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Demon Slayer: 1.04 " In From the Cold, We Slept"

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  • Demon Slayer: 1.04 " In From the Cold, We Slept"

    The Demon Slayer
    Episode: 1.04 "In from the Cold, We Slept"
    Re - Released
    This Episode has been re-edited and changes have been made.


    Caption: New York City


    We see a young man in his teens with shaggy blonde hair, sprinting through a crowd of people.

    TEENAGE BOY: Help!

    The camera expands back to see a vampire and two bringers closely behind him. He turns a corner into a dark, dead end alleyway.

    TEENAGE BOY: Damn!

    He turns around to see the two bringers and vampire entering the alleyway, blocking the way out.

    TEENAGE BOY: (uneasy) Come on guys, what’s all this for?

    He steps back as the enemies step closer. The vampire lets out a growl as he leaps in the air at the Teenage Boy. The Teenage Boy swiftly moves out of the way and the vampire tumbles to the ground, missing his target. The Bringers charge with knives in hand. The teenage boy grabs Bringer#1’s hand as he spins around, elbowing Bringer#2 in the face. Bringer#2 stumbles back then the boy extends his leg kicking Bringer#2 to the pavement. He spins around again then breaks Bringer#1’s neck.

    TEENAGE BOY: One down, two to go.

    The vampire charges at the Young boy once more and tackles him to the ground. The teenage boy fights to get up as the vampire is giving him several blows to his face.

    TEENAGE BOY: Get off of me!

    The Bringer#2 hands the vampire a knife.

    TEENAGE BOY: (screams) NO!!!!!!!

    The vampire slit’s Teenage Boy’s throat, killing him. The creature of the night drops the teenage boy’s head to the ground and wipes the knife off clean. Then hands it back to Bringer#2. The vampire picks the teen up and throws him over his shoulder and exit’s the alleyway with the Bringer by his side.




    Theme Song: “Helena” by My Chemical Romance

    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Sean Faris - Noah King
    Danneel Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel - Casey Odelia
    Emily VanCamp - Rebecca Adams
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson

    Drew Fuller - Kyle
    Lee Thompson Young - Dink
    Jamie Johnston - Teenage Boy

    Katie Cassidy - Minxie Reuben
    Cameron Richardson - Alicia Lennon
    Ernest Waddell - Marty Jackson





    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this Fan -Fic, its for fun. DS is also affiliated with Riley The Series by BlasterBoy (Ben) and Produced by Different Dimensions INC.
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    ACT I


    Steven, Minxie, Casey, Marty and Stacie are standing in a circle holding candles.

    STACIE: (annoyed) Guys it didn’t work, the portal isn’t opening up here.

    MARTY: I hate to admit this, but I think your right.

    CASEY: The spell didn’t work.

    STACIE: Yeah, that sucks. Okay can we go now?

    MINXIE: When that portal opens we have to be there to get that book of Camarin from the
    Calarkin demons!

    STACIE: Minxie, don’t you think we know that. We can’t just search every inch and crevasse of East Wick. (Beat) Marty thought he felt energy surrounding this place and he was wrong. For all we know the Calarkin demons haven’t even left Htob.

    They all begin to blow out their candles.

    MINXIE: I’m just trying to help you guys out.

    STACIE: I’m sorry new girl you aren’t helping.

    Minxie throws her a dirty look but doesn’t muster up confidence to say anything back.

    CASEY: (sympathetic) Minxie, I hate to admit this but Stacie has a good point.

    Minxie sighs and rolls her eyes.

    MINXIE: (angered) I don’t care anymore!

    Minxie approaches the others and snatches the candles from each their hands and shoving them angrily into a brown backpack.

    STACIE: Well I’m hungry. Well… Marty and I are getting some pizza at Johnny’s, you guys wanna go?

    CASEY: No, Steven and me kinda have a job to do.

    Casey gestures to the graveyard behind her. Steven looks disappointed.

    STEVEN: That sucks.

    Stacie turns to Minxie.

    STACIE: (fake smile) You wanna go?

    MINXIE: (curt) No.

    STACIE: Okay then. Bye.

    Stacie grabs Marty by his arm and drags him off.

    MARTY: (to others) See ya’ guys.

    STEVEN: This job sucks.

    CASEY: Rule number one, sacrifices.

    Casey turns to Minxie.

    CASEY: Are you okay?

    MINXIE: (curt) I’m fine.

    CASEY: Are you sure?

    STEVEN: No. I know what she‘s thinking. (Pause) Stacie is a bitch.

    Minxie snickers.

    CASEY: (appalled) Steven!

    STEVEN: (defensive) She is.

    Suddenly in the distance they hear scuffling and fighting.

    STEVEN: What is that?

    CASEY: Someone or something is fighting.

    STEVEN: (unsure) Lets go?

    CASEY: Yup.

    Casey breaks out into a sprint across the graveyard as Steven and Minxie run close behind her. They approach two young men fighting off two vampires and one bringer.

    STEVEN: (to self) Can’t believe I’m gonna do this!

    Steven uses a headstone as a boost and jumps through the air, kicking Vampire#1 in the chest. Vampire #1 stumbles away from Young Man#1. Vampire#2 charges at Steven from behind. Casey runs up and turns Vampire#2 around before he reaches Steven.

    CASEY: Hello.

    She punches him across the face.

    CASEY: (to Steven) Headstone thing. Nice move.

    She goes back to fighting.

    The two young men both take on the one Bringer. Young Man #1 kicks the bringer across the face then Young Man#2 runs up behind the bringer, taking the Bringer’s knife.

    YOUNG MAN#2: Peace out.

    Young Man#2 slit’s the bringer’s throat.

    Cut to: Minxie turns and runs over to her friend’s aid. Vampire#1 leaps to his feet and starts to circle Steven. Steven doesn’t take his eyes off of the creature.

    VAMPIRE#1: You must be a Demon Slayer.

    STEVEN: Ding, ding, ding!

    Steven kicks and misses.

    VAMPIRE#1: (laughing) You tickle me.

    Steven throws a punch, the vampire ducks.

    VAMPIRE#1: (laughing) Wow, you suck!

    The vampire looks over to Casey who is whaling on Vampire#2.

    VAMPIRE#1: Now, she’s kicking ass.

    Cut to: Casey kicking Vampire#2 in the face. She pulls a stake from her black leather jacket and plunges the stake into the vampire’s chest, dust.
    Cut back to Steven and Vampire#1.

    VAMPIRE#1: See.

    Out of nowhere Minxie jumps on Vampire#1’s back and repeatedly hits the creature over the head with her stake.

    MINXIE: How do you like that!

    Steven stands back with a confused look.

    STEVEN: What are you doing?

    MINXIE: Helping you!

    Vampire#1 grabs Minxie by her jacket and violently flips her over his shoulder. She hits the ground with a thump. Minxie stagers to her feet and pulls her arm up ready to stake. Vampire#1 punches her across the face. She falls to the grown.

    STEVEN: Hey!

    Steven grabs the Vampire#1 by his shoulder and spins him around. Vampire#1 turns with a punch but Steven blocks it with his for arm and stakes him. The vampire explodes into dust.

    STEVEN: (excited) Yes!

    Casey approaches with a smile,

    CASEY: You still get excited with a slay?

    STEVEN: Yeah, it feels so exhilarating. I get the flutters in my stomach.

    CASEY: I guess that’s good.

    MINXIE O/S: A little help.

    Casey and Steven look to the ground to see Minxie trying to get to her feet.

    STEVEN: Oh!

    Steven helps her up. Minxie lifts her head and there is a cut on her bottom lip

    STEVEN: Are you okay?

    MINXIE: (in pain) I’ll live.

    The two Young Man approach the others. Their faces look battered and bruised.

    CASEY: Who are you guys?

    YOUNG MAN: We’re Demon Slayers.

    Steven’s eyes open with surprise.

    CUT TO:


    The two Young Men are sitting on the couch as Casey is standing over them cleaning the cuts on their faces. She is wearing fitted blue jeans, black tank - top and black and white converse. Casey presses a band-aid onto Young Man#1’s forehead.

    YOUGN MAN#1: Ouch!

    CASEY: Sorry, Kyle.

    KYLE: Its fine.

    She moves over to Young Man #2 and places a band-aid under his left eye.

    CASEY: Okay Dink, all better.
    Casey stands to her feet.

    DINK: Thanks.

    She backs up from the couch as Steven and Minxie enters the room. Minxie is wearing low - cut, fitted blue jeans and a pink fitted top with a gray jacket pulled over it. Steven is wearing a black zip-up sweatshirt and blue jeans.

    CASEY: Did you talk to Fredeth?

    STEVEN: Yeah, him and Noah are on their way.

    CASEY: Good.

    MINXIE: I can call Marty and Stacie.

    CASEY: That’s a good idea, thanks.

    MINXIE: No prob.

    Minxie exit’s the room as she pulls her cell phone from her jacket pocket.

    Casey then turns to Kyle and Dink.

    CASEY: The 411 on you guys?

    KYLE: A couple of weeks ago I was leaving work and I was attached by some bringers. Then a guy named James Clark, who I found out later he was my watcher, saved me. He filled me in on the whole destiny thing and that’s when I met him. Kyle gestures to Dink.

    DINK: Yeah, James was my watcher too. He told us if anything happen we should head to England to the Watcher’s Council. But when a seer contacted us and told us that we should head to East Wick, we did.

    STEVEN: (confused) Why would it be bad to go to the watcher’s council? That would be the safest place to go.

    Casey nods

    DINK: I don’t know, she told us don’t go so we didn’t. I figured it’s better to be safe then sorry.
    Minxie walks back in as she slips her cell phone back into her jacket pocket.

    MINXIE: Marty and Stacie are on their way.

    STEVEN: Okay.

    CASEY: (continuing) Also, why would the bringers still be after demon slayers. You guys aren’t potentials anymore.

    KYLE: That’s what we were thinking, are watcher actually said something before a bringer killed him.

    CASEY: What?

    KYLE: (sighs) He said something about the Demon Slayer line being tainted and something was wrong with it.

    Minxie walks in closer.

    MINXIE: (intrigued) What do you mean?

    KYLE: He also said things haven’t been feeling right. Like off balanced.

    MINXIE: It makes since. Like when Willow did the wakening spell to awaken the Demon Slayer‘s line, she fell into a coma. She told me the first time she did that back in Sunnydale her hair was white and she felt amazing. That didn’t look amazing with the veins and the black eyes.

    STEVEN: So… if the Demon Slayer line is tainted, what do we do?

    MINXIE: First, we wait for Fredeth to get here. Then we figure out what’s wrong with the Demon Slayer line. (Sighs) By doing that we have to go back to Rome where Willow found the sickle. But I can’t be sure; we’d have to talk to Fredeth.

    KYLE: Sickle?

    MINXIE: The traditional Demon Slayer weapon as Willow called. It’s what got you guys your powers.

    STEVEN: How in the hell do we go about doing that? We can’t just get a ticket to Rome and fly there.

    MINXIE: Not if you work for the council. I‘ll give them a call. (turns to Steven) Do you know where the sickle would be?

    STEVEN: (shrugs) Don’t know, Fredeth has it. He hid it from me. Doesn’t think I can handle it.

    MINXIE: Ok… we’ll just ask him when he gets here.

    CASEY: I just thought of something…. Do you think that the book of Camarin has anything to do with the Demon Slayer line being tainted?

    MINXIE: Yeah, I think it has a lot to do with it. That’s why The First is so damn eager to get his non - existing hands on it.

    Minxie face lightens up.

    MINXIE: I have an idea. (turns to Steven) Can I see your car keys.

    Steven face grows confused as he digs in his pocket and throws her the keys.

    MINXIE: (smile) Thanks, Ill be back.

    She turns and heads for the door.

    STEVEN: (yells) Be careful I just got it fixed.

    Minxie doesn’t turns around and she exit’s the front door as Rebecca enters with a tray of coffees in hands. Steven face lightens with happiness as she enters the living room.

    STEVEN: (smile) Rebecca!

    Rebecca looks around the room.

    REBECCA: Am I interrupting something?

    STEVEN: No. Not really. Slayer stuff.

    REBECCA: Oh, do you want me to leave?

    STEVEN: (snaps) No!

    REBECCA: Okay… Well I brought coffee for everyone.
    CASEY: Coffee, you brought coffee!?

    Rebecca nods.

    CASEY: (excited) I love her!

    Casey approaches Rebecca and shakes her hand.

    CASEY: Hi Rebecca. I’m Casey I’ve heard a lot about you.

    REBECCA: Hi Casey, coffee?

    CASEY: (eager) Yes!

    Casey picks up one of the coffees from the tray and quickly begins to drink it as she walks back over to the couch.

    REBECCA: I was driving home and saw that you guys were in here. I figured there was a meeting going on so I thought coffee.

    Kyle and Dink stand to their feet and each grab a coffee then head back to their seats.

    Steven walks over to her and grabs a coffee.

    STEVEN: Thanks.

    He leans in and gives her a soft kiss on the lips. They break apart with smiles. We see Kyle, Dink and Casey staring at them in the background with smiles.

    DINK: (whisper; to Casey) They must like each other? I meant really like each other.

    CASEY: (grin; whisper) Yeah, they do.

    KYLE: (joking; referring to Steven) What a dork.

    The three of them burst out in laughter. Steven and Rebecca look over at them in confusion.

    CUT TO:


    Steven, Casey, Marty, Noah, Rebecca, and Stacie are scattered round the room as Fredeth is standing in the middle of the floor talking.

    FREDETH: I know everyone is asking the question “Why The First would want Demon Slayers in its possession?” I do believe the theory of the Demon Slayer line is tainted in some way. First, we have to get the book of Camarin. What ever it’s for, it’s to help The First progress in its wishes. So we have to take that away from it. By doing that. (turns to Marty) I want you to do another Tellalina spell to see if there are anymore riffs in the dimensions around here.

    MARTY: Okay.

    Fredeth turns to Steven, Kyle and Dink.
    FREDETH: Since The First wants you guys as it’s constellation price. We’re going to use you guys as bate.

    DINK: What!?

    FREDETH: Listen. We’re going to go patrolling and I’m sure agents of The First will show up, hopefully a vampire. We get the vampire make it talk and get our answers.

    Fredeth then turns to Rebecca.

    FREDETH: And you are?

    REBECCA: Steven’s friend.

    FREDETH: Oh, Rebecca.

    REBECCA: I’ve heard a lot about you and your ability.

    Rebecca turns to Steven with a stern look.

    REBECCA: (curt) Really?

    Steven nervously stares ahead not making eye contact with Rebecca.

    FREDETH: Are you in with us?

    REBECCA: Yes.

    FREDETH: Okay. I‘m going to be straight with you it will be tough and you could die.

    REBECCA: (unsure) Really?

    STEVEN: Fredeth!

    FREDETH: It’s true. (to Rebecca) So are you in or not?

    REBECCA: I’m in.

    FREDETH: (turn to Casey) You go with Marty and Stacie.

    CASEY: Okay.

    NOAH: And me?

    FREDETH: We need as much man power, so you with us.

    NOAH: Okay.

    FREDETH: (Steven) Where’s Minxie?

    STEVEN: She had a lead on the book of Camarin.

    FREDETH: Ok… I guess. Lets go and everyone grab a weapon from my van.

    Everyone exit’s the house.


    We see Steven’s red Mustang GT pull in front of the shop. Minxie then climbs out and enters Well Magic

    CUT TO:


    She heads over to the front counter. The lady behind the counter turns from the shelf.

    LADY: (smile) Welcome to Well Magic.

    MIXNIE: Hi, I’m looking for something.

    LADY: And what would that be?

    MINXIE: I need a Hogelen Sphere.

    LADY: Ahhh… You need a Hogelen Sphere?

    MIXNIE: Yes, do you have any?

    LADY: You’re lucky we have one left. They’re very rare and we only have them in stock once a year. Actually a blonde girl came in earlier today and bought three of them. She wanted all of them but I thought I sold them all. (Pause) But it was one left I didn’t see.

    The lady bends down behind the counter and pulls out a black class sphere.

    LADY: Here you go.

    The Lady places the sphere in a box of bubble rap and slides it into a plastic bag.

    LADY: That will be twenty-two dollars, please.

    Minxie pays her as The Lady hands her the bag.

    LADY: Here you go.

    MINXIE: Thanks.

    Minxie turns and proceeds out the door.

    WOMAN’S VOICE O/S: Opening a portal, huh?

    Minxie stops and turns around to face Alicia.

    MINXIE: Do I know you?

    Alicia swings her arm up swiftly, backhanding Minxie to the face. Minxie flies back, twirling through the store and smashes through the front window, landing and tumbling onto the pavement outside.

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      ACT II


      Minxie is lying on the sidewalk unconscious. Blood is coming from her nose and bottom lip. The Lady in the store screaming uncontrollably. Alicia exit's the store onto the sidewalk and walks over Minxie's body. She kneels down and snatches the bag that is clenched in Minxie's hand.

      ALICIA: I believe this is mine.

      She stands to her feet and looks down at Minxie with a smile. Alicia is wearing skin-tight black jeans, black fitted belly shirt, under a black jean jacket. Her hair is pulled back into a perfect ponytail.

      ALICIA: Sorry, did that hurt?

      Camera cuts to Minxie unconscious body then cuts back to Alicia.

      ALICIA: (sarcastic) No answer? Hmmm, I'm leaving know, you have a good day.

      Alicia turns on her heels and strolls slowly down the sidewalk.

      CUT TO:


      Casey, Marty and Stacie are standing in a circle holding candles. Hovering in the middle of the circle is a pale blue energy ball. The three of them blow their candles out and sit them on the coffee table.

      CASY: So, we follow it?

      MARTY: Yeah, hopefully it leads us to the portal opening.

      Stacie places her hand on Marty's shoulder.

      STACIE: It'll work.

      The ball floats through the door.

      STACIE: Let's follow it.

      They open the front door and quickly follow behind the hovering ball.

      CUT TO:


      We see a street of small shops. Marty, Stacie and Casey are quickly following behind the pale blue energy ball. As they walk Stacie spots Minxie lying on the pavement up ahead.

      STACIE: Minxie!

      They all sprint over to her and kneel down beside her.

      MARTY: (shocked) What the happened to her?

      STACIE: (worried) She's hurt really bad.

      Casey notices the shattered glass everywhere and the large broken window.
      CASEY: Someone threw her through the window.

      Marty looks up at the ball floating away from them.

      MARTY: Stacie, stay with Minxie and get her out of here. Casey comes with me.

      Marty grabs Casey's hand and pulls her to her feet as they run after the energy ball. Stacie stays behind with Minxie. She digs into Minxie's jacket pocket and pulls out keys. Stacie turns to see Steven's car parked on the street.

      Stacie: (sighs of relief) Thank god, thought I was going to have to carry your ass.

      CUT TO:


      Steven, Fredeth, Rebecca, Noah, Dink, and Kyle are strolling side by side.

      FREDETH: (to Dink and Kyle) Have you guys had any training?

      DINK: James taught us the basics and that's about it. It was so crazy and hectic we were always on the run. So he didn't have the time.

      KYLE: That's why those vampires and that bringer earlier kicked our ass.

      REBECCA: This whole atmosphere is very strange. Never walked around in a dark, gloomy cemetery at night looking for trouble before.

      STEVEN: Welcome to my life. You like?

      NOAH: (snickers; under breath) Your life.

      Steven throws him a dirty look.

      REBECCA: (unsure) It's not that bad I guess. (Pause) So when do these things usually attack?

      STEVEN: Now!

      Steven swiftly spins around as a bringer swings down his knife. Steven catches the bringer #1's hands and throws him to the ground. Steven snatches the knife from his grasp. Steven kneels down and stabs Bringer#1 in the chest, killing it. Steven looks up at the others who look surprised.

      STEVEN: Get ready we're surrounded.

      Everyone steps back as vampires and bringers come rushing in from all sides. Rebecca holds up her battle-axe ready to swing.

      REBECCA: Oh god!

      Bringer#2 rushes at Rebecca, she looks around franticly.

      REBECCA: What the hell?!

      Rebecca throws her battle-axe to the ground and gives an evil grin at the bringer that is approaching her.

      REBECCA: Like flames?

      Rebecca generates a flame from the palm of her hand and whips it at Bringer#2. He dodges it as Rebecca throws another, hitting bringer #2 in the chest. She looks to the left as a vampire leaps in the air coming at her. Rebecca throws a fireball, hitting the vampire directly in the face. The vampire explodes into dust.

      Cut to:

      Noah pulls out his stake as a vampire rushes at him. The vampire swings and Noah catches the vampire's hand then stakes him, dust. Another grabs Noah from behind and spins him around following a punch to his face. Noah stumbles back; he lifts his head up with his game face.

      NOAH: Ouch!

      Noah comes back with a left hook then a right hook. The vampire falls back to the ground. Noah kneels down and stakes it.

      Cut to:

      Dink kicks Vampire#1 across the face as Vampire#2 rushes behind him. Dink turns and throws a punch but misses. Vampire#2 spins, elbowing Dink in the back of the head. Dink falls to the ground, out cold.

      Cut to:

      Kyle throws a vampire to the ground as he looks over at Dink falling.

      KYLE: (yells) Dink!

      Kyle tries to get over to Dink but is stopped by two vamps, blocking his path. Kyle punches Vampire#3 across the face as he pulls out a stake and plunges it into Vampire#4's chest. It falls into dust as it does Kyle witnesses Dink getting dragged away by the Bringers.

      KYLE: (yells) No, Dink!

      Vampire#3 tornado kicks Kyle to the head. Kyle hits the ground.

      CUT TO:


      Marty and Casey stop as the ball stops and hovers in the middle of the playground.

      CASEY: Is it working?

      MARTY: I don't know, it's never done this before.

      The ball of energy rapidly grows larger.

      MARTY: And that's never happened.

      The energy ball is now a large portal that is blowing wind every which way. Two large figures is thrown from the portal, landing on Casey and Marty. They tumble to the ground, Casey smashes into a picnic table. She hops to her feet and studies the figures as they get to their feet. The figures come into view and it's the Calarkin demons. Casey notices a large brown book in Calarkin #1's hand.

      CASEY: He has the book!

      Both of the Calarkin's break out into a sprint away from Casey and Marty.

      CASEY: (yells) Marty! Let's go!

      Casey takes off after them and Marty close behind her.

      CUT TO:


      Steven pulls a stake from his jacket and stakes a vampire. It falls into dust within seconds. Steven looks left then rights to see a vampire and a bringer coming at him. Steven goes stiff into trance mode then leaps into the air, his legs spread out into a Russian split, kicking them both in the face. Steven lands on his feet as the enemies fly back. He shakes his head coming out of the trance.

      STEVEN: Whoa!

      The vampire stands to his feet and snarls at Steven.

      VAMPIRE: You will bow beneath it and kiss its feet.

      STEVEN: Kiss this.

      Steven throws the stake at the vampire; it impales him in the chest. The vampire doesn't show any emotion. A smile stretches across his face.

      VAMPIRE#4: (snickers) I'll be one with him.

      The vampire falls into dust.

      Cut to:

      Fredeth decapitates the last bringer. He brings the sword to his side as he makes his way over to Steven.

      FREDETH: (winded) Nice job, very nice job.

      Fredeth's face then grows confused.

      FREDETH: I didn't teach you some of those moves. The way you fight, it's like you've been fighting for years.

      Steven shrugs.

      STEVEN: I guess it comes natural.

      Noah steps up in-between Steven and Fredeth

      NOAH: Or maybe you're a freak.

      STEVEN: (annoyed) Shut up.

      NOAH: What, I'm just stating the obvious. All of this is because of you and your freak or nature line of slayers.


      REBECCA (O/S) : Guys!

      Steven, Noah and Fredeth turn around to see Rebecca kneeling over Kyle's unconscious body. Steven and Fredeth rush over to them as Noah walks.

      STEVEN: Is he okay?

      RBECCA: Yeah, just out cold.

      NOAH: Where's the other freak?

      REBECCA: (concerned) They took Dink.

      CUT TO:


      Casey and Marty are sprinting after the Calarkin demons.

      CASEY: Marty, do something!

      MARTY: (out of breath) What do you mean do something!?

      CASEY: Your hocus pocus stuff!

      MARTY: (face lightens up) Oh!

      Marty sticks out his hand.

      MARTY: (yells) dislovo!

      A stream of blue, green energy escapes from his hand. It hits Calarkin#1 in the back sending him flying across the park and landing on a bench, smashing it into pieces. The book slips from his hand and rolls into the bushes.

      CASEY: Marty grab the book! I'll take him.

      Casey approaches Calarkin#1 who is still lying on the ground. She pulls the demon to his feet and punches the demon across his face. It stumbles back holding his face in pain. Casey picks up a long, sharp piece of wood from the broken bench.

      Cut to

      Marty runs over to the bush and fishes the book out. He turns to run but is face to face with Calarkin#2. Calarkin#2 swings but Marty ducks and comes back up with a punch across the demon's face. The Calarkin doesn't budge.

      MARTY: (scared) Sorry.

      Calarkin#2 raises his hand and smacks Marty to the ground.

      Cut to:

      Casey swings the stick and nails Calarkin#1 directly in the head. She swings again but he catches the stick and sucker punches her in the stomach. Casey drops to her knees gasping for air as she let the stick fall to the ground. Calarkin#1 brings up his knee, kneeing Casey in the face. Casey falls back to the ground. As she tries to get up Calarkin#1 kicks her in her ribs sending flying and smashing into a tree trunk.

      Cut to:

      Marty stands to his feet as he holds back his pain. Blood is coming from his bottom lip.

      MARTY: I'm really getting sick of you hitting me!

      Marty's eyes turn black.

      MARTY: (yell) Silver victus perustum!

      The Calarkin#2 explodes into flames and dissipates in the wind.

      Cut to

      Casey hops to her feet and winces in pain as she gently touches her ribs.

      CASEY: (recoils) Darn! Broken.

      Casey raises her head to see Calarkin#1 towering over her. He snatches Casey up off the ground by her jacket. She dangles in mid - air as the Calarkin stares straight into Casey's eyes.

      CASEY: (angered; tight lip) Let me go!

      Casey quickly digs inside her jacket and pulls out a stake.

      CASEY: Stare at this!

      Casey jams the stake into Calarkin#1's left eye.

      CALARKIN#1: (pain) Ahhhh!!!!!

      Casey drops to her feet. She quickly rushes over to the sharp stick that she dropped moments ago and picks it up. In full speed she charges back at the Calarkin#1. Casey raises the sharp stick and plunges it into the Calarkin's head. The Calarkin drops dead as Marty walks up beside Casey. They both look down at the no longer living demon.

      MARTY: Good job.

      CASEY: (out of breath) Thanks.

      MARTY: You okay?

      CASEY: I'm fine. Marty?

      MARTY: Got the book.

      Marty holds up the book of Camarin

      BLACK OUT:

      East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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        ACT III


        Camera is above the woods; we can see two bringers dragging a long Dink's unconscious body by his legs.

        Camera moves in closer.

        Dink's eyes shoot open, all he sees are trees and a star lit sky. He lifts his head realize two bringers are pulling him.

        DINK: NO!

        Dink snatches his legs free from the Bringer's grasp. He extends his legs, kicking them sending them flying backwards. He rolls over to his stomach then hops to his feet. He takes off running in opposite direction. One of the bringers jumps to his feet and pulls a knife out from his robe.

        DINK: (yelling) Help, Kyle where are you!

        The bringer whips the knife, it rips through the wind until it finally imbeds itself into the back of Dink's skull. He goes stiffs and stops. The camera rotates around to Dink's face. His face is in mere shock; the veins in his eyes suddenly rupture. A bloody tear rolls down his cheek as he drops to the forest floor with a thump. The camera pans back as the bringers approach Dink's body and begin to pull him once more. They drag him a few feet further as they reach a pentagram that is made out of white sand. The bringers gently lye him onto the pentagram then they go to their knees out side the pentagram's circle. Seconds later the ground opens beneath Dink and he falls into the darkness. The soil closes as the bringers stand and walk away.

        CUT TO:


        Stacie is kneeling over Minxie's body that is lying on the couch, out cold. Stacie is whipping the blood from Minxie's face with wet wash clothes. The front door opens and Casey and Marty enter.

        MARTY: We're back with the book.

        Stacie stands to her feet.
        STACIE: Thank god you guys are back. I don't do this nurse crap, here.

        Stacie hands Casey the warm washcloth.

        STACIE: You do it.

        Casey and Stacie heads over to Minxie.

        CASEY: Is she okay?

        STACIE: Yeah, I think whatever threw her through the window just knocked her out.

        STACIE: So did the demons kick your guy's asses?

        MARTY: Not really but they were tough. We have the book, so that's speaking for it self.

        STACIE: Then let's look over it.

        Stacie takes the book from Marty's hand and storms into


        Stacie pushes all the books at one end of the cluttered table clearing a spot for her. Stacie sits down and places the book in front of her and opens it.

        Cut to:


        Casey stands up from the couch and walks into


        Casey takes off her jacket and places it on the back of one of the dinning chairs.

        CASEY: Stace, did Fredeth and the others call?

        STACIE: No.

        MARTY: I just hope Minxie will be all right. When she wakes up she can tell us what happened.

        MINXIE O/S: She's fine.

        Everyone turns; Minxie is standing in the threshold of the dining room entrance.

        CASEY: (surprised) Minxie!

        Minxie enters as she winces in pain with every step she takes. Marty rushes towards her and helps her to a seat at the table.

        MARTY: What happened?

        MINXIE: Some blonde bitch knocked me out! I went to Well Magic and I bought a Hogelen Sphere.

        STACIE: Hogelen Sphere?

        MARTY: A ball of solid energy that opens portals to any dimension you want.

        Stacie nods.

        MINXIE: So, I bought it and when I turned around to leave?. she punched me. I assume she took the sphere.

        STACIE: Yeah, when we found you it was just you.

        MINXE: I think she's an agent of The First. She knew we were trying to open the portal so the bitch took away are only chance.

        STACIE: She must have been strong. She threw you through a window.

        MINXIE: (surprised) A window!?

        The front door swings open, Fredeth, Steven, Noah, Rebecca and Kyle enter. Casey, Marty, and Stacie make their way into the living room


        MARTY: Dad, are you okay?

        FREDETH: I'm fine.
        KYLE: (furious) Yeah, but Dink isn't!

        STACIE: What happened?

        KYLE: (yells) They took my friend! Those bringers took him because of you! (points at Fredeth)

        FREDETH: (defensive) Hold on one second! I'm sorry Dink was taken Kyle, but it's not my fault. I thought the plan was the best.

        KYLE: It sucked you son of a bitch!

        Kyle steps up to Fredeth ready to punch. Marty steps in-between them and faces Kyle.

        MARTY: (defensive) Man, back off my dad!

        Fredeth moves Marty out of the way.

        FREDETH: I can handle my own, Martel.

        Fredeth steps close to Kyle, face to face.

        FREDETH: Kyle, I'm so sorry that Dink was taken. The plan didn't go the way we wanted that's what happens with plans. Some work, some fall. We're just going to have to deal with it. Fight back just as hard as they fight.

        KYLE: I'm getting Dink back.

        The room grows silent as Kyle turns to walk away. Kyle turns and back around throwing a punch at Fredeth. Fredeth catches Kyle's fist as everyone watches in shock. Noah and Marty look like they're ready to jump on Kyle.

        FREDETH: Don't test me.

        Fredeth backhands Kyle across the face. Kyle stumbles back he glares at Fredeth with fury in his eyes.

        KYLE: (yelling) He was like a brother to me. The only person who gave a damn!

        FREDETH: We can get him back!

        KYLE: Bull, every Demon Slayer that's been taken by those no eyed freaks, dies! (Pause) And you know that, so don't sugarcoat!

        FREDETH: I'm not trying to sugarcoat anything! I'm trying to be opened minded!

        KYLE: I don't want to hear it!

        Kyle storms out of the apartment.

        STEVEN: I'll go talk to him.

        REBECCA: Be careful.

        NOAH: (sarcastic) Awe, isn't that cute the two freaks are gonna go talk and probably kill us all in our sleep.

        CASEY: Noah shut up! This is not the time.

        Steven ignores Noah's comment and follows behind Kyle.

        Marty steps up to Fredeth.

        MARTY: Dad, you okay?

        FREDETH: (clears throat) Fine. What did you and Casey come up with?

        MARTY: The book of Camarin.

        FREDETH: You did?

        Marty moves and reveals the book of Camarin on the dining room table..

        MARTY: Thanks to Casey and I.

        FREDETH: Good. Did you two kill the Calarkin's?

        MARTY: Yup.

        FREDETH: Great. (turns to Minxie; concerned) What happened to you?

        MINXIE: (sighs) A agent and a bitch of The First met up with me at Well Magic. (Pause) And punched me through a window.

        FREDETH: (stressful sigh; to Minxie) Are you okay.

        MINXIE: A little banged up but I'll live.

        NOAH: Okay, so what are we going to do now? We have a lot of info in our hands and we need to do something about it. We can't just sit around on our asses and stare at each other.

        FREDETH: Noah's right. (Pause) Okay?. so this is the plan. Stacie and myself will look through the book of Camarin and get all the information we can. Steven and Kyle will stay here, it's too much of a risk to have them out. Casey and Noah go patrolling and see if you can get anything on The First or whoever is working for it.

        Noah looks over at Casey with a arrogant smile.

        CASEY: (rolls eyes) Oh my god.

        FREDETH: Minxie and Marty will stay here and look up information about the blonde one who punched (turns to Minxie) you through the window.

        Rebecca, who is standing in the corner, raises her hand with a coy smile across her face.

        REBECCA: What about me?

        FREDETH: Oh! You really want to help out?

        REBECCA: Yeah, I think it's cool fighting for the greater good. And I have a nifty ability to help you guys out.

        Fredeth shakes his head in agreement.

        REBECCA: Also I know a lot of about different species or demons. (Smile) I think I'll be a great asset.

        Fredeth looks around the room sarcastically.

        FREDETH: Okay, you're in.

        NOAH: At least she's hot. I can have something to look at when I'm bored with Casey.

        Casey throws Noah a dirty look and Rebecca rolls her eyes in disgust.

        CASEY: (to Noah) Pig.

        REBECCA: (to Noah) Ass.

        CASEY: I'm out!

        Casey storms out pushing past Noah.

        NOAH: Casey, wait!

        Noah goes after her.

        FREDETH: So let's get to work! Rebecca you can work with Stacie and me.

        Rebecca nods her head as she heads into the dining room. Stacie follows behind her and Minxie and Marty heads back into Fredeth's office.

        CUT TO:


        Kyle is pacing back and forth as a cigarette hangs from his fingers. Steven walks over to him.

        STEVEN: Are you okay?

        Kyle doesn't answer.

        STEVEN: The silent treatment?

        Kyle takes a puff of his cigarette.

        STEVEN: Kyle, I know what your going through you can talk to me.

        Kyle throws the cigarette to the ground in anger.

        KYLE: (angered) I'm just pissed off at everything! I didn't choose this life, my life was fine before this. I had a job, a girlfriend and a great apartment. (Throws arms up in the air) Now I have nothing. My best friend is dead so is my watcher!

        STEVEN: I know this sucks and it's hard but I learned you have to suck it up and deal. (Pause) I did. I was saying that exact same thing when I found out I was a Demon Slayer. In this line of duty there will be death, despair, and mayhem. We can't help it, we just have to fight back. Now you know and I know that Dink is dead and he's not coming back. Take that anger and hate and use it to the advantage because this big battle that's coming. It doesn't care who we lost or what we lost. It cares about one thing. (Walks closer to Kyle) And that's our death. So are you going to fight?

        KYLE: (holding back tears) I'm so tired of fighting I just want it all to end.

        STEVEN: (understanding) Kyle, I know but you can't give up. You have to fight.

        Kyle's features quickly turn into anger.

        KYLE: I'm going to kill them.

        STEVEN: Huh?

        KYLE: I'm going to find those bringers and kill them.

        Kyle begins to walk away quickly heading down the street.

        STEVEN: (Confused) Kyle, wait I didn't say now!

        Kyle proceeds down the street.

        STEVEN: Wait!

        Steven chases after him.

        CUT TO:


        Noah and Casey are strolling along aside each other. Casey looks angry and annoyed; Noah has a smile across his face.

        NOAH: Casey, What's wrong?

        CASEY: (curt) Nothing!

        Noah stops Casey and turns her around facing him.

        NOAH: What is it?

        CASEY: You, you make me mad.

        NOAH: How?

        CASEY: (angered) How? The little comments you make. I ?m just gonna be straight forward with you. I thought you liked me and for a moment I liked you.

        NOAH: Wait? a minute. Casey, I do like you.

        CASEY: Then why are you so mean!? If you like me so much why do you act like this towards me? Why do you act like this towards everyone?

        NOAH: Like what?

        CASEY: (baffled) You really don't see it? (Chuckles) Your own crap blinds you!

        A flirtatious smile grows across his face.

        NOAH: So you like me?

        CASEY: I did.

        NOAH: If you liked me you could've did this.

        Noah leans towards Casey for a kiss. Casey doesn't refuse she leans in also. Noah gently grabs her face and they kiss. Casey quickly pulls away and pushes Noah back.

        NOAH: What!? (Arrogant) It wasn't good? Because I know it was.

        CASEY: You make me sick!.

        Casey turns to walk away but stops. In the distance four bringers disappear into the East Wick woods.

        CASEY: Noah.

        NOAH: I saw them too, let's follow'em..

        Casey and Noah quickly sprint over to the woods.

        CUT TO:


        Casey and Noah quickly follow after the bringers. They come closer to the end of the woods which the moonlight is shinning through. Casey and Noah exit the woods.

        EXT - QUARRY - NIGHT

        They stop and a massive quarry is a few feet away from them. At the other end of the quarry is a opening to a cave. The bringers rush inside.

        CASEY: Oh my god this is large. I didn't know they had this here.

        NOAH: Same.

        Casey and Noah proceeds around the quarry and over to the cave opening.


        END OF ACT III
        East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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          ACT IV


          Stacie and Fredeth are sitting at the dining room table looking through the book of Camarin. Fredeth is reading out loud in another language while Stacie is translating something on a piece of paper. Rebecca is standing behind Fredeth's chair looking over his shoulder.

          STACIE: Anything yet?

          FREDETH: More Sumerian. Did you translate the first chapter yet?

          STACIE: Getting there but when I translate it, it doesn't translate into English. It's another language.

          REBECCA: Let me see.

          Rebecca walks around the table and takes a seat next to Stacie. Stacie hands her the notebook of translations.

          REBECCA: (looking closely) It's Slyphshlonick. This book is coded with another language.

          STACIE: Slim, what?

          REBECCA: Slyphshlonick it's a language from a species of demons called Slyphshlon.

          STACIE: And how the hell do you know this?

          FREDETH: Your abilities.

          REBECCA: (uneasy) Yeah that's where they come from.

          FREDETH: I figured.

          STACIE: Okay, Stacie is lost.

          FREDETH: A Slyphshlon demon breads fire.

          Stacie face lightens up.

          STACIE: Wait, you're a demon!?

          REBECCA: Half, that's why I can shoot fire from my hands.

          STACIE: Oh? Does Steven know about your little demonish?

          REBECCA: (chuckles) Yes.

          STACIE: (not convincing) Oh, that's cool I guess.

          FREDETH: Okay, ladies let's finish doing this and Rebecca I'll talk to you later.

          REBCCA: Okay.

          FREDETH: (to Rebecca) Do you know what is says?

          REBECCA: No, it's coded with another language. I have no clue what it is.

          FREDETH: Let me see.

          Rebecca hands the notebook to Fredeth. Fredeth looks close and slams the notebook down on the table with anger.

          FREDETH: (angered) Damn it! The whole book is encrypted with different languages!

          STACIE: So that means it'll take longer for us to find out what it says. That sucks goose eggs.

          FREDETH: Goose eggs?

          CUT TO:


          Minxie is sitting on the counter with her feet dangling. She is eating a bag of potato chips. Marty is sitting at the kitchen table with drawling paper and a pencil.

          MARTY: So her cheekbones were higher?

          MINXIE: Yeah kind of (pause) And big lips the bitch had big lips.

          MARTY: (drawling) Okay, the bitch had full lips?

          Minxie shakes her head in agreement.

          MINXIE: And a fat ass.

          Marty stops drawling and looks up at Minxie.

          MARTY: Fat ass? You didn't even see her ass.

          MINXIE: Shut up!

          Minxie hops off the counter and turns to the trashcan to throw the bag of chips away until something catches her eye.

          MINXIE: Oh my god!

          Minxie looks closer at the trashcan and sticks her hand in it.

          MARTY: (grossed out) Minxie what the hell are you doing?

          Minxie pulls out a milk carton.

          MARTY: If your thirsty there is battled water in the fridge.

          Minxie turns the carton and there's a picture of Alicia with "MISSING" in bold, red letters under the picture.

          MINXIE: This is her!

          Minxie hands the milk carton to Marty. Marty looks at the picture then back up at Minxie.

          MARTY: Are you sure?

          MINXE: Positive.

          MARTY: She doe's have big lips.

          MINXIE: Shut up! But that's her!

          MARTY: (read milk carton) It says she's been missing for about three months, now.

          MINXIE: No, she's not missing she is here in East Wick.

          MARTY: And you're positive this is the same girl that punched you.

          MINXIE: Yes! A thousand percent sure this is her.

          Minxie snatches the milk cartoon out of Marty's hands.

          MINXIE: Come on, we're about to go see what else the bit ---

          She looks at the milk cartoon then back at Marty.

          MINXIE: Alicia Lennon is hiding.

          She spins and exits the kitchen, Marty rushes after her.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? CAVE - NIGHT

          Casey and Noah slowly enter the cave. Up ahead is a long narrow cave wall with torches hanging on the side leading the way.

          CASEY: (whisper) Be ready if anything jumps off.

          Noah pulls a stake from his jacket pocket.

          NOAH: (whisper) Always ready, baby.

          They proceed down the narrow cave. At the end of the cave they see a bright light.

          NOAH: I see something.

          They hit the light and come out of the narrow cave walls. Now they're standing in massive canyon. Hundreds bringers are making weapons; dozens of vampires are dragging male, dead corpses and putting them in piles.

          CASEY: (shock) Oh my god!

          Casey's hand comes over her mouth in shock.

          NOAH: Casey, we have to go. It's too many of them.

          Noah and Casey slowly turns to go but a beautiful blonde is standing in their path, its Alicia.

          ALICIA: Where do you think you two knuckleheads are going?

          Casey throws a punch but Alicia catches her hand with no sweat.

          ALICIA: No, no sweetie, that's not nice. You're a slayer right? (Evil chuckle) You're so cute.

          Alicia extends her arm and punching Casey square in the chest sending flying back and landing on a pile of rocks and stones. Noah swiftly brings his leg up at Alicia's head but she catches his foot with on hand.

          ALICIA: (smile) Nice?. beef stick. I like.

          Alicia looks Noah up and down flirtatiously.

          ALICIA: How about I give you a call.

          NOAH: (tries to pull his leg away) Kiss my ass bitch!

          ALICIA: (smile) Kiss the gravel.

          Alicia grips his ankle and throws him across the canyon smashing against the canyon walls. All the vampire and bringers stop working and focus their attention on Alicia.

          ALICIA: (screams) Keep working! (Evil grin) I got them!

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? GRAVE YARD ? NIGHT

          Steven and Kyle are walking quickly. Kyle has his game face on.

          STEVEN: Listen Kyle, this isn't the way.

          KYLE: It is the way! They killed my best friend so I'm killing them.

          STEVEN: You can't do that! First off you don't know your powers yet, secondly you aren't trained to fight. They want us and you're putting your head on a silver platter!

          KYLE: No, I'm not. If you're gonna bitch like this you should go home!

          Steven runs a head of Kyle and blocks his path.

          STEVEN: (stern) You're not going.

          KYLE: (holding in anger) Steven move.

          STEVEN: No!

          KYLE: I'm warning you.

          STEVEN: What are you going to do, Kyle?

          Kyle punches Steven across the face. Steven falls to the ground. He gets back up and moves his jaw around.

          STEVEN: Good punch, but next time make sure you knock me out.

          Steven gives Kyle a punch to the face then backhands him. Kyle stumbles back falling onto his butt.

          STEVEN: Let's go!

          Steven pulls Kyle to his feet and begins dragging him along. Kyle breaks free.

          KYLE: (yells) Let me go! You don't understand!

          STEVEN: Yes I do!

          KYLE: No, you don't! I just want it all to end!

          Suddenly a sword rips through Kyle's chest, blood splatters on Steven's face. Kyle's eyes are open with shock and confusion, blood pours from his mouth.

          STEVEN: (teary eyed) Kyle.

          Kyle falls to the ground revealing a bringer standing several feet behind him. Steven face quickly turns into anger as he stares at the bringer. Another bringer creeps up behind Steven, hitting him over the head with a stick. Steven hits the ground; unconscious.

          CUT TO:


          Stacie, Fredeth and Rebecca are sitting at the dining room table. The home telephone rings breaking through the apartment.

          STACIE: I'll get it.

          Stacie gets up from her seat and heads into the kitchen.

          INT - KITCHEN - NIGHT

          Stacie takes the phone off the wall and answers it.

          STACIE: Hello.

          Within a couple of seconds Stacie's face turns into sadness and tears build up in her eyes. Camera moves in on her face.

          STACIE: (surprised) What!?

          CUT TO BLACK:

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
          East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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