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When the Scoobies patrolled for Buffy.

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  • When the Scoobies patrolled for Buffy.

    Buffy had been injured by the vampire, so Xander, Willow, Anya and ????
    did the graveyard shift for Buffy.

    "What does that mean?" asked Anya.
    "Not sure, what do you think Will," said Xander.
    "Was he signalling to us?" asked Willow.
    "Does he think he's a train driver?" asked Anya.

    "In a graveyard? don't be stupid," said Willow.
    "Xander! tell her off," said Anya.
    "Willow, please tell her your sorry," pleaded Xander.
    "Why? it's obvious he was pulling a toilet chain," said Willow.

    "In a graveyard? at night,"said Xander.
    "Yeah, who's the stupid one now?" asked Anya.
    "Maybe he was on a toilet in a train," said Xander.
    "Oh sure," said Willow and Anya.

    "Ooh look, he's doing something else now," indicated Anya.
    "What's that meant to mean?" asked Willow.
    "Is he trying to fan a fire?" asked Xander.
    "Nah, he's waving goodbye," said Anya.

    "With two hands?" asked Xander.
    "To two of us?" asked Willow.
    "I'm not wearing a tu-tu," said Xander.
    "Nor me," said Anya.

    "My skirt doesn't look like a tu-tu, you two," said Willow.
    "Oh, ooh, thought he poked his eyes that time," said Xander.
    "Now he's pointing," said Willow.
    "What's he pointing at?" asked Anya.

    "Dunno, HEY!"
    "Sshh Xander, careful, there might be vampires about."
    "Yeh, sorry Wil. Here, you hold the crisps," said Xander, "Hey
    Spike!, what you pointing at?"

    "Dunno I just poked both me eyes!"
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.