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  • Giles, This Is Molly.

    Giles, this is Molly.
    From the episode THE WISH, this is my version.

    Cordelia stood at the bottom of the steps, resplendent in her shiny
    blue dress, talking with the girl she knew as Anya. Anyanka gave
    Cordelia her necklace saying, "Don't you just wish?"
    "I wish Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale," said Cordelia,
    at last.

    Anyanka the Vengeance Demon turned to face Cordelia, "DONE !"

    The school's secretary gave Mr Flutie a stack of papers, on the top
    of the pile was a letter saying that the new girl, a Buffy A. Summers
    had been in a car accident and that she had died from her injuries.
    The next sheet of paper was about another new girl, due to start in
    two days time. Her name is Molly Cartwright. The letter was only to

    introduce her. Her mother a Scherry Cartwright was a wheelwright.
    Her family had been making wheels for horse drawn wagons for
    In Cornwall, near the city of Penzance, Scherry was telling Molly
    about them going to America the next day. As Scherry explained the

    chosen one was not in Sunnydale, it seemed that for some reason
    she would never get there as she had died.
    "So aren't they like us?" asked Molly.
    "A vampire slayer has the same power as your kind, they are the
    same as you, but when she dies that is it, until I can change that."

    "Won't there be another vampire slayer sent there?" asked Molly.
    "There will be another, but she could be somewhere else, the thing is
    Sunnydale does have a hellmouth, and it is active and it needs some-
    one there."
    "We will be going, at least until another is sent there. I will be going as

    your mother, the other Merry Maidens will be going there soon. Your
    contact will be the librarian a Mr. Giles, he is what the vampire slayer
    calls a watcher, it's the same as a see-er."
    "So when do we go?" asked Molly.
    "We will be there tomorrow. We will be living at 397 Maidens Way, oh

    and the best bit, you will be going to school again! be careful though
    as no-one knows of your background, or mine, not yet anyway."
    The next day Molly went to the school in Sunnydale, with Scherry.
    "We'll go to the librarian first so you know what he looks like then you
    can go to see the principal," said Scherry.

    So poor Molly went to see the principal in his office, she had the
    lecture about being a good girl and not being a trouble maker. She
    was told what classes she would be in, unfortunately her first class
    was English history. She had to keep quiet to find out what every
    one else knew. During the midday break she went to see a Mr. Giles.

    Walking into the library she heard a voice.
    "Can I help you miss?"
    "I was told to report to you, I'm Molly."
    "Molly? oh yes, Molly, sorry I've been having a confusing few days
    I'm told to leave, then I'm told you're coming here, where do you

    come from?" "I was born in Camelford, Cornwall, UK."
    "I know that place, I liked a hill near there," said Giles.
    "You mean Rough Tor," replied Molly.
    "Hm, yes, nice place. But about here, the Portugese had a name for
    this place."

    "Yeah, I know, roughly translated it means orifice, the Hellmouth or
    mouth of hell, now if it was hell itself, different story," said Molly.
    "You know about this place?"
    "The Hellmouth is active, that is why I was told to be here."
    "When were you told?" "Yesterday."

    Just then another girl came into the library, Giles turned to face her.
    "I remember you, you came in here yesterday, you were the only one
    to come in here yesterday." "That is because of the sign."
    "Sign? I don't recall seeing a sign," said a puzzled Giles.
    "It's a special sign, only students can see it." "What is it?"

    "Off limits to all students," replied Willow, she grinned to Giles.
    "Yes, oh very good, what do you want?"
    "It's about English History. I want to know who was the King that was defeated by William the Conqueror, when and at what battle?"
    "That was King Harold the second, the Battle of Hastings in ten sixty

    six," replied Molly. Willow looked quizzically at Molly.
    "I need to know more about English history, if you want to, go to
    the Bronze tonight, I'll introduce you to some people, if you'll answer
    my questions, ooh I've got a test this afternoon, that Guy Fawkes,
    one of the people who tried to blow up the English parliament, where

    did he stay afterwards?"
    "That was Dunchurch, in Warwickshire near Rugby."
    "Ooh thanks, So much better than a book, thanks," said Willow.
    "Yes, thank you Molly," said Giles. He wasn't very happy.
    During the afternoon Giles thought that he should know more about

    Molly, so he decided to go to the Bronze that night. Molly had gone
    out soon after dark, looking down at the streets of Sunnydale, she
    paid attention to the alleys and streets near the place that Willow
    mentioned. As she studued the area she saw WWillow and a friend
    they were being trapped by six vampires. She knew that she was

    meant to keep her identity secret, but seeing what the situation was
    it would be hard. Carefully, with-out being noticed she flew down
    towards Willow, then she went around the corner to her.
    "Who is your friend Willow?" asked Molly.
    "He's Xander, but this isn't a good time," she replied.

    "That's okay, there's only six vampires, I'd suggest you crouch down."
    Willow and Xander dropped to the ground, but Willow looked to Molly
    she saw Molly's clothes change and three other dressed like her
    appeared, in a second they killed all the vampires, The others
    disappeared and Molly's clothes changed back.

    "Are you alright?," asked Giles, "I thought I heard noises here."
    "Who is she? just before you got here she wasn't alone, and her
    clothes changed, they killed those, were they really vampires?"
    "A bit sooner than what I would have liked, oh well. You'd all best
    come back to my place," said Molly.

    Nobody talked as they went to Molly's place, Willow looked behind
    her several times, she was sure she could hear something behind her.
    Arriving at the house, Molly's 'mother' let them in.
    "The water's almost boiled hot drinks allround."
    "How did you know to make hot drinks, and how did you know we

    were coming here?" asked Giles.
    "Can't blame me for that one," said Molly.
    "What's going on Molly, you don't behave like any sleyer I've been
    told off, I thought I'd be teaching you but you seem to know more
    than me," said Giles.

    "That's true, but then Molly isn't a vampire slayer, she is a demon
    hunter, an immortal," said Scherry.
    "Willow, Xander, there is another girl meant to be here, you are
    friends with her," said Molly, "she has been here, she is Buffy the
    vampire slayer, We don't know why she isn't here now."

    "Excuse me, Scherry, er sorry Mrs Cartwright, but how do you both
    know that?" asked Giles.
    "That's one I owe you, seems he didn't watch Bonanza," said Molly.
    "While we are here, just know this, you are not alone in the fight
    against evil. Giles, it was Quentin who rang you about Molly."

    "How on earth did you know that?"
    "Quentin, you, these people, the vampire slayers, all human right?"
    "Of course we're all...........oh crap," sighed Giles.
    "The vampire slayers, they with the spirit of a demon in them?"
    "Yeah, alright, possibly not. But who are you?"

    "The other in me, she tells the watchers council what to do."
    "This will be a shock for them Scherry," said Molly.
    "The one's that were with Molly are my guards, they are The Elite
    Molly, change," directed Scherry.
    "That's it! that's it! that is what she was wearing earlier, she looks

    just like Xena dressed in them," exclaimed Willow.
    "Are we like her, or was she one of us?" asked Molly.
    "There is two in me, this is the other," said Scherry.
    The room was suddenly filled with a pure white light, as the light
    faded a glowing figure was seen. "I am the Goddess Medusera, and

    these are my guards, The Elite." Scherry became Scherry again.
    "As this is the Hellmouth, somebody needed to be here, I'm not to
    sure why she isn't here, but the others like me are working on it. She
    said that she was here, and that she has been here for a long time."
    "I was told that she died, so how did you talk to her?" asked Giles.

    "Yesterday wasn't it mum?" asked Molly. Scherry looked at her.
    "It was the other in me that your slayer spoke to..........I am being
    told that the evil did this, we will try to find out how and put things
    back the way they were. So now,we are here to help the slayer."
    "Your her helpers?" asked Xander, "an immortal, a Goddess, helpers!"

    "We are all in the same army, we all fight the same war. The slayers
    are the first line of attack."
    "So how many are you?" asked Xander.
    "Well, no-one knows accurately," replied Scherry.
    "Make a guess."

    "As a guess then Giles, there is three hundred demon hunters, then
    there's seven hundred of the Elite, all up there's two thousand six
    hundred Riders of which Molly is one."
    "The Riders, that horses right?" asked Giles.
    "No, they are Riders of the sky, they ride winged white unicorns."

    "I don't want to say this, but the special one who is the early
    warning for us is Molly."
    "Why didn't you want to say that?" asked Willow.
    "Cos Molly will call me mum again. As for the rest of them, the
    Soldiers, Infantry, Cavalry, Knights, they number in the many millions

    have you read the old testaments Giles? Good, in there it says about
    the forces of good, us, being never ending. They are all immortal,
    so they will always return."
    "What will happen here?, the slayer, where is she now?" asked Giles.
    "She is with the Elite, when this situation is resolved, she will be

    returned," said Scherry.
    "How long do you think you will be here for, and thinking about that,
    how old is Molly, over school age I guess?" asked Willow.
    "Almost my birthday, I'm two hundred and ninty seven."
    "Scherry .......what is it?" asked Giles.

    "The girl that was here, she was here for several years. She wasn't
    in an accident, there is a demonic trace, it will be repaired. Now
    Mr. Giles, when in England, did you ever go to the stone circle
    near Penzance?" asked Scherry.
    "A few times, nice place that, but I had a strange feeling there the

    last time, it felt as though I was being watched. By a stone."
    "Hey, not my fault! I was just waiting for him to go," said Molly.
    "That is where she lives, when at rest in a stone none of them age.
    There are sixteen demon hunters in that circle, they are known as
    the Merry Maidens. They've nearly found her I will leave a message
    on your desk in the library so that you can contact u..................

    Giles was standing behind the counter in the library, he didn't know
    why, but he felt as though there was something else. He looked
    around but he couldn't remember, then he found an address on his
    desk, Scherry, Hillhouse, Nr. Totnes, Sth Devon, UK. He went outside.

    "Hiya Giles! what's up," beamed Willow.
    "Giles?, what is it?" asked Buffy, standing up.
    "I've just found this address on my desk, do either of you know
    anything about it?"

    Mention of Scherry, Goddess Medusera, the armed forces of
    Byzantium and Bouicandeni, the Elite of, and the Riders of were
    all written of with the kind permission of the author of The
    Demon Hunters and Return Of The Demon Hunters.

    BTVS property of Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

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