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Challenge #8 - NKOTB

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  • Challenge #8 - NKOTB

    Disclaimer: The characters in this set are not mine. And they're a bit more than characters to me.


    No frigging way! Dead, the idiot was dead! Not "undead dead", "undeadly scorched dead, in a dead way." Poof-wise. He had it on good authority.

    So, now what? Share? Let's see: Dru, Buffy, Dru again, Buffy again, a soul, and now the throne of the evil empire. Get your own damn toys! Watch him try and get an offspring.

    Shit, the Shanshu! Was there a name in that thing? He must check. Plus now, that cretin had a whole self-sacrifice event shining on his r?sum?. You didn't come back without an agenda.

    No way in hell. This was his realm.


    Bloody buggery hell! Just like that. Well, nothing ever was "just like that", there were reasons, causal relations, ramifications? Such a dramatic entrance after such a drastic exit was never innocent.

    Not moments after, you could tell he was here to stay. He had that determination in his eyes, of those who have been to hell and back. So to speak.

    The vampire would have to adjust. Oh, and so would his Sire, like it or not. A quick mental review of several chapters in the Annotated Watchers' Diary told him what a picnic that was going to be. Not.


    What the f--?! What was that? It looked like a vamp burning to death but it appeared to be a? something burning to life.

    Nope, vampire, no question. It was the way the A-man glared stakes at him, those two knew each other. And not your run-o-the-mill acquaintance, there were fangs involved, he'd have staked his truck on it.

    This stank of trouble. Figured. He'd been in denial but it was time to wake up and smell the bloodthirsty killer. Nothing was ever free, how many times? A mighty evil for an exhaustive knowledge of law. Sounded about right.


    Holy moly crapoly! Billy Idol! Live at Wolfram & Hart, with some pretty smokin' pyrotechnics.

    OK, not quite, but he could do something with the lad. He had the cheekbones of a 50s musical, the dress-sense of the millennium, the attitude of a Clash LP, the body of a blockbuster. Who cared if he had the gentleness of a gore movie?

    This screaming fellow screamed vampire to his fine-tuned ears. Not that he was singing, more vocalizing his combusting agony. In mystical symbolism, fire usually purified. So maybe, just maybe, this blazing maniac was the purest soul in the building.


    Uh-oh, d?j? vu. Opening portal alert. There hadn't been the CD-like multicolour and nobody, to her knowledge, had over-consonanted. But rules of supersymetry were simple. Ish. When strings of bubbles spurted out of an object to whirl into a living bipedal organism, it was safe to assume cross-universe cruising. Judging by the guy's residual flame-y-ness and telltale skin-crackling, one shouldn't rule out a hell dimension origin.

    He looked disoriented. Why, who wouldn't be? Experience warned her that, statistically, this was a gruesome beast on an inter-dimensional hunt. But her instincts wished to comfort him. Here no one was a cow.


    Oh my god. Oh. My. God. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! He was here!

    No, wait. She was here, less than a week, and he just happened to show up here. Of all the places to spew out of a piece of accessory, he'd randomly picked this firm. Yeah, as if! The jerk totally followed her everywhere!

    He was shrieking like a baby as flames consumed his sorry ass. That only meant one thing. He'd been dumped. Well, this time, she wouldn't take the bastard back. Aww, he had that cute mass-murder twinkle in his eye.


    Aaaaah, the paaaain! Charring his body as he disappeared off the planet, saving it.

    Erm? huh? Where were the bleeding flames? He glanced around what looked like? an office? Bollocks. He demanded the flames back.

    Hang on a sec. Buffy, the sodding Hellmouth? He hadn't dreamt it. He had hard evidence. The tingling of his soul, the sizzling of his flesh.

    And now? A nancy boy, a gang-banger, a green? whatever that was, a geeky bird? Bloody Harm? Aw, piss! Twat features and his scoobies.

    The penny dropped. The flames, the sins, it all made sense. He was in Hell.
    "I'd like to keep Spike as my pet."
    "Get out of my temporal lobe, House!"