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Hellfire (a drabble)

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  • Hellfire (a drabble)

    Disclaimer: *checks again* Nope...still not mine. Sorry.

    Rating: PG

    Setting: Somewhere beyond death....

    When you're on fire, you're supposed to die. The burning should stop...yet it never does.

    He should be able to crawl out of the sun, at least. Should be able to escape the searing light. He has some idea that he's been moving, but shelter is always just out of reach.

    She's still standing there, gloating while he suffers. She put him here. Only the truth is, he belongs where he is. The marks on his neck are proof enough. He's a monster.
    "Why can't Papa see me?"

    "I don't know, sweetie," Tara says. "It's all up to him."
    DeadWar: Burden of Proof
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