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Demon Slayer 1.07 ?Ancient Cruor and Helpful Minds? Part two of two

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  • Demon Slayer 1.07 ?Ancient Cruor and Helpful Minds? Part two of two

    The Demon Slayer
    Episode: 1.07 “Ancient Cruor and Helpful Minds” Part two of two



    (In this Episode Steven and Noah has switched bodies. Noah is now in Steven’s body and Steven is now in Noah’s body)

    We see Steven’s bare feet, they are bloody and dirty. The camera pans up and we see two buckets, they are full of blood. The buckets are lined up directly under the arms of the chair. As the camera moves up we can see Steven’s bloody arms. The blood from his wounds is dripping into the buckets. (He’s getting drained for his blood) Steven is falling in and out of consciousness. He’s bleeding everywhere and is coughing up blood. We see the daggers are still imbedded in his hands.

    STEVEN: (weak; mumble) Please (coughs) Stop.

    Selma steps beside him holding a scalpel.

    SELMA: (smile) Your fun to torture.

    She slices Steven across the face with scalpel. He lets out a scream that echoes through the caves.

    SELMA: (laughing) Did that hurt?

    STEVEN: (angered; snaps) No, it felt like an orgasm.

    SELMA: Really? Should I do it again?

    She slices him again, this time he doesn’t yell, he grunts and moans in pain loudly.

    SELMA: Do you know who I am?

    She begins to circle the chair as she twists the scalpel through her fingers.

    STEVEN: (weak; curt) No.

    SELMA: That ashamed because everyone should know who I am. (pause) Well I’m Selma Eastwick the queen and the leader of Black Blossom Covenant.

    STEVEN: Eastwick?

    SELMA: Yeah, Eastwick just like this town. See…. East Wick is my turf. Do you know why I say that?

    Steven slowly shakes his head.

    SELMA: Well let me tell you a little story. (pause) My family built this town (correcting her self) I mean my great, great, great, well a lot of greats, grandmother built this town from scratch by herself. Of course she used magic’s and not the good kinds. This town is built on bad and corrupt magic’s and twice as worst, it’s on top of a hell mouth. That part was an accident but it came in handy. That’s why it was named East Wick after my family. When East Wick was first conjured it was the greatest place that anyone in the underworld has ever seen. It was a free and safe stop for vampires, demons and all evils a like. Until this (disgusted) bitch named Elizabeth Cromwell came along and changed that. She wiped my family out and the black magic’s that cloaked this town. She then uses her good magic to turn this town into something good…. But that’ll all change in some point in time. (takes in deep breath)

    She twirls back around to Steve.

    SELMA: But that’s another story in it‘s self. So where were we?

    STEVEN: (weak) You sulking like a baby.

    SELMA: (evil smirk) It’s not very smart to patronize me with a scalpel in my hand.

    STEVEN: I rather you slit my throat then hear another one of your sad pathetic stories.

    SELMA: Me slitting your throat will come in time. I hope you know just because your a Demon Slayer doesn’t mean you’re not untouchable.

    STEVEN: (whispers) I’m starting to see that.

    SELMA: Well that’s enough wasting my glamorous energy on your pasty, bloody ass. Let me get started on this ritual.

    Selma turns on her heels and heads over to the Pool of Ancient Cruor. (pool of blood) She stands at the edge.

    SELMA: (calls out) Kitty!

    Kitty walks from the shadows of the caves and stops next to Steven’s chair.

    SELMA: (to Kitty) Pour the blood in the pool.

    Kitty nods then picks up one of the buckets and pours Steven’s blood into the Pool of Ancient Cruor. She picks up the other bucket and pours it in.

    SELMA: (calls out) Sickle!

    A bringer approaches and hands Selma the sickle (traditional Demon Slayer Weapon)

    SELMA: Thanks.

    Selma clears her throat as she raises the sickle over her head, the bringer steps back.

    SELMA: (yells) Mortuus!

    Her eyes quickly turn pitch black.

    SELMA: (yells) Mortuus!

    Suddenly a black cloud manifest over the pool of blood.

    SELMA: Ex obscurum subter supter. Occulto quod amiculum malum intus cruor ones!

    Selma body jolts and blood begins to stroll out of her nose.

    SELMA: Adveho in is!

    She jolts again but this time almost falling over. She is now breathing heavily and blood is running from her eyes and ears.

    SELMA: Effrego obex inter nex quod victus quod permissum is verto in unus quod partum a exercitus of obscurum! (yells) solvo, libero, liberatio, laxo, eximo!

    Selma flies back and smashes into the cave wall, as the sickle hovers in mid air. The sickle slowly moves over the Pool of Ancient Cruor. Camera cuts briefly to Steven who looks amazed. The sickle then shoots into the pool, disappearing into the blood. The black cloud above them shoots into the pool of blood, turning the whole Pool of Ancient Cruor black. Selma slowly gets to her feet and wipes the blood from her nose.

    SELMA: (evil grin) It worked. (calls out) Bring the first one in!

    A vampire enters, dragging along a dead, naked, male demon slayer behind him. The vampire approaches the pool.

    SELMA: Throw him in!

    The vampire then rolls the deceased male into the pool. The Vampire then steps back to watch the outcome. Selma, Steven and the vampire do not take their eyes off the pool. A couple of seconds later the black substance in he pool begins to bubble.

    STEVEN: (to self) What the hell?

    Suddenly the male emerges from the black blood and slowly makes his way out of the pool. He marches up the stairs. His eyes are a dark red color. Everyone stares in amazement.

    SELMA: (excited) Yes it worked!

    The male stops once he exit’s the pool and looks around robotically as the black tar, like substance drips off of his body.

    STEVEN: (baffled) Oh my god!

    SLEMA: (yells) Yes! I did it! (turns to vampire) Get more workers and start bringing them in! When we’re done we’re going to have an army of them.

    We see The First (form of Willow) Watching in the distance with a smile across it’s face.

    THE FIRST: Perfect.



    Theme Song: “Helena” by My Chemical Romance

    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Sean Farris - Noah King
    Danneel Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel - Casey Odelia
    Emily VanCamp - Rebecca Adams
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson

    Famke Janssen - Selma Eastwick
    Chiaki Kuriyama - Kitty
    Miriam McDonald - Peyton
    And Olivia Wilde as Adrienne

    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    John Glover - Duke Thorn

    Katie Cassidy - Minxie Reuben
    Cameron Richardson - Alicia Lennon
    Alyson Hannigan - The First






    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this Fan-Fic, it’s for fun. DS is also affiliated with Riley The Series by BlasterBoy (Ben) and Produced by Different Dimensions INC.
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    ACT I

    Caption: Rome


    CUT TO:


    We see Casey standing in the middle of the hotel room. She is kicking and punching the air (practicing) She is wearing: (blue jeans, & a orange fitted shirt; hair is pulled up into a ponytail) The hotel room door opens and Minxie enters as she finishes her conversation on her cell phone.

    MINXIE: (into cell phone) Room 219. Bye.

    Minxie shuts her cell phone and slips it into her pocket. She is wearing: (Fitted blue jeans, pink sweater, & a grey jacket) Minxie looks up at Casey.

    MINXIE: You've been doing that for almost an half and hour. Aren't you tired?

    CASEY: No, just trying to keep in shape incase we run into some vampires or bringers in the caves.

    Casey throws one last punch into the air. She takes a deep breath as she shakes her arms and moves her neck around to relax her self.

    MINXIE: The team will be assembled soon. They're actually in the parking garage as we speak. That was Maureen Cromwell on the phone just now.

    CASEY: Who's Maureen Cromwell?

    MINXIE: A very powerful witch that's helping us get into the caves.

    Casey nods.

    CASEY: So? these caves, what's up with them?

    MINIXE: Well a few of months back Willow and Kennedy discovered the Sickle. That's how they found the whole Demon Slayer line. I think if we retrace their steps back into the caves, we'll find something.

    CASEY: Sounds like a plan.

    Casey pulls the hair tie out of her hair, freeing her hair out of the ponytail. Minxie then flops on the bed studying Casey. Casey puts on her black leather jacket as she glances over at Minxie and catches her.

    CASEY: What?

    MINXIE: Don't think I'm trying to be all noisy but do you and Noah have a thing?

    CASEY: (surprised) What do you mean?

    MINIXE: (smile) You know, like does he like you or? do you like him?

    CASEY: (unsure) Um, no.

    MINXIE: You seem unsure?

    CASEY: Really?



    Noah leans towards Casey for a kiss. Casey doesn't refuse she leans in also. Noah gently grabs her face and they kiss. Casey quickly pulls away and pushes Noah back.

    NOAH: What!? (arrogant) It wasn't good, because I know it was.

    CASEY: You make me sick!.


    CASEY: (quickly answers) No! I don't like him.

    MINXIE: You sure?

    CASEY: Yeah.

    MINIXE: Good, because he's hot.

    CASEY: (confused) Wait?You like him?

    MINXIE: Yeah kinda. I thought you had a thing for him, but I guess not. Now I can pursue him. (excited) Thanks!

    CASEY: (unconvincing) Your welcome.

    A knock on the door breaks their conversation.

    MINXIE: Hold that thought, must be the team.

    Minxie hops off the bed and walks over to the door and opens it. Standing there are four people. A beautiful woman with long brunette hair, a muscular male with a buzzed hair cut, a young woman about her early twenties, and a older man about in his fifties.

    WOMAN: Minxie Reuben?

    MINXIE: Yes I am. Come in.

    Minxie moves aside as the people enter.

    The Camera continues to focus on the group of people as they walk through the door. The reactions of each of the four to Minxie and Casey differ. The young woman gives them each a small half smile, the brunette stares them for a moment as if to give them a thorough examination. The muscular man just looks at them, the expression on his face clearly showing he does not particularly want to be there. While the older man in his fifties doesn't pay much attention to them at all, but simply goes over and stands in the corner as he pulls out his flask.

    OLDER MAN: (to Casey and Minxie) Hello.

    One of the women the brunette turns to the two.

    WOMAN: My name is Maureen Cromwell I?m a wiccan. I have previously corresponded via telephone with Minxie in the past. It's nice to meet you. This young woman over here?

    She gestures her head over to the shy, meek younger of the two women who is standing just beside the door with a small smile on her face. She gives Minxie and Casey a small wave clearly uncomfortable with meeting new people.

    MAUREEN: Is Adrienne. She's a slayer and one of the finest I have seen yet. This conceited jackass over here who likes to think he's god gift is called Carter Michaels, Adrienne's watcher. And ladies watch out for him he likes to promise you the world but he can't live up to it.

    As she speaks she indicates the young muscular man of the group. He gives Maureen a dark look before speaking.

    CARTER: Oh ladies don't listen to the bitter old hag over there. She's just annoyed because I got the house after the divorce while she got the car. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    As he finishes speaking Maureen scowls at him. It is unclear whether she is annoyed with him for interrupting her, or for just being there.

    MAUREEN: The other man standing in the corner with his flaks in hand is Duke Thorn. He's a very powerful warlock and together we will hopefully be able to tap into any needed magicks for our mission.

    The camera moves around the room for several seconds. It first focuses on Maureen who goes over to stand next to Duke. The camera then focuses on Adrienne who is still standing in the same position beside the door and she is just staring with an impassive look at Duke and Maureen probably amazed at how relaxed they are. The camera then focuses on Carter who is sitting with a small pleasant smile across his face, looking in the direction of Casey and Minxie. The camera then focus on Casey and Minxie who have looks of bewilderment on their face.

    CASEY: Welcome all of you its nice to meet you. Adrienne you look like you could do with a bit of distressing. Sit down relax I am not going to bite you. Kick you in the face maybe, if you're up for a spar later maybe.

    Casey chuckles a little after speaking making it clear that she is only joking around with the Adrienne. Adrienne also lets out a little laugh also clearly beginning to loosen up.

    ADRIENNE: Oh yeah and who's to say that I haven't you beaten down before you get the chance to do that?

    CASEY: Ooh touch?. I like you. Seriously though the rest of you sit down and relax. I mean we are probably going to be stuck here for a while planning out what were going to do? Speaking of Minxie would you like to take the platform?

    As Casey finishes speaking the camera is now focused on Minxie. Who is clearly startled by suddenly being brought to the center of attention. Minxie makes her way to the center of the room; she faces the others and gives her hair a quick flick with her left hand.

    MINXIE: Okay, so you know why we are all here. To retrieve more information on the Demon Slayer line. I was Miss. Rosenberg assistant in the watcher council until her untimely death. As of such she talked to me about some things. One of the things she told me was her discovery of the Demon Slayer line. I figured that the best thing we could do was to retrace her steps and examine the underground church where she first found the information?.. Now does anyone have any suggestions?

    Minxie looks around the room and Maureen can be seen raising her hand.

    MAUREEN: I think we should?

    The camera backs out of the scene slowly as Minxie speaks before the screen goes black.



    CUT TO:


    Noah (Steven is in Noah's body) is sitting on the couch with a remote in one hand and a beer in another, he looks depressed and dirty. Camera cuts to the TV we see an old Michael Myers film (Halloween) Jamie Lee Curtis is huddled up in a closet as Michael Myers breaks through the door with his knife in hand. Cut back to Steven who is laughing.

    NOAH: (takes a sip of beer) Noah, that's what I'm going to do to you.

    The door bell then rings.

    NOAH: (yells) It's OPEN!

    We hear the front door open and three foot steps hitting the wooden floor. Fredeth, Rebecca and Stacie enter the living room. They stop and stare at Noah in disgust.

    STACIE: (disgusted; to Steven) Have you taken a shower?

    NOAH: (looks up at her) No.

    Rebecca makes her way over to the couch and takes a seat next to Noah. Her nose scrunches up as her eyes squints in disgust as the smell of alcohol hits her face.

    REBECCA: Are you drunk?

    NOAH: (slur) No.

    Rebecca takes the beer bottle form his hand and places it on the table.

    REBECCA: Steven, listen. I know you want your body back but this is not helping you reach that goal. So I need you to take your butt up stairs, get in the show, brush your teeth and put on some clothes. We will get your body back.

    STACIE: And Noah.

    REBECCA: (rolls eyes) Yeah, and Noah.

    NOAH: Screw Noah, he took my body, now Rebecca won't even touch me.

    REBECCA: That's not true.

    NOAH: Then give me a kiss.

    Noah pokes his lips out and moves towards Rebecca who moves away from him.

    NOAH: See!

    Rebecca looks back at Fredeth, not knowing what to do.

    REBECCA: (whisper) Do something.

    FREDETH: Come on Steven, let's get you up stairs in the shower then we'll tell you what information we found about the switch.

    Fredeth walks over to Noah and helps him off the couch to his feet. They leave the room and go upstairs.

    REBECCA: (to Stacie) Wanna help me clean up this place?

    STACIE: (angered) Do it your self.

    Stacie then storms out the room, leaving Rebecca there alone.

    REBECCA: (confused; to self) What's her problem?

    CUT TO:


    Rebecca is vacuuming the living room; the camera pans the living which is now clean living room. Rebecca turns off the vacuum and lets out a sigh of relief. She bends down and wraps the cord around the vacuum. Fredeth comes from around the corner and enters the living room.

    REBECCA: (worried) How is he?

    FREDETH: (stressful sigh) I don't know. He's in the shower right now. He's really screwed up by this whole ordeal.

    REBECCA: (chuckles) Screwed up? When did you start using the term "screwed up"?

    FREDETH: (laughing) I think Noah is rubbing off on me. Where's Stacie?

    REBECCA: I don't know she flipped out on me

    FREDETH: Oh gees. Doesn't she understand that what Noah did effects us all?

    As he finish speaking Fredeth is clearly annoyed. He turns away from Rebecca and walks to the edge of the room and begins to shout for both Stacie and Steven. Fredeth then walks back into the room and sits himself down in the couch inviting Rebecca to do the same. Once Rebecca has sat down the focus of the camera has changed to Noah is standing in the doorway. He is wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist. He looks over at Rebecca and Fredeth; he is clearly annoyed with Fredeth.

    NOAH: What is with you guys? First you tell me to get in the shower, and then you don't even give me enough time to get dressed! (pause) Have you figured out away to get my body back? Where's Stacie?

    STACIE: She's right here?

    The camera's focus has now moved away from Steven onto Stacie who is standing in the doorway of the living room looking perfectly calm. She sits herself beside Fredeth keeping herself away from Rebecca.

    FREDETH: Steven, I'm afraid we haven't figured out a definite way of reversing the spell that Noah cast. Are you sure there isn't anything that you haven't already told us?

    REBECCA: Anything that can get you back in your body quicker? (sighs) I - I hate seeing you in that body

    STACIE: And what exactly is that supposed to mean? Are you saying that there is something wrong with my brother? You're not so wonderful yourself, ya know.

    REBECCA: Oh right and you are --

    Rebecca is interrupted by Fredeth who is clearly annoyed with the pair of them.

    FREDETH: Ladies that is quite enough. Are you both so moronic that you can't see that we have more important things to do than petty arguments. Now can you let No... Err I mean Steven answer?

    NOAH: I have told you all that I can. One minute I'm on a sidewalk then I get a pain in my chest and the next I wake up and I'm in a body that isn't my own. The body of the jackass you see before you.

    FREDETH: Steven, are you sure there isn't anything you can tell us about your encounter with Noah perhaps a talisman of some sorts, or a book maybe?

    As Fredeth finish speaking the camera zones into Noah's (Steven) face. A small glint has appeared in his eyes and he looks like he has zoned out trying to remember.

    NOAH: Wait I think I remember Noah leaving behind a spell book when Alicia took him. Actually I'm certain of it?

    FREDETH: Good at least that seems as though we have one problem somewhat resolved. Now what are we going to do about Noah?

    REBECCA: Burn him at the stake? (Stacie glares at Rebecca when she says this)

    FREDETH: Rebecca cut it out. So, should we make the switch first and then rescue him or the opposite way around?

    STEVEN: I advocate the switch first that way Noah can tell you exactly where he is and what you will be facing?

    STACIE: You only want to switch to get your body back

    STEVEN: Your right I do, but I still think it's more sensible to swap back first unless you have any other ideas besides sitting around acting like a bitch.

    REBECCA: So I'm not the only person to notice that.

    STACIE: You know what; I don't have to put up with that bullshit.

    Glaring at Rebecca and Steven, Stacie stands up and walks out of the room.

    FREDETH: Great, that's just great. I didn't even get the chance to tell her that a Slayer will be arriving soon.

    The camera blacks out with the other two sitting and staring at Fredeth with an expression on their face saying HUH.

    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II


      Lined up against the cave walls are about a dozen naked, reanimated demon slayers. They are standing stiff as boards, looking like an army. The camera moves over to Steven (Noah) who is still tied up in the chair. He looks pale and weak as the blood still drips from his arms. The slash across his face looks infected. We see Selma and Alicia in the corner having a talk. The camera moves over to them.

      ALICIA: Well thanks for this.

      SELMA: I didn't do this for you; I did this for my people?my covenant. The end is coming and I do believe that The First is really going to bring it to the end and over powering good. So I'm aligning with it. Just tell The First what I saw today was reinsurance that it will win and I do have faith in it.

      ALICIA: (grin) So, what made you change your mind? The massive army I created?

      SELMA: (defensive) First off, I created this army (points over to the lined up demons slayers) And yes this is why I have faith in The First. Basically I didn't know that The First would come back with a power punch like this. Now seeing what I saw today makes me believe that we will win the war.

      ALICIA: About time you came around.

      SELMA: Shut up I don't need your comments.

      Selma flips her long brown hair and turns away from Alicia.

      SELMA: (calls out) Kitty!

      Kitty approaches Selma holding the big leather bag in one hand and Selma's coat in another hand.

      SELMA: (to Kitty) Coat.

      Kitty hands Selma her long black, gothic looking coat and Selma slips it on and turns to Alicia.

      SELMA: Well I'm out. (gesture over to Steven) He?s draining fast, he wont last long. The amount of blood he has left I say five more reanimations. Also when your all done the sickle will shoot from the blood.

      ALICIA: When he runs out of blood then what are we suppose to do? We have over a hundred bodies.

      SELMA: That's not my problem Alicia; find another demon slayer to drain.

      ALICIA: But there are none in this town.

      SELMA: Why are you telling me that? I don't care.

      Selma holds her hand out and looks down at it.

      SELMA: Sunglasses.

      Out of nowhere pare of sunglasses appears in the palm of her hand. She places them on her face.

      SELMA: Tell your boss I'm gone.

      Selma turns on her hills and snaps at Kitty to follow her, Kitty does.

      ALICIA: You here that?

      Camera whorls around to see The First/ Willow, standing behind Alicia.

      THE FIRST: Yes I did. I'm glad she came around.

      ALICIA: I thought you wanted to kill her.

      THE FIRST: I can use all the help I can get.

      ALICIA: She's still a bitch.

      THE FIRST: (snickers) When your done draining him tell the bringers to go hunt down another Demon Slayer and bring me one, alive. I want all of those deceased demon slayers reanimated into Malum Electus by the end of the week.

      ALICIA: (confused) Malum Electus?

      THE FIRST: (turns and walks off) That's what they're really called. Demon Slayer was a little pawn to throw off the shadow men.

      ALICIA: What?

      THE FIRST: (annoyed) Nothing Alicia. Just take the Malum Electus to the bringers so they can get their armor.

      Alicia looks over to the naked boys standing against cave wall.

      ALICIA: (pleasured) Alright.

      CUT TO:

      INT - CAVE - NIGHT

      Caption: Rome

      We see Minxie holding a flash light, she's heading down a narrow cave. The camera pans back to see Casey, Adrienne, Maureen, Carter, & Duke following behind her.

      CARTER: (to Maureen; annoyed) Can you walk faster!

      MAUREEN: Shut up!

      CARTER: I wouldn't have to say anything if you didn't walk so damn slow!

      Maureen stops and turns to Carter.

      MAUREEN: Carter, you're getting on my last nerve, you self-involved bastard!

      DUKE: Shut up you two. (coughs) Stop bickering!

      Maureen rolls her eyes and continues walk, but slow just to piss off Carter. Camera moves up to Minxie, Casey and Adrienne.

      ADRIENNE: Are we almost there?

      MINIXIE: We should be close, Willow told me we'll run into a alter room.

      Suddenly they enter a huge empty alter room.

      MINXIE: (laughs) I spoke to soon.

      The group pours into the alter room. Their flash lights flash everywhere as they look around the alter room.

      MINXIE: (to everyone) And watch out there's a hole somewhere around here.

      As Minxie says that Maureen steps back and accidentally falls into the hole.

      MAUREEN: AHHHHH!!!!!

      Every turns around and goes over to the hole. They shine their flash lights down in the hole to see Maureen lying on the ground looking up at them with an angry expression.

      MAUREEN: Ouch!

      Carter lets out a giggle.

      MAUREEN: (getting to feet) Shut up Carter!

      MINXIE: Come on guys, lets go down there.

      CASEY: Ill go first. (into the hole) Maureen, excuse me.

      MAUREEN: (in hole) Yeah?yeah.

      Maureen moves out of the way. Casey jumps into the hole landing on her feet, Minxie then climbs down.

      DUKE: This should be fun; I'm too old for this

      CARTER: Mr. Thorn, Ill help you down.

      DUKE: (angered) Carter what did I tell you!?

      CARTER: Sorry?.Duke, I'll help you down.

      DUKE: You bet your ass you will!

      Adrienne lets out a giggle.

      Carter and Adrienne lower Duke into the hole.

      CARTER: Adrienne go.

      Adrienne jumps into the hole, Carter follows behind her.



      Stacie is sitting on the steps, smoking a cigarette as the autumn wind blows violently. The front door opens and Fredeth steps onto the porch. He slowly and painfully sits down next to Stacie on the step indicating his old age.

      FREDETH: I thought you were going to stop?

      STACIE: (rakes more puff) I thought I was too. I'm just pissed ya, know?

      Fredeth nods

      STACIE: I know what Noah did was incredibly stupid and ignorant. It's just they don't understand him like I do. He's my brother and I'm always gonna protect him. It's one thing to say he did a bad thing, but their cursing his name.

      FREDETH: You and I now Noah's heart, but you have to look at this situation through Steven's eyes. Your brother went beyond stupid by taking someone's body then getting kidnapped after that. The worst thing about this is that he decided to do this in a middle of a war. It's not smart for him to be medaling in magicks he doesn't understand. I know he didn't deliberately try to switch their bodies but he did try to switch their powers. Its just disturbing he would go to that level to get noticed. (sighs) Stacie, I'm scared for him.

      Stacie ignores him for a moment as she tosses her cigarette butt to the ground.

      STACIE: I am too Fredeth. He's digging himself into a role that he wont be able to get out of and I don't know how to stop it.

      FREDETH: We need to get him help when he returns.

      STACIE: That would be a good idea.

      Suddenly the front door opens, Rebecca and Noah (Steven) steps out of the house, slipping their jackets on.

      REBECCA: We're on our way to the alleyway Steven woke up in. I hope the book is there some where.

      As she states that, a yellow Beetle Volkswagen comes to a stop in front of the house. Everyone's head looks to the car as a pretty blonde teenage girl, steps out. Wear: (pink blouse, white jacket, tan skirt, gray leggings, and pink Ugg boots) with a pink hand bag hanging from her arm.

      STACIE: (annoyed) Who is that?

      She shuts her car door and waves at everyone on the porch.


      She approaches them.

      STACIE: Who are you?

      TEENAGER GIRL: Peyton, the watcher council sent me.

      FREDETH: (face lightens) Oh?Peyton. (slowly gets to feet) I'm happy you came. I'm --

      PEYTON: (interrupts) Fredeth Jackson, right?

      Fredeth nods

      (They shake hands)

      STACIE: She's a slayer?

      PEYTON: Yeah, I just arrived from Harper Grove, two towns over.

      FREDETH: Peyton, you came just in time. I was just about to send Rebecca and Noah (corrects) Steven on an assignment.

      PEYTON: (points to Noah) You're the Demon Slayer?? well your body isn't but underneath is Steven?

      NOAH: Yep, me.

      PEYTON: The watcher council filled me in on the situation. (to Steven) Sorry about the body switch thing.

      NOAH: Yeah, me too.

      Rebecca steps down from the porch and shakes Peyton's hand.

      REBECCA: (smile) Hi, Peyton, I'm Rebecca Adams, nice to meet you.

      PEYTON: Nice to meet you too, Rebecca.

      Peyton turns to Rebecca

      PEYTON: And you are?

      STACIE: I'm Stacie.

      PEYTON: Nice to meet you Stacie.

      REBECCA: You look pretty young, how old are you?

      PEYTON: Seventeen.

      STACIE: Wow? you're young.

      PEYTON: (smiles) Yeah, but I pack a great punch. (changes subject; to Noah and Rebecca) So are you guys ready to go? I'm kinda fidgety I'm ready to kick some demon ass.

      FREDETH: I'm pretty sure we'll be doing a lot of that tonight. Which Ill explain when you guys get back.

      Peyton nods.

      REBECCA: Okay then lets go. I'll drive.

      Rebecca pulls out her car keys from her jacket pocket.

      PEYTON: (to Fredeth and Stacie) See ya.

      Three of them turn away and leave. Fredeth sit's back down next to Stacie.

      FREDETH: She seems nice.

      STACIE: To much damn pink.

      Fredeth breaks out in laughter.

      FREDETH: (laughing) I knew you were going to say that.

      CUT TO:


      Rebecca's purple Jeep Liberty comes to a stop. Rebecca, Noah (Steven), and Peyton climbs out of the SUV.

      REBECCA: (to Noah) Where were you last night?

      He scans the alleyway then notices the dumpster from last night.

      NOAH: That dumpster over there.

      The three of them make their way over to the dumpster. Behind the dumpster lies an unlit candle and an empty, small, brown sack, but no book.

      NAOH: (angered) Damnit! Rebecca what the hell are we gonna do? That book is the only way I can get my body back. I'm screwed, Damn!

      REBECCA: Steven, calm down, we'll find it.

      PEYTON: It has to be around here some where.

      Peyton breaks from the two of them and searches around the alley.

      Rebecca kneels down and picks up the sack and sticks her finger in it. She pulls her fingers out and a green sandy substance is on her finger. Rebecca studies it for a moment.

      REBECCA: It's katra.

      NOAH: What?

      PEYTON: A stone that switches souls from bodies.

      REBECCA: Except this isn't stone, it's been grinded into powder.

      NOAH: That bag looks like it's from?..

      REBECCA: (finishes) Well Magic.

      PEYTON: Found it.

      Noah and Rebecca turn to see Peyton standing by a large metal trash can as she pulls out a burned, chard spell book.

      PEYTON: Looks like some homeless people got cold last night.

      NOAH: (annoyed) Great.

      REBECCA: Come on. We're going to Well Magic.

      Rebecca turns and walks off, Steven follows behind her. Peyton drops the burned spell book back into the metal trash can and follows them out the alley.

      END ACT II
      East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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        ACT III

        Caption: Rome


        Maureen is standing on the alter; the others are searching around the church. Maureen lifts her hands above her head.

        MAUREEN: Lux lucis incendia in scelestus!

        Suddenly all the candles that are already hanging from the church walls light up. Light up with flame. The underground church lightens up. Everyone looks around in amazement at the structure of the church and the beautiful art work on the ceilings.

        ADRIENNE: This is beautiful.

        DUKE: (smile) Nice job Maureen.

        MAUREEN: (stepping down from the alter) Learn from the best. (indicating towards Duke)

        CASEY: How did this place get underground?

        MINIXIE: (searching around) No one knows.

        CARTER: So, where do we start?

        MINXIE: Well Willow didn't have a thorough search. So that's what we're about to do. (thinks for a moment) Hmm.

        She looks around and notices a door behind the podium.

        MINIXE: Casey, can you kick open that door down?

        CASEY: Yeah.

        MINXIE: Maureen and Duke can you two go look in those confessionals over there, Willow said it was books in there.

        Briefly cuts to two confessionals sitting across the church.

        MINXIE: And look for anything else you think is necessary. (to Adrienne and Carter) Can you two stand by that hole incase bringers or vamps come dropping in.

        ADRIENNE: No prob.

        CARTER: ( to Minxie; smiling) I love a woman who takes charge.

        Minxie smiles at him for a moment then catches her self as Maureen walks by her.

        MAUREEN: (walking past Carter) Pig.

        Cut to

        Duke slowly walks up to the confessionals and opens one of the doors. Books come spilling out onto the floor.

        DUKE: Great.

        Maureen approaches from behind him.

        MAUREEN: (sarcastic) This should be fun.

        Maureen goes to her knees and picks up a book as Duke pulls up a chair that sits in the corner. He slowly sits down as a sigh or relief escapes his mouth.

        DUKE: I'm getting old.

        Maureen flips through the book that she has in her lap.

        MAUREEN: God these books are ancient, but they have a lot of spells. Spells that haven't been around in years.

        Maureen grabs her bag that she brought and slips the book in it.

        DUKE: Really, give me one.

        Maureen picks up another book and hands it to Duke.

        Cut to

        Casey and Minxie walk up to the alter and up to the door that is behind the podium. Casey pulls her brown hair into a ponytail.

        CASEY: (to Minxie) Stand back.

        Minxie steps back as Casey extends her leg and kicks down the door open. Dust shoots from the room. Casey steps back and waits for the dust to clear before she steps in. Casey pears into the pitch black room.

        CASEY: Minxie, do you have your flashlight?

        MINXIE: Yeah.

        She pulls her flashlight from her back pocket and hands it to Casey.

        CASEY: Thanks.

        MINXIE: Damn! I think that stretched my pocket!

        Casey turns and gives her a confused look.

        MINIXE: Oh, my jeans, the flash light stretched my jeans.

        Casey turns back to the room as she turns on the flashlight. She clears her throat and nervously steps into the room. Suddenly a skeleton drops from the ceiling and hits Casey in the face. She lets out a scream and stumbles back out of the room. She quickly points the flashlight into the room to see the skeleton hanging from the ceiling upside down. The others rush over to them.

        MAUREEN: What happened?

        CASEY: (points into the room) That.

        MAUREEN: Guys, watch out.

        Everyone steps back as Maureen steps closer to the room. She holds out her hand.

        MAUREEN: Lux lucis atrum.

        A small energy of light forms in her hand, she then throws it into the room where it levitates in the middle of the room. Maureen holds her hand out again.

        MAUREEN: Impendo, dilato, cresco, cretum.

        The ball of light expands and hovers over the room. The entire room comes into view. The group peers into the room. About fifty skeletons are scatter across the room. About a dozen of them hang upside down from the ceiling. There are three tables set in each corner of the room with ancient looking surgical tools on them.

        ADRIENNE: What is that?

        Duke pushes through everyone and glares into the room.

        DUKE: It's a Everto Nex Cella.

        CARTER: And that would be?

        MAUREEN: (rolls eyes) Demonic death room. (turns to Carter) Aren't you suppose to be a watcher, your Latin is horrible.

        CARTER: (annoyed) Shut up!

        Maureen rolls her eyes and turns away from him.

        CASEY: None of this makes since.

        MAUREEN: I know... Duke, for this being a church it has a lot of demonic symbolism.

        DUKE: (clears throat) That's because this isn't a church.

        CUT TO:


        Fredeth and Stacie have a large bag of weapons lying on the coffee table. Fredeth is pulling out all the swords and lining them on the floor. Stacie is loading arrows in a cross bow. The front door opens and in walks Rebecca who's carry a paper bag full of supplies, Noah (Steven) and Peyton. Noah is surprised by all the weapons lying around.

        REBECCA: (placing bag on the floor) What's up with all the weapons galore?

        FREDETH: I figured since we're about to go into The First territory. We should harbor as many weapons as we can.

        REBECCA: True.

        Peyton walks over to Fredeth and takes two matching daggers from his hand.

        PEYTON: Thanks. (twirls them around with her hands) I love these. I forgot mine at home.

        STACIE: (fascinated) That's cool.

        Peyton spins the daggers around in her hand then brings them to her sides.

        PEYTON: Thanks.

        FREDETH: You're pretty nifty with those things.

        PEYTON: Yeah, my watcher is obsessed with daggers, but she never had the coordination to handle them. So she trained me.

        FREDETH: Well I'm happy that you like them.

        STACIE: (O/S) Hey guys.

        Camera moves over to Stacie as she places the Cross Bow on the coffee table. Everyone focuses their attention on her.

        STACIE: (sighs) So look?. I'm not good at this apology thing so bare with me. I'm sorry that I was acting like a bitch today. I was just so upset that Noah would do something this stupid. (to Noah) If I was in your shoes I would be pissed too. (forced smile)

        Cut briefly to Fredeth with a smile across his face. Stacie looks over to him with a nerves look and Fredeth gives her a humble nod.

        STACIE: So that's why I'm sorry.

        REBECCA: Stace, your apology is forgiven. Also I'm sorry for bashing on your brother.

        STACIE: It?s cool.

        NOAH: Thanks. (emotionless) Well I'm heading up stairs. I'm tired.

        Rebecca gives Fredeth a worried look as Noah (Steven) leaves the room and heads up stairs.

        REBECCA: He's been like this all day.

        FREDETH: He'll be fine once we get his body back. What did you guys find out in the alleyway?

        REBECCA: Well we found the book in the alley, but it was burned into charcoal. Some homeless people got a hold of it and through it in a bond fire to stay warm. So we went to Well Magic. The spell that Noah attempted was suppose to transfer Steven abilities into Noah's body but instead of using traditional sand he used katra stone that was grinded into powder.

        STACIE: What's katra?

        FREDETH: It's a stone that has the abilities to take two host and transfer their spirit into one another

        Stacie nods to show she gets it.

        FREDETH: I don't know why Well Magic would have katra on the shelves. It's to dangerous and rare.

        PEYTON: The lady that owns Well Magic said her daughter did inventory last week. The woman's daughter accidentally mixed up their families' magic supplies with the store supplies.

        FREDETH: I see.

        STACIE: (sarcastic) Wow, she's smart.

        REBECCA: So we told the woman in the shop about our problem and she helped us out. She gave us the supplies and the spell. (Points to paper bag on the floor) Hence the bag of crap. She said we wouldn't need a witch to do the spell. We can perform it our selves.

        FREDETH: I know we can. If Noah did this spell by him self a monkey can do it.

        STACIE: I'm ready to get these boys back in their bodies.

        REBECCA: Me too, Ill set up the ritual. (to Peyton) Can you go get Steven?

        PEYTON: Yeah.

        FREDETH: Guys wait. After this spell Noah's gonna tell us where The First is holding Steven. Then we're going to go in and retrieve him.

        STACIE: Okay.

        Peyton then heads up stairs.


        The twelve Malum Electus (reanimated slayers) stand dormant side by side with they?re eyes closed. They're all dressed in long grey robes, the style similar to the bringers. Alicia comes into view as she paces in front of the twelve reanimated slayers.

        ALICIA: They look just like the Bringers beside the color of the robes and the having eyes part. (sighs; disgusted) Who came up with this design?

        The camera reveals The Fist (in form of Willow) standing a few feet away from Alicia.

        THE FIRST/WILLOW: The bringers.

        ALICIA: Figured!

        Alicia then pokes one of the Malum Electus in the shoulders.

        ALICIA: Why are they so damn stiff?

        THE FIRST: (annoyed) They aren't activated.

        ALICIA: Activated? Who does that?

        THE FIRST: Me.

        ALICIA: Oh, ok. One more question?

        THE FIRST: (annoyed; sighs) What do you need now?

        ALICIA: Can I name these boys something else? Like a nickname or something because that Aluminum Electricity is not working for me.

        THE FIRST: (corrects; raises voice) Malum Electus!

        ALICIA: Sorry. (turns to The first) But can I?

        THE FIRST: (rolls eyes) I don't care, Alicia.

        ALICLA: (claps) Yay! (takes in a breath) I have a perfect name. (excitement) The Electus! (turns to The First) You like?

        THE FIRST: (not believable) Very original.

        ALICIA: I know, right! (walks over to The first) It just popped in my head.

        THE FIRST: (fake smile) I'm sure it did? Anyways I need status on the Slayer.

        ALICIA: Alrighty?. So the slayer is about dried out. We need fresh blood and soon. I'm gonna gather some bringers and we're gonna go ( brief southern ancient) catch us a slayer. We know that they're five demon slayers within a 400 mile radius. Two in Ohio and three in Michigan. We can get them all and have an army of Electus.

        THE FIRST: (devious smile) That sounds like a good plan. And don't take anymore of Steven's blood. Kill him then throw him into the Cruor. I feel that those stupid friends of his are going to try to make an attempt to save his ass.

        ALICIA: You got it boss.

        Alicia turns and begins to walk off.

        THE FIRST: (calls out) Alicia!

        Alicia turns around.

        ALICIA: Yes?

        THE FIRST: Make'em feel it.

        ALICIA: (evil grin) My pleasure.

        CUT TO:


        Alicia enters as Steven (Noah) is still tied down in the metal chair. His head is slumped forward and blood is dripping from various cuts from his face and body.

        ALICIA: (playful voice) Oh, Steven?..

        Steven slowly lifts his head. We see that both of his eyes are swollen shut and his lip is swollen as well. The gash across his face looks infected. Steven doesn't respond.

        ALICIA: We don't need anymore of your blood. Do you know what the means?

        Alicia waits for an answer but doesn't get one.

        ALICIA: That means I kill you. (evil laugh) Then I'll throw you in that pool full of the black blood and you'll be re-born.

        Steven looks up at the large pool of black tar like substance.

        STEVEN: (weak) I'm going to kill you.

        ALICIA: Really?

        Alicia storms over to Steven. She grabs the back of the chair, she pulls and throws Steven (who is still attached to the chair) across the cave. He smashes into the sandy ground and tumbles to a stop. He moans in pain and coughs up blood. Steven mustered up enough energy to let out a yell.

        STEVEN: (yells) YOU BITCH!

        Alicia storms back over to him, she grabs the back of the chair and pulls the chair up to it's feet. She leans in close to Steven's face.

        ALICIA: (angered) It sucks doesn't it? It sucks having this destiny. At first I thought you could handle this, but you can't. You're pathetic and the Demon Slayer title should be ripped from your chest. But hey! This is the consequence for having this as your calling. Death, despair and hatred and for the wrest of your life you'll be looking over your shoulder. No children, no wife, no real job. Slaying, that'll be your life. (she backs away) But your friends, they'll have a life. As years past they'll all leave you for a marriage, a job up in a tall building and you'll be here, still. Living the same life day in and day out. It's pretty pathetic and I feel kinda sorry for you, if you really think about it. Having a calling like this, is a curse.

        Steven doesn't say anything as his head drops forward.

        ALICIA: That would all be true if I wasn't going to kill you.

        Alicia then extends her leg kicking Steven in the face. Steven and the chair slam to the ground.

        END OF ACT III
        East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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          ACT IV

          Caption: Rome


          The camera is a close up on Maureen’s face.

          MAUREEN: Then what is it?

          DUKE: It’s a demonic torture room. See the walls? They’re rock, natural from the earth. The walls in the church were man made. (scopes the room) This room is hundreds of years old. The church I would have to say is about 200 years old. This church was build by demons to ---

          ADRIENNE: To hide this room?

          DUKE: Exactly. Demons have been doing this kind of thing for centuries, trying to cover their tracks, running from slayers and good doers. Looking at some of these tools and the fresh skeletons I say something went down here months or to a year ago. This room has a lot of power (takes in a deep breath) I can feel it running through my body.

          He narrows his eyes to Maureen.

          DUKE: And it’s not good power.

          MAUREEN: I can feel it too.

          DUKE: Whatever went down in this room these past hundreds of years have been very powerful and threatening the world.

          MINIXE: (to Dink) How do you know this, just by standing there?

          DUKE: (cert) I can feel the evil energy running through me. It’s powerful I’ve never felt this before. (to Minxie) Being a warlock all your life you can tell what’s what. The thing is we need to find out what the hell happened in this room. And I think I have a way.

          CARTER: (joking) What, Time travel?

          DUKE: Yes…. well kind of.

          Maureen eyes then grow large with fear like she knows something.

          MAUREEN: No! You can’t do that, it’ll kill us!

          DUKE: Not if one of us stays behind holding the energy.

          MAUREEN: By one of us you mean yourself.

          DUKE: Yes.

          MAUREEN: (walks over towards him) Duke, it will kill you!

          DUKE: If we don’t find out what happened in this room we never will. If it could be a threat to human life we have to.

          CARTER: Can someone please fill the wrest of us in?

          MINXIE: Yeah. This whole cryptic talk is not working. What are you guys talking about?

          MAUREEN: (angered) It’s basically like time travel but not really. Two wiccians channel their own energy and the energy from within a room and make a large energy force. It will surround the wiccians and put them in a coma like state. Their minds will go back in time within the room that their bodies are in. They’ll be in corporeal form when they settle in the time zone. They can’t touch, talk or inert act with anyone in the time zone. It’s a very powerful spell. (turn to Duke) and dangerous.

          CASEY: What makes it so dangerous?

          DUKE: Once we come out of the ritual. The energy force will expand and explode engulfing everything and everyone in a half of mile radius.

          ADRIENNE: (worried) That will kill us and what you guys find out will be a waist.

          DUKE: That’s why after we come out of the spell I will hold the energy force, telekinetic. Letting you guys escape. The longest I’ve heard of someone holding a energy force that size was a minute.

          CARTER: Duke, which will kill you. Is there another way?

          DUKE: No, Carter. When Maureen and I come out of the hold, grab her and run. Run as fast as you can (scans the group) all of you.

          MAUREEN: (holding back tears) You can’t do this!

          DUKE: I have too.

          Maureen steps closer to Duke and grabs him by his shirt and looks him in the eyes as tears roll down her cheeks.

          MAUREEN: You’re not doing this. I wont let you I can’t loose you. Duke, you’re like a father to me.

          Duke caresses her face with his hand.

          DUKE: And your like a daughter to me. I couldn’t live with myself if I let my daughter die. So your going to do this. Don’t make it hard.

          Duke pulls away from Maureen leaving her alone to cry. He walks over to Carter, Adrienne, Minxie and Casey who are standing by the entrance.

          DUKE: Listen. I need one of you guys as a host. A host is a person who will keep Maureen and I anchored with our bodies.

          MINXIE: (no hesitation) I’ll do it.

          CASEY: (to Minxie) Are you sure? I can do it.

          MINXIE: No, it’s fine. I’ll do it, beside if some bringers decide to come crashing our party. It’ll be better if two slayers and a kickass watcher take them down.

          DUKE: Minxie, as an anchor you will be unconscious like us but, dead.

          MINXIE: (worried) Dead!

          DUKE: Only until the spell is over. Your essence will be surrounding Maureen and I, keeping us anchored here. Once the spell is over you’ll be fine, weak but fine.

          Minxie thinks for a moment.

          MINXIE: Okay.

          Duke then focus his attention on Carter, Adrienne and Casey.

          DUKE: No disturbance to this ritual. If anything happens to the energy force surrounding us, any touch or close contact the energy force will rupture, killing all three of us. Got it?

          CARTER: Yeah, we got it.

          Adrienne gives Duke a unsure nod as Casey gives a confident one.

          DUKE: Good. Let’s get started.

          CUT TO:

          Caption: East Wick


          Noah (Steven) is lying down on his bed looking up at the ceiling with no expression across his face.

          GIRLS VOICE O/S: You okay?

          Noah looks to the left at the entrance of his room to see Peyton standing in the doorway.

          NOAH: Yeah.

          PEYTON: (entering room) You’re lying.

          NOAH: I know.

          PEYTON: (sighs) Is it okay if I talk to you?

          NOAH: Go ahead doesn’t mean I’ll listen.

          Peyton lies down on the bed next to Noah and looks up at the ceiling. The camera cuts above them. Now we are looking down on them.

          PEYTON: Steven.

          NOAH: Peyton.

          PEYTON: Steven, I know what you’re going through.

          NOAH: Your body has been taken from you before?

          PEYTON: (sighs) No….. I’m talking about being something you don’t wanna be, a slayer to be exact. The whole switching body thing I know sucks and your pissed about that, but I can tell it’s something deeper than that.

          NOAH: Is a seventeen year old girl giving me advice?

          PEYTON: Yes, and just hear me out.

          NOAH: (sighs) Shoot.

          PEYTON: First off, I’m not one for pity. That means I don’t feel sorry for you.

          Noah gives her a shocked look.

          PEYTON: Does your situation suck? Yes. So does cancer. I say get up and wipe your ass and fight. You’re crying and pouting isn’t helping anyone. There are people in this world who are in worst situations and I guarantee they aren’t sitting around wishing someone would come up and slit their throat.

          NOAH: Harsh a little?

          PEYTON: No, its reality. (gets off the bed) Also I’m not the one for a pep talk either. So I’m done here. Do watcha want, but if you get lazy I will leave your sorry ass behind.

          Peyton turns and exit’s the bedroom.

          NOAH: (shocked) Wow.



          Noah (Steven) and Peyton enter the room as Fredeth and the others are finishing the ritual circle. Rebecca looks over at Noah.

          REBECCA: Ready?

          NOAH: (smiles at her) Yeah.

          A smile stretches across Rebecca’s face as Noah approaches her and gives her a long and warm hug.

          REBECCA: (whispers in his ear) You smiled.

          NOAH: And you touched me.

          Rebecca then gives him a peck on the cheek.

          REBECCA: And kissed you.

          STACIE (O/S): Okay lets go.

          Stacie pulls Noah away from Rebecca.

          STACIE: Do all that lovey dovey stuff after the switch. (pushes him into the ritual circle) There you go.

          NOAH: (to Fredeth) What do I do?

          Fredeth hands him the book.

          FREDETH: Recite these words and sprinkle this (hands him a small bag of katra) over the candle. Then at the end say Noah’s full name. It should work.

          NOAH: Okay.

          Noah sits on the ground Indian style as he places the open book on his lap.

          FREDETH: (to Peyton) Cut the lights.

          PEYTON: Okay.

          Peyton heads over to the light switch and turns them off. The room is only lit by the candle that is sitting in front of Noah.

          FREDETH: (to Noah) Start.

          NOAH: Okay…. (takes in deep breath) Okay.

          Noah sticks his hand in the bag of grinded katra and pulls out a handful. He sprinkles it over the candle. Green smoke rises around Noah’s head. He looks down at the book and begins to read the text.

          NOAH: (Latin text) Ex totus angulus of orbis terrarum. Terra , aer , incendia , quod unda. Take munia ut nos have suscipio quod swap lemma in mihi. Noah King!

          Noah’s head flies back and he drops the book. The camera moves in on his eyes as they turn a milky white color. He then begins to shake violently.

          REBECCA: (Worried) Fredeth, what’s happening to him?!

          FREDETH: It’s okay Rebecca, his soul’s jumping.

          Noah rolls over onto the floor, lying down.

          STACIE: (whisper) Noah?

          Noah shoots up in a sitting position; his eyes are wide open and back to normal. He looks around the room. He’s breathing heavily as he wipes the sweat from his forehead.

          STACIE: Noah?

          Noah looks over to Stacie.

          NOAH: Yeah.

          STACIE: It’s really you!?

          NOAH: (weak) Yes.

          Stacie runs over to him as he stands to his feet. She throws her arms around him giving him a hug.

          STACIE: Are you okay?

          NOAH: Yeah, I’m fine. We have to hurry; we gotta get back to Steven. He’s hurt real bad!

          Stacie then breaks away from the hug as anger grows across her face. She slaps Noah across the face.

          STACIE: Dumb ass!

          Noah doesn’t react, he drops his head.

          Stacie walks away and over to a sword that is leaned up against the wall.

          STACIE: (picks sword up) Let’s go get Steven.

          Stacie exit’s the house.

          Noah looks up at Fredeth who is shaking his head in shame at Noah.

          NOAH: Fred ---

          FREDETH: (cold) Don’t talk to me. Grab a weapon and show us where Steven is so we can save him.

          NOAH: Okay.

          Noah then looks over at Rebecca who has her arms a crossed firmly over her chest.

          REBECCA: You son of a bitch!

          She lifts her hand up and begins to generate a fire ball. Fredeth quickly grabs her hand stopping the process.

          FREDETH: What are you doing? Don’t kill him.

          She pulls way from Fredeth and walks towards the front door.

          REBECCA: I wasn’t going to kill him. I was going to hurt him, real bad.

          She exit’s the house.

          Noah timidly walks over to the coffee table full of weapons. He picks up two stakes and a battle axe. As he turns to leaves Peyton is blocking his path.

          NOAH: (confused) Who are you?

          Peyton punches Noah square in the nose. He stumbles back holding his nose in pain.

          NOAH: What the hell!

          Peyton turns and follows Fredeth and Stacie out the house, leaving Noah standing alone in shame and pain.

          CUT TO:


          Maureen, Duke and Minxie are standing in a triangle formation. Adrienne, Carter, and Casey are watching from out side of the torture room. Duke raises his arms over his head, so does Maureen then Minxie.

          DUKE: Osiris, (Latin text) take nos in vestri buzim quod tribuo nos nostrum votum nostrum anchor. (to Minxie) Step in the middle.

          Minxie steps into the middle of triangle.

          DUKE: Tribuo nos vox ut subsido in vos. Take nostrum navitas quod addo nos tergum in is vicis quod locus , permissum nos non deleo.

          MAUREEN: Let it be done!

          We have a close up on Maureen’s face. Her eyes are pitch black, black veins spread across her face. Her hair then grows black. Camera cut to Duke on a close up. His eye’s are black, black veins stretch across his face. Adrienne, Carter and Casey watch in shock from the distance. Suddenly Minxie’s body begins to jerk and thrash around as she levitates off the ground into midair. A grayish stream of energy surrounds Minxie. She lets out a scream as energy shoots from her body into Maureen’s and Duke’s bodies.

          Maureen and Duke lift off the ground as swirls of bright orange, and reddish light surrounds them. In the middle of the triangle, Minxie who is surrounded by white energy streams is unconscious. Maureen falls unconscious then Duke. Minxie, Maureen and Duke stay hanging in midair with lights of energy surrounding them.


          Carter, Casey and Adrienne are still peering into the now silent room.

          CASEY: (amazed) Wow that was...… strange.

          CARTER: Very.

          ADRIENNE: You think they’re okay?

          CARTER: Yeah, they’re cool.

          Suddenly they hear foot steps coming from behind. All three of them turn around to see bringers and vampires dropping in from the big hole. They charge towards them.

          CASEY: Great!

          CARTER: Adrienne, shut the door don’t let them get passed. If they stop the ritual we’re dead.

          Adrianne shuts the torture room’s door. The three stand side by side with their game faces on.
          Adrianne and Casey pull out their stakes from inside their jacket pockets. Carter raises his sword.

          CARTER: Let’s get’em!

          CUT TO:

          Caption: East Wick, Ohio

          INT - CAVE - NIGHT

          Noah, Fredeth, Stacie, Rebecca and Peyton are walking down a narrow cave. At the end of the cave they see a bright light.

          NOAH: We’re almost there. This is the spot Casey and I found Alicia that night when she kicked our ass.

          No one responds to him

          The group finally exits the narrow cave and now they’re standing in massive canyon. Hundreds bringers are making weapons; dozens of vampires are dragging dead corpses of demon slayer’s into a small cave entrance leading into a small room. The family of bringers and vampires don’t notice the gang has entered they’re territory.

          STACIE: (whispers) Oh my god! Fredeth it’s too many of them.

          REBECCA: (terrified) Yeah, too many.

          FREDETH: (whisper) We have to find Steven.

          NOAH: (points) He’s in there with Alicia.

          Camera cuts to the entrance where the vampires are dragging deceased demon slayers into.

          NOAH: It’s called the Cruor room.

          FREDETH: Okay, good.

          Fredeth turns to the group.

          FREDETH: Peyton and I are going to go into the Cruor room and get Steven. Stacie, Noah and Rebecca stay out here and keep any bringers or vampires from running in after us. I want don’t want any of them helping Alicia.

          STACIE: It’s too many of them. Noah, Rebecca and I can’t can’t fight them all off!

          REBECCA: I agree.

          NOAH: That’s why I brought this!

          Noah pulls out a grenade.

          REBECCA: Why do you have a grenade?

          STACIE: Noah, you sure you want to use that?

          NOAH: Yeah.

          REBECCA: Okay, still wondering why he has a grenade.

          STACIE: Our dad was in the gulf war and before he died he gave Noah all of his war things from his unit. They’re very sentimental to Noah, he wouldn’t let anyone look at them or touch them when we were kids. (smiles at him) You’re thinking of someone other than your self.

          Noah gives Stacie a half smile.

          Rebecca nods.

          PEYTON: That’s cute and all but can we please get this over with.

          FREDETH: Noah you throw (turn to Rebecca) Aim and shoot.

          All nod.

          FREDETH: Okay let’s go.

          Fredeth, Stacie and Peyton dash across the canyon to the cave opening. Noah and Rebecca slowly follow behind them.

          VAMPIRE O/S: (yells) Get them!

          The vampires and bringers stop what they’re doing and immediately charges at them. Fredeth, Stacie and Peyton dash into the cave entrance (Cruor Room). (slow motion) Noah throws the grenade up in the air. Rebecca generates a fire ball from her hand and whips it directly at the grenade. (BOOM) Sparks and flames expand from the small black device. (end of slow motion) Noah grabs Rebecca and they dive into the cave entrance leading into the Cruor Room.

          Caption: Rome


          Casey is fighting off two bringers and a vampire as she guards the doorway into the torture room. The camera swiftly moves over too Carter who is a couple of feet in front of Casey. He’s taking on two vampires and a bringer. Camera moves over to Adrienne to the middle of the isle fighting off three vampires.

          ADRIENNE: Casey, one coming your way!

          Casey catches the vampire as it attempts to open the door to the torture room.

          CASEY: Don’t thin so!

          She pulls the vampire away from the door and stakes it, dust. A bringer grabs Casey from behind and turns her around, facing it.

          CASEY: Don’t touch me!

          She extends her arm punching the bringer square in the face. He stumbles back and only to recover quickly. The Bringer swings his leg up towards Casey’s face. She catches his leg with one hand and throws him into a wall. The Camera moves over to Adrienne who leaps in the air tornado kicking two vampires in the face. She lands on her feet as the vampires his the floor. Adrienne goes into a fighting stance and focuses on her surroundings. Eight vampires are surrounding her.

          ADRIENNE: (to self; whisper) I’ll do a pop the can.

          She slowly slips her stake into her jacket pocket. She looks over at Carter who swings his sword, decapitating a bringer.

          ADRIENNE: Carter!

          Carter looks up at Adrienne.

          ADRIENNE: Sword, please!

          Carter throws the sword across the church to Adrienne. The camera cuts to the sword flying through the air. Adrienne jumps up and catches the sword. She comes back down to the floor as the circle of vampires rushes in on her. Adrienne swings the sword as she spins around into a pirouette, decapitating all the vampires surrounding her. All the vampires fall to dust as Adrienne ends in a ballet pose.

          Cut to:

          CASEY: (across the church; yells; as she stakes a vamp) Nice move.

          ADRIENNE: (smile) Ballet for eleven years.

          CASEY: (stakes another vampire) I was in ballet for nine years. I never thought of combining my fighting moves with my ballet moves.

          ADRIENNE: (stabs a Bringer) It works!

          Cut to:

          Carter punches a bringer then pulls it close.

          CARTER: (smile) You two are such girls!

          He breaks the bringer’s neck.

          CARTER: Adrienne! Behind you!


          Adrienne spins around and impales a bringer with the sword. Camera moves over to Casey who is still blocking the door. Casey throws a punch at a vampire but Vampire#1 dodges it and comes back with a roundhouse kick to Casey’s face. She hit’s the floor and her stake rolls from her hand.

          CASEY: (angered) Damnit! (quickly corrects her self) I mean shoot!

          She staggers for her stake on her hands and knees. As she reaches for the stake Vampire#1 grabs Casey by her jacket and throws her across the church, sending her slamming into the pews. Vampire#1 then turns and begins to beat on the door, trying to break it down.

          CASEY: (yells; to Carter) Get him!

          Carter turns to see Vampire#1 trying to burst down the door to the torture room. He hurries over to Vampire#1 as it breaks down the door. White light shoots from the room. The Vampire#1 stops and covers his eyes. Carter stakes him from behind, dust. Carter squints his eyes and looks away from at the brightness of the light. The light then slowly fades and the room becomes visible. Duke, Maureen, and Minxie are still hosted in mid air unconscious with the lights surrounding their bodies. The lights begin to die down and all three of them drop to the ground with a thump. Carter watches in shock, wanting to run to their aid. Suddenly a big ball of blue energy begins to expand in the middle of the room. Duke stumbles to his feet and holds out his hands at the energy ball.

          DUKE: Hold!

          A clear force field surrounds the ball of energy as it slowly expands. Duke turns to Carter with his eyes black as the night.

          DUKE: (yells) Get the girls out of here! I can’t hold it much longer!

          CARTER: (panicked) Are you sure we can’t help you?

          The large blue energy ball is getting larger by the seconds. Duke looks over to Carter who stands frozen in the threshold of the door in shock.

          DUKE: (to Carter; yells) Get Maureen and Minxie out of here!

          Carter realizes he needs to get the girls out of there. He rushes over to Maureen’s unconscious body and throws her over his shoulder. Casey and Adrienne enter the torture room.

          CASEY: We killed them all.

          Then they notice Duke holding his hands up, putting a force field around the ball of energy.

          ADRIENNE: Duke!

          DUKE: Don’t worry about me get the girls!

          CARTER: Casey, get Minxie!

          Casey runs over to Minxie and lifts Minxie up over her shoulder.

          Casey and Carter head for the door.

          DUKE: Wait!

          They turn back to Duke.

          DUKE: (to Carter) This battle will be hell against The First. What we saw will never leave Maureen’s head. Take care of her, Carter.

          Carter gives Duke a confident nod.

          DUKE: Now go!

          Carter, Casey and Adrienne run out of the torture room.


          They run through the church to the opening in the ceiling where they came in at.

          Carter lies Maureen down.

          CARTER: ( to Casey and Adrienne) I’m gonna go up first then you feed the girls to me.

          Both of the girls nod their heads.

          CARTER: Adrienne, give me a boost.

          Adrienne kneels down and gives Carter a boost up into the hole. Once Carter is up their he stick his hand down from the hole.

          CARTER: Okay, ready.

          Casey takes Minxie’s unconscious body off her shoulder and throws her upward through the whole where Carter catches her.

          CARTER: Now Maureen.

          Casey does the same to Maureen then she turns to Adrienne.

          CASEY: You go first.

          ADRIENNE: No you go.

          Suddenly a vampire comes out of nowhere, tackling Adrienne to the ground.

          CASEY: Hey!

          Adrienne jumps to her feet into a fighting stance. The vampire growls at her.

          ADRIENNE: I thought I killed all of you!

          VAMPIRE: Missed one.

          ADRIENNE: (to Casey) We’re running out of time, go!

          CASEY: I’m not leaving you here.

          ADRIENNE: Go!

          The vampire grabs Adrienne and throws her across the church, landing by the torture room door. The vampire makes his way over to her. Adrienne stands to her feet and looks across the church at Casey.

          ADRIENNE: (teary eyed) Go!

          A big explosion comes from the torture room and rips through the church engulfing Adrienne and the vampire. Casey quickly leaps into the air through hole.

          CUT TO:

          INT. CAVE - DAY

          Casey lands, she looks around to see that Carter and the girls are nowhere to be found. (Carter has already gotten them out) She breaks into a print down the narrow cave corridor as the ball of flames quickly follows behind her. As Casey approaches the cave exit the sun shines through hitting her face.

          CASEY: Yes!

          Casey dives out of the cave and tumbles to the forest ground, rolling down a steep hill. The entrances to the cave collapse as flames shoots form it.

          CU T TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
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            - Maureen being a badass was my sister's idea and I think it works for the character.
            - Also Selma's covenant, Black Blossom will be featured in future episodes.
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