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The Sentencing of Three Blondes

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  • Ojuice5001
    Margo and Mitzy

    Margo sat down at the glass window. She was visiting Mitzy, seeing her for the first time since they were arrested.

    "Your roots are showing," said Margo. "I guess it's hard to get a good dye job in prison."

    "What's the matter, Margo?" said Mitzy. "Are you living in a prison that doesn't have conjugal visits?"

    Margo's eyes flared in anger, but Mitzy made a "calm down" motion with her hands. "I don't want us to fight," she said. "Look, that Whitelighter Chris? I really didn't sleep with him. He was lying. I think he knew we know."


    "Swear it on a stack of Cosmo magazines," replied Mitzy.

    "Well, that's good to know." Margo was a little hesitant, but she basically knew Mitzy was telling the truth.

    "I haven't seen Mabel. Have you?"

    "No," said Margo. "But I hear her sentences add up to sixty-four years, total."

    Mitzy wasn't too bothered by this information. "Well, I was mostly just charged with that time we swindled a few thousand bucks from Coca-Cola's offices. Remember that. And of course, there's the fact that I'm an accessory to the salesman's murder. Accessory! Doesn't that sound like I'm a handbag or something?"

    Margo laughed, despite herself. "So when are you getting out?"

    "Well, with good behavior, it could be as early as two and a half years after I was sentenced. That's May 21, 2006."

    "Unfair!" exploded Margo. My first chance for parole isn't until two months after that."

    Mitzy couldn't prevent herself from smirking at how Margo was jealous of her. But all she said was, "So what do you think the Charmed Sisters will be up to by then?"

    "I don't care!" Margo raged. I never want to see them again. Or the Whitelighter."

    "Oh, you may change your mind about that," said Mitzy. "Revenge is a dish best served cold. Anyway, I've got an old boyfriend in Philadelphia who should be able to get us back to our full potential. If you know what I mean."

    "Wait, what do you mean?" said Margo.

    Mitzy looked annoyed. "Oh come on! I don't have to say it in front of the G-U-A-R-D, do I?"

    "Oh, sorry, I get it!" said Margo. "Great, I'm in!"

    "Awesome," replied Mitzy. "I'll be counting down the days."

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  • Ojuice5001

    "So, what am I charged with?" asked Margo.

    "Murder one," came the cold reply from the police officer. "A vacuum cleaner salesman was killed in the house you were squatting in. Why, what'd you think this was about?"

    "Um, the actual squatting," Margo retorted. "And hello, right to remain silent?"

    It was ironic, now that Margo thought about it. She and her sisters had put all that planning into the greatest identity theft ever, and the charge was killing a salesman?

    But, then, the non-witches of the world had always tended to only pay attention to the things that didn't involve magic, and ignore the magical things that happened around them. They were just like the residents of Sunnydale on that TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Heh. That was a good show, and the final episode had been on TV just a few months ago. Margo and Mitzy had watched it together. While Mabel was in the next room, muttering about "Piper Halliwell," "the target of a lifetime," and so on.

    If this really were about that dorky salesman, then Margo and Mitzy might not come out of this so badly. After all, they were just standing around. Mabel was the one who pulled out a knife and stabbed the salesman.

    They should have destroyed the body magically, the way they did with the house's original occupants. But Mabel had summoned the Whitelighter, and used the salesman as part of their cover story. This was pretty stupid on Mabel's part, really...although it's not like Margo and Mitzy had thought to do anything different.

    Basically, Margo and Mitzy had grown desensitized to Mabel's habits of casual murder. But Mabel was the only one of the Stillman sisters who had actually committed murder. Well, Margo wasn't quite sure about Mitzy. But as far as the killings Margo had seen, it was always Mabel who held the knife. Margo just wasn't strong enough to kill someone. Not in the arms, or in the willpower.

    Of course, Margo was, for the most part, blackhearted. It's not like she cared about any of the victims. Well, except for that cute guy from Virginia Beach. She had been looking forward to being that sweet virgin boy's first sexual experience. But Mabel had killed him before Margo got the the chance.

    With that thought, Margo made up her mind. She thought to herself, Just one more reason to sing like a little blonde canary, and send that overbearing bitch up the river.

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  • Ojuice5001

    Mitzy woke up feeling groggy. Damn, her nose hurt! Her first thought was that this was all Mabel's fault, probably Margo's too. Her second thought was that Phoebe was the one who actually beat her up. Her and that lying "Whitelighter" Chris.

    Her third thought, and the first one she said out loud, was, "Where am I?"

    "Holding cell. San Francisco prison," said a voice on the outside of the room she was in. And of course that's what it was: a holding cell.

    "Oh! This is horrible!" Mitzy moaned. She drifted back to half-consciousness.

    A few minutes later, she woke up and said, mostly to herself, "And this is a felony. You can never really flirt your way out of these kinds of arrests."

    The other woman in the cell, a thickly built brunette, overheard. With a sneer, she said, "Yeah, why do you suppose that is?"

    Mitzy caught the sarcasm, more or less. But it was a question she had given some thought to. "I never could think of the answer to that one."

    The brunette scoffed and went back to pulling a hangnail off of her right foot.

    Mitzy reflected; what was she going to do? Probably nothing to do but surrender, and then tell the police whatever they wanted to hear.

    That was the thing to do. Still, it hadn't helped her much when dealing with that bitch Phoebe. Mitzy had given Phoebe back her earrings, even though, technically, Jason had given them to Mitzy, not to Phoebe. And Mitzy had begged Phoebe not to punch her in the nose again.

    And of course, that's just where Phoebe had punched Mitzy. Damn, her nose hurt!

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  • Ojuice5001
    started a topic The Sentencing of Three Blondes

    The Sentencing of Three Blondes

    Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to the creators of Charmed. I'm just borrowing a couple of my favorites. Plus, I thought no one would miss these particular favorite characters even if I did borrow them.
    Margo Stillman
    Mitzy Stillman
    Time: After The Power of Three Blondes
    Summary: Shows how the Stillman sisters went through the criminal justice system and managed to get a sentence as light as the color of their hair.
    Author: Ojuice5001
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