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The new companion: A Buffy/Doctor Who crossover ficlet

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  • The new companion: A Buffy/Doctor Who crossover ficlet

    "?.so then I realized that the portal wasn't gonna reopen, and here I am, stuck in a dimension without magic, and?" Willow shrugged. "Them's the breaks."

    She was walking across a field, in a strange dimension, with an odd, chirpy British man. Except he wasn't a man, he was an alien. The Doctor. That reminded her of something.

    "Say, you weren't ever in Sunnydale in my dimension were you?around 2002?selling demon eggs? Cause, if you were?someone back home got way wrongfully accused."

    The Doctor shook his head. "Never been. Though, sounds like fun. If you give me long enough, I might be able to take you back there. No promises, but maybe."

    Willow nodded. "Thanks."

    "But til then?you could come with me?"

    "Sure. It's not like there's an elsewhere I should be."

    "Ooh, there it is!" The Doctor pointed to a blue box just over the hedge of the next field. He hopped over the fence and Willow followed him, slightly less sprightly in her heels.

    Once inside, she did a double take. "You're sure there's no magic in this dimension? Cos, with the bigger on the inside?"

    "No magic. Just physics."

    "I'm kinda getting that they're not all that different." Willow went over to the controls. "Wow. I gotta get me one of these."

    "It's one of a kind, I'm afraid."
    Willow looked all around her at the impossible room. "May I take a moment to say?wow?"

    The Doctor grinned. "Everybody does."

    For their first trip, they travelled to the Praetorian Galaxy in the 66th century. But, before they set off, the Doctor turned to her and said?

    "I should warn you ? after what happened with my last companion, Martha?I think it's only fair to mention, you probably shouldn't fall in love with me. It ended up going a leetle bit sour.." He made a face, but didn't expand.

    Willow put her hands on her hips, crossly. "Hey! Two things, mister." She held up a finger. "One, hello, arrogant! What makes you think you're that loveable?"


    Willow held up a second finger. "And, two, gay here, so, not even an option. So your alien bunnies are safe, not gonna get boiled. Ok?"

    The Doctor nodded.

    "So let's get going, Doc."

    And off they went.

    The Beginning...

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --