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Second Opinions: A House crossover.

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  • Second Opinions: A House crossover.

    Title: Second Opinions.
    Description: A crossover between House and two other series.
    Disclaimer: Not mine, no money, blah blah blah.

    Foreman read the notice on the door for the third time.


    He hesitated, after all this was House’s office, the sign could mean nothing more than the great man indulging in an afternoon nap or listening to the game. Hell, this was House; he could have a hooker in there.

    Of course there were rumours flying around the hospital of a visiting delegation so it was also quite possible that the mysterious visitors were here specifically to draw knowledge from that powerful diagnostic mind that was so scarily sharp and so sharply scary. With the room’s blinds drawn there was no possible way to tell,

    He glanced once more at the sign on the door and then at the paperwork in his hands. This was too big, too important not to take the risk. With a deep breath and a shake of his head he made his decision and plunged into…

    Well, It was a card game; Unmistakably, and unequivocally a card game. There sat House his cane resting over his shoulder staring intently at the pile of chips on the table with an expression of intense concentration whilst around him, and to a man staring up at the intrusion, sat three other people - only one of whom Foreman knew.

    “I hope this is important Foreman.” House drawled, “You’re interrupting a very intricate procedure here. I’m surgically removing Wilson from his money”

    Foreman glanced across at the Oncologist who offered him a resigned smile. From the small pile of chips in front of him it appeared House’s boast was far from idle.

    “A matter of life and death actually.” Foreman replied “We’ve just got the results back on the Morton case.”


    “Vitamin K levels are normal.”

    “So it’s not a clotting problem”

    “Nope; red count is still falling though.”

    “Polyartereitis Nodosa it is then.” House grinned up at Foreman briefly “Do a biopsy of the blood vessels around his heart.” He returned his attention to the game “Raise twenty five.”

    Foreman didn’t move, a fact that the people at the table seemed more than happy to ignore. Eventually he gave a little cough.

    “You're still here Foreman.” House said, stating the obvious “Do we finally have a patient who can perform their own biopsy? Could we have actually made you obsolete.”

    “It’s not Polyartereitis Nodosa.” Foreman replied .

    “Really!” House shot back “Well, maybe your right, maybe we should throw the diagnosis open to the room.” He stood and walked over to Foreman standing uncomfortably close to the neurologist “Patient presents with bleeding from the nose and mouth. T.B, low blood oxygen and Vitamin K defficency all tested negative and the patient has no history of cardiac weakness. What’s the differential… Wilson?” He turned and glared at his only friend as he said his name, but cut him off before he could speak. “No not Wilson. Wilson will say cancer. Wilson always says cancer.”

    “Well pardon me for being an Oncologist.” Wilson said.

    “Lets have the differential from sacred heart. Perry?”

    “The curly haired man sat to House’s right looked up at Foreman and gave him the widest, most maniacal smile he’d ever seen.

    “Ho-kay, Julie, here’s how it goes.” He began “You want to start killing patients, you go right ahead and be my guest but Dr House here has made a suggestion that not only makes sound medical sense but, gosh–darn it, sounds pretty damn cool too. It’s also a condition, and here’s the important part, that you just can’t rule out without a biopsy. So what I suggest is you get your effeminate little tushy down to an O.R and you get yourself that biopsy before your patient bleeds. To. Death”

    This tirade was produced in a single breath, without the man’s expression changing once, although Foreman did notice the tendons in the man’s neck standing further and further out as he neared it’s end.

    “Oops.” House said with a look of mock surprise. “Looks like that’s two for the home team. How about we make it three. Doctor?”

    The fourth member of the party looked up in apparent surprise. He was a slight man dressed in a brown suit with blue pin stripes that looked as if it had been buttoned in the dark and a tie that wasn't done up properly. Behind him a light brown overcoat lay strewn over the back of his chair. He removed his glasses and swept a hand through the wild shock of brown hair that crowned his head.

    "Medicine isn't really what you'd call my speciality, you know?" He said

    "Oh come on you know even more science than me. Last time you were here you fixed the polarity on the MRI. Take a shot."

    The man screwed up his face in a thoughtful expression and drummed a little tattoo on the desk.

    "Okay." He said "Lupus?"
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