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Buffy's dirty little secret: a season 8 drabble

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  • Buffy's dirty little secret: a season 8 drabble

    Xander and Buffy strolled into her bedroom, to get some of the spare weapons she kept there. She denied hoarding her favourite crossbows, but Xander knew her better.

    As he leant down to pull out the chest under her bed, Xander spotted something. A piece of "literature" that he didn't expect to find among Buffy's possessions. Though, he wasn't exactly surprised.

    Buffy blushed Rosenberg-red when she realised.

    "I thought you were through that phase?" said Xander.

    "I'm's just..." Buffy stammered.

    "Shame on you, Buffy." Xander picked up the well-thumbed copy of Twilight. "Anne Rice was one thing, but this...?"

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --