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Demon Slayer 1.06 "Envy & Wrath"

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  • Demon Slayer 1.06 "Envy & Wrath"

    The Demon Slayer
    Episode: 1.06 "Envy & Wrath" Part 1



    A yellow cab pulls up in front of the apartment building

    CUT TO:


    Stacie is sitting on the bed crossing her legs Indian style. She is glaring up at Marty who is standing beside the bed packing his suitcase.

    STACIE: I don’t want you to go.

    MARTY: I know but I have to. I have other things I need to do, and I’ll come back and visit. (gives her a soft smile)

    Stacie sighs as she slides off the bed.

    STACIE: I’m going to miss you.

    Marty places his last item in the suitcases and zips it shut. They face each other.

    STACIE: (holding back tears) Hug?

    Marty embraces Stacie in a warm hug. She buries her head into his chest as he gives her a soft kiss on the forehead.

    MARTY: (whisper) You okay?

    STACIE: Not at all. (Pauses) Do you remember prom?

    MARTY: (chuckles) Yes I do. That was a fun night.

    STACIE: Yeah it was, that was the night we first made love, you were my first.

    MARTY: (surprised) Really!?

    STACIE: Yes.

    MARTY: But you said you’ve done it numerous of times.

    STACIE: (laughing) That was a little white lie. I wanted to seem cool.

    MARTY: (joking; arrogant) I’m the man.

    STACIE: (laughing) Shut up!

    They both burst out in laughter.

    MARTY: (laughing) I am.

    The laughing dies off as they silently stare into each others eyes.

    MARTY: I love you Stacie King.

    STACIE: (smiling) I love you too Martel Jackson.

    They both lean in and kiss passionately.

    The room door flies open and Noah is standing in the threshold of the door. Stacie and Marty separate and look over to Noah.

    NOAH: Marty, your cab is here.

    MARTY: Thanks.

    NOAH: (annoyed) Whatever.

    Noah waves his hand and storms off.

    STACIE: (giggles) He’s still pissed about not going to Europe with Casey, and Minxie. Maybe if he wouldn’t have started drama with Steven he would be going.

    MARTY: True, true. (exhales) Come on walk me to the cab.

    Marty picks up the suitcase and heads out the door, Stacie follows.

    CUT TO:


    Alicia is holding the sickle and studying it with pleasure. Her hair is slicked back into a pony - tail. The camera pans out to see Willow/ The First standing behind her. Alicia is wearing a black fitted turtle neck, a black skirt and black boots.

    ALICIA: I love this thing, it’s so orgasmic.

    THE FIRST: Put it down, Alicia.

    Alicia turns around to face The First.

    ALICIA: You’re no fun.

    A Bringer approaches Alicia, she hands him the sickle.

    ALICIA: (angered) Here!

    The Bringer walks off.

    ALICIA: (to The First; about Bringer) Those things creep me out.

    THE FIRST: For get about them. So how did it go last night?

    ALICIA: (with glee) Great! Oh my god you should have saw their faces. Now they know not to mess with me, and that book of Camarin thing was a great idea on your part. They totally took the bait. I’m so happy we got what we wanted; now it’s time for us to get our army ready. We just need the power behind it, but I have no clue how to get that. I’ve tampered with a little wiccan in my past but nothing major.

    THE FIRST: I have the perfect witch to do the ritual. Willow would have been a great asset but she’s all sleep tight. I have some one much more powerful than she ever was.

    ALICIA: And who would that be.

    THE FIRST: Selma Eastwick

    ALICIA: (surprised) Oh my god!




    Theme Song: “Helena” by My Chemical Romance

    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Sean Farris - Noah King
    Danneel Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel - Casey Odelia
    Emily VanCamp - Rebecca Adams
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson

    Famke Janssen - Selma Eastwick - Coyle
    Chiaki Kuriyama - Kitty

    Cameron Richardson - Alicia Lennon
    Ernest Waddell - Marty Jackson
    Alyson Hannigan - The First






    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this Fan-Fic, it’s for fun. DS is also affiliated with Riley The Series by BlasterBoy (Ben) and Produced by Different Dimensions INC.
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    ACT I


    Fredeth and Stacie are standing on the sidewalk as Marty climbs into the cab. He shuts the cab door and looks out the window.

    MARTY: (through window) Bye.

    Fredeth and Stacie both wave then Stacie blows him a kiss. The cab drives off down the street.

    STACIE: (holding back tears) I'm going to miss him so much.

    FREDETH: Me too. (turns to Stacie) Are you okay?

    STACIE: (teary eyed) Not really. (sighs)

    FREDETH: I'll be fine if you want to take a day off of demon research and maybe go relax.

    STACIE: No, I'll be fine. If I'm alone I'll just think about him. I just wanna focus all my attention on Alicia.

    FREDETH: Good?. Stacie, I also want you to know that my son really loves you, and will always love you. So no matter where he is, his love will follow you.

    STACIE: (smiles) I know Fred, and thank you.

    FREDETH: Was that cheesy?

    STACIE: (laughing) Very.

    Fredeth throws her arms around Fredeth and they hug.

    STACIE: (playful) I love yah, Fred.

    FREDETH: I love you too.

    They both turn and head into the apartment building.

    CUT TO:


    Noah is hitting the punching bag. He is wearing black sweat pants and he is shirtless. Steven then enters and sits his duffle bag down on the floor.

    STEVEN: Noah, can I talk to you?

    Noah gives the bag a last powerful punch and turns towards Steven.

    NOAH: (out of breath) What!

    STEVEN: I wanna talk to you.

    NOAH: (annoyed) Then talk!

    STEVEN: Well?. I know you don't like me that much.

    NOAH: Wrong.

    STEVEN: (confused) Wait, you do?

    NOAH: (disgusted) No, I hate you!

    STEVEN: Okay, that makes more sense. I just wanna tell you this whole thing is stupid. I think we should just call a truce and be cool. We should just squash the beef and be civil with each other. We have to work together for now and it would be easier for everybody if we would get along.

    NOAH: (angered) Cool for who, you?

    STEVEN: Yeah, for me too.

    NOAH: No, I don't like you and that's that.

    Noah steps up to Steven and gets in his face.

    NOAH: Listen, I don't like you at all. In fact I wish you never came to this town. No, how about this? I wish you were never born. Steven, stay the hell out of my way! This is my town and I'm the slayer here, you're nothing!

    Noah pushes by Steven almost knocking him over. He exit's the training room slamming the door behind him.

    STEVEN: (to self) That went well.

    CUT TO:


    Steven enters to see Rebecca and Stacie sitting at the table across from each other. Books and papers are sprawled across the table.

    STEVEN: Any news?

    STACIE: Nope.

    REBECCA: Nothing. I've tried everything; I can't find the creature that Alicia turned into. It's not in any of these books.

    STEVEN: I can help.

    Steven takes a seat next to Rebecca and picks up a book from the table. He begins to flip through the pages.

    STEVEN: Anything on the massive piles of dead demon slayers?

    STACIE: Nothing. (sighs) I'm annoyed.

    Stacie slams her book shut and opens another.

    STACIE: I wish I would have gone to Europe with Casey and Minxie.

    FREDETH (O/S): Well you didn't.

    Fredeth enter the room and takes a seat at the head of the table.

    FREDETH: I actually just got off the telephone with Casey. They just left England and now they're on their way to Europe. They're going to call back if they find anything.

    STACIE: (not believable) Lucky them.

    STEVEN: At least you get to leave town, I can't.

    STACIE: Not my fault that the Watcher's Council put the entire demon slayer on probation.

    STEVEN: Shut up.

    Stacie makes a face at Steven.

    FREDETH: Anything on Alicia?

    STACIE: No.

    STEVE: No.

    REBECCA: No.

    FREDETH: Okay. Where's Noah.

    REBECCA: Whining because he couldn't go to Europe.

    FREDETH: Figured.

    STACIE: (Excited) Found something!

    FREDETH: What?

    STACIE: Our dear friend Alicia, she's a gargoyle.

    REBECCA: (baffled) A gargoyle, like the creature? The one that turns into stone in the sun?

    STACIE: (looks up from the book) Honey, that's a myth. This gargoyle is totally different. (looks back down into the book.) It can take figure in a human form.

    REBECCA: That explains Alicia.

    STACIE: Yeah, but it only last for a couple of months (looking in the book) They're also demon's play toys, they do their master's biddings. Very strong and almost impossible to stop.

    STEVEN: How do we kill them?

    Stacie reads on.

    STACIE: Their human figure is the weakest.

    REBECCA: (unsure) So? Alicia is a real girl trapped inside of a gargoyle?

    STACIE: No. The gargoyle took the form of Alicia. The real Alicia could be dead, let me read some more.

    Stacie turns the page she reads on until a look of surprise grows across her face.

    STACIE: This is the end of the book. It tells me to go to volume two. (To Fredeth) Do you have volume two?

    FREDETH: I don't think so.

    STACIE: Dammit! Well since you don't have it I'll go to Well Magic.

    She stands to her feet.

    STACIE: I'll be back.

    FREDETH: Be careful.

    STACIE: I will.

    Stacie hurries out the front door as she slips on her jacket.

    FREDETH: Meanwhile, Rebecca keeps checking the books to see if there are any rituals to bring back dead demon slayers.

    REBECCA: (confusion) Alrighty.

    FREDETH: I think The First have something up its sleeves. (thinks) If it has any (turn to Steven) Hand, eye coronation.

    STEVEN: Gotcha.

    Steven stands from his chair then leans down and gives Rebecca a kiss. He leaves the room.

    CUT TO:


    Alicia is kneeled over a huge pool of blood the size of a normal size swimming pool.

    Alicia moves her hand over the blood. The First (Form of Willow) appears behind her.

    THE FIRST: Alicia, don't touch that.

    ALICIA: (annoyed sigh) I know.

    She stands to her feet and turns to The First.

    ALICIA: It's like home, yah know. It gave me my life.

    THE FIRST: It gave you that body.

    ALICIA: Did you get in touch with Selma.

    WOMAN'S VOICE (O/S): Sure did.

    Alicia looks to the left to see a tall, thin beautiful woman in her early forties walking from out the shadows of the cave entry. Her long brown hair flows behind her, her presents is cold and like death. She is wearing a black skin tight dress that falls to the ground. There is a long split on the front of her dress that reaches up to her thigh, finishing the outfit with a black leather jacket over it.

    SELMA: Hello.

    THE FIRST: Selma.

    SELMA: I hope you don't mind but I bought a friend with me.

    A beautiful Japanese young woman appears from the cave opening. Her hair is long and pitch black. She is wearing a black blouse, black school girl skirt, black knee highs and black heeled boots. She is holding a large black leather bag. Her face is blank and filled with emptiness as she studies Alicia.

    ALICIA: (fake smile) No we don't.

    SELMA: We?

    Alicia looks over to The First.

    ALICIA: (to The First) They cant see you?

    THE FIRST: You can handle this by yourself.

    SELMA: (into the air) The First decides to play hide and seek. That's okay I don't need to see you as long as I get what I want at the end of this.

    Alicia approaches the two ladies.

    ALICIA: You will.

    She extends her hand towards Selma. Selma looks down at Alicia's hand in disgust.

    SELMA: I don't shake.

    ALICIA: (embarrassed) Okay.

    Alicia turns to Selma's friend.

    ALICIA: Hi! And you are?

    SELMA: She doesn't shake either, nor talk. Her name is Kitty. (pause) Listen Alicia, we aren't here to make friends. We want to get the job done and return to our coven.

    ALICIA: Fine. We'll do that.

    SELMA: So I hear The First is trying to awaken the corpses of Malum Electus.

    ALICIA: What? You mean the Demon Slayers?

    SELMA: (rolls eyes) Sure whatever. Anyways The First wants to start its army, right?

    ALICIA: Yep.

    SELMA: I just want to clarify something. (sighs) Once your army is wakened and The First takes over the world. I want my people out of the equation. I don't want them to be messed or tampered with, and tell The First this. If The First backs out on the deal we made, I will join the fight against it. The First knows what powers I have and I can shut this whole arrangement down with the snap of my fingers.

    Selma narrows her eyes back to Alicia.

    SELMA: And you don't scare me not one bit. If you even think of trying to screw me over I will kill you with the quickness. I'm going to tell you this. (looks up into the air) You too, First. (back to Alicia) Ever since "Your boss" lost the war against Buffy Summers, my fear and respect for The First has went down the drain. So tell "it" it doesn't scare me anymore.

    ALICIA: (annoyed) Okay.

    Alicia turns back at The First whose still in the form of Willow.

    ALICIA: (evil grin) Did you hear that.

    THE FIRST: (smiling; to Alicia) Firecracker she is. Give the bitch whatever she needs, she doesn't know how dead she is.

    Alicia turns back towards Selma.

    ALICIA: I gotcha covered.

    SELMA: Good.

    Selma pushes past Alicia and walks over to the pool of blood. Kitty follows silently behind her.

    SELMA: (amazement) Oh my god, the Pool of Ancient Cruor.

    Selma kneels down by the pool and takes in a deep breath. She puts her finger into the pool and slowly pulls her finger up to her lips. She slowly licks the blood from the tip of her finger.

    SELMA: (overwhelmed) The great nectar of their souls. (Selma robotically turns her head to Alicia) You were re-birthed here?

    ALICIA: Yeah, so?

    Selma stands back to her feet and looks Alicia up and down.

    SELMA: And that's not your body.

    ALICIA: (annoyed) No, it?s not my body. (pause) Well, now it's mine.

    SELMA: (huffs) You're so pathetic. (sighs) Anyways let's get started on this spell.

    ALICIA: Do you need anything?

    SELMA: No, I bring my own items, Kitty.

    Kitty walks over to Selma and stands beside her. She sits the big leather bag next to Selma's feet.

    SELMA: Wait! I do need one thing from you.

    ALICIA: What?

    SELMA: To revive all the deceased Malum Electus we need a living demon slayer's blood.

    ALICIA: (evil grin) I can do that.

    SELMA: And the sickle?

    ALICIA: I'll get a bringer to bring that over to you. You two get set up here and the bringers and vamps will transport some of the corpses in here. I'll be back in an hour with the slayer.

    SELMA: (irritated) Okay, you can leave now.

    Alicia rolls her eyes and leaves.

    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II


      Stacie enters holding volume two of the demon book.

      STACIE: (calls out) Guys!

      Fredeth, Rebecca, Noah and Steven all enter the living room.

      REBECCA: What you'd find?

      STACIE: Something really bad. A gargoyle kills a person then takes their body to the closes Pool of Ancient Cruor.

      NOAH: The Pool of Ancient Cruory, what?

      STEVEN: What is that?

      STACIE: It's a huge pool of blood, not just a puddle a "pool" of blood.

      STEVEN: Who's blood?

      STACIE: Monks and powerful creatures that lived centuries ago. Their blood mixed together makes a fountain of life. It's like being re-born again, but after taking a swim in the pool you come back tainted. You come back evil and ready to serve with the darkness. The gargoyle that has Alicia's body killed the real Alicia and threw her in the pool and joined her. The pool transmitted all her DNA onto the gargoyle and just leaving Alicia's bones behind. Where it was eaten by the pool; leaving behind nothing.

      REBECCA: Wow.

      FREDETH: That's what The First is going to do.

      NOAH: What.

      FREDETH: All the deceased Demon Slayers. It's going to throw them in the pool and revive them. Using them as its army.

      NOAH: Well they'll just be evil with human abilities, right? They all died before they where slayers. They aren't going to be super human?

      STACIE: The book doesn't say anything like that.

      REBECCA: Innless that's why The First wanted the sickle. To get the power from it and transfer it into the Demon Slayers.

      FREDETH: (stressful sigh) It's a possibility

      STACIE: (scared) So your telling me their gonna have an army of demonic Demon Slayers.

      STEVEN: (to Stacie) Duh! Were you not listening?

      STACIE: Shut up!

      NOAH: What are we gonna do? I mean?. How are two Slayers, a watcher, two twins and a half demon girl, gonna stop an army of demonic Demon Slayers.

      The room is silent for a moment as everyone looks at each other in fear.

      STEVEN: (breaking the silence; annoyed) Well?.. I'm done with this conversation. I'm going patrolling.

      Steven heads for the door as he pulls a stake from his coat pocket.

      FREDETH: Noah, go with him.

      NOAH: No, I'm not his baby sitter.

      FREDETH: (cert) Go.

      Noah hesitates for a second then follows behind Steven as he exit's the apartment.

      CUT TO:


      Steven and Noah are walking beside each other with stakes in their hands. It is silent as the leaves crunch beneath their feet.

      NOAH: This is stupid, why in the hell do I have to baby sit you.

      Steven stops and turns towards Noah as he comes to a stop to.

      STEVEN: What the hell is your malfunction? Why are you such a dick?

      NOAH: (holding back anger) Steven, shut the hell up.

      STEVEN: Man, I don't get you. You're so damn wishy-washy.

      NOAH: (yells) Shut up!

      STEVEN: Noah if you don't like me then don't talk to me. I've been trying to be friends with you and you don't seem to want to do that. Since you stress so damn much on how you don't like me, then leave me alone. Plus I wouldn't want to be associated with a crazy bipolar, psycho like your self. (pause) And if you try anymore stuff I will drop you where you stand. (grins) For the second time.

      Noah's eyes widen with anger the camera briefly cuts to his hands as they tighten into a tight fist.

      STEVEN: I'm done with you.

      Steven turns and walks away as Noah charges at Steven from behind. Noah leaps in the air ready to tackle Steven. Swiftly a vampire comes from the left and tackles Noah in mid air before he reaches Steven. Noah and the vampire tumble to the ground. Steven turns around to see Noah struggle on the ground with a vampire.

      STEVEN: Noah!

      Suddenly a vampire steps out in front of Steven.

      The vampire as he draws a sword from his side. The camera briefly cuts to the stake in Steven's hand.

      STEVEN: This isn't going to help.

      Steven throws his stake at vampire#1s head, distracting him. Steven then extends his leg kicking vampire#1 across the grave yard smashing through two gravestones. Steven runs over to the vamp as it gets to his feet. Steven then kicks the sword from vampire#1?s hand he kicks again but this time vampire#1 catches his leg. He throws Steven on top of a gravestone, breaking it with his back.

      STEVEN: (pain) OUCH!

      Noah is pinned up against a crypt by vampire#2, who is snarling and trying to get to Noah's neck.

      NOAH: God you need a breath mint.

      Noah pushes the vampire away and swings a punch but misses.

      NOAH: DAMN!

      Vampire#2 begins to swing a sword at Noah, but Noah dodges every swing. Noah jumps in the air into a tornado kick, kicking vampire#2 across the face. The vampire has no reaction to the blow to the face. Noah throws another punch but vampire#2 catches his arm and back hands Noah across the face. Noah falls and knocks his head on the edge of a bench.

      STEVEN: Noah!

      Vampire#1 punches Steven in the face sending him to the ground. Steven holds his jaw as he looks up at the vampire holding the sword above his head ready to stab. Vampire#1 swiftly brings the sword down. Steven rolls out of the way and hops to his feet as the sword enters the soil. He looks over at Noah who is lying on the ground unconscious and Vampire#2 is know where in site.

      STEVEN: What the hell!

      A hand lands on Steven's shoulder and spins him around, he is face to face with a Vampire#2. Vampire#2 uppercuts Steven. Steven flies and smashes on a wooden bench. Steven hops to his feet as both of the vampires charges at him. Vampire#2 swings his sword at Steven's head. Steven ducks as the blade flies above his head. Vampire#1 throws Steven to the ground and begins to kick him, the other vamp joins in.

      STEVEN: (angered; yells) Stop kicking me!

      Suddenly the vampires go flying back as Steven hops to his feet. His lip is cut and he has a cut above his left eye. The vampires coming charging at Steven once again. Quickly Steven looks around his surroundings for a weapon. By his feet sits his stake that he dropped earlier. Steven lifts the stake up in midair with his foot, and then kicks it towards the vampires. (Slow motion) We follow the stake as it enters vampire#1's chest then exits through his back and through vampire#2. (End of slow motions) The vampires both stop as shock grows across their faces.

      VAMPIRE#1: Damnit!

      VAMPIRE#2: That was pretty cool.

      They both fall into dust at the same time. Steven lets out a sigh of relief as he wipes the blood from his mouth. Behind him he hears Noah's groans. He quickly turns and makes his way over to Noah.

      STEVEN: Are you okay?

      Steven grabs Noah by his upper arms and helps him to his feet. Noah quickly snatches away from Steven.

      NOAH: (yells) Don't touch me! Don't freaking touch me!

      Noah lifts his head out of the darkness to reveal a large cut across his forehead.

      STEVEN: Noah, your head.

      NOAH: (furious) I hate you! (jaw clenches as tears roll down his cheeks) I can't even express it how much I want you gone! I just got my ass kicked by two vampires and you just took them out with no problem. (pause) Why am I here with you, you can handle your self when I?m not here. I'm useless and no one wants me anymore. (yelling with hate in his eyes) THIS WAS MY JOB! MINE AND YOU TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME! I hope you die. You don't disserve the gift that you were given; it was supposed to be mine!

      STEVEN: (shock) Noah, no don't say that. I ---

      NOAH: (yells) Shut up, don't say anything!

      Noah turns his back on Steven and slowly limps away in pain out of the cemetery. Steven stands stiff in shock as he watches Noah leaving the cemetery.

      CUT TO:


      We see Noah enter the store.

      CUT TO:


      Noah is looking through the book shelves in pain as he holds his side in pain.

      NOAH: (to self) Come on, come on! I know you have one.

      Noah then turns his head over to the check out counter where a lady stands behind it.

      NOAH: Can I ask you a question.

      LADY: Yeah, what is it?

      NOAH: Do you have any spell books that switches powers.

      CUT TO:


      Stacie and Rebecca are walking side by side.

      REBECCA: Thanks for coming with me to get the pizza.

      STACIE: No problem. Didn't have a lot to do anyways I don't want to be stuck in that stuffy apartment for any longer would drive me nuts!

      REBECCA: Yeah.

      Stacie pulls out a box of cigarettes from her jacket pocket. She pulls a cigarette and offers Rebecca one in a gesture.

      REBECCA: Yuck.

      STACIE: Your loss.

      Stacie places the cigarette in her mouth and lights it.

      REBECCA: No, your loss. Those things give you cancer.

      STACIE: I live in East Wick. There's more of a chance of me getting bit by a vampire or my neck snapped by a demon. I think I'm good.

      REBECCA: Whatever you say.

      Few seconds of silence.

      STACIE: So?. What's up with you and Steven?

      REBECCA: What do you mean?

      STACIE: Like are you guys going out? Friends with benefits? Which is it?

      REBCCA: I guess it's safe to say we're seeing each other.

      STACIE: (big smile) Are you guys sleeping together?

      REBECCA: Well we have slept in the same bed.

      STACIE: No, I'm talking about heavy kissing and loud moaning.

      REBECCA: Ew, Stacie your gross and that's none of your business.

      STACIE: Come on, I just want some dirt on Steven. He's such a goody to shoe.

      REBECCA: And what, sex would make him bad?

      STACIE: No. Normal.

      REBECCA: For your information, no. We have not had sex and never will until our feeling get stronger with each other.

      STACIE: Aw, isn't that's so Little house on the Prairie.

      REBECCA: Can we please talk about something else other than my sex life?

      STACIE: You mean your lack of one.

      REBECCA: (fake laugh) Funny. Then if you can interrogate me about who I'm sleeping with. What about you and Mr. Marty?

      STACIE: What about him?

      REBECCA: I know you guys slept together.

      STACIE: What gave you that impression?

      REBECCA: Last week when I heard you guys in the training room.

      STACIE: (laughing) Really?

      Rebecca nods.

      STACIE: (puts head down) Well, I miss him first off and I want him to come back. (looks at cigarette) He always told me to quit doing this.

      Stacie throws the cigarette to the ground.

      REBECCA: (sympathetic) You really miss him, huh?

      STACIE: (sighs) Yeah, I do. I miss him so much.

      REBECCA: I didn't know you cared about him so much.

      STACIE: (holding back tears) Yeah, I do. I love him in away I never loved anyone else. But I know he'll be back.

      REBECCA: Is it a love, love or a friendship love?

      STACIE: I don't know? Not like in married love, but just genuine love. (sighs) God I miss him.

      REBECCA: Don't worry about it, sweetie.

      STACIE: (sniffles) Yeah, I'm fine.

      Suddenly Alicia steps out in front of them.

      Rebecca and Stacie jump back.

      ALICIA: Hello ladies. (to Stacie) Watcha wining about?

      Rebecca looks frighten so does Stacie.

      STACIE: What are you doing here?

      ALICIA: Well I want something that you have. (looks at Rebecca) I mean that you have.

      REBECCA: What?

      ALICIA: Steven, where is he?

      REBECCA: Why do you need him? Do you really think we'll just come out and tell you?

      ALICIA: That's none of your business. Where is he?

      STACIE: Listen, you gargoyle bitch! We're not going to tell you where Steven is. So go drown in a ditch or something.

      ALICIA: (laughs) Oh! You found out my little secret, I see.

      STACIE: Yeah. And I've seen pictures of your true figure. You look way better as a gargoyle. The body you're wearing now, trailer trash sheik?

      ALICIA: Funny, but these catty insults are just making me more pissed.

      STACIE: Looking and listening to you pisses me off.

      Alicia quickly steps forward and smacks Stacie to the pavement. Rebecca attempts to run but is snatched off the ground by her neck. Alicia is holding Rebecca up in midair by her neck. Rebecca is wiggling and trying to pry Alicia's fingers from her neck.

      ALICIA: (stern) I'm gonna ask you once more. (yells) Where is he!

      Stacie stumbles to her feet as she wipes the blood from her mouth.

      STACIE: (to Alicia) You bitch!

      Stacie steps towards her.

      Alicia tightens her grip on Rebecca's neck. Rebecca moans in pain.

      ALICIA: (to Stacie) I suggest you stop right there, Stacie. If you don't your friend's head will bounce up and down this street.

      Stacie stops and looks up at Rebecca whose face is red.

      ALICIA: Where is he?

      Stacie looks at Alicia then back up at her dying friend.

      ALICIA: Stacie, it's your call if she dies or not?

      Rebecca's body goes limp and her arms fall lifelessly to her side.

      STACIE: (yells) He went patrolling!

      ALICIA: Where?

      STACIE: (holding back anger) There's only one grave yard in East Wick.

      ALICIA: (smiles) Thank you.

      STAICE: Now let her go!

      Alicia drops Rebecca to the pavement then turns and strolls off whistling a tune. Rebecca gasps for air and begins to cough as Stacie runs over to her aid.


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        ACT III


        We see a dumpster and a dim light is coming from behind it. The camera rotates around to the back of the dumpster. Noah is sitting Indian style with two candles lit in front of him and a witch craft book in his hands. He flips through the pages and stops at a page that reads 'Switch the Power and let it be'

        NOAH: (clears throat) Okay… here is goes.

        Noah grabs some green sand from a small sacked bag that is sitting next to him. He sprinkles it over the candles. Green smoke rises around Noah’s head. He looks down at the book and begins to read the text. Music begins to play ‘Bring me to life’ By: Evanescence in the background quietly.

        How can you see into my eyes like open doors
        leading you down into my core

        NOAH: (Latin text) Ex totus angulus of orbis terrarum. Terra , aer , incendia , quod unda. Take munia ut nos have suscipio quod swap lemma in mihi. (yells) Steven Grohtes!

        (Wake me up)
        Wake me up inside
        (I can’t wake up)
        Wake me up inside
        (Save me)

        Noah’s head flies back and he drops the book. The camera goes in on his eyes as they turn a milky white color.

        CUT TO:

        Call my name and save me from the dark
        (Wake me up)
        bid my blood to run
        (I can’t wake up)
        before I come undone
        (Save me)


        We see Steven walking with a stake in his hand. Suddenly he stops and his body goes stiff and his head flings back.

        CUT TO:


        Save me from the nothing I’ve become
        now that I know what I’m without
        you can't just leave me
        breathe into me and make me real
        bring me to life

        Noah lies down on the cold pavement as he shakes violently.

        CUT TO:


        (Wake me up)
        bid my blood to run
        (I can’t wake up)
        before I come undone
        (Save me)
        save me from the nothing I’ve become

        Steven collapses to his knees as he grabs his chest. His eyes turn a milky white color and he drops to the ground.

        (A woman’s whisper)
        Bring me to life.

        Steven’s eyes fling open and he gets to his feet. His face looks confused as he begins to touch all over him self. His hand moves down to his crotch and he grabs his privets.

        STEVEN: Wow! This isn’t mine, close but not mine.

        Steven walks over to a parked car and glares into the window of his reflection. His mouth drops as he studies his face.

        STEVEN: I’m Steven!

        CUT TO:


        Noah stumbles to his feet as he looks around the alley in confusion.

        NOAH: Where am I?

        Noah takes a step forward and steps on the candles. He looks down.

        NOAH: These aren’t my shoes.

        Noah runs out of the alleyway and onto a street. He runs over to a store window to look at his reflection.

        NOAH: (yells) I’m going to kick Noah’s ass!

        CUT TO:


        Noah storms in and goes over to the check out counter.

        NOAH: Excuse me!

        The woman turns around.

        WOMAN: You’re back again.

        NOAH: I was here before?

        WOMAN: Yeah.

        NOAH: What did I buy?

        WOMAN: (confused) Powers Enter Within volume three.

        NOAH: (to self) I’m going to kill him (to lady) Would you know how to reverse what ever spell I could do?

        WOMAN: The book is very powerful and only a upper class witch could reverse the spell.

        NOAH: (pissed) Great!

        Noah turns and storms out the shop.

        WOMAN: I could’ve done it.

        CUT TO:


        Steven is hopping down the side walk as he punches and kicks the air.

        STEVEN: I feel so powerful.

        Steven does a spin kick then something catches his leg. It’s vampire with two of his friends.

        VAMPIRE #1: Hello slayer.

        STEVEN: (smiles) That’s the Demon Slayer to you!

        Steven leaps in the air and into multiple back flips as he kicks Vampire#1 in the face. Steven lands on all fours with a smile.

        VAMPIRE#2: You’re going to die.

        STEVEN: You wish.

        Vampire#2 charges at Steven. Steven pulls a stake from his inner pocket from his jacket as he stands to his feet.

        STEVEN: (taunting) Come on!

        Steven throws a punch but Vampire#2 ducks and comes back up with a uppercut to Steven’s face. Steven stumbles back but recovers quickly with a spin kick to the vampire’s face. Vampire#2 falls to the ground with a thump. Steven kneels down and stakes the vamp. (dust) He stands to his feet as the last two creatures of the night growl and snarls at him.

        STEVEN: Come on you two. I’m waiting.

        They both charge at the same time. Steven jumps into the air and flips over Vampire#1 and #3. He lands as the vampires halt to a stop and turn to Steven, now even angrier.

        STEVEN: Ready to die!?

        CUT TO:

        The vampires falls into dust and Steven is revealed behind them with a smile.

        STEVEN: (amazed; to self) That was a sexy feeling! (he studies his hands) And the powers that I feel and have.

        MALE’S VOICE (O/S): You mean my power!

        Steven swirls around to see Noah approaching him.

        NOAH: (yells) What the hell did you do! (demanding) Give me my body back!

        Noah snatches Steven by his jacket and violently pulls him close.

        NOAH: (angered) Give me back my body you son of a bitch!

        STEVEN: (smile) No.

        Noah pulls back his arm ready to punch. He thrust his arm forward but Steven catches his punch.

        STEVEN: You’re funny.

        NOAH: I want my body back!

        STEVEN: Steven! You’ll get your body back when I’m ready!

        NOAH: (furious: yelling) I want it back now, and your gonna give it to me!

        Noah pushes Steven away.

        NOAH: You bitch!

        Noah throws a kick to Steven’s head but Steven catches his foot.

        STEVEN: I love having all this power. It’s really great, but to tell you the truth I didn’t mean to take your body. I meant to take your power, but something went wacky and this happened.

        NOAH: I don’t wanna hear it! Give me my damn body back!

        STEVEN: Not now! And by the way, why haven’t you slept with Rebecca yet? Your johnson is pretty big. It’s ashamed you let that fine ass go to waste. Maybe I should stop at her house and give her the ride of her life.

        NOAH: (yells; furious) You bipolar, crazy, bitch don’t you touch her!

        STEVEN: (angered) That was a mistake.

        Steven grips Noah’s leg that he still has in his grasp and throws him across the street, landing on top of a parked car. Noah rolls off the car and smacks the pavement in pain. Steven makes his way across the street with a cocky smile. Steven approaches Noah, he is moaning in pain on the ground. Steven snatches Noah up to his feet and pins him against the car.

        STEVEN: Listen, I’m the slayer now and your Noah. So you need to get use to that you pathetic coward.

        NOAH: (weak) You’re the coward! You had to become me to feel like a man, how pathetic is that?

        Steven clinches his jaw in anger. A hand lands on Steven and spins him around. He is faced with Alicia. Noah slides to the ground.

        ALICIA: Steven, why are you beating on defenseless little boys?

        STEVEN: (scared) Alicia!

        ALICIA: That’s my name don’t wear it out. (beat) I’ve been looking all over for you.

        STEVEN: (fighting stance) Stay back!

        ALICIA: (laughs) You and that fighting stance.

        STEVEN: What do you want!

        ALICIA: You.

        Alicia throws a solid punch to Steven’s face.

        BLACK OUT

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          Rebecca is sitting on the couch rubbing her bruised neck.

          REBECCA: (to self) Ouch.

          Stacie enters with a hot mug of tea in her hand.

          STACIE: (to Rebecca) Here ya go.

          Stacie hands the mug to Rebecca.

          REBECCA: Thanks.

          Rebecca takes a sip, and then follows a cough.

          STACIE: Take your time.

          Stacie takes a seat in the recliner across the room.

          REBECCA: I hope Steven and Noah are okay.

          STACIE: I know.

          REBECCA: Wow, I didn't know how strong Alicia was until now.

          STACIE: I know, that's the scary part of fighting this battle. The first has a pretty good army so far. The vampires, demons and the dead demon slayers. Don't forget about Alicia. I mean Alicia, alone she can kick our ass.

          REBECCA: We just have to fight back, even if it is to our death.

          Suddenly the door opens and Noah storms in. He has anger stretched across his face and his fist is balled.

          NOAH: (yells) Where is Fredeth?

          STACIE: He ran to the store, why? And what happened to you, why do you have that cut on your forehead?

          NOAH: I'm going to kick your brother's ass! That's what's wrong with me!

          STACIE: I don't know if you missed something, but you are my brother.

          NOAH: No, I'm not. I'm Steven.

          REBECCA: What?

          Noah looks over to Rebecca and notice the bruise on her neck.

          NOAH: (to Rebecca) Baby, what happened?

          He heads over to Rebecca and gives her a hug following a kiss on the forehead.

          STACIE: (appalled) NOAH!

          Rebecca slaps Noah across the face.

          NOAH: Ouch! What you do that for.

          REBECCA: You kissed me and in a passionate way!

          NOAH: I told you I'm not Noah!

          STACIE: (not buying it) Then who are you?

          Noah goes to the middle of the room.

          NOAH: I'm Steven! (to Stacie) Your bipolar brother switched our bodies!

          REBECCA: (in shock) Are you serious!?

          NOAH: (yells) Yes! And guess what else happened! (beat) That Alicia bitch took my body!
          Well Noah!

          STACIE: (worried) What do you mean by took?

          NOAH: (frantic) This bitch walks up, punches Noah and took my body!

          REBECCA: (to Stacie) She said she wanted you. (corrects her self ; to Steven) I - I mean you. That's how I got this bruise on my neck. She attacked us.

          NOAH: She did?

          REBECCA: Yeah.

          NOAH: (studying her neck) You okay?

          REBECCA: Yeah.

          STACIE: I know what my brother did was stupid but we have to get him back.

          NOAH: (sighs) I know that. That's why we need Fredeth.

          REBECCA: How are we going to get Noah back?

          The camera pans the three of their worried faces.

          CUT TO:

          INT - HELL MOUTH - NIGHT

          We see Steven sitting in a metal frame, built chair. His bare feet and hands are tired up with barbed wires and his shirt is off. Steven seems to be coming in and out of consciousness. He finally lifts his head and looks around with confusion.

          STEVEN: (mutters) Where am I?

          His bottom lip seems to be swollen with a cut on it. He notices the huge pool of blood that is inches away from him.

          STEVEN: What the hell!

          Alicia approaches him and kneels down next to him.

          ALICIA: Hey, honey pie.

          STEVEN: What do you want with me?

          ALICIA: Hmmm. Your blood I think, I'm not to sure on that part, but she is.

          Alicia stands to her feet and walks off as Selma steps up to Steven, she towers over him.

          ALICIA: (tight lipped) Who are you?

          SELMA: (laughing) You think blondy over there is bad. You have no clue what I'm capable of?

          Selma then pulls a long, sharp, shiny knife from her cleavage.

          SELMA: I love sharp objects. Don't you?

          Selma then jams the knife strait through Steven left hand. Steven's head flies back as he lets out a loud yell.

          SELMA: (laughing) How about another for the road.

          Selma pulls another knife out and jams it into Steven's right hand.

          STEVEN: (agony, pain) STOP IT! PLEASE!

          Steven looks up at Selma who is laughing as tears are exiting Steven's eyes. He begs for mercy.

          STEVEN: (begging) Please stop, don't do it again.

          Kitty comes into view next to Selma holding a sword. Kitty hands the sword to Selma.

          SELMA: Kitty, thank you.

          Kitty nods then walks off.

          Steven eyes are fixed on the sword. His face is full of fear and terror as Selma raises the blade over Steven.

          STEVEN: (crying) Please, don't!

          Selma swings the knife down swiftly, the blade slashes across Steven's face.

          STEVEN: (scream) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

          BLACK OUT

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
          East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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