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Challenge#8 Drabbleness Drabblefest: Views From An Apocalypse

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  • Challenge#8 Drabbleness Drabblefest: Views From An Apocalypse

    Title: Views From An Apocalypse.
    Description: Six perspectives from a BTVS scene, all 100 words long.
    Disclaimer: Not mine, no money.


    I feel so apart from them, so distant; so useless. I know I’m needed here, know I’m vital if this plan’s to succeed; but god how I wish I could fight alongside those brave children, just, put aside the books and the tweed for a while and be Ripper once more.

    Buffy’s counting on me though. This is her plan and I need to play my role I need to be here to strike the final blow. If I should fail her now I could kill her and everyone in Sunnydale. Burn some books to save those lives?

    Any time.


    I’m the key. That’s what she said; the hub, the very key of the hub… possibly the hub of the key.

    Whatever: I’m important. I’m army training guy and now I’m actually gonna be in charge of an actual army, or at least… part of one. So I’ve got to stop being scared now. I have to suck it up and do my bit. Buffy has a plan and I’m a part of that. If I fail the plan fails, that can’t happen. There’s peoples lives at stake here, people I love and I won’t let them down. I can’t


    Oh god I’m late. I’m actually going to be late for the end of the world. Course if anything is worth missing an apocalypse for then, what just happened? Pretty high on the list.

    It’s weird. I mean I’m kinda terrified here but I wouldn’t have missed this week for the world. If this is it, if this is the last fight, then at least I’m going into it a woman. At least I got to spend that, you know, time with Oz and well… you know.

    Life’s too good to end now. That’s why I just know we’ll win.


    Hmm. So this is an actual apocalypse then. Never did catch much of the last one. Thought there would be less waiting if I’m honest. Course this is just the intro. When the power chords start up and the Mayor gets into his demon groove, things’ll start to get a little wilder.

    I wonder how the change’ll happen. Will it be like me? All at once, the force of the change rushing through him wild and unstoppable until it takes him over completely, and there is no him anymore.

    Well, here comes the eclipse. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


    Here it comes. This is my time now; my time to rise, to embrace my destiny. I can feel it coursing through me. The power, the strength, the… Aaaaaargh!

    And it hurts, of course it hurts. I am being reborn. The pain I feel is the glorious pain of new life as I give birth to my true self.

    I will rise and I will crush this insignificant little world. My will shall be law and I will show no mercy. The Slayer will die a long and painful death at my hand.

    For you, my Faith. All for you.


    This is chaos. The plan worked as far as it went but there are too many vamps and too much mayor for us to win this way.

    So it’s time for me to step up. These people said I was their protector. They even gave me a parasol to that effect. Now they’re fighting because I asked them to and they’re dying for me too. So it’s time for me to save the world again, or at least die trying. If I go though, I’m taking that bastard with me; probably the school too.

    I’ve got a knife to return.

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