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You remind me of Mina: a season 8 poem

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  • You remind me of Mina: a season 8 poem

    This bleeding human
    Should be beautiful
    A feast for my ravening eyes
    So conveniently skewered

    But you, my boy,
    Have made me lose
    My appetite for gastro-porn
    You've chained the wolf
    Outside the kitchen door
    Now I see loss
    Instead of cordon bleu

    Her blood's no longer life
    But dirty, spattered on your face.

    I don't care, for its own sake
    About the empty corpse
    That lolls in your lap
    Her blood is ink, inert
    Another mortal,
    Blotted out, mistake

    But a sympathetic tang of sorrow
    Tastes rank on the roof of my mouth
    I am wracked by your shock
    Imagining your blood-hot hands
    Against her cooling skin

    And I recall what it meant
    To hold a warm, loved body close
    To kiss and cherish
    Not to kill.

    Through you
    My mortal love
    Is undead in me still.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --

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    Thats lovely.

    wanna hear mine?

    'My soul is wrapped in harsh repose
    midnight descends in raven coloured clothes
    but soft, behold
    a sunlight beam
    cutting a swath of glimmering gleam
    my heart expands
    'tis grown a bulge in it
    inspired by your beauty

    what ya think?
    i wrote it all by myself