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How to make friends an influence people: a fable

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  • How to make friends an influence people: a fable

    Once upon a time, although it could be any time, there was a girl who lived in the forest. She was not a nice girl, but she looked ever so sweet, with her pretty eyes and her long golden hair.

    One day, a handsome prince was riding through the forest. He saw her picking flowers by the path and, overcome by her beauty, he stopped to talk to her.

    “Hello,” he said. “I couldn’t ride by without remarking… you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

    The girl smiled. Her eyes glowed yellow, but the prince did not notice. “Come into my cottage and have some tea,” she said.

    The prince followed her in.

    He did not follow her out again.

    That night, his brother came riding through the forest to look for him. All he could find was a pile of bones and a crown resting on top of them. Through the trees of the wood he heard a howling sound. A wolf.

    When the girl grew older, but not much older – the centuries passed but she was still a young woman - she moved to the big city. She found herself somewhere to live and started to make friends.

    At a fabulous party, she met a handsome young man with curly hair. His star sign was Aries, he said. They danced all night and talked about their hopes and dreams. Shared dreams, it turned out. Both of them wanted something… but they needed help to achieve it. Someone with more experience.

    Then, one day, when the girl was walking in the park, she sat down on a bench beside an older woman – a stern, school marm-y type, who peered over her glasses and seemed to disapprove of the world. The girl caught a glint of something in the older woman’s eye. Something that showed she was far older than middle aged. She was older than this world, but untouched by it.

    “Let’s all go for tea. I have something to propose,” said the girl.

    “All?” asked the woman.

    “You must meet my friend, James Bertram,” the girl explained. “He is…a kindred spirit.”

    So they all went to tea.

    “James Bertram, meet Martha Dearhart."

    They talked, and as they talked, plans began to form. They knew that together they could achieve great things. The world would be theirs for the taking, if they could work together on a little enterprise. It wouldn’t be concerned with such petty matters as making money, however. Gold was for ordinary people. Their focus was… larger.

    “You’ve never told us your name, you know,” said James.

    The girl smiled. “I don’t have one,” she said. “I’m simply the wolf.”

    “Then, I think we have a name for our little company,” said Martha. “The Dearhart, Wolf and Bertram Corporation.”

    Of course, as time passed, that name was simplified. But the three original founders went on. They prospered. They enjoyed themselves. And little by little, they took over this world, and many others.

    It only goes to show that a little girl from the middle of nowhere can make it in the big city if she believes in herself… if she creates supportive relationships with her peers and business mentors...and is completely and utterly evil.

    And immortal. That helps too.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --