "Hi there," said Andrea.

    "Oh, my, my, you do look very nice," said Giles.
    "Thanks, Dana let me use some of her make-up," said Andrea.
    "She's only just started to look like a girl and she's getting a name for herself already," said Willow.
    "Gives a new meaning for ?coming out'," said Xander.

    "Better say what it was that you meant," said Andrea.
    "Giles says she is pretty, then she sucks up to him," said Willow.
    "Willow! I do hope that you are not going to repeat that," said Giles.
    "What were you going to tell us?" asked Xander.
    "Thank you Xander, I think. Anyway I'm off to get some books for the new place," said Giles.

    After he had just left, Willow and Xander ran out of the doors to call him back.
    "Hey Giles, you aren?t going to be too long are you?" asked Willow.
    Giles looked at Willow who was in the doorway,
    "Want me to come back, do you?" asked Giles.

    Harmony had gone out in one of their cars, "I took the Plymouth out for a drive and while I was out, I went to see the offices of Wolfram & Hart, only the whole building was gone, being as it was near I went to see what had become of the Hyperion Hotel for you. I parked up over the road for a while, so that I could have a good look at it and make a video of it, then guess who I saw there," said Harm.

    "Who was there?" asked Angelus, faking interest.
    "Giles, Willow and Spike," said Harm.
    "Hmm, what to do, to let them know if we are here, or not," said Angelus.
    "Well, I think we need to know what they are doing," asked Harm.

    "We need a plant with a listening device."
    "Send in Desy and Andro, after that Spike has gone out," said Harm.
    "That could work," said Angelus.
    The girls had hired a car, got some suitcases each, then after Spike had gone out, they walked into the hotel.

    "Hello is anybody there?" called out Desdemona.
    "Yeah, can I help you two," said Chaser.
    "Oh hi, what's your name, we're trying to find somewhere to stay and we were told that this place was taking people in again," said Andromeda.

    "I am miss Chaser, sorry but you had a wasted trip, we're setting up a restaurant here," said Chaser.
    "Okay it was worth a try though," they said.
    "Mind how you go," said Chaser.

    After they had gone Spike and Wesley came in and walked up to Chaser who was having a conversation with Gunn and Xander.
    "What did those two want?" asked Spike.
    "Oh they just wanted to find a hotel," said Chaser.

    "What did you tell them?" asked Spike.
    "I said that this was going to be a restaurant only, why, what's with all the questions ?" asked Chaser.
    "Those two were vampires, that's why," said Spike.

    "They were vampires, what makes you think that?" asked Chaser.
    "They have a sister who's name you might recognise, Xander better get Giles here and everyone else that you can find," said Spike.
    Once every-one that Xander could find was in the foyer, Spike began to tell them.

    "We have recently had a visit by two young women, they even look just like their sister, looks, height, weight the lot. They all do it on purpose, all three of them have long black hair, their tall slim and attractive. Which means that we could have a much bigger problem," said Spike.

    "Just how big a problem, what exactly do you mean Spike?" asked Willow.
    "I reckon a few more slayers would be good, then an army or two," said Spike.
    "You are joking, right?" asked Dawn.

    "Yeah, well about the last bit, but it could get rough," said Spike.
    "Dana is here and I believe that there are a few more slayers on there way," said Giles, "who were those two women?."
    "Desdemona and Andromena, that is there birth names," said Spike.

    "You don't get names like that anymore, ooh I wonder if they mean anything," said Dawn.
    "They were born a shortly after me!" said Spike.
    "Don't be silly, that would make them," said Giles.

    "Vampires," said Spike, "and Dawn if you think about the spelling of their names, you'll notice that they both have demon in them,"
    "Who's their sister?" asked Willow.
    "Drusilla," said Spike.

    "Not her again," said Giles.
    "Two vampires come here, they have a sister who is known to us, there is a thing in the paper about two bodies being found, both with the mark of a ring on their left cheek, what else do you need to know," said Spike.

    "Um lets not panic just yet, Spike how do you know that those two are vampires? what's the thing about this ring mark?" asked Giles.
    "The thing is, I sired those two, Drusilla said that she wanted her sisters to be with her, and that thing about the ring, who else do you know that left its victims with a mark on their left cheek," said Spike.

    "Angelus always left a crucifixion cross on his victims left cheek," said Wesley.
    "What was this mark?" asked Giles.
    "It was a unicorn," said Spike, "the only vampire who likes unicorns and would now about the left cheek thing is Harmony. Put those three and Harmony together and we have a seriously big problem."

    "We will need to make sure about that Angelus thing, so at the moment we have Drusilla, Harmony and Drusilla's two sisters, anything else?" asked Giles.
    "They probably know that we are here!" said Willow.
    "We can start to panic now," said Giles.

    "No, not yet, all we know is that there are two vampires that Spike sired, this Harmony and Drusilla thing are just theories," said Willow.
    "Back to normal then," said Dawn.
    "Not quite," said Giles," I'll need you, Dawn and Xander to help me do some researching. Whilst Spike may have made a few suppositions they do deserve to be checked out and I'll need some details about Drusilla's sisters."

    "Sounds okay, what is it that you want us to do?" asked Nina.
    "Find out details about Drusilla's sisters," said Giles.
    "Why do you need to do that?" asked Nina.
    "When we kill them it'd be handy to know if they are fighters," said Dawn.

    "That's fair enough," said Nina, "so, er, what's that.
    Giles gonna do in here?."
    "We only stay here, we've got a place at 16 Westcotes Road. Why, you got some ideas?" asked Willow.

    "All that weird stuff you do, why not put some flyers out and do some ESP tests for the local unis," said Nina.
    "New idea, where did you get that from?" asked Willow.
    "From what Angel told me about you and Giles and what Spike said, well, I was impressed and then I met you. I saw a message on a bulletin board at the uni when I was on my way here," said Nina.

    "With the right compliments you can get most things done," said Giles.
    "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there," said Nina.
    "ESP rooms, that's a thought, should be easy enough, and quick enough, more work for Xander," said Giles.
    "How long before the rooms are ready?" asked Nina.
    "Should be three or four days, why?" asked Giles.
    "How about I make up some flyers for you and contact the universities in the area, I could put the flyers at the new age shops," said Nina.

    "Just pick a few places first, or I'll be spending all my time doing the tests," said Giles.
    After two days of Xander enjoying his new found destiny of being a supervisor, the areas of a couple of rooms had been changed into the cubicles for various ESP tests, a bench had been put together to form a counter for the bookshop, a few glass covered cabinets went into the museum and the plan that Giles had, was realised.

    "Giles? What are you going to call the museum and what type of books are you going to sell?" asked Willow.
    "What does he know most about, sorry Will, what type of books does he think will sell the most," said Xander.
    "I know, why doesn't he set up a Watchers Council HQ there, he'd have some one to talk to," said Chaser.

    "If you do it then you'd need to access the funds of the old watchers council and put it to good use," said Willow.
    "You might just have a good idea there, it is about time that there was some where to report to and I'd find out how many other watchers there are," said Giles.

    Early the next day Giles was looking at the empty museum, well apart from the amulet. The book shop was taking form, he turned on the shadow caster, the sound of drums of the screams gently floated around the room. Willow and Anne walked into the room.

    "We just had a phone call from some Gallery of the Moon shop, your flyer said that you do hypnotism," said Willow.
    "Nina was very quick with those flyers, though I didn't expect her to do it this soon," said Giles.
    "Are the testing rooms ready?" asked Willow.

    "They're ready why?" asked Giles.
    "There is a strange girl, back there," said Willow.
    "What's strange about her Will?" asked Xander.
    "I'm not sure, but there is something about her," said Willow.

    Xander went to see for himself, the girl was small, looks of a sixteen year old, dark hair almost black, just below her collar, but she was wearing a USA Baseball team jacket from the last Olympics.
    "Excuse me, hi there," said Xander, "you look a bit lost, can I help you."

    "Hello, my name is Gillian, I was told to come here for some tests, are you Mr Giles," said Gillian.
    "Me, er no, hey no, not me, he is that way, I'll show you," said Xander.
    Xander took Gillian to meet Giles,

    "This is Gillian, she's here for some of your ESP tests," said Xander.
    "Hm ok, Willow can you help me on this," said Giles.
    Gillian did very well on the cards, the second time the cards were placed face down to avoid any mind reading, this did not change the results, though she still had a success rate of ninety nine out of one hundred.

    Giles thought about testing her mind reading capabilities but opted for some background knowledge first. However when Giles suggested the hypnosis, Gillian became unsure of the outcome despite reassurances by Giles. Eventually he said that he would show her what he would be doing, he asked Willow, Xander and Spike if they would be willing to sit, although unsuccessful Xander managed to get Willow to volunteer.

    So Spike, Xander, Gillian and Dawn watched as Giles began to hypnotise Willow, after a short time Willow began to stare at the paint on the wall.

    In the bookshop Anne was contently listening to the shadow caster,
    "You just ignore us, that's ok,"
    "Vi, where d'you come from?" exclaimed Anne.
    *6 "Well I used to be in Sunnydale but ?apparently some-one in their wisdom' took the place off the map," said Vi.

    "Oh, you mean Spike," replied Anne, "yeh, was a bit over the top wasn't it."
    Anne then hugged Vi, then Vi turned to her friends and said,
    "This is Buffy, she was the Chosen One, but now she is the one of many."

    "If you try to say that I'm like their mother, I won't appreciate it, and I?m known as Anne now," said Anne, "but who are they?"
    "Well there is Saffron, Julie, Cherry and, well there is another, but she feels a bit nervous about meeting you again," said Vi.

    "She's met me before, but she is nervous about seeing me again? Hmm, that must be Kennedy," said Anne.
    "Yep," said Vi.
    "Oh, bring her in," said Anne.
    "Hi," said Kennedy, a bit sheepishly.

    "How's the hot air, Kennedy?" asked Anne.
    "Hot air?" asked a puzzled Kennedy.
    "I think that Willow may have helped her in that regard," said Vi.
    "Speaking of Willow, Kennedy, you have any problem with seeing her again?"

    "No, we parted as friends, as long as I make sure that I don't call her a goddess again," said Kennedy.
    "That's good, as she is about to be put under by Giles," said Anne.
    "What do you mean, put under?" asked Vi.
    "Giles is only going to hypnotise her," said Anne.

    As they went to the rooms, Buffy asked Kennedy if she had been taught any magic.
    "That was the main thing we had problems with, I was a bit scared by all that stuff, as I told Willow, being a slayer was enough," said Kennedy.

    "I can relate to that," said Anne.
    "We had better be quiet when we enter the room, if they've started," said Anne.
    As they walked into the room Giles was asking Willow to go back to her childhood, when she was eight years old.

    "I am here," said Willow.
    "Where are you, what is happening?" asked Giles.
    "I am with my mother in the cave, we are waiting for the men to bring back an animal, so that we can eat tonight," said Willow.

    "Tell me the name of the city or town that you live in?" asked Giles.
    "Town, City, I don't know those words," said Willow.
    "What!, what year is that, Willow?" asked Giles.
    "What does the word year mean, and who is Willow ?"

    "Willow lived in Sunnydale, nothing ever changed. Well apart from the accident she had just before Buffy got here," said Xander.
    "Willow had an accident, my god! she never said that," said Kennedy.
    "She was hit by a car, at least that was what I was told by everyone that saw it, but she got up and walked about," said Xander, "her friend that she was with said that she was walking with her, all of a sudden she was under the front of the car."

    "Ooh, that sounds bad," said Vi.
    "This friend of hers, she needed a heck of a lot of counselling as she couldn't understand how Willow got up and walked about afterwards," said Xander.

    "Do you know where this friend is now?" Anne asked.
    "Will's other, um you know, that vampire her, it killed her in the Bronze."
    Giles was a bit perplexed,
    "Where do you live and who do you live with?" Giles asked Willow.

    "In the cave," said Willow, "I live with my mother and Cat, my sister, my father died many years ago, killed by those animals."
    "I'm not getting any where yet, hmm, I know. Willow, please go to when you are fourteen years old, tell me where you are, what is the name of where you live and what is happening?" asked Giles.

    "I am in the cave with my mother, the men want to kill me, as they say I am bringing them bad luck."
    "Why do they think you're giving them bad luck?" asked Giles.
    "I skinned an animal once," said Willow.

    "So, you skinned an animal once? How was that seen to be giving them bad luck?" asked Giles.
    "It was the way I did it, I lifted the carcass into the air and removed its skin," said Willow.

    "Why did they have a problem with that?" asked Giles.
    "Because I didn't touch the animal when I was taking off its skin, I didn't want to get its blood on me, also my skin changed colour and my black hair changed to red hair," said ?Willow'.

    "Okay, that's a bit more understandable. Um, go to just after your seventeenth birthday then," said Giles.
    ?Willow's' voice grew thick, and her body began to rise above the chair.
    "What, how, wait, wait! what is happening, who are you?" asked Giles.

    "My name is not Willow, it is Turee, the three men, from that cave, they saved me, they took me to a bigger cave, they have created a fighter of those animals, but they left her alone. I will be her friend. I, with the Powers That Be and the Goddess T 'ara, we will create the next to be ready after that girls death, we will create many of them to be ready," said ?Willow?.

    "Stay there, wait for me to talk to you," said Giles, visibly shocked.
    "So, I wanted to know about old Slayers," said Anne.
    "What, how is that our Willow?" asked Xander.
    "I don't think it is Willow anymore," said Giles, "I think that we have all witnessed the memories of an immortal being!" Once again Giles asked.

    "Willow, I want you to be very clear when you answer me, what will the fighter of those animals be known as?"
    "She will be the Vampire Slayer," said ?Willow.'
    "Please tell us, what will you do?" asked Giles.

    "There will be a person to train her, and give her guidance, this person will be known as her Watcher, I will be a friend to every Slayer," said ?Willow.'
    "But what will you do?" asked Giles, again.

    "I will be there to help the Watcher, when I can, I will be known as the Guardian," said ?Willow.'
    "When Buffy came to Sunnydale how did you follow her ?" asked Xander.

    "When our Slayer moved towns it was deemed that I took on the persona of who you called Willow, before she was killed by the car I entered her body and repaired it, and so I was here, ready for the arrival of our Slayer."

    "Yes, mmm, that does explain a few things, but how does Kennedy fit into all this, and what about Tara?" asked Giles.
    "When Buffy was brought back to life by Xander, Kendra was the Vampire Slayer, but she died. Then Faith became the Slayer, Faith will be chosen to replace me when she is ready, you will know when she is nearly ready as her trainer will be called to come back here."

    "Faith will replace you, her trainer's been here? who?" asked Giles.
    "Faith's trainer will be Clem," said ?Willow.'
    "But Faith is still in prison," said Giles.
    "She will be released very soon," said ?Willow.'
    "How did I fit into all this ?" asked Kennedy.

    "You were to be next after Faith, I stayed with you ?til you were ready, then I came to Buffy," said ?Willow.'
    "So, what about Tara then?" asked Xander, echoing Giles' question.
    "She has gone to preparing the fallen slayer for her new life," said ?Willow.'
    "A fallen slayer? Do you mean that when a slayer dies?" asked Giles.

    "Yes, I do mean when a slayer dies, Tara is what you would call a counsellor to the newly dead slayer," said ?Willow.'
    "You said that Faith will be having some further training, Why?" asked Anne.
    "She will be replacing me as a guardian," said ?Willow.'
    "But what will happen to you?" asked Buffy.
    "I became to close to Tara and then I became to close to Kennedy, and also to you, Buffy," said ?Willow,' "I must be a nice person."

    "What will happen to you, will you stay here, you have so many friends, and I want you to stay," said Anne.
    "I will be allowed to stay with you and Dawn."
    "How do I fit into all this?" asked Dawn.

    "When I activated the scythe, I drew on your power. The problem was that the scythe was meant to be activated only by a Goddess, so Kennedy you were right, for those few seconds I was a Goddess, but not a guardian, I knew that, and I expected my time here to end, but they have decided to let me stay," said Willow.

    The body of Willow began to lower down to the chair, she opened her eyes then stood and moved around the room.
    "Stop, Turee er Willow? I haven't stopped the hypnotism yet," said Giles a bit shocked at the outcome.
    "You do not need to Giles," said Willow.

    "But, how did you do that ?" asked Giles.
    "Because Dawn is here," replied Willow.
    "Oh, well then, that's done then, do you want to do this, Gillian ?" asked Giles.
    "What do you want to know about Gillian?" asked Willow.

    "I just want her to tell me about her background, how she can do all the, well, how did she become able to do what she does," said Giles.
    "You don't need to hypnotise her for that, just ask me and I can explain it in one short sentence," said Willow.

    "You'd better begin the explaining then," said Giles.
    "Gillian is a Vampire Slayer," said Willow.
    "Like you said, does explain a few things," said Giles.
    "After what you said Will, it was bound to be a let down," said Anne.

    "Gillian, ever seen a vampire before?" asked Xander.
    "No, why, do you have any here?" asked Gillian.
    "I know a couple of them, they are our friends, they are ?good' vampires, we will go and meet them soon, they are Wesley and Spike,

    Wesley was brought back to life by Spike and helped by Willow," said Giles, "there two others Angel and Gunn but they aren't here."
    "I've got a few questions, those animals? What were they? what's Clems background and who came up with the name the Vampire Slayer?" asked Vi.

    "Those animals were demons and vampires, I was one of those who chose the name, the Vampire Slayer. Now Clem, he has been with us for a long time, he helps us when we ask him, for instance, when Spike first began to show signs of being good I called on Clem to be ready, mind you that chip in Spikes head nearly ruined it, then Spike went to the demon trials to remove his chip, but we stepped in and gave him a soul, then we called on Clem to help Spike," said Willow.

    "So what are you?" asked Vi.
    "A Wizard, a Guardian, I am one of the few who watch and help the Chosen Ones, I needed to be here and now to be a help to those that should be protected, the higher beings. I am an immortal, how-ever there is more to us. She who went into hell itself to rescue her husband will be here soon, when she arrives then will all the signs be revealed by us, then all will be explained," said Willow.

    "On a personal level, you said about preparing a fallen slayer for her new life, what did you mean?" asked Vi.
    "When a Vampire Slayer dies, she becomes one of the Armed Forces of Byzantium, an immortal," said Willow.
    "The other thing is about you, your real name is Turee but you are known as Willow, which one do you prefer?" asked Vi.

    "Not to sure, I'll have to think about it, think I?d prefer Turee," replied Willow.
    Spike was upset at Willow being hypnotised, he left and went to stand in the museum and look at the artefacts, he looked at the artefacts so long that he nearly fell asleep.

    "If your going to see Spike, it's been awhile," said Vi.
    "Why would you want to meet Spike?" asked Turee.
    "He was the first vampire that I ever saw, he helped me do my training, that and the saving the world thing!" said Vi.

    "Hang on, a vampire saved the world?" asked Saffron.
    "That was only because of the amulet he was wearing," said Xander.
    "But he wasn't aware of what it would do, he didn't know that it would do anything, as it was, when everyone else had reduced the number of demons it activated and ended them and their demonic leaders," said Turee.

    "What I don't understand is if Spike died in that fight then how, or why is he here now?" asked Giles.
    "He was chosen to be," said Turee.
    "It was that Lindsey guy, he did something to me," said Spike.
    "No not Lindsey, it was Gregor's boss," said Turee, "Julie what do you see?"

    Turee had walked behind Spike and was holding a mirror behind his head.
    "I can see the back of Spike's head, why?" asked Julie.
    "WHAAT!" exclaimed Spike.
    "Spike's a vampire, there should be no reflection," said Giles.
    "So how come he has a reflection?" asked Xander.

    Spike slowly turned around and looked at himself.
    "Ooh, yeh, handsome bugger ain't I?"
    "Won't hear the last of that will we," said Xander.
    "It's Turee's fault, what could be worse?" asked Giles.

    "Bet he cuts himself shaving tomorrow," said Xander.
    "Why do you think he'll cut himself?" asked Vi.
    "For all those years he shaved without a mirror, now he'll see a reversed copy of himself," said Xander.

    "All bets on Spike cutting himself shaving are with me," said Giles.
    "If I say that he'll cut himself three times, then in the morning he has six cuts, if the cuts were longer, well can I join the cuts, please ?" asked Anne.
    "OI, you!, sod off," said Spike.

    "And if Dawn had said that he would have said yes," said Anne.
    "He likes Dawn?" asked Dana, "oh goody."
    "He can't take his eyes off her," said Xander.
    "Er, Turee, would you tell us why we can see Spikes reflection," said Giles.

    "It was decided that he would wear the amulet to help save many, many peoples lives, but he still had the choice not to wear it," said Turee.
    "But this Spike is still only a vampire," said Saffron.
    "No, he isn't," said Turee, "he is a human vampire, I don't know if anyone has noticed it yet, but Spike is breathing, he has a heart beat and what of those lines on his forehead?" asked Turee.

    "AAH," cried out Chaser, as she fell to the floor laughing aloud, holding her stomach having hysterics."
    "What's with her?" asked Dawn.
    "Dunno, what is it Giles?" asked Anne.

    "Beats me, what do you think Xander?" asked Giles.
    "Oh, I get it, Chaser just had a visual of a wrinkly old Spike."
    "Yes, yes," cried Chaser, in between bursts of laughter.
    "Spike with no teeth and as an old man," said Xander.

    "Now there's a visual for you," said Dawn, as she began to laugh.
    "What would he say at the dentist," said Xander who was beginning to laugh.
    "He, he, he'd have to go to the joke shop for his front teeth," said Anne.

    Spike was thankful when the phone began to ring, he answered it and heard how a person had paid for a group restaurant meal but the monies had been refused by the bank, it was thought that the person was a local as he had been seen several times by the staff of the restaurant. Spike said that they had some people who specialised in that type of work, how-ever because they had no description to work with it may take a while longer than normal.

    Spike went out into the small garden at the back of the hotel, he took off the Ring of Amara and cautiously he put his hand into the sunlight, even after a minute all he could feel was the warmth of the sun.
    "Take it easy," said Turee, "the sun can be a beautiful thing as long as you don't abuse it's power."

    "Thanks, you might as well take this thing and give it to Wesley, I don't need it anymore," said Spike.
    "What is this?" asked Turee.
    "It's the Ring of Amara," said Spike.

    "Okay, so tell me, why were you out here?" asked Turee
    "Just testing really, look, I've got to go out soon, a new case for AI where some bloke owes some money to a restaurant," said Spike.
    "I'll come with you, we could take cherry with us, Chaser and Dawn would be good as well as they could do something different for a change," said Turee.

    "Best tell that Cherry to put her hair in a bun and put on a hat put on some old work clothes 'cos long blonde hair, model looks, not best for covert ops," said Spike.
    The five of them made their way through the city streets in Chaser's car to near the restaurant, they parked up and began to walk the cities streets.

    "Hey Spikie, put this beanie on, it'll keep your head warm," said Dawn.
    Spike, Cherry and Turee walked behind as Chaser and Dawn were talking about the boys they had known.
    Spike quietly said to Turee, "Tell those two to be ready to run, and fast."

    "Okay," said Turee, "why?"
    "Those two across the road, thankfully they were walking the other way, thing is I recognised them, I don't think they noticed us, this beanie may have just saved us," said Spike.
    "Who were they?" asked Cherry.

    "They were vampires, the woman is Drusilla, I'm reasonably sure that the guy is close to Angel."
    "Close to Angel? how close?" asked Turee.
    "U S," said Spike.
    "What do you mean us?, who is he. Close to Angel, as close as us, what do you mean?" asked Turee.

    "Angelus that's who," said Spike, "I'll grab that guy, then we're outta here."
    As Dawn was putting him in the boot of Chaser's car she saw who it was.
    "Clem, sorry about this, Angelus and Drusilla are near here so we'd better be quiet, but we will talk later," said Dawn.
    She removed the tape from his mouth that Spike had hurriedly put there. As they were driving back Chaser asked Spike,

    "What if we picked up the wrong guy?"
    "Hadn't thought about that," said Spike.
    "It could be a bit embarrassing," said Turee.
    "If it is the wrong person and he or she wants to cause a problem, what would we do or what could we do?" asked Dawn.

    "What do you mean, cause us a problem?" asked Chaser.
    "Just think about it, Spike grabs this person of the streets, tapes up the guys mouth, he's bundled into the boot of a car, what do you think the police would say, we could face the rest of our lives in prison, with

    Faith as our only friend. We may have to kill the guy to stop him going to the police," said Dawn.
    "Oh no, I can't go to jail, I'm too young, I'm too pretty, we might even get a life sentence," said Chaser.

    "Hey Turee, if we do get a life sentence won't they get a bit suspicious after a hundred years?" asked Spike.
    "Your taking this a bit to easy, Spike," said Turee.
    "That's because Dawn was pulling your leg, I mean it's amazing how the total stranger suddenly became a man, and then Daw ?suddenly' mentioned Faith's name, and did anyone else notice how much the car shook when Dawn put him into the cars boot," said Spike.

    "There wasn't any noise when the person was put in the boot," said Chaser.
    "Exactly, it was as though the person gently climbed in," said Spike.
    "Your not any fun are you," said Dawn.
    "So, I take it that you know who the person is Dawn?" asked Spike.

    "Yeh, okay, it's Clem," said Dawn.
    "Don't look so depressed Dawn, you had Chaser going there, and Turee that brings me to another question, if your so knowledgeable how come you don't even know the simplest of things, I mean you know who the Powers That Be are and who or what Gregor is?" asked Spike.

    "Well I can't know everything all the time and I usually don't get told until afterwards," said Turee.
    "Look on the bright side then Turee, you can make out you knew all of this when you tell the others what just occurred," said Spike.

    "No, I don't want to be in anyone's debt."
    Back at the hotel Spike invited Clem, Chaser and Turee to stay back for a cuppa while Dawn went to fetch Giles. He was in the museum deciding where to put the latest exhibits.
    "What are those things Giles," said Dawn.

    "Oh, Dawn, these were given to me by Turee, they are from Gregor's army."
    "Don't you mean they are from ?his' army not Gregor's army? ?cos he is only the general," said Dawn.
    "That's exactly what I said to Turee, but she had a good come back," said Giles, "apparently he is him."

    "So if the general is he who is the him?" asked Dawn.
    "Him is he, him can appear too many as what they want him to be," said Giles, "oh dear that sounded a bit like Tonto."
    "Tonto? who is Tonto?" asked Dawn.

    "Before your time Dawn, before your time," said Giles, "what did you come in here for Dawn, and don't say exciting entertainment."
    "As if I?d say that about your place, ever."
    "Oh very sartorial," said Giles.

    "Yeah, ok, right. Was that an insult?" asked Dawn.
    "What do you want Dawn?"
    "I don't want anything Giles."
    "So why did you come in here?" asked Giles.

    "I only came in here to tell you we're with Clem, having a cuppa near the kitchen," said Dawn.
    "WHAT! why didn't you tell me that before! something as important as that! what were you thinking of, how, how could you!" exclaimed Giles.

    "I, I'm very sorry, I didn't think it was that important," said Dawn.
    "Good grief! making me miss a cuppa," said Giles, just before he grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat at Dawn.
    Giles walked to the kitchen taking delight at the delightful overcrowding of the plants in the back garden.

    "I was told something of great importance is here, where is it," said Giles.
    "Something of great importance?" asked Turee.
    "Dawn tells me to rush over here and you haven't made me a cuppa."

    "Oh goody, he got you as well, I don't feel so bad any more," said Dawn.
    "Yeah, right, you find somewhere to sit and I'll make you a cuppa," said Spike.

    So Giles sat down and began to introduce himself to Clem. Turee and Chaser filled in the gaps about Giles, Spike brought in a cuppa especially made for Giles, then once again he greeted Clem.
    "Bloody good to see you again mate."

    "You don't know the half of it, I was a bit lonely last week-end so I went to Sunnydale but I had forgotten about the earthquake. That made me feel worse, but hey, I'm here now, so what's been happening," said Clem.

    "Just the normal stuff," said Spike.
    "Normal stuff for a vampire," said Chaser.
    "Ah, but is he still a vampire?" asked Giles
    "Technically yes and no," replied Turee.

    "That was helpful, no that wasn't helpful at all, what do you mean technically yes and no," said Clem.
    "Aha, dragged into my trap, he is a vampire and no he isn't a vampire."
    "And the dragged into my trap bit."

    "It's about this line, it's mostly filler," said Turee.
    "Yes Turee, so Giles, what's new?" asked Clem.
    "Spike has a new playmate now, she is Illyria. She was a Goddess from hell but now she is with us, thankfully. Turee is an immortal and she is on first name terms with the Powers That Be, Spike is human and we have quite a few more slayers, that and Buffy and Dawn's mum is a resident here."

    "Hang on, didn't Buffy's mum die?" asked Clem.
    "I forgot about that bit, Joyce is a ghost," said Giles.
    "So Clem, what's with Faith, what are you going to do?" asked Dawn, "why does Faith get the training, my sis should get the training."
    "Agreed, but you might be slightly biased," said Clem.

    "So I'm biased, it doesn't alter the facts," said Dawn.
    "Faith pulled herself back from a very dark place, twice. That is why she has been chosen," declared Clem.
    "Twice? there was only the once, I can only remember the once," said Dawn.
    "The first time was before she went to Sunnydale, you couldn't have known about that, Faith wasn't too hot on the sharing," said Turee.

    "Your right Turee, Faith had to watch her Watchers death at the hands of Kakistos, imagine her feelings, she had never seen a vampire, but she was being trained how to kill them when suddenly this vampire bursts in and tortures the Watcher, forcing Faith to watch it, that went on for hours until Faiths Watcher died. The vampire then turned on Faith, luckily Faith lashed out with a piece of wood, hit Kakistos on the head and sent him reeling," said Clem.

    "Faith escaped and went into hiding, for days and weeks she hid, the torment and the events of what had happened kept being relived in her head but somehow she managed to pull her self up and went to

    Sunnydale, but she didn't fit in with the people there, she had grown up to quickly, then the evil began to drag her down, but she unknowingly had a reprieve," said Turee.
    "The body swap with Buffy did it, she was able to be herself again, and slowly but surely she began to lift herself up again, this time the evil couldn't get to her," said Clem.

    "But she did all of those horrible things to my mum and Buffy," said Dawn.
    "True but even when she decided to get away from Sunnydale and she had even bought herself a plane ticket, as soon as she heard of other people being in danger she went to help them," said Turee.
    "Buffy had always helped people, even when she started to think bad thoughts she didn't learn from it as Faith had done," said Clem.

    "So Giles, you helped bring forth a demon that brought fear and death to your friends, you rose above that and became a better person for it. Now imagine some-one going to a far deeper place than you did, twice. Can you think how much belief that person must have had in themself?" asked Turee.

    "A Watcher must be able to depart that knowledge," said Giles.
    "When the trainings done, she will be able to get her slayer to use her belief in herself and Faith will be able to draw on her experiences of fighting demons and vampires, a good Watchers Watcher," said Clem.

    "I agree she would make a good Watcher and be really good to any slayer, that girl would be very lucky," said Giles.
    Just then the phone begins to ring, so Giles answers it,
    "Hello can I help...Oh hello Angel, what is it?"
    "Give Turee a message.........oh..........yes..........sure, I'll see you later," said Giles.
    "Turee, Angel wants you and Nina to go tomorrow morning and do a special pick-up."
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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      Turee and Nina were sat in the van in a lonely car park waiting for a girl to come into sight. A coach came into sight and stopped in front of them, a woman stepped of the coach, looked around then walked up to the van, Turee and Nina went to meet her.
      "Hello Faith. We've been sent to meet you and give you a bit of a heads up before you meet every-one," said Nina, "Angel's told me a lot about you, he said to tell you, welcome back."
      Turee stopped the van just along Westcotes from AI, turning to Faith she told her.
      "Take a good look, on the right at no: 3 is the offices of Angel Investigations and opposite that at number 16 is the ?Museum of Ancient Religious Artefacts'."
      "Anyway at AI there is Angel, Spike, Nina, Wesley, Gunn, me, Illyria and Sally."
      "Okay, that's three vampires," said Faith.
      "Umm no, that's five vampires, Wesley and Gunn are vampires now."
      "What, Wes and Gunn, no way," said Faith.
      "The story is that Wesley was killed in a battle with a wizard and Gunn, he was badly injured in a battle with a group of vampires, Illyria went to be with Wesley after killing four others, she saw Wesley, comforted him then killed the wizard, she then went to another fight where she killed about thirty thousand demons by herself!."
      "Wow, what is she?" asked Faith.
      "As far as we can agree," said Turee, "she a Goddess, Fred breathed in some stuff from Illyria's stone coffin and then Illyria began to be reborn within Fred, in less than a day Fred died and Illyria was reborn. Wesley helped Illyria to be tolerant to her life on this planet and as such Illyria sees Wesley as her friend, if you want to be seen as a friend to her then Wesley must treat you as a friend," said Turee.
      "I must remember to say hello nicely, to her," commented Faith.
      "No, you say hello to Wes first. Angel rang me to make
      sure that I could give them each a soul and when I agreed, Angel and Spike they made them vampires," continued Turee.
      "Gotcha, Spike and Angel are treated as friends by Illyria because they saved Wes," said Faith.
      "Over the road is the Watchers Council."
      "No way, who's idea was that," said Faith.
      "Well it was Spike's and the top bloke of the council's, you might recognise the name, it's Giles. And the girl in charge of the slayers training is Anne Thurman."
      "So Giles it the top man at last, that's good. Do I know this Anne, I'm guessing that she is a slayer but I don't remember anyone of that name?" asked Faith.
      "You may recognise her first name, she got married to Owen Thurman recently and together they own a catering supplies place, she used to be known as Buffy!."
      "B, B's here. WOW!, What else have you got to throw at me?" asked Faith.
      "Let's see, I think that's all, no wait, Xander works at the museum, the museum is a front for the Watchers Council, and the vampire slayers training thing."
      "I think that is enough for you to try to take in at the moment, so lets get you to the place and you can meet every-one," said Nina.
      "That's a good idea Nina, I will try and organise some sleeping space for Faith," said Turee.
      At the warehouse Angel was waiting for Faith, and upon seeing her he greeted her like a long lost relative.
      "Have I got some news for you," said Angel, "Giles will be here soon and there will be a place for you to sleep over at the Hyperion hotel, one of the conditions for your release is that you work for us, we've got some extra work for you, it'll be to help Anne train the new vampire slayers."
      "Will Xander be coming over as well?" asked Faith.
      "No, he has got some work at that plush hotel a few miles out of town, but he will be here later."
      "How did he get work at a posh place?" asked Faith.
      "Well, you remember Willy? He had a bar in Sunnydale, well, he works as a barman at the place and he got in touch with Giles and together they sorted it out for Xander to get the work, that and he restores the rooms at the Hyperion," said Angel.
      "Thought I recognised the voice, how are you. I see that you and Angel have met," Wesley leans close to Faith, "Did Angel want *7 to hug you ?"
      Faith smiles and looks at Angel who states, "I didn't hug her, I don't hug," looking at Nina and Turee, "I didn't hug her, did I," he said looking at Wesley.
      "Take it easy big boy, Wes was just having a go at you," Faith nearly laughs at Angel, but her thoughts are altered as a car pulls up to the front of the place, out got Anne, Giles and Owen.
      "I was just about to say that B is here, but I remembered what Turee said, it doesn't work the same y?know, calling her A does it?" asked Faith.
      "Hello Faith, had a nice restful holiday," said Anne as she gave Faith a big hug.
      "It really is good to see you again, now about you calling me A, it won't be much of a problem as Giles and I have had a long chat and I'm going to do background work with the new slayers. We thought it would be good to leave you in charge of training all the up and coming new slayers," said Anne, "your a changed person now, even from the couple of seconds from when I came in I could feel that in you."
      "Thanks, that's, that is good to hear," replied Faith.
      "Damn girl, who painted your legs," said Gunn.
      "A ?, my legs aren't painted."
      "What, you mean those jeans are the real thing," said a smiling Gunn.
      Faith pursed her lips and nearly smiled, then closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at Gunn, then slowly shook her head and smiled.
      "Hey Faith," continued Gunn, " Do you like fishing ?."
      "Me, do like fishing, no, why," asked Faith.
      "It's just that you took that one hook, line, and sinker."
      "This seems like a good time," said Giles, "would you like to come with us and see the museum and where the slayers will be doing they're training?."
      "Like you said Giles, this does seem like a good time," replied a thankful Faith.
      As they were crossing the road Faith asked Giles what sort of museum he would be having, he said that he had decided to call it, ?The Museum of Ancient Religious Artefacts', and by calling it that, anything that was even slightly old could be put in the museum. Faith asked him.
      "Do you have anything on display, or is it a work in progress thing."
      "It's a work in progress thing, all ideas are good ?cos there's not much on display yet." was Giles's reply, "it's funny, in a strange way. I've got the amulet in a nice glass case and one of the swords of the Knights of Byzantium, Buffy took it from him, I was told that Glory got him, that's where it gets strange, Turee told me that Gregor had said that the owner of the sword wanted it back."
      "What's odd about that, the owner may want it back," said Faith, "and who is this Gregor?."
      "He's said to be the General of the Knights of Byzantium," said Giles, "I was told that the original owner was dead."
      "Oh," said Faith, "yeah, that does make it a bit odd."
      Silently they walked to the back door, upon opening the door Giles said.
      "Welcome to the headquarters of the Watchers Council."
      "So, who are the Watchers?" asked Faith, "there's you and a vampire who will be a Vampire Slayer's Watcher, oh please let him be my Watcher!" said Faith.
      "Haven't you got enough already?" asked Giles.
      "Ay, what do you mean?" asked Faith.
      "Well let's see, the only Vampire Slayer that's been given twenty five to life for murder two, and then had a presidents pardon!."
      "Hmm, well, when it's put in that way, it does sound good doesn't it!" said a grinning Faith.
      "I suppose so, in a weird way, except for the twenty five to life bit. Your Watcher will be me, as it is I am a watcher for another Vampire Slayer, but I think that you will get most of my attention, the other Slayer seems to be trying to build herself a new life, it's Anne."
      "Thanks, I think." said Faith.
      "Your a much easier person to speak to, compared with what you were like when I first met you," said Giles.
      "That's all thanks to Angel, even when you think of some of the stuff that I did to Angel, when I asked for help, he was the one who helped me and he really believed in me, and, even when he became Angelus and I was drawn into his nightmare, I fought with Angel to win over Angelus, if he ever needs help, I will help for him."
      "It is good that your here, it's like Anne said, you're a changed person now," said Giles.
      "I've changed, your more relaxed as well," said Faith.
      *8 "Well, what do you expect, I'm surrounded by you young bloody colonials most the time," having said that Giles smiled, "Come on, I will show you the rooms here, then we will go down to the training area and we can start to design the layout and what you want to put in there."
      "One thing that I'm a bit unsure about, how many Watchers are there, and who are they?" asked Faith.
      "There is a few around but they won't answer their phones, maybe they are scared or dead," said Giles.
      Faith and Giles began to move the various bits of training equipment about, they had been working for an hour or so and had lost track of time completely.
      "HEL-LO-OO!" said Anne.
      "Oh, hello Anne, sorry, didn't notice you," said Giles.
      "You did sound very English when you said that," Anne looks at Faith as Faith bursts out laughing.
      "What is that thing, and what were you doing with it anyway," asked Anne.
      "That thing," said Giles, "is known as a horse and it needs to be big."
      *9 "There, you go B, size does matter," says Faith in between bursts of laughter, at which point Anne collapses in laughter.
      "I'm not going to speak to either of you now," says Giles as he turned and walked away. Indignantly and purposely he went to his little office and made himself
      *10 a cup of tea, while he was waiting for the kettle to boil he looked in the mirror, after a short while he said too himself, "It's good they get along with each other," he nodded to himself.
      Then walked away, made his cuppa and went to the doorway, casually leaning against the door frame, he noticed that Faith and Anne were in hysterics. He continued to lean against the door frame, looked at them and smiled. His gaze was averted when the door opened and let in some light. Turee had come over to what Giles and Faith were up to.
      "What is it with those two?" she asked, "before, if they met, if one was on fire the other would've smiled."
      "Some comment that Faith said, think they keep adding to it, look at them, they are behaving like long lost friends," was his reply, "you want anything in particular,"
      Turee looked then nodded, "Mmm yes, I was going to tell you, Faith and Anne, that Dawn is nearly here and she is with her slayer."
      "Oh, we will have to be very tactful then, we had a few problems with her," said Giles, "mind you if no-one knows she's coming here we could have some fun with Faith, maybe not."
      "Well no-one else does know, I will go out front and guide them in here first. Just tell me, what are you going to do ?" asked Turee.
      "Oh," said Giles, "you two are back with us,. Dawn and her slayer will be here soon, er very soon, according to Turee."
      "I don't think that Faith has met Dawn's Slayer before, well I'm sure that she has heard of her, the cutting off Spike?s hands thing,"
      The four of them moved the various training bits of equipment into the stores, all of them waiting for Dawn to arrive. They all stopped when a car door and the sound of footsteps was heard, Anne moved to the open doorway.
      "Typical, lead your Slayer the wrong way," said Faith.
      Dawn span around saw Anne and shrieked, they ran to greet each other.
      "Some people have to be told everything, ah Dana, let me introduce you, this is Faith and Anne, she is Dawn's sister." said Giles.
      Dawn leant towards Dana, "Buffy."
      "Oh," said Dana, "Dawn has told me of you, I feel I should kneel before you."
      "I think that we are going to be good friends," said a suitably impressed Anne.
      Giles spoke up, "Dana, we will take you across the road to meet some people, you may remember them," as they walked in they heard the phone.
      "Oh, lots of little girls for me to play with," said Spike.
      "SPIKE!" shouted Dawn.
      "Oh, sorry Dawn, dearest," said Spike.
      "Stop it, I don't want you talking to me like that when there's other people around," said Dawn, quietly.
      "Yes dear," said Spike.
      "Don't say that," said Dawn.
      "Yes love, oops!, sorry," said Spike.
      "Bugger," exclaimed Dawn.
      The phone began to ring again,
      "She is even starting to sound like me," said Spike to Dana.
      "Are you two still having a go at me?" asked Dawn.
      The phone was still ringing, Spike sensing his saviour went to get the phone. Spike came back, smiling.
      "Hey guess what, we've got a new case," he declared. He went into the main office and approached Angel.
      "Some friend of yours called Kate, wants to tell you about a new case."
      Angel took Turee with him to meet with Kate,
      "You know, it was because of you that I was struck off from the police force, then it was because of your kind that I was asked to come back, seems that no-one else was capable of dealing with the rash of ?strange' goings on that began to occur," then Kate looks at Turee and asks Angel if she is a vampire like him.
      "No, she isn't," then looking at Turee, "Kate knows I am a vampire," said Angel, almost apologetically.
      "I have been known to do a bit of magic, though," Turee says to Kate.
      Angel slowly shakes his head, then tells Kate,
      "If Turee wanted to, she could make us be in London, what that Copperfield guy used to do as an illusion, Turee can do for real, you used to think that I was a strange person, well Turee isn't a strange person, most people seem to like her," then turning to Turee, "tell Kate exactly all the truth, it's how she can help us best, also she doesn't get any nasty little surprises half way through a case." said Angel.
      "Okay," says Turee, "If your sure, Kate, what I am going to tell you, Angel doesn't know all of it yet. I have a direct link to the Powers That Be, I am what you may call a Wizard, I am an immortal, I do age, but very, very slowly. My fifteenth birthday was several thousand years ago, and maybe a few more years, you wouldn't be wrong if said that I have a multiple personality."
      Angels jaw had dropped, Kate looked at Angel in complete amazement.
      "At present their are five vampires and six Vampire Slayers, one Slayer is not alive and one vampire is not real, there are five Watchers, and there is one who is not a human, a werewolf, two Goddesses, four humans and two immortals, soon there will be about one hundred thousand seven hundred and seventy immortal beings and a few hundred thousand others to help us."
      Kate, in a stunned state of shock asks.
      "So who are the four humans, Turee?."
      "Our friend Xander, Thomson and Andrea and you!."
      Angel looked intently at Turee,
      "Whistler once told me, soon. Is this what he meant?" asked Angel.
      *11 "It is now very soon, the dusting of Doug Sanders marked the beginning of the end," said Turee.
      A puzzled Kate looked at Angel,
      "Once I was sent to hell by Anne, you have already met her, I called her Buffy. That was when Faith gave herself up to you, you?ll see her again soon as she?s just been released," said Angel.
      "Yes, I remember her giving herself up," said Kate, surprising herself that she could even talk, she thought that she was numb from all their weird talk.
      "The second time I chose to go there, I was even taken there by a lower demon, that's is when I found out that hell is here," Angel continued.
      "That was when the Powers That Be found out where hell is, they needed the demons to tell them," interjected Turee, "and soon it will appear."
      "What will ?" asked Angel.
      "It is already here in its first form, the user was chosen to wear it for he had taken the path that he wanted to, they were friends in a previous life and now they are friends again," Turee replied.
      "Hang on, you mean Spike do you?" asked Angel.
      "He was human, then he was created a vampire, then he chose to get a soul and he began to become a good person and he spiralled into the old Sunnydale school where he grew deeper and deeper insane, then he died. But he was chosen and given the same appearance, but he was a human began, whilst still appearing as a vampire."
      "The amulet, he was chosen to be the wearer of the amulet." said Angel.
      "Yes," replied Turee.
      "I am having trouble coming to terms with all of this," said Kate.
      "I will be finished in a minute, the amulet will soon become the, well you'll find out later." said Turee.
      "So the amulet that destroyed the forces from hell also destroyed the, what, portal to where, hell?" asked Angel.
      "Yes, it was where the Wolf Ram and Hart came from, it is also where Illyria came from, there's another dimension, which because of Cordelia it is now a good place, Pylea," said Turee.
      "So it destroyed evil before, soon it will do the same again, is he coming back?" asked Angel.
      "If he wants to come back, he will. Does he need to have others want or expect him," said Turee.
      "Please, please tell me you have finished Turee," said Kate, Turee nodded.
      "The case is about a six year old boy that has gone missing in the Lake Casitas Recreation Area, he was on the first day of a two weeks holiday, that's where the first problem came from, then we found out that all his clothes had been washed or he had new clothes," said Kate.
      "That's a bit of a problem," said Angel.
      "The second problem is that we were called in on the second day, the searchers had met on the camping ground, there was that many sets of foot prints that we could only guess which ones to follow," said Kate.
      "This just seems to get worse," said Turee.
      "But only for them," said Angel smiling to Turee.
      "For me to call you in at such a fairly early stage as this in the search I had to tell my bosses that you have a tracker on your team, but I couldn?t say any more about them or they?d want proof."
      Kate was trying to explain that she couldn't tell her bosses that vampires and werewolf's were part of the team.
      "That's not quite true, we have two trackers, one is a werewolf and one, well, she says she is a natural vampire but I regard her as a human vampire," replied Angel.
      "If she is a human vampire then we have two of those," Turee pointed out.
      "Ay?" asked Angel.
      "Your forgetting about Spike," said Turee, "If we work this out, we could have two teams on this case, a day team and a night team."
      "Has this kid got a rescue pack?" asked Angel.
      Angel was about to carry on speaking when Turee held up a finger to him.
      "If the child can be found, then the chances are that we will find him, we've got the talent," said Turee.
      "That's true," said Angel.
      "We find the child, hopefully safe and well then there is a fairly good chance that we will be called in for any other cases like this one, that being so if we declare that we will only work with Kate here, she would benefit ?cos she'd be in a situation where she doesn't have to ask, she can tell others what she wants," said Turee.
      "Yes, good thinking Turee, if we say that we can be there at about ten thirty tomorrow morning, Kate if you can get access to all the search information for us and find out what accommodation is near to the area, we can get straight on to it," said Angel.

      On the way home Turee suggested that Angel call Sally and ask if she can take a few days off, also if he can see about getting another van and start organising the sleeping and living accommodations.
      When they got back Turee went across the road to speak with Giles about getting a few people to help with the search, namely Faith, Dawn and Dana, Angel was going to sort out who would be doing what and when, but Xander was waiting for him,
      "I've had an idea, how about me putting up a fake castle rampart look at the front of this place, there could also be a small flag pole with a flag of Angel Investigations new logo. If we all start referring to here as the palace then eventually the name will catch on, it'll be better than saying we're going back to the warehouse, it would make this plus it would be a good name for the lunch bar and the building if the front is painted to look like it's built from big stone blocks."
      Angel stared at Xander for a while.
      "I like that idea, if the blocks are done to look like big old weathered stone blocks and some yellow security lights, AI has got a new case and we should be leaving tomorrow morning and maybe coming back Sunday night or Monday morning, any chance you could have it done by then?" asked Angel.
      "If I get another person to help me with the painting and the brickwork, we could get the flag pole put up, get some one else to do the electrical work, yes it's feasible, all I need is the money to do it, but yeah," said Xander
      "Okay," said Angel, "go for it, I reckon every-one will appreciate it and hopefully a few will even notice it."

      It was lovely and cold the next morning, Spike had gone out to the vans to get the engines warmed up, but mainly to have the heaters working, just in case some of them want to be nice and warm ready for when they set off. They were all waiting for Sally to arrive with the basic necessities of life, pigs blood, sausages, and various cuts of meat with coleslaw, Angel and Nina had also been up early making a warm breakfast for every-one, a nutritious chips and pies, various flavours of course.

      It was almost nine thirty when the two vans of AI entered the camp site, they had stopped at a nearby hotel leaving Angel, Nina, Wesley, Gunn and Faith to get some sleep ready for the night shift, Turee, Dawn and Dana, as they worked together well. Sally, Illyria and Spike were going to do the first shift, Turee would be operating the radio in their base camp, liaising with the parents and the police. An old four person tent was erected and the van reversed up to the front entry, the other van was reversed to the other end of the tent by the time that Kate came to speak to Turee. They were ready to set off and start looking, after a quick briefing the team was on their way, Faith had the two-way radio, it would have gone to Spike but Turee thought that he might be a bit sarcastic in his choice of words.

      Once out of sight of the camp they formed a line leaving about three meters apart, Sally was near the centre. After three hours Sally stopped and called the others over, she had found a child's footprints and there was a dogs prints nearby, with Sally leading the way they followed the foot marks which led to the shore, there was evidence of a small boat having been there it could have been a small rowing boat or a canoe. The group made a fire and sat down to have a bite to eat and a hot drink while Faith called up Turee to see if any small boats or canoe had gone missing or if one had been found. After a short while Turee called back saying that a canoe had been found on the shoreline opposite them and that a local was on his way out to them in a rowing boat and he
      would take them to the place that the canoe had been found. Dana said to Dawn.
      "Is it just me or is Spike behaving more and more like a sensible human."
      "I noticed that, but don't let him know that you've seen that or he'll change without realising it," said Dawn, "so its not just you, a couple of the others have remarked about it," replied Dawn.
      "How has this human thing affected him, I mean, if he is as a normal human then why does he need the ring ?."
      "Well it would need a great leap of faith for him to let some-one stick a piece of wood in him or let someone throw holy water on him, I think he has put his hand in the sun but the ring would give him a sense of security," said Dawn.
      "You could be right about the security thing," said Dana.
      "Also as the sun has an adverse effect on the skin, think what it'll do to a person who hasn't been in the sun for over a hundred years, and if you notice when he walks he tends to walk in the shadows," said Dawn.
      "I hadn't thought about that, oh look, here's the boat," said Dana.
      After a short trip in the boat Spike and Sally were on the opposite shore, near to where the canoe had been found. Sally looked around for the tracks, after ten minutes of looking she went up to Spike.
      "I don't think this is the right place to look, this little boat may have come from somewhere else. There are no dog tracks near here and there are none in the boat, there are a few children's prints in the boat but they are wet ones not dirty wet ones!"
      "So, what's that mean?" asked Spike.
      "Who-ever got into this boat did so from hard solid ground," said Sally, "I think we should go back to where we were."
      When they got back Sally said.
      "I think that that was a false lead, no animal tracks, the footprints in the boat were just a coincidence."
      Sally set about finding the foot marks again, but she found the dogs prints first, then after another minute she found the boys prints, Sally thought for a moment then called Dawn over,
      "We will need to get these tracks identified, I reckon they are a type of dog but it'd be handy to know what type of dog," said Sally.
      Dawn spoke to Steve, the man who had brought out the boat,
      "We'll need a caste made of the dogs prints, can you organize it?"
      "I'll go back and get the stuff to do it."
      "I'll put a marker near a print, we'll carry on can you get someone out here at four thirty, we'll make a bee-line for the shore about then," said Sally.

      The group spent the next two hours slowly following the trail, Spike left a marker around every fifteenth tree so that they could be followed. At nearly four thirty they moved back to the shore. When Dawn sat down Dana gave her a puzzled look.
      "What is the difference between a vampire and a human vampire?"
      "A vampire is a demonic creature, unless it has a soul of course, whereas a human vampire is a, well it's a, oh look here's Sally we'll ask her," said Dawn.
      "Excuse me, Sally can you come over here, Dana wants to know what a human vampire is."
      "I did ask my Watcher but just between you and me, I don't think she knew the answer," said Dana.
      "It's easy really, I was born like this," said a smiling Sally, "that's why it's called a human thing, I do drink blood and it's only the women that do that, it is how we feed our young, a bit like the mosquito does, as I've got a tigress in me, I can track at night even. Mind you there is one big disadvantage, I need to wear clothing that isn't to tight, or it might be embarrassing when I need to change."
      "So when you change to a tigress you actually become one?" asked Dana.
      "So I'm told."
      "That's weird, mind you I've always liked the look of tigers."
      "As you've got the radio, can you call up Turee and ask her if any of the night team are there, if so I can show them where we are up to."
      Dana called up Turee and repeated Sally's request. Turee said that Nina was there and that she would be out in the boat. Spike and Dana crept off together and began playing in the trees.

      When the boat arrived, Nina asked Sally if she was okay with them being alone together even though she was still having trouble controlling her growler. Sally said that she would make allowances, she told Nina to look in the trees at Spike and Dana's antic's.
      "Where are they?"
      "They are doing an impersonation of Tarzan and Jane," replied Sally.
      Nina looked up and saw them.
      "Hey you two, the boats here to take you back."
      Nina went towards the track, but she had only taken a few steps when she was pushed hard, in the back. Swiftly she rolled over and was about to go for Sally when,
      "Are you alright, oh please I hope you are alright," said Spike and Dana.
      "Huh what!" asked Nina, a bit confused.
      "That branch we were on, It was big enough, I thought that it would have held our weight easily. If Sally hadn't pushed you out of the way it would have landed on you, big time," said Dana.
      Nina looked up and saw where the branch had broken off, then she saw where the branch was, right where she had been standing, she looked at Sally.
      "Thank you."
      Nina stood up and went up to Sally and gave her a ?thank you' hug.
      "Your growlers broken," said Sally.
      "It is as well!, but then you did just save my life," said Nina.
      "What do you say about us both wearing track suits tomorrow then we can see what'll happen when we change, we could even have a photo taken of the two of us."
      "I like that idea, "said Nina, "floodlights only though. When I'm a wolf I stand on my hind legs, so as your the same it would make for an interesting photo, a werewolf and a tigress, standing on their hind legs, arm in arm!"

      Back at the camp site Kate was walking up to the tent to speak to Turee, as she neared the tent she could hear voices, as she entered the tent Turee greeted her.
      "Ah Kate, this is Gregor, Gregor meet Kate, Kate is a police officer, a friend and she is trustworthy."
      Gregor held out his hand for Kate to greet him, then he spoke to her.
      "As Turee says that you are a friend to her, then you are as a friend to me."
      "That was well spoken I did imagine a different type of speech," said Kate.
      "Gregor here has to speak well, directly and be accurate, he is the general of the Knights of Byzantium. Do you go to church Kate."
      "I usually go at least once a week, why."
      "The person that you offer your praise to is Gregor's boss," said Turee.
      "Not quite correct there, as there is another who is my boss, you have both met him but not as my boss but the ultimate head of the armies is who you refer to."
      "Wait a minute, if he is a boss and Turee here is friends with the vampires Spike and Angel, isn't there a conflict of there?" asked Kate.
      "When the time is right Kate you will be told, as for you Turee, I'll want you to tell everyone that the final draws near, tell Buffy or is that Anne now, that she will get her other three days rest," said Gregor.
      "What do you mean, the other three days rest?" asked Kate.
      "When Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya took Buffy out of her coffin she had had one hundred and forty seven days rest, Willow didn't take Buffy out of heaven, Buffy was allowed to leave, you see all the vampire slayers become Knights of Byzantium when they die, and they get one hundred and fifty days rest."
      "Sorry for asking this Gregor, how many do you control?"
      "Well I control a part of a vast army, but I am only the general of the Knights of Byzantium, there is also the Soldiers, the Infantry, the Air Forces, the Cavalry or Riders, and we're all immortals," said Gregor.
      Kate walked out of the tent, stopped, turned around then went back into the tent,
      "You've remembered why you came in here first time haven't you," said Turee.
      "I just wanted to know how your search is going and to keep you informed about the other areas that have been covered."
      "Well we've been following the boys tracks, we're waiting to find out what type of dog is with the boy."
      "Just one other question, what are your trackers like? what are they and what can I tell my bosses?" asked Kate.
      "Both of them are girls, you can tell your bosses that they have heightened senses of eyesight hearing and smell, unofficially one is a type of human vampire, if things get really hard there is another who is not human and she can track a person who swims underwater. Now I do have one request, about the dogs in the main search, if the search areas start to get to close you may need to call them off as they may begin to act erratically, as in they'd want to run away as fast as they can," said Turee.
      "I'm not too sure what I can say to my bosses about that."
      "Just tell them that there is a dog with the boy."
      Kate left the tent and went back to her bosses.

      As the sun went down Wesley went in to the tent.
      "Good, your here. A quick update, there is a dog near the boy we are trying to find out what type of dog it is, there are people ready to identify where the dog came from, it's behaviour patterns and it's name."

      Over the next thirty minutes the night team gathered, Steve took them out to where Nina was waiting for them. Most of the night was uneventful they covered a reasonable distance, more ground had been covered but most of that was zig-zagging, one thing that was seen to be of importance was the boys prints had stopped and the dogs marks had got deeper, almost as though the dog was carrying the boy. When they returned to the tent Turee was told about the dog, she passed on that news to Wesley and Sally. The dog was said to be a long haired Alsatian that answered to the name ?Samson', the dogs owners had gone on holiday but the dog had run off, the dog is said to be good with kids.

      After thirty minutes Dana called in.
      "Turee can you get the other search parties up here, we've just found some fresh tracks, wait..........I'm being told that someone has just found something..........seems that Sally has found..........yes, Sally has, wait....
      yes, Turee get Kate, what. Hang on Turee, I'm trying to get closer to Sally."
      Turee heard several shouts by them.
      "I can see them waving to me,..........this running is hard work, I'm being given the thumbs up sign, wait..........Sally has found the boy, what, yes, yes, the boy has been found!, I can see him, what, yes, the boy is unconscious but he is alive, Spike
      reckons the kid has a damaged ankle, we're going to need a stretcher out here and a big lump of meat for the dog," said Dana.

      Turee looked around outside the tent, she saw Kate by the waters,
      "HEY KATE! the boy's been found," shouted Turee.
      Kate was visibly overjoyed then she ran to Turee and the radio.
      "Dana, it's Kate. Where are you, how is the boy?"
      Dana described the area where they were.
      "Steve that the boat person reckons we are near an area known as Eagles Claw."
      "Is there a clearing near you big enough for a helicopter?"
      "There's an area just back from here, we will get a small fire going and we've got a couple of small mirrors."

      At ten that night the two vans pulled into the old warehouse in Westcotes, many weary but happy people settled into the chairs in the TV lounge. Giles was full of praise for their efforts, not only had the boy been found alive but the dog was reunited with it's owners, the boys parents were overjoyed. There had been national coverage partly because of the boy being found, partly because of how the dog had helped but also because ?the rescue team' hadn't stayed around to get congratulated. Angel spoke to Xander about the improvements, Turee asked Angel to get someone ready to deal with any media requests.
      "Angel, there's a phone call for you," called Nina.
      Angel picked up the phone and listened.
      "Listen up you lot, the President sends his thanks to you all."
      Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

      Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


      • #4

        Turee left the A.I. building and walked across the road into the museum where she saw Giles and Faith twiddling each others fingers.
        "Is that fun?" asked Turee.
        "It was fun when we were doing our own fingers, for the first ten minutes, but that got boring, so then we decided to twiddle each others fingers, that had the desired effect, as it passed a bit more time," said Faith, cheerfully.

        "So, Giles," said Turee, "you teaching Faith the rudimentary arts of sarcasm."
        "Noticed that did you?" asked Giles
        "Oh well, at least you had something to do, I'm glad neither of you were even a little bit bored," said Turee, smiling at Giles.
        "Turee, your here," said Faith, "I'm sorry I didn't notice you before."

        "And that was nearly subtle, Faith," remarked Turee.
        "Before you two get carried away and start enjoying yourselves, your both here to help me sort out which one of these four people is right for the job of helping in the museum and shop, these are the four applicants, these are their applications, what do you reckon?" asked Giles.

        "This May-Anna seems to be relaxed in here, Stu doesn't look at ease, Sarrah looked as though she'd be more at home as a night club bouncer and Brenda, well its not her type of work, although Giles will want to keep her around," said Faith.
        "I agree that May-Anna would be the best one for the job, she even looks like she'd be at home in a magic shop, the long hair with a long starred dress and a pointy hat ! but what's all the Brenda stuff about, do you know her Faith ?" asked Turee.

        "What is it about Brenda ?" asked Giles, "apart from the choice of clothes."
        "Brenda was a friend of my first Watcher, she is a watcher herself, can't you tell, just look at her, she even wore that type of stuff before, talk about an escapee from an old English sleuth film, Margaret Rutherford look alike or what!" said Faith.

        "That's good enough for me," said Giles.
        He went and apologised to Stu and Sarrah, and told them that they wouldn't be required to stay, he asked Brenda to go out to the back for a look around the rest of the place and invited May-Anna to stay in the shop and talk to Faith and Turee.

        "Are you alright to stay with May-Anna, Faith," said Turee.
        "I prefer May not May-Anna," said May.
        "Okay, I've got to go and give Giles a hand, he'll need it soon," said Turee.
        "Brenda," said Giles," I know a bit about you, what's your story?" asked Giles.

        "Before we go into that, that girl out there, is her name Faith?" asked Brenda.
        "Yes," replied Giles, "do you recognise her because she remembers you, as a friend to her Watcher."
        "Oh you know about that, that's good, but my friend died at the hands of a sadistic person and Faith was no-where to be found," said Brenda.

        "Faith's Watcher was killed by Kakistos, the vampire, he hunted Faith and found her, but she was with my Slayer and together they killed the vampire Kakistos,"
        "Your a watcher, who is your Slayer?" asked Brenda.
        "Buffy, or Anne," said Giles.
        "Buffy ! she's still alive?" asked Brenda.
        "Yes," said Giles.

        "Excuse me you two, but Buffy is dead," said Turee.
        "Oh no!, but, when?" asked Giles.
        "A few years ago," said Turee.
        "But I talked with her, a short time ago," said Giles.

        "It was said that I pulled her out of heaven, I didn't, she was allowed to leave. You can't give life to her or me, we are both immortals," said Turee.
        "What is in this room?" asked Brenda.
        "This is the training room for Vampire Slayers and the rooms at the side, they are for the Watchers Council,"

        "Then your him, sorry, I mean that you are ?The' Rupert Giles," said Brenda.
        "Look, you bring Brenda up to speed on what happening round here, Faith should have opened up by now so I'll go and help out in the shop," said Turee.
        May was helping a couple in the museum, Faith was telling some-one about the forces of good.

        Turee looked at the two women that were gazing at the rows of books. They could be mother and daughter as they looked similar even though the younger of them was just a bit taller. The elder of them was a young mid thirty's, jeans jumper and a jacket, the younger one tried to look like the elder one shoulder length light brown hair and the same colour lipstick.

        "Hi, can I assist you?" asked Turee.
        "My daughter is looking for some books about dream and dream interpretations,"
        "Well maybe I can help, what sort of dreams have you been having?" asked Turee, a bit unsure what it was about these two that seemed to draw her to them.

        "Hi, my name is Sandy, this is my mother Susan. My dreams are a bit weird,"
        "Oh that's Okay, I'm good at weird," said Turee.
        "I see people in my dreams, but these people are introduced to me by this strange man, he has this stamp or something on his forehead," said Sandy.
        "People are good, well most of them are anyway," said Turee.

        "This bloke shows them to me, then tells me their names," said Sandy.
        "At first my husband and I thought that Sandy was a little crazy and so we took her to be checked out by some psychiatrists, and they all said that she was as sane as any-one they knew, she was just having some strange dreams," said Susan.
        "That was not a pleasant thing for you to have to go through," said Turee, speaking to Sandy.

        "Wait, mum, she is one of the people in my dreams, your Willow, right, I am right, aren't I," exclaimed Sandy.
        "Yes, you are right, sort of, I?m known as Turee now." realising who Sandy and Susan were, and who the person with the mark on his forehead is, she also knew that Sandy's dreams were prophetic.

        "Sandy are you saying that this person was in your dreams!" said Susan.
        "Sandy, who told you to come here?" asked Turee.
        "Well my mum told the police about me, and this detective suggested that we go to this woman police officer, her name is Kate, seemed like a nice person.

        She said to ring Angel Investigations as they were good at this sort of thing and that they knew some people who do this stuff, anyway I rang the place and a girl called Nina answered the phone and she told us to look in here first," said Sandy.
        "Okay, right, Sandy what other names can you remember from your dreams ?" asked Turee.

        "Let me see, there was Spike and Angel, Illyria and Wesley, there was Gregor, Faith and Buffy," said Sandy
        "Some of those names aren't even normal," said Susan
        "Excuse me," said Faith, "Turee, everything alright, do you need any help?"
        "Fine thanks," replied Turee.

        "Sandy, those were not normal dreams," said Turee.
        "Not normal dreams, what type of dreams were they then?" asked Susan
        "They were prophetic dreams, wait a minute Sandy," Turee went out to the back rooms and spoke to Giles, and then returned.

        "Now about your ?dreams', all those names you said, well, I know the people and Gregor, he was the one who appeared in all your dreams, he told you who the people are," said Turee, "he is the one with a marked forehead,"
        "Mum, this is great, means that I'm not crazy," said Sandy happily.
        "But I think that we should continue this in the back," said Turee.

        "So Sandy, what do you do in your spare time?" asked Turee
        "I am a baseball player for a local team, I'm also on the state team and I'm in training for the National team," said a proud Sandy.
        "That's good, you should meet Gillian, she's on the state team as well, now please have a seat, as I have a lot to tell you," said Turee.

        "Turee, why did you want every-one here?" asked Giles.
        "Giles, this is Sandy and her mother Susan. Sandy is a Vampire Slayer, I was told to expect her, she will be pivotal in the final battles against evil," said Turee.

        "Excuse me, Er Turee, did you happen to take a bunch of drugs?" asked Susan.
        Some folk from the rooms began to come up to Turee as the people from AI entered the room. Turee looked up and asked for Gregor to come and help them, saying that Sandy was with them. Susan looked at Sandy and raised her eyebrows.

        "Sandy," said Turee, "this is Faith, this is Spike and Angel, this is Illyria and Wesley, Gregor and another chosen one will be here soon,"
        "You did say vampire didn't you, how can my daughter be a Vampire Slayer when their isn't any such thing as vampires," said Susan.

        "Sorry, but vampires are real, ask Wesley, Gunn, Angel, Sally, you can ask Spike he used to be a vampire, he was made human recently. He and Angel made Wesley and Gunn vampires and I gave them their souls back, I have friends in high places.

        Sally is a natural vampire in as much that she was born a vampire yet she can appear to be as a Tigress and by all accounts a very pretty Tigress, when you spoke to Nina before, did you know that she is a werewolf, although she was told how to control her animal instincts, thanks to another werewolf we know," said Turee.
        "A chosen one, oh," Sandy turns her head quickly,

        "Sorry I didn't see you there, your him, your Gregor, aren't you?" asked Sandy.
        "Sandy, Susan, I am Gregor, General of the Knights of Byzantium, I am immortal. There are many immortal beings, but there is only one true immortal, and you have been talking to her, it is Turee."

        "Thank you for making us sit down, I think we needed these seats, but there is something about you Gregor, as I believe you," said Susan.
        "To be an immortal you need to be blessed by God to live forever, to be a true immortal must also have been blessed by the devil to live forever," continued Gregor.
        "Excuse me, but how come Turee was blessed by the devil?" asked Sandy.

        "She wasn't, it was Willow, the first occupant of that body, she very nearly destroyed the world," said Gregor.
        "How was she stopped?" asked Susan.
        "It was by Xander," said Gregor, "Xander, come here, this is Xander," he is like you Susan, he is human,"

        "So how did he save the world?" asked Susan.
        "By speaking to Turee, to answer your next question Turee is a very powerful Wizard, Sandy you are a Slayer, well, take comfort knowing that Turee here is a Guardian, she was the Guardian to the first Slayer. A Guardian is a friend to the Slayer, up until recently there was only one Slayer, The Chosen One. Now there are many Slayers and she who created all these Slayers was Turee," said Gregor

        "I was told that one of the chosen one's will be here soon," said Sandy, smiling,
        "That isn't quite right, as she is here, please allow me to introduce to you, a Chosen one, this is Buffy, a Vampire Slayer," said Gregor
        "Since when did you decide to go by the name of Buffy," asked Giles

        "Hey who cares, welcome back B, hang on a bit, does this mean that I should call you A or B?" asked Faith.
        "No and yes, Owen and I decided that I would take on a bit more, with the goings on around here being as how the final battle is looming, and I will be known as Anne during my work time, but Buffy when I am here,"

        "Sandy," said Turee again, "You will hear about the ?Powers That Be' from time to time, they are our link, our helpers, if you like. I think it may help you to accept them and their instructions a bit better if you know them, of course the other thing is, well, I suppose that you have never met a Goddess before?"

        "As a rule I try not to tell people about my contacts with the Gods," said Sandy.
        "What!, I wouldn't have thought that you would have met any of the Gods or Gregor's boss," said a visibly stunned Turee.
        "Sorry," said Sandy, "just mucking you about, I've never heard of the Powers That Be, nor have I met a god or the gods or a Goddess."

        "Phew, you had me there, that means that I owe you one, and guess what," said Turee grinning.
        "Uh oh," said Sandy.
        "Your right, are you sitting comfortably, good, then I will begin," said Turee.
        "That's the Blues, right ! then it's 'Let Merlin cast his spell,' your not are you? Oh, er, sorry mum," said Sandy.

        "Illyria, please come here, Gregor, please. Illyria used to be a Hell Goddess she has changed and is now our friend and, more importantly she regards us as friends, so she is now a Goddess." said Turee
        "Who is she, why are you telling this ?" asked Illyria, she looks around her, "Giles, who else has been here?"

        "The Goddess Medusera asked us to look after some humans from the UK."
        "The Goddess Medusera was here?, I'll have to ask her about that sometime. Now Illyria, every-on, this is Sandy, Sandy is a Vampire Slayer, I was told me to expect her and that she will be very helpful in the final battles, oh, and Sandy, you will live through this and you will become an immortal being. Which brings me very cleverly to, er, Gregor, can you take the floor please ?" asked Turee.

        Turee went up to Giles and suggested that if Susan was to be a Watcher, then her daughter could be her Slayer and the bond that they have would help.
        "I had thought of that, you are right though, I will talk to her later," said Giles.

        "It's a bit awkward telling you about me, but here is the thing, all these people, the Powers That Be they are all scouts, spies for my boss, I lead the armies of good, when we are told who or where to fight, we fight," said Gregor.
        "Have you had any battles in the last few decades?" asked Susan.

        "Once we fought against Buffy who was protecting the key, the key had been made into a human form for Buffy, it became Dawn,"
        "What was the key and how did they make a human?" asked Susan, intrigued. .

        "The key was to be used as a method of opening a portal between this world and Arilily, the energy was meant to have been used, but because the key was made human then the life's blood had to be utilised, as it is, Dawn and her new sister have the same blood, so after Dawn was forced to open the doorway, Buffy sacrificed herself to close the doorway and save world," said Gregor.

        "So if Buffy sacrificed herself, then how is she alive?" asked a puzzled Susan.
        "That is because Turee brought Buffy back to human form," said Gregor
        "What do you mean by that?" asked Susan.
        "Because Willow and Tara, Xander and Anya asked for Buffy to be brought back to life, and she was, sort of. The thing was, that Buffy is to be The......, she wanted to remain here, so when the question was asked ?he' thought about it and decided she would be very useful back on earth seeing as how Faith the next Slayer in line was having a few problems with her existence," said Gregor.

        "I think I understand, so now you help Anne, sorry Buffy, right?" asked Susan.
        "Yes, now we help these people, all the dead slayers become one of the Armed Forces of Bouicandeni, every time they die they are allowed one hundred and fifty days rest then they are returned, we have infantry and soldiers of the air, although they are normally called cavalry," said Gregor.

        "You fly planes?" asked a startled Susan.
        "No," said Gregor, "they the Riders of Byzantium, their General is Kr?-noy, they fly on the most majestic of all the animals, they ride beautiful white winged unicorns," continued Gregor.

        "Unicorns, I love of those animals, can I see one please?" asked Sandy.
        "Sorry, there are only four here that have seen them and they are Angel and Faith, Buffy and Turee, that was in a separate life time."
        "Owh, so how many of the unicorns do you have?" asked Sandy.

        "We have just over six hundred of them, there used to be more, trouble was when they died in battle they would be allowed to graze her on earth but word of them grew and they were killed for their horns, killing a dead creature when it is already dead was a bit of a problem so their grazing rights were stopped," said Gregor.

        "Clem isn't here," said Faith to Giles.
        "I had to leave a message on the phone that he keeps with him," said Giles.
        "Should you tell Sandy about Clem?" asked Faith.
        "I will let Turee know," said Giles.

        "Sandy, there is one of the people that we know who is not here," said Turee after she had had a conversation with Giles.
        "Well you've filled our heads with all sorts of stuff that wasn't there yesterday, the biggest problem we had before today was getting Sandy to do all her homework, now it's how to help the Slayers to try and save the world from being destroyed," said Susan.

        "I was going to talk about that," said Giles, "the theory is that each Slayer has a Watcher who trains the Slayer how to control their in-built powers of concentration and control, to teach the importance of balance of how to fight using all the powers of humans. Once that has been accomplished a ritual is to be done and,"

        "The other me is brought forth," interrupted Turee.
        "What, the other you is brought forth? I never knew what would happen, no-one has ever done that ritual properly," said Giles.
        "That is because no Slayer has achieved the levels required, one very nearly did but she had self doubt thrust upon her, she has come through that and now she is better for it," said Turee.

        Buffy stepped forward but Turee held up her hand for Buffy to stop,
        "Sorry Buffy, you are not the one, as a Vampire Slayer you are the best. One other has learnt how to build herself into a better Slayer. She sank into the depths of evil and then raised herself back to her true path, she will be known as a Slayer and, ?what, who is, oh, hello?....

        "What is happening ?" asked Susan
        "Some-one is talking to Turee, I don't know who though," said Giles.
        "But there is no sound," said Susan.
        "Hm, oh, yes, they are talking by using their minds," said Giles to Susan.
        "How will we know when they are finished?" asked Susan.
        "We will be told," commented Giles.

        "Faith," said Turee.
        "Yeh, I'm here, who do you want me to get for you?"
        "Come here Faith," said Turee.
        "Okay," said Faith, a little suspiciously.
        "Clem," said Turee, "it's time for you to take pride of place on centre stage, so Clem, please move forward."

        "Hi everyone," said Clem, almost apologetically.
        "Clem was always there to help Spike when the change in him was starting, Spike did have some serious doubts about himself, and Clem was always there to help him, luckily no-one asked about this," said Turee.
        "But why do you want me?" asked Faith.

        "Because you are the one, the PTB just told me that you are to begin the next level of training, and your new teacher, watcher, will be Clem," said Turee.
        "But B is the one!, or should I say A?, or A B?, whatever. She is the one, not me," said Faith.

        "Accept it Faith, it's you," said Turee.
        "But what have I ever done?" asked Faith.
        "You wanted to save Angel. Even when he became Angelus, you were willing to face your own death for Angel, you could have been a big player for evil, but you chose to come back to us, twice," said Turee.

        "She came back twice!" exclaimed Brenda.
        "After her watcher was killed by Kakistos, Faith then sank to a very black place, she managed to lift herself up and went in search of help, she tried to get help from Buffy and Giles, but she inadvertently pushed us all away when they, we were close enough to help her," said Turee.

        "We did help her, I'm glad," said Giles.
        "Unfortunately she pushed us so far away that she was unable to come back and she sank and accepted her lot. That body swap she did with Buffy was enough to stop the evil from talking to her mind and she was able to start climbing back,"

        "Ooh, so I helped her," said Buffy.
        "Not really, it was your essence and your body that gave the protection she needed to help herself," said Turee
        "So what will Clem do to help Faith?" asked Dawn.

        "He will to enable her to begin her voyage into the world of magics, personal magics that is, not to be confused with the religious choices," said Turee.
        "There are many religions that have magical usages, some use nature as the reason for their existence, I will teach Faith how to harness the power of the human and use all of nature to help her, somebody once said that all the animals are yours to have control over," said Clem.

        "I have had lots of friends who believe that they can do magical things, but they don't seem to now much more than that," said Sandy.
        "Faith will be taught how to start to build her power and then for her to be able to control that power, the idea is that when she fights the evil she will have the same powers as the evil has," said Clem.

        "I do like these get togethers when new people get here," said Nina to Xander.
        "Why is that?" asked Xander.
        "We get to find out more about different people, it's a bit like the power circle for building people's will to keep on getting better," said Nina.

        "What do you reckon to this Sandy," said Andrew.
        "She seems ok," said Nina, "looks like she has got a good right arm,"
        "So she should have, I was told that she plays baseball," said Xander.
        "I wonder if she has a favourite bat?" asked Sally.
        "Why?" asked Andrew.
        "Just that if she has, I wonder if it's called vampire?" suggested Sally.

        "Xander I'm disgusted with you," said Buffy looking straight at him.
        "Why, what did I do?" asked Xander.
        "A vampire bat? Mind you, last time you said it, it was ignored," said Buffy.
        "Why is every-one looking at us?" asked Andrew.

        "Well, they were talking, but then you joined in and when Sally started on about the bat's name, well everybody knew what it was that she was going to say next," said Buffy.
        "Really, was it that obvious," said Andrew.
        "Oh please!, a bat named vampire," said Buffy.
        "Hm I suppose it is, mind you, I wonder if it worked," said Andrew," I wonder if you all forgot what you were talking about,"

        "Forgot about what, oh," said Buffy.
        "Yep, you forgot, not so silly am I," said Andrew, smiling.
        "Giles, he's being mean to me, can I kill him? please," said Buffy.
        "Well, it is Andrew, so,"
        "Giles !" exclaimed Andrew, "you can't."

        "Wasn't going to, but your reaction was good, wasn't it," said Giles.
        "Couldn't fault it, he'd get a good ten at the Olympics," said Buffy.
        "It's lucky that Dawn is a Watcher," said Andrew pointedly.
        "Why is that lucky?" asked Buffy.
        "I seem to remember that you don't like being called mother," said Andrew.

        "What of it," said Buffy.
        "Well, with all of the Vampire Slayers, you're like a mother to them all," said Andrew, who began to smile at Buffy's obvious discomfort at this idea.

        "And he comes out firing both barrels," said Illyria.
        Everybody looked at Illyria.
        "That is what you humans say, isn't it?" asked Illyria.
        "I don't know which was worse, what Andrew said or what Illyria just said," remarked Buffy.

        "I reckon it's good on the girl with the blue face, she's one of us now, er you, or us, oh whatever, good on the girl in blue," said Spike.
        "Oh hell," said Giles, "once again I agree with Spike, your not going to make
        *12 a habit of saying stuff that I agree with are you, son?" asked Giles.

        "Try not to, I think, hey wait a minute," said Spike, then looking at Giles, "you haven't lost your memory again have you?"
        During the next morning Turee approached Giles a bit sheepishly,
        "You were going to invite Susan and Sandy to the banquet weren't you?" asked Turee.

        "Yes, I've been trying to contact them, but their always out," said Giles.
        "I did sort of mention it to them," said Turee.
        "Oh, you told them," said Giles.
        "I asked what they were going to wear for the banquet, then I had to explain about the banquet, sorry," said Turee

        "That's alright, if you've told them, I suppose that I don't need to," said Giles.
        "Oh no, it would be good if you said about it to them, not that I'm trying to get you to speak to Susan, of course, you know I wouldn't do that," said Turee as she turned and began to walk away, grinning, gently rocking her head from side to side.

        "Anya, PLEASE!" exclaimed Giles.
        Giles stood, watching Willow as she went over to A I, he breathed in then he went to the store to make a cuppa for himself and May. While waiting for the kettle to boil, he decided to ring Susan to find out what her and Gillian were going to go to the banquet as, and tell her what every-one else was going as, if she having any problems deciding of course. So once again he rang Susan,
        "Oh hello is Susan there," said Giles surprised that he had got an answer.

        * see IT REFERS TO

        "Giles, hello. Turee said that I should expect a call from you," said Susan.
        "Oh, I was wondering what costumes you and Sandy had decided to wear."
        "Sandy has decided to be a gold digger, I'm not to sure if she means an actual digger of gold or if she means a social climber, but I'm going as a rich widow."

        "Can you get the clothes that you need, given that you have only a day or two?" asked Giles.
        "Please don't worry Giles, I am sure will wear enough so as not to embarrass you," said Susan.
        "I, I didn't mean that, I, I'm sorry I didn't assume that you," said Giles.

        "It's okay," interrupted Susan, "Turee said that it would be easy to get you going, although I must admit, I didn't think you would use the word 'assume' quite as soon as you did."
        After he had finished the phone call with Susan he began to formulate a plan to have get Turee, as a joke of course.

        "Where's my cuppa?" asked May, "what were you so deep in thought about?"
        "Young Turee has been taking the mickey, and she is winning, so I was trying to think of ways to get back at her," said Giles.
        "Well if I can help, and I would enjoy that, don't get me wrong I've got nothing against Turee, but well I'd find it enjoyable," said May.

        "Giles," called out Faith, "Clem wants you, Turee, Vi and Illyria back here."
        "I'll let them know," said Giles.
        Ten minutes later, a small crowd was gathering in the training area, Giles had gone into the back to meet up with Clem and Faith, Vi and Angel who was interested that Turee and Illyria had been called to go to Clem, so he went with them. Faith was sitting cross legged in the middle of the floor, preparing herself for the journey.

        "Illyria can you please get Dawn here, now?" asked Turee, "she will be needed to help Faith."
        "It's done," said Illyria.
        "What is going to happen here?" asked Angel.
        "Faith is about to enter the next level," said Dawn, "that is why I am here."

        "But her journey can take a year or so," said Angel.
        "Says who?" asked Clem, "it's up to the person, it depends purely on what the persons capability is, and being as how Faith is The Chosen One she has proved she is the first and the beginning."

        "Angel, you once asked me about the powers of the colours of the rainbow, well Red is a hot colour, fire and heat rays, going through to blue or Indigo which is a powerful colour then there is Violet which is a very powerful colour and almost dangerous then there is the ultra-violet aspect, the extent of ultra-violet is clear, most witches see their power as blue, with Faith it will be ultra violet," said Turee.

        "So why am I here?" asks Giles.
        "Your here as a witness and also to help ground Faith, that's what the ropes are for," said Clem, "quite literally, as I want you to tie the ropes around her waist and keep her close to the floor, you will be helped by Angel and Turee."

        "How will Faith build on her power," asked Angel.
        "By imagining a little blue ball at the base of her spine, she'll feel the growth and ?see and feel' it increase in size until it reaches her head, when it release itself from the top of her head and it folds around her body then she will be ready, oh and Illyria is not here to help me, I just like looking at her," said Clem, smiling happily.

        "Does this mean that I'm doing something right for a change?" asked Illyria.
        "What have you done that's wrong?" asked Angel.
        "What has happened to me that is right?" asked Illyria.
        "What are you on about?" asked Dawn.

        "I came to this planet to late and it was in the wrong place, that stupid priest got it wrong," said Illyria.
        "Well you had been in that coffin for a long time," said Angel.
        "I hadn't been in the coffin at all, it was only my part of my essence that was in the coffin, I did not enter the person you called Fred until the body was ready for me and like I said, I was too late and I was in the wrong place," said Illyria.
        "Oh," said a thoughtful Angel.

        "Clem I want to know, should it not be Wesley who likes to look at me?" asked Illyria.
        "Wesley does like to look at you, he does like to touch, he likes you as a person, he likes everything about you, I like to look, you are attractive you know," said Clem.

        "Excuse me you two, but we are here because of Faith," said Giles.
        "Hey, slow down, this has nothing to do with me," said Faith.
        "I saw you looking at Wes the other day," said Angel.
        "He said he was going to the do as an artist!"
        "You were looking at my Wesley," said Illyria, angrily.
        "No, no I wasn't looking at him," said Faith.
        "What?, are you saying I am wrong," said Illyria, very angrily.
        "No, I was looking, but not like that," said Faith.
        "Do you look at people differently?" asked Turee.
        "Yes, er no, I mean, er," said Faith looking at Turee and then Illyria.
        "Do you like fishing?" asked Dawn.
        "No, I don?t, why," said Faith.
        "Oh, it's just that you went for the bait quick enough,"
        "Oh no," said Faith, visibly sighing.
        "Oh, you were chosen for that one," said Giles, "are you sure about her Clem."

        "She is the one, so I am told, but I am starting to doubt it," said Clem.
        "Hang on a minute people," exclaimed Giles.
        "What is it, Giles?" asked Angel.
        "Turee is talking to me, the PTB how just informed her that there is a problem coming," said Giles.

        "What is the problem?" asked Angel.
        "They didn't say, oh, they don't know what the thing is but, well, the do will have to be put on hold for the time being," said Giles.
        "Oh, imagine Giles getting the visions from the PTB, he'd fall over, his glasses would fall off," said Dawn.
        "Then he'd need to clean his glasses, those poor tissues," said Faith, grinning.
        Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

        Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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          Kate was showing Angel the mould of a face, it appears that the thing had slipped in the mud falling into the soft earth near a break-in, at first there had been speculation that the print was of a yeti, mainly as the print was so large but an expert from a museum had dispelled that train of thought. Giles had been asked to look at the moulds, as a precaution.

          "I've heard of these before, long time ago though, the name of them escapes me, but they're blood if it gets onto your skin it causes the 'victim' to get an aspect of the demon, the ability to hear thoughts."
          "Wasn't that the ones that got Buffy? so what I thought was clumps of wet hair over the mouth isn't ?" asked Angel.

          "Hmm, oh, no, it is its skin,"
          "Okay, what would these things be after in a, er Kate what was in the shop?"
          "It was a kids food shop, you know, hotdogs, sweets and ice cream, chocolates, that kind of thing," said Kate.

          "No demon would be after that stuff," said Giles.
          "Unless the building was in their way," said Angel.
          "So Either they wanted to get somewhere else or they simply wanted to get inside it," said Giles.

          "I agree, but what could possibly be inside a place like that, that they would want ?" asked Angel.
          "It could be under it, or they did what they intended to do, makes it easier for the next time, but I don't understand what they're looking for, unless I'm wrong and they're after something else," said Giles, "and I'm guessing that they're not into the talking thing which rules out the asking of questions."

          "My guess is that they will be back tonight, they will be expecting some-one else to be there so keep well out of their way and don't get any of their blood on your skin, I don't want to go through that again," said Giles.
          "We'll watch, we'll take care," said Angel.

          A couple of officers will be there, its a matter of priority, plus the guy that runs the place knows people in high places," said Kate.
          "Great, protect the police that will be noisy and obvious, don't let them see us and don't let the demons see us, this gets easier all the time," said Angel.

          "Hmm, who are you going to send ?" asked Giles.
          "Sally, Nina, Turee and a couple of fighters."
          "Oh, one thing Kate, was there anything else found nearby?" asked Giles.

          "Just one more thing, there was this path through the woods that had a lot of footmarks,"
          "Were they foot marks or boot marks," asked Angel.
          "Boot marks, why ?" asked Kate.
          "What is it Angel ?" asked Giles.

          "It could be The Scourge," said Angel.
          "The Scourge, don't think I've come across them before," said Giles.
          "They are pure blood demons, they know if there are part demons near them which rules out Nina and Sally, so it looks as if Spike and

          Turee are in for a long night, several slayers as well, it would depend on how many of those Scourge about," said Angel.
          "So, like a protector for the police, send in Spike and the slayers," said Kate.
          "Sounds better, Turee can keep in touch with the mind talk," said Angel.

          "We have a go then," said Giles.
          Spike and Turee went into the AI office to see what they were needed for, during being told what the new case was, Spike asked,
          "You've told us about these demonic creatures that caused a bit of damage, the thing is where were they coming from or going to and what if they came from the little shop itself ?"

          "That's hardly likely as if they did come from the building, oh good grief ! If they did come from the shop then there is likely to be a hellmouth there," said Giles.
          "What is a hellmouth ?" asked Kate.

          "Any demon in hell would have an access to this world, and if they have all been couped up there, then they will all be coming out to stretch their legs and kill anything that they can."
          "Does that mean that we will need more than two officers ?" asked Kate.

          "I'll get some info on the guy and the place. Kate, two thousand police, the army, the national guard, no more than normal for the third world war," said Angel.
          "You are joking, right. Come on, it isn't that bad, is it ?" asked Kate.

          "I think Angel might have been a little reactive, mind you it's probably going to be a lot worse, it might be a good idea to get the police watching another area. Angel, what are you doing ? What is going on ?" asked Giles.

          "I had an idea a couple of days ago Giles, how about we each have a room set aside purely for Gregor and any others to appear in, that way it would be safer for them and for everyone here," said Angel.
          "Good idea," replied Giles.
          " 'Scuse me you two, new hellmouth here," said Turee.

          "Another hellmouth ! Great all those new slayers will be able to improve their killing techniques," said Faith, who had just walked in.
          "It is only a possibility but it would be good for the new slayers, how is the training coming on Faith ?" asked Giles.

          "There is only so much I can do, balance, fitness, awareness, fighting techniques, so like I said some real killing would be good for them," said Faith.

          "I agree with you," said Gregor, "there is only so much training one can do, keeping ready for battle can make a person useless as they're not used to being unable to hit the replay button,"
          "Hi," said Faith.

          "Hello," said Giles, "is there any special reason why your here Gregor."
          "It is about the new hellmouth, it's not where you think it is but it is near there, it seems that there is a person on earth who has the capability of making a hellmouth, I would argue against a confrontation, magical or otherwise," said Gregor.

          "How about your boss helping us," said Angel.
          "What do you want, I can ask him," said Gregor.
          "A simple earthquake around the hellmouth, just enough to block it off, we'll track the sorcerers or whatever they call themselves and when they are concentrating on forming a new hellmouth we will take them out," said Angel.

          "There is one problem with that idea, there would be a lot of people looking at the damaged area," said Gregor.
          "So how about a tunnel cave-in ?" asked Angel.
          "There is another option, that hellmouth isn't in a very good place, there is no access to any underground tunnels," said Giles.

          "Maybe they don't want any tunnels, maybe the vampires are setting up shop some where else, lets face it, any building close to people would suffice," said Faith.
          "Er, do you still want me to watch them demons ?" asked Spike.

          "Even if all you do is stop the police from being ripped to bits," replied Giles, "it might be advisable for a few slayers to come with you and if the Scourge go walk- about then they can follow them."
          "So Gregor as this Saffron is going to play a role in the final battles is this a good time to send her ?" asked Faith.

          "Send her, the tracking skills will be very useful," said Gregor, "and send Julie, get Kennedy and maybe Vi, although there are other plans for her, get Dana as well."
          "Giles, at this moment in earth time there is only one functioning hellmouth as all the others are linked to each other and none of them can be linked to the L.A. one, unless of course they have found a way to connect it."

          "So it seems fairly important that we find this person who can create a new hellmouth and quickly," said Sally.
          "No, as long as there is a hellmouth there is no need for another one, the forces of evil can be a bit to clever for their own good," said Gregor.

          "Ay," said Spike.
          "They reckon that one's enough, that we aren't able to stop them," said Angel
          "Let's hope that we can upset their plans then," responded Giles.
          While Faith, Spike, Saffron and Julie did their night time watching

          Giles and Dawn went for a meal at Anne and Owen's place. Giles asked Owen if he would become a Watcher, he also wanted to know if Anne would be alright to resume her position as a Slayer. Owen said that it was a good idea, how-ever they would like to continue with their business.

          Giles was agreeable to this suggestion, further to that he said that due to a new book that he had written, he had some spare money plus there was still a lot of the old watchers council money left over. Giles said that he was toying with the idea of buying an old hotel, it would serve as a place for the soon to arrive new Slayers.

          Dawn asked what new Slayers would be coming, Giles informed her that because of Gregor's manner he assumed that there would be some full on activity from the hellmouth so he was going to call in about a hundred or so Slayers from various countries soon.

          Owen asked Giles if the hotel that he was going to buy would be suitable to be done up a bit and used as a normal hotel, if so then the slayers could be trained in all aspects of the hotel and catering industry. If it was done properly then the profits would flow into the coffers of the watchers council.

          Giles sat back and took in what Owen had just suggested, he said that it could be a yes to that and that he would be able to run the catering business from there and that he could be a manager.
          Anne thought about the plans for a minute or two then turned to Owen.

          "Are you ok with the idea of me taking an active role again ?" asked Anne.
          "If you do both, then yes, it would be a good idea, you can drive around and report back to Giles on where the vampires are," said Owen, "one thing though Giles, it would be better if there was a new watcher with Buffy."

          "I'll ask Gregor see what he says," said Giles.
          "Looks like I'm going to use my first name again," said Buffy.
          "Welcome back to the old gang Buffy, who are you going to choose to be with you though, and don't look at me 'cos I'm not the one, due to my power I need to be near to Turee or Illyria," said Dawn.

          "I think that Sandy should be with you," said Giles, "but I don't think that I could stop being your Watcher."
          "Is there a reason why you are suggesting Sandy ?" asked Owen.
          "She will be able to learn her craft from some one who knows more than most Watchers," said Giles.

          They are interrupted by knocking at the door, Buffy goes answers it is.
          "Clem, its great to see you, come in."
          "Sorry for the lateness of my visit," said Clem.
          "It's ok, you are welcome at any time," said Owen.

          "I wanted to ask a favour from Giles, it's just that I need a book to teach Faith about the nature of fire and how it can help her,"
          "What book do you need ?" asked Giles.
          "It's the, 'Three Books Of Occult Philosophy' by H. C. Agrippa the translated version would be good," said Clem

          "We have that book," said Buffy, "just wait a minute and I will go and get it."
          "How is Faith doing with her new training ?" asked Dawn.
          "She is doing really well, but I think that she had been left to her own devices for to long even so she has taken to my training really well," replied Clem.

          "Who chose her for the training, what is the advanced training ?" asked Buffy.
          "Sorry Buffy but when the Master killed you Kendra was activated as the Slayer and then when Kendra was killed, Faith was activated and so according to who-ever decides these things Faith is The Chosen One," said Clem.

          "That damned Master," said Buffy, "I can think of a few names to call him."
          "Although you are the Chosen One, you are the Chosen One in name only, Faith is the 'active' Slayer so she was chosen to do the advanced training."

          "I can live with that," said Buffy.
          "The first time you were brought back to life it was done by Xander, how-ever when Turee helped to bring you back the analogy was re-created and that brings to life another story," said Clem.
          "I'll want you to tell me that story later," said Buffy.

          "Okay, but first the advanced training is all about enabling Faith to use all around her. Tell me Buffy have you been in the situation where the piece of wood or the weapon is just out of your reach ?" asked Clem.
          "More times than I care to remember," said Buffy.

          "What I have been doing with Faith is enabling her to see each item as other than what it is, if you could move a nicely rounded ball, then you tried to move a three sided pencil and then you tried to move a ten ton truck you would more than likely have a great deal of failure, how-ever if you could see each thing as a feather and that each of those things weighed the same as a feather then the problems would disappear, so to speak," said Clem.

          "Simple really," said Dawn.
          "What was the other story ?" asked Buffy.
          "Well, you know how Turee calls herself a Wizard now, many years ago there was another who was known as a Wizard, if you look a little bit at the stories about him then you will see that he or she was alive for several centuries.

          Now this person was known primarily as Merlin, the thing is the name changed over time hence Merllyn, Mervyn, Merlynn, Merrilyn, Marylyn, Marvin, Marilyn now was this the same person or was it several people who did the same thing, a powerful Wizard that was a Guardian to the Slayer, if you see that, do you see that it was Turee," said Clem.

          During the next morning Anne dropped in, to the museum to speak to Giles.
          "I had dreams last night, just normal dreams. It was as though my sub-conscious was trying to tell my conscious being what Clem told us last night was the truth, but even though I think that I have accepted it, I'm still trying to bring myself to accept that Turee was once Merlin."

          "Yes, I feel that I must agree with you, it is hard to accept, but in a strange way I feel that what Clem said could be right," agreed Giles.
          Just then Turee and May entered the shop,
          "Why are you staring at Turee ?" asked May.

          "Last night Clem came to our place to ask if he could borrow a book, to help him in his training of Faith, the thing is that he digressed a bit and said that Turee was Merlin in a previous existence, the wizard thing, a link to the past," said Buffy.

          "Oh, Merlin is said to have a great friendship with the Lady Guinivere, could it be that she was a Slayer? Merlin did have battles against the evil of his day, evil that wanted to harm the Slayer and he had help, the Lady of the lake, the sword Excalibur was said to have been for the king, was it really for Guen? so King Arthur's was his wife's Watcher," said Giles.

          "So Merlin or Turee as the watcher, the King was a watcher and Guen or Lady Guenivere was the slayer."
          "That's, weird. some-how it does make it clearer and believable," said Buffy, "but aren't Guen and Lady Guenivere the same person?"
          "Rumour has it that Lady Guenivere had an elder sister," said Giles.

          "That would explain why they are staring at you," said May.
          "So Giles this hellmouth, is there lots of demons for us to kill," said Buffy.

          "Yes," said Giles, "but not every Slayer has been a girl you know."
          "Ay, I thought that those three men took a girl and made her a slayer, then a line was made and another is created, yada, yada, yada."
          "Not much is said of this Slayer, he was a man, the thing is he took his calling a little to far.

          He tried to dust the vampires that killed his whole family and the part that caused him to be ?forgotten', he took the help of a particularly nasty demon, the demons name was Sahjhan he was transported in time, this person went by the name of Holtz, do not mention this to Angel," said Giles.

          "Any other male impostors ?" asked Buffy.
          "No, he was the only one," replied Giles.
          "That's good then," said Buffy, "it's a good thing that I liked you before ?cos that sword, it's not the best accessory, unless you were Joan Of Arc."

          "Joan Of Arc is said to have been a Slayer and Queen Boadicca," said Giles, "but we need to sit down and consider the hellmouth, what there being one will mean, and how it will affect every-ones lives, ah Gregor."

          "What do you want Giles," said Gregor.
          "If you can ask a certain being to make an earthquake happen, just a small one, big enough to have the park closed and keep people away from the hellmouth, it is in the park isn't it ?" asked Giles.

          "The hellmouth is fifteen steps away from the shop and into the ground a bit, but yes a small earthquake would suffice," said Gregor.
          "Okay then, Buffy please take care, be very careful," said Giles.

          "Careful of what, it's only a hellmouth, seen one you've seen them all. What is the problem here, besides we have got lotsa Slayers now and they're all keen to meet some demons and explain why they want to play cops and robbers," said Buffy.
          "Cops and robbers?" queried Giles.

          "Yeah well, so these cops kill the robbers," said Buffy.
          "Yes Turee."
          "What do you think we should do with this new hellmouth, kill its occupants or just watch their meanderings?"

          "I know what they want to do, create a hell on earth. At the moment we will have to watch them, make a note of where they are and if possible what type of demon we will have to encounter, besides which, we will need to boost our numbers first," said Giles.

          "Your calling in Slayers aren't you?, that'll boost our numbers, so ?The Powers That Be' and the Knights of Byzantium?" asked Turee.
          "The PTB are very powerful but they are not to big on the fighting, I hadn't thought about asking Gregor for their help, although I seem to remember him making the offer. Anyway we are helping him so I think now would be a good time to ask for his help," said Giles.

          "You don't need to ask again as he just went to AI but he does want to speak to you," said Turee.
          "How did you know that he wants to speak to me?" asked Giles.
          "Hmm, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but the PTB do have others who do their fighting for them.

          The Knights of Byzantium who number about a fifteen hundred thousand are being readied for this and each one is immortal, hence ?they always keep coming thing?, and Zeus is here, that's what I came here to tell you Giles. Although I do not think you will meet him just yet. You will meet him soon though as the end is beginning to appear on the horizon," said Turee.

          "How's it going Buffy? you look a bit fed up," said Giles.
          "I am, I just saw Gregor, he reckons his boss will be doing a small earthquake to block the hellmouth."
          "That's good news isn't it?" asked Giles.
          "No, I was looking forward to killing something."
          Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

          Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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            SA TI SAW, TEL TI EB OS, NIAGA CHAPTER 7 of 22

            "There is a visitor for you Illyria, he is out in the lunch bar," said Giles.
            "Who would visit me? who would want to see me?" she looked questioningly at Giles.
            "I would," said the five foot high, grey eyed Baaliitus.

            "How did you get here?, why?" asked Illyria, as she started to smile.
            "Where you left from, I saw and I had a statue of me put there," he said. "That was so many millennia ago," said Illyria.
            "Yes, many countless millennia ago."
            "So why have you come here?" asked Illyria.

            "I received your message, I decided that I wanted to see you again."
            The door opened and in came Owen and Buffy.
            "Do I let him live or do I make him die?" she said.
            "Let him live, he is a friend to my new friends," said Illyria.
            "Did you find her, is she gone?" Illyria's friend asked.

            "I did not find her, I could not find her, there is a trace of her but, well," said a suddenly deflated Illyria, gazing at the short but very stocky figure of Baaliitus, he also had the markings of her family. The blue hair and blue skin and vivid eyes.

            "What, are (she faced Giles) they talking about, and who is he?" asked Anne. Illyria turned to face her.
            "This is my friend, he has come from Arilily, he is Baaliitus. Arilily is what you would call a demon dimension, he is like me, a God.
            *13 Together we fought against what you would call a hell-god."

            "Oh, we've been up against a Hell-Goddess and we won," said Giles feeling ever so slightly pleased with himself.
            "Together and with combined armies of a million or so demons we failed," said Illyria, the sound of failure apparent in her voice.

            "Excuse me?" asked Owen, "but, who would she talking about?"
            "Glorificus," said Illyria.
            "That's who we fought against!, and it was me!, I was the one who killed her!" said a startled Giles, "Well, she had just taken on her human form, but yes, I did kill her!," said a very happy Giles.

            Dawn leant closer to Turee, "Bet he cleans his glasses now," she said in a nearly quiet voice. Giles had been about to take off his glasses, instead he looked at Dawn, and slowly he began to smile at her. Dawn and Turee giggled with each other.

            "Your friends are better than you thought," Baaliitus said to Illyria,
            "when I am gone, close the link to this world, so there will not be any more destroyers from our world to this, goodbye old friend, be happy. I will rejoice, the name of Glorificus will never be mentioned again."

            "These people are friends to me, I am lucky to be here," said Illyria, "especially Wesley, he thought very highly of the being that had this body before me, even when I took over this body, it was he who helped me to feel a part of this world."

            A puzzled Turee and Dawn looked at each other, then at Xander, he smiled. "That means give me a big wet sloppy kiss."
            "Ah," said Dawn and Turee simultaneously.
            Wesley smiled, nearly, and became embarrassed.

            "I have more news for you," said Illyria, "it was about the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart, even though they were only an annoyance to us they had grown very powerful and that these people had brought about their downfall, so much that Wolfram and Hart has gone completely now, this I did for them, this has been a good day, I will remember this time for many years."

            "That is true, this has been a good day, one that will remain in my memories as a happy day." Having said that Baaliitus was gone.
            "I do have some more news for you all," said Giles, "earlier this evening Andrew arrived here and he said that Vi and a few other slayers would be arriving,"

            "These other slayers, are they new ones?" asked Anne
            "If they are, I hope I can be there when they are introduced," said Turee
            "Why, what do you mean?" asked Giles.
            "Think about it, Nina is a werewolf, these others are vampires, need I go on!" replied Turee.

            "I'd have hoped for a hug at the least."
            Giles turned around quickly, he stood and gazed at the group that had just entered.
            "Hello Vi," he said just before he gave her a small hug.
            "And who are these?" asked Giles, about the others.

            "They are some slayers," replied Vi.
            "Are they ready to begin some training?" asked Giles.
            "Is he serious?, I know you said he would want us to get on with some training quickly, but we've only just got through the door and he doesn't even know our names yet," remarked Kyles, who looked like a travel brochures typical bronzed, blonde Australian beach babe.

            Giles looked at Kyles then at the other girls, then turning to face Turee he remarked.
            "Does that mean I should make her do more training than the others," Turee smiled towards Giles, then asked.

            "Can I get Faith please, she'll love pushing this one."
            Faith walked in and saw Giles wink at her,
            "Vi, hello, who are these unfit young women?" asked Faith.
            "Girls," said Vi, "this is Faith. your trainer, and that is Mr. Rupert Giles.

            He is the Head of the Watchers Council, if your lucky you will be able to call him Giles. Giles the tall thin girl is Chandelle, she is French, from Lyons. Kyles is from Parkerville in Western Australia and Heidi is from the town of Dusseldorf in Germany, her sister was killed by the bringers. She has red hair to remind her of her sister and judging by the photos I?ve seen, she looks like her."

            "So, Kyles, what are you like at push-ups? I can't go past twenty," said Faith.
            "I can do at least thirty," she began to feel very proud of herself.
            "Wow, thirty!. I start to get worn out after twenty minutes," remarked Faith.

            Kyles eyes widened, "I, I meant that I could do thirty push-ups."
            Faith began to smile, then she began to laugh. Quickly followed by Turee, Giles, Vi and the girls, except for Kyles who began to look a little bit dejected.

            "I found that most people lost interest with the counting thing after ninety or so, so they started timing me instead, but hey, after two weeks you might keep with me!" said Faith, "I was going to suggest that we do two or three hours training a day for two days a week, but as Kyles is so unfit I think we should do five hours for four days a week."

            Turee laughed even louder, Faith looked at her, very seriously,
            "Do you think I am mucking about?"
            Turee stared at Faith, "Your being serious?"
            "No," said Faith as she burst out laughing again.

            Giles slowly walked up to Faith, he looked deep into her eyes.
            "Welcome to the team, Faith," he smiled.
            Faith, understanding what Giles had just said turned to talk to Turee.
            "You know, if I'd only not tried to be accepted before, if I'd been happy with who I was and not played up to what I thought other people wanted," said Faith.

            "You were accepted before, you just kept pushing us away," replied Turee.
            "When was I ever accepted?" asked Faith.
            "After that Kakistos vamp was killed, when you said goodbye to Wesley, when Angel was given back his soul, that's when you let other people in to see who you are," said Turee

            Giles approached Faith and Turee.
            "Um, when you two have finished, May is here."
            "Oh, yeh, hi, er May, want a run down of this place, I'm sorry but we were talking about something else, I'm trying to get my head around some stuff and remember what you've been told. Now, I help run the place over the road," said Turee.

            "And I do advanced fitness and fighting training for girls," said Faith, "you will meet some of the girls soon, and Giles teaches some folk to be coaches for them."
            "Where do these girls come from?" asked May.
            "All over the world," said Turee.

            "What's with the museum, it looks a bit empty just now?" asked May.
            Turee whispered to Faith, "Nice excuse!"
            Faith shrugs her shoulders, "Hey, must be all the years I didn't go to school."
            "I think that Giles has got a few things for the front bit, but he has got swords, daggers and other old fashioned fighting stuff for the middle bit, there is the scythe as well, they are from God's army."

            "How on earth did he get stuff from Gods army?" asked May.
            "Oh, he's got a reliable source," said Turee.
            "What about that bit to the side, as you come in?"
            "That's where all the new age goodies will be," said Turee, "you know, rune stones, tarot cards and lots and lots of books although he does plan to have a whole section of crystals. The best bit is an old shadow caster which sounds really awesome, that's what the little speakers are for," Turee really smiled at the last bit.

            May had left long before the sun had gone down, just after it did the girls waited in the training arena, Giles had Brenda with him, she had been brought up to speed on the history about Faith. The doors opened and in walked all from Angel Investigations along with Owen and Anne.

            "Chandelle, Kyle and Heidi, this young lady is one of the two Chosen One?s, this is Buffy but she would prefer it, if you called her Anne when she's at work. Over here we have Nina who is a werewolf and this is Sally, she is a natural vampire, moving along we have Charles Gunn who is a vampire with a soul and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce who also is a vampire with a soul and he is a watcher," said Giles.

            "I gave them their souls back at the request of Angel and Spike," added Turee then turning to Giles, "I'll let you continue."
            "Good, these two just walking in are Dana, she is a Vampire Slayer, and her Watcher, Dawn, now she is very interesting as she was made human by the monks of Dagon, she started life as a human at fourteen years old.

            Although she was a green ball of energy before that. She was hunted by a hell god called Glorificus, Dawn here was the Key to open a portal to Arilily, however I killed Glorificus when she was in her human form," said a proud Giles.

            "There is more to tell, I am Turee, I am a Wizard, or what ever. The watchers also have some-one who watches them, they are known as Guardians, they, or should I say, I am a Guardian, I was the first Guardian.

            Ever since then, I have been a friend to each Vampire Slayer that lived. Later this evening you will meet Whistler and Gregor, they are both immortal beings as am I, Gregor is the General of the Knights of Byzantium and Whistler is a good demon," said Turee.

            "What about our friend Xander?" Giles asked Turee.
            "We are all here to fight a war to make life safe for his kind, as he is a human," replied Turee.
            "Well that's good news all round then," exclaimed Giles, "except for Xander."

            "Why isn't it good news for Xander?" asked Buffy.
            "As we are all here for him, I think he should make us all a cuppa, and a plate a biccies would be good, I'll want some Jaffa cakes," said Giles.
            "Just my luck, even a good thing gets a bad side to it," said an unhappy Xander.

            "Why don't I go and get May, this Gregor and Whistler should be here by then, that will make Xander even happier," said Owen.
            "Not you as well, I can't win!" exclaimed Xander.
            "Excuse me, when I was coming here I stopped to look at the cars in that car yard near here, a girl there asked me to say hello to a Willow, I can't remember the girls name, but she had a very happy sort of smile," said Brenda.

            Turee looked at Buffy.
            "Oh my god, that sounds like Tara."
            "Who is this Tara?" asked Brenda.
            "Tara and Turee were, er, very close, its just that Tara died almost a year or so, ago," replied Giles.

            "Turee, you said earlier that Gregor was coming here, I've never heard of Byzantium, what country is it in?" asked Brenda.
            A tearful Turee told Brenda that Gregor was a general of the army of him up there, and that everyone here were under cover agents.

            Did you hear that Xander?, your back in the army," said Dawn, "that'll cheer him up a bit."
            Xander was bringing out two plates of biccies and on his way back to the kitchen he looked at Giles.

            "You need to get some more biccies, I'd have thought you would have had more knowing all these people would be here!" said Xander.
            "Oh, okay, do we know anybody in the catering supply business?" asked Giles to everyone, then to Owen.

            Owen turned to Buffy.
            "Is he having a go at us?"
            "He is trying to," replied Buffy, "but it's only because he didn't get enough biccies."

            "Xander!, Gregor has just turned up and he has brought a few of the knights with him," called out Giles.
            He heard a few footsteps behind him and he turned around only to see Xander.

            "Somebody is telling a porky pie," said Xander. "Gregor and Whistler are in the kitchen, we have just been having a chat."
            "Damn," said Giles as he tried to make out that his glasses needed cleaning.

            "Giles, I was going to tell May about the shadow caster a bit earlier on, but I wasn't sure which parts you were going to put on, and how often you were going to let it be heard?" asked Turee.

            "Oh, yes, well if you put the earth, the demons, the men and the girl on only, then the portal doesn't activate, and I thought that by letting go on every two hours for about five minutes," replied Giles.
            "The last thing that we need would be the portal," said Dawn.
            "No, the last thing we would want would be the exchange student again," was Xanders comment.

            "And I don't want to make the return trip portal," added Turee.
            "I will hide the chains so that they never get used by accident, apart from anything else it may stop some-one from buying something, it might even be a person who wants to buy something expensive," remarked Giles, "remind me Buffy, what did happen to you?"

            "I met the first watchers, all three of them, but I only fought with two of them, honest Giles," said Buffy, making puppy dog eyes at Giles.
            "There we are Brenda, now you see what I've had to put up with, you make sure your Slayer respects your every word," said Giles.

            "Just in case you haven't noticed it, there is a distinct lack of Watchers, so Brenda might have about twenty five young girl Vampire Slayers to watch over," commented Turee.
            "Oh yes, you could be right," said Giles.

            "Evening everyone," said Gregor.
            "Oh, hi," said Turee.
            "Have you explained to Spike, yet?" asked Gregor.
            "No, but I can tell him now if that's okay," said Turee.

            "No, I will let him now, Spike, about this humanity you have, it wasn't because of the Shan-shu prophecy as you seem to think. The prophecy was a cover, and the amulet, it was meant to be worn by you, it was from my boss," said Gregor.
            "What of it," replied Spike.

            "The amulet destroyed the evil, who do you think wants to rid the world of evil. You chose to help people and you got a soul despite what torment and torture you'd have to endure, because of your many sins you will still have the features of a vampire, only now you are human and you will die a human. Even now you think of others," said Gregor.

            "Hey Spikey, some-one else thinks you have a brain, that works," said Angel.
            "What of Angel, that's what your thinking? He will know soon what his fate is, but do not worry about him. You have been chosen by him, my boss, but no poetry ok." said Gregor.

            During the evening Giles got to have a chat with Angel,
            "This get together seems to be working out well, I'll need to price things up but what do you reckon to a medieval banquet, it'll make up for the do we had to put off?" asked Giles.

            "Sounds like a good idea, it could be good for a laugh," replied Angel.
            "Now the other thing that I'm thinking of is a bit hit and miss, do you remember Willy, from Willy's bar ? I'm toying with the idea of seeing if he wants to train to be a watcher," said Giles.
            "Well I suppose he does know a lot about demons, he can talk many demon languages, the problem is that he has been a bit under-handed in his dealings with some people at times."

            "I had thought of that, but then I've paid Spike at times and Buffy used to pay Spike as well, so it does appear to even out a bit and according to Xander he has mellowed a bit of late, maybe he has matured," continued Giles.
            "How about we check him out for a while. Oh, about the banquet, can you afford it?" asked Angel.

            "When the watchers council building was blown up I was a watcher and a senior watcher at that, after all the insurances was paid I transferred all the funds and the stocks and shares, all of the liquid assets, (monies), as there wasn't any proof that the place was blown up."

            "It would have been a bit hard to blame something," said Angel.
            "Yes, something to do with the First not being willing to sign a confession, that and the police couldn't pin it on Satan or his followers, bit like getting God to say that the storm damage to your house was his fault."

            "Is that your phone making that noise?" asked Giles.
            "Yeh, Nina sort of convinced me to link it to the business, just a minute.
            "Hello, this Angel, from Angel Investigations, how can I help you,"....................."Excuse me sir, you will have speak a little louder."

            Spike drew closer, he was holding a mobile phone to his ear,
            "I said, Nina told me that you should be polite when answering the phone, and thanks for calling me sir," said Spike who was now grinning at Angel.

            "SPIKE !" shouted Angel.
            "Be polite, or I'll tell Nina," said Spike, grinning like never before.

            As Spike was walking away Angel's phone began to ring again, a bit more cautiously this time he answered it,
            "Angel Investigations, hello, who is it?" asked Angel.
            "Hello, this is Arnold Graham, I own a building company, we've got a problem with some people I think."

            "Do you think you have a problem, or do you think that the problem is the type of person ?" asked Angel.
            "And just how many types of people are there?" asked Mr Graham.
            "Well there are the run of the mill vampires then there are werewolves
            and some witches," said Angel.

            "Yes, the people that recommended I come to you may have been right, I'd do this myself but my time is taken up with this building lark, if you could come and see me we can talk money," said Mr. Graham.
            "Where is the property that needs our attention ?" asked Angel, "I'll take a look tomorrow."

            "Its 1120 Robertson Boulevard, above a Fan Mail place, my company is doing up a couple of floors for living areas but there are some strange markings on the walls and my workers tools keep getting moved about, I will meet you there at eleven tomorrow morning, as long as that is convenient for you at the back of the place."

            Angel walked over to where Giles was talking to Brenda.
            "We've just got another case, it may turn out to be a bit strange, there are meant to be markings on the walls so can you let me have a watcher for the day, I'll be taking Turee and Faith."
            "Hmm, oh, okay how about Brenda here, this will help you to get some field experience and you will get to interact with a slayer."

            The next morning saw Angel with Turee, Spike, Faith and Brenda waiting at the back of the place on Robertson Boulevard for Mr Graham.
            "What do you girls feel about this place, Turee?" asked Angel.
            "Might be a postal truck unloading," said Brenda.

            "Hang on," said Faith, "it looks like something came in and unloaded over there, then drove and parked up, got loaded and left, it wasn't a postal truck to many foot marks."
            "If it was a mini bus it'd fit better, it came in to here, let the people off then parked over there and loaded up later," said Spike.

            "I just said that," said Faith.
            "This bloke coming in is Mr Arnold Graham, he is the one that has given us the job of getting rid of the problem," said Angel.
            "Hi there Mr Graham, I'm Angel."
            "Hello Angel, I take it that these are your workers."

            "That's right, if you would show us to the rooms we'll let them get started while we go for a chat."
            Once inside the room the four of them spread out and started to search, Willow stood in the middle of the room and slowly turned around to see the whole room, several markings had been made on the wall, the room had a horrible smell.

            "Hey Turee, this place has had vampires in here of late," said Spike.
            "Any reason why you reckon that?" asked Turee.
            "Apart from the smell, one's here still," said Spike.
            Turee went to have a look, Spike had gone in to the next room and called her from there, the others also came in for a look.

            "Excuse me?" asked Brenda, "but vampires don't normally lay in a coffin on earth."
            "There was one who preferred to, Dracula, but he was killed by Buffy.
            Thing is these little piles by his head."

            "What are those piles made up of?" asked Faith.
            "Ever heard of, earth to earth, dust to dust, ashes to ashes?" asked Spike.
            "Oh," exclaimed Brenda.
            "Hey Faith have you got a bit of wood handy," asked Spike.

            After she nodded, Spike gave the sleeping vampire a kick, but he didn't wake up.
            "Well that's odd, either that or he's a very good actor," commented Turee, "how many other vamps do you reckon have been here?"
            "Lots and lots of one, maybe as many as twenty, why?" asked Faith.

            "It's just that those markings on the wall in there would normally mean that witches are using the place," replied Turee, "if Angel has finished with the bloke ask him to come in here."
            Two minutes later Angel came into the room.
            "What's the story then, oh," said Angel.

            He noticed the vampire in the coffin,
            "That doesn't look good, Turee, care to explain?"
            "Ever come across vampire witches before?"
            "That's a new one," replied Angel.
            "This one is either part of an ongoing ceremony or he is the exchange," said Turee.

            "Any reason why I shouldn't dust him?" asked Faith.
            "Yeah, dust him," said Turee, "we'll set a trap for the others tonight. Do you girls think that the slayers are up for some on the job training?"
            Quick as a flash Faith had dusted the sleeping vampire,

            "I think that answered my question," said Faith.
            Brenda called out to Turee from the other room.
            "Look at the floor, there are a lot of foot prints in here, maybe the other witches were all barefoot, if so we could put holy water on the floor, all over the floor, and make it all slippy for them," said Brenda.

            "Good idea," said Turee, "mind you, if they are vampire witches some wooden crosses around the place will do."
            "If the Slayers come here nice and early, if the van's is still here we know that all of them are dead," said Brenda.

            "I'll just go and tell Angel."
            Turning she see's Angel standing in front of her.
            "It's alright Turee, I heard what Brenda said, It's a good idea and it saves the slayers being at risk. There is only one problem though."
            "A problem, what's the problem, it is a straight forward idea," said Brenda.

            "Hey Faithy," called out Angel, "how do you fancy coming here at six in the morning?"
            "What! six in the morning?" repeated Faith.
            "I'd say that Faith needs all the beauty sleep she can get, but she's standing to close to me, and she's still got a stake in her hand," said Spike.

            "Your not a vampire anymore though, are you?" asked Faith.
            "Oh yeah, I forgot about that," exclaimed Spike, "she does need."
            Faith interrupted him.
            "But there are plenty of other ways to stop you from saying that again."
            "Faith is very beautiful isn't she," said Spike, quickly.

            As Spike was about to go down to the side door at their warehouse he commented on the good looks of the front of the building.
            In the morning, nice and early a group of Vampire Slayers
            found a mini-bus parked at the rear of an empty old building.
            "I wonder if the police will have a hard job of contacting the van's owner," said a cheerful Chandelle.

            Back at the museum Andrew and Willy had just arrived, Andrew had been told to pick up Willy, Giles was concentrating on how to get more Watchers, and to begin their training, as it was he would have to get some of the slayers to act as Watchers for the near future.

            At the present time there was himself, Dawn, Wesley, Turee, Brenda and Andrew. There were more out there, but who and where?. A problem that he would have to try and sort out. One such watcher was Sam Zabuto. As he thought of the problems he faced he noticed that Andrew was looking around.

            "Andrew, I've got a lot of things happening so you can give me a helping hand with them. William, I've got a position for you in Australia there are about twenty or so slayers there."
            "Oh, only twenty, I'm glad there's not any more, wouldn't like to be thrown in at deep end," said William

            "How come he gets a posting straight away?" asked Andrew.
            "He knows about demons, he knows various demon languages and he can talk to them, he knows about the seedier side of life, despite his previous work we know that he has a great amount of intelligence and he can communicate with people on all levels," said Giles.

            "Oh, alright," said a despondent Andrew.
            "How-ever he will be getting an update as to our ways and who is doing what, William when we go out the back I will introduce you to Kyle as she is from Australia."

            As Giles was just taking Andrew and William to introduce them to the girls there was a knocking at the main doors.
            "Faith can you take these two to get a cuppa?"
            Giles went to see who was at the door,
            "May, what are you doing here?" asked Giles.

            "No-one said when I was to start, so I thought that I would come here and offer to help you organise the place and at least I would know where everything was."
            "Good idea, I'll just try and get some-one from across the road to help move some stuff," said Giles.
            "You didn't really plan on my being here, did you?" asked May.

            "Not really, but now that you are, you could be helpful, I'm trying to do too many things, so your help would be good," said Giles.
            A few minutes later Giles told May that Turee, Nina and Spike would be over soon.

            Spike asked Turee and Nina how they seemed to have people every-where, one of the jobs recently about a missing person had been done very quickly, even though that person had gone to China, Turee explained that Giles had asked the slayers over there to help AI out and that they had traced the woman.

            "Oh," said Spike, as they walked into the museum.
            "Aha, tis she who caused me to miss my mornings cuppa, you must be May, I'm Spike this is Nina and I believe you've already met Turee."
            They spent several hours moving the goodies into the museum and the shop, by twelve thirty they had most of the place organised.

            "Turee?" asked May, "the shadow caster has a bit missing do you know what the piece is? I can see about having it replaced."
            "It has been lost for quite a while and the computer chip has been altered to make it work without that piece in it," said Turee.

            "The other thing," continued May, "I've got a sister who was born before me, my mum had a baby before her and my dad were married. My mum had her child adopted, I tracked her down to this place in London, England. I spoke to this bloke there, he said to leave it with him and he'd get back to me, but the place exploded later that day."

            "Did you lose track of her?" asked Turee.
            "Yes," replied May, "the thing is, can that place across the road find her and I will pay what I can from the wages I get from this place."
            "I should think so," said Turee, "just tell me her name and what the place was that you rang, and the name of who you spoke to."

            "I was hoping that you wouldn't ask me that, ?cos it's a bit weird, I spoke to some bloke called Quentin and it was a place called the Watchers Council. My sisters name is unknown to me, and no matter who I've asked, no one knows anything about what a Watcher is or what they do."

            "Who told you about this place when you tried to get a job here?" asked Turee.
            "I didn't know this place existed, I'd been to another place, but that job had gone. I was sent here, as all the jobs I've had before have been in magic shops, why," said May.

            "Just wondering, look you stay here and I will go and have a chat with Giles about finding your sister," said Turee, as she headed to the back to find Giles, she found him talking to Andrew. When they had finished talking, she asked him.

            "Giles, that girl who works in the museum says that she has been trying to find her long lost adopted sister, she spoke to a Quentin at the Council."
            "Oh, that's interesting, Lydia said that she was adopted, you can ask her yourself soon, as she will be here some time today.

            You met her once, she was one of Watchers Council that told us about Glory," said Giles
            Turee and Giles made their way down to the front to see May, when they got there they found May and Lydia talking to each other.
            "I've had a chat with Giles about your situation May, and we will try to sort it out for you."

            "What is her problem?" asked Lydia
            "She had been trying to find her adopted sister, she nearly did but the place exploded, May here spoke to some-one called Quentin at the Watchers Council headquarters in London, he said he?d ring her back, but, well," said Turee.

            "Get May?s and Lydia?s birth details, I?m sure that Lydia was the only one adopted there, ever," said Giles.
            After doing some checking and making a few phone calls, Turee showed May about. "This is known, only to those that need to know, it's the new Watchers Council headquarters. A Watcher looks after and trains the Vampire Slayers," said Turee.

            "Wait a minute?, Vampire Slayers!" said a thoroughly bemused May, "your telling me that vampires are real!"
            "Oh yeah, I've seen lots of them," said Turee.
            "So, vampires are real," repeated May.

            "They are, those books that you've probably read in the magic shops that you've worked in, well, most of the stuff that you've read is true. Giles is the head of the Watchers Council, he is a Watcher and I am a Watcher of them, the girl you met yesterday, Faith, she is a Vampire Slayer and those girls that she is training, they are all Vampire Slayers," said Turee.

            "Why are you telling me all this?" asked May.
            Giles added, "Being as you will be working here I thought that you should know, and, as your sister is a Watcher, I just thought that you needed to be aware of everything before we introduce you to her."

            "Wow!, how do you know my sister is a Watcher?, will AI be able to find her?" asked May.
            "AI won't, it doesn't need to search for your sister anymore, which is a good thing as you can keep all the money that two minutes ago you had been willing to spend," said Giles, trying not to cry.
            "Wait a, Turee?, Giles?, why won't you look for my sister?"
            "Because, well, we don't have to, we know where your sister is, you've met her," said Turee.
            "You've? I've! already?" asked May, tears suddenly pouring from her eyes. "The thing is, I didn't know until you mentioned about the watchers council, which is why I went to have a quick chat with Giles, then he told me that your sister was coming here," said a smiling Turee.
            "What, my sister is coming here!" cried out May.
            "No, as once again she isn't ?coming', she is here already, strangely enough the person that you have been talking to is Lydia, she is your sister!"
            AS IT WAS, LET IT BE SO, AGAIN

            IT REFERS TO

            *1 DAVID'S PLACE
            "Who are you ?" asked Angel.
            IT REFERS TO
            ?Episode 3, Episode Name ?THE REPLACEMENT'
            Season 5. One of the Tothric Demons

            *2 DAVID'S PLACE
            Spike said the Ring of Amara is indestructible, Angel thought he had smashed the ring.
            IT REFERS TO
            ?ANGEL' DVD .
            Episode 3, Episode Name ?IN THE DARK'
            Season 1. Angel hitting the Ring with part of a ?house brick.'

            *3 DAVID'S PLACE
            "Have I ever said that I don't like you," said Xander.
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode 20, Episode Name ?SPIRAL'
            Season 5, After Xander lit Spikes cigarette Spike's reply was, "You may have let it slip in......once or twice."

            *4 DAVID'S PLACE
            "SPIKE," called out Dana.
            IT REFERS TO
            ?ANGEL' DVD.
            Episode 11, Episode Name ?DAMAGE'
            Season 5, Dana cutting off Spike's hands

            *5 THOUGHT'S OF SALLY
            "It's a herbal infusion, Cinnamon and Apple flavoured, warm pigs blood.
            IT REFERS TO
            ?ANGEL' DVD
            Episode 2, Episode Name ?ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN'
            Season 2, Cordelia's Cinnamon flavoured warm pigs blood

            *6 I AM NOW WE
            "Well I used to live in Sunnydale, but some-one in their wisdom took the place of the map," said Vi.
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode 22, Episode Name CHOSEN
            Season 7. "I don't understand, what did this?" asked Giles. "Spike," said Buffy.

            *7 SLAYERS 16, VAMPIRES 3
            Wesley leant closer to Faith and asked, "Did Angel want to hug ?"
            IT REFERS TO
            ?ANGEL' TV SERIES. Episode 15, Episode Name ORPHEUS
            Season 4, Faith told Wesley that Angel wanted to hug

            *8 SLAYERS 16, VAMPIRES 3
            "Well, what do you expect, I'm surrounded by you young bloody colonials most of the time," said Giles.
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode No: 8, Episode Name PANGS.
            Season 4. Giles saying, "Still trying not to refer to you lot as bloody colonials."

            *9 SLAYERS 16, VAMPIRES 3
            "Size does matter"
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode No: 21, Episode Name END OF DAYS
            Season 7. Willows comment, "So it matters, scythe matters"

            *10 SLAYERS 16, VAMPIRES 3
            Upon Giles making a pot of tea, thinking of Buffy and Faith bonding.
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode No: 2, Episode Name DEAD MANS PARTY
            Season 3, Giles's reaction to Buffy returning to Sunnydale

            *11 SLAYERS 16, VAMPIRES 3
            It is now very soon, the dusting of Doug Sanders marked the beginning of the end
            ?ANGEL' TV SERIES
            Episode No: 17, Episode name DISHARMONY Season 2

            *12 GOOD OLD FOOD
            "Oh hell, once again I agree with Spike, your not going to make a habit of sating stuff that I agree with are you, son."
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode No: 8, Episode Name TABULA RASA
            Season 6 ,Giles thinking that Spike was his son.

            *13 SA TI SAW, TEL TI EB OS, NIAGA
            Together we fought against what you would describe as a hell-god
            IT REFERS TO
            Episode No: 13, Episode Name BLOOD TIES
            Season 5. Giles saying, "Glory and two other Hell-Gods ruled over one of the more seriously unpleasant hell dimensions."
            Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

            Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


            • #7

              CHAPTER 8 OF 22 THE BODY IN THE BOX

              Angel and Nina had been watching the news reports over the last week about all the bodies that had been found, all were killed at night. Angel and Nina had agreed that vampires were at work in the city. Five bodies had been found each night, Angel had said that the others at AI should be told about it as they may get a phone call from the police soon.

              Spike, Illyria, Wesley and Gunn were to be told and if Turee and Faith were to be found then they would be told as well. The body count so far came to thirty four, more than a serial killer would probably do and in such a short space of time, it was decided that Wesley would go with Angel, Nina would pair up with Faith, Gunn would work well with Sally, Illyria and Spike as they seemed to work well together, Turee should stay in the office and help direct people using the phone system.

              Later that evening Kate came to see them, she had been asked to help the police try and find who-ever was killing the people, no leads had been picked as the victims didn't seem to have any links and no social type had been targeted, it was as the detectives said a complete mystery apart from the fact that all victims had puncture marks on their necks.

              As it was, Kate had been given the case and Kate immediately thought of Angel, puncture marks ?n' all. Nina told Kate that they had sorted out who would be doing what, they just needed to make a couple of calls to organise the troops but they could have people on the streets that night.

              "Is that Angel, this is Arnold Graham about that job in Robertson Blvd. everything is good now but the long box that the workers used was missing."
              Angel thought for a while, he didn't think any-one would have taken it, but he said that he would check to see if any-one from his team had moved it.

              When Turee came over she was told about the missing box and about the new case that they had just got. He asked Turee if the contents of the box could have been restored.
              "I think so," replied Turee, "if the will is there and there is enough power, then anything can be done."

              "Hmm," Angel thought long and hard, "I thought you would say that, I'm wondering if the two cases are part of the same thing, I can't imagine how or why, but I've got this nagging feeling."
              "You think that this part of their plan?" asked Turee.

              "Maybe it was because we disturbed their place, and worse. They know some-one is on to them," said Angel.
              "Why bring back a dead vampire?" asked Nina, "who would they bring back?" she looked at Angel.
              "Darla was brought back, so if they wanted the bad, it could be Kakistos or a Turok-Han," said Turee.

              Angel closed his eyes, opened them.
              "What is, or who is each one of them?" asked Angel.
              "Kakistos was a very old vampire, he is so old that he had cloven feet and hands, and he was Greek. The Turok-Han's were a neanderthal vampire, and not the sort that would blend in with a crowd plus they are feared by modern vampires," replied Turee.

              "Sounds like this Kakistos would be their best bet them," said Angel, "I think I'll need to have a chat with who-ever it was that dusted the vampire in the box."
              "That was Faith, she was the one that dusted the vampire," said Turee.

              The next afternoon Turee was looking around at the car yard, hoping to get a glimpse of Tara, trouble was that every time she looked at a car she would get a flashback of Tara smiling at her.
              "Can I help you miss?" asked the used car salesman.
              "Oh no, thanks," said Turee, "I was just browsing, I know you don't I?"

              "Yes, the red hair does suit you, so many girls seem to change their hair colour these days, don't get me wrong, but you are you, it's like you don't need an aura. Your hair colour is yours, it's who you are, it's a good." said Jonathon.

              "Thank you, I think. Oh wait, you were killed, so what happened?" asked Turee.
              "Sort of, it appears that I was left a ghost after the First used me, and then I found a way to make me real again, I was going to let the others know, but well, Warren wanted me dead, I didn't like Caleb, Drusilla wasn't very pleasant to me, Spike is here again, Buffy is back here, Wood's mum is a Knight and she is happy, I was going to ask Buffy about her mom and that girl that she tried to help, er Cassie Newton."

              "Well Buffy likes to be known as Anne at work these days, are you still trying to be something your not?" asked Turee.
              "No, Buffy, she helped me to work that out, I was wanting to thank her for her talk to me, could you do that for me?" asked Jonathon.

              "How did you come back though?" asked Turee.
              "Strange thing that, I remember wondering how and then this person spoke to me, I don't know who he was, but the thing was, he saw me, and then I got to thinking these deep thoughts about life and death, but that only gave me a headache."

              "Should we move about a bit more, keep your boss happy," asked Turee.
              "Yes, okay, anyway, umm I've forgot what we were talking about, oh! If that Cassie Newton was brought back, she will need some help, and we will need to figure out who she can help," said Jonathon.

              "She would be able to help Spike, as they both like poetry. Maybe we can find that boy she was friends with in school," said Turee.
              "Oh yeah!, I remember what I was talking about, maybe I was brought back for a reason. Just wish I knew what the reason was," said Jonathon thoughtfully.

              "I'll ask Gregor, he may help you to find the answers your looking for, or stop you from searching the wrong places," said Turee.
              "Who is this Gregor?" asked Jonathon.
              "You'll meet him later, he is very forthright and at times he can be harsh, but he is truthful and a nice person," said Turee.

              "Where?" asked Jonathon.
              "Call me when you're finished for the day, then come down and meet everyone, I will walk you through the places and maybe tell you about stuff," said Turee.

              When Turee got back to the museum, Giles asked her if she had had any luck with finding out about Tara.
              "Oops, I got a bit side tracked, I didn't even think of Tara. Is Andrew about here somewhere, as an old friend of his will be coming here a bit later."

              "Yes he is out the back helping Faith organise this evenings training, why, who is the friend?" asked Giles.
              "One of the so called ?evil trio'," said Turee smiling, "but he seems to be a really nice person now, it's Jonathon."

              "Yes, I remember him, he was the one who gave Buffy her reward, for saving and helping her school friends, at the prom. It was a little umbrella if my memory serves me well, nice enough lad, a bit easily led and despite some of the things he did, he would do the right thing eventually," said Giles.

              "He is the used car salesman at that car yard I went to, ooh! Oh, maybe Tara was telling me to go there and see him!" said a startled Turee.
              "I'd like to help him if I can, so, if he wants to there would be a part time job in the museum for him," said a Giles.
              Turee began to slip into a world of her own,

              "Did you hear what I just said, Turee?" asked Giles.
              "Yeah, about a job for Jonathon," said Turee.
              The phone rings, Turee answers the incoming call,
              "Hi, what's the news," said Turee.
              "My boss said I could go early today," it was Jonathon, "so if it's, well that's to say, if it's okay, I can be round there in about fifteen minutes or so."

              "I will be at the front of this place, come when your ready," replied Turee.
              Turee walked to the kitchen, there was Faith and Andrew.
              "Andrew I'm glad that you are sitting down 'cos what I'm about to tell you may come as a bit of a shock, One of your old friends is going to be here soon, and you will know who it is, as you killed him," said Turee.

              "I killed him, if I killed him how or why are you saying it as though he is a real person!, you do mean Jonathon don't you?" asked Andrew.
              "I do mean Jonathon and yes he was killed by you and yes he is a real person, and no I don't know how or why, yet," replied Turee.

              "Oh god, when will he be here, does he know I'm here?" asked Andrew.
              "Why think about it, come to the shop and get ready, he will be here soon," said Turee

              Turee waited in the car park outside the museum.
              "Are you ready for all the surprises," said Turee
              "The biggest surprise would be to see Andrew again, I'm looking forward to that."

              Turee opened the door for him and ushered him in.
              "Jonathon, meet Andrew," said Turee, casually.
              "Andrew!" exclaimed Jonathon, "It is so good to see you again. Turee, thanks."

              "This is amazing," said Andrew, "your real, I killed you and yet here you are, alive."
              "I must admit that this is a turn up for the books, we might have to re-write a few books," said Giles.

              "Er, Jonathon, the girl that's as puzzled as you, is May, she works here," said Faith.
              "Oh, Turee can you find out from Gregor, if it would be acceptable that if should a slayer die, we give her life again as a vampire with a soul?" asked Giles.

              "Jonathon, May, this Gregor, he is the General of the Knights of Byzantium, they are a part of the armies of God," said Turee.
              Thoroughly bemused, Jonathon and May stepped back and sat down, they were trying hard to comprehend what Turee had just said.

              "Now about a Slayer being a vampire, the thing is when a Slayer dies she becomes one of the Knights of Byzantium, if she doesn?t take her place, then the search is on, she will be found, helped, then cured, she will get her rest," said Turee.

              "We know where heaven and hell are, you refer to them as the place up there and the place down there, that makes under-standing it a bit easier for you. In reality all those places are right here, it's a bit like there is a door to the place up there and there is a door to the place down there, now those doors are everywhere, even though heaven has a special entry near here, they are all like those optical illusion stairs, you always end up where you start from," said Turee.

              "I need you to listen to me. What Turee has told you is true, there is more though. You see Turee is unique as most immortals are blessed by as you refer to ?him up there?, only one has been blessed to live for-ever by him up there and also she has been to the depths ?down there' as she was cursed to live for-ever," said Gregor.

              "Why are you telling this to us?" asked May.
              "Got to say it, I do agree with May. I've seen and done a lot, but this is, well," said Jonathon.
              "It is a lead up to the real reason why I am here, May, Jonathon and Giles are to be the protectors of the Amulet, as for now it is only in its first form, soon it will become and then it will be in its final form."

              "If it is valuable, why leave it here?" asked Giles.
              "As of now it is a secret, well sort of, anyway, it cannot be destroyed and it knows when to activate and nothing can stop its effect," said Gregor.

              "I've looked it up and found no useful information on it anywhere," said Giles.
              "Until it was activated by Spike and those around him, it was only a trinket, so if you wrote what it did, your writings would be the first about it," said Gregor.

              "I understand all of that, but what about it's history?" asked Giles.
              *14 "The Amulet was created for ?Him?, a wedding gift for two people he likes, both of them are the leaders of his armies, and will be again soon, in its final form

              *15 the Amulet will become as the......., well, my ?boss' is God."
              "Good grief," interrupted Giles.
              "I think that you know the answer to your question now," said Gregor.
              "Yes," answered Giles.
              "Hello there, mind telling us the answer," said Faith.

              "The Amulet was worn by Spike, it killed the demons and the Turok-Hans and most of the evil in the world, when the Amulet takes its final form it will end the existence of all the evil, in its final form it will become the, well, that is something that you needn't know."

              "Oh, crap," said Faith (interrupting Gregor), "it's the holy grail, isn't it?" asked a stunned Faith.
              "Correct," said Gregor, "Giles spent many a long hour when he was younger, trying to find the holy grail, and now he is the protector of it."

              "So now you all know, although Turee and I already knew that," said Gregor.
              "Turee knew! When did Turee know?" asked Giles.
              "The Guardians have always known and as Turee was the first Guardian, she didn't know it then, we removed that part of the story, however when she brought the life from the scythe and imbued all the potential Slayers, she realised what was going to happen with the Amulet."

              "So, it appears that our Turee can keep secrets," said Giles looking at Turee, "anything else you've been keeping a secret from us?"
              "Let me see, I knew that Buffy would be called, I know who she was and will be, I knew that Angel would see when Buffy was called," said Turee.

              "Wait, you knew that a vampire would be a witness to a Slayers calling, why, why was he there?" asked Faith.
              "Angel had been asked by Whistler to help Buffy, the Powers That Be felt that an extra bit of help would be needed," added Turee.
              "Who are the Powers That Be?" asked Andrew.

              "Oh, that's easy, ever heard of the Gods of Greece, haven't you ever wondered why old magic is often written in Latin, Sumerian, Babylonian and of course Greek," said Turee smiling at Giles.
              "Of course, now that I know, it seems obvious, it really is. Oh dear, it's a bit too obvious," said Giles.

              "All those tales I heard when I was a child, they were real," said Andrew.
              "Maybe some of them, but not all. Do you remember hearing many bad tales about them," said Turee.

              "And the fairy tales, demons. And the Gods of Greece were like the slayers of today, it was often said that the bad points were made good, they were to be made likable and acceptable for children," remarked Giles.
              "That Gregor has gone, he just vanished," said May.
              "Anything I can do while I'm here?" asked Clem.

              "Well you haven't got the looks of a shop assistant but as a landscape gardener you could fit in, for instance at the front of this place, if a flower border was made, put in some bags of soil and some plants and something similar by the delivery doors down the side. So that no-one would be able to drive down there. Now I could do it where I employ you to do the work or I lend you the money to start it up yourself," said Giles.

              "But what about my looks, whatever I do I've still got the same problem," said Clem, looking at the futility of it.
              "Put on a beanie to cover up the top your ears, jeans and a work shirt and if anyone asks just tell them it's from the sun," was Giles's response.

              "It does seem a bit simple put like that, but yeah, okay. How about I work for you to start with then later on I could start up by myself, as long as that's okay with you," said Clem
              "All I have to do is get an old pick-up and a trailer, some tools figure out a name that agree-able and a phone number, a bit of sign writing and it's of to work, would you prefer the pick-up to be a manual or automatic?" asked Giles.

              "It doesn't really matter," said Clem.
              "If you can do indoor plants as well, that would help you," suggested Turee.
              "There is a garage just getting started down the road, they may have some space at the back of there place for a base you know for an office," continued Turee.

              "Jonathon might point us in the right direction for a vehicle," said Giles.
              "So if that all works out with that place it might be a good idea to get going on my own, I could use some of the profits to get the other ideas I've had off the ground," said Clem.

              "What's that?" asked Faith.
              "Well, Buffy was talking to Dawn about her problems and these words just popped into my head, I called it, 'Sympathy for the Slayer'," said Clem.
              "What are the words?" asked Faith.
              "It goes like this," said Clem.

              Please allow me to introduce myself,
              I'm a girl of poise and grace,
              I've been around for many a year,
              I've killed some vamps, 'n some demons too
              I was there when a God from hell
              Had her moment of doubt and pain
              Made sure the masters plans,
              Were, all, un-done.
              Oh pleased to meet you
              Hope you guess my name
              But what's puzzling you
              Is the nature of my game
              I stayed in Sunnydale, when I saw,
              It was the time for a change.
              I'm pleased to meet you,
              Hope you like my game.
              I killed the preacher and his bringers too.
              I shout out who saved young Kennedy,
              When after all it was Spike and me !
              Oh, pleased to meet you,
              Hope you guess my name,
              But what's puzzling you,
              Is the nature of my game.
              So let me please introduce myself
              I'm a girl of poise and grace
              I went to fight, the great fight
              With Xander, Willow and Giles
              He's been around for a long, long time
              He guide's me on my way
              Then I screamed my name in vain
              I'm the slayer, Buffy is my name
              Pleased to meet you,
              Hope you got my name.
              So pleased to meet you,
              Have you got my name
              Can you please, give it to me
              Please some sympathy,
              Cos I'm Buffy the vampire slayer
              Cos I'm Buffy, the vampire slayer.

              "How did you remember all that?" asked May.
              "I like it so much that I keep it on me at all times," answered Clem.
              "And there I was thinking you had a marvellous memory," said May.
              "Bursts the bubble a bit," said Faith.

              "Was a bit of a let down," said Turee.
              "Oh Giles, the reason why I came over originally was to see if AI can borrow a couple of Slayers tonight," said Turee.
              "Why do you need the help of some Slayers tonight and how many do you need?" asked Giles.

              "The case that we are on involves some vampire witches and it would help having a few Slayers to track them down, so at least four would be good."
              "Good thing I asked, first up you wanted two Slayers then it was three and now it's four Slayers," said Giles.

              "Yes, last night Spike and Illyria began to follow this guy who had on a long hooded cloak, it was lucky for them that the person recognised them else it could have been a bit awkward trying to explain themselves to a stranger," said Turee.
              "Who was the person that they were following?" asked Giles

              "It was Clem, at least he saw the funny side of being ?found? again, anyway for tonight's adventure," said Turee, "there will be Angel and Nina, Wesley and Gunn, Spike and Illyria, Sally and Faith, I will be joining with Sally and Faith."

              "Okay, but if Vi goes with Wesley and Charles, and Dana goes with Spike and Illyria then Kyle with Angel and Nina, and the experience would be good for all of them and tomorrow night I'll organise for a few others."

              "Thanks," said Turee..
              "That's okay, I will need a bit of help moving some stuff around tomorrow, so we can help each other out,"
              said Giles, "Now excuse me while I ring Anne and tell her about Clem."

              "I will go with you to meet Buffy, if she doesn't come here," said Dawn and she hugged Clem again, "it is so good to see you again."
              "Thanks, it is good to see you again, I was going to say an old face but that your not that old, the old days could be wrong as it was only a year or two ago," said Clem.

              Dawn and Clem were going to Owen and Anne's place for an evening meal, Anne had told Owen about Clem and Owen was more than a little intrigued by the thought of what Clem was like. A demon that was trusted to train Slayers for advanced levels. When they got to the house, at the back of Owen and Anne's little business place, Clem locked the car, Anne came out to meet them. She welcomed Dawn then smiled to Clem. Owen wondered how much respect the PTB must have for Clem.

              While they were waiting for the meal to cook they all sat round the kitchen table and whilst having a cup of coffee they reminisced about the good days.
              After a while the talk got round to the present day.
              "What is AI doing at the moment, are they on a case?" asked Anne.

              "Yes," said Clem, "they are trying to find some vampire witches who have gone missing and then they are needing to figure out who it is that they are bringing back from the dead."
              "I had to make a delivery the other day to that posh hotel out of town a bit, there is a big old house near there that's empty," said Anne.

              "I'll give AI a call, I shouldn't think that they've gone yet," said Dawn.
              "The phone is in the other room, it's on the wall as you go in," said Anne.
              Angel was telling Turee what areas were to be checked that night when the phone started to ring, Turee answered the phone, heard what Dawn said, then put the phone down and told Angel what the message from Anne was all about.

              Angel got on the computer and brought up a map of the area, having done the organising of where the van would drop them off, and who would search what area, he called everyone in and explained about the changes for the nights work. Wesley suggested that the van with the radio gear in it should be set up in the hotels car park and get Xander to sit with the radios over night, if Turee was to watch over us literally and direct us using the mind talking thing. Angel agreed with nearly everything,

              "If we have Xander and Dawn in the van and Dana, in that team then we should be covered," said Angel.
              "You want me to talk to their minds?" asked Turee.
              "Turee can you use that mind talkie thing on everyone, it would be a good idea to try it out and let those who haven't experienced it to know what to do," said Angel.

              "I'd simply be talking to their minds, what's the problem?" asked Turee.
              "Turee, if these people make a speech it may give their position away, so if you tell them how it'll work and get them to try it out," said Angel.
              "Yes, I know what you mean Angel, sorry. I'll work with them, try and get them to be used to the idea of strange voices in their heads," said Turee.

              "What if you do that to the vamp witches when we find them, it may give us the edge that we need, also it might be fun," said Angel.
              "Hey imagine telling a vampire that he or she is really a Vampire Slayer, make them doubt themselves, it would be fun for us to watch," said Spike.

              On the way to find the vamp witches Turee remembered words that Jonathon had said to her and they gave her a bit of confidence, ?you are you, it's a good', maybe it was because the word ?thing' had not been added at the end that made her to remember them. By the time that the van pulled up near the hotel Turee was feeling very good in herself.

              Angel organised the teams whilst Turee watched them, after he had done this he took Turee aside and asked her,
              "If your concentrating, why do you appear to be in a bad mood?" asked Angel .
              "Ay, oh, if you think about it, or maybe you could try it yourself, concentrate on an item, you will look like you're in a bad mood, then try and smile and you will not be able to fix your stare as you'll see everything either side of that item," said Turee.

              "Flip me, your right. You really are clever, when this is over can you tell me what the rainbows colours mean, Nina was on about how light can be taken to mean different things, she also told me about the power of the sun and of its reflective powers," said Angel.
              "Turee can you hear me?" thought Faith.
              "I can hear you clearly," Turee answered, "what is it?"

              "We are twenty yards from the house, hiding in the bushes, there is a glowing in the house, from the movement I'd say it is from some candles," thought Faith.
              "Ok Faith, you and Sally stay there, I'll get the rest to join you."
              "Vi, Kyle, Dana, get your groups to the front of the house and meet up with Sally and Faith, let me know when you are there," thought Turee.

              While the teams made their way to join Sally and Faith, Turee let Xander know what was happening.
              "Anne wake up! Anne!, Anne. Oh good, what was it, was it another one of those dreams?" asked Owen.

              "I saw an old vampire, Kakistos, he was in Greece and killing, but there was something else, oh, it was the powers that be, they want our help or they want us to help them," said Anne
              "You said ?US?, what do you mean, us?" asked Owen.
              "Sorry Owen, but I think Buffy needs to get in touch with Turee, but I will keep it low profile for as long as I can, but be ready, the big battle is coming soon," said Anne.

              "Turee are you there?" thought Buffy.
              "I'm doing the follow up at the house that you said about," thought Turee.
              "I've just had a dream, Kakistos is in Greece, also the Powers That Be want our help," thought Buffy.

              "Leave it with us Buffy, we will sort it out, but hey, thanks," thought Turee.
              "Just call me Buffy all the time now, I can feel it now, the end is going to be here soon," thought Buffy.

              "Glad your with us Buffy, you were before it's good to call you Buffy again our friends here will need us here, mind you it'll be nice to go home," thought Turee.
              "I agree," thought Buffy.

              "Angel, Buffy just had a dream. It was Kakistos they brought back, he is in Greece. Just get in there and finish them off, we've got something a lot bigger next."
              "Okay Turee, you leave with us, just make your way back to the van, we'll see you back there," thought Angel.

              Outside the house Angel was organising everyone.
              "You slayers form a group, vampires, stay together, Nina and Sally with Illyria," directed Angel.

              Angel and the other vampire burst through the front doors and met three very surprised vampire witches, Angel and Spike took one each and Wesley and Gunn laid into the other, within seconds the fight was over, the three witches didn't stand a chance against the angry vampires. Faith ran into the house closely followed by the other slayers. She stopped and looked at Angel.

              "Oh thanks!, you dusted them already, that's our job you know, we're the vampire slayers, the key words here are ?vampire slayers'," said Faith.
              "You reckon you guys should have all the fun?" said Gunn.
              "Tell you what, as a personal favour you guys, can check out the rest of the house and any vampires you find you can kill them," said Angel.

              "Why do I think that we just got the bad end of the stick," said Vi.
              Back at the van, Xander and Dawn were chatting with Turee, having some laughs at each others expense when Faith and the others joined them.

              During the next day Angel rang Kate.

              "We've stopped the reason for all the killing in town but it has gone to Greece, we will need to go there."
              "Well thanks for getting rid of the problem, I'll deal with it now, always wanted to go to Greece," replied Kate.

              "There is a problem with that, the thing that did the killing is a vampire and a very strong one at that, I don't want you to get hurt, your not going there, it's to dangerous, I will let you know when it's over, you can go then!" said Angel.

              "You are sure that it'll be to dangerous, (Angel nodded, then he realised that nodding in agreement can be a bit useless when your on the phone) okay. You go and enjoy yourself," said Kate, "who is going?"

              "I'm going to let Spike and Turee with Faith, Illyria and Wesley go."
              "Any reason why your sending them?" asked Kate.
              "Illyria always wanted to see more of this world and her and Wesley do have a thing for each other.

              And then there is Spike, it may be a good thing if he and Faith got to know each other a bit better, then there is Turee, she can keep in touch with us, plus she has got this link with them, she may be friends with them, that and Gregor so she might be able to get some answers from the Powers That Be, for us," said Angel.

              The plane made an uneventful landing at the airport, at night. The group from AI went through all the formalities without a hitch. On the way to their lovely flat. Faith said that on the way she felt that a vampire was nearby.

              Turee said that it would be easy to find this Kakistos.
              "No, I hurt this Kakistos once, he will know that I am here, he will come to us," said Faith.

              The memories of Faiths first watcher entered into her mind, the feelings of sadness that she had felt after it happened, then she thought of how Buffy had reacted, and how Buffy had tried to help her and of what she said, ?Don't let it win, don't die.'

              Faith raised herself up from the chair that she had been sitting in, the power filled her whole being, it was as if her spine was getting bigger, her head tilted downwards, her stare became more and more fixed, her strength increased. Illyria looked around her she turned to Wesley.

              "I can feel that something's happening, there is a strange feeling in this room, something is about to.........."
              Turee rose about two feet from the floor, she opened her mouth as if to speak, only it wasn't her voice.

              "You are here, for another. He will be with you soon. I will help you, the walking dead, be ready. We want your help, for us to help you."
              Turee slowly moved to the floor and then as if she had just come out of a trance she looked at everyone in the room.

              "Why are you all looking at me like you've just seen a ghost," said Turee.
              "It may be because you were just floating, and this strange voice came from you. But apart from that, nothing, bugger all really," said Spike.
              Faith walked up to Turee.

              "Who or whatever it was said that, ?we want your help to help you,? er us, do you know who it was."
              Turee smiled then slowly nodded, "It was the Powers That Be again, they will know when the time is right, get your sharp pointy sticks ready people."

              The door burst open and in charged Kakistos, he charged straight for Faith who span around twice then thrust her foot deep in his chest, sending reeling onto a bed post, a scream bellowed from his lips then silence.
              "Not again!" said Kakistos with his final words.
              Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

              Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 9

                CHAPTER 9 OF 22 THE P IN POWER

                A tall, thin, black haired woman was sitting collecting flowers, when the group appeared. She looked at them, then continued collecting flowers.
                "The PTB sensed that we were ready," said Turee.
                "What do we do now, who do we contact, should we talk to that pretty girl over there or wait?" asked Spike.

                Faith walked over to the girl, as Turee called out to her,
                "Hey Faith!, what you doing?"
                "I'm going to ask her what her what her name is, tell her mine then say hello. Don't want her to think we are rude and ignorant do we," said Faith.

                "Do it," added Illyria.
                Faith went up to the girl.
                "Hi I'm Faith, who are you?"
                "I wondered who you were, you and your friends just appeared from some where else. It's nice to meet you my name is Proserphone."

                "That is a strange name, well, it isn't one that I've heard of before, ever," said Faith, "how old are you?"
                "I do not know, it is not something that I have thought of," said Proserphone.

                "Your asking her how old she is?" asked Turee, "What do your friends say, I would have thought that you would have been told on your birthday," said Turee.
                "I do not have any friends and my mum nor dad speak to me."
                "Yeh, I know how that feels," said Turee.

                "Do you know who your father is, ?cos I don't know much about mine, I've never bothered about how old I am as once that I got over one hundred years and had my welcoming surprise, well, like I said I couldn't be bothered," said Illyria.

                "But your only a girl you might be about twenty five or thirty years old," said Spike quietly, and no friends, more fool them."
                "Why don't you come back to our place," said Wesley
                "If that is alright with everyone else," said Proserphone

                "Uh Turee, how do we get back, and of course the other question is, where are we now?" asked Wesley.
                "It seems to me that if I just think about us being back and if I mean it then."
                "Do it now Turee, oh, we are back. How did you do that?" asked Faith.

                "I don't think that I did do it," said Turee.
                "Huh," said Faith.
                "Now that we are here, what should we do with Proserphone?" asked Spike.

                "We show her who we are and what we do, after all when you think about it, we were told, ?we want your help to help you,' so they want our help, then they can help us," said Turee.
                "So if Proserphone is who they want us to help them with, then she will be the one to help us," said Spike.

                "This Proserphone must be linked to the PTB, all we have to do is figure out how and why," said Turee.
                "If she accepts who she is or, oh, Giles, we need Giles he's good at this stuff," commented Faith.
                "That was lucky, he's here," said Turee.

                "I'm here, oh lucky me!, you want me to do something," said Giles.
                "We only want you to do some thinking, of course if your wrong, we won't keep reminding you about it," said Faith, smiling.
                "Okay then, what is it that you need me to do for you?" asked Giles.
                "Well, Proserphone, we need to know how, or if she might be connected to the PTB and what it is that the PTB want us to do," said Turee.

                "Oh, nothing hard then, couldn't you work it out for yourselves," said Giles feeling happy with himself
                "What's easy about it?" asked Faith.
                "Proserphone is a legendary daughter of the God Zeus, her winter half is said to be married to Hades who is based underground.

                Where is a mystery to Zeus, so if you can get Proserphone to view you as friends she may reveal where Hades is, Proserphone will become a whole person and a Goddess and in doing so she would be liable to become friends and be accepted by the other gods, they are as Turee told us the powers that be," said Giles.

                "The message that we got from the PTB was,' we want your help so that we can help you'," said Turee.
                "Right then, you find this Proserphone, be nice to her, when she thinks of you as friends and reveals where her winter halves husband is, Zeus will be happy with you for your help and this Proserphone will then help you, simple really," said Giles.

                "Why did you refer to her sister as her winter half?" asked Faith.
                "It's not her sister, her winter half is quite literally her. During the Spring, Summer and Autumn she lives on the surface, she relishes the flowers, she loves life, however during the winter months she goes underground and lives with her husband, then she hates all life," continued Giles.

                "Giles have you met our new friend here, Giles this is Proserphone, Proserphone this is Giles," said Faith.
                "I am pleased to meet you, from what you say, you did not think that I have had many friends," said Proserphone.

                "I'm sorry, didn't know that the legend was truthful," said an amazed Giles.
                "Faith came up to me and made friends with me, all other folk have ignored me, Faith has done wrong in her past but she wants that to change, she is my friend."
                "Thanks," said a stunned Faith.

                "If that is right Giles, I will be glad to tell my.......... oh .......My father has just spoken to me, he sends you his heart felt thanks. I am whole, and, I am part of what you refer to as, 'the Powers That Be'," said Proserphone.

                "We'll have to explain what everyone is," said Giles.

                "That is not a problem, Illyria was a Goddess in a hell dimension, yet she has chosen to be good, to want to live with her new found self, to be considered a friend by you all, she regards you all as friends and even though she does not know what the meaning of love is, that is what she feels for the vampire Wesley, maybe even Faith."

                "Do you always say the truth?" asked Turee.
                "The truth, I have never thought of it like that, only that I know what is," said Proserphone.
                "I don't know if I'd always say the truth, a little white lie can help," reflected Faith, "now if my name was Giles," she said smiling at Giles.

                Giles looked at her, allowed a wry grin to adorn his face and then he walked away and crossed the road in order to have a chat with Angel. As he went through the doors he saw that Nina was standing behind the counter.

                "Hello Mr Giles, what do we owe this pleasure to?"
                "Huh, oh, I'm sorry. I'm not used to being spoken to like that, normally it's a case of, ?Oi, what do you want, so thank you. I have come here to see about having a chat with Angel, is he here," said Giles.
                "If you wait here, I will go and find him," said Nina.
                presently Angel came into the lunch bar, seeing Giles there.

                "What do you want Giles?"
                "It's just a thought, but that thing about the medieval banquet, as we have a guest, I thought that it would be an opportune time about now," said Giles.

                "Sounds like a good idea, but, who is the guest?" asked Angel.
                "A young woman that goes by the name Proserphone."
                "Proserphone? now that is a name," said Nina.
                "Yes, not your usual type of name is it," said Angel.

                "Well this woman is not your usual sort of person, her father is one of the ?Powers That Be?, he is Zeus, and this woman is one of the ?Powers That Be'," said Giles. Angel and Nina were visually stunned.
                "She! what! hang on! she's one of the PTB!, her father is one of the Gods of Olympia?" asked Angel.

                "Yes and the people she likes with the most are Faith and Illyria!" said Giles.
                "Stranger and stranger, um, anyway, a party is a good idea, it?ll make up for the one we didn?t have," said Angel

                "I will notify the hotel and make a booking and then let you know when it is," said Giles.
                "Why not use the phone here?" asked Nina.
                While Giles rang the hotel, Nina and Angel began to think of ideas for their costumes.

                When Giles came back he said that the booking was for Friday week, and that he had said that there was thirty five people, he had allowed for seven guests as some entertainment would be needed. Angel commented that Spike had mentioned about him taking some dancing lessons so maybe he could do a surprise for everyone.

                "The thought of Spike doing a waltz or the two step would give even me, a heart attack," said Angel.
                "I will pay for the do, would you be okay to pay for the drinks?" asked Giles.

                "If that's okay with you, then yes," replied Angel.
                By the middle of the next morning everybody had been told about the banquet, there was an excited hum about the place and by the evening Willow had been told that she would have to make a special trip into town to get the make-up orders for the boys and girls. Several costumes had been organised.

                Dana and Vi were having a great time together, several ideas had been suggested, maybe like gypsy's, or as nurses but the one that was the most favourable was that they should all go as rich men's daughters. Dawn had managed to get herself a pair of large white wings which she wore with a long flowing bright white dress and a gold chain loosely around her hips.

                Early the next morning Giles was sorting through the books and making the display of crystals and the individual name sheets look presentable, the door opened and in walked May.
                "You seem to know about that," said May.
                "Hmm yes, I had a shop in Sunnydale, a magic shop."

                "Sunnydale, a few of the girls have said about that place but it is not on the latest maps, but it is on the old maps which is a bit strange," said May.
                "Ah yes, the town of Sunnydale was totally destroyed when Buffy and various forces fought against the First evil," said Giles.

                "What is the ?First evil'?" asked May.
                "It is the name for the original evil," said Giles.
                "Oh, I was told that there was a big earthquake near here," said May.

                "Yes that was the excuse given, but the real reason is what I have just told you, Spike wore the amulet that killed off the Turok-Hans and some other demons, in doing so it brought down the earths surface around the hellmouth and thereby he destroyed the town of Sunnydale," said Giles, "you might as well put the signs out, out the front."

                May took the signs out from behind the counter and went to place them near the footpath. When she came back in.
                "There is a man out there, he asked about the town of Sunnydale, he wanted to know if we had any books about it," said May.

                "Who is he?" asked Giles.
                "He said that he was the principal of the high school in Sunnydale," said May.
                "Good grief, Robin Wood, I knew him, tell him that I'm in here and see what his expression is."

                May went out side and approached the car in their car parking area.
                "What is it?" asked the man in the car.
                "What is your name?" asked May.
                "It is Robin Wood, why."

                "The owner says that he knows you, his name is Mr. Giles," said May closely looking to see watch his face.
                "Giles! Giles is here?, well I'll be. This is a really weird day," said Robin.

                Giles nearly smiled when Robin entered the museum.
                "Didn't think that I would see you again," said Giles.
                Once they had greeted each other, Robin stood back.
                "This has been a really weird day, last night I dreamt that Spike was more important than even he would have thought, that and a few other things," said Robin.

                "And how did you react to that, what do you think of Spike these days, any old hang-ups?" asked Giles.
                "No, not really. Spike did a very good thing, he showed me that the grudge that I used to keep with me was unfounded, although that dream last night was a bit much," said Robin.

                "It sounds as though it wasn't a dream, more of a way of telling you what was happening. You see Spike is no longer just a vampire with a soul, he is a human with the characteristics of a vampire, he lives and breathes now," said Giles.

                "Spike is human, how, who did that?" asked Robin.
                "Who you may refer to as him up there. Oh, and Spike is here, you will probably see him later this morning, he often comes over here to help out with the training of the slayers and the watchers."

                "Alright, so he helps out with the training thing, but then he used to do that, but how does he get over here?" asked Robin.
                "He is human now," said Giles, "look, a lot has happened and a lot of things have been explained, if I tried to tell you I am sure that I would leave out some stuff so if your going to come back then you will find stuff out bit by bit," stated Giles.

                "The one thing that I always wanted to know was, Buffy used to say that Angel was in touch with the Powers That Be, who the Powers That Be are, so when you find out I will be glad to hear it," said Robin.
                "The PTB?, we know who they are, Turee, er Willow told us and if you want to wait awhile there is one of them at the back, she is asleep at the moment," said Giles.

                "What! One of the PTB is here! she is a friend?"
                "Yes, and her father is one of the PTB, his name is Zeus," said Giles.
                "Zeus, as in Zeus?" asked an astounded Robin.
                "Yes, and his daughter is a Goddess she is a friend to another Goddess and Faith," said Giles.

                "So who is this other Goddess," asked Robin.
                "Her name is Illyria, she used to be a Goddess in a hell dimension, and I am a good friend to a current HellGod, and that is another long story," said Giles.

                "Enough, like you said, tell me bit by bit," said Robin.
                "Carrying on from what you were saying about all the things that have happened round here it would be a good idea if you were to make up a little booklet to give to people," suggested May.

                "That's a good idea, you'd better be careful, she's a clever girl," said Robin.
                "Well it does seem to run in the family," said Giles.
                "She is your sister?" asked Robin.

                "No, but her sister is a Watcher," replied Giles, "and it has been mentioned about her ideas, with what her sister is. The problem is she is so good around here, Robin, what are you looking at?"
                "The thought of Spike walking in the sun, as though it's natural," said Robin.

                "Well can you imagine my thoughts when I saw Spike and Angel holding hands skipping in the sunlight and both of them singing that song that was the trigger the First had on Spike," said Giles.
                "They were both in the sun, they were holding hands, skipping and singing," repeated Robin.

                "They did it as a joke, but I was literally stunned, almost fixed to the ground. Afterwards I saw the funny side of it though," said Giles.
                "Well if you ever want to return the laughs, just say that you saw Angel and Spike holding hands and smiling at each other, and make a comment about they may be gay, see what happens then," said Robin.

                "Hello Spike, do you remember Robin?" asked Giles.
                "Yes, what's this about me being gay?" asked Spike.
                "I here that your a good person," said Robin.
                "Yeh, yeh, what's this about me being gay?" asked Spike again, this time a little more forcefully.

                "May, can you go to the rooms and ask Faith to come here?" asked Giles, deliberately trying hard to ignore Spike's questions.
                "Ask Faith to go to the kitchen, I'll wait for her there," said Spike.
                When Spike had gone Giles turned to Robin and said,
                "Now that was enjoyable, it's nice to make Spike squirm like that," said Giles, smiling, "I really can't wait to say that to Angel."

                "If you can make up the booklet like May suggested that would be appreciated, I said that I would be somewhere else soon, but if it's okay I would like to come back and ask about some of the other people," said Robin.
                Giles said that it would be good to see him again, and bid him farewell.

                Turee announced,
                "There is going to be a practice of the special dance, in the training room."
                "There are seven people involved now," said Angel.

                "Seven people?, who on earth are they?" asked Giles, a bit bemused.
                Turee told him who they were and then added that Angel had organised for a famous singer to do a couple of numbers and that he had got a band that most people will remember to do the rest of the night.

                One big surprise is that Charles would be reading a bit of poetry that he had written! Giles asked if Turee knew what the poetry was, and if Charles was any good at writing stuff, as he was putting together a new advert for the place, he had asked Clem to see if he could write a jingle, but if they both wrote it, then it may be even better.

                Turee asked how would the jingle be better if they were both working on it, Giles told her that each person would spur on the other person. Just then the door at the back opened and in walked Faith and May.
                "I hope you didn't wake me up just so that I could see Spike, I was told that principal Wood was here," said Faith.

                "That would be a yes and yes, however Robin has left," said Giles.
                "Okay, if ?Robin' does come back and I'm not here, tell him that I'm
                *16 working on a nice surprise for him," said Faith.
                Having said that she left to go back to the wonderful company of Spike, Giles turned to face Turee and he looked at her, he was as puzzled as she was.

                "I hope she didn't mean what I think she means 'cos I don't think I could say that to Robin," said Giles.
                "I reckon we're thinking along the same line, but please, do enjoy your next talk to Robin," said Turee.
                She casually sidled up to Giles and leant her head against his chest, looking deep into his eyes.

                "I wonder what she meant?, oh!, does she want to get all groiny and sweaty with Robin, and she wants you arrange it," said Turee, smiling and fluttering her eye-lashes.
                "Turee! How could you!," the door closes behind Turee as she leaves,
                "Hey!, come back here!," he turns to May, looks up and then says.

                "Anya, please come back!" said Giles, "there is never a vengeance demon around when you need one."
                "Who is this Anya? and what is a vengeance demon?" asked May.

                "Oh dear, this just keeps getting harder, Anya was born about one thousand one hundred and forty five years ago, or so. Her name was Aud, but a meeting with a demon called D'Hoffryn, Lord of Arashmahar happened and she became a vengeance demon and her name was Anyanka, we then called her Anya. A vengeance demon grants a wish and gives the hurt person vengeance. Hm, that about covers it," said Giles as he cleaned his glasses.

                "A thought, if you were to expand the descriptions a bit and add a picture of all the demons you've heard about or come across, the earth bound demons, Gods and Goddesses, Slayers and Watchers you could make up a book," said May.
                "Seems like a good idea, I might even be able to make some more
                money," said Giles.

                "Look, I now some people in the business. If you write the book then do it yourself and sell them to magic shops, I know some people in the trade and they have other shops in other cities and some of those are in other countries," suggested May.

                "Oh yes, um I have some contacts in other countries as well," said Giles.
                "Well there you go then, I don't think you'd sell many books to non magic shops or the like," said May.

                "Well, back to the present, hopefully I should have an advert for this place in the papers tomorrow and Saturday, and what with Clem and Charles I hope that they will come up with a tune and some lyrics for a television advert," said Giles.

                "And with the weekend the day after tomorrow, here's hoping that we will be a bit more successful, I might even make you regret offering me a part of the profits from this place," said May.
                "No I won't regret that, you deserve all you get, your good for this place," said Giles.
                Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                  THE NEWW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 10

                  THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                  CHAPTER 10 OF 22 THE MISSING LINK

                  At ten in the morning Turee was looking for Nina, Nina had gone to
                  the storeroom to get some more meat pies, ready for the midday rush.
                  "Hello, I'm just going out for some office supplies," Turee told Angel, "tell Nina I will be back in about an hours time."

                  When Nina went back into the lunch bar she was told what Turee was going to do. Later that afternoon, halfway through the meeting of the watchers and slayers, and the various members of Angel Investigations, several near arguments had been stopped. But there was a lot of tension.

                  Faith said why there was so much vented animosity flying about.
                  "Our little peacemaker isn't here, Turee."
                  Nina leant closer to Angel,
                  "Wasn't Turee going to get some supplies for the computer ?" asked Nina.

                  "Yeah she was, but she said that was going to be back about four and a half hours ago, it's unlike her not to let us know if she is going to be late," said Angel.
                  "Is she missing ?" asked Spike.
                  "Is who missing ?" asked Giles.

                  "Turee," said Spike.
                  "Let's keep it quiet until we're sure," said Angel.
                  "Spike, you and Faith go to the place that we get our office supplies from, see if Turee has been there and let us know," said Angel, as

                  casually as he could.
                  "Giles, are you going to stay here, or are you going over the road?" asked Faith.
                  "I'll stay here, you find out where she is," said Giles.

                  As soon as Spike and Faith, left the tension rose, though hardly a word was spoken. Giles gazed at the floor, "She's still the best."
                  Faith rang Giles, "We've found her car, it's got the computer paper from the shop in it, but there is no sign of Turee, Spike is asking after her in the shops nearby.

                  I hate to say it but we need some more people here and quick."
                  "I'm going to send one of the vans to you, stay at the shop and send the people where you think they will do the best, I'll stay here so get back to me when the van arrives," said Angel.

                  Spike was talking to Faith, telling her which shops he had checked, one of the shopkeepers had said that there was a place a bit further along the road that sold old religious books, of the pagan type, it also had various other curious artefacts, Faith said that a load of people were on their way in one of the AI vans.

                  Angel was ringing Kate to see if she had some one that was available to join the search for Turee, whilst he waited for the phone to be answered he was trying to think of other people to call.
                  "Kate speaking,"

                  "Angel here, how's the sunny side of the city."
                  "Angel ! how are you, I've just had a call from Giles."
                  "He would have asked the same thing as me then."
                  "Oh, about Turee, huh?" asked Kate.

                  "Yep, it's a bit to early to panic, but it is Turee, she normally does what she says she is going to do. Now she has only been gone for about four and a half hours but, well," said Angel.

                  "Like you said Angel, it is a bit early to panic, but it's Turee, I'm still friends with some of the detectives in the missing persons dept., I'll give them a call and ask them to keep a look out for her. I will ask some shop owners to keep a watch for her," said Kate.

                  "Thanks, you've given me a few ideas of people to ask, I'll get back to you soon. If you do want to be in contact there will be some one in our office all the time, ?till we find her," said Angel.
                  As soon as the phone had been put down it started to ring again,

                  "It's Giles, I've just put a call through to Owen and Anne,"
                  "Good, thanks for telling me that, I was just about to ring you about the same thing, that saves me a call, do you know of any magic type shops near to where Turee went,

                  hopefully she's reading a book or something," said Angel.
                  "I've already rung most of those shop in that area, with no joy," replied Giles.
                  By ten thirty that night nothing about Turee's where a bouts was known and the team was coming back in.

                  Illyria, Wesley, Gunn, Sally, Nina, Vi and Kyles were ready to go out and continue the search, Anne and Owen had said that they wanted to be included in the next days search teams.
                  Angel mentioned that every-one was looking or getting ready to look for Turee, even the PTB.

                  Illyria suggested that they split up into more groups and drive around, at twelve fifteen Vi, Kyles, Nina and Gunn went into a hospital for a look, and to get some food stuff and a hot drink.
                  One of the doctors remembered seeing a girl sitting in a chair in the waiting rooms, the girl in the photo.

                  How ever she had left before anyone had seen her, that was a few hours back. Gunn used the phone to relay the news back to AI, the other group was told and they came to the hospital.

                  Laurie, an old girlfriend of Percy had seen Turee wandering the streets a bit earlier and while she didn't recognise her as Turee she did remember seeing her at a party in one of the U. C., Sunnydale frat houses.

                  She befriended Turee and offered to let her stay at her place. Laurie worked as a computer input clerk for a law firm, she asked one of the receptionists to contact the police and see if they could find a Buffy Summers, as that was the only persons name that Laurie could remember being a friend to the girl.

                  Owen and Anne had joined up with Faith and Spike to help in the search for Turee, the lead from the hospital had dried up. Andrew, Dana, Dawn and Xander were going to the various police stations with lots of copies of Turee's details and photos. May, Sandy, Susan and Brenda were visiting all the doctors surgeries and leaving photos with details about Turee and the contact numbers for A. I..

                  Chandelle, Heidi, Lydia and Gillian were pounding the footpath handing out flyers to occasional people that they passed. Giles and Angel were having a discussion.

                  "I thought of the various lunch bars around here, maybe they were trying to put the big squeeze on us, we could ask them about Turee but it would need some-one else to do it as I might change faces if they don't give me the answer that I want," said Angel.

                  "I'll go and check them out, although I may take some-one else with me just in case, don't think your right though," replied Giles.
                  "I don't think so either," said Angel, "trouble is, well, what else can we do, oh Kate is going to drop by soon and help here for a while.

                  It would be good if you and her went to all those other lunch bars."
                  "Clem had a good idea last night, I had some big posters of Turee done for him, he used one of your vans."
                  "I remember him saying that he wanted one of the vans today to look for Turee," said Angel.

                  "He was going to put those posters on the sides of the van and on the back doors and just drive around all day," said Giles. "Nice idea."
                  "Yes, he said that he would put a poster each side of the logo and try to cash in on any memory of the boy being found," said Giles.

                  "Flip me, now that is a good idea, good on Clem."
                  Kate came into the office, "Giles, Angel. There is a report of a fire on Robertson Blvd, the road has been closed to all traffic, a van is blocking the road, it's one of the AI vans," said Kate.
                  "Check all the news programs, it might be on them as well," said Giles.

                  "Kate, if you could go with Giles to the other food outlets around here," suggested Angel.
                  "Yes, that will be ok, Angel. After all, that is what I'm here for, anything that will help," said Kate.

                  "Giles, before you go can you set the DVD machine to record the local news, also if any-one is around ask them to watch the news, and let me know if there is any views of the van?" asked Angel.

                  On the way to the first food outlet on the list that Angel had prepared Kate got a call on her phone. "Is that you Kate ?"
                  "Yes, Kate here, who is it, and what do you want ?"
                  "It's Sgt,. Brian Delawoy, I've been asked to try and find the whereabouts of a Buffy Summers, I was told that you may know of her, can you help me?"

                  "What do you want her for?" asked Kate.
                  "Some law firm in the city is looking for a friend of hers and they need some help," said Brian
                  "Yes, I do know her, but she is out at the moment, I'll get her to give you a call later, is that okay?" asked Kate.

                  "Thank you, that'll be fine,"
                  "What was all that about?" asked Giles.
                  "Some-one is looking for a Buffy Summers, they think that she can help some-one else find a person for them."

                  Kate rang Owen and Buffy's home phone and left the message for Buffy to contact the police. At four that afternoon Dawn rang Angel to say that they had not had any luck in finding any trace of Willow and that they were on their way back to AI..

                  "There have been a couple of reports about a fire in the city that had disrupted the traffic flow and that there was a good shot of one of the AI vans," said Angel.
                  That evening the chatter returned to A I and the watchers chambers although the main topic was the appearance of the van on the news.

                  Anne rang the police at eight that evening and left a message. As it was, Sgt,. Delawoy's phone was noticed as having a message on it by one of his partners, the law firm was contacted and a message left on their answering machine at ten fifteen that night.

                  The next morning, in the early hours. ?Turee' woke up with a start, she had been having a very frightening dream. Laurie woke and went to see what all the screaming was for, ?Turee' said, "I was having a very bad dream and I was in it, but I was a vampire, there were some other people that I had seen, there was this man was there doing some sort of witchcraft, he had called her Willow, and me. The actual words he said were, ?you, er Willow's sit here and make up the circle'.

                  There was another part, there were some demon's fighting a girl and she was attacking them, and winning, and this other man with short bleached blonde hair, he was a vampire, he attacked a demon, the thing is, I told him not to throw it in the hole. The girl, I think her name is Buffy, she called it the Hellmouth !

                  The really frightening thing is that I woke up, and I saw them again, I saw this man, the vampire, he said, ?Come on, vampires, Rrr nasty, lets annihilate them, for justice, and for the safety of puppies, and for christmas, RIGHT ! Lets fight that evil, lets kill something'. "

                  "What am I," she looked at Laurie, "what sort of people do I call friends, am I a vampire?"
                  "At least you know your name is Willow, even if you don't remember it yourself. I don't know what you are, but you'll be okay," said Laurie.

                  After she'd got the message from her friend at reception, Laurie rang the phone number she had been given and left a message;
                  "Is that Buffy Summers? This is Laurie, I was a friend of a boy called Percy from Sunnydale High. I found this girl wandering the streets a couple of days ago. I remember this girl was friends with you.

                  She had a dream last night and she reckons that her name is Willow, I'll leave you my phone number."

                  For Laurie it had been another boring day, doing the same as every other day. It had been a long day of walking the streets for Anne and Owen, they found no-one who had seen or even heard of Turee. They stopped at their house on the way back to AI, Dawn was giving Dana the guided tour. Buffy flicked the switch and listened to the message on the machine.

                  "Dawn!, I think she's found, it could be Turee, MOVE !" shouted Buffy.
                  As Owen pulled the car into the parking lot at AI, a little bit faster than he should have, it was definitely faster that Buffy thought. Buffy told Dawn to get Giles, Owen ran into the lunch bar asked for Angel, then ran to find him,

                  "Angel, some-one left a message on our answering machine, this girl, Laurie, said that a person was staying with her and that person had lost their memory, Laurie said that this girl had a dream when she was awake and that her name might be Willow !"

                  Within minutes all the folk from AI, the museum, all the Slayers and the Watchers were waiting for Angel to come back with an address, but his phone rang just as he was about to leave, he answered straight away.
                  "Angel! It's Kate, the police have just this minute told me, they've got reports that Turee has just been seen with another girl."

                  "Thanks," said Angel, "we've just got her address, we're going there to see this Laurie, bye."
                  Half an hour later, Laurie got up to answer the door,
                  "I'm Buffy, is T, er Willow here ?"

                  "Yeh, she's here."
                  "Thank god," said Buffy.
                  "Look, she still hasn't got her memory back, so be easy with her," said Laurie.

                  "Okay, can I see her ?" asked Buffy.
                  "Come in, thanks for coming so quick," said Laurie.
                  "I'm just glad I got here first, there is a few others in the car," said Buffy. "Hi-ya, how do you feel," Buffy asked 'Willow.'

                  "Hi, I had a dream and this thing called you a Chosen One, that right ?" asked ?Willow.' "Well, yes," said Buffy.
                  "I think she was scared by her dream, she's still scared," said Laurie.
                  "Umm, this is my husband Owen and this is my sister Dawn. Owen tell the others that it isn't a good idea if they all turn up," said Buffy.

                  "Where is she then," said Spike.
                  "Are you a vampire ?" asked ?Willow.'
                  "Yes, and no, why," said Spike. "What's wrong Spike?" asked Illyria.
                  "She has lost her memory, she doesn't remember us at all," said Owen.

                  Illyria moved closer to ?Willow,' looking at her from different angles,
                  "Do you remember me?" asked Illyria. "No," said ?Willow.'
                  "You are a friend, you see me as a friend," said Illyria.
                  "Thank you, I'm sorry but what is your name."

                  "My name is Illyria, this is Spike, he is your friend as well," said Illyria.
                  "Your being very nice, why?" asked Spike.
                  "I have seen this before in you humans, it must be handled carefully, if you want the person to remember and if you want to be friends when they get their memory back, now if there was some-one she knew well to bring her back," said Illyria.

                  "And Turee is a such nice person, if anyone was to deserve my help it would be her, she has always been around to help other people," said Spike. "Why did you say you humans ?" asked ?Willow.'
                  "Oh, it's a force of habit, I used to say that to upset people, my apologies to you," said Illyria.

                  "Thanks," said ?Willow.'
                  Owen gently pulled Anne away from Turee and whispered to her,
                  "Illyria is a Goddess from a hell dimension and Spike, he was one of the evilest vampires around, but look at them, now they are both trying to be very nice and helpful to Turee."

                  "Shows what they think of Turee doesn't it, I get the feeling that they'd do anything for her," said Buffy.

                  "Oh, Spike, sorry I didn't see you there, what d'ya want?" asked Buffy.
                  "Before all of us, you know, the vampires, demons, Gods, Vampire Slayers and immortal beings were in ?Willows' life, who was there?" asked Spike.

                  "Just Xander, and maybe Giles, why?" asked Buffy.
                  "They would be the best to bring her back, she could be brought back to speed, slowly and in a non-frightening way," said Spike.
                  "Like I just said Buffy, they would do what ever they could to help her," said Owen.

                  "Spike, get Xander and Giles up here," said Buffy.
                  "Okay, but is this Laurie good with the idea of us being here, anything wrong with Turee being at your place," said Spike.
                  Owen and Anne visually agreed with the idea,

                  "Some-one will need to be at her beck ?n' call though," said Owen.
                  "I don't think that that will be a problem," said Buffy.
                  "Laurie," said Owen, "are you okay with the idea of us taking ?Willow' to our house ?"

                  "Yeah, that's fine with me, can I have your phone number though, I'd like to know how you get on."
                  "Owen, if we take Dawn, Spike and Illyria with us and ?Willow' back to our place hopefully that will be alright with ?Willow' as well."
                  Buffy had only been back for a few minutes when Xander and Giles arrived.

                  "Have you been told what your here for," said Spike.
                  "I presume it is to look after Turee," said Giles.
                  "Hmm, that as well. The main reason is that you were her friends before all the supernatural stuff happened. Xander I don't want to hear you say 'oops'," said Buffy.

                  "Good of you to think of us like that," said Giles.
                  "Hey, not my idea," said Buffy.
                  "Well, who's idea was it?" asked Giles.
                  "Spikes," said Buffy.

                  "Better get him a chair then," said Xander.
                  "Go on Xander, why do you think Spike needs a chair ?" asked Buffy.
                  "That's the third good idea he has had this year, he'll need have a rest,"

                  A bit later Illyria, Spike and Dawn left. Turee was shown where she would be sleeping until she got her memory back. Owen took several blankets and pillows down for Giles and Xander. They looked at each other.

                  "As I am older than you, and as I have a bad back I think it's only fair that I have the sofa," said Giles.
                  "You have a bad back?, I didn't know that," said Owen.
                  "I don't really, but I just don't like the idea of sleeping on the floor," said Giles, very quietly to Owen.

                  Thew next morning, while Xander and Giles were ?amicably' discussing who should use the shower first ?Willow' went outside and she decided to go for a walk, as she approached a car yard there was something telling her that she should wait near there. After a while a young woman said hello to her.

                  Giles and Xander were telling each other off because they couldn't find Turee anywhere. Not looking forward to this, Xander rang Buffy.

                  "Buffy? is that you, sorry about this, but, ?oops',"
                  "Oh Xander, what have you done?" asked Buffy.
                  "We've lost Turee," admitted Xander.
                  "What!, Turee's gone again, you what !"

                  A voice in her head was told her to tell Xander to stay there and that he shouldn't do anything for a minute or so,
                  "Xander just wait there a bit," said Buffy.
                  "What is it, who are you ?" thought Buffy.

                  "It is Proserphone, Turee is at the car yard, tell Illyria that this is our help to you," thought Proserphone.
                  "Whose help," thought Buffy.
                  "The Powers That Be and the demon hunters," thought Proserphone.

                  "Wait, if you knew that she would go missing why didn't you tell us so that we could stop it."
                  "Because she is talking to the Goddess T'ara," thought Proserphone.
                  "Oh!, she is talking to a Goddess?, then that's a good thing," thought Buffy

                  "I?m going to go home now, so I won't see you until your on the way, I mean, to being one of the Knights of Byzantium," thought Proserphone.
                  "That means I'm going to die again," thought Buffy.
                  "You are already dead, why do you need to die again, goodbye Buffy. I'm honoured to have met you."

                  "Xander, are you still there?" asked Buffy.
                  "Still waiting, what's up?" asked Xander.
                  "Go to the car yard, Turee is there," said Buffy.
                  "How do you know that she's there?" asked Xander.

                  "The PTB just told me and they said she's talking to Goddess T'ara."
                  "Giles, Turee is at the car yard," shouted Xander.
                  On their way to the car yard in Xander's car, Giles asked Xander a question that was causing him a bit of concern.

                  "How did you know that Turee is at the car yard ?"
                  "Buffy told me," said Xander.
                  "Oh, Buffy saw her," said Giles.
                  "No, the PTB told her," said Xander.

                  "Oh," said Giles.
                  "That's not all, the PTB told Buffy that Turee is talking to some-one, the Goddess T?ara," said Xander.
                  "That could be hard to explain," remarked Giles.

                  "I've got planned what I will say, when you try to explain that," said Xander.
                  "What will you say," said Giles, "um, hang on, pull over, I know her."
                  Xander stopped the car and they walked to the woman.

                  "I do know you don't I?" asked Giles.
                  "Not yet, but you will," said Curremy.
                  "What are you doing here?" asked Xander.
                  "We all came here to look for Turee, but she has been found."

                  "What? who are you, and them? and for Willow?" asked Xander
                  "I am the Goddess Curremy, they are the Riders of Bouicandeni. We are all searching for Turee."
                  "If she hadn't been found how many would come to look for her?" asked Giles.

                  "Only once has the full armed forces been in one place at one time, and that was to protect England's glory, Stonehenge. But the army was a lot smaller then."
                  "They would all be here?, how many was there, then and these Riders where are they?" asked Giles.

                  "There was only about fifteen million then. The Riders are above us but as I now know, Goddess T'ara found her, they are talking."
                  Giles looked up, "Where are they?"
                  "They are invisible, but if you look to the sky you may see where the light has edges, that is them."

                  "How does Turee know this Goddess T?ara?" asked Xander.
                  "Because they are equals, friends. Now if you will stand back, I need to send the others back."

                  "Who?, what others, and where?" asked Giles.
                  "The Riders of Bouicandeni, I am needed to send them back to our dimension."
                  "How? another dimension? could you do that?" asked Xander.

                  "You don't know do you? You'll know soon, before I go, your Cordelia is with us, she is called Chaser."
                  With that Curremy began to glow, then a pure white dome of light surrounded her, when the light was gone so was she.

                  "Got it!, the yellow crayon, yes the yellow crayon, that's the answer. When Willow and I were in kindergarten she broke the yellow crayon, it made her cry, it really upset her, if anything will help her memory to come back, then that will be it!"
                  Back in the car, going to the car yard.

                  "Look there she is," said Giles, pointing at Turee.
                  "It's rude to point," said Xander.
                  "There she is," said Giles, not pointing this time.
                  "Where," said Xander.
                  "There you berk," said Giles, pointing again.
                  "It's rude to point," said Xander ( pointedly ).
                  Giles slowly shook his head, "Damn."

                  Xander got out of the car and went over to where Turee was standing.
                  "You don't need another car, you've already got one,"
                  ?Willow' turned around, "Your Xander aren't you,"

                  "Correct, say, how about getting in my car and we'll go back to Buffy and Owen's place," said Xander.
                  "Who is in the car?" asked ?Willow.'

                  "That's Giles, don't you worry about him. I've got to stop on the way back, I've got to get some drawing stuff," said Xander.
                  "Your an artist, are you?" asked 'Willow.'
                  "Nope," said Xander.

                  "Am I an artist then?" asked ?Willow.'
                  "Nope, your as bad as me, if it's painting by numbers," said Xander.
                  Xander put the sheets of paper on the table and all the crayons.
                  "Three sheets?, I hope that you are not thinking that I'm going to try and draw something," said Giles.

                  "You don't want to try and help our ?Willow'?"
                  "Hey, little missy, why don't you sit here and draw a landscape with a nice bright sun and lovely clouds."
                  "How should I do that?" asked ?Willow.'

                  "Do the ground, a few trees, the sun with some nice bright sun-rays, then some clouds and a nice blue sky," said Xander.
                  "Okay," said ?Willow.'
                  "What are you two going to do?" asked 'Willow.'

                  "We'll do the same thing," said Xander.
                  ?Willow' drew the ground, and then a small forest but when she went to do the sun she realised that the colours were not right.
                  "What colours do I use for the sun?" asked ?Willow.'

                  "The best way would be to use a red and then a yellow, but you may have to press it hard though," said Xander.
                  ?Willow' carefully drew the edges to the sun then filled it in with the red. "To make it look good, if you put a thin line around it with the yellow," said Xander.

                  "I'm just going to make a cuppa, anyone else want one?" asked Giles.
                  Both ?Willow' and Xander said that it would be good,
                  "How should I use the yellow?" asked ?Willow.'
                  "If you hold the crayon near the end and press hard it will work out quite good," said Xander.

                  ?Willow' began to fill in the sun, concentrating hard, suddenly the crayon broke, ?Willow' cried out,.......she screamed out loud then burst into tears, holding her head in her hands. All of a sudden she stopped.
                  "You did this on purpose didn't you, Xander?" asked Turee. The tone in her voice had changed.

                  "Welcome back T," said a smiling Xander.
                  "A yellow crayon, eh," said Turee.
                  "Simple really," said Xander, "Giles."

                  Turee rushed to Giles, flung her arms around him, and hugged him, knocking the cups of tea out of his hands.
                  "I'll ring Buffy to let her know that you are back, then Angel. They will all be happy to know that you are with us again." said a very happy Giles.

                  Turee thanked Xander, while Giles rang Anne.
                  "Hello, Anne there?" asked Giles, he said why he was ringing.
                  "Buffy, it's Giles, Xander did it with a yellow crayon."
                  "Giles, Buffy just said she is on her way, she threw me the phone," said Owen, "great news about Turee, glad you found her again!"

                  "We didn't, they did, and there?s lots of them. Willow will always be one of us, but that Turee, I think even the Goddesses look up to her."

                  Giles rang Angel Investigations
                  "Spike," said Giles, "Spike, can you tell Angel to get a party started, our Turee's back !"
                  "Thank you, I'll tell everyone," said Spike.

                  Spike put the phone down then shouted as loud as he could,
                  "Turee's back !" he then rang Faith.
                  "Faith, it's Spike, pass the word about, Turee is back,"

                  Spike went outside and looked up at a security camera.
                  "Hey Angel, if you can see and hear me move the camera, good, get down here and crank up the BBQ, Turee is coming home !"

                  Spike took a few steps forward, stopped, picked a ciggy, flicked the top of his cigarette lighter open, looked around, "Home, sweet home!"
                  Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                  Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                    THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATONS pt 1 CH 11

                    THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                    CHAPTER 11 OF 22 THE BANQUET

                    ANDREA WENT AS BLACKSMITH
                    ANDREW " THE GOSSIP COLUMNIST
                    ANGEL " THE PURITAN
                    BRENDA " SERVING WENCH
                    BUFFY " FAITH
                    CHANDELLE " BLUE LADY
                    CHASER " VETERINARIAN
                    CLEM " DEVIL
                    DANA " BLACK LADY
                    DAWN " AN ANGEL
                    FAITH " BUFFY
                    GILES " THE KINGS SCRIBE
                    GILLIAN " GOLD DIGGER
                    GUNN " A RICH MAN
                    HEIDI " GREEN LADY
                    ILLYRIA " PROSERPHONE
                    KYLES " YELLOW LADY
                    LYDIA " GHOST OF SERVING WENCH
                    MAY " WIZARD
                    NINA " ARABIAN PRINCESS
                    OWEN " TIGER TAMER
                    PROSERPHONE " ILLYRIA
                    SAFFRON " LOCKSMITH
                    SALLY " TIGRESS
                    SANDY " FARM LABOURER
                    SPIKE " PREACHER
                    SUSAN " RICH WIDOW
                    THOMSON " BLACKSMITH
                    TUREE " JOAN OF ARC
                    VI " RED LADY
                    WESLEY " ARTIST
                    WILLIAM " AN INN OWNER
                    *17 XANDER " GOD

                    Saturday afternoon's were always a bit hectic, this one was even more so as the museum and magic shop was closed. People were wondering around, Giles realised what was going to happen and he had deliberately turned up the sound system he had, so that he couldn't hear the girls shrieks.

                    If any of the girls did decide to ask him a question, he had put up a sign on his door, ?GONE TO SEE WESLEY'.
                    At four fifteen Giles found that there was an emergency situation, he had gone to make himself a cuppa and found to his horror that he had run out of tea!.

                    Realising that he may be seen Giles decided to put on a brave face and treat this as though he was doing a perfectly acceptable thing, then he hoped that he'd make it back without getting caught up in any of the girl's requests, the worst one he could imagine was if
                    *18 any of the girls asked him if the outfit they were wearing made them look fatter.

                    Wearing women's clothes was something that he avoided and discussing them came a very close second. Giles managed to make the kitchen without being seen by any one. He was nearly back in his room when he heard a little voice behind him,
                    "Oh please Mr., Giles, can you help me ?" asked Vi.
                    "Why, another two foot and I would have been home free," whispered Giles.

                    "I need some black shoe polish," continued Vi.
                    "Oh lovely, thank you, thank you," whispered Giles.
                    Then turning he turned around and saw fifteen girls and Xander, smiling at him. Vi gave a very descriptive situation report, "Gotcha !"
                    "Byeee," said Xander.

                    "Not again !" remarked Giles and quickly moved to the sanctuary of his room. He made himself a cup of tea then sank slowly into the chair, quickly he stopped,
                    "Oh my, I hope those poor people at the hotel know what they've let themselves in for," he said to himself.

                    At six thirty almost every-one was at, in, or near to the museum,
                    "Hey, put the kettle on," shouted some-one.
                    "It won't suit me," called back the Devil, very quickly,
                    "Good grief, I just heard the Devil make a joke !" said the preacher, "and I nearly laughed as well."
                    *19 "DEMON, DEMON ! there is a big demon outside," cried out the Puritan.

                    Everybody began to go outside,
                    "Of course it might be called a car," said the Puritan, grinning from ear to ear.
                    "The Preacher stood at the door way and began to bless the people and creatures that moved from the museum, until the Devil attempted to leave, "And you, you can bugger-off," said the Preacher, but he was smiling !

                    "It's going to be like that tonight," said the Scribe.
                    "And no-one's had a drink yet !" remarked God.
                    The queue to get through the doorway was getting longer,
                    *20 "HEY, get your hands of my bone," said the Wizards Apprentice.
                    Faith stared at The angel, "you felt his bone !"
                    "I didn't do it on purpose," said The Angel.

                    "Are you married," said the Preacher, to The angel,
                    "Of course not," said The angel.
                    "Your an unmarried woman, oh my, then you should be ashamed of yourself," said the Preacher.
                    The Wizards Apprentice pulled out the thigh bone from under his cape,
                    "Poor bone, did that nasty Angel touch you," he said, gently caressing it.

                    "Excuse me, Mr., Wizard's Apprentice, I am sorry that the white Angel with the red face touched your bone, now if Joan of Arc was accused of doing the same !" said Faith.
                    "We can but try," said the Wizards Apprentice, grinning, he casually moved towards Joan of Arc,
                    "What is that trying to stick out from under your cape," asked Joan of Arc.

                    The Wizards Apprentice showed Joan of Arc his thigh bone and almost dropped it, Joan of Arc quickly made a grab for his bone, about the same time as she realised what she was doing.
                    "Joan ! How could you," exclaimed Faith.
                    "Some-one once told me that Joan was a lesbian," remarked God.
                    "Buggered up that theory then," said the Preacher.
                    "Joan, hmm, I like the name Joan," said Faith.

                    The Preacher and Joan of Arc looked at Faith, The angel cleared her throat.
                    "I hope that was The Angel clearing it's throat," said Faith, pointedly.
                    Faith suddenly noticed how low The angel's neck line was at the front,
                    "What ! Where did you get those from," said Faith.
                    The Angel covered them with her hands.

                    "That's right deary, you hold them," said Buffy
                    The Angel poked her tongue at Faith and said,
                    "Have you died recently."
                    "Excuse me, I don't want to interrupt you lot to much, but I think that we should be going," said The Scribe.
                    "Good idea to keep them apart, that should stop them making funny comments all the time, however, the other way to look at it is that you will be putting them into lots of smaller groups and making the problem worse," remarked God.

                    "Oh no, what have I done! Oh well if you can't beat them," said The Scribe.
                    "Hey every-one listen up, The Scribe is going to say something funny," then facing The Scribe, God said quietly, "nothing like being dropped in it is there ?"
                    The Scribe looked at God, and if looks could kill.

                    "Right then, I want you all to have a good time so please be mindful of the other persons perspective, do not drink to much and drive safely there and back, I would like to thank God for getting everyone's attention, God thank you for doing as I asked and making sure that they would listen to me."
                    When walking away he closely passed a stunned God,

                    "I wonder what they think of you right now?" asked The Scribe, smiling.
                    Willow had organised to take the ?coloured' ladies to meet up with the carriage, so that they could make a grand entrance.
                    The foyer of the hotel was suddenly transformed as the wonderful costume clad people began to appear through the main doors, twenty people from the two vans of AI were entering.

                    The din was getting quieter, then the Gold Digger arrived,
                    "Who let the hooker in," came a voice from the back,
                    "There goes your speech, Scribe," said God.
                    The horse drawn carriage drew up to the front of the hotel, its gold plated ornaments glistening in the light. Five very beautifully dressed ladies floated into the foyer.

                    "Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you, oh sod it, where is the booze and the grub," said the Scribe
                    A rapturous applause and cheer followed, and they all moved into the Medieval Banquet hall. As the 'nice' people were sitting down the jugs of ale and shandy began to be dispersed. A compere for the night drew every-ones attention, he announced that the first entertainment for the night was a Rich Man who would be reciting his latest poem.

                    "I give you," and he held out his arm to the artist
                    "This is the first reading of this poem," said the Rich Man
                    *21 This poem bears the name, 'The Last And Final Shot'
                    "For the last and final shot you will not know
                    and you will care not, which hand, you will show."

                    "That last shot, it will always be coming with the question why,
                    but here is the thing, when you see you will not know, but, you may sigh."
                    "When you are all but ready, for the last and final burst,
                    be it when your feeling teary, or you are battling the First."
                    "Just crossing the street, deciding where to sit down
                    and have something to eat, not smiling, but wearing a frown."

                    "The world, is on a balance, because you will never know,
                    when you force a glance, for that last, and final shot."
                    "Show your appreciation for the Rich Man, that was well done. Now ladies and gentlemen and you others, we have for your enjoyment a gossip columnist and the wizards apprentice, they will present what is a lovely tale,"

                    The Gossip Columnist stepped up to the microphone, breathed in.
                    "One bright and lovely day while I was out walking I saw a couple of Birds of Paradise, they looked so lovely, I stood and stared at them and I wondered what to do next, then I remembered and so," he stepped back from the microphone and motioned his partner. The Wizards Apprentice stepped up to the front, turned to his accomplice and clapped a couple of
                    times, he raised both his arms to the roof and cried out loud.
                    "AND SO," he hung his head then moved back to his place and sat down.

                    The Columnist stepped forward, acknowledged his friend then continued his tale,
                    "I wondered along the walk trail, I noticed the beautiful flowers at the trails edge, I walked and walked for a couple of hours until I reached the end," he held out both arms to his audience blew them a couple of kisses and withdrew to his original position. Once again the Wizards Apprentice moved forward, looked apologetically to
                    to the audience, gazed at his book, looked up and said,
                    "THE END,"

                    "At the end," shouted the Columnist from his seat, then he looked at his cohort, shook his head and went to the microphone,
                    "I saw a gate that led to an open field," he smiled at the audience who cheered him, "The field," he continued, "was covered with thousands of wild flowers, the sight of all these colours was awe inspiring, I thought that truly heaven is here," the Columnist bowed to the audience who cheered, he then turned to the wizards apprentice and pointedly held out his hand and slapped it then walked to his seat and sat down. The Wizards Apprentice moved forward and quietly said into the microphone.
                    "IS HERE,"

                    Once again the gossip Columnist rose to the occasion,
                    "I seemed to float over the field, eventually I reached an old turn stile, once through I casually moved along a path to a canal, it was so appealing but I noticed, it's time, to say," he bowed and went to his seat again. The Wizards Apprentice strode to the front held an arm to the stars, breathed in deeply and said,
                    "IT'S TIME, TO SAY," he waited for his applause, but nothing happened.

                    "It is so clear," said the Columnist, "the water is so clear that I could see the fish, they behaved as dolphins all seeing and yet seemingly happy to follow me. But alas, I had to leave them, they seemed so human that I said good bye."
                    The Wizards Apprentice was surprised that the gossip had finished and he appeared to find his next words, when his face lit up it became apparent that he had found his place and he moved to the front and said,
                    "GOOD BYE," he bowed and listened to the silence, he sadly made his way back to his seat.

                    The Gossip Columnist smugly moved to the microphone, "As I was walking away, I came across another who was admiring the beauty that nature had created, I said to the person that she should go over to the canal that was far over there."
                    "Over where ?" asked the person.
                    Again I said, "Over there to the far canal."
                    The Wizards Apprentice joined the Gossip Columnist at the microphone, he looked at his friend, "F? F? OH DEAR," he said. They both bowed.

                    Joan of Arc looked at the Green Lady and shrugged her shoulders, the Green Lady smiled at Joan and said out loud,
                    "Say ?far' ?canal' as if it were one word."
                    Joan quickly covered her mouth with her hand and breathed in at about the same time as every-one else burst out laughing and began rapturously applauding.
                    The Wizards Apprentice held the microphone again and said,

                    Having said that the Wizards apprentice and the Kings Gossip Columnist bowed, then they left the stage.
                    The compere thanked them and said that while the next act was getting prepared they would take a break and that he would be back later.
                    The Preacher turned towards the Puritan,

                    "Whilst the language at the end could be described as pertaining to be unpleasant it was a very clever thing that they did, so if I had some money then I would surely offer it to them."
                    "Huh, what ? Oh yeah, it was good," said the Puritan.

                    "Well that was fun," said the Preacher.
                    "That Puritan bloke seems happy about it," said the Wizard.
                    "If you want to take that smile off his face, I can tell you how," said the Preacher.
                    "Go on then," said the Wizard.

                    "It'll be easy really," said the Preacher, "just be sure not to get drawn in to the heated discussion."
                    "Yeah, okay, understood," said the Wizard.
                    "It's all about who would win a fight between a caveman and an astronaught, the chances are they would never meet, so the argument is purely theoretical and as such, the only way to win is to kill those that disagree with you, of course the other thing is astronaughts tend to be middle aged, not fighting fit, where-as cavemen tend to be seriously fit or severely wounded, so any fight is going to unfair.

                    When people that are in the argument think of a person, they seem to imagine a twenty five year old that's fully fit, being that is the case a difference of belief occurs," declared the Preacher.
                    "Oh, right, gotcha, sit back and enjoy," said the Wizard
                    "Hang on a mo?, I've done this before and I know who will take a second bite," said the Preacher.

                    "Ha-haay, hey Puritan this Wizard agrees with me, she says the caveman would thrash an astronought, easily."
                    "She's demented then, it's obvious that the astronaught would win."
                    "Hey Joan, you tell this idiot that the caveman would win," said the Wizard.

                    With-in the minute several more had joined the discussion, with a few others on the cusp, the arguments followed
                    "Look at them," said the Columnist, this is meant to be a happy occaision, they are arguing with each other."
                    "Not every-one, look at the Wizard and the Preacher. They both look a bit smug, and guess what, they started all this off," said the Wizards Apprentice.

                    The columnist raised his beer to the Preacher and smiled, the Preacher smiled back.
                    "Give this a bit to die down then I'll get that Joan with my bone, listen this is what I'll do," said the Apprentice
                    He walked about the table and talked to a few folk, then returned to his seat.

                    Wesley tried to calm the arguing down.
                    "HEY ! Give it back," shouted the Wizards Apprentice
                    "I threw it to the Wizard," replied the Columnist, "I don't have it"
                    "Oi, Wizard you give it back," called the Apprentice.
                    "Come and get it then !" said the Wizard, "hey Joan catch this,"

                    Joan of Arc rose to catch the item, when suddenly the bone was in her hands. The Mack truck hitting her brought about the realisation that she had been set up.
                    "That's my bone! give it to me!" shouted the Apprentice.
                    "She's done it again," said The Angel, "that's terrible."
                    Joan sat down and ...a voice in her ear said it all,

                    "Who's a naughty girl," it was the Wizards Apprentice.
                    "Hey Joan, leave his bone alone," said Faith.
                    "Maybe somebody else should be called the Big Bad," said the Preacher.
                    "Button Button, whose got the Button, my monies on Red," said God.

                    Joan closed her eyes and hung her head.
                    "Excuse me could you please show me the bone," said the Scribe.
                    "Oh that's strange, nothing," he said to the Wizards Apprentice, then turning to face Joan he said, "Guess it must be a hands on thing."
                    This brought the house down, strangely enough Joan of Arc didn't appreciate it.

                    One of the waitresses handed the Preacher a certain bone from a chicken which he promptly held up,
                    "Hey Joan want to play with my bone, hope you get happy again 'cos we've got to do the doggy thing soon."

                    "Okay people, settle down," said the compere, "we now have some people who will show you their skills at dancing."
                    Faith, Buffy, the Scribe, God, Joan of Arc, the Puritan and the Preacher made their way on to the stage and stood in a line.

                    Shrieks of laughter filled the room as those on stage performed the Snoopy dance. When they had finished the dance the ?audience' erupted and encores were called for, the Preacher made a comment which
                    every-one on stage agreed with, he said,
                    "SOD OFF !"

                    The compere moved to the microphone," Such grace and tranquillity I have never seen before, thankfully, we now have a musical intermission.
                    A Motown type of music was heard, and the words,
                    "Don't leave me this way, I can't exist, I'll surely miss, your tender kiss,
                    Don't leave me this way, don't leave me this way,

                    The volume increased with the sound of Lorne's voice,
                    "My hearts are full of love,
                    And its all for you,"
                    Lorne's entrance was spectacular ! He proceeded with the song, then sang a few other songs.

                    The Puritan smiled, he was happy that all his friends were happy.
                    Lorne went and sat next to the Puritan and they talked and talked about their friends, on stage the instruments were being changed and unnoticed a few different people moved on to the stage, when they began playing they were instantly recognised as, ?Dingos Ate My Baby'.
                    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                      THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 12

                      THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                      CHAPTER 12 OF 22 A ROGUE VAMPIRE

                      It was late in the afternoon, about five o'clock. Simon was thinking about the evenings entertainment, but he was hungry and being nearly two metres tall and big boned; he needed some nourishment.

                      He had heard stories of various take-away foods that had caused the psychedelic yawns after consuming beers. So he thought that having some food first would be okay. Once he had made himself look and smell good, he went for a walk down to a take-away, on the way he became aware that he was being followed by two people, but he could see the take-away place and the street lights so he ignored them.

                      A graveyard?, what was he doing in a graveyard, where was the graveyard?. It was night but he didn't know what time it was, he went
                      to look at his watch but there was no watch, that was odd. It was one of those things that he automatically did, he always wore his watch. He realised that he was wearing his suit, why?, the last thing he remembered was walking to the pub, these were not the clothes for drinking in.

                      Anyway he decided to walk to the entry, find a bus or taxi and go home then he found out that he didn't have his wallet or any change or even his comb. "What's going on here," he said to himself.

                      Strangely enough no-one answered him, but that was okay as talking to yourself is one thing, but having some-one answer you can be a bit disconcerting, especially when you are by yourself. After ten minutes or so he reached the main entry, just as he realised the other way would have been a lot quicker, still he thought, I'd better find my way home; trouble was which way would he go.

                      Making a good decision had never been his strongest ability, and making decisions quickly was even worse, he looked around and saw a glowing in the sky.
                      "Aha!," he exclaimed, "a town !"

                      That was when he discovered that he was in a car park which brought about the problem of following the pathway into the graveyard and hoping that there was an exit closer to the lights or following the car park and finding the road, problems, problems, problems.

                      He thought that as he was at the car park he would find the entry/exit and then try and find his way home. Good grief! he realised that he had made a decision quickly and without any hum-'n'-arring. As Simon walked along the road he became aware of where he was.

                      "Great, it's just a reasonably short walk home," he said
                      Turee, Buffy, Dawn and Dana had gone for a drive in Turee's car, as they had become aware of the fact that no-one had tried to pull Gunn's leg, and they had decided to put the matter right.

                      How-ever the talk had been changed by a simple comment that Dawn made about Buffy's hair colour,
                      "Well a blonde would say that," said Dawn.
                      "There is absolutely nothing it would have to do with me being blonde," said Buffy, indignantly, "but it's better than me having mousy coloured hair, anyway."

                      "Oh, he-he, mousy hair, he-he," said Turee.
                      "Better than being a red head," remarked Dawn.
                      "Well, at least my hair is a proper colour, miss mousy head," said Turee.
                      "Wasn't that a vampire back there," said Dana.

                      "Yeah, I thought so as well," said Buffy.
                      "Let the mousy haired girl get the vamp," said Buffy.
                      "So, miss mousy hair, have you ever killed a vampire?" asked Turee.
                      *22 "Hnnn, no!" said Dawn.

                      "You've never dusted a vampire?" questioned Dana.
                      "My ?little' sister keeps killing them," said Dawn.
                      "Oh Dawnie, you just told a fib I seem to remember you killing a boyfriend of yours one Halloween night," said Buffy grinning away.

                      "BUFFY ! You said that you wouldn't repeat that," cried out Dawn.
                      "That was for your school-friend use," said Buffy.
                      "Oh Dawn, and I thought that you were such a good little girl," said Turee.

                      "A girl preferring wizard, telling off a Watcher for killing a vampire," said Buffy, "is it just me, seems like there's a story in their somewhere."
                      Turee deliberately slowed the car down to a near stop.
                      "So, who gets to have a go at the vampire," said Turee.

                      "I reckon that the sisters should do this one together, do you agree Dana."
                      "Sounds good to me," said Dana.
                      "Your a Slayer, I think it would be a good idea if you and Buffy dealt with this problem," said Dawn.

                      "Oh dear, she even sounds like Giles now," said Buffy.
                      "Look, that vamp is nearly here so you lot can get out now, get yourselves ready and deal with the situation," said Turee.
                      "Spoken like a true novice," said Dawn, giggling.

                      "Good job Dawn doesn't wear glasses or she'd look like Giles as well," said Buffy, grinning.
                      Turee looked at Dawn, "Are we thinking the same thing ?"
                      "Poor Giles," said Dawn smiling towards Turee.

                      There was a couple of knocks on Turee's side window, as she wound down the window a bit, Simon asked,
                      "Can you please give me a lift into town ?"
                      "He can get in the back with Dana and me," said Buffy as she got out of the car.

                      Simon was very grateful that they had given him a lift,
                      "What's your name ?" asked Dawn.
                      "What do you do ?" asked Buffy.
                      "I work in a hardware shop and my name is Simon,"
                      "What brings you up here at night ?" asked Turee.

                      "Strange that, some-one must have spiked my drink last night, as I found myself in the churchyard back there, I had on these clothes, no comb and no watch and my wallet isn't in my pocket, crazy really as I didn't even recognise where I was, I suppose that was because I usually go to that church during the day, when it?s light," said Simon, "who are you people, I don?t remember seeing you before ?"

                      "The driver is Turee, she's a wizard, I'm Dawn, I'm a Watcher," said Dawn.
                      Turee may have been a little ticked off by what Dawn said, as she grimaced and slowly shook her head.
                      "So a wizard huh?, do you believe in a God, or Gods?" asked Simon.

                      "Yes to both," said Turee.
                      "What do you mean, yes to both?" asked Simon.
                      "Yes there is God and yes there are Gods, what are your views on Goddesses?" asked Turee.
                      "As in more than one Goddess, sorry but I only believe in one God," said Simon.

                      "Kill him," said Turee, "I know of two Hell Goddess's and four Goddess's from other realms that would be, shall we say interested by his statement," said Turee.

                      "Look, our views on God are different but its better to believe in Gods, than no God. What's a Watcher?" asked Simon trying to change the subject, "Dawn, I have never heard of a person being a Watcher, what is it or what are they?" asked Simon.

                      "We help and train Vampire Slayers," said Dawn.
                      "Well, as far as I've been told and in my experience vampires are something that do not exist, the other bit would mean someone who kills vampires and well I've never had to kill anything, haven't even been attacked, but I do not believe in killing," said Simon.

                      "Um, I haven't finished with him yet," said Turee, "the Goddess Illyria might be displeased with his views,"
                      "Leaving Turee's statement for a while, your going to have fun with Dana and me then," said Buffy.

                      "Why, what do you do?" asked Simon
                      "We're both Vampire Slayers," said Dana, "and we are both experienced."
                      "I see what you mean by fun, oh, how can you be experienced?" asked Simon.

                      "Oh that is easy, we have both killed several vampires," said Buffy.
                      "So, tell me Turee, does my God exist?" asked Simon, trying to change the subject again.
                      "Yes," said Turee.
                      "Thank's, I'm glad about that," said Simon.

                      "If you want, I can introduce you to some one who knows him," said Turee.
                      "This is getting stranger by the minute, although I must admit it wasn't the answer I was expecting," said Simon.

                      "Ahh, stranger danger!" cried out Dawn.
                      Turee, Dana and Buffy sat up and looked all around.
                      "I don't think they got that one Dawn," said Simon.
                      "Oh!, did you like that one!" said Dawn, smiling quite happily to herself.

                      "Turee, any chance of you having an orb for a certain person, as I think Giles would appreciate having deep and meaningful conversations with him," said Dawn.
                      "Yes, and I think that I agree with you," said Turee.
                      Simon leant towards Dana and said,

                      "If you ever need to explain what cryptic is, then that was a perfect example."
                      "So Simon, we are going to stop at the hotel, where we live," said Dawn, "is that ok with you?"
                      "As long as you don't think that I will be in the way."

                      "Nope, it will be alright," said Dawn.
                      "Can you ring Giles and ask him to get an Orb of Thessula from my stash, get him to contact Gregor and tell him its for Simon," said Turee.
                      "Excuse me, Turee, but why do you want an orb of Thessula for me?" asked Simon.

                      "Eh, oh its not for you its for someone else we know, its to help him."
                      "Oh sorry, thought you were talking about me."
                      "Here we are," said Turee, "at last."
                      "I know this place, I live a couple of blocks away."
                      Used to have a bad reputation did this place, but it started to get a better name, recently some guy opened up a religious museum that lives here," said Simon.

                      "Have you ever been to the museum?" asked Dawn.
                      "Got the feeling I'm about to," said Simon.
                      "Good call," said Dawn
                      When they all walked in, Giles, Wesley, Spike and Chaser were in the main office.

                      "Giles, come hither please, it's someone that you'll want to meet," said Buffy
                      Giles looked to where Buffy was, then went over to them and greeted Simon with a handshake,
                      *23 "He has got very cold hands," said Giles.

                      "Yes, strange that," said Buffy, smiling, nodding knowingly at Giles.
                      "Oh, thank you Buffy," said Giles.
                      Spike came over to see what was going on.
                      "Simon this is Spike, he is a vampire," said Buffy.
                      "Here we go again, there is no such things as vampires," said Simon.

                      Spike put on his game face.

                      "Oh, my, god," said Simon looking at Spike.
                      "Say something," said Dawn.
                      "Have you ever heard the saying that vampires don't breathe?" asked Dana.
                      "Yes, why?" asked Simon.

                      Dana placed her hand over Simons mouth and nose, after about twenty seconds Simon pulled away from her.
                      "Yeah, alright, I think you've proved your point,"
                      "Wesley can you bring that mirror over to us please," asked Turee.
                      "You do know that he is a...... ,"

                      "Yes, we do know, but he doesn't," said Buffy interrupting Spike.
                      Spike took a couple of paces back as Wesley approached with a large mirror.
                      "Your turn," said Spike politely, to Wesley.

                      "Wesley if you would face the mirror and move between me and the mirror, hey Simon come over here and look at the back of Wesley's head, now tell me Simon what do you see," said Buffy.
                      Simon did as he was asked and said, "I cannot see Wesley's reflection, all that I can see is your face,"

                      "And so, anything else ?" asked Buffy.
                      "No," said Simon.
                      "Well then, if you are in front of me, why is it, that you cannot see your reflection," said Buffy.

                      "You got that Orb ready," said Buffy to Giles.
                      "Err Buffy, I think that Andrea is trying to get your attention," said Chaser.
                      "There is some bloke going through the bins near the kitchen. I think it will be you, Dana and Vi that need to deal with it, also that one has been reported near the take-away just down the road," said Andrea.

                      "Another one!! get Saffron and Julie to help Giles and Turee, come on you two lets see who's at the bins," said Buffy.
                      As Buffy, Dana and Vi approached the guy that was rummaging around in the bin, he looked up. As it was it seemed as tough he hadn't washed for several days, but rummaging around in bins will make you appear un kempt, didn't look like he knew what a hair bush was either. How-ever despite all the grime the girls all knew that he was a vampire.

                      "You were right Buffy, it is another one," said Vi.
                      Stewart turned around and saw the three girls looking at him, he knew instantly that they were all Vampire Slayers.
                      "Please, leave me alone, all I want to do is get some raw meat and go."
                      "Sorry, we are not going to do that," said Vi.

                      "If there was some other way for me to get blood I would, I don't even want to kill rats, like that other guy said, oh, oh no, your her aren't you, your her," the tears visibly welled in his eyes," your Buffy !"
                      "Come with us," said Buffy.
                      "Hey Wesley got any spare blood for this hungry vamp?" asked Vi.

                      "Vi, Dana, Saffron take Turee with you and go and get or kill that other vampire," said Buffy.
                      "Not more of them !" said Wesley as he brought over a cup of fresh pigs blood, "I believe that this is for you."
                      Stewart looked at Wesley and downed the blood, then he relaxed and smiled.

                      "Thank you, but I don't understand, why didn't you kill me?" asked Stewart.
                      "Why did you think that, apart from you being a vamp?" asked Buffy.
                      "They said that you would," said Stewart.
                      "Who are they?" asked Vi.

                      "It was, er, Angelus, Drusilla, Harm and those other two," said Stewart
                      "Spike ! we've just got confirmation about Angelus and Drusilla," said Wesley.
                      "Who was it that sired you?" asked Wesley.
                      "It was that Drusilla, why do you want to know that?" asked Stewart.

                      "Only that Drusilla was able to get visions, none of her other sires got any visions, but you may have, we hope," said Wesley.
                      "We've got another vampire being given his soul back at the moment, but as soon as he has been done, you can go and get one," said Dawn.
                      "What will a soul do for me?" asked Stewart.

                      "Being as your a bit of a pacifist, probably nothing, but it would do wonders for our peace of mind," said Dawn.
                      "That's be a good thing then, mind you I'm unsure why exactly," said Stewart.

                      "With a soul you get to remember all of your kills, some people can live with it but the majority of people are not killers, so having a soul is a good thing," said Dawn.
                      "So tell me Stewart, have you ever killed anyone ?" asked Dawn.

                      "Oh no, I don?t like that idea, I just can't even bring myself to think about that."
                      "Then you won't feel any different," said Dawn.
                      At that moment Simon came up from the basement,

                      "Simon this is Stewart, he's almost the same as you are," said Dana, "he is a vampire, we're going to give him a soul in a minute or two."
                      "You will get your own soul back," said Dawn.
                      "It sounds easy enough, still not looking forward to it," said Stewart.

                      "He doesn't know what's involved," said Buffy, "why don't you tell them what's going to happen, I'll take Turee with me and we'll go with Dana, Vi and Saffron."
                      "Oh! oh, it's simple really, you just sit there while Turee says some words, the little crystal ball she has will glow, and that's it, all done," said Dawn.

                      Buffy with Turee, Dana, Vi and Saffron went happily down the road towards the take-away. When they got a bit closer Turee said,
                      "I think that you should walk on both sides as the vampire is nearby."
                      "How do you know that, it's only us Slayers that know that ?" asked Vi

                      "I've been around all of you Slayers for part of my existence, I've picked up a few things and I've been told other stuff," said Turee.
                      Buffy motioned the where about of the vampire and signalled the others to approach him from the other side.
                      Turee and Dana casually walked towards the vampire,

                      "Judging by the white suit I'd say that he was a fan of the film Saturday Night Fever, wonder if he's a good dancer," said Turee
                      "Just as well he isn't on the way home from a Rocky Horror Show screening, it might be a bit too cold for that," said Dana. And as they got close to him Dana asked

                      "Hi, what's your name?"
                      "Hi, my name is Brian, hang on what's going on here, why are you all around me?" asked Brian.
                      "It's because your a vampire," said Turee.
                      "Why do you think that I'm a vampire," said Brian.

                      "No thinking, you are a vampire, these girls, all Vampire Slayers," said Turee.
                      "Are you a Vampire Slayer?" Brian asked Buffy.
                      "My dear little boy," said Buffy.
                      "That's what Darla used to say, I like that," said Turee.

                      "I always wanted to say that," said Buffy, grinning.
                      "Good for Darla then, eh," said Turee.
                      "Damn, now I'm in a good mood," said Buffy.
                      "Well we could take him back with us," said Vi.
                      "So what's going to happen to me?" asked Brian.

                      "Let's take him back, to the hotel" agreed Saffron.
                      "Well I suppose we could," said Buffy.
                      "What if I don't want to go?" asked Brian.
                      "There's people that aren't Slayers, you might be able to bite them," said Vi.

                      "Makes it sound better, okay then," said Brian.
                      "Should we tie him up and drag him behind us,......not that I'm into tying people up," said Dana, looking guilty.
                      "There's a problem with that line of thinking," said Vi.

                      "What's that?" asked Dana
                      "We would need to catch up with him !" said Turee.
                      "Hey, wait up, don't go in by yourself," called Saffron.
                      "Why shouldn't I go in alone?" retorted Brian.
                      " ?cos you'd be killed before the door could close,"

                      "As reasons go, that's a good one," said Brian.
                      The girls walked into the hotel followed by Brian.
                      Spike and Illyria were on the couch chatting happily,
                      Spike looked up, then at Buffy and casually mentioned,
                      "You know that there is a vampire behind you,"

                      "Oh that's okay, we invited him back here," said Vi.
                      "Is there any of those girls that you like ?" asked Spike
                      "Well, I think that I must say that one with the red hair was a bit more pleasant than the others," said Brian.
                      "That's 'cos she's older than the others," said Spike.
                      "Not by much, eh ?" asked Brian.

                      "Nah, just a few thousand years," said Spike.
                      "Like I said, not that old really," said Brian.
                      "Not as old as me," said Illyria, "I used to get food from this planet before you humans had even been thought of."
                      "You got food from here, what ?" asked Spike.
                      "Some big animals, when we won a battle I'd take one for a feast," said Illyria.

                      "Hi-ya Wes, have a listen to this," said Spike.
                      "Illyria, these big animals, how many did you take ?" asked Wesley.
                      "When we had won a war, some of our kind suggested that we get a lot more of them and keep them," said Illyria.
                      "How big were they ?" asked Wesley.
                      "They would not fit in this place," said Illyria.

                      "Right then, they are what we refer to as Dinosaurs," said Wesley, "who told you about farming ?"
                      "Where did we get the idea from ? we gave the idea of farming to every-one else," said Illyria.
                      "So that's farming done then, it also explains why the dinosaurs seemed to vanish overnight," said Wesley.

                      Brian was being moved down to the basement, closely escorted by four Slayers.
                      "Turee if you give that Brian a soul first, it'll be helpful," said Saffron.
                      "Like she said you sit there, do nothing, they don't touch you," said Simon.
                      "She's done this before ?" asked Stewart.

                      "That Turee gave a soul to Wesley and Gunn, I think that Spike got one for himself and Turee put the soul back into Angelus a few years ago," said Simon.
                      "I'll be the fourth one then, that's makes me feel a bit better," said Stewart.
                      "Brian will be the fifth recipient," said Simon.

                      "There you go Brian, in a few minutes we can have a chat about E = MC squared, pi, or who will be a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers next year,"
                      "So, these people are our friends then ?" asked Stewart
                      "They may come over a bit strange with some weird notions, but they're good," said Simon.

                      "Like the old adage, they're friends until they prove otherwise," said Stewart.
                      "See you in a minute then," said Stewart.
                      Turee opened the door, "NEXT !" she called out.
                      "Oh Turee ! There isn't that many of them," said Buffy
                      "Feels like a conveyor belt down there !" said Turee.

                      "Hey Buffy, guess this isn't the best time to tell her that we're gonna get some more vamps, huh," said Dawn.
                      "BUFFY !" cried out Turee.
                      "I was right!, not a good time," said Dawn, smiling.
                      "Dawn, your not helping !" said Buffy.
                      "Is Dawn being facetious?" asked Turee.

                      "I think so, er Giles, er?" asked Buffy.
                      "She is teasing you," said Giles.
                      "Oh, right, tricky Turee. She is," said Buffy," thanks Giles, I won?t say tricky Turee again, that was hard to say."
                      "I know a vampire, think we can talk him into having a meal on Dawn," said Turee, pointedly.

                      "BUFFY ! Don't let her," shrieked Dawn.
                      Turee made a playful grab at Dawn, and accidentally pulled off a popper. Buffy looked at her, head tilted,
                      *24 "Popper, popper, who's got the popper. My money is on the Wizard ! Red's a naughty girl," said Buffy.

                      "Sorry Dawn," said Turee.
                      "She was only mucking about," Buffy said to Dawn
                      "I knew that," said Dawn trying to sound nonchalant.
                      "Turee, we are waiting for you," shouted Giles from the basement door.
                      "Oh good, that sounds like my cue to go," said Turee.

                      She gives Dawn back the popper,
                      "I am really sorry Dawn," then she goes down to the basement.
                      "Hi, every-one sitting comfortably ?" asked Turee.
                      "It's a concrete floor, how comfortable do you think we can get," said Giles, sarcastically.

                      "Do you think that I should start then?" asked Turee
                      "Oh, any time in the next ten seconds," said Giles.
                      "So, that's a yes, it was a yes wasn't it?" asked Turee, slightly flustered.
                      "Yes, being as your ten seconds is nearly up," said Giles.
                      * see IT REFERS TO
                      Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                      Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                        THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 13

                        THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS PART 1
                        BATTLE FOR ARILILY CHAPTER 13 OF 22

                        "Zeus, I've got some-one that I'd like you to meet, this is Mr Rupert Giles, he isn't our leader, but he is held in high esteem by us," said Turee.
                        Giles gazed at the figure in front of him; short blonde curly hair, striking good looks, a very fit physique. Those clothes though, denim jeans and a jumper?.

                        "Excuse me Zeus, but I never imagined you wearing those clothes," said Giles
                        "Must admit, I'd be a bit more comfy in a cloth but Gregor said that I might be a bit cold down here, so I opted for what would be acceptable," said Zeus

                        "Angel, Mr. Giles, we have a big problem, Glorificus is about to rise again and she wants to return to her home dimension of Arilily. While Gregor and I do not hold with the idea of helping a demon dimension we feel that as Illyria is your friend, and she'll be my daughters friend, it may have persuaded me a bit. How-ever, you killed Glorificus' earth body once, and as Gregor knows that he should have trusted you to defeat that Goddess, so in some strange fanciful way we both owe you," said Zeus

                        "Do you know how she is going to go home, ?cos last time we thought we were going to loose Dawn, but then we lost Buffy, I think Dawn may want some big time info," said Turee.
                        "This time we think that she has a warlock to do what she wants," said Gregor.

                        "That'll keep ?little' sis happy for a while," said Buffy, "do you know who her human half is, will we be able to remember who it is?"
                        "There is a being that I think is her human half now, I once knew him as a friend, now he is an enemy. I may be wrong and I hope that I am; it is Dant? one of the Knights of Byzantium," said Gregor.

                        "I'm not too sure about this but he can't be saved, can he?" asked Buffy.
                        "No," said Gregor.
                        "So, where is Glory this time, are her minions the same as before, what do you want us to do?" asked Turee.

                        "We would like to see your friend. Our plan rests on her reaction," said Zeus.
                        Giles quickly moved out of the office to get Illyria,
                        "Can you tell us what your plan is, Zeus?" asked Angel.
                        "Illyria, this is Zeus, he is one of the Powers That Be, a friend," said Giles," he says Glory is about to rise again,"

                        "Good ! I will be able to do what I came here to do, I will contact Baaliitus, you will let us kill her, won't you?"
                        "Our idea is to drain as much of Glorificus' power then send her to Arilily where she can be killed by your followers and that of Baaliitus," Zeus then continued, "we believe that we know who Glory's human half is."

                        "Who is it, how did you find her other half and who is it?" asked Illyria.
                        "I found him by accident, I had come to this earth to see where the new hellmouth was and I saw him, he should have been somewhere else," said Gregor.

                        "This person what is he known as and what was he doing near the hellmouth?" asked Illyria.
                        "He is or was one of the Knights," said Gregor.
                        "Do you think that you can gain anything by following him?" asked Illyria.

                        "I don't know but the thing is, if Dant? ever changed to Glorificus any-one that was following would be in danger," said Gregor.
                        "Only if they were too close," said Buffy.
                        "Why?, would Glory know that she was being followed?" asked Turee.
                        "Probably not, do you think that it would be worth it?" asked Gregor.

                        *25 "Is it worth it? I don't know, we won't know ?til we find what we might be looking for, it would depend on what we find, 'cos it might, or might not be what we are looking for, I think I said it right. You did understand that, right?" asked Turee.

                        Everybody in the office looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.
                        "Oh, ooh, yeh, I know what you meant, good thinking Turee," said Buffy, eventually.

                        "You understood what she said? Okay, explain it to us," said Giles.

                        "It's simple really, if some-one was too follow this Dant?, and he became she, then anything they found would be helpful, unless we already knew what they found out, and then it would not be any good, but then again, if they found out some thing that we didn't know, then it would be a good thing. It might not be what we need, so we, or they would need to keep following her, or should I say him," said Buffy.
                        Turee looked at Buffy and they smiled a knowing smile at each other, Buffy then turned to face Giles,

                        "You know what I mean, don't you?" asked Buffy.

                        Giles stood still and looked at Buffy and Turee.
                        "I used to think that you to liked me, but you keep putting me in strange situations where I can be embarrassed or dropped in it. How-ever, if you didn't like me, would you embarrass me or drop me in it so much, which makes me think that you do like me, so I ask myself, how much do you like me, and do you like me, then, if you didn't like me, would you talk to me, so I'm thinking that you both do like me and if you both do like me then you would not drop me in it, so the answer must be yes," said Giles, who then smiled at Buffy and then Turee and nodded.

                        At that moment Nina walked in to the office, she sensed that they were all concentrating on Turee, Buffy and Giles, she could also see it.
                        "What did I miss?, anything interesting?" asked Nina.
                        "You want us to repeat what we said?" asked Turee.
                        "NO !" said Angel, "oh God no. In a nutshell what did you guys just say."
                        "Yes maybe," said Turee.
                        "I agreed," said Buffy.

                        "I didn't have anything to add, I was just enjoying myself," said Giles, smiling.
                        "Ok, Glory's minions, are they the same annoying things that look like ugly pot and scar faced mini-monks with brain damage?" asked Buffy.

                        "Yes they are, and they are demons," said Gregor.
                        "Oh goody, we can kill them then," said Buffy.
                        "You will need to find them first," said Angel.
                        "True, but when we do, it'll be good training, and fun shall be had by all," said Buffy.

                        "How will you weaken Glory?" asked Illyria.
                        "That has been taken care of already," said Gregor.
                        "We're making several Dagon Spheres," said Zeus.
                        "What else, we need something else. After all she is a Goddess," said Angel.

                        "To make her weak, we have are the many Gods and Goddess's of the Powers That Be, Illyria, a couple of hundred Vampire Slayers at our request, some vampires, a werewolf, a Wizard and a seriously powerful one with Dawns help, about a hundred thousand immortal beings and him up there. We can do it," said Gregor.
                        "One of the things that I'm not sure about is that, well, we killed Glorificus once," said Buffy.

                        "You didn't kill her, in actual fact, you killed her human half, Ben. What was left of her was her essence so when a human body was found for her other half, her essence was released into it and reborn, somehow when another came along those mini-monks were able to transpose her human form from the one body to another," said Gregor.
                        "Somehow, what do you mean somehow?" asked Buffy.

                        "It's a bit like this, the God Baaliitus and Illyria banished her to this existence and they put her in human form, how-ever the part of her that was, it was able to release herself but only for a short lengths of time and the longer that she was in this world, she was able to stay longer as a God than she was human." said Gregor.

                        "Had Glory been in this world for long?" asked Turee.
                        "For about twenty five years," said Gregor.
                        "If she was only here for such a short length of time, Why was Illyria's essence in the sarcophagus for many millennia of years?" asked Angel.

                        "That was a trick, well sort of, because Illyria and Baaliitus didn't know about the time difference, but they did know that Glorificus would be in this world at some point, Illyria put part of her essence in the sarcophagus and waited for the right time, only they didn't know about ?red tape', anyway, the sarcophagus being held in customs for so long, Glory's return was missed."

                        "The time difference is our way then, if I do that brain thing to Glory, then Illyria and Baaliitus can take Glory back as a bit of a nut-job, then they will be able to dispose of her easily," said Turee.
                        "I can't see of him up there wanting to be included in such a plan," said Gregor.

                        "That depends, If Baaliitus was to start changing the way that Arilily was going and adopt your bosses ways then Glorificus would be like an anti-christ in his world and as such, no problem," said Turee.
                        "If Baaliitus is agreeable, we have a go," said Gregor.
                        "Not just a pretty face is she," said Angel about Turee.

                        "I hope you mean that I'm clever, and that I have a pretty face. Not that I am just pretty," said Turee.
                        "You're very clever and you're very pretty," said Angel, sighing.
                        "Oh, then, thank you kind sir," replied Turee as she curtsied to Angel, and pretending to blush.

                        "But Gregor, you didn't actually say how Illyria managed make herself her, in our time," said Buffy.
                        "Well Baaliitus had some part in it, but Illyria planned most of it, so you can ask her," said Gregor.
                        "Hmm, ok, Illyria can you tell me what you really did to Glory?" asked Buffy.

                        "Yes, I can," said Illyria, "but I'm not going to,"
                        "Oh, go on, just for me," said Buffy, coyly.
                        Buffy then noticed that Illyria was beginning to glare at her, she was tilting her head, Buffy realised that it might not be a good idea to upset such a powerful Goddess.

                        "If you don't want to tell me Illyria, that's ok, I'll accept it, sorry," said Buffy, sighing with relief.
                        "Getting back to the problem at hand," said Zeus
                        "How many of them mini - monks do we need to kill?" asked Angel.
                        "Why not kill all of them?" asked Turee.
                        "How would we find Glory?" asked Angel.

                        "We will try to find Dant?, then at some point Turee can put the sanity back in an insane person courtesy of Dante and then when Glory re-emerges Illyria and Baaliitus can take her home and then every-one can finally say goodbye to her, but maybe not person to person, or what-ever," said Buffy.

                        "Angel can you build another cage and put it adjoining the one that's there, we can put those tiny demon thingies in the cage and try to make them talk," said Nina.

                        "What do we do if the ?dear little thingies' won't talk ?" asked Turee.
                        "We could explain the error of their ways," said Nina.
                        "Tell them that the full moon is coming and the other cage is for a werewolf, and that when the werewolf figures out how to open the door they can watch each other be ripped apart and eaten," said Angel.

                        "You wouldn't let me kill would you?" asked Nina.
                        "Oh no, but I'd say that you would," replied Angel.
                        "What happens if they say where Glory is hiding out?" asked Nina.
                        "Well we'll have to check out their story first, won't we," said Angel, grinning quite happily.

                        "So if their story checks out what then?" asked Nina.
                        "We give them a free one way trip to Arilily, after Illyria tells Baaliitus who to expect," said Angel, smiling.
                        "Ah yes, but what if they don't say where Glory is, what then?" asked Buffy.

                        "The door between the two cages is fixed so that it won't open," said Angel.
                        "Dam, bugger even. I thought we had you with that one," said Buffy.
                        With three days to go before the next full moon the second cage had been put in place.

                        Four of the Slayers had been told to search the streets for any of Glorificus' little demonic minions, as it was they had come back with three of the little things. They had been visibly shaken when Angel told them of his plan for their future and Angel was more than happy to tell them how the opening device on the door worked.

                        Angel failed to tell them that a 'secret' button had to be pressed in order for the door to be opened from the werewolves side ( naughty Angel ).

                        There was a problem with the Minions being kept at AI, how to feed and water them. A toilet and washroom had been made up for them, also how to feed them and with what. But Nina had come to the rescue with an idea for feeding them, it was to give them the unwanted food each day from the lunch bar. Wesley was very gracious in offering to let them have some of his drink but it was decided that blood might not be seen as a viable alternative to actual food.

                        Angel had suggested that scraps of meat be bought from the local abattoir, Sally said that she still had some good contacts there, it was agreed by all by all that it would be a good idea. It was decided that they shouldn't be told, where they were going to be released if they did say where Glorificus was.

                        As it was Baaliitus was quite impressed with the idea of them returning to Arilily, even though he had to decide on where they were to be relocated. He decided on a quiet place that was not to near the nearest demonic inhabitants of Arilily, but it was a quiet place with creatures of his world, a bit similar to a game reserve in Africa.

                        Illyria was not upset at the thought that they would be set free in her home world either.
                        Zeus was ?watching' to see who Glorificus was using the minds of so that Turee could reverse the process when the time came.

                        The Slayers that caught three minions had tried to make every-one realise, that more than three of the ?dear little things' being caught per trip might be a problem, as after tying them up, they had to stop them hitting the cars panels; they also had to put tape over their mouths to stop them from shouting and maybe getting some attention or help. The resultant problem was not being able to fit more than three in the boot.

                        It was also noted that some decent tape would have to be supplied as the ?dear little darlings' kept trying to remove the tape that was over their mouths. Spike tried to say that they should be shaved first, he tried but kept laughing when-ever he thought about it!

                        Faith wanted a tape that didn't cause too much discomfort on its removal, but Illyria's comment was, "Why?"

                        For some reason the werewolf that was Nina had been unable to open the door to get to the minions, but for some reason or other having a caged wild animal trying to get at them had caused them to be almost catatonic, even though none of them had been willing to say where Glorificus was staying, that may have been due to Buffy leaving the tape over their mouths.

                        Spike did say that he recognised one of them and that he should be given the opportunity of tortxxxxx (sorry), gently asking the minion nicely if he knew where Glorificus was.

                        Giles had bought the Toparius Hotel. The one hundred or so Vampire Slayers from Australia had been chosen to stay in L. A. with the Watcher who is William (Willy from Willy's bar). The hotel was in quite a good condition except for the food preparation area, the restaurants and the bar, Xander had a couple of friends from the building industry helping him.

                        Buffy had been a bit quiet 'cos the thought of one hundred very fit young women being about Owen had caused her a few moments of panic, how-ever she needn't have worried about them as they were all in awe of her, as she was their heroine, more so when they were told it was Buffy's idea to give all of them the power of the Slayer.

                        Turee had been a bit hesitant about meeting all of the girls, as Buffy had mentioned that she had told the girls that Turee was gay, and unattached, for some reason or other Buffy had forgotten to tell the girls about Turee being gay.

                        The other reason that Turee was a little perturbed, was the thought of trying to remember all of their names. They (the girls) were also introduced to Angel and Spike, who for some reason or other had gone to the hotel dressed as a puritan and a preacher, this (of course) had nothing to do with Giles telling them that it was a promotional photo shoot for the museum!
                        ( naughty Giles ).

                        It had been deemed that Julie and Vi teach those of the 'new' Slayers who had drivers licences how to drive on the right hand side of the road. Vi stated that armoured cars or at least security vans be used to lessen the damage when one of the girls reverted back to driving on the left. This idea was not accepted as damage to any other car may be a bit expensive. Vi said that the theory was, ?you are not going to dent my car, so get out of the way'!

                        Nine of the silly little demon minions had been caught before Illyria helped to reduce their numbers, they were even released in the ?game reserve' at night. Angel speculated with Nina and Giles how many of them there were, as he was getting fed up with them.

                        Glorificus was more than a little upset that her minions were not returning to her, so she put the few that remained on short leashes. They had to say where they were going and for how long they would be gone.
                        This was helping Zeus, he had brought his wife Hera to help him, also as she had wanted to meet those who befriended and helped Proserphone.

                        Mind you Zeus did appreciate having some company. as the people that were becoming crazy were from a certain area, and the more stringent Glorificus was with the time her minions spent away from her, the smaller the area that the crazy people came from.

                        This helped the Slayers as they didn't need to bother with patrolling the whole city. The ninth of the minions that had been caught, had only been in the cages at AI for a day so, so it was decided to keep him for a while longer, he was a bit more talkative than the others, even though he hadn't been talking about what they wanted him to talk about.

                        This ?dear little chap' was a bit different from the others, he was taller and of a more sturdier build, compared to the others he seemed almost human, it had short black hair and a three day stubble, his name though caused more than a few laughs, it was Casper.

                        Those who were chosen to do the interrogating often found that they had an audience, also, the interrogators were changed every two hours.
                        After the first four hours a box was made and the interrogators had to put in a dollar for every-time that they laughed, making Casper laugh as well meant that they had to put five dollars in the box.

                        It was agreed that the box would be emptied at the end of each day and that the money should go to a children's hospital. Spike having won at poker and because he was able to sell all of the kittens, said that he would give it a go, bad idea. After ten minutes he owed the box fifteen dollars ! he then thought that as he had a big audience he had better do something that was memorable.

                        He thought that it may help to get Casper to relax a bit, but for some reason he was unable to, it may have something to do with the thirty or so people that were watching him intently, listening to every word that he said. Spike decided that another approach was necessary, at that point Sally went inside the cage and said to Spike that she should be allowed to ask Casper some questions.

                        Spike asked her why she thought that she would be able to get the right answers out of it, ( sorry ) ?the nice little man?.
                        "I can turn myself into a tigress at will, so I can ask him the questions, walk into his cage then turn into a tigress, if you were to throw in a few big sausages, then, when I'd eaten them you were to say that he had some in his guts, I would pounce on him and start to rip at his clothes at which point you could put a leash on my collar and pull me off, if he hasn't told us what we want to know you could ?accidentally' let me back at him.

                        The chances are that he may be a bit scared, just one thing though you'd have to take me back to my room, then leave, so that I could put some clothes on," said Sally
                        "Sounds like it might work," said Spike.
                        Within twenty minutes Casper had told them all that they needed to know and a lot more besides, Nina and the others had a problem keeping Casper quiet, to stop him from talking.

                        Giles had to counsel Wesley and Gunn as they were very upset that they didn't get a chance to question the ?dear little sod.'

                        Willow made contact with Gregor about the possible where abouts of Glorificus. Dant? was seen in a shop and followed to an old disused meeting house of Quakers, the only reason that it was known as an old meeting house, was due to a sign.

                        Illyria was notified of how Glory's place had been identified and that she would be needed to let Baaliitus know, if he needed more time before Glory's delivery. Once all of the eventualities had been dealt with, plans were put in to being, for her capture.

                        One of the people who had been made insane by Glorificus was kept at a safe location and looked after constantly by eight of the Australian Slayers, three of them were waiting for a phone call telling them to take their charge to an unknown location. Turee was under orders from Angel and Giles to be available at all times, Spike, Faith and Dana were with her all of the time as well.

                        All they were waiting for, was the phone message that Dant? had been found and captured. Three of the Knights of Byzantium with Illyria had made themselves seen by Dante; he avoided them by moving away from them, straight towards where they wanted him to go, after carefully following him along a side street four other Knights stepped out and Dant? was moved into a house.

                        Then the message was sent to Faith, the four of them were in a car and on their way to a safe location, the Slayers with the mentally challenged person were also on route to the house, within half an hour of them being ready, the change occurred and immediately the Slayers charge was made whole again, Illyria created the portal and an insane Glorificus with two Dagon Spheres was gone.
                        Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                        Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                          The New Angel Investigations

                          THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS part 1 of 4 parts
                          CHAPTER 14 OF 22 of part 1 THE WEDDING

                          "My time is taken up with the museum, and the bookshop, and then there is the Watchers Council HQ. With Joyce moving in, she has taken on doing a good job of keeping the rooms all looking good, I think that David is happy with us being here, he doing a good job of running the hotel's restaurant," said Giles.

                          "Is there any reason why don't we get Joyce in on this, we seem to have all the sections of this place represented, we just need a big boss now," said Giles, "I know, we'll send Turee to get her."
                          "I've had a chat with Angel and Nina and they reckon it should be some-one who deals with both of our places," said Gunn.

                          Chaser looks at Gunn, almost asking a question with her eyes, he nods. After a minute Joyce came down to them.
                          "What do you want me for?" asked Joyce.
                          "Giles was trying to figure out who should be in charge of everything ?round here, we seem to have the various departments done but we reckon that we need someone to gel us all together," said Chaser.

                          "Buffy gets visions, but then so does Chaser, and now Stewart is starting to get them," said Gunn.
                          "Why not choose Buffy, we know that she can lead people," said Giles.
                          "True, but when she needs guidance she turns to you," said Gunn.
                          "Oh, you mean," said Joyce.
                          "You got it, everyone here looks to her," said Chaser.

                          "If their was a full on attack against us, Giles would be their target to take out first, Buffy, Angel and Spike would be second on their list," said Joyce.
                          "Yeah, then probably Illyria," said Gunn.
                          "But the real leader, the one who can speak to all of us, is friends with the Powers That Be and Gregor, the most powerful one here, the most un-assuming, she that everybody sees as their friend," said Chaser.

                          "With, oh yes, I know, yes, I agree. The Michelin man," said Giles.
                          "WHAT!, who?" asked Gunn, Joyce and Chaser all at the same time.
                          "Turee," said Giles, "sorry."
                          "When should we tell her and when do we tell everyone else," said Gunn.

                          "We could have a party and then tell everyone, they'd like that," said Joyce.
                          "It's Halloween in a couple of weeks, do it then," suggested Chaser.
                          "Well lets make it a fancy dress do then," said Joyce.
                          "What's the best way to tell Turee that she should be our leader ?" asked Giles.

                          "Torture her until she says yes," suggested Gunn.
                          "We'll get Willow's mum to choose her clothes again," said Chaser.
                          "Ok, ok, I get it. We just tell her," said Giles.
                          "Works for me," said Joyce,
                          "And me," said Chaser,
                          "Count me in," said Gunn.

                          "And when do we tell Turee ?" Joyce asked Giles.
                          "Next time I see her," said Giles.
                          "And what should we say is the reason for the party ?" asked Chaser.
                          "To celebrate her coming out ?" asked Giles.
                          "Nope, I think she may have done that privately," said Gunn.

                          "To thank them for saving the world ?" asked Giles.
                          "To have some fun," said Gunn, Chaser and Joyce.
                          Joyce had called Buffy and Dawn to join her in her room, she had decided to tell them about the plans for Turee.

                          As Buffy and Dawn came into the room, Joyce asked them to sit down and make themselves comfortable. Joyce began to explain that Gunn, Giles, Chaser and her had decided that a figurehead was needed, for the demonic disposals, and the vampire dustings, and how several names had been mentioned but there were always different reasons why those people were not to be chosen, however one person was eventually picked by everyone and that person was Turee.

                          "I do want to know what each of you think, about the choice, and if there are any questions either of you have about the choice ?" asked Joyce.
                          "I think Giles should have told us," said Dawn, "what do you think Buffy ?"

                          "I feel that you and maybe Giles, Miss Chaser and maybe Charles Gunn should have told us," said Buffy.
                          "Oh well I am sorry girls, well if you want me to, I can go and get the others that's if you really want me to," said Joyce.

                          "That would be a good start," said Dawn.
                          As Joyce got up to go and get the others, Dawn cried out
                          "Oh no," and begged her to stop.
                          "You can't possibly go down to see the others wearing just that, its nearly see through," said Dawn.

                          "Is it ? oh, hang on a minute, it might be because of the light, what do you think Dawn," said a shocked Buffy.
                          "Could be, slowly turn to the left mom," said Dawn.
                          "Hmm, yes, it's not to bad that way, now maybe you should spin the other way, just a bit slower," said Buffy.

                          "Oh my god! your not wearing a bra. Oh, yes you are, please, don't turn to the right, ever!" said Dawn.
                          "Does it look like she is not wearing one, if she turns to the left," said Buffy.
                          "Don't think so," said Dawn, "we'd better make sure though."

                          "Spin to the left mom," said Buffy.
                          Joyce had just started to spin to the left when she stopped,
                          "You two are having a go at me aren't you?"
                          "That last spin to the left was a bit much wasn't it?" asked Buffy.

                          "I don't know, even when I'm dead, I fall for it. When will you two stop, I don't know, your either arguing or pulling my leg," said Joyce.
                          "Did you touch her leg, 'cos I didn't," said Buffy.
                          "I didn't either," said Dawn.

                          "Oh, shut up you two," said Joyce.
                          "That isn't a very nice way to speak to your lovely, sweet, innocent daughters, is it Dawn?" asked Buffy.
                          "You two are, well, you just are," said Joyce.

                          "Hee-hee," blurted out Dawn, joyfully.
                          "I'm not to sure if I should tell you the other news," said Joyce.
                          "Oh! pretty please," pleaded Dawn and Buffy.

                          "All right then, It's about Giles and Vi, they want us to be there at their wedding," said Joyce.
                          "WHAAT!" shouted Buffy and Dawn.
                          "Oh, Tee-hee," said Joyce, "that makes us even. On Halloween night there'll be a fancy dress ball downstairs."

                          As Dawn and Buffy were heading for the stairs Dawn asked what outfit Buffy thought that she would be wearing, but Wesley who was coming up the stairs asked her where Giles was,
                          "Don't know, what do you want him for?" said Dawn.
                          "I've just found one another one of those prophecy's ," said Wesley.

                          "Try near the tea machine," said Dawn.
                          "The tea machine?" questioned Wesley.
                          "Near the kitchen, he's out there," replied Dawn.
                          "Thank you," said Wesley.

                          "I'll come with you," said Dawn.
                          "Want to ask some questions, do you?" asked Wesley.
                          "Well a prophecy does bring about a few," said Dawn.
                          "Why not wait until Giles gives his help in trying to translate it," said Wesley.

                          "What language is it written in?" asked Dawn.
                          "Not sure, why?" asked Wesley.
                          "If you tell me where the parchment is, I can look at it while you get Giles, and maybe I can let him know about it's origin, to save some time," said Dawn.

                          "And there is also the bonus that you won't keep asking me questions, it's on my office desk," said Wesley.
                          "I'll look," said Dawn, as she ran to the main office.
                          Wesley began to smile at dawn's enthusiasm, he turned and nearly bumped into Giles, he explained about the prophecy, who was looking at it, where he had found it. Wesley said that he wanted all the help he could with deciphering it. As Giles and Wesley walked into the room Dawn stood up and told them.

                          "It is written in some form of code, the letters just need to be sorted out into words. Simple really, it could be done in a few hours."
                          "Lets see the code then," said Giles.
                          "How about the twenty copies I've made of it, that way when people ask what we're doing we can say the same as you, and hand them one."

                          "Er Dawn, if you let out a blood curdling scream, lots of people are liable to come running, and then there would be lots of others to help decipher it," said Wesley.
                          "Before you scream it may be a good idea to make a few more copies," said Giles.

                          "Only six!, I think that Dawn needs to work at the whole friendship thing," said Giles, smiling at Wesley.
                          "Better get down to work then," said Wesley.
                          "Wesley, how did you find this?"

                          "It was when I was reading one of the pages, I became aware that the thickness of the cover was not even, so after a bit of looking at it and running my fingers on it, it felt as though there was something else there, so I opened it up with a sharp knife."

                          "Didn't you worry, damaging an old book," said Dawn
                          "Not really, Harmony had a go at one of the pages before, so it wasn't exactly in good condition," said Wesley, "why do you ask."

                          "Oh, look at the last line, what if this was meant to be found by you, Wesley ? the last two words might be how to work it out, if the RO are put as OR and the YE are used in the same way, then the last two words are ?FOR WESLEY?," said Dawn.

                          "Ok, but the book is twelve centuries old," said Wesley, " even the letters were different then!"
                          "True, but if some-one foresaw this being found now, and for you, and given that you have been given the way to de-code it, then the rest may be easy," said Dawn.

                          "Excuse me you guys, but another word for foresaw is prophecy, if so then doing it the way that Dawn suggested the last line would read, PROPHECY FOR WESLEY," said Dana.
                          "Good grief, your right," said Giles.

                          R,E,A,F,T,R,A,G,A,C,H,N,G,N,D,U,R,I,E,H,T,N,G,R,E, I,O,F,H,A,A,D,D,I,W,E,K,N,F,O,D,N,E,G,R,E,O,T,E,U, B,L,S,I,S,R,A,N,E,W,S,A,H,D,E,C,H,A,N,G,O,T,T,N,E, W,H,E,H,T,C,W,S,I,W,E,A,N,N,E,T,H,L,L,W,I,E,H,T,T, N,C,O,U,N,W,D,O,F,O,S,Y,D,A,Y,L,F,I,N,A,L,N,I,B,E, G,
                          LINES Q WORDS U, X, Y, V, W, Y, T,
                          PROPHECY FOR WESLEY
                          And if you look at the second last line you'll see lines Q words U X Y V W Y T, which will become,' lines 7 words 1 4 5 2 3 5 10," said Dana.

                          "Now then, I remember making a comment to Giles and Buffy about a fear demon that they destroyed once, so the first line would have one word and one name, AFTER GACHNAR," said Dawn.

                          "By picking out the letters and flipping over the first two letters and putting them down the other way round, the next line would read,: DURING THE REIGN OF
                          "ADDAH, oh that's not right," said Giles.

                          "Yes it is, four words, although ADDAH has got me stumped," said Wesley.
                          "Ah Turee, come here for a minute," said Giles.
                          Turee had just walked into the room to see what was happening. She had been shopping for clothes to wear to the party.
                          "So what are you doing? Can I join in?" asked Turee.
                          "Suppose so," said Dawn, nearly casually.

                          Wesley explained what they were doing, what they had, "Oh, lucky me," said Turee, "so if the last word from the second line is actually initials of names, then the third line would read, ?ILLYRIA KNEW OF DAWN GREEN TO BLUE ', which is accurate."

                          "So who are ADDAH?" asked Wesley.
                          "Angelus, Drusilla, Desdemona, Andromena and Harmony," said Turee.
                          "Now that is what I would call genius," said Dana.
                          "Or beginners luck," said Wesley.

                          "I prefer Wesley's explanation," said Giles.
                          "What is the green to blue all about ?" asked Andrea.
                          "I used to be a ball of green energy, a hell Goddess wanted to use me to open a portal between this world and the world where she came from. It would have allowed her to get back but it would also have let the demons from her world to come into this world, anyway Giles killed her and Buffy closed up the partially open portal, since then my colour has changed from green to blue," said Dawn.

                          "The hell Goddess was Glorificus, the monks of Dagon made Dawn to hide her from Glory," said Buffy.
                          "Hey Chaser, these people, are weird," said Andrea

                          "Well, while you lot have been chatting I've nearly done it, I've got, S IS NEAR, but who is S, W HAS CHANGED TO T, but who the W and the T are is a mystery, WHEN THE WC IS ANEW, what would the WC be ? THEN WILL THE COUNT DOWN OF THE DAYS FINALLY BEGIN," said Giles

                          "Okay then, if S. is Spike, then the T. and the W. is me, Turee and Willow and the W. C. is in fact the Watchers Council then oh, we still need the start the count down!" said Turee

                          During the next couple of hours the number of people trying to work out the rest of the prophecy dwindled until there was Wesley, Giles, Turee and Dawn left.
                          Dawn was looking at the inside front cover of the book and Turee was watching from the other side of the desk,

                          "Anything?" asked Giles.
                          "Nope, nothing," said Dawn.
                          "Hang on a minute," said Turee, "at the bottom there's an arrow head and a line coming from it, where's it go?"

                          Wesley grabbed the book, followed the line then went to the inside back cover, but the line stopped.
                          "What do those roman numerals add to?" asked Dawn
                          "Oh they are all spread out, all along the bottom in a single line, Wesley open up the cover," said Giles.

                          "But what's the number?" asked Dawn.
                          "The number of words times, the number of names, a minus sign, nine boxes, a grain, it all relates," said Giles, "a grain in the first box then double it for the next box," said Giles

                          "Your not going to believe this, the writing is clear, it says, THE FIRST DAY OF THE FINAL COUNT DOWN IS TODAY, THE FIRST OF JULY TWO THOUSAND AND SIX, THE NUMBER OF DAYS ARE ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR, TO THE END."
                          "LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE READ THIS, GREGOR," said Wesley.

                          "Begs the question how did he know that it would be opened today, and how did he know that we would know you?" asked Giles.
                          "Well it says that I had to read it, the ?For Wesley' bit it also says that I have to let him know that I've read it."

                          "It didn't say that you have to read it, it said that it was a Prophecy for Wesley, it also stated to let him know when ?you' have read it, it doesn't state that you have to tell him, if it was written twelve hundred years ago you'd think he would be more precise about it," said Dawn.
                          "Yeah, your right, and what do you mean by ?if' it was written then ?" asked Wesley.

                          "When you pulled the parchment out was the writing visible to you or was it folded, as it may have been air activated, a buzzer goes off, Gregor goes back in time a bit and writes it for today or are you willing to say that he can't do that," said Dawn.

                          "There could be another explanation," said Giles.
                          "This will be good," said Wesley.
                          "Turee did it," said Giles, then he left them.
                          "Might be good if there was a bit more of the explaining thing," said Wesley.

                          "Think about it, Turee knew what the 'I' meant as soon as she looked at it, so if the book had sort of followed her and not that Wesley found the book," said Dawn.
                          "I give you places to look, you still ask questions, does it matter who wrote the prophecy?" asked Turee.

                          "It neither helps or hinders us, we just want to know, that's all," said Wesley.
                          "Well, the next happening will cause a few more questions," said Turee.
                          "What is going to happen, and when ?" asked Dawn.

                          "According to my calculations it should be about now," said Turee.
                          "And what calculations are they?" asked Dawn.
                          "You'll need to look behind you as well," said Turee, "see, if he was to turn up behind you, you'd miss him."

                          "Hi, your back here then, Giles," said Dawn.
                          "Hey Giles, why the puzzled look for ?" asked Turee.
                          "Sorry, Xander is having a bad day, he regrets what he did to Anya," said Giles, "if only I could get her back."

                          "I could always go and bring her back," said Turee.
                          "I thought that she was brought into this dimension when the necklace was broken," said Giles.
                          "So by your thinking the dimension doesn't exist, after all, if you think about it, the Master was dead in this dimension, but not in that dimension so by your reckoning he should not have been there," said Turee.

                          "So, um what, um yes, I think!" said Giles, "look if you think we can find her, go for it."
                          "I will go, by myself, it'll be quicker," said Turee.
                          "Anything you'll need?" asked Giles.

                          "I'll need for you to have a small pair of wire cutters and something to break Anya's necklace," said Turee.
                          "I just hope she isn't gay," said Giles.
                          "Why would she be gay?" asked Turee.

                          "A Vengeance demon that kills males, what if there are no males left," said Giles.
                          "I'll go and get Anyanka and stuff, and I'll be back in five minutes," said Turee.
                          Giles left to find the wire cutters and to get Xander. Turee went and brought back a willing Anyanka.

                          "If everything is okay, then you will need to let us break your necklace, then you can be with Xander again," said Turee.
                          "If Xander comes and he wants me, I will give you the necklace. But why are you doing this ?" asked Anyanka.

                          "I would like to see Xander happy again, and I want you to be happy," said Turee.
                          "I will be in the next room so that you can ask Xander if he really wants me back in his life," said Anyanka.

                          Giles and Xander walked into the room. Turee asked Xander, would he marry Anya, the door opened and there stood Anyanka, The Vengeance Demon.
                          "You will make me happy, if you will marry me, won't you, please Xander?" asked Anyanka.

                          "I will marry you Anya, but not if your a demon,"
                          As he finished what he was saying Anya took off her necklace.
                          "This is for you to crush again, Giles," said Anya, "yes, I will marry you, Xander Harris."

                          "Not exactly the best proposal I've ever had, but its the first and hopefully the last that I ever get," said Xander.
                          "Just a thought Turee, but how about sending these two on a holiday, that way we'll be able to set up the party as a wedding guest theme, we just need to know who the bridesmaids are to be and who the best man should be," said Giles.

                          "The bridesmaids should be Turee, Buffy, Dawn and Tara," said Anya.
                          "I'd want the best-man to be Oz," said Xander.
                          "I'll get in touch with Tara and I'll get you to where Oz is, so you can ask him," said Turee.

                          "How do you fancy having a few days holiday in the quiet West Australian town of Toodyay?" asked Turee.
                          They both agreed and it was done, thanks to Turee Travel.
                          After they had been there a few hours they realised that they would need a guide, so they asked a young girl that Anya had met, Bronwyn, she borrowed a car from her friend Cassie, who lived in Darlington, near Perth.

                          Tara was enthusiastic about the wedding, just as long as Anya didn't choose the same bridesmaids outfits. Joyce remembered how she had tried to trick Dawn and Buffy about Giles and Vi getting married, so she thought that she would carry on with that idea, she quietly had a word with Turee, Giles and Vi, they all reckoned that it would be fun, also that it would cover up the real reasons.

                          Vi went on a shopping trip with Dawn, Saffron, Faith and Chaser, she had ?accidentally' let it slip about her comparing the price of her engagement ring with the price of others in the shops, that and looking at wedding dresses.

                          Of course when they got back Dawn was quick to find her sister and tell her about Vi's curiosity at the jewellers and of her interest in the wedding gowns. Vi and Giles had done their best to help the situation become more believable, they were also looking at the holiday brochures, and then there was the altered rosters for the shop and the museum.

                          It was a bit strange, how-ever, no-on had bothered about they tux and the wedding dress sizes. A list of required wedding presents had been prepared with kitchen wares, bedroom niceties, candlestick holders and the required toaster and kettle. Dawn had gone to the trouble of getting Giles a pair of glasses with built in washer and wipers, just so that he wouldn't have to keep cleaning them.

                          A room had been organised for the special occasion, an archway of red, yellow and white roses had been built, Vi had directed who the bridesmaids would be and what they would wear, similar to Anya's original choice but this time the gowns were an yellowish orange, no sleeves and a knee high split at one side.

                          Vi had chosen a dress that could be altered, so by removing the veil and the skirt she could fit in with the other wedding guests.
                          The boys all sat on the right and the girls sat on the left, this seemed to stop the his and her friends comments.

                          The bride stepped under the archway, the comments about the dress from the left were mainly ooh's and aah's. The comments from the rights consisted of, ?oh yeah and thats alright?, until all the girls looked at them then the boys said, oh doesn't she look good in that !

                          The wedding march started on the small organ, Buffy and Dawn had only moved one step when Vi cried out to Giles,
                          "I'M SORRY."
                          Dawn and Buffy looked at each other, Dawn shrugged her shoulders,

                          "What do we do now?"
                          The wedding march began again a slender figure in a long white flowing gown with Spike at her side, seemingly floated down the isle, Buffy looked towards Giles who was now beaming, several people asked Dawn and Buffy who she was, but neither of them knew. The figure reached Giles without incident, Spike went to the back.

                          The minister stood in front of Giles and the woman and asked,
                          "Are you two ready?"
                          The woman turned to face every-one then lifted her veil......No-one knew who she was......

                          Buffy and Dawn went to have a closer look at who was standing next to Turee. "You?, your Tara!, how?, you died!" said Dawn
                          Buffy saw another bride, she moved to Buffy,
                          "Don't tell anyone who she is," said Turee.
                          Buffy looked at Turee. "But I don't know who she is."

                          The bride lifted her veil and smiled to Buffy and Dawn,
                          "But you died in Sunnydale!" said Dawn.
                          "What can I say, you just can't keep a good demon down."
                          "Turee?" asked Buffy

                          "I was asked to bring her here, but the wedding was her idea."
                          The wedding march began, the bride slowly glided to the altar, spike was at her side, they were followed by Buffy and Dawn then Turee and Tara. All eyes were on the bride, Spike directed the bride to Giles then moved to the left to be on the girls side but he fell down clutching his head.

                          "AAArgh," quick as a flash he faced the girls at the front, as a vampire, he growled at them, the front two rows tried to be in the third row, Spike then turned to face the celebrant, who was now Gregor, he smiled,
                          "Thanks, I hoped all went well for you," said Spike

                          Spike's game face was gone and he smiled. Gregor spoke quietly to the couple for a few minutes then he declared in a louder voice, "You may kiss the bride."
                          As they turned to face their friends, thunder echoed into the room, bolts of lightening flashed and dark clouds covered the ceiling.

                          "Hello Anyanka," said D'Hoffryn, "didn't think I'd miss this did you, Xander are you marrying my little girl properly this time, Anya and Xander, you both have my blessing, this time you have two presents I think it multiplied since the last time."

                          "Last time, what's he mean last time?" Andrea asked Chaser
                          "They tried to get married before, but Xander wasn't ready," said Chaser.
                          "Thanks for being here," said Xander

                          "I'm happy for you both, I hope that you can be happy this time,"
                          "Sorry for the problems I've caused you D'Hoffryn," said Anya.
                          "I used to have thousands of girls but thanks to Spike and that Amulet most of them died, mind you I used to be a lord but it seems that most of those lords died as well plus our king, so now I'm the King of Arashmahar and I have thousands of demon to rule over so thank you Spike."

                          "Um yeah, okay, how did you survive the rays?" asked Spike
                          "I had gone to check up on the girls in Pylea, it had gone very quiet there, it was because of your miss Chaser, she made so many changes happen on that world so there isn't much call for vengeance demons now. All is quiet on Arilily as well."

                          "As evil is evil, I think that you are one of the highest I know, yet Anya sees you as a friend and she does have respect for you, I feel as though I have a friendship for you," said Giles.

                          "There was another gift for you from Turee and Giles, it will mean a lot more if you remember what Giles just said," said D'Hoffryn, "now you Spike, you may not have intended for me to be higher up the ladder of success but you did, also that I know you want these two to be happy together, so you can call on me once just in case you need my help."

                          "Thank you," said Anya.

                          D'Hoffryn left.
                          "You've gone and done it this time Spike," said Xander
                          "What you on about?"
                          "I think that you've taken this friendship thing to far."

                          "Meaning What?"
                          "Being blessed by both the good and the evil," said Xander.
                          "As a general of the Knights of Byzantium I chose to be here for you and for Anya, it appears that the King of Arashmahar chose the same thing."

                          "A-ha," said Spike to Xander, "the blunt man gets a point to Xander."
                          "You what?" asked Xander
                          Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                          Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                            THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 15

                            THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                            CHAPTER 15 OF 22 THE CARNIVAL

                            Angel rang Giles about an advert he had just read in the local paper.
                            "There is a Fun-Fair nearby, how about getting every-one to go there?" said Angel.

                            "That sounds ok, it should be fun, what time do you reckon would be best?" replied Giles.
                            "If we go there at about seven thirty," said Angel.

                            Giles and Angel rang around to tell every-one.
                            "Is there a clairvoyant there, it would be so good to hear what is said about Turee, I'd like to be a fly in the tent then?" asked Xander

                            At just after seven that night the folk from AI and the watchers council were getting into the cars and vans before heading out to the Fun Fair.
                            Angel and Nina were walking around, casually looking at the side shows when one caught the eye of Nina, it was for a gypsy palm reader.
                            "Hey, now that could be fun," said Nina excitedly.

                            "I don't know," said Angel, "I don't have a good history with gypsy's."
                            "So don't kill them, just think about it though, the possibilities. What is he going to say about a werewolf and a vampire?" asked Nina, "so how about we get everyone to go there, it may unsettle the gypsy, that's if he is a real gypsy."

                            "You pass the word around, get them here," said Nina.
                            "Ask Faith and Spike to go in first, then we can see what skills the reader has, then hopefully you can all have some fun," said Angel.
                            "So which one of us is going to go first ?" asked Spike.

                            "I'll go first, ease her into it, so to speak," said Faith.
                            "Come on then, let's see what he's got to say."
                            Inside the tent Faith handed over the money then held out her hand.
                            "Just the palm reading then?" asked the gypsy.
                            "See how you do with my hand first," said Faith.

                            "Well let me see, hmm your a girl. Nope, no laugh there, your life line is long, very long. It is strong and with no breaks and your, oh, I need the crystal ball," he gets out the ball and places it on the table.
                            "So what do you see?" asked Faith.

                            "Your fighting a vampire," said the gypsy.
                            "Come on it's my turn and just the little ball for me. Best prepare yourself for a shock."
                            "Why prepare myself for a shock?" asked the gypsy.
                            "I was bad, a real bad man, almost evil," said Spike.

                            "I'll bear that in mind, now your, ay, it shows you as a young man, then you were dead and now your alive again, so that can't be right can it."
                            "Why, see what I was when I was dead," said Spike.
                            "Okay, but I don't see the point as when your dead your just, oh my god, I can see you as a vampire, but that just can't be right," said the startled Gypsy, "I've only heard of one vampire, as a legend, he is meant to have killed one of us."

                            "Now I know this one," said Faith, "he means Angelus, he was cursed by a gypsy clan and ensouled, then he lost his soul, Turee gave him back his soul just before Buffy killed and sent him to hell, he returned and still had his soul. He had his soul taken from him then Turee put his soul back again, then he lost it but Turee was on hand to put it back and he still has it," said Faith.

                            "You, you make it sound as though you know him," said the gypsy.
                            "I'll get him if you want, he is just outside," said Spike
                            "What, Angelus is outside !" said the gypsy.
                            "Not to bright is he?" Spike asked Faith.

                            "Angelus is the vampire without a soul, Angel is the vampire with a soul, Angel is outside, understand, hmm, you got it ?" asked Spike.
                            "Hey Spike, listen up this palm reader didn't look at the signs tonight, 'cos if he had, he'd have known to put his brain in gear. Thing is, this is all a bit of a shock so I'll make it easy for him," said Faith.

                            "Go ahead then," said Spike.
                            "Spike is a vampire, yet he can breathe, he can see his reflection, he will not be harmed by sunlight or holy water. He has a soul, he is human and he is one of several types of vampire, I am a vampire slayer, I'm good, hey I'm a super chick !" said Faith.

                            "Come on Faith it's some one else's turn," said Spike.
                            "Proserphone, Turee in you go and have some fun," said Faith, "let your hair down."

                            "He is almost to easy to shock, so take it slowly before you start to have fun, but do try to remember that he is there to make other people think, so don't feel guilty about making him think," said Spike.
                            Hesitantly Turee and Proserphone entered the gypsy's lair, Proserphone asked Turee to go first,

                            "So what do you want me to use, the cards, the crystal ball or a palm reading ?" asked the gypsy.
                            "Try the cards," said Turee.

                            "Ok, cut the pack for me, or shuffle and cut the pack, as what I want is for you to put your energy onto the cards, I will then feel them and pick up on your energy which I hope will mix with my energy and I will get an insight to your self. Your happy with the cards ? lay them in a pile on the table. When you feel ready I will begin with a simple reading."

                            "Just one minute," said Turee.
                            Turee spread the cards, like a fan but in a straight line then smiled at the gypsy. He held his hands over the cards, then the gypsy looked at Turee saying,

                            "You are very powerful, a friend to many, you help or defend them, it is almost as if you are the centre of all. These cards, they all sit in judgement on you but I feel that they see you as a friend, it is as though you are one of them, that you are one of the judges."

                            "Have you ever done two readings at once?" asked Proserphone, "as your knowledge of me will help you."
                            "Never even tried two readings at once, not even sure that I can," said the gypsy.

                            "Turee, this person can help our friends to understand themselves, but we will need to assist him, he has the power of foresight, with our help he can use it for the good of all," said Proserphone, "but first he needs to know who we are, so tell him."

                            ?Read me,' thought Turee, ?do not talk, just think, don't shout, think it normally.'
                            "I can hear you, but your lips are not moving, how ?"
                            "Talking will be easier huh," said Turee, as she began to hold Proserphone's hand.

                            "Now say what you see," said Turee.
                            "Oh," said the gypsy.
                            "Say what you see, don't think about what you are saying," said Proserphone.

                            "I really don't want to say what I'm thinking as it is a bit, well, I could locked up in mental institution for this stuff," said the gypsy.
                            "Is there anyway this human could be given the insight temporarily?" asked Proserphone.

                            "Well if he doesn't know what he thinks is right, or, of course the another way of looking at this is that he is a fraud, he tries to make out that he knows all about us but for some reason he doesn't tell us, makes me wonder if he is really a gypsy at all."

                            "What are you saying Turee?" asked Proserphone.
                            "Typical scenario, he is too afraid of being wrong, as a clairvoyant he is afraid of being shown up," said Turee
                            "So why don't I allow him to see and tell the truth."

                            "True but that would spoil the fun if he does get it wrong," said Turee.
                            "So what way can we help him?" asked Proserphone.
                            "If we were to tell everything about him. The other way is if I stay here and tell him if he is wrong about anyone," said Turee.

                            "From what you are saying, you seem to think that you're better than me," said the gypsy.
                            Turee juggled the crystal ball, without it touching her hands.
                            "Pardon," she inquired.

                            "I could tell you what you had for yesterday's meal, and the name of the gravy-maker," said Turee.
                            "Oh really?, right, who am I thinking of ?" said the gypsy.
                            "Simple," said Turee, "Pythagoras, he was born in the 6th century BC, a Greek philosopher, a native of Samos, he was said to have the power of prophecy.

                            He taught others that the road to the divine could be attained through the magical use of numbers. Oh, and by the way he was a strange bloke kept trying to restrict me to his way of thinking, but apart from that he was alright," said Turee.

                            "Oh and I suppose you knew him?" asked the gypsy.
                            "Nah I only met him a few times," said Turee, "I reckon I'm going to call you Osmondosis from now on, you look like I'd expect."
                            "Go on then, tell me why," said the gypsy.

                            "Your name is Don, Don lends itself to Donny, Donny becomes Donny Osmond, hence the name Osmondosis, and it sounds good, you?ve got the wavy hair, that wiry, thin look, not to tall ruggedly normal."
                            "The people that are coming in next, so don't be afraid or unsure of what you see."

                            "Should we give him a starter?" asked Proserphone.
                            "Okay, my friend here, her fathers name begins with the letter Z," said Turee.
                            "I like that, right. Turee is a ?G' like me, she is very powerful," said Proserphone.

                            "Right back at ya, that was good," said Turee, "so come on Osmondosis what do you think."
                            "Well, what I'd say is, the fathers name is Zeus,"
                            "That's my dads name," said Proserphone.

                            "The ?G' means, I don't know, I've got some strange feelings, your not as weird as your friend but weirder in the more believable way. I keep getting the feeling that your a wizard of the highest kind, but there is something else that is being kept from me, it?s like there are several veils in front of you and every now and then, a veil is taken away, those last veils will be removed, soon."

                            "There, that was simple wasn't it ?" asked Turee.
                            "Sort of, but it's telling me that you died, that you lived in the days before the wheel, yet there is three in you, a young one, an older one and an ancient one."

                            "See, easy, what you said, spot on," said Proserphone.
                            "We will go now and send some others in, I'll come in to help when the weird ones come in," said Turee.
                            As Proserphone and Turee were coming out of the tent Xander and Giles were getting ready to go in.

                            "Hope you cleared the way for us," said Xander.

                            Angel, Nina, Spike and Dawn were off for a spin on one of the rides, quite literally as the chair they were getting into was hinged at one corner. When the ride started to move, all on the ?cars' was full of excited people, unfortunately as the ?cars' began to spin the excitement turned to screams.

                            Turee moved close to Dana.
                            "Something's wrong with Angel and Spike!" she said,
                            Dana signalled Buffy and Faith, Wesley called to Giles,
                            "Get out here fast, Angel and Spike just turned."

                            As soon as the ride stopped, Spike and Angel were taken to the gypsy's tent, Osmondosis had put a couple of chairs out for them, but he was surprised at how many people brought Spike and Angel in to his tent. They were brought in by Nina and Dawn with the three Watchers studying the pair, then there was the seven Vampire Slayers.

                            Osmondosis noticed that Giles and Turee were standing apart from the others and he went up to them.
                            "Excuse me, I get the feeling that this situation may be worse than some people realise."

                            "If Angel and Spike are becoming their old selves this could be very bad," said Giles.
                            The fourteen Merry Maidens suddenly appeared, in full battle dress. Turee realised what was happening.

                            "Gregor will be here soon," said Turee, "as there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers ready to be here."
                            "How did the army get to hear about this?" asked Osmondosis.
                            "Not the human army, the foot soldiers of God's army, they will be here to protect Angel and Spike," said Turee.

                            Spike called for Turee to help him, she quickly went to his aid.
                            "What is it, what happened ?" asked Turee.
                            "We sat down, we were looking forward to the experience, you know, joking and laughing, I remember holding hands with Dawn, then that 'car' violently lurched one way and then the other, I remember Dawn crying out, in pain. She looked at me and I saw horror in her eyes."

                            Turee turned around to face Gregor who was standing at her side,
                            "I don't think that we will be needed just yet, I reckon I know what caused their abnormality," said Turee.
                            "See you next time," said Gregor

                            The Demon Hunters vanished.
                            "Turee, why was Gregor here? who were those others?" asked Giles.
                            "Remember how I said that the final battle will be very soon, well, now the waiting has begun, every one is watching, they are ready for when the little abnormality occurs that starts the final battle. That is why they were here, even the other dimension will come to help."

                            "Oh, so what did happen then?" asked Giles.
                            "Spike and Angel both bumped their heads, which caused them to be like vampires again, they were both trying to protect others from seeing them and the ride stopped them from reverting back, hence the panic, simple really," said Turee, "Dana, do you want the gypsy read you?"

                            "Not really, it'll bring back to many bad memories, ones that I don?t want to remember," said Dana.
                            "Okay, maybe Illyria, Dawn and Nina, I will stay with them," said Turee.
                            Osmondosis looked at her. "These ones?"

                            "We are about to find out how good you are, the cards won't work with any of these friends," said Turee.
                            As the tent cleared Illyria, Dawn and Nina sat down

                            "Turee told me that the cards won't work with any of you, I will say what-ever I feel or see in the crystal ball, so please don't be offended if I'm wrong about you. I get the feeling that I should warn you that I may question my thoughts, I won't be questioning you."

                            "Who will you attempt to read first?" asked Turee.
                            "Who do you suggest?"
                            "Try Nina, she is the closest to.. no, you tell us about her," said Turee.
                            "Right then," Osmondosis looked intently into the crystal ball, "your a dog." "No, I'm a type of wolf," said Nina.

                            "I'm also seeing you as a person, but that would mean that your a werewolf?"
                            "Correct," said Nina.
                            "Now try and describe Dawn," said a grinning Turee.

                            The gypsy looked into his ball then he sat back, again he looked into the ball then at Dawn. Puzzled he sat back.
                            "Turee, I think I need your help here,"
                            "Say what you see," said Turee.

                            "In the ball, all I see is blue," said Osmondosis.
                            "I can relate to that," replied Turee, "do you read a person's aura ?"
                            "Well, sort of, I do have a camera set up for that reason, the photo is usually ready two or three minutes later, I will then read the aura."

                            "Try reading Dawn's then," said Turee.
                            Dawn composed herself, and ignored Turee's attempts to make her laugh while the photo was being taken. The gypsy started to do Illyria's reading while the photo of Dawn was developing. Illyria looked over to Turee

                            "This is for our enjoyment and to see what he can do," thought Illyria to Turee.
                            "Yes," thought Turee.

                            "Listen to me Osmondosis, this is a real person, we want to know if your a side show trickster or the real thing, so tell us what you see," said Turee.
                            "First up I will see into the air around her to find out about her. She is, oh, I'm glad your here Turee because this is going to be right up your alley," said the gypsy.

                            "Think so?" asked Turee.
                            "Illyria is not human, I don't see her as coming from this planet, yet she does live on the planet," said the gypsy, "she and Dawn are connected, somehow."

                            "Ever heard of different dimensions?" asked Turee.
                            "I've heard of the theory," said Osmondosis.
                            "Take it from me, it isn't a theory, it's like there are doors here, when you go through them you enter another dimension, luckily these doors have to be called upon, that way you can't go through one accidentally,"
                            said Turee, "and our Illyria is from another dimension."

                            "The creatures really do make that place look like hell," said Osmondosis.
                            "Yup, that sounds like home."
                            As Illyria came out Turee asked for Angel and Buffy.

                            "Looks like it's our turn," said Buffy.
                            "I'll be here again," said Turee.
                            "Here we go, oh, your Angelus," said Osmondosis
                            "Not Angelus, Angel," said Turee, "you said about those veils, I've put more of them so that you don't see their past or their future," said Turee.

                            "Understood, now your name is Buffy Anne Summers, oh, that's odd, oh! it's him!. These veils, Turee, what is it that you don't want me to find out?" asked Osmondosis
                            "They're not for you, it is so that they don't find out about themselves, yet."

                            "You'd better let them go, I'm afraid to say something that I shouldn't," said Osmondosis.
                            Angel and Buffy left, although they did exchange several puzzled glances to each other.

                            "Right, Turee, I've met immortal humans and non humans, I've met the legendary Angel and he is being helped by God's army. I've witnessed the possibility of a war, from those here I'd say it was not for the human's of this world, and I know what 'G' stood for."
                            He knelt and bowed to her.
                            Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                            Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                              THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 16

                              THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                              CHAPTER 16 THE SECOND FRONT

                              Giles and Wesley had been talking with Gregor about starting another base, Gregor said that there was a young couple in Sharpsville a Steven and Linda, that he'd had contact with on a few occasions. He decided that they should be informed about the new arrivals and that they should look for a disused place for around twenty five people.

                              The next day several of them were due to leave, they were Kennedy, Saffron, Julie, Xander, Anya, Wesley and Illyria.
                              Dawn had been asked if she would like to go but she declined saying that she wanted to research Spike's new found humanity. And of course everybody else believed her!

                              Buffy had said a few choice words to Dawn.
                              "There is less of an age difference between Spike and me than there was between you and Angel, and what of Xander and Anya ?"

                              For some reason or other Buffy had been unable to make a witty reply. Giles had been happily listening to Buffy getting told off by Dawn when the phone rang, he picked it up.
                              "Is that the museum ?"

                              Giles put the phone on speaker and signalled for Buffy, Faith, Wesley and Dawn to listen in.
                              "Giles, this is Ruth, from the hole where Sunnydale was."
                              "Yes, I'm sorry, we don't here from you very often, something happen of late?" asked Giles.

                              "Some girl asked us to say hello to you, Buffy and Dawn. She said you've met her before, before she died!. She said her name is Molly, and that you thought she was a potential Slayer."
                              "What do you mean, we thought?" asked Giles.

                              "I remember Molly, I liked her," said Dawn.
                              "Molly was here to see if we wanted help."
                              "Help would have been good," said Buffy.
                              "The thing was, we did get that help, it was because of Molly that we got the amulet."

                              "There was a few others here as well, there was Davina, Hope, Dani, Leia, Andrea, Fiona, Anne, Saffron, Diana, Julie, thing is they are known as Demon Hunters, I think they also are known as the Merry Maidens. But they said they are the same as us.

                              There was another by the name of Dawn. Molly is a Rider in the Armed Forces of Bouicandeni, and the Knights are just a small part of a vast army."

                              "Their friends, vampires, told them of a way for all who have demon in them to travel, and we can make one up there where you are," said Claire.
                              "We'll have one, what is it?" asked Giles.

                              "It's a stone circle, thing is, us and them all have the spirit of a demon that's how we can use it. Now for the good bits, their Dawn doesn't have demon in her, she is an immortal, she was brought here by the other two."

                              "The other two are the Goddess Curremy and the Goddess Medusera!,
                              "That's the name of the Goddess who brought those people here," said Faith.

                              This Goddess Curremy, she put a force field over what's Sunnydale!, after she had removed a few things, so Giles if you want some stuff for your museum. Buffy, there's a trunk here, the one that you kept at home, we haven't touched it."

                              "I met Goddess Curremy, wh.. oh crap!," exclaimed Giles.
                              "What is it?" asked Ruth.
                              "Three people just appeared here."
                              "She is Dawn, he is Graeves, I am the Goddess Medusera, Graeves will tell you soon, about the stone circle."

                              "Why have you brought this for us?" asked Wesley.
                              "Wesley isn't it, good, because we are waiting for you to win, then if you want to you can be with us."
                              "Where are you from?" asked Wesley, "you do know I'm a vampire?"
                              "Yes, as is Graeves."

                              "Goddess, his name is very similar isn't it," said Graeves.
                              "Many things are similar, that's the way it was planned. Giles, let me explain a few things here, when the evil has been beaten. The walls between this and our dimension will fade. In our dimension we fight the evil, in England."

                              "Excuse me, I am Buffy, do you have vampire slayers in your dimension."
                              "She doesn't know does know who she is, does she?" asked Dawn. "The vampire slayers are a part of the Armed Forces, the front line of attack, that is why we know of you, and why Molly and the others have been sent here."

                              "So the evil has been fought in this dimension, are there any more dimensions?" asked Giles.
                              "There was, but now there is only two, this one and ours," said Dawn.
                              "Your Goddess said that many things are almost the same, what are they?" asked Dawn.

                              "You have an Angel Investigations, we have the Myth Investigators, you have the Museum of Ancient Religious Artefacts, we have The Museum of Mythological Artefacts, a magical supplies shop.

                              As for Spike, before the evil took control of him he was destined. Because of that, he became Spike here and our Pitts, Spike sired Wesley and where we are from Pitts sired Westy, your Wesley is favoured by the Goddess Illyria. Our Westy is favoured by the Goddess Curremy.

                              Many things are the same, so when you come to us you will feel at home, much of what is happening here, you will see it happen to us," said the Goddess Medusera.
                              "Will they see us as we are, or were?" asked Graeves.

                              "As we were. Come on, we've a stone circle to build before we can go home."
                              As Dawn and Graeves walked to the back.
                              "That was Buffy and Faith, wasn't it?" asked Graeves.

                              "Yes, it's good to see them as humans isn't it?" asked Dawn.
                              "I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they find out how much power they really have."

                              A mini bus had been bought for the travellers, it had been used by a family as a travelling home, and as such it was thought that it would be safe for Wesley, it was decided they would leave at about eight thirty that night.

                              Giles and Wesley had said that there was just enough room for two reasonably large suitcases each, Xander did ask Giles how it was figured out that each could have enough space for two cases of luggage.

                              Wesley said that most of the girls had enough stuff for three suitcases each and that it was his way of enjoying the moment. Illyria's clothes and Wesley's clothes nearly filled a suitcase and the rest of ?their quota' was taken up with books.

                              Xander and Anya's stuff was easily packed and the furniture was to be delivered courtesy of Turee's express post, however it was agreed that Turee would look at the place first and a delivery schedule was made up to avoid a chest of drawers arriving when Xander was moving their freezer.

                              Giles and Wesley were trying to decide who would tell the slayers that there was enough room for each of them to have a third suitcase, it would have taken them ten minutes or so to come to an agreement, but they kept having hysterics due to their being interrupted by some-one wearing Kennedy's, Saffron's or Julie's 'discarded' clothing.

                              Wesley was told at six forty five that evening, that three very upset Vampire Slayers might be unkind, to a certain vampire who just made them give away their good clothes.

                              Wesley quickly realised the error of his ways, thought about the situation and dropped Giles in it, far enough to make his glasses need cleaning and in the spirit of true bravery, he went to hide on the mini bus.

                              It had been suggested that he act as personal slave to the girls and pray. As it was the Slayers had known of Giles and Wesley's little trick about ten minutes after they had come up with the idea and were playing them like a very rare recording of a Nat King Cole seventy-eight.

                              As soon as the group had left, Giles was told about the trick that had been played on him and Wesley. However Wesley wasn't quite so lucky as every time he heard them talking, all he heard was, ?we need to end his', he never heard them say the word ?misery'.

                              This all ended one evening while Kennedy was taking her turn at driving, all the electrics packed-up while a police car was following them, Illyria and Wesley were quickly helping Kennedy to a safe area on the side of the road.

                              The two police officers were very helpful to them, offering torches and where to get parts from the next day, unfortunately one of the officers was paying a little to much attention to Illyria, her neck and hair colour were just a little off putting to him.

                              Illyria telling him to leave her alone was not the best thing to say, but telling him to look somewhere else or she would make him disappear really upset him. Twenty minutes later they were all in the cells at the police station.

                              When the police wanted to take their fingerprints the fun really began as Anya's didn't exist and Illyria didn't have any fingerprints. Anya and Illyria had been kept in separate rooms, Anya was kept in the sergeants room by herself, when she pulled the blinds apart she could see Xander and Wesley.

                              Anya breathed on the window, after attracting their attention. In the condensation she wrote, Get the slayers to call Turee now, as that faded she breathed on the window and wrote, Illyria is by herself , she might blow a fuse.'

                              The sergeant came back and caught her, he asked her what she was doing, luckily when Anya said she had written on the window, it was seen as the truth, as the words that became visible were, about to blow a fuse.

                              "That's the thing about us Roseburg police, we're fair," he said.
                              Anya's concentration on certain words was enough, although the certain words were, Slayers call Turee Illyria blow fuse.
                              Turee was having a quiet night with Joyce, Dawn and Spike when the message came through.

                              She sat upright immediately saying what she had just heard. Turee asked Dawn to run and tell Giles as she was going to go to their aid.
                              A couple of drunks had been put into the cell next to Kennedy, Julie and Saffron's and the girls were getting a bit of unwelcome attention, that stopped as soon as Turee appeared.

                              "What is it Kennedy, what is wrong ?"
                              "Illyria is being held by herself, Anya thinks that she'll blow a fuse."
                              "Anya," thought Turee, "I'm with Kennedy, she says that your not alone, I will be in the room but you won't see me, I'll want you to look in the direction that Illyria is being held, look at the clock and when it's hands move backwards you'll know I'm in the room."

                              Anya casually looked at the clock, as the hands were moving backwards she looked towards where Illyria was.
                              "Get in there quick Turee, Sunnydale will seem like a rut in a sandpit if Illyria blows her top," thought Anya.

                              Turee went to Illyria's aid and finding that she was by herself, she slowly re-appeared to Illyria.
                              "Are you alright, ? the others are really worried about you being in here and by yourself !" said Turee.

                              "I'm fine," said Illyria, "what is the problem?."
                              "Anya sent me a thought message that you were about to go all ballistic," explained Turee.
                              "I am quite happy here, the others seem to be okay as well," said Illyria.

                              "How d'you know the others are okay ?" asked Turee.
                              "Simple, I stop time then go and have a look, I've checked up on them three or four times," said Illyria, "tell Anya to she can write down any questions on the pad to her right, tell the boys and the girls to leave their pillows at the head of the bed if they're okay and I'll put them at the foot when I've been."

                              "What if they want to talk with you ?" asked Turee.
                              "Tell them put the pillows in the middle of their bed,"
                              "Why don't you have a talk with them when you go to see them?" asked Turee.

                              "Can you imagine the fun when it gets light and those two drunks watches still show two thirty."
                              "Get your drift," said Turee nodding her agreement, "but why are you being kept away from the others?"

                              "I don't have any finger prints!" said Illyria.
                              "Didn't think of that, I'll go back to the others in L.A. and arrange some finger prints, as you may be here a long time else," said Turee.
                              After Turee had told Anya, Wesley and Xander, Saffron and Julie and Kennedy how Illyria was and how to keep in contact with her she went to L.A..

                              "Hi there Giles," said Turee, "that problem is no more, however we do have another one, they've all been picked up by the police, thing is Anya's fingerprints are a bit old and Illyria doesn't have finger prints at all."

                              "Use mine, but don't tell her about the nuthouse," said Dana.
                              "Great, thanks. Now what about Anya ?"
                              "Anya can use mine, if they are okay," said Andrea.

                              Turee went back to the police station and re-appeared in Illyria's room, she asked Illyria for her help.
                              "Why do you need my help ?" asked Illyria.
                              "If you stop time, then we can do this without me having to make sure that we will be all alone," said Turee. "what was the reason for going through this town ?"

                              "Xander thought that it would be a good idea as Willow's old surname was Rosenburg, it just seemed to much of a temptation to him, and as there was no disagreement we had decided to stop here."
                              Fifteen minutes later they were leaving the police station in Roseburg, maybe a bit faster than they should.

                              "Why are we going so fast ?" asked Julie.
                              "Illyria and Anya used Dana's and Andrea's finger prints," said Xander.
                              As they rounded a corner they were literally driving off into the sunset, except for Wesley that is, he was trying to convince Illyria that him kissing her was a good thing.

                              Sharpsville road signs did not come fast enough for Saffron, she was just a bit bored by the whole moving thing. Of course the destination wasn't high on her list of places to visit, she thought that most of the so called witchy people were the sick and the disabled, there may have been one or two witches at the start but the locals became so incensed with the notion of witches. Julie told her how-ever she had got it all wrong.

                              "The town of Sharpsville was old, it was where an ascension happened, the old town was destroyed by a pure demon in seventeen twenty three."
                              "How do you know all that stuff ?" asked Saffron.
                              "Simple really, I did some reading," said Julie.

                              Saffron began to realise that her thoughts during the last two hundred miles or so may have been slightly wrong.

                              Steven and Linda were having an enjoyable beer, whilst waiting on the balcony of their house for the strangers from L A. Steven had inherited the farm from his father nearly three years ago, he married Linda just over a year after that, they were both in their mid thirties, both were fit mainly from chasing sheep about and due to the cancer they were bald.

                              When the little bus entered their driveway and gently rolled up next to their house. Xander, Anya and Kennedy went up the steps to introduce themselves to Steven and Linda.
                              "Gregor did say that we would be coming here didn't he?" asked Kennedy.

                              "Yes, we have been expecting you," replied Linda.
                              "We've got the right place," Anya called to the others.
                              They then proceeded go up the steps, once they were all there Kennedy began.

                              "Did Gregor tell you about us, who we are and all that," said Kennedy.
                              "He did mention that you are all uniquely qualified for the slaying of the demon kind, and as we seem to have our fair share. He did say that you would be needed and that we would need to help you settle in," said Steven.

                              "Hi, I'm Linda and this is Steven, so who are you, Gregor did tell us about you but its nice to put a face to the name," said Linda.
                              "My name is Xander, this is my wife Anya, these girls are Vampire Slayers; Kennedy, Saffron and Julie. Then there is Wesley who is a vampire and Illyria a Goddess."

                              "From what we've seen and heard from Gregor about you all there will be plenty for you, um, what is Anya doing?" asked Linda.
                              "Anya is contacting Turee, letting her know that we got here," said Wesley.

                              "Look, you can all stop here tonight and tomorrow we will show you where you can stay, our second house is in the next field, just needs a little TLC," said Steven.
                              "Vampire here, I'll look in the evening, but a nice touch would be if you could take a video of the house for me," said Wesley.

                              The house was an old three bed roomed one toilet with most of the usual areas for modern equipments, there was a 60 ft. x 40 ft. shed just behind the house that had been used for vehicle repairs, it had a cemented floor and a storage area with half of the shed having an upper level.

                              Xander spent quite a while looking around the shed, he thought that with copious amounts of fake wood to the outside, large plaster board panels on the inside, mounted on a wooden baton framework with some insulation, it could be done up like a house.

                              Some entertainment rooms at ground level, kitchen and a few windows, a couple of decent doors and by putting some bedrooms up top, the main problem was disguising the cage for Nina although it would be big enough it was in the middle of the floor.

                              Xander made a few rough drawings of his proposed ideas before he made a proper diagram of the changes. Julie did the gardening, having plants at the front, fish ponds at the side and rear, a small road side shelter could be erected to sell any produce from the fruit trees and the plants.

                              Linda and Steven had been going to a local market on each Sunday to sell their products; goats milk, goats cheese, sheep skins, coloured yarns and coloured dyes, with the occasional spinning wheel so the prospect of a road side stall seemed like a good idea. Their suggestion was that if it started to be viable then a workshop sized shed be built for use as a shop.

                              That night Illyria and Wesley went out for a drive in the local area, Wesley and Illyria noticed that there was a group of people entering one of the houses. Shortly afterwards the lights in the house were dimmed, Wes said that he would take a look.

                              As he was moving around another car drove up, as the driver got out Wesley formed an opinion of the person, medium height, beard glasses and slightly thin on top, well dressed a normal middle aged bloke from around the corner. Wesley moved behind him as he opened the front door.

                              "Excuse me, I'm Wesley, I'm a bit lost,"
                              "Hi, I'm sorry I wasn't aware of any-one behind me, my name is Adrin, who are you looking for?"

                              Wesley was about to answer, when the door was opened by a very attractive youngish woman, long blonde hair from a packet, if the eye brows and the dark roots along her parting at the top of her head were to be believed.

                              "Bles..., oh, Adrin. Who is this ?"
                              "Suzy hi, this is Wesley, he says that he is lost."
                              "Who are you trying to find?" asked Suzy.
                              "My girlfriend and I are trying to find a young couple, a Steven and Linda, they do live near here but I don't know how to get where they live," said Wesley.

                              "Come in, I will draw you a map how to get to their place," said Suzy.
                              "You know those folk?" asked Adrin.
                              "Yes, they sell the goats milk," said Suzy.
                              As Wesley got back into the bus he smiled to Illyria.

                              "There are no vampires there, they are witches and, well it might be a good thing to find out if they are knowledgeable, and if they have any ability, a few more friends here might be a good thing."
                              Wesley picked the phone from the dash and rang Turee,

                              "Hello Turee, its Wesley, we've just found a coven of white witches, I think. Can you come here and find out what they are like, ability and all that?" asked Wesley.
                              After a short while Turee appeared.

                              "Sit down, we'll have a quick chat," said Wesley, "the house is just over there." "I'll just check," said Turee....., "yep, they are okay. I reckon that we ought to go and knock on the door."
                              Adrin answered the door,

                              "Oh, its you again, what do you want?" asked Adrin.
                              "Wesley reckons that you are witches, I could tell that you are white witches, so we decided to come to you and introduce ourselves," said Turee.

                              "Hi there, Suzy, this is my girlfriend Illyria and this is Turee, we'd like to meet you and your friends, to make friends with you," said Wesley.
                              A voice from inside the room asked who it was.
                              "It's some people who want to be friends, they reckon to know what we are and they are ok with it," replied Suzy.

                              "So bring them in then," said the voice.
                              Illyria, Wesley and Turee entered the room.
                              "So Wesley, that story about looking for Steven and Linda's place, was that a white lie ?" asked Adrin.

                              "Not really, we do know Steven and Linda we've been there today, Turee hasn't though, she has only just got here from L A."
                              "How did you know to come here, and when did you leave L A ?" asked Suzy.

                              "Wesley asked me to come here, I left LA about a minute ago, I got here using an advanced form of what you call Astral Projection," said Turee.
                              "Turee, you say something like that which in all fairness isn't very likely and then expect to be friends with us," said Suzy.

                              "We want to be friends with you regardless of our abilities," said Turee.
                              "I am Phillippa, what is Wesley's gift ? asked a curvaceous brunette,
                              "Wesley is cursed, he calls Spike dad," said Illyria.
                              "You say that you want to be our friends, so give us friendship," said Phillippa.

                              "Adrin, Suzy, did you feel uneasy when talking to Wesley ?" asked Turee.
                              "No, he seemed quite nice, but, then we thought that he was telling us the truth and not lying through his teeth while checking us out," said Suzy.

                              "Do you believe in a good and an evil ?" asked Turee.
                              "Yes," said Phillippa.
                              "Then believe me when I tell you that Wesley is a good vampire," said Turee.

                              "That would be okay if we thought that there was a possibility that vampires existed," said Suzy.
                              "There are vampires near here, I think they are coming here,' thought Illyria.
                              ?I agree, our trying to be nice to these folk just failed' thought Turee.

                              "Listen to me everyone, you are about to be attacked by a group of demons, do you wish to be some where else or do you want our protection ?" asked Turee.

                              "I'd prefer some protection, but what makes you think that we are about to be attacked ?" asked Phillippa.
                              "Protection first, explanations later, Suzy, please come with me and hold my arm," said Turee, " Illyria can you put a barrier around them."
                              "It is done," said Illyria.

                              Five Vampire Slayers appeared in the room, they were Buffy, Faith, Saffron, Julie Kennedy, and Molly.
                              "You did that !" exclaimed Suzy, "how !"
                              "Girls there are is a cadre of vampires heading this way, if you could convince them of the error of their ways," said Turee.

                              "Molly? why are you here? don't say where you are from."
                              "Molly?, I thought it was you, why are you here?" asked Faith.
                              "I was asked to be here. To protect you and Buffy."
                              "Just in time, Turee asked us nicely to dust some vampires," said Faith.

                              "She did make it sound polite," agreed Buffy.
                              The girls went outside to meet the vampires and talk about the weather, Turee took Suzy outside with her.
                              "It's important that you see this Suzy, it'll help you to accept all that I'll be saying soon," said Turee.

                              "Look at them, they are vampires," exclaimed Suzy.
                              "You girls. Faith and I will distract them while you three get behind them," said Buffy.

                              Faith and Buffy went out on to the path and waited for the first two vampires to approach them, as it was there was only six of them and they all went up to the girls.
                              "Your not witches, you don't concern us."

                              "Well, she's a witch," said Faith happily pointing at Suzy, "didn't say that to nicely did I?" asked Faith.
                              "You did smile a lot," said Buffy.
                              "Reckon I should have been a bit grumpier," said Faith, "maybe I should say it again?."

                              "Don't need to now," said Buffy.
                              "Oh, you think it is to late," said Faith.
                              "Yep, just in case these silly vampires didn't realise it," said Buffy.
                              "These idiot vamps are not silly vamps, they're a bit young, that's all," said Faith, practising her sarcasm.

                              "Faith, what's the difference between idiot and silly? thing is these vampires are too stupid to realise what is happening here," said Buffy.
                              "Guess what's going to happen," said Turee.
                              "Shut up witch, our master The Kuh-rotan wants you dead."

                              "I'm not the witch, she is, don't think of her, think of yourselves," said Turee.
                              "Why should we think of us, with only these two little girls!" said the vampire.

                              "Because there isn't two girls, there are five, and if you didn't feel it, we are Vampire Slayers, except for Molly," said Turee.
                              Suddenly Buffy and Faith plunged their stakes into the vampires, the unlucky vampires at the back watched in awe as Molly's clothes changed to the battle dress of the armed forces of Bouicandeni, she immediately killed the four vampires with her cross bow.

                              Then she disappeared.

                              "That was a quick," said an amazed Suzy.
                              "Did you learn anything?" asked Turee.
                              "Yes, they were vampires, and I'm guessing that those girls are all Vampire Slayers, did I do well?" asked Suzy

                              "What just happened?" asked Saffron.
                              "Well Suzy, you did recognise them as vamps, you did well, its a start," said Turee, ignoring Saffron.
                              "Can we ask her some hard questions ?" asked Faith.

                              "No, not yet. Suzy, Vampire Slayers are Chosen Ones, chosen to be fighters, forever, that will be before and after their deaths," said Turee.
                              "Who chooses them?" asked Suzy.
                              "Now that's a good question, Turee. I'd like to know the answer to that one," said Faith.

                              "The answer is the Goddess Medusera chooses them," said Turee.
                              "If you want to give us an answer at least give one that we can understand," said Buffy.
                              "Is it my fault that you don't understand what I said?" asked Turee.

                              "No, it isn't your fault, how-ever when you know the answer and we don't, then we might think that you don't want to tell us," said Buffy.
                              "You seem to have dug a hole for yourself, jumped in it and then put yourself up against the end of it," said Suzy

                              "Not a round hole then?" asked Faith
                              "More of a trench I reckon," said Suzy
                              "So Turee, there are five Vampire Slayers here, you say that you are our Guardian, so help us, guide us," said Faith.

                              "You were all Chosen to be what you are, you were chosen to help rid the world of evil," said Turee.
                              "Does that mean that we won't end them?" asked Saffron.
                              "Your not meant to end them, you never were, but you were created to reduce their numbers so that we could end them," said Turee.

                              "A higher power guiding us, you said that in our coma, Buffy," said Faith.
                              "Come on you two we'd better go back inside now," said Turee.
                              "This is not going to be easy," said Suzy, "it will be a lot for them to take in."

                              "So just tell them what you've seen," said Turee.
                              "Remember that they are your friends," said Faith.
                              "And you've got these girls to back you up," said Turee.
                              As they all settled in to the room, Suzy began her story.

                              "There were some vampires out there, they had come here to attack us, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that vampires are real. Thing is these girls knew what to do and they weren't bothered by them, a couple of them were even making jokes about them, so I'm guessing that they are Vampire Slayers, which leaves Turee and Illyria and considering that they made several people appear here, I'd hazard a guess that they have some serious power," said Suzy.

                              "Illyria is my friend, she chose to be a friend, I'm unsure when she was born, probably before time began to be measured," said Turee.
                              "Do you know where she comes from?" asked Phillippa.
                              "I did not come from this dimension, I came here only to kill another hell-god, I later found out that Buffy and her friends killed that hell-god.

                              My age does not concern me, only what I am incapable of, and like Turee that is only limited by what I want and when I want it," said Illyria.
                              "Another hell-god?" asked Adrin.

                              "About Turee, I'm assuming that she is from this world as for how old she is it's a bit like Illyria their age does not concern us, only that they choose to be our friends," said Faith.

                              "Would you girls like to go home now ? when you get back can you ask Giles to find out about the Kuh-rotan ?" asked Turee, "I'm going to be staying at the farm for a while."
                              "I don't want you to think that I'm being pushy Suzy, but it would be a good idea to accept our offer of friendship with both hands," said Faith.

                              "I don't think there will be anyone that would say no," said Suzy.
                              "You and I should get together soon so that I can teach you the benefits of the thoughtytalk, it will only take as long as you need," said Turee.
                              "I'm eager to learn, the quicker the better, is cheating allowed ?" asked Suzy.

                              At two the next afternoon Giles rang Turee.
                              "That demon The Kuh-rotan, be is bad news," said Giles.
                              "Figured as much, Gregor and the Powers That Be are to be coming here."

                              "The books that I have all seem to indicate came from when B. C. ended nothing is known of it's powers but he does have a bit of a controlling influence on other demon, it says that he won't allow anyone by the name of Simon to be killed ."

                              "Not much helpful there, do you want me to bring you here ready fot when the PTB get here?" asked Turee.
                              "Thanks, I'd like that, I'd appreciate knowing the Powers That Be," said Giles.

                              "I've got to go now, I said I'd help Xander to do the painting of the walls and ceiling," said Turee.
                              "How are the rest of the improvements going? will the place could be ready in a day or so?" asked Giles.
                              "Your about right, we've begun to make friends, there's a coven that could prove useful," said Turee.

                              "I could get in touch with the coven in Devon, some may be able to be there to help," said Giles.
                              "Sounds good, now I'll need to go and do some painting."
                              "Ok, let me know when the rooms are ready as Dawn, Dana and Spike want to be there."

                              "Spike wants to be here, thats good I know Wesley would appreciate having his dad here, how are things there?" said Turee.
                              "Gunn and Chaser have reported about demons being sought by a collective of demons, even their sources are reluctant to talk, it's almost as though some demon is getting them together," said Giles.

                              The next morning Xander was waiting for Steven to help him build some scaffolding so that the roof could be painted, after a while he asked Anya to go and find Steven, Anya wandered about the main house, but found no sign of Steven and Linda, even after checking all the rooms in the house.

                              Standing on the verandah she noticed that Turee was sitting very low in a chair. "Who are you trying to avoid ?" asked Anya.
                              "Nearly everyone," said Turee.
                              "Why ?"

                              "It's going to get busy soon, so I thought that I'd get a minutes peace."
                              "How long have you been out here?" asked Anya.
                              "A few minutes," said Turee.
                              "That's ok then, you've had more peace and quiet than you wanted, who is going to make it busy here."

                              "Giles, Dana, Dawn and Spike are coming here, Giles is coming here for a meeting with Gregor and my friend from the PTB."
                              "One of the PTB is your friend, I knew that you got messages from them I never thought that you be chatting with one of them," said Anya.

                              "Why not, when I get a message I have a chat and over the last year it's always been the same one that's been sending the message."
                              "That's nice, it's good to have friends, it's even better to have friends who don't want to be in your shoes," said Anya.

                              "Thanks, that was very nicely put," said Turee.
                              "It's a bit like you and Giles, I mean he see's you as a friend not some-one he aspires to be."
                              "Anya! I'm surprised. I that was very delicately said," said Turee.

                              *26 "Why are you surprised ? I'm not insensitive am I, admittedly I often say what I see as real. But I don't say what I know will upset people, well, not always, well sometimes I do, but only if the reaction is going to be good," said Anya.
                              "Never thought of it like that."

                              At that point the phone rang.
                              "Hope that is the call I've been waiting for."
                              When Turee put the phone down she smiled,
                              "Was that the call you were waiting for?" asked Anya.
                              "Yep, they are ready to come here."

                              "That's good, oh, er, who is ready to come here ?" asked Anya.
                              "Giles, Dana, Dawn and Spike," said Turee.
                              "When you say Dawn and Spike, do you mean Dawn and Spike ?" asked Anya.

                              "Oh, oh yes, that's good. Ooh that's a thought, I was trying to find Steve and Linda before, I've looked around the house, have you got any ideas on where they could be?" asked Anya.
                              "Aren't they in the house ?" asked Turee.
                              "I've looked under the house and in every room."

                              "There is a room in the attic, try there. If you do find them can you tell them that Gregor is on his way here."
                              Anya left to go and find Steven and Linda, she went to the attic and found them there in what looked like a chapel.

                              "Hello Anya, what do you want ?" asked Linda.
                              "Nice room, nice and Quiet, I can see why you've kept it a secret."
                              "We haven't kept it a secret," said Steven.
                              "So who else knows about this room ?" asked Anya.

                              "Who knows where the leach drain and the septic tank is ?" asked Steven.
                              "Not too many I'd guess."
                              "Just because nobody knows where they are, it doesn't mean that we've kept their location a secret," said Linda.

                              "Good point."
                              "What else did you come up here for?" asked Linda.
                              "Xander is waiting for some help to put up some scaffolding," said Anya, "so you've got yourself a private little chapel."

                              "We come up here to talk with Gregor," said Linda.
                              "Oh yeh, that's the other thing, Turee said that Gregor will be here soon."
                              "We'd best go and find Turee then," said Steven.

                              "Turee's sat out on the verandah, as she was going back to Xander."
                              When the phone rang Turee quickly went to pick it up.
                              "Good timing Giles, we're about to get some visitors her, are you ready to come here?" asked Turee.

                              "Yes I'm ready, there's no one else near here. It'd be good to finally meet the... oh I'm here, I'd better ring someone and get them to hang up the phone," said Giles.
                              "I'm guessing you weren't quite ready then."

                              "I nearly was, I just didn't think that putting the phone down would be a problem, if there is a next time I'll be a bit more aware of that."
                              Giles dialled up Dawn's personal phone and asked her to deal with the museum's phone.

                              "Dawn asked about her travel arrangements Turee, I hope they don't get dropped in the path of a truck," said Giles.
                              "That was what Xander said, only his phraseology was a bit more colourful, there is a room set aside for travellers, Xander said it should be called the Tardis room, reckon he's a fan of Dr. Who ! ," said Turee.

                              "And what does Tardis stand for ?" asked Giles.
                              "Time and relative dimension in space," said Turee.
                              "Mmm, Close enough," said Giles.
                              "Steven and Linda, they're glad you made it, I'll let them know your here, oh yes, Gregor would like you to clean your glasses," said Turee, smiling.

                              "I'll be sure to thank him personally when he gets here," said Giles.
                              "So thank me," said Gregor.
                              Giles turned to where to voice came from, "Sorry, I don't know who you two are, Gregor is getting a bit forgetful of his manners these days."

                              "Linda, Steven and not forgetting you Mr Giles, I'd like to introduce to you Hera and Zeus, they are members of what is referred to as The Powers That Be."
                              *27 "Giles, his name is Giles, I'm sorry I thought that before you said his name was Guyles, Gregor," said Hera.

                              Gregor looked wistfully towards the stars.
                              "Giles, my name is most definitely Giles."
                              "Did you manage to find out anything about The Kuh-rotan ?" asked Gregor.
                              "The only references that I could find of him all mean that he is revered."

                              "The Kuh-rotan looks the part, he is seven foot tall and majestic in appearance, he does like to wear robes that reach the floor, it used to be human as a human he did something that was infamous, some humans are made as vampires, because of what he did, he was created a demon a leader of demons.

                              He is seen as a god-king, the good thing is that it has no real powers. As a human he was Judas Iscariot," stated Gregor.
                              "So why are we only hearing about him now ?" asked Giles.
                              "Because it has chosen to be here, it would appear that the evil is hurting more and more.

                              What Spike managed to do, what the vampire slayers have managed to do, they are opening up an ending for us, even the Powers That Be are going to become more and more open and accessible," said Gregor, "I do think that their disguise has been a good one."

                              "Oh, I wonder." "What is it Giles ?" asked Linda.
                              "In one of the books, it stated that the Kuh-rotan has never killed and that it wouldn't let anyone of the name Simon be killed, it's just that if this Kuh-rotan was indeed Judas Iscariot then in an acceptable way it is explainable."

                              "What is explainable?" asked Steven.
                              "Oh sorry, deep in thought here. Judas Iscariot's fathers name was Simon."
                              "I'm tempted to make reference to what Spike would say," said Turee.
                              "What's that?" asked Giles.

                              "Gregor, you mentioned about the PTB's disguise, what is it ?" asked Linda.

                              "Ever read about the flaming fire balls in the sky? they are what you would call UFO's well that's how we track demons, and the crop circles, that's our effort to gain free publicity and a bit of goodwill, that and it diverts attention away from where we need to be," said Hera.

                              "That is logical," said Linda.
                              "These demons then, they've come here to set up shop," asked Turee.
                              "No they have always been here, it's just that other places were more noticeable, what was known as Yugoslavia used to have an area known as Illyria, then and to an extent the south west of Britain, now it's the turn of the west coast of the America's," said Gregor.

                              "So how do we stop this Kuh-rotan then ?" asked Giles.
                              "You don't stop the Kuh-rotan, there is only one thing that can stop it, it's all ready. Speaking of that, has your ancestry ever been traced back in time and if so how far back?" asked Gregor.

                              "My mother tried to do the family tree once, I saw it once, she went back about four hundred and forty five years, why?" asked Giles.
                              "I know of someone who was an ancestor of yours, he was a great grandfather of yours although I'm not sure how many times the word great would be in the list, but I'd hazard a guess at lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of times, enough to cover a couple of thousand years, he was known by the name of Joseph of Arimethea."
                              Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                              Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                                The New Angel Investigations

                                THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS

                                *13 SA TI SAW, TEL TI EB OS, NIAGA
                                Together we fought against what you would describe as a hell-god
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 13, Episode Name BLOOD TIES
                                Season 5. Giles saying, "Glory and two other Hell-Gods ruled over one of the more seriously unpleasant hell dimensions."

                                *14 THE BODY IN THE BOX
                                The amulet was created for ?him' as a wedding gift for two people he likes
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 10, Episode Name, AMENDS
                                Season 3, To protect Angel, the first time snow has fallen in Sunnydale,(weather report)

                                *15 THE BODY IN THE BOX
                                Gregor saying who his ?Boss' is.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode 13, Episode Name BLOOD TIES
                                Season 5, The key is the link, the link must be severed, such is the will of God. ( said around camp fire )

                                *16 THE P IN POWER
                                A surprise by Faith for Robin Wood
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 22, Episode Name CHOSEN
                                Season 7, "You do know the meaning of the word surprise, right," said by Robin Wood to Faith.

                                *17 THE BANQUET
                                Xander went to the Medieval Banquet as God
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 4, Episode Name FEAR ITSELF
                                Season 4, Xanders comment, "I should have gone as God,"[ to Oz]

                                *18 THE BANQUET
                                The worst he could imagine was if any of the girls asked him if the outfit they were wearing made them look fat.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 5, Episode Name NEVER KILL A BOY ON THE FIRST DATE.
                                Season 1, "Oh, does this outfit make me look fat," said Buffy to Giles.

                                *19 THE BANQUET
                                "Demon, Demon," cried out The Puritan.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?ANGEL' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 6, Episode Name SPIN THE BOTTLE
                                Season 4. Angel referring to cars as demons

                                *20 THE BANQUET
                                "Hey, get your hands off my bone," said The Wizards Apprentice to Joan of Arc.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES.
                                Episode No: 5, Episode Name LIFE SERIAL
                                Season 6, "Stop touching my magic bone," said Jonathon to Warren and Andrew.

                                *21 THE BANQUET
                                Poem, The Last and Final Shot.
                                ?ANGEL' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 17,Episode Name INSIDE OUT
                                Season 4. Gunn to Fred, "The final score can't be rigged, I don't care how many players you grease, The last shot always comes up with a question mark. But here's the thing, you never know when you're taking it, it could be fighting the legion of the doomed or crossing the street (et cetera )

                                *22 A ROGUE VAMPIRE
                                "Hnnn," said Dawn.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 3, Episode Name SAME TIME, SAME PLACE
                                Season 7. When Dawn was paralysed. Then patted on the head by Anya.

                                *23 A ROGUE VAMPIRE
                                "He has got very cold hands," said Giles. "Yes strange that," said Buffy.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?ANGEL' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 17, Episode Name DISHARMONY
                                Season 2.The first time Gunn met Harmony.

                                *24 A ROGUE VAMPIRE
                                "Popper, popper. Whose got the popper, my money is on the wizard ! Reds a naughty girl," said Buffy.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 1, Episode Name LESSONS
                                Season 7. "Button, button, whose got the button, my monies on the witch, Reds a naughty girl," said Spike.

                                *25 BATTLE FOR ARILILY
                                "Is it worth it ? I don't know, we won't know ?til we find what we're looking for, it would depend on what we find, ?cos it might, or might not be what we're looking for, I think I said that right. You did understand that, right ?" asked Turee.
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 1, Episode Name BUFFY VS DRACULA
                                Season 5."Oh God, I guess, now I know there's something to know, just because I'm afraid that somebody'll know I know, you know," said by Willow to Giles.

                                *26 THE SECOND FRONT
                                "Why are you surprised, I'm not insensitive am I ?" Anya asked Turee.
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 22, Episode Name CHOSEN
                                Season 7. "Let's go assemble the cannon fodder." "That's not what we're calling them, sweetie," said Xander "Not to their faces, what am I, insensitive," said Anya.

                                *27 THE SECOND FRONT
                                Gregor said his name is Guyles
                                IT REFERS TO
                                ?BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' TV SERIES
                                Episode No: 18, Episode Name INTERVENTION
                                Season 5. "Guyles, Spike didn't even bother to program my name properly," said Giles.
                                Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                                Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                                  THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 17

                                  THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                                  CHAPTER 17 OF 22 ANGELUS WINS

                                  Turee rang Suzy. "Suzy," its Turee.
                                  "Oh, hi," replied Suzy.
                                  "I'm going to be running the little shop at the farm, there is a few local folk turning up with their products, any chance of you turning up as
                                  well?" asked Turee.

                                  "Should be okay, I'll be there at about ten," said Suzy.
                                  "Great, one of my friends turned up yesterday, her name is Dawn, I'd like you two to meet," said Turee.
                                  "See you later then," said Suzy.

                                  Spike was looking at the farm products.
                                  "Who's in charge of the farm shop Xander?" asked Spike.
                                  "I don't think any-one was put in charge of it, why ?" asked Xander.
                                  "So who says what to put in the shop?" asked Spike.

                                  "I usually ask some-one else," said Xander, "but being as how this is Linda and Steven's farm, then I guess it's up to them."
                                  "Are you saying then, that this Linda is a responsible person," said Spike.

                                  "Um, yeh, I reckon so," said Xander.
                                  "It's just that if anything goes wrong, she is responsible," said Spike.
                                  "I like your thinking, don't think that Linda will though," said Xander.
                                  "So don't tell her then," said Spike.

                                  "What did you come here for ?" asked Xander.
                                  "New stuff to take to the shop," said Spike.
                                  "If in doubt, always do what's best, ask Willow, er I mean Turee," said Xander.

                                  "You have fun with her name change as well."
                                  "Yep, I've known her all my life as Willow, now I'm meant to call her Turee, so I get her name wrong now and then," said Xander.
                                  "If the u is dropped it sounds like tree, so I drop most of u," said Spike.

                                  "You drop most of me ?" asked Xander.
                                  "No, not you, u !" said Spike.
                                  "The sharp man is getting a little bit blunt, eh," said Xander, smiling.
                                  "Oh, very clever, you'll keep," said Spike, "I'm going to the shop, see-ya."

                                  At the little farm shop Dawn was talking to Turee when Spike arrived.
                                  "Spike, your checking up on me already," said Dawn.
                                  "I'm not following you, I was coming here anyway, I didn't know you were here, how could I have known you were here ?" asked Spike.

                                  "She could have told you," said Turee.
                                  "Don't you remember me telling you ?" asked Dawn.
                                  "You didn't tell me!" said Spike.
                                  "Oh, this is to boring. Oh, hi Xander," said Turee.

                                  "Hi, what?s going on," said Xander.
                                  "You didn't hear what we were talking about did you ?" asked Spike.
                                  "I've only just got here, I didn't hear anything," said Xander, "unless you count the not remembering thing."

                                  "Oh sod," said Spike.
                                  *28 "My poor sweet, blondie bear, not your day is it ?" asked Dawn.
                                  "Not in front of the little ones," said Spike.
                                  "Hey!" said Xander and Turee.

                                  "We're not that young," said Xander.
                                  "When you get as old as my Spike is, everyone is little," said Dawn.
                                  "There is another way of looking at this, y' know, if every-one is like a baby to Spike then hasn't he cradle snatched Dawn ?" asked Xander.

                                  "Oi, you, sod off !" said Spike.
                                  "Gotcha," said Xander.
                                  "Mwaa, mwaa," said Dawn, smiling.
                                  "Great, you as well," said Spike.

                                  "One thing is better than having won," said Dawn.
                                  "To enjoy the winning ?" asked Spike, "well there's a thing, you were listening."
                                  "Yep," said Dawn smiling at Spike.

                                  The sound of a car draws near and stops. Footsteps approach them,
                                  "Turee, hi," said Suzy.
                                  Spike walks right up to her, sniffs her, then goes and stands near Dawn,
                                  "She's human," said Spike.

                                  "You can tell she is a human?" asked a stunned Turee.
                                  "I could tell that she wasn't a vampire, she's your friend, so I guessed she's human," said Spike.
                                  "Suzy meet Spike, he is a vampire," said Turee.

                                  "Another vampire friend ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "Hey, he's my boyfriend," said Dawn.
                                  "And your a human, right," said Suzy.
                                  "Well no, not really," said Dawn.

                                  "They are friends," said Turee, "have you met them ?"
                                  "No, ok got that, why did you invite me ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "Well that was part of it, I just wanted to let you know about us," said Turee.

                                  "Yeah, the rag-tag band that's us," said Xander.
                                  "Rag-tag eh ! You could be right, look at us, there's a werewolf, vampire's, Vampire Slayers, Watchers, Guardians, a demon, an ex-demon, Goddesses, an army of immortal beings or two, humans and non-humans and a couple of covens," said Turee.

                                  "A couple of covens ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "We have some friends, I've met them, a coven of very powerful witches that live in Devon, that's in the U. K." said Turee, "you'll meet some of them soon."

                                  "So how come you met them ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "Giles knew them, he took me," said Turee.
                                  "But only because little missy here tried to end the world," said Spike.
                                  "You tried to end the world?, you couldn't!," said Suzy.

                                  "Not a good thing to say, she would've, she could've, she started but she was stopped by one of us," said Dawn.
                                  "Suzy, just believe us, Turee is the most powerful, she took all the evil and all the good magics, now she can use the lot, she has a life time of being good to draw on, and her life time is a lot longer than ours," said Xander.

                                  "Of course, then there is the whole Gregor thing, if he thought that there was a bit of bad in any of us, we wouldn't be here," said Spike.
                                  "So who is this Gregor?" asked Suzy.
                                  "Let's just say he's one of the good guys, a really good guy," said Turee.

                                  "Who is Suzy and what's her story ?" asked Spike.
                                  "It started with Wesley and Illyria, huh, what Spike," said Turee.
                                  "It's just that if Illyria didn't kill her there and then, then this Suzy must be ok," said Spike.

                                  "Spike, have you really got that much faith in Illyria ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "If she doesn't trust you, she says so, if your not trustworthy, she'll kill you, she values our friendship."
                                  "Is there any special reason why your telling me about your friends ?" Suzy asked Turee.

                                  "There all going to be coming here soon," said Turee.
                                  Xander leant close to Dawn, "I think we're on defcon 5."
                                  "They are, what for ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "It like this, tell your friends to leave town," said Turee

                                  "That's defcon 3," said Dawn, quietly, to Xander.
                                  "Hey Suzy I left Dawn's water bottle in the car, can you get it for me," said Spike.
                                  "So, what is it Spike ?" asked Turee.

                                  "A big old black car with blackened windows just went past," said Spike.
                                  "So what's up with that ?" asked Xander.
                                  "Blackened windows ? Oh, and I felt several other vampires.

                                  I thought, who likes a big black cars ? Angelus, he said about the big black car that Angel had, said that he liked it more than the Viper" said Spike.

                                  "Hey Suzy, could you tell the people in the coven to come to our place, tonight, before sunset. Dawn tell your sis and her friends to be ready to be here, apparently Angelus has just come here, and he's looking for a party," said Turee.

                                  "What are you going to do ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "I'm going to give D'Hoffryn a call," said Turee.
                                  "Who is this D'Hoffryn ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "King D'Hoffryn of Arashmahar, King of the Vengeance demons," said Turee.

                                  "You are friends with him ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "We have this mutual respect for each other," said Turee, "I feel as though I owe him one."
                                  "Just a thought Suzy but are you any good with computers ?" asked Xander.

                                  "You tell me what you want done, and I will do it," said Suzy, "why, any reason for asking that ?"
                                  "Oh, it's just that that has was always been left up to Turee," said Xander.

                                  "I do make a bit of money, occasionally, doing some freelance computer programming," said Suzy.
                                  "Do you ever do any code breaking, the local council underground works."

                                  "If it'll help then, not a problem. As long as you've got some where to put a computer and enough space for all the extras," said Suzy.
                                  "Do you own the place where you live ?" asked Turee.
                                  "No, it's just a rental," said Suzy.

                                  "Er Xander, have we got a room here ?" asked Turee.
                                  "I think that there is a room, plus I've been making a library, with an office, a guide to say what furniture is needed would be good," said Xander.

                                  "A place to live and a job sound okay to you," said Turee.
                                  "What type of library will you have ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "It'll be for the Watchers books, so one computer for the books and the sensitive stuff and the other for external stuff, and anything you want," said Turee.

                                  A long silence followed, which developed into a longer silence. Anya walked in.
                                  "Giles was glad to hear from you, it seems that it has gone very quiet down there, he was wondering how things were up here," said Anya.

                                  "But you haven't left, oh, I get it, you used the thoughtytalk," said Suzy.
                                  "Giles just said to let him know if you wanted them up here, if need be, he could leave a small group to run every thing down there," said Anya, "he said please as well."

                                  "Excuse me Anya, but one of the things that I wasn't to sure about, when you married Xander what was your name ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "Every-one here calls me Anya, but my real name is Aud. I decided to have the names Christina Emmanuella Jenkins, for some reason or other Xander didn't like me using Anyanka lame-ass no-name Harris on the wedding certificate," said Anya.

                                  "Men, there's no pleasing them at times," said Suzy.
                                  "A-ha, a compliment," said Xander.
                                  "That wasn't a compliment at all, if anything it was an insult," said Anya.

                                  "I heard a compliment," said Xander.
                                  "I was talking to Anya, and there wasn't a compliment in what I said," said Suzy.
                                  "You said men, I'm a man, you called to me a man, that was a compliment !" said Xander.

                                  "Oh no !" exclaimed Anya.
                                  "Ha, the boys are back in town," said Xander.
                                  "The ?who' are back in town ?" asked Suzy.
                                  "Oh bugger, sod-it," said Xander.

                                  "And that sounded like Spike," said Turee.
                                  "Definitely a Spike thing," agreed Anya.
                                  "I'm going," said Xander.
                                  "And still the girls come out on top," said Suzy, as they all laughed.

                                  "Still not listening," shouted Xander as he continued to walk away.
                                  During the early hours of that evening, about five fifteen. Giles was sorting through his books, still trying to find references to the Kuh-rotan, when Turee walked in.

                                  "Good grief, what are you doing here ?" said Giles.
                                  "I am going to contact D'Hoffryn and I thought that here would be best, there's no reason for him to find out that I live in Sharpsville not that there would be a problem if he did," said Turee.

                                  "There are plenty of rooms, you could use the basement," said Giles.
                                  "I'll need to make up a sign to put on the door," said Turee.
                                  "What sign ?" asked Giles.
                                  "Oh just ?Dangerous magics do not enter'," said Turee.

                                  "Is the incantation dangerous ?" asked Giles.
                                  "No, but if D'Hoffryn is in a bad mood it may get a bit dicey down there," said Turee.
                                  "Mm, I agree. Ok for me to be there ?" asked Giles.

                                  "Yeh, sure, just don't act all surprised by what I may need to say," said Turee.
                                  Once Turee had made the sign, she and Giles went into the basement, Turee swept the dust from the area of the floor then held D'Hoffryn's amulet of Vengeance demons.

                                  "Just one thing before I start, always call me Willow, it'll save any confusion," explained Turee.
                                  She sat down on the cold concrete floor and prepared herself,

                                  "BE a Tuum, S-iT, iN NoM I NEE D'Hoffrynis, Fi-AT h-Oc SP-at-IUmm, por-Tt Ad mUN-duuM ARASHMAHARIS," recited Turee.

                                  "Willow, very nicely recited, how are you. My apologies your using your proper name of Turee now, that is good. I can also feel that you do not live here any more, not a problem, you were not trying to deceive me in a bad way," said D'Hoffryn.

                                  "I have a friend with me, Giles, he wanted to meet you properly," said Turee.
                                  D'Hoffryn looked intently at Giles,
                                  "He is ok, I saw him at Anyanka's and Xander's wedding, both times. He is a friend," said D'Hoffryn.

                                  D'Hoffryn held out his hand, an act of friendship to Giles.
                                  "Oh, er, yes," said Giles and shook D'Hoffryn's hand.
                                  "Just because I am demonic, there is no reason for me to be demonic all the time, some demons behave that way. You spoke to Anyanka when she was a vengeance demon, did she not behave politely to you ?" asked D'Hoffryn.

                                  "Yes, she did, my apologies to you, I did assume the worst, I am sorry for my being wrong about you," said Giles.
                                  "So, Turee, why have you requested my company ?" asked D'Hoffryn.

                                  "First of all, because of the way you spoke to Aud at her wedding I feel as though I owe you a favour. I don't really as I do see you as a friend," said Turee, "even though you are a leader of demon's. The thing is there is a probability of a battle in my new town of Sharpsville," said Turee as D'Hoffryn held up his hand to her.

                                  "Something is going to occur, maybe I can return your kindness, you have my protection. The Kuh-rotan is seen as a saviour by many demons, many demons see him as I do. As far as I'm concerned he is a traitor, he should not be trusted, not some-one that I would ever help.

                                  As far as Angelus is concerned I think that there is something wrong, I don't know what it is, but there is something definitely wrong with him," said D'Hoffryn, "I will tell my girls to leave....., who is she,"
                                  Turee looked around but saw no-one,

                                  "Who is who?" she asked.
                                  The door burst open and Nina ran down the steps, "Get the cage ready, I'm starting to change," Giles quickly readied the cage, Turee pushed D'Hoffryn out of the way. As soon as Giles locked the cage doors Nina's clothes ripped and fell of her.

                                  "Sorry about that D'Hoffryn, but as you can see we had to act quickly. Just a thought, can you be harmed by a werewolf ?" asked Turee.
                                  "I have never seen a human change into a werewolf before, thank you. I had always believed that I would move out of danger, that requires some thought.

                                  A demon that tries to protect her friends, a demon that has friends ! Anything else you want to tell me ?" asked D'Hoffryn.
                                  "Not really," said Turee.
                                  "Then I'll go, goodbye, to you as well Giles," said D'Hoffryn, then he vanished.

                                  "Turee, I said this to Buffy once, when I was a young boy I wanted to be a pilot or a greengrocer then my father said that I was to be a watcher and I was very disappointed. The thing is if I had known then what I know now, I mean having polite chats with a King of demons, well."

                                  "Did you know that the King that D'Hoffryn took over from went by the name of Lloyd, he had a picture of what I did to Warren, the flaying, on his wall," said Turee.

                                  "Somehow the thought of a King named Lloyd doesn't ring true," said Giles, "mind you, there is something else that you should know, when Chaser and Gunn were doing the detective thing they were told that Angelus had bought the title of Count, just so that he can call himself Count Angelus."

                                  "Speaking of which, any more news on our battle front ?cos it feels like the calm before the storm," said Turee.
                                  "I've had a few reports of cities suddenly being quiet, the demon population has gone from these places, or been killed. I even had a report from a Slayer about six demons that had her trapped in an alley, they just looked at each other then walked to their car and drove off," said Giles.

                                  "What demons were they ?" asked Turee.
                                  "From what I've been to and their description, they're Senoth demons," said Giles, "they have an increased strength and they make a persons evil side come to the fore, by pitting the good and the bad side of the victim against themselves, then the bad side wins."

                                  "Sounds a bit like the Toth except you don't get a split person," said Turee.
                                  "That's right, these demons attack in packs, what they do is cause the intended victim to breathe in their breath, their main attack is to pin the person down and one of them sits on the chest, when that demon gets off the victim breathes in and takes in the cause of the problem, it's just a matter of time then. They're leader is known as The Senot Of Circel," said Giles.

                                  "What happens to their victims ?" asked Turee.
                                  "Usually within two weeks they are look like Senoth demon, to kill them just kick the what's-it's-name out of them," said Giles.
                                  "Any idea if they are going there, hmm, is there any reason why they are going there ?" asked Turee.

                                  "The only reason I can think of, is that there was an ascension done there, and being as how Sunnydale doesn't exist any more, it's as good a place as any to be, he is going to be a leader of the bad guys," said Giles.
                                  "Might work in our favour then, we put out that there is going to be an ascension, then sit back and let them fight amongst themselves," said Turee

                                  "I've had contact with a monk called Father Luca over the past years, how about I ask him to announce that there will be an ascension in Sharpsville by the Senot of Circel, with a bit of luck the forces of The Kuh-rotan will battle with the Senots forces and cut each other down a few pegs then Angelus's band of merry men can wipe them out and the Slayers can finish the vampires off," said Giles.

                                  A couple of followers of the Kuh-rotan were tracked and they were informed that the Senot of Circel was going to bring forth an ascension, just in case no-one had access to the internet, this started the fighting, several of the Counts numbers joined in.

                                  At the end of their battles the Kuh-rotan was left with two types of demons, all the Senoth demons had been killed and the Senot of Circel had been destroyed, another few days went by and there was another battle between the vampires and the Kuh-rotan's followers, the Scourge.

                                  The scourge was eliminated along with seven vampires. Angelus met with the Kuh-rotan after the fighting had ended and told him that Desidemona and Andromena had sired Simon, and as they had been killed in the fights all was well.

                                  The next evening Harmony, Drusilla and Angelus got in their car and began the long and boring drive back to L. A.
                                  Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                                  Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                                    The New Angel Investigations Pt1 Ch 18

                                    THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                                    CHAPTER 18 OF 22 A DEAD SLAYER

                                    That evening Buffy and Turee were discussing how quiet the town was now, when Giles came into the room,
                                    "Good evening Giles, are you after a cup of tea?" asked Turee.
                                    "What other reason would I have, to come into here?"

                                    "Was it for the company of two lovely young women," said Buffy.
                                    "Every time I bump into you too I get asked some question," said Giles.
                                    "Well I don't have any questions for you, how about you Buffy ?" asked
                                    Turee, as innocently as possible.

                                    "Didn't have any questions either," said Buffy.
                                    "There is a first time for everything," said Giles.
                                    "How-ever, I wouldn't want to spoil it for you, there is one thing that I've been meaning to ask you for a while now, it?s a simple one, that won?t take up much time." "Go on then Buffy," said Giles.

                                    "I was wondering how many Slayers there were before me, and how many there are now ?"
                                    "You were right, it won't take up much time, being as Turee has known every Slayer she should get to answer the question," said Giles smiling at Turee.

                                    "Thanks Buffy, although it isn't difficult. As humans were created by God on the twenty third of October four thousand and four BC, and being as how most Slayers lived for one, two, five or nine years, there has been five thousand four hundred and ninety seven Slayers with two hundred and seventy three at the present time," said Turee.

                                    "How on earth did you know that ?" asked Giles.
                                    "I'm a clever person," said Turee.
                                    "Worked it out earlier did you?" asked Buffy.
                                    "That may have had something to do with it," said Turee.

                                    "And I was thinking how clever you were," said Giles.
                                    "I won't be offended if you keep thinking that," said Turee, smiling.
                                    "Maybe I should make myself a cuppa," said Giles.

                                    As he was to leaving Kennedy walked in, it was obvious that something was wrong, the look on her face said it all.
                                    "I just took a walk to the shop and back, I found Julie's body on the way back I think she had been attacked by two vampires."

                                    "Why do you reckon on two vampires ?" asked Turee.
                                    "Was there two sets of teeth marks ?" asked Buffy.
                                    "That's the thing, there was only one bite mark and a thin gash," said Kennedy.

                                    "That rings a bell, we need to see Spike," said Buffy.
                                    "You reckon that Spike did it !" exclaimed Turee.
                                    "No, but he's likely to know who it was." said Buffy.
                                    Spike was enjoying a smooth, cooled, blood. Blackberry and apple flavoured.

                                    "We're not disturbing you are we?" asked Kennedy.
                                    "You weren't, but you might be now," replied Spike.
                                    "Oh Spikey, you say the most horrible things, to us adorable girls," said Turee.

                                    "I'm sure you said that on purpose, Spike," said Buffy.
                                    "Now you've disturbed me," said Spike, glaring.
                                    "Oh good, now we can talk as much as we like without disturbing you anymore," said Turee.

                                    Spike grimaced, closed his eyes and slowly shook his head a couple of times, "Bugger."
                                    "Spike, Kennedy found Julie's body earlier, there was probably two vamps that killed her, there was a bite and a small gash. Now, I know I know the answer, but I can't put my finger on it," said Buffy.

                                    "From the clues you just gave me I'd say it was Drusilla," said Spike.
                                    "Clue's, what clues ?" asked Buffy.
                                    "The small gash, the finger. Drusilla preferred to use her fingernail on girls, as licking blood from their necks made the fear smell increase, although she never did that to a bloke, something about day old stubble, the reason that you'll know it, is because of Kendra," said Spike.

                                    "We'd better let Clem know that Angelus is probably heading for L.A. again," remarked Turee.
                                    "What makes you think that they're heading back ?" asked Buffy.
                                    "The Senot of Circel and all his followers have been killed and the Kuh-rotan's followers, Count Angelus has lost most of his forces, the fighting is over, that and we are on the L.A. side of town," said Turee.

                                    "That would indicate that there was some visitors, but not where they were going," said Buffy.
                                    "True, but there was some tyre marks nearby that did make it look like some-one was going away from town," said Kennedy.
                                    "Er well, give Clem a call," said Spike, "are we going back to L. A. as well ?"

                                    "Just for a while, a few will be coming back here,"
                                    "Oh good, I'll get to see my mom again," said Buffy.
                                    "You'll be able to ask her who she's been seeing," said Turee.
                                    Spike looked questioningly at Turee then wondered off.

                                    After being back at the hotel for two days Sharpsville began to seem like a distant memory, except for Suzy. Life at the hotel was okay for Suzy, she had taken to the exhibits in the museum, although she was a bit upset about having to search for the history behind each piece, maybe that was why she had spent so long with each item.

                                    "Oh, hello Giles, I was trying to figure out why you don't have any kind of alarm on this amulet," said Suzy.
                                    "Well it's meant to be priceless, I've spent so long deciding what sort of alarm to put on it that I haven't got round to doing one yet," said Giles.

                                    "No ideas yet then," said Suzy.
                                    "Not really," said Giles.
                                    "How about a G.P.S. activated one," said Suzy.
                                    "How would that work, I'm not familiar with one of that sort," said Giles.

                                    "Put an activator under the item, or make it as part of the item. It is linked to a computer so that when it is moved a small distance an alarm goes of, you could even do it for all the collection, all that you would need to do is decide what alarm you'd want," said Suzy.

                                    "So if I supplied the alarm do you think that you could put it all in place and get it working?" asked Giles.
                                    "Without to many problems," replied Suzy.
                                    "That would be good, I might even be able to get you some more work, the other museums that I've contacted said they have a problem with that," said Giles.

                                    "Do you have any security at all, for your displays ?" asked Suzy.
                                    "I have two ghosts," said Giles, "Joyce's new friend that goes by the name of Winnie, Joyce is was Buffy and Dawn's mum."
                                    "Who is this Winnie, I've heard about Joyce and Dennis but nothing about this Winnie," said Suzy.

                                    "Joyce only said about her earlier today, it seems this Winnie was friends with Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Spike, Cordelia, Illyria and also Turee," said Giles.
                                    "You can ask them, they are coming up behind you right now," said Suzy.

                                    "What is it, that you can ask us ?" asked Wesley.
                                    "Hello, Joyce has a new friend that said knew you and Spike," said Giles.
                                    "So what's her name ?" asked Wesley.

                                    "Winnie," said Giles.
                                    "Don't remember anyone called Winnie," said Wesley.
                                    "What about you Spike, you know her?" asked Suzy.
                                    "Yes, I knew her. I don't understand how she can be here, she is dead but her soul was gone, at least that was what we were told," said Spike.

                                    "I am developing a theory at the moment, it's about a ghost not having the soul of a person but having the memory of a person, the more I think about it, the more logical it becomes," said Wesley.
                                    "Put that way, I'd agree with you Wes. So, if Winnie is built on memories, why don't yours work ?" asked Spike.

                                    "Just tell us who this Winnie is," said Wesley.
                                    "You are going to flip in a few seconds. Winnie, Winifred, Fred !" said Spike.
                                    Wesley began to run out of the room as soon as he heard the name of Winifred.

                                    "Do you really mean........ ?" asked Giles.
                                    "Wesley was in love with Fred, Illyria grew to life in Fred's body, Fred died in Wesley's arms," said Spike.

                                    Harmony had taken Jeff for a ride in a car, to show him their hunting spots. "So Harm, how did Jeff's drive go ?" asked Dru.
                                    "Strange, very strange, I showed him the roads around the hotel, the thing is when we were passing the front of the place we got held up by a truck, I just looked at the hotel, trouble is, I saw two people, I don't understand how they could both be there though," said Harm.

                                    "So who were they ?" asked Angelus.
                                    "It was it was Illyria, and Fred !" said Harm.
                                    "That can't be right, Fred's soul was consumed in the
                                    transformation from Fred to Illyria," said Angelus.
                                    "So how come both of them are there ?" asked Harm.

                                    "Does it matter that they are both there," said Dru.
                                    "Not really, it's just strange," said Harm.
                                    "Accepted, how is the recruitment drive going, any answers ?" asked Angelus.

                                    "It's pretty good, there should be thirty five men and forty five women. You've got some plans for them ?" asked Drusilla.
                                    "We hit the hotel in a couple of days," said Angelus.
                                    "We should wait ?til after our visitor has been," said Dru.

                                    "Visitor, what visitor ?" asked Harm.
                                    "The Kuh-rotan is coming here," said Drusilla.
                                    Turee was sat in her room, quietly gazing at the picture on the wall when Fred walked through the wall.

                                    "Oh, wow," exclaimed Turee, after jumping out of the chair, "you'd think that that wouldn't bother me, heck I do it to other people all the time."
                                    "Thought that was the problem, I was told that you seemed a bit quieter than normal, what is on your mind then ?" asked Fred, smiling.

                                    "A while ago I said about the first Slayer, it got me thinking about one of the Slayers I was friends with, she was from Salem, during the Witch Trials," said Turee.
                                    "Ever thought of asking Gregor ?" asked Fred.

                                    "Maybe, but its just such a silly thing, I don't want to trouble him," said Turee.
                                    "What was so special about her ?" asked Fred.
                                    "She had to kill the demons when sick girls were being accused of being witches, her Watcher was one of the magistrates," said Turee.

                                    "Did the Slayer have any other friends ?" asked Fred.
                                    "She had one friend in particular, they went out together one night and a vampire was caught and dusted, a few days later the girl told her mother that she had done it, but it backfired on her, she was accused of being a witch."

                                    "Was there any real witches ?" asked Fred.
                                    "No, but there was one vampire. She was hung then buried, bit pointless doing that to a vampire. I didn't know who it was then, but I found out a few years ago, you met her and you'll recognize her name," said Turee.

                                    "A vampire, accused of being a witch?" asked Fred.
                                    "And she knew to keep quiet about what she really was, imagine what would have happened to her, imagine what would have happened if the knowledge of vampires had become widespread," said Turee.

                                    "So what was the vampires name ?" asked Fred.
                                    "Darla," replied Turee.
                                    "She has changed then," said Fred.
                                    "How do you mean, changed, how ?" asked Turee.

                                    "I was there when Darla died, she loved her unborn child, she was afraid that she wouldn't love the child when it was out of her body, she thought that she might harm it, so she put a stake into her own heart," said Fred, "if Wesley's theory about a ghost being because of memory, then surely Darla could be a ghost, I wonder if she would choose to be with Angelus, or those of us who tried to help her son."

                                    "If Wesley's theory is correct, then if we use our memory of Darla, will she be with us ?" asked Turee.
                                    "Yes, to answer your other question, two were with me when I died the last time, one of them is now Count Angelus and the other is Fred, Fred is closer to being a friend to my son, if the choice was to be made, I would want to be with Fred every time," said Darla.

                                    "It may not be the most pleasant of memories for you, do you remember the Salem Witch Trials ?" asked Turee.
                                    "I have thought of that time, I was pretending to be a real person when I met your friend, chances are she knew I was a vampire, but she could not have exposed

                                    *29 me with out showing herself," said Darla, "I saw Anya though."
                                    "I want to meet my friend again," said Turee.
                                    "You make it sound as if she is still alive," said Darla.
                                    "She is," said Turee.

                                    "She will be here soon," said Gregor.
                                    "Who are you, how could Turee meet her friend, that Slayer ?" asked Darla.
                                    "Don't you think that we should be nice to Darla, mention Illyria, how about telling her about all the higher beings," said Fred.

                                    "Okay, lets see there are the Powers That Be, they are our friends, the King of Arashmahar, D'Hoffryn, king of vengeance demons. There are several Gods and Goddesses, and then there is Gregor, he is the general of Gods army, all Vampire Slayers, and the present ones are immortals, Illyria was a Goddess from hell who took human form inside Fred's body, she, Illyria, is now our friend," said Turee

                                    "So if this Goddess Illyria took Fred's body, why, how come Fred is here as a ghost ?" asked Darla
                                    "I wonder, Wesley's theory is becoming more and more real, if a person is sired by a vampire then the human dies and the soul of the human is gone.

                                    The human is a demon, a vampire. For the vampire to have the appearance of a person it would need to use the memory."
                                    "Okay, why's my name being used, Fred !, hi !, how are you !" said Wesley, suddenly beginning to smile.

                                    "I was using your theory to explain vampires, it seemed to work," said Turee.
                                    "According to my theory, we could get the ghosts of Drusilla, Harmony and Angelus, or Liam," said Wesley.

                                    "I don't like that idea, how would Angel react to meeting his killer, me. And how would the ghost of Drusilla react to meeting her killer and tormenter the ghost of Angel," said Darla, "we could get Harm's ghost, but we'd have to make sure that she was mentally stable enough to meet and taunt herself."

                                    "An interesting thought, but it would cause to many problems," said Fred.
                                    "I've got another problem, right now there are the ghosts of Joyce, Fred and Darla. Joyce is solid, Fred and Darla are visible but not solid, why?" asked Wesley.

                                    "Trying to have a meeting with no sly comments are you? holy crap!, sorry Gregor hang on I just saw Illyria and, Darla ! anyone care to explain?" asked Spike.

                                    "Before this gets to complicated I think that there should be a full meeting with everyone present, crazy really, this all started because Turee wanted to see an old friend who was alive in the year sixteen ninety two, what was her name Turee?" asked Fred.

                                    "It was Emma," said Turee, "I'll get a meeting organized for this evening, just before the sun goes down. Er, Fred, Darla, any reasons why your not as a solid ?"
                                    "Hadn't even thought about it although I will ask Illyria, will it cause her any problems," replied Fred.

                                    "I'm not sure that people here would want the ghost of a vampire to be solid," said Darla.
                                    "I, am a vampire," said Wesley, "Spike was a vampire, one of the Kings of Arashmahar, King of the vengeance demons was here and some see him as a friend, he sees Anya as a friend and she is an ex vengeance demon and if he is ok with that, who are we to complain about something similar?" asked Wesley.

                                    "Point taken, but there is one thing, you said that Spike ?was' a vampire, how?" asked Darla, "is there a cure?"
                                    "My boss gave him his humanity back," said Gregor.
                                    Spike showed Darla around the place, but as they went down the stairs to the foyer they bumped into Buffy,

                                    "I know you don't I," said Buffy.
                                    "Yes, you do know her, oh, I think you may need to apologise to Buffy and to her Mum," said Spike.
                                    "Why do you need to apologise ?" asked Buffy.

                                    "Well, I need to apologise to you, because I tried to shoot your knee-caps off once, and I'll need to apologise to your mum as I bit her, I'm Darla."
                                    "There is a continuous fight between everyone here and the evil in this world, now I assume that you'd be fighting with us ?" asked Spike.

                                    "Yes, why, I think ?" asked Darla.
                                    "The evil would try to kill Connor," said Spike.
                                    "Who is Connor ?" asked Buffy.
                                    "My son," said Darla.

                                    "Your Darla right. A vampire with a son ?" asked Buffy.
                                    "Ask Fred, she was there when Connor appeared, I never saw the baby," said Darla, then she burst into tears.
                                    Buffy stepped forward and tried to comfort the now distraught Darla.

                                    "Why didn't you see your son ?" asked Buffy
                                    Whilst crying Darla said, "I was a vampire, he had a soul and while he was inside me I could love him, but as soon as he would have been born, I'd have wanted to kill him. I couldn't face that, so I put a stake into my heart,"

                                    "Was anyone there to help Fred ?" Buffy asked.
                                    "Connors father," said Darla.
                                    "Who is he ?" asked Buffy.
                                    "Angel," .................................................. .....
                                    "Hang on, can you appear as a vampire ?" asked Spike.

                                    Darla stands back and her beautiful vampire face appeared
                                    "Yes," said Darla, "why?"
                                    "If you appear as a vampire during a fight and one of our slayers stakes you, you can pull out the stake and kill one of the enemy vampires, it'll make them think twice, and it will help us, that and the other Slayers will see you as their friend," said Spike.

                                    "William The Bloody! not just a pretty face are you."
                                    "Oh no! oh dear, I'm sorry Darla but you should have been warned about saying things like that to Spike," said Buffy.
                                    "Bit vain is he?" asked Darla.

                                    "No, not a bit," said Spike looking at his reflection, he put the stray hair back in place.
                                    "Who's he trying to make himself look pretty for?"
                                    "Dawn," said Giles who had just ?bumped' into them.

                                    "Dawn? who's she again?" asked Darla.
                                    "Buffy' s new sister," said Giles.
                                    "He'll need to be polite to her, won't he," said Darla.
                                    "Hear that Spike, you'll have to be nice to Dawn and her sister, there's a first time for everything," said Giles.

                                    "A-ha, sarcasm! that'll be five dollars in the sarcasm box," said Spike.
                                    "What, a sarcasm box, oh, glad about that," said Giles.
                                    "That'll be ten dollars," said Spike.
                                    "Here's fifteen dollars," said Giles.

                                    "Why are you giving fifteen dollars ?" asked Spike.
                                    "Darla?, do you have a lump hammer, if you want to make Spike look pretty, you'll need it," said Giles.
                                    "That's what the other five dollars is for," said Darla.
                                    Spike was about to say something, stopped, he looked around then towards the doors.

                                    "I can sense three vampires just outside," said Spike.
                                    "Right you lot get under cover, I'll greet them and pretend that this place is now mine," said Darla.
                                    The three vampires walked into the hotel like they owned the place,

                                    "This is my place, get out," said Darla.
                                    "We don't take orders from humans, our master told us to make this place ready for him."

                                    "And who is your master?" asked Darla.
                                    "Count Angelus," they answered.
                                    "Ooh, so my dear boy is a Count now," said Darla.
                                    "Your dear boy, who are you ?"

                                    "I'm Darla," she said putting on her game face.
                                    "Our master has never mentioned you, so why should we believe you."
                                    "I sired your master and my boy was mine for one hundred and fifty years," said Darla.

                                    "Your going to come with us to see our master."
                                    "Here you are dear, a taster for you, oh, who are they."
                                    Spike had just dragged the lifeless body of Buffy from the hotel's office, the blood was dribbling down her neck.

                                    "Ooh a Vampire Slayer, I'd love a taste. Thank you Spike," said Darla.
                                    "Who are they?" asked Spike.
                                    "Oh, don't worry about them, they are only Angelus's minions," said Darla.

                                    "Well these pillocks can tell their boss that I've just bagged my third Slayer, his ex-girlfriend, Buffy. There's only a few left and they are ours," said Spike.
                                    "That's right dearest Spikey, those slayers are ours and their master and his lackies are not welcome here."

                                    "Weren't you listening, SOD OFF !" said Spike.
                                    The three vampires left. When the doors had finally closed Darla leant over Buffy's body,
                                    "Are you alright, Buffy ?" asked Darla.

                                    "Thanks, I'm ok, but Angelus is going to have a big headache trying to figure out what's going on here."
                                    "I must admit, that was a very believable display you two just put on," said Giles.

                                    "There is one problem though, Spike. Why couldn't you have bitten me where the other scar is," said Buffy feeling a bit fed up.
                                    "Ugh, Angel bite, I might have caught something," said Spike.
                                    "Darla, did Spike and Angelus have problems with each other ?" asked Buffy.

                                    "Not really, I seem to remember two or three minutes when they were quite civil to each other," replied Darla.
                                    "Um, Darla, have you got any money ?" asked Spike, "it's just that you owe the sarcasm box five dollars."

                                    "Oh, naughty me," said Darla as she lunged at Spike changing into a vampire as she flew at him.
                                    "Your not getting out of it that easy," said Spike, looking bored.
                                    Darla opened the sarcasm box and took out five dollars which she gave to Spike as her face returned to normal.

                                    "Here is the five dollars, dear little boy," said Darla and she kissed him.
                                    "What's this?, who are you?, why are you kissing my boyfriend?" asked Dawn.
                                    Darla turned to face Giles and Buffy,

                                    "Not the only one to call him a boy am I," quipped Darla. She went over to Dawn, slowly looking at her, and in her best old hag voice.
                                    "Pretty young thing aren't you, cut you up, eat you for breakfast."
                                    Spike went to Dawn and put his arm around her shoulders

                                    "That is Darla, or that should be she is the ghost of Darla, she is our friend."
                                    "Oh, got a funny way of showing it then," said Dawn.
                                    "Sorry Dawn," said Darla.

                                    "Wasn't your ex, captain um, what is it you call him dear, blockhead, er, captain forehead oh, and he wears lifts in his shoes!" said Dawn.
                                    "That's him alright, but you forgot about the hair that points upwards, shouldn't he be called Spike."

                                    " ?Ere, hang on a bit, what would you call me," said Spike.
                                    "Well let me see, my last sire was Drusilla, she was your sire as well, which could be taken as she was our mother, so that makes us brother and sister and as your over a hundred years older than me, your my big brother, now, a few words come to mind," said Darla.

                                    "Can't imagine what those words would be," said Giles, he slowly walked to his room, suddenly feeling very happy with himself.
                                    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                                    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


                                    • #19
                                      THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 19

                                      THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS PART 1
                                      THE HILLS ARE ALIVE CHAPTER 19 OF 22

                                      The two Goddesses and the Armed Forces of Byzantium copyright of The Demon Hunters and Return of the Demon Hunters.
                                      All other characters copyright of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

                                      Buffy, Illyria, Turee and Faith had gone to a commercial vehicles showroom to look at vans, Giles had decided that the hotel needed to have a vehicle for the occasional delivery and any pick-ups.

                                      The salesman was trying to help them, but Faith and Illyria kept distracting him by asking about the sports car, a second hand Viper. Faith began asking questions about what made the car go fast, the salesman duly lifted up the bonnet and let them look at the engine.

                                      Illyria and Faith looked at each other, then at the engine, when Faith got bored of that she asked, "But what makes it go faster ?"
                                      Illyria looked good and hard then said, "It's very quiet isn't it."
                                      "It hasn't been started yet," said the salesman.

                                      "Will that make it go faster ?" asked Faith.
                                      The salesman looked at her, then started it up,
                                      "It still isn't moving," observed Illyria.
                                      "By putting it in to gear you enable the car to move," said the salesman, beginning to feel a little exasperated.

                                      "Does it go very fast ?" asked Illyria.
                                      "Reasonably fast," said the sales person.
                                      "If it had a red stripe on each side it would go faster, at least that is what my last boyfriend told me," said Faith, trying not to laugh.

                                      "But, it's a red car," said a deflated salesman.
                                      "So couldn't you put a red stripe, a different shade of red ?" asked Illyria.
                                      It was at this point that the sales person asked Faith about the blue on Illyria's head and neck.

                                      "Oh, yeah, that is a real problem, but she has got this thing about the colour blue at the moment she sprays it on with a small air brush, but she needs help to get around the back, I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Still it could be worse, it might be pink !"

                                      Turee and Buffy had heard most of the silly questions that Faith and Illyria were asking and had started to look at a van that was nearer to the Viper. They were having trouble standing because of the comments that were being made.

                                      The other salespeople had also noticed what was happening, they were crouching behind another van having hysterics, it was only when one of them couldn't take it any more, and rolled out from behind the van that the salesperson helping Faith and Illyria realised what was going on, then Faith's comment about the pink did it for every-one.

                                      Buffy asked if any of the vans had been fitted with the new type of electric motors, one of the managers said that the demo model was but it would really depend on what the van would be used for. Buffy said that the van was to be used for a hotel that Giles had bought and that the van was mainly for any deliveries or pick-ups, how-ever a sign that said it was from them and that it had the electric engine would be used as long as it wasn't too big.

                                      This seemed to appease the manager and the Van was sold to the hotel.
                                      The girls had a few laughs together about their trip, then Turee noticed that she had nearly run out of bottled water so they went to a local shop to get some.

                                      Turee and Faith went into the shop while Buffy and Illyria waited outside, while they were waiting, a young man approached them and started a conversation, he was good looking in a Latin American way, the short black greasy hair seemed to help his appearance suggested that they go around the corner to meet his other friend.

                                      As they were about to leave, without letting him see her, Buffy motioned to Turee that a vampire was outside. Linking arms with the young man Buffy and Illyria slowly walked to the alley, as they passed the alley the man asked what they were doing and Faith said that he was being taken to their place.

                                      "What if I don't want to go to your place," said Brian.
                                      "Tough," said Turee, as they put him into her car, Faith quickly pushed his head between his knees and pulled his shirt down to just past his shoulder blades, then she tightened her grip and made it so that he couldn't move his arms.

                                      "What is your name ?" she asked.
                                      "Its David, David Steele," was his reply, his reply was a bit muffled due to his strange sitting position.
                                      "Well David we now some people that would like to meet you," said Turee.

                                      "What if I won't talk to those people ?" asked David.
                                      "Not a problem, just don?t talk," remarked Faith.
                                      At AI, Giles and a few of the girls were deep in discussion with those from AI about how the battles would be manned or ?personed' as one of the Slayers had asked about. When Illyria and the others brought David in, everybody went quiet.

                                      "This is David, Illyria and I agreed that he is a vampire," said Buffy.
                                      "I'm not a vampire," said David.
                                      Faith hit him and almost immediately David's game face became apparent.

                                      "What did you just say ?" asked Faith.
                                      Nina looked at David then looked at Angel,
                                      "He seems a bit gaunt," said Nina.
                                      "I agree, he does look like he needs some bloody nourishment," said Spike.

                                      "So, David, do tell me, what did you do before you were turned ?" asked Angel.
                                      "I didn't do anything, I'd just lost a job. I was at a bar drowning my sorrows when these two girls started to talk to me and buy me drinks, I woke up the next day like this," said David.

                                      "Bit of an introvert are you ?" asked Spike, "the looks of a vampire, but no demon in you." "I suppose I am," said David.
                                      "Seen it before, a demon that can't be bothered, hence a vampire that won't drink human blood," said Spike.

                                      "How do you know about me ?" asked David.
                                      "We've a fridge full of lovely cinnamon and apple flavoured pigs blood here," said Spike.
                                      David drank the blood and sighed with relief when he finished it.

                                      "Hang on, why have you, ?ere what do you mean we ?" asked David.
                                      "Everything in time," said Spike, "didn't you feel anything when you went up to Buffy ?" asked Spike.
                                      "A bit but I figured that that was my energy being low, why ?" asked David, slightly embarrassed.

                                      "It's like this, Buffy here was the Chosen One, she is a Vampire Slayer and so is Faith, Illyria is a Goddess, that blue on her head and neck is not make-up, it is her and these six girls are all Vampire Slayers, Turee is a Guardian to them all, Giles is a Watcher. Giles and Turee are held in very high esteem by them.

                                      Nina is a werewolf and Angel, me, Wesley, Gunn and Sally are all vampires but we all have souls. Sally and I, we are a bit alike in that we don't fear sunlight or holy water or crosses (he holds a cross), and we are all friends," said Spike.
                                      "David, do you know who it was that sired you?" asked Faith.
                                      "What is sired ?" asked David.

                                      "Who made you into a vampire, who else was there when you woke up, what were their names ?" asked Faith.
                                      "Funny that you should ask that, there were two girls in the room when I came to, they said they had been given life by Spike, and that their sister was Drusilla," said David, "and some bloke, Count Angelus I didn't see him though.

                                      Spike looked at Angel and being surprised, "Bugger."
                                      "Do you know this Angelus ?" asked David to Angel.
                                      "Before the gypsies did a spell and forced a soul into me, I was known as Angelus," said a distraught Angel.

                                      "Split personality eh !" said Spike.
                                      "Were there any other vampires nearby ?" asked Dana, "did they say where."
                                      "Um yeah, these girls said that there were lots of them in L. A., this was there chosen area for resurrection," remarked David.

                                      "I wish we knew how many of them there was, but it sounds like there could be lots of them," Angel said to Buffy.
                                      "David," said Turee, "if you don't want to kill anything, we can help you."

                                      "Yes, I'd like that, thank you," said David.
                                      "We'll take care of first things first, then I'll get your soul for you, Giles can you get Gillian, Susan, Chandelle and Dawn here, soon if not now. Faith go and get Clem, I'll start to prepare the empty room for the locator spells, I will need you and Clem and Dawn to be there with me," said Turee

                                      "What do you want Gillian and Chandelle for ?" asked Buffy, "OH ! oh, is it really that time !"
                                      Spike looked at Angel then at Wesley,
                                      "What does she mean, ?that time'?"

                                      "Before this months out the final battles will have started," said Wesley.
                                      "But it's the twenty fifth today," said Spike.
                                      "There are more of you?, aren't there?" asked David.
                                      "There is about one hundred Slayers up the road, several more Gods and Goddesses.
                                      About a million or two immortal beings and if that wasn't enough there is the possibility of a HellGod," said Turee, "plus the back-up."
                                      "Baaliitus said that if required, he could bring with him a million or so demons that liked to kill vampires, it's a bit like a delicacy for them, but send your friends away first," stated Illyria.

                                      "When a HellGod considers us as friends, be assured that our side is the good side to be on," said Turee.
                                      "The friendship that you all showed me when I was first brought here was enough. Even when I was in the car, I sensed the good in you all," said David.

                                      "Buffy, before you come with me can you call Owen and tell him what's going on and put the girls on defcon one," said Turee.
                                      Giles moved to where Angel was and said, "I think it is a time for Turee to take charge, there are to many things starting to occur and we may have to let her, what do you think," said Giles.

                                      "You are probably right, she does have a close tie with the Powers That Be and even Gregor, it's not going to be long before she is on nick-name terms with Baaliitus," said Angel.
                                      "Actually Baaliitus is or has been known as Baal, some demon worshippers have praised him," said Giles, "I think that I would prefer to call him Baaliitus or sir, considering what sort of power he can wield."

                                      "I agree with you, kneeling before him might help as well," said Angel.
                                      "Many years ago I was told of a monk, I have his E-mail address in my book of things to do. I think it was Turee who got it from Jenny's computer," said Giles.

                                      "About that, I'm really sorry," said Angel.
                                      "Angel, its ok, it was a long time ago and you were a different person then, oh um, I will only be ten minutes or so, I'll see you when I get back," said Giles.
                                      The E-mail to Brother Luca read, ?The final battle for good over evil is about to begin, I think we will win, the forces are with us.'

                                      The return came two minutes later, it read, ?Can I help.'
                                      Giles replied to it, ?The armies of Good are ready to march, the Gods of Olympia are ready, an army of the dead, a list of the legends are ready. Vampire Slayers are at the ready and some vampires, the HellGod Baaliitus has offered to help, be ready to offer your thanks to your saviour.'

                                      Brother Luca's reply was, ? I have your name written here but I didn't know what your contact was, I've tried to contact Jenny several times but with no success, do you know where she is.'
                                      Giles sent back, ?Do you know of a vampire by the name of Angelus,' Brother Luca's reply was, ?He was last recorded as being in America over one hundred years ago.'

                                      Giles replied, ?Jenny was killed by Angelus eight or ten years ago, he was sent to hell by the Slayer. When he returned he was brought back to health by the Slayer that sent him to hell and Angelus had a soul and he is now known as Angel, he is my friend. The Slayer is Buffy and she is now one of many Vampire Slayers.'

                                      Brother Luca's reply came five minutes later, ?Who are you ? Do you know where William The Bloody is.'
                                      Giles thought about it then replied, ?William The Bloody is now known as Spike, he is as a human now, a gift from the one you praise, he is as a friend to me. I am a Watcher, I am the head of the Watchers Council.'

                                      "The reply was short but nonetheless sweet, ?My Thanks To You, Friend.'

                                      "What did you do over there ?" asked Angel.
                                      "Some-one that helped me, many years ago. It was, er,
                                      it was he who told me who the anointed one was, that was when Buffy killed the Master," said Giles. "What is his name ?" asked Angel.

                                      "Brother Luca, why," said Giles.
                                      "Nothing, no reason, oh hang on though, I know that name, Gregor mentioned something about him, said his name, I can't remember what it was about," said Angel.

                                      "Oh well, if it was Gregor, never mind," said Giles, "where is Turee ?"
                                      "She went to that room that we had built for Gregor, there's been a lot of flashes in there in the last few minutes," said Angel.
                                      "Ah Turee, what news have you, what are your orders for us ?" asked Giles.

                                      "Giles, it's me, Turee. I don't give orders." "Yes Turee, you are the person to give the orders, you have the contacts, you know what is going to happen and who should do it, so what's next?" asked Giles.
                                      "Well I've just been told where the vamps are, I need to know exactly where, send ten groups of three Slayers, I'll say where I want them to pinpoint the houses."

                                      "It'll be done, what's next ?" asked Giles.
                                      "Get Angel to check out the sewer tunnels," said Turee
                                      Giles saw movement from the corner of his eye. Turning
                                      "Mr, Nabit, how are you?" asked Giles.
                                      "Is something going to happen ?" asked David Nabit.

                                      "Why do you ask ?" asked Giles. "There's insects of all sorts trying to leave, hundreds," exclaimed David
                                      By seven in the morning the sun was shining, spreading its warmth on the land, all the animals had gone quiet, in fact all the animals had gone.

                                      There was only the sound of leaves being thrust about by the wind, all the birds had gone. Throughout the night the police had been reporting packs of dogs, but they were ignoring the people, it was as though they needed to get somewhere else, there had been reports of howling at the zoo.

                                      All the animals seemed to be leaving the city, dogs, cats, spiders, ants, mice, rats, rabbits, every type of animal. Fishermen had seen schools of fish moving away from the land. All was quiet.

                                      A reporter in a helicopter from a radio station was about to make a report about the traffic flow, as they flew around the city limits he noticed that there was a lot of people just outside the city, he told his editor about them.

                                      His editor told him not to worry about a few people, his curiosity was aroused as the reporter stated
                                      "You don't understand there are several thousand of them," the editor quickly phoned the TV news room.

                                      A reporter, a sound recordist and a cameraman were running to a helicopter which was ready to take off. One minute later and they were flying to the outer suburbs.
                                      "Giles, turn the TV on,"

                                      "Wesley, what is it ?" asked Giles.
                                      "Turn the TV on, I think the final battle is starting now," called out Wesley. "What, oh, your right, no not yet, they are grouping, Gregor said they would all be there, so there should be many thousands more of them," said Giles.

                                      "I reckon I need to let Turee know," said Gunn.
                                      "Chances are she knows," said Giles.
                                      "Your probably right, but I'll tell her anyway."
                                      "Hey Spike run and get Turee, tell her the Knights are on the march," said Wesley.
                                      Spike ran towards Turee's room, he accidentally ran into Faith in the hall, both of them falling, which woke up the half asleep Faith.

                                      "The final battles are about to start, get ready," said Spike then he continued to run to Turee's room. Turee had heard the commotion and was almost at her door when Spike began to knock on it loudly. Turee opened the door.

                                      "The Knights are on the move!, you, what's that stuff your bed, thats what the Knights wear isn?t it?" asked Spike.
                                      "Keep it to yourself for now, all the slayers have an outfit, they are to wear this stuff, to try and confuse the vampires," said Turee.

                                      "Oh, I just bumped into Faith, in the hall I, I told her to get ready," said Spike. He was about to run to Faith, but Turee stopped him.
                                      "It's ok I'll tell her. The fight won't begin until we've all gathered."
                                      "But it's on the TV, they are moving out of the hills, and I mean that bloody literally," said Spike.

                                      "It's ok, no need to rush Spike, remember there are thousands of thousands or so of the Knights, and then there are the followers of the Powers That Be, there are several thousand of them at least, do you know how many are there in the PTB, Spike ?" asked Turee.
                                      "Well, er, I always thought, that there was three or four of them, why ?"

                                      "There are many Gods Of Olympia, and then there was their sons and daughters, then think of how followers each of them has. There could be many thousands of them, I don't know them all," said Turee, "then of course the final minutes will be when the flying Unicorns approach us, when all the slayers wear the uniform of the Knights. Every vampire that is a friend, stay here," said Turee.

                                      "You have done your bit, everything you have done has led up to this day. We send you our thanks," said Turee.
                                      Gregor appeared in the room, Turee was suddenly wearing the Battledress of the Armed Forces of Byzantium, Gregor knelt on one knee, bowed his head.

                                      "Goddess most high, your forces are ready, we await your orders."
                                      The room filled with a white light, the Goddess Medusera appeared then knelt to Turee, "Just think and we will all be here." She vanished.
                                      "What?, who?, what are you? Who are you?" said a deeply moved
                                      Spike. He looked at Turee, as blue light seemed to surround her then it filled the room.
                                      "We will now tell our Faith, you will go, tell the others, those that watch the TV, we wi....................., We have to leave you now, they want us," and vanished.

                                      Spike slowly went back to those that were watching the TV.
                                      "I just told Turee, I think it was her, she said that the battle won't be for a while yet, they, er, she said that there is a lot more of them to come," said Spike, "Gregor appeared in the room, he knelt to her, he said that they were waiting for her orders, then she or the room glowed and she faded until she was gone !"

                                      "There is a report on the TV again, look," said Gunn. The pictures showed part of an army of men and women walking out of a hill, literally, they moved through the trees and bushes. The report ended, even the reporter was quiet. They wore the same as Turee.

                                      "So how many of them will there be, how will we know when its time for us, to go where-ever we need to go," said Wesley.
                                      Spike breathed in deeply, then slowly looked to one side, breathing out as he did. "She said that there would be many more of them, the battle will starting when the flying squad lands.

                                      She said we were to stay here me, you, Gunn, Sally and that David Nabit guy. She said that we are to be protected, we've done our bit."
                                      "When you said that you talked to Turee you said 'I think it was, I just told Turee, I think. What did you mean ?" asked Giles.
                                      "Yeaah, she changed, then she said, we send you our thanks. She was like a different Turee, weird," said Spike.

                                      "We need to talk to Turee," said Giles sternly.
                                      "You can't," added Spike. "Why can't I ?" asked Giles.
                                      "That's the thing," Spike shrugged his shoulders, "she vanished from right in front of me."

                                      "Giles I don't want to panic, but could you get Sally in here, I don't know if she would be affected but if she is, tell her, get her to tell all her family and all her relatives and say why, oh, she can use the phones here," said Gunn.

                                      "I think Sally is at the museum, I'll go and tell her, I'll be back," said Giles.
                                      "Are we just going to wait here?" said Wesley.
                                      "Oh and what do you think we should do, ?cos if we go, just supposing we find a vampire, if we are hit and our game face comes on we might get the good guys killed or we might be killed.

                                      No it's best to stay out of their way. They are the good guys, we were fighting to help them, we've done our bit, I think that we should let them do their bit," said Spike, "wow, I just had a really strange thought, no, it wasn't a thought, I just realised what is happening.

                                      About fifty years ago I was doing what I could to end the world for all, then I changed and joined up with you good guys, I think it's here and we are on the right side, its actually happening, it's the Armageddon."

                                      Giles walked into the museum, May was tending to an empty glass case. As May noticed Giles she confronted him with,
                                      "The uniform, it vanished, I was cleaning it's case and it disappeared," said May, "what is going on Giles, and it's a Friday, there is usually lots of people about, we have normally had several people in by now, even the coach trip by the school was cancelled," said May.

                                      "Ever heard of The Armageddon ?" asked Giles.
                                      "The battle between good and evil, why ?" asked May.
                                      "No, not quite, The Armageddon is ?the' battle, it's when the good ends the evil, and it is happening now, well, it's going to end very soon, maybe some time today," said Giles.

                                      "What makes you think it's going to happen today, the books I've read have said about it happening several times before," said May.
                                      "Hm, I've read about it a few times as well, they were an apocalypse, as far as I understand it, when the evil chose to try and end our existence it was called an apocalypse but this time the good is fighting to stop all the evil.

                                      I take it that you haven't seen the TV today," said Giles.
                                      "No, why ?" asked May. "Just believe me when I say that today it is real, close up the shop and come over to AI with me, we will need to talk with the others and take all the Slayers to the hotel ready for when they are called."

                                      "I'll close up the shop, I'll take the Slayers over to the hotel, but what's with them being called?" asked May.
                                      "They will be called for the fight, they will hear the call but we won't," said Giles, "come on, we need to make the preparations."

                                      May locked up the shop and went to the offices of Angel Investigations with Giles. Walking inside, he stopped, looked around, then continued, into the main office, but no-one was there. In the TV room all the seats were occupied by the vampires.

                                      "It's time, we will need to borrow the vans to start taking the Slayers to the hotel, I really want to know if we have the time to get them all there," said Giles. "You have time," said Spike.
                                      "We do? How do you know we have time ?"

                                      "It was what Turee told me, don't know why I didn't think of it before, when the fly boys get here," said Spike. "The fly boys ?" asked Giles.
                                      "The Knights on the flying Unicorns, when they approach, the time will be soon," said Spike

                                      "We will need to make a move anyway," said Giles.
                                      "The keys for the vans are in the office," said Spike.
                                      Even when most of the Slayers had been moved to the hotel Giles was still very determined to get his bit done,

                                      "Faith, get your stuff," said Giles.
                                      "Have you got all the others at the hotel?" asked Faith.
                                      "Yes, your the last," replied Giles.
                                      "Then you and May are to take me now," declared Faith.

                                      As she walked away from the group a deep blue light seemed to ooze from her body. At the Toparius hotel Owen greeted them.
                                      "Hi, er, the others are ready, all dressed up and ready to go. Faith, they are waiting for you," said Owen.

                                      As they walked into the restaurant area all the girls stood up, the room was filled with the Slayers and they were all dressed as the Knights, Buffy walked up to Faith.
                                      "We have all been waiting for you, all we need now is some-one to tell us what to do next."

                                      "Hey look at the bright side, if nothing happens guess who's going to feel just a bit silly," said Faith.
                                      "Hmm, all dressed up and no-where to go, I think I've heard that somewhere before," said Buffy.

                                      Slowly the room filled with a brilliant Blue light, when the light faded three Turee's were to be seen, floating two foot above the floor,
                                      "Giles, May, Owen go to be with Spike. Slayers.......," said the three Turee's.

                                      Giles and Owen looked around them, May just stared straight ahead,
                                      "They have gone, they've all gone," she turned and looked at Giles with tears in her eyes, "they've all gone," stated May
                                      "It's going to start soon," said Giles, come on lets get back, quick."
                                      As soon as they got back to the TV room at AI ,Giles asked Spike,
                                      "Any news of the flying Unicorns ?" "No, why ?" replied Spike.

                                      "All the Slayers and the three Turee's just vanished, the Turee's said to come back here and be with you, we, I thought that the skies would be filled," said Giles.
                                      "There are three Turee's now, that explains the us and we, I think," said Spike.

                                      Buffy, Faith and Gillian appeared in one of the cities outer suburbs.................... "What are we meant to do ?" asked Buffy.
                                      "We are to do what they want us to do," said Faith.
                                      "What ?" exclaimed Buffy.
                                      "Sorry, they want us to send the vampires back their way," said Faith.

                                      "Turee said that I was to play a pivotal role in the final battles," said Gillian. Buffy looked at the glowing that appeared just above them.
                                      "We did, and we meant it," said she who was Turee.
                                      "T," said Faith, "It's good to see you again."

                                      "Thanks Faith. Gillian, it was you that found many of the vampires, those that are not our friends. We are grateful, you are all here now, as us, to stop the escape of those who do not wish to fight us, you are pivotal," said she who was Turee.

                                      "What's with the we and the us talk T, and the glowing thing ?" asked Buffy. "We will answer your questions when you are ready."
                                      And she was gone.
                                      "So, we wait and what, do our bit ?" asked Gillian.

                                      "If we are to frighten these vamps then a surprise might help us, we should be hiding from them," said Buffy.
                                      "We are," replied Faith, "Gillian go to the other side of the road then turn around and point at me," said Faith.

                                      "Ok," said Gillian.
                                      "What's the point of her doing that, I don't see the point," said Buffy.
                                      "Now be quiet B," said Faith.
                                      Gillian turned about and saw nothing, she called out, but heard no reply.

                                      Faith then put her leg out of the cover and Gillian came back over.
                                      "We did hear you shout, but, we didn't answer on purpose," said Faith.
                                      "Thanks." "Hey, lets play a game, first one to spot a vampire wins."
                                      "Like I stand a chance, Buffy," said Gillian.

                                      "What about you Faith ?" "I would win this game, I will know before you can see them." "Ahh, what if we don't believe you ?" asked Buffy.
                                      "Well now is the time to test that theory, as there is five of them running towards us, right now," said Faith, "just wait until they are about twenty five paces from here then, step out in front of them."

                                      "So, we scare them back to the Knights, what then?" asked Gillian.
                                      "We get transported to another place," said Faith.
                                      "What do we do when we get to the next place."

                                      "We all play deja - vous." "How's that one go?" asked Gillian.
                                      "What," said Faith. "How's that one go?" asked Gillian.
                                      Buffy and Faith nearly missed the vampires because of their laughing, Gillian realised the situation and stepped out in front of the vamps, scaring them back the way they came, Gillian heard Turee's voice.

                                      "You saved Faith and Buffy that's why your pivotal."
                                      Gillian turned to look at Buffy and Faith. "Next," said Buffy and Faith.
                                      In an enclosed room a radar operator was tracking one of the few planes to approach Los Angeles that morning.

                                      "L. A. Tower this is nine-one-fifteen from sunny New York, you would not believe what I've just seen, six men flying winged unicorns."
                                      "Nine one fifteen from sunny New York this is the L. A. Tower. I believe you, they've been on the TV all day marching out of the hills, have you only got six of them up there."

                                      "These aren't marching though, they are riding white winged unicorns and there isn't six any more there's hundreds of them."
                                      "Hey guys," called Spike, "they're here. The unicorns are on TV."
                                      Wesley, Gunn, Giles and Owen ran to see the unicorns.

                                      "Just a thought, where is Illyria and what happened to Angel ?" asked Spike.
                                      "She's waiting, if the forces of Baaliitus are required she will open the way for them to be here, the last I saw of Angel he was going into the sewers," said Giles.

                                      "Oh," said Spike. "How will we know when it is safe?" asked Wesley.
                                      "I reckon that some-one will tell us," said Gunn.
                                      "I hope that we aren't forgotten," said Wesley.
                                      "What did you say your name was ?" asked Spike.
                                      "Who, him or me ?" asked Gunn.

                                      "Did it go quiet then, or was it just me," said Wesley.
                                      As the lines of the Knights of Byzantium marched towards the city several hundred mounted Knights flew down to join them, occasionally several knights would run off to kill some vampires, yet the flow kept moving.

                                      By being able to kill the vampires a few at a time there was not a big fight, the Slayers were doing what was asked of them, they had been told to stand and startle the vampires, those that didn't run away were to be attacked and killed.

                                      When those vampires had been eliminated the Slayers were taken to another place where other Slayers were. As Buffy, Faith and Gillian were straightening their tunics, ( well, they had to look their best ).
                                      "Glad to see that you are taking this fight so seriously," said Gregor.

                                      "Oh, hi," said Faith. "Thanks for getting those vampires to run into us."
                                      "Before we go, there's a few questions I want to ask," said Gillian.
                                      "Ask me and I will tell you the answers, if I can," said Gregor, "walk with me, for a while at least."

                                      "What will happen if you miss any of the vampires, won't they just multiply again, they don't like being alone, which could be strange as I can't imagine them being scared of the dark," said Gillian.
                                      "If we missed any of the vampires or demons they may cease to exist soon, we have a back up plan that will activate when the time is right."

                                      "Do we get to keep this fighting stuff, it's really good?" asked Gillian.
                                      "No, not yet, when your dead, a long time from now."
                                      "That's good and bad, I mean it's good, that I'm not going to die, but it's bad 'cos I would really like to have one of these uniforms."

                                      "How come you know this stuff and I don't," said Buffy.
                                      "It was Clem's fault," replied Faith.

                                      Giles was sat on the couch when he heard Turee's voice in his head,
                                      ?Come outside and meet Tara.' When they got outside they saw Tara.
                                      "It's all taken care of," said Tara.
                                      The Knights have disappeared, the Powers That Be and their followers were gone, an eerie silence circled the hotel where all the slayers were,

                                      At A.I. Spike and May watched as Turee and Tara held hands, smiled a knowing smile for each other.
                                      "It has been good to see you again, bye," said Turee. "Bye," said Tara as became the Goddess T'ara and faded into the air.
                                      Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                                      Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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                                        THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1 CH 20

                                        THE NEW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS pt 1
                                        CHAPTER 20 OF 22 THE TWO LIVES OF CAT

                                        "The meeting, it's about Darla being here, isn?t it?" asked Dawn.
                                        "When Angelus realises what is going on here, he may attack this place with as many vamps as he can, a good idea would be to get some more slayers here," said Giles.

                                        "Turee, get all the Slayers here, at the meeting we'll come up with some plans for tomorrow night, and we'll need Angelus to attack in force, word should be put out that this place is in disarray after my death," said Buffy.

                                        "It's a full moon tomorrow night," said Spike.
                                        "What's the point?" asked Buffy.
                                        "Nina will be a werewolf !" said Spike.
                                        "Anything else that I should know about," said Darla.

                                        "Lots ?n' lots, but it'll be easier to tell you about them as and if I get reminded about it all," said Buffy.
                                        At that moment a noise is heard in the restaurant, Buffy, Spike, Dawn and Darla rush to see what had happened, Giles follows them. As Buffy enters the room she sees Gregor, Gregor holds up his hand, waits till Giles enters the room.

                                        "Remember these girls?" asked Gregor, "they are Molly and Chloe, they are Soldiers of Byzantium. Although Molly is an immortal Rider"
                                        "Don't worry about getting the vampires and demons, my Soldiers and Knights will do that," said Gregor.

                                        Faith walked into the room looking very puzzled, then seeing Buffy she stopped, her eyes grew wider. "Faith, why are you looking at me?"
                                        "I get back from the shops and what do I see, me, you and Vi hanging at the entry, then I come in here, and here you are, mind telling me what's going on?" asked Faith.

                                        "We're preparing for an attack, we had a visit earlier, we convinced Count Angelus's lot that I was dead, then we embellished the story a bit," said Buffy.
                                        "Or, as Confuscious says, What The F... ," said Spike.

                                        "Has a way with words does my Spike," said Dawn, looking to the stars and shaking her head. Buffy beckoned to Giles then told him that she was going to speak to a specific flower shop and ask for Riley, a few of his mates and some blasters for the coming battles.
                                        "When were you thinking of calling?" asked Giles.
                                        "In a few minutes, why," said Buffy.

                                        "It's just that he was seen a few days ago by Dawn, near a flower shop. I asked her not to say anything until I had a word with you, but I guess the more the better, that and the government boys should be in on this one," said Giles, "they did help us out with some funds, and a few of them have got their heart in the right place."

                                        "So how about I get Turee, Xander and Dawn here, you can go and see Riley together," said Buffy
                                        "Your coming to, aren't you?" Giles asked Buffy.
                                        Dawn showed them the way to the flower shop.

                                        When they got there Turee said, "You wait here while I go and check out this place."
                                        Inside the shop Turee looked around and saw Riley tending to a flower arrangement.

                                        "Hi," said Turee, happily. "Willow!, what are you doing here, how is every-one, how is Buffy?" asked Riley.
                                        "They are all ok, they're outside, I came in here to see if it was safe for them, and my name is Turee now."

                                        "You have come to see if it's safe for them?" asked Riley.
                                        Just then another attendant made himself noticeable.
                                        "Is he a friend of yours?" asked Turee.
                                        "You could say that," said Riley, smiling at his friend.

                                        "Anything to do with the Initiative and that way of thinking ?" asked Turee.
                                        "He is, his name is Simon." "Should you be saying that to a civilian," said Simon.

                                        "Remember those stories of Adam ? well, this girl was instrumental in stopping him."
                                        "Doing any demon hunting these days?" asked Turee.
                                        "Well we have set up shop here, why?" asked Riley.

                                        "I'll get the others, you might want to join us, we're raising an army," said Turee.
                                        Turee went outside and signalled for the others to come in.
                                        "So Turee, what do you want an army for, how many do you need ?" asked Riley.

                                        "There's a big fight coming, this week," said Turee.
                                        "Ooh, the big soldier boy in a flower shop," said Dawn.
                                        "Knows about flower arranging as well," said Turee.
                                        "Buffy, Xander, Giles, Dawn, ?tis Simon," said Turee.

                                        "Wait! Buffy, Riley's old girlfriend. Your the Slayer, The Chosen One, the one and only?" asked Simon.
                                        "Not any more," said Turee, "there's a couple of hundred Slayers, and about five thousand dead ones."

                                        "We don't count the dead ones though, do we?" asked Simon.
                                        *30 "And you Riley, you still wear blinkers?" asked Buffy.
                                        "Human here, tell me what's going on," said Riley.
                                        "We've found out quite a lot more since we last met and most of it is thanks to Turee.

                                        There is a lot more to these little fights than we thought, seems all the dead Slayers, they are immortal, except one, they're part of God's army, and they're coming here. God, Zeus and Hera," said Buffy, "then there's Illyria, she's a Goddess."

                                        "Have you met all of them?" asked Simon.
                                        "I've met Zeus and Hera, Gregor, he is the general of the Knights of Byzantium, God's Army. I'm friends with D'Hoffryn, King of Vengeance Demons, I'm friends with Illyria the Goddess from Hell, Xander's wife is an ex-vengeance demon," said Turee.

                                        "Before you get carried away with all that stuff, you said about a fight coming up soon?" asked Riley.
                                        "Remember the plural of Apocalypse?" asked Buffy.
                                        "This isn't an apocalypse Buffy, this is, what is known as, The Armageddon, this is it Buffy," said Turee, "tell your bosses to save their money Riley, ?cos by the end of this week, they're won't be any demons in this world."

                                        "How many of you are there?" asked Riley.
                                        "A few hundred thousand," said Turee.
                                        "How many are you up against?" asked Simon.
                                        "Only a million or so, but then a couple of million demons are being asked to change their ways," said Turee.

                                        "Maybe Simon wants to be protected," said Dawn.
                                        "Oh, yeah, how many people do you think I'll need to protect me?" asked Simon.
                                        "They won't be normal people, they will be immortals, and as many as we will need," said Turee.

                                        "We won't need to be protected, I mean what are we up against that we haven't faced already?" asked Riley.
                                        "You have only faced the type of demon that you saw at the Initiative, they were demons only to be subdued, the ones that you'll be up against will not be subdued and these will be fighting for their very existence," said Turee.

                                        "Does Simon know hostile seventeen?" asked Buffy.
                                        "He knows about Spike, right?" asked Riley.
                                        "Spike, Darla, Wesley, Stewart, Sally, Angel, Brian, Gunn, Simon, they are all vampires yet some have the attributes of vampires, such as Spike, he is human now and Darla is a ghost. You name it, we've got it," said Buffy.

                                        "Buffy, do really we need protection?" asked Riley.
                                        "I think your missing the point, it's not if you need it or not. In an apocalypse it might be every-one for themselves, but this won't be an apocalypse, this fight is for keeps, all of us non-humans are trying to make this world safe, for you humans, that is what the protection is for," said Turee.

                                        Suddenly the air in the shop changed, dark clouds emerged and lightening followed by thunderclaps.
                                        "Must remember to cancel that entrance," said D'Hoffryn, "ah Turee, a message from Goddess Illyria, you now have a few million demons extra," said D'Hoffryn.

                                        "There are demons with you," the amazement was very apparent in Riley's voice.
                                        "What does he think a vampire is?" asked Dawn.
                                        "Ok, coming up to speed here, but is Spike really a trustworthy sort?" asked Riley.

                                        "That's right, have a go at my fella," said Dawn.
                                        "Your dating Spike!" said Riley, somewhat surprised.
                                        "Excuse me, still here you know," said D'Hoffryn.
                                        "I'm sorry, I'm glad your with us, and thanks," said Turee.

                                        "The other point that I want you to understand is, that all the vengeance demons are with you, for each human, then there will be one or two vengeance demons with them, all they will have to say is, I W, I, SH, that this demon would die, and it will happen.

                                        After the fight they will still be the same only they won't be able to cause harm, but they'll be able to help the one seeking help," then D'Hoffryn vanished.
                                        "That is all the protection that you'll need," said Turee.

                                        D'Hoffryn appeared again,
                                        "Back so soon," said Buffy, "you like us that much?."
                                        "Something that I forgot to say, Xander, just for the fight Anya will be her old self again," and he was gone.

                                        "Who is this Anya, and what was she?" asked Simon.
                                        "Anya is my wife, and she was a vengeance demon."
                                        "Riley, it's the phone," said Simon.
                                        Riley answered the phone, "Give them what-ever they want," said the voice on the other end, "put me on the speaker ? I run the department that runs the Initiative, I've seen you all before, how can we help?"

                                        "Just all of the people that you can spare, yes Buffy, oh and as many of the stun guns that you've got, er thank you, I'm Giles by the way."
                                        "Good to speak to you, hopefully I will be able to speak to you in a few days time, now Riley, can you take me of the speaker as I'll need to speak to you in private."

                                        A man opened the door, Buffy graciously let him through.
                                        "I take it that you don't recognize me," said Gregor.
                                        "Gregor!, sorry, I didn't realize is was you, I'm not used to seeing you with your clothes on, er not in uniform."

                                        "Keep going, wouldn't want you to get a bad name for yourself," said Gregor.
                                        "Oh, you know what I mean," said Buffy.
                                        "I know what you mean, being as you are to be with your special friend soon," said Gregor, "I'll see you at the hotel," and then he vanished.

                                        "What did he mean, a special friend?" asked Riley.
                                        "That is between her special friend, Buffy, Gregor, the Powers That Be, Whistler and me. You'll find out when the time is right and not before," said Turee, "is your wife, Sam still around?"

                                        "Sam, his wife is out the back," said Simon.
                                        "Sam and I will go to the hotel with you, you can tell me some more," said Riley.
                                        "That takes care of our business here, so every-one back to the hotel, tomorrows a big day," said Turee.

                                        Turee went quickly into the hotel while Buffy and Riley slowly walked and chatted, Xander, Dawn and Sam stayed back with Giles.
                                        "Hi there Andrea, all quiet here ?" asked Turee.
                                        *31 "Yep, well apart from you having a visitor, an old lady with long grey hair, she's oh, she's over by the entry to the garden," said Andrea.
                                        Turee moves towards her visitor, the old lady turns around and smiles at Turee,

                                        "Oh hi, er, it's Ismerelda isn?t it?, how are you? what does it feel like to be dead?" asked Turee.
                                        "Hopefully you'll never know what it's like to be dead, but I'm well, it is good to see you again," said Ismerelda.
                                        "So what brings you here?" asked Turee.

                                        "To help you out, all of the Slayers are coming here for the upcoming fight, every Guardian that there has ever been wants to help them, and you," said Ismerelda.
                                        Buffy and Riley walked in closely followed by Dawn, Xander and Giles.
                                        "Hey Buffy, who's Turee talking to ?" asked Dawn.

                                        "I know her, um, at least I've seen her before, she was the Guardian that I met," said Buffy, she moved to Turee.
                                        "So Turee, mind telling me her name," said Buffy.
                                        "Turee," inquired Dawn, "who are they all ?"

                                        Women began appearing in the room walking through the walls, the doors, even the woodwork, some used doors,"
                                        "It is ok, they are Guardians, they are many, yet they are one, alone, they help the helper to help the helped," said Turee, "Ismerelda, are you going to say all their names?"

                                        "Well I don't know who that one is, maybe you recognise her, maybe you know what she is called, her first slayer was the third slayer."
                                        Turee slowly walked up to the woman, then wrapped her arms around her. When she turned around she had tears streaming down her cheeks, Xander, Giles, Andrea, Buffy, Dawn, Riley, Sam, this woman is my mum."

                                        "Are you happy?" asked Gregor, "if not, your friend Emma and your sister, Cat are here."
                                        "Cat," cried out Turee and she ran to her sister.
                                        "How come both those girls are wearing the uniforms of the Knights ?" Dawn asked Buffy, and if Cat is her sister why don't they look similar."

                                        "I'm sorry Dawn, Emma was a Slayer during the Salem Witch Trials and Cat was the third in the line of Vampire Slayers," said Turee.
                                        "What is Cat short for," asked Buffy, "why does she look like the first slayer?"

                                        "I can't remember, when I was a child I couldn't say her name, so I said Cat, I guess it must have stuck and if you remember I changed colour," said Turee
                                        "Gregor said you've a surprise for me," said Emma.

                                        "Hmm yes, there is some-one that I want you to meet, remember what was in the next cell to your friend," said Turee
                                        "Yes Turee, that girl was a vampire," said Emma.
                                        "The ghost of that vampire is here, she is as a friend to a lot of my friends and me, her name is Darla."

                                        "Nothing like keeping it in the family," said Dawn.
                                        "Oh, you mean because my mum is a Guardian, Cat is a Slayer. I think I'm beginning to understand you," said Turee.
                                        "Look Turee dear, I'm going to be busy here, so why don't you Cat and Emma go out?" said Turee's mum.

                                        "We can take Angels car," said Spike to Turee, "me, you, your sister, Emma, Dawn and Dana. We can show them where you work, then go to the look-out."
                                        "You know the way do you?" asked Turee, grinning knowingly at Dawn.

                                        "Meaning what!" exclaimed Dawn.
                                        Dana walked past Dawn and said, "Beats being told to get a room!"
                                        Dawn would have told Spike to defend her honour but he was to busy laughing.

                                        "Hnnn, I'm going to the car," said Dawn.
                                        Spike and Dana followed her. Emma glanced at Cat, then Turee, smiled then said,
                                        "They seem happy together, and yet Dawn is okay with those two being together, why is that?" asked Emma.

                                        Emma and Cat walked to the car as Turee explained,
                                        "Dana is a Vampire Slayer, Dawn is Dana's Watcher, Spike had both his hands cut off by Dana when he was a vampire,"
                                        "He is a Vampire!" exclaimed both Cat and Emma.

                                        "He used to be," said Turee.
                                        "What do you mean?, used to be!. There isn't a cure, oh, oh, OH GOOD GRIEF! HE, is the one!" exclaimed Cat.
                                        "He is the Vampire that's been made human!?" asked Emma, "why, what did he do, why was he made human?"
                                        "He was chosen to wear the Grail, he can be a good person, he cares about people, he does have a good sense of humour, sometimes he is funny," said Turee smiling.

                                        "Come on you lot, get in the car," said Spike, "if we go now we can get to see the best of the city lights."
                                        Turee told Emma and Cat what the local land marks were where-as Dana, Dawn and Spike said every road name, what the pedestrians were wearing.

                                        Spike thought it great fun to inform Emma and Cat what went into the drainage system, Emma and Cat were distressed, Emma was dumfounded that so much waste from cars could be allowed to endanger the life of the planet.

                                        Cat said that there was too many people in such a small place. Turee was thankful that it wasn't to far to Westcotes, they had a look around No: 3, then as Giles was there they all went into No :16. Cat was impressed that Giles had so much of the Knights uniform and their weapons, Emma asked Turee how they were allowed to have it.

                                        "A few years ago we were put against the forces of Byzantium, the Knights had been told to stop the key, who was Dawn. Before the masses were deployed we were able to stop Glory from ending our world."

                                        "We were to be a part of the army that would have been against you," said Cat.
                                        "Good job we stopped her when we did," said Turee.
                                        "That wasn't why we didn't appear, there was talk of some of our people trying to stop Glorificus, and I mean some really important people, normally we get told what's happening but they tried to keep it a secret," said Cat.

                                        "I was told that the stopper was from him, he was meant to have said that you and your friends would stop her, next time we had up to date news," said Emma.
                                        Turee noticed that every-one was looking at her with folded arms, Dawn moved forward.

                                        "Illyria once said about three non-humans being in the room, we were never told who they were, I knew who two were, apparently, you were the other," said Dawn.
                                        "Considering that Turee's sister is here, I reckon you'd better start explaining," said Spike.

                                        Turee glanced up and said, "Sorry," all was quiet for a short ten seconds, "your right it shouldn't be a secret."
                                        Turee faced Cat, held her shoulders.

                                        "I was born your sister, I am your sister, it's just that I'm not alone in this body," said Turee.
                                        "Yeah we know Willow is in there," said Spike.
                                        "Sorry Spike, there's three of us here, part of the plan," said Turee.

                                        "Oh!" said Spike, "you mean everything?"
                                        "What, what does Spike mean, everything ?" asked Dana.
                                        "I am also known as The Goddess Aradia, Spike is right by everything, this plan, this everything, The Armageddon, it was my idea."

                                        Every-one froze, the silence had a thousand questions.

                                        "Okay, but I need the answer too a very hard question, the truth this time, what's Cat's real name?" asked Dawn.
                                        Turee looked at her sister, apologetically.
                                        "My real name is Vampeira," said Cat. All was quiet again.

                                        Then Spike suddenly burst out laughing,
                                        "A Vampire Slayer called Vampeira!" shouted Spike.
                                        "It was seen as a goofy, new age, silly name until some idiot started calling ?those animals' vampires, I was glad that my little sister had problems with saying my name," said Cat.

                                        "Like Sunrise or Apple you mean? or a vegetarians son called Soya-Bean?" asked Dawn.
                                        Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

                                        Look at it, play with it, then torture it.