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Challenge 8: Drabbleness drabblefest

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  • Challenge 8: Drabbleness drabblefest

    This is a drabble of not the same temporal moment (ie each drabble isn't happening at the same time) but rather the same emotional moment...hopefully it makes sense within the context of the challenge!! This is a canon moment.

    (And because I'm me, it had to involve a just a bit of Teh Femslash...)


    She's thinking of me thinking of her.

    I can see it in her eyes. In the way she says my name. My brain goes wobbly, and I try to push it all aside - there are other people now, waiting for decisions from my wobbly brain. It must unwobble, and find a way through. Two people I love are enough to hold in my brain at once. I cannot think of Buffy at this moment.

    But?this was why. Why I waited. What I was afraid of. Her reaction. She's thinking of me thinking of her.

    And she's not half wrong.
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    She's?what? She didn't actually say it. She didn't say?Lesbian. So I'm not sure. I could be wrong, maybe?

    I'm not though.

    But?Tara? Really? That's who she's switching teams for? I mean, very nice, very nice girl and all, but?and jeez, talk about a switch from Oz! He's practically girlier than ?


    But?has she always? From the beginning? Did she?think of me? Did she?wonder? Did I see her looking when ?

    No. This isn't what I am supposed to be thinking. What am I supposed to be thinking? Not about Willow thinking of me. And definitely not about Willow and me?


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      That smell.

      (I am a man. I am myself.)

      My Willow's smell.

      (I am a man. I am myself.)

      It's on her. On this other girl. This?Tara. The way she speaks. The way she looks. The ways she smells.

      (I am a man. I am myself.)
      Mine. Willow is mine.

      (I am a man. I am myself.)

      No one else's. Not this girl! Are they involved?

      (I am a man?I am myself.)

      Do they laugh together?

      (I am a man...)

      Does she touch my Willow?

      (I am myself?)

      Does she kiss her?

      (I am...)

      Does she?

      (I am a MONSTER).


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        I turned her GAY!!

        Ok, there was someone in between, but…WHAT? Giles’s drunk and everyone’s fighting and they’re sending me to the army and Willow is GAY? What?

        She liked me! For years! She had this giant crush on me, what was that, huh? And all the times, with the kissing?! And the lips? The lips and the kissing!

        And…HEY. What about Oz? What about all the sex they had? I totally heard about the sex. Well, ok, I heard her telling Buffy about the sex, but there was sex, what about that?? Everyone can’t just go around turning gay. It's just not fair!