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Bros for all eternity: a BtVS/HIMYM crossover

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  • Bros for all eternity: a BtVS/HIMYM crossover

    Author's note: due to the non-matching timelines of BtVS and HIMYM, this story happens in a slightly vague time period in terms of the year... but in season 2 of Buffy and season 3 of HIMYM, after The Goat....


    Barney woke up in a dumpster. It wasn't the first time, but he sensed this time was different. For a start, he'd never woken up without a heartbeat before. He patted his chest, taking half a millisecond to freak out, but then reminding himself... A bro never freak outs.

    He opened his eyes. It was night, and everything looked different, as if he'd taken a tab of acid then put on x-ray specs (for which he had a bona fide source of comparison ). Whatever was causing it, it was AWESOME.

    With his new trippy view of the world, he took a moment to realise that he was being watched by a dude in leather pants. "Who are you? And what's with the pants? Did I just pass out in the gay district?"

    "You didn't pass out," said Angelus. "You died." His face shifted into its vampire lumpiness. "You're a vampire now. Like me."

    Barney took a moment to absorb this. "So...I'm dead...and STILL awesome?"

    "That remains to be seen."

    Barney got to his feet. "Are you doubting my awesomeness? Oh, bro, you have so much to learn."

    Angelus was irritated. "I'm not your bro, I'm your sire."
    Barney ignored this. "It just so happens that I'm in the market for a new bro. So, you're in luck. What up?" Barney offered his newly-cold fist for the vampire to bump.

    Angelus sighed. Why did he have to turn the freaks? And yet, as Barney patted him on the shoulder and shepherded him out of the alley, promising to teach him how to live...or be more awesomely undead...he felt a sense of comfort wash over him. Perhaps he had turned the right guy after all?

    "I promise you," said Barney. "Being vampire bros is going to be legen....wait for it...dar....wait for it, because the last syllable will resemble the screams of our helplessly hot chick victims....eeeeee!"

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --