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Brother Mine a Season 8 ficlet

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  • Brother Mine a Season 8 ficlet

    Description: A season 8 fic with some vague spoilers for ep 12 exploring buffys attitude prior to it's events and what this means for Xander's role in her life.

    I’m so proud of you, I hope you know that, so very proud.

    We’ve been through a lot down the years, you and I. We’ve fought everything that the forces of darkness could throw at us, looked into the mouth of hell itself and through it all you’ve never once flinched.

    Even now, with the world on its head, with slayers coming out of our ears and problems coming at us so fast I can hardly breathe you're there, so steady, so strong, so much in control.

    I know I couldn’t do this without you. I know you’re the glue that’s holding this organisation together, taking care of everything from missions to milk deliveries without ever once complaining.

    You’re my rock Xander, the thing I cling to when it all threatens to sweep me away. You’re the most solid thing in my life.

    But right now I need more. I need to be held, I need to be wanted. I need someone to help me take the loneliness that wells up inside me away and help me forget the world for a while. I need to lose myself, to put my cares and responsibilities aside and be just a girl, even if it’s just for tonight… and I can’t ask that from you.

    I know you’d understand, Part of me thinks you might even offer me what I need, if I pushed. But you’re on the brink of something new, something good and I wont let you risk that.

    I’ve seen the way Renee looks at you and the way you look at her. I’ve noticed that uncomfortable spark that sits there between you, and I know exactly what that means. I want the best for you brother mine. I want to see you happy and safe, loving and loved by someone who will never, ever hurt you. I think Renee can ofer you that. I know I can't

    As for me, well I guess that leaves me all alone. Well, alone unless you count the hundred or so young women living under my roof. So, maybe I’ll just give it a miss, turn in and spend the night all alone in my big old bed; have me some nice, naughty dreams.

    Of course there is one other option, someone who I might be able to turn to, but I cant, for so very many different reasons... I just... I couldn’t

    Could I?
    Lonely God
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