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Unwatched: a season 8 poem

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  • Unwatched: a season 8 poem

    A poem about Buffy and Giles, inspired by...well, a chain of things really. But it all started with Pepe the seagull


    When I last made my confession to you
    You laughed, we both did
    Bent over the gym horse
    In the back room
    While danger hummed outside
    We were helpless with the giggles

    Darkness was simpler
    Than this candlelit castle
    It threw no shadows
    I was sleeping with Spike
    This amused you
    You saw me in tatters, wrecked
    And you still approved.

    Daddy was home
    (Or a rakish uncle like him)
    And all was well
    Because you were there

    Now I'm sleeping with my students
    Stealing diamonds
    Doing deals with Dracula
    I think you wouldn't laugh with me now
    But I'm safe from your judgement
    Because you're gone.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --