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Fade to Grey a Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes fic

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  • Fade to Grey a Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes fic

    Title: Fade to Grey
    Description: An exploration of Sam Tyler's final moments
    Disclaimer: Not mine, no money

    The water was coming in faster and faster now, boiling up from the cars footwell, foam floating lazily on its brownish green surface. Sam knew it was too late for the doors. The sheer weight of the water pressing against them and fizzing into the cars interior where the seal was less than perfect would make them impossible to open. No, he had to face it; he was trapped, and as the car drifted, carried away from the shore by the fast moving river, he was further and further from help.

    So this was it. This was the way it ended. He knew there was nothing left for him back in what he increasingly thought of as ?the other place'. No time left in which to live. Now it looked like he was out of options here. Still it had been a good seven years. Seven years in which he'd helped to make the world a better place, seven years in which he'd actually made a difference.

    Oh my god, Oh my god!

    What happened?

    Gene was still Gene of course. It would take a lot longer than seven years to change a man like him. Sam had to admit though that as their working relationship had cemented and gradually changed into grudging friendship he's seen subtle changes in his DCI. The sledgehammer was still his weapon of choice but it was if he was wielding it with a little bit more control, choosing when and where to apply the force of his full frontal attacks to best effect. As the years passed Sam had also seen those same years lay a heavy burden on Gene's shoulders. He was no longer master of all he surveyed. The passage of the years had changed the game, binding the proud ?Gene genie' in red tape and chains of command. Well now he'd have to deal with the beauracrats all by himself.

    I think he fell.

    No, no he jumped I saw, he took a running jump from the top of the flaming building!

    Sam shook his head trying to focus, trying to hold on to the memories. The car lurched as the weight of the engine finally told, pulling the car forward and down; waves of dirty water lapping over the bonnet. Ray and Chris would be fine of course. They'd just carry right on following the leader, looking to Gene for their direction. They weren't bad coppers really; Chris particularly had a brain in there despite appearances to the contrary and Ray was at the very least loyal and tenacious.

    Abulance is on its way! Hold on mate, just hang in there.

    Oh god, look at all the blood. Is he??

    The water was up to his neck now and rising fast. Sam stretched, trying to keep his mouth and nose as far away from the acrid stench of the river as possible, straining for the limited air trapped in the car with him. Of course there was one person who he'd miss more than the rest put together: Annie; sweet, beautiful Annie.

    Oh for one more dimpled smile, one more lingering look from those big clear eyes, one last kiss. The last seven years could have been so hard, so soul sappingly frustrating but they had been made a perfect heaven for Sam because, all because of her. It was her love, her faith, her simple unwavering belief in him had been the single most important things in drawing him back to this world. Annie was everything to Sam. Annie was his world.

    Stand aside. We need some space here. This man is badly injured

    Sam, it says here his name's Sam

    Finally the water closed above him lifting him from the seat making him feel strangely weightless. The car turned as it fell through the water, spiralling towards the river bed with a slow grace; almost a serenity, as it descended through the murky depths. Sam allowed himself to float, trying to keep the image of the woman he loved before him as the final breath was ripped from him and he took in the first gasping mouthful of cold, sour water; trying so desperately to cling to to the memory of her face as the last remnants of colour drained out of his world, leaving behind it only a dim, murky twilight that in turn slowly faded and died.

    Annie, oh Annie, I'm so sorry.

    He's slipping away from us.




    The end..?
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