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Challenge #8 Drabbleness drabblefest:Back to Basics. A and B

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  • Challenge #8 Drabbleness drabblefest:Back to Basics. A and B

    a/ ( with the a's and I's three of them equals one word )
    Hello Joyce, just thought I'd drop by for a cuppa and a biccy. I want to apologise for that thing with your daughter last night.
    I didn't mean to cause you any grief, she likes speaking to me,... or listening. We sat and talked about her problems, you or what she is, how she feels about her current situation. No real in depth stuff, just general chit chat really.
    I just didn't want you to think I was purposely causing a problem. If I'd known that you were worried about where she was, I'd have phoned you, I might even get a phone!

    I don't see what the problem was Buffy, he treats me like a real person, he doesn't try to impress me. He gave me a bunch of flowers, not because he'd get brownie points with you or so that mum would give him an extra biccy. It was because he wanted to. In case you don't know it, he is a nice person. So I'll spend time with him after school, at week-ends, when-ever. I don't think he'd kick you out, but he wouldn't ask me to leave. He doesn't feel threatened by me, not that I would threaten him, even if I could.

    You get home!, don't you realise what you're doing!, how could you? coming here at night, sitting with him, that, he's a vampire!.
    What were you thinking of, were you even thinking at all?. The danger you had put yourself in!.
    I was worried about you, mum was worried, about you!.
    I've been to Xander's, to Willows, to Giles's, now they are all concerned about you.
    As a last resort I was going to ask him to help me look for you, I didn't know where to start looking, you could have been anywhere!, and now you behave like it's all my fault?!!!

    Hello Dawnie, your big sister came to my place last night trying to find you, can't think why she came to my place. She must know I'd let her know if you came to see me.
    Which makes me wonder, every-one I know has a phone and they'd let Buffy know, or your mum know where you were.
    So where were you? who had you gone to see? I suppose if you'd gone to see Xander and he wasn't in you'd have sat with Anya, she wouldn't have thought to ring anyone. Ha, you could have been at Spikes......NAH!

    Where did you go to last night?, no-one knew where you were, we had no idea who you could have been with. I was so worried.
    If you must go and stay at some-one else's, please let me know.
    I know your sister can be a bit overpowering at times, she's been like that with me sometimes.
    Don't tell Buffy this, but of all the people you could have gone to see, I'm glad it was Spike. Regardless of what every-one else says, I know he'll watch out for you, if anything, he is nearly as protective of you, as I am.

    b/ This is about something that happened in BTVS, had the series gone on for another season this may have been covered, probably not the same way,
    it was when.............but then I suppose you need to guess what happened.

    Giles gets a phone call, he puts on the extension speaker.

    Giles!, one of the visitors we had yesterday, she said she'd met you. She was one of the first potentials that you brought from England. She said her name is Molly. She said she was there for a while, until Caleb killed her!!
    Now I thought that was out of this world, so I said some names she might remember. Thing is she didn't know the name Willow!
    She asked a Scherry who Willow was, then Scherry whispered in her ear, and I'm telling you Molly's eyes nearly popped out of her head. I don't know what Scherry said but I'm sure it was about Willow.

    Giles? Vi here, those people that were here, I asked one one them where she came from.
    She said her name is Hope, she said that she was born in Nancy, France, in 1372!. But get this, she isn't an immortal!
    Then she said that she lives near Penzance, but she is staying near Totnes, in another dimension!!
    I was a little sceptical, but she said it was because of Molly that we were sent the Amulet. Now, while we are vampire slayers, they are demon hunters and we are part of the same vast army; The Armed Forces of Byzantium.

    My turn, it's Kennedy here, I saw them get here, they just appeared from nowhere!
    Later, I asked that Hope if there was any more Knights of Byzantium. I expected twenty or so thousand, she said the Knights are a small part of a vast army, that we are in!
    She said that the Armed Forces of Byzantium have a special forces army, and that army has a special forces, and the General of that special forces is Buffy!!
    Then she told me to look at Scherry, and I'm not exaggerating here, she literally started to glow, Hope said she is the Goddess Medusera.

    Hiya Giles! Molly 'ere, 'ows it goin' ? boy 'ave we 'ad fun or what! I've been told by the 'igher beings 'ere that you goin' to be given summat to 'elp you get about.
    Hang on, they told me to speak proper, now that I'm a Rider of Bouicandeni. Oh, yeah, you don't know about them yet!.
    In 67 AD two Goddesses were caught by devil worshippers, who were killed and the Goddesses released, as an honour their name was used, 'cos of their Queen BOU was used, Boudicca. ICAN for the Tribes of the Iceni, and the Goddesses chose DENI.

    Is this phone on speaker? it is, good. My name is Dawn, I'm going to tell you a few things Giles.
    You've been to England a few times, well if Hope wanted to go she could be there in half a minute.
    But these things are only useable by those that have demon in them, your slayers are like the hunters, they all have the spirit of the demon in them; werewolf. The method of travel is the stone-circles.
    Now the Riders, they are like our air force, they ride on winged white unicorns. The stone-circles, you can have one if you want.

    I am the Goddess Medusera, one of my kind has put what you'd call a force field(..../.../....) near here. But she did take a few things out first. Giles I'm told you worked in a museum, she retrieved art, sculptures, relics.
    Dawn, one of the things was a trunk that belonged to your sister. I thought you'd like it. Let me see, you've had the Amulet, oh yes, Buffy wasn't pulled out of heaven, 'he' allowed her to leave. Dawn if you want anything else from your house, write it down and leave it on the kitchen table, we have some people there.
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