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Farewell, a Twilight drabble (PG-13)

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  • Farewell, a Twilight drabble (PG-13)

    Title : Farewell

    Author : Marie ( ~M@rie~)

    Fandom: Twilight Series

    Characters: Bella/Jacob (gasp!)

    Rating: PG-13 I guess

    Beta Reader: Jo (Veverka)

    Warning: Don’t read unless you have read Eclipse.

    Summary: Spoilers - This drabble is from Jacob’s POV and shows his thoughts concerning Bella marrying Edward and becoming a vampire.

    This can’t really be happening. This can’t be real. I must be dreaming. She can’t go off and marry that jerk and then sacrifice her mortality to be with him. Who am I kidding? Of course she can and she will.

    My love will abandon me and live a life full of pain and despair. She will be lost in a sea of confusion and she will try her hardest to fight the urge that will course through her. The transformation will damn her and she will lose who she is in the process.

    She won't be able to be around me anymore. We'll be enemies and we'll despise each other. This is a thing I won't be able to bear. She told me that things won’t change; that they will stay the same. But I know they will change.

    Looking through her bedroom window, I watch her one last time with pain and tears filling my eyes.

    With this last look, I bid farewell to my angel.


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