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Faith and Buffy Vampire slayer since season one: High school years

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  • Faith and Buffy Vampire slayer since season one: High school years

    By Faithrose1981 or shannonrosewiley on other Buffy forum
    Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer.
    Rate: teen
    This story start at the first season, But Faith is all ready in Sunnydale and Giles is her second watch. she was called as a chosen in 1995 when the Active Slayer India was fight Spike and Dru and Dru stake her with own stake and she die, but her watch was there and bring her back by doing CPR on her. She was only die for one minute, but it was enough time for Faith to be chosen. The watch council was total surprise by this event. But when India meet Faith the first time. She made a choice to stop fight vampire and killed her self. Faith First watch was killed by Kakistos A very old vampire with cleave feet and hand. faith Killed Kakistos that day and then moved to Sunnydale when Mr. Giles was assign as her new watch.
    Sunnydale Ca, Sept 1996 Buffy first day at Sunnydale High school
    Buffy walk downstairs when she wake up that morning and went into the Kitchen.
    Buffy: Mom I'll see you after school
    Buffy mom: all right, behavior and don't start no fight
    Buffy: sure
    She walk to school and stop at the library to pike up her school books before class start.
    Buffy: anyone here, I'm a new student and new to get my schoolbook.
    Faith: OH Giles the new Slayer here
    Mr. Giles: You must be Buffy Summer I'm Rupert Giles your new watch
    Buffy: Great
    Faith: Buff you loved here we live on a hellmouth
    Buffy: I no long slay Vampires, I quite
    Mr. Giles: you can't quite, the hellmouth is act up
    Faith: The Master is due to rise any day
    The bell rings for class
    Mr. Giles: Faith show Buffy to her class
    Faith: do I have to
    Mr. Giles: yes
    there hand to class only to find that the Master helper have taken there class hostage.
    Buffy: Faith who are these guys
    Faith: Master helps that bring him his feed and do what he tells them to do
    Buffy: Oh
    Faith: let Party
    Buffy and Faith run into the class and start fight the vampires
    Faith: Buff take the vamp out that hold down the red hair girl, I get the on that try to eat the teacher.
    Buffy run up to the vamp on pull her off the girl and stake her
    Willow: Thank my name is Willow Rosenberg, you must be the new girl
    Buffy: I'm Buffy Summer, get the rest of the class out of here now.
    With the class outside in the daylight Faith and Buffy kill the rest of the vamp and find someone hide in the cabinet.
    Xander: I'm Xander Harris who are you
    Buffy: I'm Buffy Summer
    Willow and Xander go back to the library With Faith and Buffy
    Mr. Giles: what happed
    Faith: Master Vampire help had are history class hold Hostage, there die now.
    Xander: what a vampire?
    Faith: what you were hide from
    Mr. Giles: vampires, Demon, and other evil or real Faith and Buffy are Vampire slayer there job is to kill them.
    Willow: there was a vampire called Darla she taken our friend Jessie to a Guy she called Master, she said to tell the Slayers that if you want him back to come to the master tonight.
    Buffy: Great first day in a new school, I was just hope I will be behind in my class, not have to kill vampire that take my history class hostage.
    Faith: that Sunnydale for you, I say we go get Jesse Back.
    Buffy: no he be die by now it a trap
    Faith: that what make it fun B
    Mr. Giles: I going with faith, but keep your eyes open and do not try to take the master out yet, we still do not know enough about him yet.
    Buffy: know were he live
    Faith: no
    Angel walk in to the Library.
    Angel: no but I do
    Buffy: who are you
    Faith: vampire with a soul he fight on are side.
    Faith, Buffy and Angel walks to the graveyard and Angel show the girls where to go.
    Buffy: Angel you not come down with us
    Angel: no there really do not like me drop by, But take this Buffy
    Angel hands her a cross necklace.
    Angel: I would put in on you are going to need it.
    He help put her put the necklace on and taken off. Faith and Buffy start down the stairs.
    Faith: so B why to you and your mom move to Sunnydale?
    Buffy: vampire take are spring dance hostage and there was too many of them so I set the gym on fire. and get kick out of my old school. Sunnydale was the only school that would take me.
    Faith: oh
    Buffy: why to you move here
    Faith: first watch was killed, and the watch council assign Giles as my new watch and the council tell us that a slayer was need here. so I moved form Boston and Giles move here from England. I was not gonna to go to school because I fail my 9 grade year in Boston, But the watch Council and Giles made me take it over last school here in Sunnydale, they said I had to finish High school. I hate it.
    Buffy: did you hear that.
    Xander jump out of know where
    Faith: where did you come from
    Xander: I tie along behind you this whole time.
    Buffy: Xander go back to school you will get us killed
    Xander: no Jesse my best friend
    Jesse: I was you best friend, now me and my new gang going to kill you the Master come into view and start fight Faith and Buffy at the sometime.
    Xander: how do you kill them
    Buffy: stake, holy water, cut there head off
    Xander: I forget all that
    Faith throws him a stake.
    Xander: where do I stake him
    Buffy: in the heart.
    The Master throws Faith across the room and she hit the wall with a laud creak sound. he throw Buffy down and she jump back up and throw him over by faith who take a hold of him and Buffy stake him. A little boy walk over to then you Killed the Master I have to kill you.
    Buffy: Faith who this
    Faith: the anoint one.
    Xander: he was in the class room , and whisper into Darla ear something then she said if you want Jesse come to the master tonight and he taken off with Jesse first, Darla only slip out when the two of you come run into the room.
    Faith: B get Xander out of here now there too many Vampire for him to hang here, I get both of your back.
    Buffy grab Xander arm and tell him to run. there start run to the door where there come in at. Faith stay behind to fight the Vampires. outside in the graveyard.
    Xander: should we wit for Faith Buffy?
    Buffy: no let get back to the Library, she will meet us there.
    Back at the library
    Mr. Giles: where is faith Buffy?
    Buffy: she been here, and the master is die.
    Mr. Giles: I tell you not to kill him yet!
    Faith walks in to the library.
    Faith: G we had no choice he was try to kill both of us and Xander was there. that why there come in before me I tell Buff to get him out after we stake the Master and I fight the Vampire so that she could get Xander somewhere safe.
    Willow: whys Jesse
    Xander: It was a trap, he was turn and wit for us and I had to kill him.
    Willow: I'm sorry Xander
    Xander kick the trash can across the room.
    Xander: I hate this And I really do not like Vampires.
    willow: do you know that it going on 6am.
    Buffy: I'm going home to take a shower before school start.
    Faith: me to and to Ice my hole body down.
    Mr. Giles: faith sorry, I should check to see if you was hurt when you walk in limp and hold you back.
    Faith: I'll be fine, slayer heal fast.
    Xander: I see in class guys I'm going to get a hour or so of sleep.
    Willow: I'm going to finish my homework here.
    Mr. Giles: Faith and Buffy stop in when you get back to school.
    End of my vision of welcome to the Hellmouth and the Harvest. I write more of my vision of the first Season later.
    Part three my vision of episode 3: Witch
    Buffy, Faith and Giles are in the Library. Faith is set in a chair with her leg on the library table. Giles is stand up look at Buffy, who is in a cheerleader outfit jump up and down.
    Buffy: I'm trying out for cheerleader
    Giles: no you a slayer that come first
    Buffy: I still need to look like I'm a normal school girl Giles this is the prefect way to do it.
    Faith: G let her do, I can handle the slayer of vampire on my own on the game night G.
    Buffy: come on Giles
    Giles: fine
    At cheerleader tryout
    Willow: Buffy have you meet my friend Amy yet
    Buffy: no
    willow: Amy this Buffy, Buffy this is Amy
    Buffy: Hi
    Willow: Amy I did not know you want to be a cheerleader
    Amy: I always want to be a cheerleader.
    Buffy who that
    Amy: That Amber
    Buffy: she good
    Amy: she training with Benson
    Buffy: there Cheerleader coach
    Amy: yeah, I training with my mom four hours a day.
    Buffy: that much time with my mom would not end up good.
    there are watch the first girl Amber tryout when the girls hands catch on fire. Buffy run over and put them out. and they call 911 and she taken to the hospital and tryout continue. Buffy pike as the second break up and willow friend Amy is the three at the Library after tryout.
    Giles: her hands just catch fire.
    Buffy: that what happed.
    Giles it sound like witch craft.
    Faith: not again, man I just had to stop that warlock two days before school start and just very get out alive.
    Xander: but who could it be
    Buffy: Amy, she was total into the whole cheerleader and training four hour a day with her mom.
    Faith: Oh and I find out that Amy mom is a witch when I was taken down the warlock, she hang with him every so often.
    Giles: there a spell to find out if she the one who cast the spell.
    In science class that day. Buffy walk up to Amy and drop her pen and lean down to pike up and spill the portion on Amy arm. and it turn blue at the some time as the teacher called a student to answer a question, and her mouth is no long there. Faith, willow, Buffy and Xander in the hallway walk to there next class.
    Buffy: it Amy
    Willow: she was as surprise as we was when it happen
    Faith: it her
    Buffy: I just do not think she know she doing it?
    The next day Xander and Willow in the hallway.
    Xander: hi Buffy I get you this friendship bracelet.
    Buffy: thanks
    Xander: you welcome
    Cordy walk in the hallway but is bump in to thing.
    Buffy: is that even Cordy locker
    Willow: no
    Buffy run after here and see her get behind the wheel of the diver education car. and diver through the fence into the road. and walk in front of a sim-truck. Buffy run into the road and push Cordy off the road and see her eyes are all white and she can't see out of them. with Cody not able to cheer Buffy is now on the team. At the Library.
    Xander: I do not like this Buffy it not safe for you now she could cast a spell on you.
    Buffy: I'll be fine, But have anyone seen Faith today.
    Giles: that a good question.
    Angel come out of no where.
    Giles: Angel what are you doing here, and it still light out how?
    Angel: diver, Faith want me to tell she feel under the weather.
    Buffy: she sick
    Angel: no female Issues
    Giles: thank for let us know.
    The Next Morning at Buffy House
    Miss Summer: good morning Buffy
    Buffy all happy and jump up and down and sing to her self.
    Miss. Summer: feel all right Buffy?
    Miss Summer check her forehead to see if she has a fever.
    Buffy: can't I been happy for once.
    with that Buffy grab her school bag and hand to school. At cheerleader practice, she step and the hand cheerleader feet.
    Head cheerleader: Buffy get it together we have a game in two hours.
    it come to part of the cheer where she was just to help her teammate do a cartwheel and she throw the head cheerleader across the gym.
    Head cheerleader :Och
    Willow: Xander we need to get here out of here
    Head cheerleader: Buffy what is your Issue
    Xander: she sick
    Head cheerleader: who are next back up cheerleader
    Amy: me
    Xander hold Buffy up on one side willow on the other and start walk to the Library. Buffy by this time Buffy look really green.
    Willow: are you feel ok?
    Buffy: sure, Xander you my friend. My very Xander friend
    And with that Buffy legs give out on her.
    At the library
    Xander: what wrong with her
    Faith: Amy cast a spell on her
    Willow: I think we should take her to the hospital Giles
    Giles: there will not be able to help her, this is a blood cold vengeance spell it hit the person fast we do not have very long.
    Buffy: can we reversal the spell.
    Giles: yes all if we can find her spell book.
    Faith: her house
    Giles: willow, Xander, Faith stay her Keep eye on Amy and keep her away from the science lab we need to cast the reversal spell.
    At Amy house Giles help Buffy to the door and into the house and set her on the couch. Buffy is talk to Amy mom and find out that it Amy not her mom there switch body. they go upstairs and find her spell book and head bake to the school.
    in the science lab Giles is set up what he need to cast the spell.
    Giles: I call you Hacta to reversal all the spell that was cast, I give my oath to not harm the witch. remove all spell. In the gym Amy now know the spell is be reversal she run out the gym and head to the science lab. But Faith stop her.
    Faith: Amy where are you going?
    Amy: to kill the person who reversal my spell
    Faith: I can't let you do that
    Amy cast a spell that throw Faith across the school. Willow walk up to her.
    Amy start run to the lab but as she get into the room the spell have been reversal. and her mom has just throw Giles across the room Faith run in and see Buffy doing better and get Giles and Amy out of the room and Buffy kick the mirror down right as Amy mom cast spell to sent her to another time, but it back fire and Amy mom went there. Just then Xander and Willow come into the room.
    Buffy: everything back to normal again right
    Giles: I think so, It was my first casted I could of done something wrong.
    Faith: no you get it right. Xander, Amy, Willow are say goodnight. Faith and Buffy go out slayer. Giles goes home.

    Part four my vision of Teacher Pet
    Faith, Buffy, Xander and Willow was in science class watch a boring film on bugs. after the film end the teacher start talk about the home work. which of cause Buffy or Faith has not done. when the bell rings for the end of class there all get up and head for the door.
    Teacher: Faith and Buffy I need to have word with the two of.
    Buffy and Faith: about what
    Teacher: about the fact that the two of you have are real bright if you would Take the time to do you homework and miss a lot less class you two could do really well in this class.
    Faith: is that all
    Teacher: yes
    Faith and Buffy walk out of the room and the science teacher taken a set at his desk and a huge she-mantis come up behind him and take his head off and lays her eggs in his head. and carry the body to the cafeteria and hide it in the refrigerated. that night when Faith was out look for some Vampire to kill she run into a vampire with a forked hand they start fight with eachother and he beat her up really bed, Angel find her and taken her to Giles apartment. Angel knock on Giles door he answer it and let Angel in, he sit Faith on the couch.
    Angel: take care of her she can tell you what happed I'm not sure I just find her like that. then he take of and had out to find Buffy , who at the Brozen.
    Willow: Buffy is that Angel
    Buffy: it is
    Buffy walk over to him.
    Buffy: hi Angel
    Angel: I come to tall you to be carefully there a vampire in town with a really big forked hand, and I believe, it beat up faith. I'm not sure there.
    The next day at school Faith walk in to science and set down in the set my Buffy.
    Faith: watch out for a Vampire with forked Hand he really strong.
    She start cough and look like she in a lot of pain.
    Buffy: did forked guy do that.
    Faith: yes
    In walk a substance teacher
    Xander: is are normal teacher out sick
    Faith: been that we live on a hellmouth, It might be something else.
    Sub-teacher: this week we are going to make paper mache egg sacks, who want to help.
    All the boys rise there hands.
    sub-teach: Xander Harris you can help make them tomorrow.
    Later at lunch they are in line to get the meal and cordy push her way in.
    Cordy: medical RX lunch
    she goes over to the refrigerated and open it up and screams really laud. Buffy, Faith, willow and Xander run over to see what wrong and find there science teacher without a head in the refrigerated .
    In the library
    Faith that was just wrong.
    Xander: what could do that.
    Buffy: could forked guy do that.
    Giles: he not know for it. I would not going out slayer tonight till we know more about what going on.
    That night Faith or Buffy do not listen to Giles and went out to find forked guy, Faith Just want to kill him. there find the forked guy but the police show up so vampire slip out on them and goes over the fence and is freak out when he run into the teacher that was sub for the science teacher.
    the next day
    Giles: the two you went out slayer when I tell you not to.
    Faith: yeah do I every do anything you tell me to.
    Giles: no
    Buffy: the forked guy get freak out by the sub-teacher
    Giles: that wried. faith and Buffy was run late for class and when there get there, the both see the sub turn her head all the way around.
    walk to the library later.
    Willow: you tell me she turn her head all the way around.
    Buffy: yes.
    they walk into the Library
    Faith the sub can ration her head all the way around.
    Buffy: what can do that
    Giles: no human can
    Buffy: no human, but a parymantis can
    Faith: she look human there
    Giles a she-mantis
    Faith: a what
    Giles: a demon vision of a parymantis.
    Willow: guy I just talk to Xander mom he never come home form school.
    Faith: that because he make egg sacks at the sub- teacher house.
    Buffy: no
    there want a find forked guy who let them to her and free Xander and the other guy she had in a cage in her basement and Buffy and faith Killed the she-manits in under a minute and Xander break all the egg. Giles had a hold forked guy when Faith was finish with the she-manits, she cut forked guys head off and he turn to dust. the next day in science class there was a new teacher. and no one like him because he tell the class there had a major essay due at the end of the term and had to read the first half of the textbook by next class.

    Five part Never kill a guy on the first date
    Giles is watch Faith and Buffy slayer the vampire, to check there form and rate how long it taken them to slayer one.
    Faith: how many have we kill tonight, B?
    Buffy: I have count 12, so far.
    Faith: G what cause this
    Giles: the Anointed one is try to rise a arm to take the two of you out, is my guess, so he sent vampire to turn as many as he can.
    The anointed one walk over to them.
    anointed one: You are so right , the slayer need to die for what there did to the Master. And by the way Slayer the Master bones did not turn to Dust with the rest of his body do you not find that wried.
    Faith: that right there did not, we was so worry about get Xander out we do not pay that close attention, we seen dust and just thank the whole body turn to dust.
    The anointed one walks away leave Faith, Buffy and Giles stand there.
    Faith: god what is he gonna to do.
    Angel walk up to them
    Angel: I know, and It not what there are gonna to do it what there have done already.
    Giles: what that Angel
    Angel: the anointed bring him back to live.
    Buffy: that not good
    The next day in the library
    Faith: I can't believe this
    Then the library door open and a boy named Orwen come In.
    Orwen: do you have a copy of Emily Dickson, I can't find my.
    Giles three row.
    come back head it to Giles
    Orwen: Buffy wanted to go to the Bronze tonight sure.
    That night at the Bronze Orwen and Buffy set at a table talk. Faith who is work there come over.
    Faith: can I get the two of you anything?
    Buffy: hot coco, and a muffin
    Faith: and you
    Orwen: the some
    a few minute later Faith bring there order over and gives into them. And then out of no where this big vampire come up a grab Orwen by the neck and throw the guy across the room knock him out.
    Buffy: Hi that my date
    Faith: I get the vamp, you go check on your date.
    It taken Faith a half hour to dust the vamp.
    Orwen: what was that
    Buffy a vampire
    Orwen: oh, I'm going home
    Faith: that one was the tough one yet.
    The next morning at school
    Orwen: Buffy, I would Love to go out with you again.
    Buffy: I do not think so
    Faith: I'm sorry, I know you really like him.
    Buffy: I did but one more day in my life I would get him kill.
    Faith: it suck, how much we have to sacrifice, because we are slayer. Sometime I wish, I was never chosen As one.
    Buffy: yeah me too.

    Six part The Park
    Faith, Buffy, Xander, willow and the rest of the school are on a field trip to the Sunnydale Zoo. Faith is hang out by the lions habited. She is set under a tree watch the Lions wish she had skip school and not come on the field trip, she had a very hard night at work last night and then a pack of the Master Vampire in cloud Darla had start a fight with her when she was walk home from work. Faith do not even want to slayer any vampire that night she just want to go home and get some sleep. Buffy see her set there and come over and pull her up and make Faith come with her to find Willow and Xander.
    Xander: Buffy where have you Been?
    Buffy: watch the fish.
    Willow: Faith what have you been doing?
    Faith: I was set under a tree watch the Lions.
    Xander: why Kiven and his group taken Den into the hyena house.
    Buffy: maybe I should go stop them.
    Xander: no I did it, this call for reason, not fight.
    Buffy: I did not always fight to stop people.
    Faith: yeah you do.
    Xander goes in to the Hyena house after them and stop them from throw den into the hyena cage and the four member of Kiven group and Xander are turn into Hyena.
    Buffy: it been to long maybe we should go check on them.
    Willow: yeah I think that a good Idea.
    There start to go in when there hear a voice, behind them.
    Zoo Keep: where do the three think you are going?
    Willow: go we are not going anywhere.
    Zoo Keep: Good, do not go in there even if you hear then call your name.
    Buffy: call you name
    Zoo Keep: Hyena pray on the weak.
    When it time to go back to school the student all get on the bus. When the Bus get back to school Faith goes to her Locker and get her work shirt out and puts on over her black tank top.
    Buffy: Faith were are you gonna we have to go to the library and tell about any vamp active that we run into slayer last night.
    Faith: I have to go to work, I'm all ready run late. tell Giles I run into some of the master Vampire Darla was there, and there start a fight with me, but there was too many so I run back to by place and went to bed.
    Later that night at the Brozen
    Willow: where Xander, he said he was going to come here tonight.
    Buffy: I'm not sure, But I do not see him on the bus ride back to school either.
    Just then Kiven and his gang plus Xander walk into the Brozen and start piking on people. Faith walk over to Willow and Buffy.
    Faith: what up with Xander, he not act like himself, he act like a jerk.
    Buffy: he is.
    Later after Buffy and Willow had taken off Xander walk over to Faith.
    Xander: Faith babe, you really look hot tonight
    Faith: Xander I'm work and stop rub you hand on my butt.
    Xander does not stop rub her Butt so faith pike him up and throw him out of the brozen. The next day at school. It was rain so Gym class was inside.
    Gym teacher: since it rain, we gonna to play dang ball.
    The side that Xander was on also had Kiven gang on it there pike off every on the side Buffy and Faith was on, but do not hit them there then turn and throw all there ball at Den. Faith and Buffy went over and stop them. after Gym class. Willow walk up to Xander.
    Willow: Xander what you Issue, you are act like a total Jerk.
    Xander: Willow, I did not what to every see you smart alack face again, and I'm drop Math so I will not need your help on my math homework any more.
    Willow: There something wrong with Xander he act different.
    Faith: tell me about it he come on to me last night and when I tell him to stop rub his hand on my butt he would not take no for a answer and I had to throw him out of the Bronze.
    In the library
    Buffy: Xander is act like a jerk, he pike on the weak, being mean, and come on to faith.
    Giles: oh my god he act like a 16 year boy,
    Faith: G I think he possessed by a hyena.
    In the principle office in the afternoon, Kiven group is eat the school principle.
    Buffy find Xander in the active room and had to knock him out with a desk.
    Back in the library
    Faith: Buffy, the Principle has been eating by Kiven group.
    Willow: what do you do to Xander
    Buffy: he made a pass at me had to knock out with a desk.
    Faith: G I think you need to go to the zoo and find that zoo keep and talk to him Me and Buffy will meet you there with the rest of the group. Take Xander with you and taken the tranquilize gun with you in cause he wake up.
    After they find the other four member they have them chase them into the zoo and to the Hyena house, and the zoo keep set a trap up, but Faith push him into the hyena cage and the spell was removed. The next day at school.
    Xander: I do not do anything to anyone of you did I?
    Faith: beside rub my butt no
    Buffy smell my hair that it , I knock out with a desk before you could do anything else.
    Willow: who do you think gonna to be the new Principle?
    Faith: I hear the vice principle is take over the job.
    Xander steps walk and Look over at Giles who as just walk over to him.
    Giles: Xander I have be read up on animal possession and I can not find anywhere about loss of memory after wards.
    Xander: please do not tell the girls
    Giles: your secret save with me.

    part 7: Angel
    Buffy, Xander and willow are at the Bronze, set at a table and listen to Dengo eat my Baby playing. And Faith is work, even there she not feel to good. Faith look at the clock and see she only been work since 5pm and it only 9pm and she close tonight so she not gonna to get off to 3pm. She walk over to her co-work Kiven.
    Faith: Kiven can you cover me for a few minute I need to use the restroom.
    Kiven: Sure but do not taken to long it a busy night.
    Faith walks to the bathroom and throws some water on her face and take some Actifed cold and Flu, And then head back to work. She walk over to table number five and seen if there need anything.
    Faith: can I get you guys anything?
    Cordy: yeah some bottle water and five Muffin.
    Faith goes over to the counter and get they order and taken it over to them. and then walk over to the bar and sit down and put her head down. Kiven walk over to her.
    Kiven are you feel all ready, you are get slow and slow.
    Faith: No I think I'm come down with the flu.
    Kiven: Go home I'll cover for you.
    Faith: but you Open up tonight Kiven
    Kiven: Faith go home get some rest and fell better.
    Faith: ok
    Faith walk over to where Buffy, Xander and willow are set.
    Buffy: what up Faith?
    Faith: not much, beside I'm come down with the flu that go around at school. I'm going home.
    Xander: but your close up tonight!
    Faith: Kiven cover for me Xand
    Buffy: I walk with you I'm tired and want to go home and sleep.
    Buffy and Faith walk out of the Bronze and start walk.
    Buffy: Faith since you are not feel good I'll make sure you get home
    Faith: thank I do not think I would be able to fight a vamp off if I had to tonight.
    There start walk to Faith place.
    Buffy: do you hear that Faith
    Faith: yeah
    Buffy: who ever you are come out now I'm tire and do not want to fight tonight
    Faith: I do not feel so come out so we can get this over with.
    The next thing they know is three Strong Vampire come at them. Vamp # 1 Start fight with Faith but after a few punch she was find it really hard to get any air into her lung and start cough really hard. Buffy not do much better she is pin up against the fence. Vamp # 1 throw Faith into the brick wall. Just then Angel come run up to them and free Buffy and pull Faith up but not without get Stake with a pole in his right Shoulder.
    Angel: run now
    The three of them run to Buffy and she let then and close the door. they walk into the Kitchen.
    Buffy: Angel you are hurt take off you shirt I will go get the first aid kit.
    She walk upstairs to the bathroom to get it. Faith set down at the Kitchen counter and put her head down. Buffy walks back in and take care of Angel Shoulder. She hear the front door open and goes to see who it is.
    Buffy: mom nice to see
    Buffy close the door really fast and lock it.
    Ms. Summer: nice to see you to Buffy
    Angel and Faith walk in the hallway.
    Ms. Summer who are these two
    Buffy: the guy Angel he help me out in history, The Girl Is Faith we go to school together, and she crush here to night, she forget her apartment keys in her locker at school.
    Ms. Summer: It get late angel should go home.
    Ms. Summer head upstairs and goes to bed, Buffy open the front door and act like she said good bye to Angel. Then close the door and Faith, Buffy and Angel head up to Buffy bedroom. Faith cell Giles and tell him about the three Vampire that they could not kill, then hang up.
    Buffy: here Faith you can wear this nightshirt tonight.
    Angel turn around whe the Girls are change.
    Buffy: Angel do you want the bed.
    Angel: no I'll taken the floor.
    Buffy and Faith taken the bed. when Buffy wake up in the morning there was a note from Angel say I want back to by place right before sunrise. P.S. Faith should see a doctor that cough she has sound really bed. Your friend Angel.
    Buffy: Faith you need to get up for school.
    Faith: cough, cough, cough, cough, sneezing, sneezing, sneezing. I'm up. cough, cough. where Angel.
    Buffy: went back to his place be fore the sun come up, and he think you should go to the doctors.
    Faith: that take money I do not have.
    At the library once their get to school. Faith is set in a chair with her leg rest on the table and her eyes are close.
    Giles: the vampire, the two face last night go by the name of three. I did not think you will see then again. See they did not kill you the Master will kill them for not get the job done.
    Faith: cough, cough, sneezing
    Faith pull a tissue out of her Jeans and blows her nose. and cough some more. The bell ring for first period.
    Giles: you all should head to class now.
    Buffy, Xander, Willow get up and start walk to the library door, Buffy look back and see Faith still set in the chair with her leg up on the table.
    Buffy: Faith are you come?
    Faith: That would mean I'll have to get up and move
    Xander: yeah it would
    Faith: then no
    Giles: Faith you have to go to class.
    Faith: Why
    Giles: because you have a test in your first hour English class.
    Faith: I can take a make up one
    Giles: no go to class
    Faith: fine, Father
    Faith stand up and walk over to the door and go to class with Buffy, willow and Xander. Xander look over at Faith who is walk on the left side of him and see that she look very pale.
    Xander: Faith are you feel all right?
    Faith: sneezing and cough no Xander I'm not.
    There are half way to class when Faith stop walk and her leg start to give out on her Xander grab her and let her put her arm around him. And he help the rest of the way to class and to the desk she sit at. At the end of first hour Faith head back to the library and set down and lays her head on the library table. Giles walk out of his office, and see Faith is not in her second hour class.
    Giles: Faith you need to go to class
    Faith start have a cough fit and reach into her book bag pull out a cough drop.
    set up and look at Giles and start sneezing, she than pull a tissue out of her jeans and blows her nose again.
    Faith: G I'm sick with the flu, I could very make it though my English test. I need to go home, but to weak to walk all the way down town. Can you give me a ride home, I have a pass from the Nurse saying I go home G, I have a fever of 104.99
    Giles :No, but go lay down on the couch in my office, you have that history. test tomorrow that willow is help you and Buffy study for tonight that you have to be here for.
    Faith walk in to Giles office and get a bottle of water out of the min-freezer and open up the front pocket of her book bag and take out a bottle of nightqul and taken some. Then she lay down and goes to sleep to willow wake her up to study for the history test they have the next day.
    Faith: Buffy do you love angel?
    Buffy: what
    Willow: you keep write Buffy love Angel and you notepad.
    At the summer place, Ms. Summer is work on tax when she hear a knock at the front door and goes and answers it.
    Darla: Is Buffy home, we have plan to study for are history test we have at school tomorrow.
    Ms. Summer: no, but she should be here any minute, you can come in and wait.
    Darla: Thank I would love to come in.
    Ms. Summer: you want a snack
    Darla: that sound great
    they walk in to the Kitchen and Darla bit her when ms. summer has her back turn. Angel Just happen to be walk by and stop her. Darla throw ms. summer into his arm and taken off. Buffy walk in and see him hold her mom and her neck blood, she think he did it and chase him out of the house and tell never to come back. After she get her mom to the hospital She goes over to Faith place and pull her out of bed to go find Angel. their find him at the Brozen.
    Buffy: Angel come out here
    Angel: I did not do it Buffy I just was walk by and saw Darla feed on your mom so I break the window in the door and open it to stop her and she throw you mom in to my arm and take off right before you get there.
    Faith is lean on the pool table try not to pass out when Darla come crush in though the sky roof. She see Faith lean on the pool table and run over to her. Faith Start sneezing and cough at the sometime. Once Darla see this she Smile really big.
    Darla: Faith the vampire Slayer are you feel under the weather?
    Faith: cough, sneezing and blows nose, I feel good enough to beat the crap out of you.
    Darla: Angel, Right I'm the one that attack you mother Buffy.
    With that Darla punch Faith in the Face, Faith goes to kick her but Darla grab her leg and throw Faith across the room, she start to stand up and pass out. Buffy run up to Darla and start fight her Angel come up behind her a stake her though the heart.
    Buffy: Angel where is Faith?
    Angel: over here by the door, she out cold Buffy and she as white as a ghost.
    Angel pick up Faith. Buffy and Angel take Faith to the ER.
    Nurse: how can I help you.
    Buffy: She pass out from the flu.
    Angel set her down on a hospital bed and the doctor and nurse take in to a room to check her out Buffy cell Giles and he show up as fast as he can. The Doctor give Faith a RX. Medical and sent her home and tell to take easy for a few day and to stay home from school and to drink lot of water. Giles driver Faith back to her place. and help in and get her into bed.
    Giles: Angel do not do it.
    Buffy: no Darla did, but angel stake her.
    Faith: good she dust then
    Buffy: yeah. Giles I think we should go now so Faith can get some sleep. Bye
    Giles: Bye
    Faith: see you in A couple day when I feel better.

    Part 8 I Robot.... You Jane.
    It the last class of the day which is computer class, And it taken place at the Library help Giles out by Scan the library book in a computer catalog. Jenny Calendar that a enough for today class, you can go.
    Willow: Xander want to stay and help me scan in some book.
    Xander: Love you willow, but no I'm go.
    Buffy: me to, thing to do.
    A week later, Buffy run up to Willow in the hall wall.
    Buffy: Willow, I try call all night where were you
    willow: I was online all night
    Buffy: with who
    Willow: a Boy, I meet on line his name Moloch
    Faith walk up to them.
    Faith: Buff Giles want us in the Library.
    Buffy: About what
    Faith: he did not say
    Buffy and Faith head to the Library to see what Giles want. They walk into the library.
    Faith: yo G what do you what?
    Buffy: Because there Vamp have been keep quit the past couple of week, Since Angel dust Darla.
    Giles: About this Giles throw a book on the table.
    Buffy: it a book
    Faith: a old book and a dust one too.
    Buffy open it up
    Buffy: it empty Giles.
    Giles: yes, it a book that keep a demon for get out, and the only why for it to get out is if someone read the book out laud.
    Faith: so who read it
    Giles: that the think I do not know who could it was write in a lost language.
    Giles: I just want to let the two you know about it, so you can keep a eye out for it, and let me know if you see him.
    Giles then show them a photo of what Moloch the corrupt look like last time he was let free. The Bell rings and Faith and Buffy Start walk out of the library to head to class, But Buffy stop faith.
    Faith: what Buff
    Buffy: Faith can you handle go out Slayer by your self tonight?
    Faith: yeah, But why, Because you know I'm just get off Rx medication, from be sick. And Still not a 100 % yet.
    Buffy: Sniff and start cough, I think I'm come down with what you had.
    Faith: yeah sure, I'm open up the Bronze so I be off early enough to go out and slayer.
    Buffy: thanks
    There head to there first class English and taken a seat in a desk.
    Teacher: everyone take out the Book we are read and read them quit to your self from where we left off last time.
    Buffy pick up the book and start to read but end up fall asleep. and Start have a dream. This is what happen in the dream. She see Willow talk online to the boys she meet online, he ask to meet her, she say I can't this week, but maybe next week, he say ok, but I did not think I can wit to much longer then that. and then it skip to a week later and she see Willow going to meet the Guy, but it not a guy at all but Moloch corrupt. Then Buffy Is wake up when the bell rings for the next Class.
    Faith: Buffy you sleep for the whole class hour, and was also talk in you sleep about willow and her online boyfriend.
    Buffy: It was nothing, just my wild mind go 100 miles per hour.

    Buffy: willow do she hear me?
    Faith: no to into the book to notice anything.
    Faith: at lest tell G about you dream
    Buffy: sure tomorrow, I'm going home sick
    Faith: whatever
    That night Faith goes into work to open up And Xander walk up after the club open up.
    Xander: Faith have you see Willow.
    Faith: no not since computer class seven hour, she stay after talk online.
    Xander: you know where Buffy went after first hour?
    Faith: home sick she come down with a cold or the Flu.
    That night at the Summer house. Ms. Summer come home from work and find Buffy set on the couch drink some hot tea. Ms. Summer walk over to her daughter.
    Ms. Summer: Buffy, are you feel all right you never home this time of day?
    Buffy: cough, no I feel all ache and feverish.
    Ms. summer: I be right back , you stay here.
    Ms. Summer run up to her room and though the door led to the joint bathroom, she get into the medication cabinet and pull out the thermometer. Then head back downstairs to the living room.
    Ms. Summer: Buffy I want you to put the thermometer in your mouth.
    It beep 30 second later, and Buffy taken it out of her mouth and head into her mom.
    Ms. Summer: Buffy you have a fever of 104.68. Buffy does anything else hurt?
    Buffy: my throat and it hard to swallow.
    Ms. Summer: Buffy go to bed, if you sick in the morning I'm take you to the Doctor.
    Buffy head up to bed and lay down. But speed half the night up cough and make a whizzing sound. The next morning Mr summer walk into her Room.
    Mrs. Summer: how are you feel this morning Buffy?
    Buffy: worse
    Mrs. Summer: let check you temperature
    Mrs Summer put the thermometer in Buffy mouth.30 second later the thermometer beeps and Mrs. Summer taken it out of her mouth.
    Mrs. Summer: it 104.99 this morning.
    Mrs. Summer pick up the phone that in Buffy room and call the doctor office. ten minutes later she hang the phone up.
    Mrs. Summer: Buffy you have a doctor appointment at eight o'clock this morning, which is a half hour from now, so get up , and get ready for it.
    Mrs. Summer walk out of Buffy bedroom and head into her own. And Buffy rolls out of bed and throw on a pair of jeans and tank top and throw a sweatshirt on over the tank top, she then walk into the Bathroom and pull her hair into a ponytail and bush her tooth. After she done get ready Buffy and Mrs. Summer head out to the car, and Mrs summer diver Buffy to the Doctor office. Once there get to the Office, there go up to the check in counter and Buffy sign in. And take a sit in the wait room, to the nurse call Buffy back. 10 minute later
    Nurse: Buffy Summer you can come back now.
    Buffy walk to the door and fellow the nurse back and the nurse check her temperature, and write it down.
    Nurse: you are in room two.
    Buffy walk into room Two and wait for the doctor to come in.
    Dr. Cat: Let see Buffy the nurse write you come in because of a sore throat and a fever of 104.99. I'm going to look at your throat now. Oh you tonsil are swell up and so are your gland.
    Buffy: that mean
    Dr. Cat: you have tonsillitis here a RX go get it fill. and take easy for a few days.
    After the appointment Buffy goes to get her RX fill then her mom take her home. she then grab her book bag.
    Mrs. Summer: why did you think you going?
    Buffy: I have I test in France class six hour that I have to take, the teacher does not give make up test.
    Mrs. Summer: I take you Buffy
    there go back out to the car and Mrs Summer diver her up to school. by this time it five hour and she head to gym.
    Faith: oh look willow Buff show up late to.
    Buffy: Willow was late
    Faith: up all night taken to her online boyfriend
    Buffy: willow, how do you know he tell you the truth. and miss the first four hours of class that not like you.
    Willow: you miss them to Buffy
    Buffy: I was at the doctor then I had to go to the drug store to get my RX fill.
    Faith: what due you have
    Buffy: Tonsillitis.
    the head to gym. after gym they go take the France test. Walk to the last hour they start talk about there plans for the night.
    Buffy: willow what are you going to do tonight?
    Willow: I'm going to meet Moloch at his place.
    Willow then head to Computer class.
    Faith: Isn't that the name of the demon we have to keep our eyes open for?
    Buffy: yeah it is.
    There run to the library and Faith and Buffy set down at the library Table Buffy put her leg up on the table.
    Faith: the demon Moloch, could willow have scan it into the computer, because the boy she been talk to online is also name Moloch and she going to meet him after school.
    Giles: fellow her, I cast the spell to put back in the book, But I have get Jenny to help because I have to have someone to cast the spell on the internet to. Buffy: I can help
    Giles: no go with Faith.
    Faith: no G, she sick she should stay with you.
    Giles: fine
    Faith fellow willow to where she is going. and Giles call her the spell did not work.
    Faith: I know why some one build robot computerize body.
    faith start fight with him and is stand in front of the election box so when Moloch throw a punch she deck down and he election him self.
    Willow: thank Faith
    Faith: no big deal
    There head back to the library. And fill Buffy and Giles in on what happen.
    Faith: I have to go to work now I'm all ready run late.
    Buffy: I'm going home and going to bed.
    Willow: I'm going to do my homework at home
    All the girls say bye to Giles and taken off.

    Part 9: The puppet show
    Giles is set in the Auditorium Watch student get ready for the talent Show, He did not want to be in charge of the talent show, But the new principle Snyder give Him no choice, ever there Giles did tell him his choice of school librarian was to limited his time with the student body. Snyder was even cause slayer Issues By keep a very close eye on Buffy and Faith and how much school their miss and the number of fight there start. Faith, Buffy, Willow and Xander walk into the auditorium and set down.
    Giles: I see Faith show up for school today!
    Faith: Yo G, If I was able to come I would of come to school
    Giles: why do you not come to School?
    Faith: I wasn't feel good.
    Giles: that not a good enough reason Faith, not with principle Snyder watch you like a hawk. you can't just keep skip class, because you do not want to come.
    Buffy: Giles light up, so she miss a day, it happens
    Giles: it happen to often with Faith, she all ready had to repeat the 9 grade, I'm sure she does not want to have to retaken the ten grade.
    Faith: G, I really could not make it yesterday
    Giles: I need the reason Faith
    Faith: Fine G, I went home for school Monday, then went to work ever there a had a very upset stomach all day. A hour into work I went to taken some chips and slash over to table number 4 but had to sit it back down on the counter and run to the restroom, because I had a feeling I was going to be sick to my stomach, I just made it to the restroom and in to the bathroom stall before I get sick. My Boss walk into the bathroom to see why I run off without tell anyone, and find me throw up, and she send me home from work. I was up all Monday night throw up and do not stop throw up to 7Am Tuesday morning. After that I went to sleep and did not wake up to this morning. That is the reason I was not in school yesterday.
    Giles: Oh
    Buffy: come on let go, and leave Giles to what he call a show.
    Buffy, Xander and Willow stand up and start to walk to the door, when Snyder walk up to them.
    Snyder: The three of you left school yesterday
    Xander: we left to fight
    Snyder: to fight
    Buffy: no we left to avoid a fight.
    Snyder: three of you have to take part in the talent show.
    Snyder walk out off the auditorium, and Xander, Willow and Buffy all fell back down into the set that there just get up from.
    After school they head home. A girls name Emily went into the girl locker room to put her Ballet shoe away in her gym locker and get her stuff for a cross country meet. She hear a noise behind her then something come up and stab her in the chest.
    The Next Morning at school. Xander willow and Buffy are set on the edge of the stage talk about what there are going to do in the talent show.
    Xander: willow can play the piano
    Buffy: you play the piano
    Willow: yeah
    Buffy: you could Play and we could try to sing along.
    Willow: you mean in front of people, then no I do not play.
    Tom practice with his ventriloquist dummy Sida on the stage behind them.
    Sida: Oh Buffy is so hot.
    Buffy: Tom you really get good at that.
    Tom: thank
    Sida: Hi I'm the one with the talent here.
    After that Willow, Xander and Buffy head out of the auditorium and into the hallway and find the girls locker room has been seal off with yellow tape. and that Faith is all ready wait by the tape to see what happed. Giles then walk out of the locker room.
    Buffy: what happened?
    Giles: a girl name Emily was kill last night. Her track coach side she never show up for there meet.
    Faith: Demon, human what did it.
    Giles: demon did not need knifes.
    Buffy: I did not buy it Giles this is the hellmouth.
    Giles: let move this talk to the Library
    At the library
    Giles: I think we need to slip up and talk to people that seen Emily yesterday before she die.
    Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles went and talk to people and Faith Stay in the library to catch up on her homework.
    when there get back to the Library.
    Buffy: all the people I talk to keep come back to Tom and his dummy Sadi.
    Giles: so do all mine.
    Xander: me to
    willow: me three
    Xander: next time someone else get cordy.
    Buffy and Faith goes and look in Tom Locker, Snyder walk up to them.
    Snyder: What are the two you still do here school be out for hours.
    Buffy: A friend of our ask us to get something out of his locker.
    Buffy open the locker and look into it them close the door.
    Buffy: he must of get it and forget to tell me.
    Snyder: then be going.
    In one of the classroom with the light off and the door crack.
    Sadi: I tell you it was Buffy or that Faith girl.
    The next morning
    Buffy: it sadi the dummy
    Giles: Buffy what are you talk
    Buffy: he was in my room last night
    Faith: and my room too.
    Giles: that would go with the information I find
    Sadi the dummy then walk up to them on his own and tell them all about his curse and that he only has this one demon left then his cruse will be over and he will rest in Pace and tell then that tom not the demon the magician is the demon. so when he was set up for his act, since he was the first one up. Faith and Buffy taken him out. and Sadi stab the demon heart and is now rest in peace. Just then the show start and they find them self stand in front of the whole school and guest. who there to watch the show.

    Part 10: Nightmares.
    Buffy, Xander, Willow and Faith are set in class whit for it to start.
    Willow: Xander did you do your homework
    Xander: what was it on again
    Faith: active Listen.
    Linder: miss. H. explain it last class
    Xander: the midnight blue sweater
    The teacher walk into the class.
    Teacher: take out your text book. and Linder can you start read where we left off the last time.
    Linder open his book and lots of spider come crawl out. and all over him. almost all the class stand up beside for Faith, Buffy. The next morning.
    Willow: Buffy, Faith did you talk to Giles about the spider yet.
    Faith: no we was just about to do that.
    Willow: still care about the spider here
    In the Library
    Faith: In are last class yesterday Linder open his textbook and spider come out of it.
    Buffy: what do you think cause It Giles
    Giles: not sure, I start look for any event similar to that why the four of you go talk to Linder about it.
    They find Linder siting out in the school courtyard.
    Faith: so Linder has anything like what happen in class yesterday happen before.
    Linder: yes even night in my sleep.
    Willow: that be awful, you must really hate spider.
    Linder: No I love spider I had the best collected in the tir-sate area , till I went away to overnight camp for a week the summer after four grade, I left My bother in charge of then for one week and he left the heat lamp on the whole week. When I get back they were all dead. Now all spider hate me.
    Cordy walk up to them
    Cordy: Faith, Buffy, Xander, Willow are you come to history class we have a test.
    Buffy: I haven't even study.
    They go to class And it fly by, Buffy and Faith look out of the side of their eyes a see a small boy stand at the door, just then the bell rings. and there have to turn there test in. In the hallway a girl Terri tell her friend she going down to the basement to have smoke and is attack by a monster or something.
    Willow: Did Giles, Buffy or Faith tell if there know what cause the spider.
    Xander: no not yet, their went to talk to Terri at the hospital, about what attack her in the Basement.
    At the Hospital Faith, Buffy and Gilles walk in to Terri room.
    Faith: how are you doing?
    Terri: better
    Buffy: can you tells anything about who attack you.
    Terri: no
    Nurse: she really need her rest now, so you need to go
    Faith: let as now if you remember anything.
    Terri: he keep say lucky nineteen.
    Buffy, Faith, Giles walk into the hallway and run into Terri Doctor.
    Giles: Can you tell if she gonna be ok
    Doctor: are you family
    Buffy: Friends
    Doctor: she will be fine, she a lot batter then the first person that was attack Connor is still in a coma, If he does not wake up soon, he will not wake up.
    With that the Doctor walk then By Connor room. Back at school Xander and Willow are walk to class, when there walk into the room everyone start laughter at Xander.
    Xander: what are there laughter at.
    Willow: look down
    Xander This is a nightmare
    Willow: just like Lider and the spider
    Xander run out of class and willow fellow him. Back at the Library, Buffy and Faith walk in a see Giles look upset.
    Buffy: what wrong
    Giles: I can't read
    Faith: you can read five different language
    Giles: six normal
    Just then there here the door open and Buffy dad walk into the library.
    Mr. Summer: Buffy who are these guys
    Buffy: dad this Giles and this Is Faith, Giles , Faith this is my dad.
    Mr. Summer: I need to talk about this weekend.
    Mr. summer and Buffy walk outside.
    Mr. Summer: I'm no long get anything out of are weekend visit so I think we should stop have them.
    Buffy: why
    Mr. Summer: because you nothing like I thought have a daughter would be like, you are rude, spoil and you are the reason that you mom and I get divorce.
    Buffy: stop
    with that Buffy get up and run into the Gym and see the little boy Connor that in the Coma at the hospital.
    Buffy: Connor why are you hide
    Connor: from the ugly man.
    Buffy: what does luck nineteen mean
    Connor: it what he call me. we need to hide
    Buffy: I can fight him
    Connor: no, he here
    Buffy throw and punch at the ugly man and he pick her up and throw he.
    Buffy: I can't fight him, he to strong, we need to get to the library. My friend are there and will help us.
    Buffy and Connor walk out side and Connor stop when there get to the baseball diamond.
    Buffy: what wrong?
    Connor: can we go another way
    Buffy: sure, but did something happed to you at the baseball game the night you was attack.
    Connor: lose bed, I miss catch the ball I my coach said I lost the team the game.
    Buffy: lose the game, not you fault, you not the only one on the team, there is seven other member. Did you coach hurt you because of that.
    Connor: yes, he come
    there taken off the other way.
    Buffy: since when was a graveyard here and when did it become night.
    Connor: there a open graveyard who is it.
    Buffy: My
    Connor: you going to die.
    Master: no what fun is it if she always die.
    Buffy: why are you here?
    Master: because you feel it.
    Back at the Library faith put her head down on the table and fell asleep and is dream about Kakistos. Xander and Willow walk into the library right as Faith start scream. Giles come run to the front of the library.
    Giles: Faith what wrong
    Faith: nothing just a bed dream about the vampire that kill my first watch.
    Giles: Xander way are you wear you gym class.
    Willow: can of find himself in front of the class wear noting but his underwear.
    Xander: it was my nightmare, but I was awake.
    Giles: our nightmare are come true, we need to find Buffy.
    Xander and Faith go look for Buffy together, Giles goes off by him self and Willow goes off my her self to. Willow hear a voice and goes into the basement only to find herself on a stage and have to sing a song to a whole auditorium full of people. She goes to sing but nothing comes out of her mouth.
    Xander and Faith has seen nothing but candy bars just then Willow run up to him and Giles.
    Faith: did you hear that
    Xander: oh no it the clown from my five birthday party.
    Xander walk over to him and knock him out. then they run outside.
    Willow: Giles since when has there been a graveyard across from the School
    Xander: and when do there make it night time.
    There walk across the street. and see a new gravel the name on the headstone is Buffy Summer 1981-1997
    Faith: who dream is this
    Giles: my I fail in my duty as a watch.
    Just then a hand come out of the ground, Xander pull Buffy out.
    Faith: Buffy you a vampire.
    Buffy: I'm
    Giles: we have to get to the hospital and wake Connor.
    There get to the hospital and go into Connor room and find his spirit body stand next to his bed.
    Buffy: you need to wake up
    Connor: that not going to work, the ugly man coming.
    Buffy meet the ugly man in the hallway beat him up some and throw him down in Connor room. Take spirit Connor by the head and taken him to the ugly man.
    Connor: it not my fault.
    And Just then Connor walk up and Buffy step in front as his little league coach walk up.
    Little league coach: I see Connor has some gusted.
    Buffy step away from Connor.
    Faith: he awake to
    Connor: there seven other people on the team, It was not my fault are team lost the game.
    The coach goes to leave and Xander punch him and he fall to the ground.
    the next day at school.
    Xander: so the little league coach want to jail
    Faith: yep

    part 11: Out of Mind, Out of Sight
    In the Library Giles was busy sort book that student have been hand back in and collect late fine for over due books, since it the last couple week of the school year. When Buffy, Xander and Willow walk in to the library.
    Buffy: Hi Giles
    Giles: How was patrolling last night
    Buffy: fine, beside the fact Faith never show up to Sunnydale memorial graveyard like you tell her to yesterday morning.
    Giles: I'm sure she hard a good reason for not come.
    Willow: are five hour teacher sent her to the nurse yesterday.
    Xander: That right, then She want home.
    Buffy: have you see Faith today Giles
    Giles: I have not see her yet today
    The bell rings and their head for class, On there way there see Ted be wheel out of the boys locker room by the EMT. Ted grab Buffy Arm.
    Buffy: what Happen Ted
    Ted: A bat come fly out of know where and beat me up
    Buffy: who did
    Ted: just the bat all by itself
    EMT: we have to go now.
    Buffy start walk to the boy locker room and Snyder stop here.
    Willow: Xander what did you say Ted father going to sue the school.
    Snyder: what do you say
    With that Buffy head into the boys locker room and check it out, she start close the open locker door and the word look was write on them. Buffy head back to the library.
    Buffy: four locker door was used by someone to write L-o-o-k on. the Bat was laid down right in front of Ted locker.
    Willow how do the bat beat him up.
    Giles: a Invisible person.
    Faith walk into the Library
    Giles: Faith nice to see you come to school and join as here, there seem to be a invisible person beat people up.
    Faith: Dam ain't there enough evil thing in Sunnydale now we have to fight someone we can't see. That just wrong G.
    Buffy: Faith where were you last night, you never meet me at Sunnydale memorial graveyard like Giles tell you to.
    Faith: yeah about that I'm sorry Buff, I was feel under the weather?
    Buffy: that you excuse you use all the time when you don't want to do something.
    Faith: You know the nurse sent me home right, the nurse just does not sent someone home because there don't want to me in school. I was run a fever Buff, I went home a fall asleep to a hour ago.
    The bell rings, there head to English, where they finish up the book the class was read. At the End of class Cordelia walk up to the teacher.
    Cordelia: about the report I have all these Idea but do not know how to put it down on paper.
    Teacher: come see me doing you free hour tomorrow.
    After English there head back to the library.
    Buffy: find anything about are invisible person yet.
    Giles: no but I think you should talk to Cordy.
    Buffy: fine, and Willow will you print me out a list of miss or die people for the last six month.
    She walk out of the Library and seen cordy talk to Harmony.
    Harmony: Cordy I did not see you after first period.
    Cordy: I went to the hospital to check on Ted there said he should be out by tomorrow.
    Buffy walk over to Cordy can I talk you. Just then something push Harmony down the stairs. Buffy and Cordy run down to her, and Snyder come running over.
    Snyder: are you ok
    Harmony: No I think I break my ankle.
    Buffy: what happen
    Snyder: I ask the question here, what happen
    Harmony: I was push.
    Just then Buffy hears someone laughing up above them she fellow the noise into the music room where something bump into her. and then is gone. Buffy head back to the Library and tell Giles about it, he tell Buffy to keep a eye on Cordy that night. The next Morning listen to Snyder tell the student body That Cordelia Chase is the May flower Queen. Xander, Willow and Faith walk up to Buffy.
    Xander: who these guys in black suit. Do Cordelia hire bodyguard
    Willow: her the list of miss or die people for the last six months.
    Buffy: Massey Ross, it has to be her seen been miss the short amount of time and it was around the music room I see miss Invisible last. I'm going to check out. Willow, Xander head to class and Faith goes back to the Library to update Giles. after class Xander and willow head back to the library. Soon after Buffy come walk in. Cordelia walk into the class she has English in and find someone has put a bag over the teacher head Cordelia take it off her head. on the board someone write Listen.
    Buffy: It Massey Ross all right. And she has it in for Cordelia
    Just then Cordelia run into the library.
    Cordy: thank god you here. some one after me, first their beat Ted up, then push Harmony down the stair, and just know someone put a plastic bag over our English teacher head.
    Faith: the someone that after you is Massey Ross
    Buffy show her Massey photo in last year yearbook.
    Giles: Buffy hang with Cordelia tonight, the rest will hang here in case she show up here.
    Buffy goes with Cordelia, cordy goes in to a hall closet to change into her May queen dress and her and Buffy was talk and the next second it become too quit she try the door but, it has been lock she break it down. and something pull her up into the cell. and give her a shot that knock her out. the next thing Buffy see is the Brozen when she come to her and cordy has been tie to chairs and in front of them Massey Ross write Learn.
    Cordy: Buffy waken up, waken up Buffy
    Buffy: I'm awaken, what going on
    cordy: my face, I can't feel my face.
    Buffy get her self free and listen for Massey and then pull a curtain down on top of her and as soon as she does this the two guys in the Black suit come in and take Massey Ross away to a government school. Buffy free cordy and the Next day at school she back to act like she does not know them.

    Part 12: Prophecy Girl
    It evening Faith is fight a group of five vampire in a alleyway, she was on her way to meet Buffy when this group of vampire gather around her. she pull a stake out of her back pocket and stake the vamp on her right. then she kick the one that walk up from behind her. he goes to punch her in the face and she dock and the vamp miss her she move behind his back and stack him. She said to her self two down three to go. the next one come at her and she jump out of the vampire way and throw a stake and it hit right though the heart. The four vampire Is female and she roundhouse kick Faith right in the back and Faith fall down, But hop right back up. She grab the Vampire by the arm and pull her up to her and stake her. The last Vampire start to run away and Faith throw her stake, and it hit the vamp die on and it become dust. Across town Buffy Is fight her tenth vampire of the night. Just then the ground bring to shock. Both slayer stop what they doing and want for the ground to stop shock. Giles is in the library when the shock start and goes and stand in a doorway. Buffy and Faith finally meet up after the earthquake ends, the two of them end up stay out all night patrolling. They do not even go home before head to school. Once they get to school they go straight to the library to talk to Giles. Buffy: Giles we need to talk, where are you?
    Giles come walk out of his office. He walk right past Buffy and Faith to the cage area to get another book. Faith: Giles, earth to Giles. Giles: sorry do not see the two of you stand there. What can I do for the two of you. Buffy: Giles it get hairy out there I killed over two dozen Vampire last night. Faith: I killed 29 vampire last night. Why has there been some many lately. Giles: I'm not sure. The bell rings, the girls just look at Giles. Giles: Buffy head to class now, Faith I want to talk to you. Faith: what about? Giles: I'll tell you once Buffy leave. Buffy take off and head to class, On her way Xander stop her and ask her to the dancer and Buffy tell him no. Faith take a set at the library table. Just then Angel walk out of Giles office and take a set at the table to. Faith: G, what is it that you want to talk about with me. Giles: The Master is going to rise tomorrow night and Buffy is going to face him and die. when he rise the hellmouth will open up and as you and I know Faith it will open up right under where you are sitting. Faith: great, Have you tell Buffy about what gonna to happen tomorrow night yet? Giles: no, I'm not sure how I should tell her. Angel: you have to be wrong Giles! Giles: I wish I was, but I'm not, It gonna to happen Buffy gonna to die tomorrow night. Just then they notice that Buffy had come back into the library why they was talk to eachother. Buffy: do you know how I'm gonna die? Giles: no, I just know you are gonna to die face the Master. Buffy: Giles I'm 16 year old I do not want to die! Giles: it you calling, you fight the force of darken, when one slayer die a another is called to taken her place. Buffy: I know all this Giles, But I'm not gonna to fight the Master I quite, Faith can fight him, she has more fight time in then I do and she older then me. Giles: I need Faith here in case the master get free and the Hellmouth open. Buffy: I do not care anymore. Buffy pull the cross necklace off her neck and throw it on the floor and run out of the library and out of the school main door and head home. Buffy get home and she run upstairs to her bedroom and lay down on her bed. Back at school Cordy walk up to Willow. Cordy: Willow can you come to the Brozen tomorrow morning and help set the sound system up because the bronze will not let us use their system. Willow: sure, I'll see you tomorrow morning. Willow see Xander in a empty classroom and walk over to him. Willow what did Buffy say? Xander: beside no, what does it Matter. Do you want to go to the dance with me Willow? Willow: As your second choice No. Willow turn and walk out of the classroom. That night Buffy sit at home look at old family photo's, her mom walk into her room. Mrs. Summer: Hi Buffy. Buffy: Mom lets go out of town this weekend? Mrs. Summer: Buffy you know the Art gallery open on weekend, beside I thought the dance was this weekend? Buffy: yeah, but I'm not going. Mrs. Summer: no one ask you. Buffy: someone ask me , just not the one I want to. Mrs. Summer this might not be the right time to show you this but it might cheer you up. Buffy mom open up her Daughter closet and show her a prom dress that Ivory color on with white gritty on it. Buffy: Mom we can't afford this! Mrs. Summer: with the way you been eat yes we can, so will you go to the dance. Buffy: yeah, mom. At Willow House she been try to get a hold of Xander, but he keep hang up the phone on her. The next day at the school Cordy and Willow walk through the hallway. Cordy: I can
    believe Ted did not show, and I'm not even mad at him for it. there walk up to the R.V. room and see a child blood hand print on the door window. They walk in to the room and find Ted and his friends die. At Buffy place, Buffy has just put her dress on and is look at her self in the mirror when her mom walk into her room. Mrs. Summer: that was Willow on the Phone she sound really upset. Buffy head over to Willow place and her Willow mom let her in, she walk into Willow room. Willow I love you dress. Buffy: thanks. Willow: the room was so blood Buffy, That was our room, they taken that away from us. Buffy: I taken care of it Willow. Just promise me you will stay in tonight. Willow I will.
    At the Library Faith and Jenny calendar is fight with Giles over who should go fight the Master. Faith: Giles, I'm a slayer I should go. Giles: No Buffy was right, her and your are both two younger to die. Faith: If I die another slayer will be called, beside I do not went to lose another watch Giles. Just then Buffy walk in. Buffy: I'm going. Giles: no you was right, I'm going. Buffy: no you are not. With that Buffy punch him In the Face. Buffy: Faith If I do not come back, Tell him, I do not know make something up and tell I say it. Faith: good luck. Buffy: the Master we probable have all his crew head this way since the hellmouth here. Faith I can handle it. Buffy pick up her cross necklace and put it back on. Buffy walk out of the school and head to the master place. One she get there she start look for him. Buffy: I'm here come out. Master: good the pointless talk part of the fight. Buffy: I did not come here to talk. Back at the Library Willow, Cordy and Xander come run in. Xander: why Buffy. Faith: she went to stop the Master, I have to go outside and keep a eye out for Vampire. Faith walk out of the school build and whit outside for Some Vampire to fight. Inside the library. Xander: you just let her go. Giles: I did not let her go as you can tell by the bruiser on my face, she knock me out. Xander: I'm going after her. Giles: you do not know where the Master live. Xander: but we know someone that does. Xander goes to Angel place. The whole time think how he need to get to Buffy in time to save her. Once there he knock on the door. Angel open the door and Xander just push his way in. Xander: Buffy went to fight the Master. Angel she will die then. Xander: not if we get there first. They take off and head for the Master Place. Faith is now fight more vampire then she every what to fight at one time. Buffy is still look for the Master because he keep change place on her. The Master come up behind her and grab her. Master: I'm not gonna to fight you I'm just gonna to kill you. The Master bite Buffy neck, drink her blood . then drop her into a puddle of water and goes up. Xander: Angel what that sound. Angel: we are to late he went up. There run into the room where Buffy is and find her lay face down in the puddle. Angel run up to her and turn her over. She not breath. Xander run over and give her mouth to mouth. Buffy start Cough and stand up. Where the Master
    Angel: he went up.
    Buffy: let go.
    Xander: Buffy you still weak.
    Buffy: no I'm strong. there head back to the school. Buffy head up to the roof leave Xander and Angel to keep the Vampire off the roof. Faith Is help xander and Angel. Giles, Willow and Miss calendar are try to fight the Monster that come out of the library floor. Buffy on the roof face to face with the Master. Master: you die. Buffy: I might be die But at lest I'm beautiful. Buffy then look down and see that when the table break it left a point. Buffy grab the Master by the Neck and throw him though the sunroof, his body become dust by his bone do not turn to dust. Buffy, Angel, Xander, and Faith join the other in the Library. Angel: Buffy I love the dress.
    Buffy: thank it a hit with everyone. Then there head to the Bronze for the dance.

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    Season 2: Part one When she was bed
    Xander and Willow are walk outside at night past a graveyard, Eat ice cream cones. It the night before school start back up. When Xander Look at Willow who just set down a the low brick wall. Xander: so do you know when Buffy come back? Willow: no, I get a post card when she first went to LA, but have not hear from her since. Xander: Have
    you Hear from Faith? Willow: Yeah I see her last night she was at the Brozen working, So yeah She get back from that Slayer trip to Romania Giles and her went on. She look can of Beat up there. Just then Xander see a vampire come up behind Willow, He pull Willow off the brick wall she is set on. The Vampire come at them, Just as Buffy come run over to them and grab the vampire and Stake him. Faith come though the graveyard towards them as Buffy dust the Vampire. Faith: Sorry he get away from me. Buffy: Willow and Xander way do the two of you not have a stake? Xander: it been a slow summer that the first vampire we show since you kill the Master. Willow: Buffy how was your summer and did you have to slayer any vampire? Buffy: Fine, and no first one all summer. Xander: What about you Slayer any Vampires? Faith: Yes xander, I though we had a very active Hellmouth here in Sunnydale, The one in Romania is twice as bed as here. Willow: Buffy, Faith have either of you talk to Giles yet? Buffy: No, why would I do that, I'll see him when school start. Faith: yeah, like the last two week.
    Xander: willow, He want with Faith on that Slayer trip to Romania. Faith: Buffy, Did Willow and Xander tell you we bury the Master bone under the tree across from us in that graveyard. Buffy: No. There all head home for the night. The next day at school Miss Calendar And Giles walk down the Hall, Faith, Xander, Buffy and Willow walk down the stairs and stop to talk to Giles. Giles: how was you summer Buffy? Buffy: good. The bell rings, Buffy: I need to head to class. Giles: Buffy, up for training after school? Buffy: Sure. They all head off to class. That night at the Bronze, Faith is working and Willow and Xander is set at a table Talk. Xander: I thought Buffy was going to come her tonight? Willow: maybe she had to stop to do some slayer on her way here. That when Buffy come walk into the club and want over to Xander. Buffy: want to dance Xander? Xander: Yeah. there walk over to the dance floor and start dance. Buffy: did I even thank you for save my life Xander.
    Xander: no. Buffy: don't you wish I would. After that Buffy walk a way from Xander, and head towards the door. Angel had just walk into the club and say Hi, Buffy blow him off and leave the club. Cordelia walk out after her and stop Buffy. Cordelia: Buffy you really try for bitch of the year ain't you. Buffy: does that bug you since you are the win from last year. Buffy then walk a way. As Buffy walk away A vampire grab Cordelia. The next day at school Willow, Xander, and Faith pull Giles aside and talk to him about the way Buffy has been act. Willow: Giles Buffy is act like A B-I-C-t-H. Xander a bumpkin. Giles: she might Just have Issue to work out. Just then Buffy walk up to then. Buffy I went by the Master grave last night, and he gone. the Bell ring and Snyder walk up to them. Giles: we will finish this talk later at the Library. Later that day in the library. Buffy: I thought you side that the Master could not be bring back to live again. Giles: I never seen one happen more then once to the some body. Just then a rock come fly into the room from the window and a note was tie to it. Buffy Pick it up. Buffy: It say I have Cordelia if you even want to see her again come to the Brozen at 8PM tonight. Buffy stand up I'm going to get Cordelia back. Giles: Buffy this sound like a trap. Buffy: I do not care. Buffy taken off and head to the Bronze. Back at the Library the Master helper run in and knock Xander out and take Giles and Willow hostage. Buffy get to the Brozen and Angel comes walk in behind her. Buffy: that does not look like Cordelia to me. The Vampire stand up, That because it not. Buffy: watch her. Buffy then run out of the Brozen and back to the library. When she get there she find the library has been trash and Xander and Faith just come to from being knock out. xander: I do not know what you Issues are Buffy, But if anything Happen to them I'll kill you. Buffy: what happen? The Master vampire helper come and taken Willow and Giles. The three of then head back to the Brozen and Buffy and Faith hold down the female vampire to she tell them where they Taken Giles, Willow, Cordelia and Miss Calender. They then Head to the old factory. Buffy Xander, Angel get them free, me and Faith will take the vampire. The two slayer start fight, but half the vampire take off, but Buffy take a sledgehammer and break the bones into prices. the next day at school in there first hour class, Buffy talk to Xander, Faith, and Willow, and tell them she sorry for the way she been act.
    Season two, part two: Some Assembly Required
    Buffy in the Cemetery sit on a gravestone whit for a new vampire to rise so she can dust him. When Angel come out of now where and is stand right in front of her. Buffy: god Angel do not sneak up a me when I'm patrolling.
    Angel: you alone! Buffy: yeah. Angel: I just thought Willow, Xander, Faith or Giles would be with you that all. Buffy: no just me. Willow had homework, Xander hang at the Bronze and Faith is Study for a history test in the library. Just then the vampire she was wait for come out of the ground and grab Buffy leg. Buffy free her leg and grab her stake and run up to the vampire and stake him. Angel and Buffy start walk and Buffy fall into a open grave. Angel pull Buffy out of the grave. Buffy: there really need to stop leave open grave around. Angel: look like another vampire has rise tonight. Buffy: no look at the grass there drag mark in it. someone dig this grave up. The next day at school Willow is sign up for the science fair. Buffy and Faith are in the library look into the empty grave and find that two other girls was kill in the car crush killed Meredith Teds. Giles: I think we should go check they grave tonight and see if they are there, because if they are miss to some one could be try to rise a army of zombie. Faith and Buffy: We go check out, the rest start look into reason someone might want to do this. Giles: ok. That evening Buffy and Faith go to the gravel yard. Faith take the one grave and Buffy take the other gravel and they find that both of them are Empty. Faith: that mean someone try to make zombie. Buffy: or something worse. The girls head make to school and see Angel by the dumpster. Buffy run over to Angel. Faith slow walk over. Buffy: what is it Angel. Angel there is body part in here. Faith: part to three girls. Angel It does not add up to three, beside there are three heads. Angel, Buffy and Faith walk into the library. And fill Giles in on what up. Willow: it sound like someone is make a person at of part of other people.
    Giles: who here could be able to do something like that. Willow: beside me, two other people. A Chris and a Eric. They go check they locker out and find they plans. Buffy I'll go check Chris place out, Faith come with me. Faith: way some one need to keep a eye out for vampire at the football game tonight. Buffy: oh yeah that a good Idea Faith do that. Willow: me and Xander will check Eric place. Giles goes to the football game with miss. Calendar. Willow and Xander comes walk over to them. Willow: Buffy check in yet. Giles: no. Buffy get to Chris place and find that they have choice Cordelia head to finish the body off with, she run to the girls locker room just in time to stop Chris from take cordy. Cordy then run out to the sideline to cheer for the football game. Eric back at Chris talk to Chris bother that they bring back to life. the both head back to the football game and take cordy. Buffy and Chris get back to his place and find them gone. Buffy: Chris were would there go! Chris: the old science build. Buffy take off and head to the game and run over to Faith and fill her in the two slayer run to the old science build and Faith grab cordy and get her out of the build and Buffy fight Den Chris bring back to life bother, but doing the fight a can of gas get knock over and the old build catch on fire Buffy run out just in time. and the firefight come and put it out. Angel come walk over to Buffy. Buffy: Angel what are you do here. Angel: I seen the fire and think this must be where Buffy is, I just want to make sure everything ok. Buffy: yep bed guy take care of. They all head home for the Night and Miss Calendar and Giles talk about go out on another date.

    part 3. School hard
    Sheila, Buffy and Faith are sit in principal Snyder office. Snyder is walk back and forth in front of the three girls. Snyder: Do the three know why you are here? The girls: No, they all roll they eyes at him. Snyder smile really big at them. Snyder: you three are the must troublesome student in this school. Buffy and Sheila are tie when it come to the days that they skip school, Faith has miss more then both of you there. Faith: Hi men I was excused must of there days. Snyder: yeah right. Faith: I was too. Snyder: all three of you are tie for start fight on school grounds, But Faith and Buffy has not stab a teacher with knife. Sheila: it was pruning shears. The three of you are going to host parent teacher day Friday. And I'm look forward to talk to each of you mom. Faith: My mom die. Snyder: then you dad. Faith: he in Jail. Snyder: The three of you have to be here all week and Friday night. Faith: I have to work Friday night. Snyder: call in sick.
    part 2 of School hard
    Buffy, Willow, Xander and Faith are sit a bench outside the school watch Sheila hug some Guy and then get into his car then the guy driver off.
    Buffy: i can believe Sheila just take off and is not help us
    Faith: I could of tell you she was not going to stay and help, she more of a I'm going to go out and party every night girl.
    Buffy: who the guy that pick her up?
    Willow: her Boyfriend
    Buffy: he tough look and he way to old for her.
    Xander: that the guy she can take home to meet her mom and dad.
    Faith: She has date guy that are as bed as the vampire we kill every night B.
    Buffy: I guess we should start make welcome banner and sign.
    Faith: what ever.
    Buffy: you are not going to take off on me to Faith!
    Faith: I can stay for a short time but I have to work every night B.
    That night at the Bronze Buffy and Faith is fight two vampire, when one walk out from no where, and watch them fight after they stake the vamp he start talk to them.
    Spike: I have my work cut out for me Saturday night when I come to kill you two.
    Faith: what Saturday night
    Spike: a holy night for vamp, and this year the main meal is the two slayer.
    The next day at school Faith and Buffy are work on the sign, when Sheila walk in and say that she will not be back to school, that she drop out. Buffy and Faith had both forget about Spike and what he said to them the night before. When Buffy look at Faith and remember something.
    Buffy: Faith, what was that the blond vamp said to us last night.
    Faith: he was going to kill us Saturday night.
    Buffy: what was the vampire name?
    Faith: Spike I think. Maybe we should tell Giles about it.
    Buffy: I went to the Library this morning but he was not there, no one was and the close sign was up in front of the doors.
    Faith: good the last sign and Banner is done.
    Buffy: good all we have to do now is food and drink.
    Xander: I take care of that for the two I put the stuff in the library for you.
    The girls: thank Xander.
    Buffy: How long do we have to it start
    Faith: two hours.
    Buffy: I cover Faith you go check on Giles
    Faith: what if Snyder ask where I'm at.
    Buffy: I will Tell him you are take a bathroom break.
    Faith run over to Giles apartment and Knock on his door. there no answer.
    Faith: Mr. Giles come on answers the door.
    A few minute later still no answers so Faith pick the lock and walk into his apartment and close the door behind her.
    Faith: Giles it me Faith, I have something to tell you.
    Giles come down the stair and wrap his robe around himself and tie it close. and just look at Faith like she someone he did not know.
    Faith: Giles it me put your glass on so you can see.
    Giles: why are you here, you have to host parent teacher night with Buffy tonight.
    Faith: The question is why where you not at school today. because Buffy and me went to tell you that a vampire name Spike said he was going to kill us on Saturday night.
    Giles: you mean William the blooded a.k.a. Spike.
    Faith: the vampire that stab India with her own stake; which active me.
    Giles: yes, And I was out Sick
    Faith: Watcher do not get sick days Giles, just like Slayer do not get Sick days. It off to the library for you and back to host duty for me.
    By the time the two of them get back to school they have to fight spike men to get into the school and find Buffy fight Spike.
    Buffy: Giles my mom is tramp in a class done the hall to your right get her out of here also get other four other in the room out to. Faith go with them. Buffy mom does not do what Giles tell her and run over to Buffy and hit spike with a ax.
    miss Summer: stay away from my daughter.
    Everyone head home for the weekend. Beside Faith, Buffy and Giles.
    Giles: I think it save to say Spike not gonna to come after you and Buffy tomorrow, but I would stay indoor to be safe.
    Buffy and Faith: go home and rest so you go get well. You look awful.
    The three of them head home.

    Part four: Inca mummy girl
    The student of Sunnydale high are on a field trip to the Sunnydale natural history museum. Xander, Willow and Buffy are watch one of they class mate pick something off a mask. Buffy: who that? Xander: Rob M. he think he gods gift to men.
    Buffy: maybe I'll should Go stop him. Willow: I'll go take care of it. Willow walk over To Rob. Willow: I do not think you should be do that. Rob: it no big deal Willow. Willow: have you memorize all the neutral element. Rob: yeah all 14. Willow: there a 114. Tour guide: On to the Inca mummy exhibit, 500 hundred years ago a Inca princess was buried a live to save her people lives. Faith Catch up to the three of them. Xander: She reappear, so why have you been this whole time? Faith: the restroom. Willow: you went into the restroom as soon as we get here. Buffy: leave her alone you two she has not be feel to hot the last couple days. Faith: Thanks B. Xander: that Faith excuse for get out of everything she does not want to do? Faith: Xander I have Food poisoning, I'm only here because Snyder been on my back about miss some many classes. Willow: half the class you miss have been to stop the world from end. Buffy: you know Snyder not happy if he not ride my and Faith back about something. Xander: so Buffy you mom really have a foreign exchange student stay at your house Buffy? Buffy: yeah. Cordy: Do you see a picture? Buffy: no. Cordy: He could be ugly. Xander: a boy stay in you house. Buffy: yeah.
    The next morning Buffy is training with Giles in the Library and Faith is try to do some homework and Xander set they watch Buffy beat up Giles. Buffy: Way can't I go to the Dance. Giles: because you the slayer. Buffy: But going to the dance we be a good way to hide that, since I have to act like a normal school girl way the foreign exchange student stay at my house. Giles: fine. Willow come run into the Library. Xander: what wrong? Willow Rob did not come to school today and his mom called the school he never come home last night. Buffy: Maybe he wake the Inca Mummy. Xander: and it killed him. Giles: I think we should go to the Museum and check it out. The five of them head to the museum. They get they and find the plate that keep the Mummy from come alive has been break and that Rob as had the life kiss life out of him. Giles pick up all the piece of the break plate he can find and they head back to the library. Buffy I have to go pick up Ampata from the bus station. Faith I'm going to go home and get some sleep. At the Bus Station the Inca Mummy call Ampata Gutierrez over to her and kiss the life out of him, them lock him in to his foot locker. Buffy call his name and is surprise to find Ampata is a girl and not a boy. The next day Buffy take Ampata to the Library and Giles show her the plate to see if she can tell him what the draws on it means. Ampata tell Giles to hide it. Xander and Ampata hang out doing school hours way Buffy, Faith, Willow and Giles does resources. Ampata look At Xander and tell him to whit for her because she has to take a bathroom break when she in the bathroom her bodyguard that supposed to make sure she does not come to live walk up to her and she kiss the life out of her. She does this because he keep show up in front of Xander, Buffy and Faith, Willow and Giles and she can not risk him tell them she the mummy. In the Library Giles tell Buffy she will not be able to go to the dance, because they have to go to the museum and see if they can find the rest of the piece of the plate. That night the Rest of Ampata stuff come and she will not let Buffy unpack it. After Xander show up and Take Ampata to the dance. Giles show up and he and Buffy go through Ampata stuff and find out she is the mummy. and Buffy run to the Dance to tell Xander but find that they Ampata has already taken off. Xander, willow, Faith and Buffy head to the museum. Ampata knock Giles, Faith and Buffy out and try to kiss the life out of Xander but does not get they in time and become a dry up Mummy again. They all head home for the night. the next Day Xander is upset because he feel that all the girls that like him are evil.

    Part 5: Reptile boy
    It a normal night from the two slayer of Sunnydale, Giles has then out patrolling for Vampire and other demons. they in the Rossvalley graveyard whit for a new vampire to rise from gravel but they, have now been they for two hours and it has not happen yet. Buffy: maybe Giles was wrong and he will not turn. Faith: has he every been wrong B. Buffy: no. Just then Angel walk up behind then. Angel: I want to give this to you to show to Giles. Faith: it half of Id bracelet Angel what would Giles want with it? Angel I can smell blood on it. Buffy take it from Angel. Buffy: Angel do you want to, Angel cut her off. Angel you going to ask me out for coffee or something. Buffy: yeah Angel: I can't date you it would not work out I'm to old for you and I'm not even alive, I'm a undead vampire. Just then the new vampire pull himself out of his grave. Faith stake him just as he grab Buffy. The next day at school Giles is mad at Buffy and Faith for not come by after the two of them was done with patrol and fill him in on how it went, also they do not stop by in the morning before school either, they final walk into the liberty doing home room. In the hallway before Willow, Xander, Faith and Buffy walk into the library. Cordy: Buffy the college guy I'm date ask me to see if you want to go to a party at his fart house tonight. Buffy: sure it sound like fun. Cordy: good I'll pick you up at seven. The four of them walk into the Library and Buffy head Giles the half of the Id bracelet Angel find and give to them to give to Giles. Giles: Angel find this where. Faith: in the graveyard by all the frat house. Buffy: and he said he could smell blood on it. Xander: I think Buffy and Faith should patrol tonight. Giles I agree. Buffy stand right here and I can't my mom sick and need to stay home and help here out and to be truthfully I'm not feel to well myself and I have a lot of homework I need to do. Giles: if you sick of cause stay at home and rest Buffy, Faith can take patrol tonight. Faith: I have to work, but I'll go on a patrol after I get off work. Giles that fine. Buffy, willow, Xander and Faith leave the Library and head to they next class. Willow: Buffy I can't believe you lie to Giles. Buffy: I need a night off and I want to have some fun. That night At the Library. Willow: I know what this Bracelet mean Kent private school for girls. Giles: look to see if they any miss girls from they. Willow: yeah one, and they report about three girls going miss around this time each year. Just then Willow and Giles notice Faith and Angel stand by them. Faith Buffy in big trouble I had a visions Buffy Cordy and another girls is china up in the basement of a frat house and a demon snake is gone to eat them. They rush over to the frat house and get they just in time to save them. Giles: you lie to me. Buffy: only once. Giles: and you get drink and nearly die. Buffy: I won't lie to you again. They all head home for the night but Angel agree to go out for coffer sometime with her.

    Part six: Halloween
    Buffy Fight a vampire in a pumpkin patch and the Vampire throw her and she land by the wood sign she pull it out of ground and stake the vampire with it them put it back in the ground and head to the Bronze for her coffee date with Angel but when she get they she see Cordelia hang all over him and start to walk off, but Angel run over and stop her. Angel: Buffy I thought we was going to have coffee? Buffy: I see you with Cordelia so I just thought that you give up whit for me, seen that I was so late do to slayer stuff. Angel: that what I thought, because you have grass in your hair. Buffy: I'm just going go, we can do this some other time. Buffy walk out on Angel. Xander walk over to the bar which is where Faith is work make drinks and take order at the counter. Xander: Faith can I have I refill please and do you want to hang out when you get off work. Faith take his cup and refill. Faith: Now go away Xander I'm work! Xander: Faith I miss you we have been Date eachother since the summer, then the last couple of days you been give me the cold shoulder and will not ever talk to me, what did I do wrong? Faith: I can't talk right now Xander so just go away. Xander: no tell me what I do wrong? Faith: you did nothing wrong I'm the one that do something wrong. Xander: No you have not Faith, If you talk about that night three half week ago when we made love to eachother. Faith: yes that what I'm talk about I should of made you use a condom. Xander: you do not have any STD do you? Faith: no. Xander: then there nothing to worry about Faith because I do not have any either. Faith: that not the Point Xander, I really Can not talk about this right now so just let me get back to work. Xander: fine meet me in the Library before school tomorrow and we talk. Faith: Fine. Xander throw his cup away as he walk out the door of the club and head home. Faith close up the bronze that night and before she leaves she call Giles and ask him to meet her at the library, because she has something really important she need to talk to him about. Giles meet her at the school and unlock the door for her and let her in and then relock the door they enter through. Mr. Giles: Faith what is it that so Important you had to get me out of bed for at 2am. Faith: Has there every been any slayer that have getting pregnant once they was chosen? Mr. Giles: Faith why are you ask me this at 2:30am? Faith: because I just need to know Giles. By this time they have reach the Library and Giles has sit down in a chair at the library table and Faith is walk back and forth in front of the tables. Mr. Giles: there has been one slayer that had a baby boy, she die when her son was five years old, and her Watch take her son in after her death. Faith: what was her name? Mr. Giles: Nicky Wood, but why are you ask me this. Faith: because I need to know is all. Giles get up and walk into his office and grab the watcher dairy on Nicky Wood and walk back out of his Office and hands it to Faith. Mr. Giles: what you want to know is in here, take it and read it when you feel like tell me why you so into learn about Nicki Woods the one slayer that has been pregnant doing her calling you can tell me. Faith make her self comfortable and start read the Dairy, but she was a little surprises that Giles was not push her to tell her why she need to know this. She still read the book when Xander come in the next morning and Giles cover for her and say she study for they English test they have three hour. so Xander walk out of the Library and meet Willow and Buffy at his Locker. Willow: Xander where is Faith at? Xander: She study at the Library for the English test we have today. Willow: oh, because I thought you two was going to meet in the Library and talk this Morning. Xander: Study a little more important and she look like she did not want to be bother by anyone and Giles would not every let me go over to her. To change the subject Buffy what are you do tomorrow night, see that it Halloween night. Buffy: nothing, Giles say that Vampire and other evil thing take Halloween off. So I'm just going to stay home and watch Tv maybe even study. Snyder walk up to them. Snyder: three more volunteer to take children Trick or treat tomorrow night. Buffy: no I can't. Snyder: Sorry I'm not take any excuse you have to be here Miss. Summer no if and or but. Now sign the list the two of you to. Willow, Xander and Buffy walk over to the seat area and Xander try to get a pop but Larry come up to him and start hash him. Buffy stop him by push him up against the pop machine and the pop drop down Buffy grabs it up. Buffy: free pop. Xander walk away. Buffy and Willow share the pop. Willow: how did you date with Angel go last night? Buffy: it do not I get there and he was hang with Cordelia. You know if I could get my hand on the watcher Dairy from his time I could learn what type of girls he like. Willow: to bad they private and Giles keep them in his lock office. Buffy: that not gonna to stop me. Buffy and Willow was able to walk right in and get the dairy they want but they do it very quit because Giles was asleep at the check out counter and Faith had her nose in a book read it. After they get the dairy they went into the girl restroom and read it. Cordelia walk in. Cordelia: Me and angel miss you at the Bronze last night. Anyway what with that Angel guy I never see he around. Willow: at lest not doing the day time. Cordelia: don't tell me he still live with his parent. Buffy: no his parent have been die for a couple hundred year. Willow: he a vampire. Cordelia: sure. She then walk out of of the restroom. That day after school Willow, Xander and Buffy go costumes shop at Ethan store. and Buffy end up buy a 18 century dress and a wig and Willow buy a ghost outfit, Xander just buy a toy gun. The next day Willow at Buffy and the two girls are get ready when Buffy walk back into her bedroom in the outfit Willow look at her. Willow: you look great. Buffy: thank and you look hot in that min skirt and tank top. Willow: so what are you do after you drop the children back off and school. Angel come over. The door bell ring and Buffy run downstairs and get it and let Xander in. Willow put the ghost costume over the outfit Buffy made her wear and head down stairs. the three of them head to the school and pick the children up and taken them out, but being Sunnydale everyone that get they costume at Ethan become what they was dress as. Willow become a Ghost and Xander a soldier who start shot everything and Buffy become a typical 18 century girl and freak out. Willow lead them to Buffy house and on they way Cordelia joins them. Back at the Library Giles and Faith have no Idea what go on outside. Faith: Giles I'll take a pregnancy test Wednesday , because I was three week late and it was positive. Just then Willow come through the walls. and tell them everything that go on and how anyone that buy their costumes from Ethan turn into what they was dress as. the three of them head to the shop and Giles sent Willow to get everyone inside. Faith and Giles Beat Ethan up till he tells them how to break the spell and Giles break the Head of the god Ethan cast the spell on. and everything. went back to normal. At Buffy House. Angel: Buffy why do you think I like you dress like that. Buffy: because that how the girls dress when you was my age. Angel: I hate the girls back then. Giles and Faith are sit in Giles living room talk about what she tell him before Willow come through the wall.

    part Seven Lie to me
    It now around the end on November 1997, it before school in the Library and Giles is read a new watcher dairy this one about the Slayer name Kim yeep she was a slayer from 1992 to Jan 1, 1994. Faith walk into the Library and Over to Giles. Faith: you want to see me. Mr. Giles: yeah have you tell Xander about been Pregnant yet and him being the father. Faith: no I try to but every time I start to bring it up I picture Xander and all the funny Childish thing he does and Think , I do not want to be the one that make him become adult over night he still in high school. I might not be able to give the baby up, but should my choice make his last year of high be speed change diapers and speed every night watch a cry baby. Mr. Giles: Faith you six and half week along now, you are due the second week of July you gonna to have to let him know soon then Later because when you start to show he gonna know something up. Buffy: what up, Xander gonna to find out what when she start to show. Mr. Giles: you need to let Buffy know Faith. Faith look at Buffy and Know she has no choice she a slayer to and the both of them are put they life on the line each night she need to know that she no long risk just her life but her unborn baby too. Faith: B I'm pregnant, and Xander the Father, but I have not tell him yet and I'm not sure how to. Buffy: Xander gonna to be a dad at seventeen and you gonna to be a mom at eighteen. Faith: yeah. Mr. Giles: Faith will be the second slayer to be a mom. Buffy: they was a slayer that had a child. Faith: yeah, Nicki Woods, she had a baby boy, her watch take her son in after her death. Buffy: I had I dream about Nicki Woods, Spike kills her. Mr. Giles: yes he did Then take the leather jacket from her Body. Faith: did her Watcher every tell her son the vampire name that kill her Giles: no, they move away from new York to California after she die so they was not even in the some state anymore. Faith: he was try to keep him safe. Buffy: he should tell him the truth. Buffy: when need to get go to class. Buffy and Faith meet Xander and Willow in the seat area. Faith: Xander I have to talk to you. Xander: about what? Faith: you gonna to be a dad, I'm pregnant with you baby. Just then someone walk up call Buffy name, Buffy turn around. Buffy: Ford, is that you? Ford: yes Buffy it me, My dad get transfer to Sunnydale so I'm finish my senior year at Sunnydale High. Buffy: oh Xander, Willow, Faith this is Ford my best friend for Los Angeles. Willow: we going to the Bronze tonight want to come with? Ford: sure, I need to go finish my paper work off can you show me where the office is Buffy. Buffy: sure. Buffy: I'll see you all in class. Buffy and Ford walk away. Xander had just sit they this whole time stare into space try to get a handle on what Faith just tell him before Ford come over and join them. Faith look over and see he just stare into Space and take a sit next to him. Faith: Xander do we need to go somewhere and Talk? Xander look up at her. Xander: no right here fine. Faith: I know what I tell you is a lot. Xander: that last Wednesday night of October at the Bronze, When I ask you If I did something wrong and you say No that you do, you should made me use a condom, that what you could not talk about at work and really did not want to talk because you was pregnant. Faith: I had just find out that morning, I have be try to figure out the right way to tell you I just could not find one. Xander: I now know way you been so mood for the last six and have week. The bell ring and they head to class. that evening at the Bronze Willow, Xander and Ford was shot pool when Buffy walk into the club. then Angel walk up and Buffy introducing Ford to Angel and Ford shake his hands. Ford: your hands are cold. Xander: you get that one right. Buffy: it get hot in her lets go for a walk. as they was walk through town they see Faith fight a group of Vampire and Ford Yell at Spike both Slayer are here now, Spike and Dru walk into view. Buffy: Ford what you set us up? Ford: spike said he would turn me if I give him the slayers, I want to be younger for every. Faith grab Dru. Buffy: Let us go or Dru will fit into a match box. Spike call the Vampire off and Buffy throw Ford at them and watch Spike Just kill him then Buffy and Faith Run to Faith place and stay in side to the sun come up.

    Part 8:The dark age
    Giles is make the slayer workout in the Library, before go on patrol, which neither of them want to do, so they was driver Giles nuts by play heavy metal music really loud. It was so loud in fact that they could not hear what was go on right outside the staff enter to get into the library from outside. A guy about Giles age try to get into the library to talk to Mr. Giles. He was walk to the door to enter the Library when a lady walk up to him. Phillip: Deirdre is that you. Deirdre: Yes Phillip it me. Phillip: No but you dead. Deirdre: yeah, but Eyghon has come back and now you gonna die. Phillip: Help, Someone Help me. Phillip back up and find he now up against the door and can't go anyway because Deirdre is on top of him and she choke the life out of him and he fall down dead. Early in the morning, Giles is have a nightmare about the mark of Eyghon and he see himself, Ethan, and Phillip and Deirdre all be kill. Then start hear a loud beep sound and seat up realizing it was all just a dream. Giles get up and get ready for school. In the front count yard of the school Buffy and Willow are play a game of anywhere but here, when Faith and Xander walk over to them and Buffy and Willow stop talk and Listen to what Faith and Xander are talk about as they walk up to them. Xander: Faith are you sure you feel are right you not like to good? Faith: Xander I tell you it just morning sick and it a normal, for pregnant women to have it. Xander: are you sure Faith? Faith: a 100% sure Xander. Willow: she right Xander, you can stop bug her about it. Faith: Buffy I need to talk to you can we go someone. Buffy: Sure. Meanwhile in the Library a Police office has just ask Giles to come identify a body of a Murder victim, who had Giles name in his wallet. Giles and the Police walk out the Staff enter of the library. A few second later Buffy and Faith walk into the Library and take a sit at the Library study table. Buffy: Faith what is it that you need to talk about? Faith: I had a dream about Giles last night. Buffy: do I want to hear about this? Faith: I think Giles could be in trouble. Buffy: ok tell me about it. Faith: I see a tattoo on his arm, and a demon kill him and three other people that was Giles age that was English. here a draw of the tattoo that I draw when I waken up. Buffy: I say this call for skip class and do some research. Faith: yeah. Just then Xander and Willow walk into the Library. Xander: it time to go to class. Faith: I would if I could but are watcher could be in trouble we have to do research to see what this tattoo means. Willow: Xander, we sure help Buffy and Faith that more important then class. Xander: I guess you right. Xander and Willow sit down and start look through book With Faith and Buffy. Willow look around and see that it does not every look like Giles has been in the Library yet. Willow: have any of you see Giles today? Faith: No, have you Buffy? Buffy: no, what about you Xander? Xander: no not since yesterday. Faith stand up and start to walk out of the Library. Xander: Faith where are you go? Faith: restroom. Xander: this is more important then use the restroom. Faith roll her eyes at Xander and start walk again. Xander: Faith get back here. Faith: Xand ( she stop talk and put hand over her mouth and run out of the library.) Buffy: Xander you should just of let her go. You know that she have issues with morning sickness. Xander: But Giles is in trouble. Just then Ethan walk up to the table. Ethan he really is. Buffy: You the guy that run the costumes shop and nearly get us all kill. Ethan: that we be me. Buffy: I'm call the police. Ethan: go head but you are really gonna to need Rupert to answers all they questions. Buffy calls Giles house, but there no answers. Just then Faith come run in after someone that is dead. and Giles come run in run after her. Giles push him in to the Book cage. Angel come run in from the side door and start fight with the dead guy. Buffy: what he do here. Willow I call him when I find out what the Tattoo means Willow show her the book. Buffy: Oh, You want the Demon to jump into my boyfriend. Willow: yeah. The dead guy fall over and Angel push him against the library counter and he shake and his face keep change form, and then he back to normal and the demon died because Angle inner demon kills it. Buffy: what was the deal with that. Giles: a black art spell that me, Ethan and three other people did when I was 23 year old, we rise that demon and It take one of us that night, I thought I was never going to see Eyghan again, I was wrong. But thank god you all was here and Saved the day.

    Part nine and ten: What's my line part one and two
    Xander, Willow, Buffy and Faith are sit in the lounge area take career test to see what the future jobs will be. Faith is stare at the test think I really just want to go home and go to bed and get out of these really tight jeans and shirt. Buffy Look over at Faith and see that she not really do the test like she suppose to. Buffy: Snyder walk this way you might want to look like you take the test. Faith: thank for let me know. Xander: Buffy and Faith why are you take the career test for you already know what you been do the rest of you life. Buffy: I'm here because Snyder not happy in less I'm take part in all school relate active. Faith: The some here, I'm down with the test will you head it in for me Xand, I need to go to the store and buy some new clothing that in a big size, none of my clothing are fit me anymore. Faith get up and walk out of the school and to the mall to get some new clothing. Willow: Faith is start to show Xander have you tell your parent yet that they are gonna to be grandparents. Xander: no, that just something neither me or Faith are ready to do yet. Buffy: You can't let Faith and the baby live in that run down Sunnydale Inn/apartment build. It in the bad part of town. Xander: I talk to Faith and help her find a better place to live that still has low rent. Xander get up and turn in his and Faith test then goes and Finds Faith at the Mall which is the only place that has store in Sunnydale that sale clothing. At the Mall Xander catch up to Faith and they talk. Xander: Faith, Have you thought about where you and the Baby gone to Live because I know that there is no room for a baby at the Sunnydale inn/ Apartment. Faith: I'm not live they anymore, Giles talk to the watcher council and they get me a two bedroom apartment in the some build Giles live in. Xander Ok, But I'm gonna to have to tell my parent they are gonna to be grandparent soon. Mr and Mrs Harris: We what, you Get this girl Pregnant Alexander Harris! Faith: Yes and the baby due in July. Mrs. Harris: Can we help you with Anything Faith? Faith: yeah, if it not to much to ask can you pay for the new clothing I need to buy because mine old clothing is get to small. Mrs. Harris: sure. After Faith finish Shopping Mrs and Mr Harris give her a ride back to her place and Faith get ready to go work to open the Bronze up, then go on portal with Buffy. That night on portal, Buffy and Faith are talk as they walk through the graveyard. Buffy: Faith you know you do not have to come on portal you could of went home after work, you do not have to put your and you unborn baby live at risk by slayer. Faith: Yeah I do the watcher council tell me just because I'm with child, it does not get me out of slayer. Buffy: do you hear that. Faith: yeah some one break into the Mausoleum. Buffy: great that one of Spike Guys. Faith: That the some Vampire that Stole Giles book out of his office last week. Faith and Buffy run over there but the one that stole the Item get away before they could stop him. Buffy: great one of the vampire get away with something, will have to let Giles know about that in the morning. Faith: yeah I guess but what could of been in there of any value to them. Buffy: I do not know. Meanwhile At the old factory where Spike and Drusilla live. Dalton: the slayers seen us at the mausoleum, They dust the two Vamp with me but I was able to get a away with the Du Lac cross, like you ask me to. Spike: great now the slayers know we are up to something and they will try to stop us. Drusilla: no they won't. Spike: what are you talk about they are always mass up are plan. Drusilla: they want be able to stop us if they have the order of Tarka after them. Spike: no they won't will they. Back outside the slayers are head home for the night. Buffy get into her house through her bedroom window and find Angel in her room. Buffy: what are you do in my room. Angel: wait for you of cause. Buffy: you can talk louder mom out of town till the weekend. Angel then why do you come in through the window. Buffy: it just a habit. Angel show her a photo of her ice skate as little girl. Angel: do this also use to be a habit? Buffy: about a thousand demon ago. Angel: there a ice rink off route 17, that Close on Tuesday and tomorrow Tuesday, want to go ice skate with me. Buffy: sure, see you tomorrow. The next Morning Buffy and Faith meet in front of the library and walk in together and sit down in a chair at the study table and want for Giles to walk out of his office. Giles: what are the two of you do in the liberty this early? Buffy: when Faith and I was patrolling we show three of Spike vampire stolen something for a mausoleum. Faith: but one of the three get away with what every it was they come for. Giles: I need the two of you to take me to this mausoleum. Faith: Oh yeah the Vampire that get away was the one that stole you book, and I can tell you what mausoleum it was, it was Du Lac mausoleum, where Josephus Du Lac was buried. Giles: which mean they was stole the Du Lac cross. Buffy: what does that mean. Giles the cross is use to restore a weak or sick Vampire back to health. Faith: Spike going to restore Drusilla back to full strong. Giles: we are going to have to do some research to see what spike will need to do this, meet me here after class to start the research. Buffy: I can't I have a Doctor appointment after school. Giles, may I ask what you are going to the doctor for? Buffy: I been feel under the weather is all. Giles: ok, that fine Buffy, I also want you to take tonight off Patrolling. Faith let Xander and willow know to meet in the Library after school and help with the research. Faith: Ok, But I have to work. Faith and Buffy then get up and head to class. Faith: Xander, Willow. Giles want you to meet him in the Library after school to do some research on what spike need to restore Drusilla back to full health. Xander: is Buffy go to be there? Faith: No, and I have to work so it just gone to be you Willow and Giles. That night Buffy is ice skate and Angel is watch her. When a big muscle men come in to the rink and knock Angel down then Grab Buffy by the neck. Faith come run in be chase by another one that look like the one that has Buffy by the neck Buffy Kick the Guy that has her with her ice skate and it cut his throat, and he fall down dead. Angel Help Faith out. With the Guy she is fight. Once he Die Angel look at Buffy and Faith. Doing this Time a girl is watch them from the other side of the rink. Faith There some one still here and she watch us. Buffy skate over to her and Faith walk up behind her But she get away from them. Angel: Let not worry about her, She not with the guys that attack you. But both of you need to get to the school library, I call Giles and tell him to meet you there and Let him know that the two of you was attack by Member of the order of Tarka. At the Library Buffy was Ice her left knee and Faith was ice her right wrist, when Giles walk into the Library with the girl they see at the Ice rink watch them. Faith: why is she with you. Giles: I driver past her and see her fight a group of Spike Vampires so I stop to help her and Angel who was also fight another Group of Spike Vampire. I was able to help her fight her group off but the group Angel was fight Knock him out and throw him into a van and take off, I have no Idea where they take him. Buffy: But who this Girl Giles? Giles: This would be Kendra, she also a vampire slayer, she was active when you dead for a minute last May. Kendra: she die. Giles: yeah but was bring back to Life When a friend of her do CPR on her. Kendra: Like India. Giles: yeah the council has not been able to find a way to stop a new slayer from be called if the slayer does not stay die. Faith: can she stay in Sunnydale and slayer for me till I give birth in July. Giles: no she only here long enough to help us stop this think with Spike. Kendra: May I ask how she get pregnant if she not permit to see boy. Faith: I do not know about you, But Giles Let as date and go to school. Kendra: I was teach that all that would prevent me for focus on my calling. Giles: Where you from the old way still work, but In American, the Slayer have to act like normal teenage, so there are able to go to school and I let them see boys. Just then Willow and Xander walk into the Library. Kendra: stop what are you do here. Buffy: They are friends. Xander walk up to Faith and hug her. Kendra: I take it he the father of you baby. Faith: yes, his Name is Xander and the girl that walk into the Library with him is Named Willow. Buffy: On to important conversation, what did Spike need to do the ritual to restore Drusilla health. I'm not sure yet go do you career fair stuff and I look it up. Buffy and Faith go up to the police office table. Police office: say here when I call you name, Buffy Summer and Faith Lehane. Buffy and Faith: here. The police office take her gun out and start shot she fire a shot at Willow but OZ a boy that willow has a crush on jump in front of her and the bullet nick his arm. Kendra comes run out and help Faith and Buffy but the police lady get a way. Faith: I think it safe to say she was another member of the order of Tarka. Buffy walk over to Willow. Willow: I'm going to stay with Oz till the EMT check him out. Buffy: Ok Willow, I see you when get back to the library. Faith, Buffy and Kendra walk back to the Library and fill Giles in on what happen. Giles: I know what spike need to do the ritual, He need Drusilla Sire. Buffy: that Angel, we have to find him. Faith: I had a dream last night an in it Spike and Dru and Angel is gonna to be out that run down church, on the edge of town, that no long in use. Buffy: let go. Giles: let get some stake and weapons first we have time they can't start the ritual to sundown, and I want Xander and Willow to stay behind as in go home. Giles and the three slayers walk to the run down church and get they ten minute after the ritual start. Spike: How do they get in here, I thought I had people on watch outside along with the order of Tarka. Faith: sorry dust them and Kill them. Buffy: and by the way meet Kendra she a slayer to. Faith Take Spike and Kendra and Giles fight the other Vampire and Dust them. Buffy free Angel and get him out side and Then Faith set the church on Fire, the three slayer and Giles run out of the build and see the roof fall on Spike and Drusilla. Giles: Buffy get Angel back to his place before the sun come up. Faith: I"m going home, I'm tire. Giles: and I'm take Kendra to the airport. Faith and Buffy: see you at school tomorrow.

    Part 11: Ted
    it Monday Evening The scooby gang is walk down the street to Buffy house, When they get to her house the front door is open Buffy and Faith walk slow into the house and hear something drop the girls run to the kitchen where the sound come from and see Buffy mom Joyce make out with a guy. Willow and Xander walk up Behind Faith and Buffy. Joyce then Notice that her and Ted are being watch. Joyce: Buffy this is Ted we be going out. Ted walk over to the Stove and check on the min pizza his make, and find they are done and he give one to Xander, Willow and Faith and goes to give one to Buffy, but she would not take one. Then Ted and Willow start talk about computer. Ted: You need to get the upgrade for you computer, it will make run a lot fast. Willow: I love to But I can't afford to buy them. Ted: I can get then for you free. Willow: cool. The next morning Buffy and Faith are talk about Buffy mom boyfriend Ted in the school library. Buffy: he evil that all there is to it, he some can of demon that gonna to kill my mom. Faith: You have no evidence, that say that he a demon, I did not get the demon feel off Ted, he human Buffy and really nice and a good cook to. Buffy: no he not he evil and he date my mom. Faith: No, he not. Buffy: he not date you Mom. And you eat his Cook he could of drug it so anyone that eat his food, get a happy feel about him and can't see his evil side. Faith: No he not Date my Mom, Be happy that you at last have a mom, my dead. Buffy: do a demon kill her. Faith: no, she was kill by her drug deal boyfriend. Buffy: oh, I still have bad feel about Ted. Faith: Be happy he not a drug deal, or a drunk, Like all my mom boyfriend and My mom was. Your Mom a smart women who know what she want and will not pick a lose or a demon as a boyfriend. Buffy: what ever, I'm still not gonna to eat the dinner he cook for me and my mom tonight. Faith stand up from the chair she was seat in and run her stomach. Buffy: are you ok Faith? Faith: Yeah the baby just kick again. Buffy: sound like it a active baby. Faith: tell me about it, I was up all night because he/ or she would not stop kick. Xander and Willow Walk in to the Library. Willow: he bring me the free upgrades, like he said he would. Buffy: can you look Ted up online and see if you can find anything out about him. Willow sure, Faith where are you gonna? Faith: to the bathroom again. That night at Buffy house, Joyce, Ted and Buffy are seat on the dinner room table. Ted: Buffy what would you think If I ask you mom to merry me? Buffy: I would want to kill myself. Joyce: Buffy, that rude. Buffy: I do not like Ted Mom. Can I be excused? Joyce: you can go to your room. Buffy goes up to her room and grab a stake and goes out her window and does her nightly Slayer duty. she could not find any vampire out so she goes over to Angel place and they kiss eachother for two hours, then Buffy goes home and get back into the house by her bedroom window to find Ted read her diary. Buffy grab it out of his hands. Buffy: that private. Ted: what is a Vampire. Buffy: now of you business. Ted: I think it is, if you do not want me to tell you mom about all this, then you will end up in a mental hospital for the best date year of your life. Ted grab the diary back from Buffy. Buffy goes to grab it back from him and Ted punch Buffy in the face, they start fight with eachother and Ted goes fly through the door and fall down the stairs and is not Move, Joyce call the EMT, who tell her he is dead. Buffy and her Mom end up go to the police station and give they side of what happen. Back at the Library Faith, Xander and Willow find out something on Ted that are not good, like he has five miss wife. They also find a address so they go and check it out. Faith walk into the house first and find Ted has not left the 50 when it come to how he decorate his house. Xander and Willow take the first floor and Faith take the Second floor. Faith yell down the stairs. Faith: I find three of Ted wife. Xander: I find the other two. Faith walk back down stairs let get out of her. Xander: I think we need to head over to Buffy house and fill her in on what going on. Faith, Willow and Xander run to the Summer house. When they get there, the three of them see crime tape up around the house. The go into the house through the Back down and Look around, but can't find anything so they take a sit on the couch and wait for Buffy to get home. Faith: Xander, Willow go home, I'll stay. Faith goes up to Buffy bedroom after Xander and Willow leave and sit down on Buffy bed. Buffy come into her room a hour later, and see Faith. Faith: Buffy what wrong? Buffy: I'll killed Ted, and he was Human. Faith: I do not know if this is gonna to help you but we find out where Ted live and went to his house, and find his five miss wife dead in his Bedroom closet and his living room closet. I call the Police and say I was a maid that was Hire By Ted cross to clean his house and I find some dead bodies in his bedroom and Living closet. They sent a unit out to his house to check it out. Buffy: Maybe, the Police want put me in jail for murder then. The Next day at school they are seat in they first hour class when Ted walk into the class and right over to Faith pick her up throw her across the room. Ted: you was in my house you have to die now, because you find my dead wives. Buffy: I thought I kill you. Buffy hit Ted with a desk and his skin fall of his face. Willow: Buffy he a robot. Buffy pull his wire out and he fall down. Later that day in the Library. Buffy: I tell you there was something wrong with that Ted Guy. Faith, Willow, Xander all at once: Next time we listen to you.

    Part 12: Bad Egg
    Buffy and her Mom are at the Mall shop for, Baby Gift and decorate for the Baby shower Buffy and Joyce are throw Faith, in two weeks. Buffy see A guy walk with a Girl but does not see him in the glass across from Him.
    Buffy: mom I need to take a restroom break.
    Joyce Summer: Ok Buffy
    Buffy head to toward the Game room which is in the some hallway as the restroom. She Find the guy in the Game room and he was just about to bite the girls neck.
    Buffy: honey, I think you said you was not gonna to cheat on me again.
    the girl get turn around and see the Guy vampire face and run out of the room. the Vampire and Buffy start to Fight but after a few sec her know he fight a slayer.
    Vampire: I have to go, but this is not over.
    Buffy: They always run off on me doing the middle of the fight, I hate that.
    She head out of the game room and goes and find her mom and they head home, because the mall is close for the night. The next morning in Teen Health Class. Mr. Whitmore: Everyone get in group of two a come up and grab a egg, it now you Baby. You have to take care of it this week. Xander walk up To Faith.
    Xander: Want to work with me?
    Faith: Sure, But you take care of the egg at nights.
    Xander: sure
    Willow walk up and grab two eggs and Xander Stare at Willow and then at the two eggs.
    Xander: Willow You only need to take one!
    Willow: the other one for Buffy, Xander.
    Faith: I have to go check in with Giles.
    Willow and Xander: we come with you.
    The three them walk to the Library and find Buffy look at a really old book on Vampire. Willow head Buffy her Egg.
    Buffy: It a egg Willow, what do I need this for?
    Faith: teen health class, it a baby you have to take care of this week.
    Xander: and you a single mom.
    Buffy: Great, so back to the Vampire I see yesterday at the mall.
    Giles: his name is Lyle Gorch, and He has a bother name Tector.
    Buffy: but what are they do here.
    Giles: hellmouth energy probably, I would not be two worry about it. But I would keep a eye out for them when you patrolling tonight.
    Buffy: Ok
    Faith look at the clock and tap Xander Shoulder. Xander look over at her.
    Xander: what Faith?
    Faith: time to leave to head to the doctor office.
    Xander: Ok.
    Giles: Xander go with you this time?
    Faith: Yeah, we find out the sex of the Baby at this appointment.
    That evening Angel and Buffy are out patrolling in one of the many Sunnydale graveyards. But they are Make out and not really keep a eye out for the Gorch. Angel pull away from Buffy.
    Buffy: no do not stop kiss me.
    Angel: it get late you have school to morning, you go home.
    Buffy: yeah you are right.
    Buffy head home and get into her room through the window and does her egg check list. But as she look at her egg the phone ring, so she pick it up. Buffy speck. Hi Buffy It Faith, Xander just call me and said are egg creak apart and a purple little demon come out of it, he drop a textbook on it and killed it, so I would keep a eye on your. Just then Willow walk into Buffy room With a Little purple demon thing. Buffy head out of her window and back to the school and see Mr. Whitmore walk down tot he basement and walk down after him to find the Baby Demon Mom. She grab a axe and jumps into the hole and kills the Demon then pulls her self back out of the hole. The next Morning at school. Faith, Xander, Willow, Buffy are Tell Giles what had happen last night and the reason way they never want to see a egg again in they life time. Giles look at Faith. Giles: I just have to ask Faith what is the sex of the baby. Xander: can I tell Faith. Faith: sure Xander. Xander: the Baby a girl.

    Part 13: Surprise
    Middle of the the Night at the Summer house and Buffy is dream about her come up Birthday, but it more of a nightmare then a dream.
    Buffy dream
    She walk into the old factory and she see Drusilla hold Angle and she has a stake in her hand, she start to run down the stairs toward them but Drusilla stake him before she can get to him. Then Buffy mom walk up to her and tell her she not ready for the arrive of the Judge. Buffy then ask her mom if she can take driver Education, her mom drop the coffee cup she is hold. Do you really thing you are ready Buffy. She then wake up scream and realize it was just a dream. She get out of bed and get ready for school then walk over to Angel place and knock on his door. She run up to Angel as soon as he open the door and hug him.
    Angel: what wrong Buffy?
    Buffy: I just had a nightmare that Drusilla was alive and she stake you right in front of me.
    Angel: It was just a dream Buffy I'm Right here and I'm fine.
    Buffy: it just seem so real Angel, what if Spike and Drusilla are still alive we never do see they body turn to dust.
    Angel: I'm sure there is nothing to worry about.
    They start kiss eachother, Till Angel pull away from her.
    Buffy: Angel I do not want to go.
    Angel: You have school.
    Buffy: Ok I'm leave now. Wait before I go there was another part of the dream, My mom side to me I'm not ready for the arrive of the Judge.
    Angel: do you say the Judge?
    Buffy: yeah
    Angel: When you get to school, I would tell Giles and Faith about your dream just to be on the safe side.
    They hug and kiss eachother once more then Buffy leave and Head to school. Angel goes over to his phone and call Mr. Giles at the Library, and give him a head up on Buffy dream. Outside the School Willow walk up to Oz.
    Willow: Oz want to go to Buffy surprise Birthday Party as my date tomorrow Night? OZ: Sure, I will go to the party as you date.
    Willow: cool we have to be at the Bronze by 6:30, Buffy will get there at 7pm.
    Oz: I will pick you up a 6pm at you house, see you then.
    Willow: Ok bye.
    Buffy walk into school and Willow run up to her, the two of them then head to the Library to talk to Faith and Giles. Of cause Giles tell Buffy not to worry about her dream and go to class.
    At the old factory Drusilla is dance around and boxes are being seat on the table. Drusilla is also put flower around the factory to make it look nice.
    Spike: Dru are you sure you would rather not have the party some where else.
    Drusilla: no Sunnydale the prefect place to resurrecting the Judge.
    Spike: It just that Sunnydale cursed for us, the slayers are always mass everything up.
    Drusilla: the Judge we take care of the slayers for us.
    Spike: But I want to kill them, Now I can't ever do that., Because they put me in a wheelchair.
    That night Buffy, Angel and Faith goes out patrolling, and are walk around down town and see Drusilla stole rose from a flower shop, they just watch Drusilla and slow walk away and head to a graveyard to talk.
    Buffy: I tell you that Spike and Drusilla was alive still, do I not.
    Faith: yeah
    Angel: I think you need to let Giles know.
    Faith: I take care of that I have to walk past he apartment to get to my, I stop by and let him know what go on.
    The next day at school Miss Calendar walk into her classroom and see her uncle Enyos sit at one of the computer.
    Enyos: you look good, I was a little worry see that I have not hear from you in a long time.
    Miss Calendar: I have been really busy.
    Enyos: the elder women has had been see sign, That Angelus is no long pay for what he did to are people.
    Miss: Calendar: I promise you Angel is still curse, But there is a girl, but he Kill demon now.
    Enyos: You must keep him away from the Girl, If he has one true moment of happiness he will loss his soul.
    That evening at 6:30pm Miss calender walk up to Buffy.
    Buffy: hi, Giles tell me you was going to give me a ride to why we are meet for tonight meet.
    Miss. Calender: yeah my car right outside.
    Miss Calender pull her car up behind the bronze and they see one of Spike Vampire put something in a truck, Buffy hop out of the car and Miss calendar run up to Buffy who head her the Box. Buffy start fight the Vampire. One of the Vampire get into the truck and driver away sent Buffy and the Vampire she fight to fly through the back window of the Bronze. Buffy land stake first right into the vampire heart. She stand up and dust her self off right as everyone yell surprise.
    Oz: was that a Vampire that Buffy just Stake?
    Willow: yes
    Miss. Calendar walk into the club and sit the box down on one of the table. Faith Open it up to find a hand.
    Buffy: is this a part of the Judge Giles?
    Giles: Yes
    Angel: we need to get this out of town right away, I will take it to the deck and take one of the ships.
    Buffy: I'm going to the deck to see you off.
    Miss. Calendar: I will driver the two of you.
    Giles: the rest of us we head back to the Library.
    At the deck Angel give Buffy a ring.
    Buffy: I love it.
    Angle: if you wear it with the heart point at you it been you have a boyfriend.
    Just then Angel and Buffy get attack by two of Spike Men and A three one get away with the box and at the sometime the Vampire Buffy was face push her over the deck rail and she fall into the ocean. Angel jump into the water after her. At the Library, Faith and the rest of the gang on do research on the Judge, when Buffy walk into the Library.
    Giles: where Angel?
    Buffy: Miss Calendar Driver him home to get a change of cloth, I had some here.
    Xander: why do he need cloth?
    Buffy: we get wet.
    Faith and Buffy go into Giles office and sit down in the comfortable chairs. A hour later Both Slayer have fall asleep. Giles walk up next to Angel. Just then Buffy wake up and run out to Angle and Giles.
    Buffy: They at the old factory, Angel me and you need to go check it out. Xander and Willow I want you to keep a eye on the bus stations. Giles and Miss Calendar take the area around the school.
    Faith: I get the down town area.
    Buffy and Angel walk into the old factory and see that the Judge is put together and is walk around. Just then Vampire walk up behind them and take them over to the Judges. Buffy kicks the Judges and that enough to get the vampire to let her go her and Angel jump into a men hole and come out a mile down the street and run to Angel place and run inside and close and lock the door.
    Angel: Buffy you are shivering
    Buffy: cold
    Angel head her one of his shirt
    Angel: Put this shirt on I know it big, but at lest you been dry.
    Buffy sit down on Angel Bed and tap the spot next to her, Angel walk over a take a sit next to her and they start make out and then the get under the cover and have sex. Later that Night Angel wake up and run out of his apartment and fall to his knee and Scream out in pain. A girl walk over to Him.
    Girl: are you ok.
    Angelus: Yeah everything fine.
    Angelus grab her and drink her blood then push her down and walk back to the old factory.

    part 14: Innocence
    Buffy wake up the next morning and can't find Angel anywhere in his apartment. She head home and walk into the house from the front door, because her mom had already left for work she run up to the bathroom and take a warm shower, then change into a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt, then head to school. Once she get to school she find Xander, Willow, Faith, Giles and Miss Calendar wait for her in the Library.
    Buffy: the Judge up and about.
    Faith: Buffy what wrong?
    Buffy: Me and Angel made love to each other last night and when I wake up this morning he was gone.
    Miss. Calendar: you did not just say what I think you say Buffy.
    Buffy: yeah I do.
    Miss. Calendar: Angel curse if he has One true moment of happing he will loss his soul.
    Buffy: Are you try to say he left because he evil now.
    Giles: we have to wait and see, but for now, we have to find a way to kill the Judge.
    At the old factory Angelus walk in and right up to Spike.
    Spike I look behind you Angel.
    Judge: there no humanity in him.
    Angelus: that Right the soul is gone.
    Spike: how do you loss it
    Drusilla: he had one true moment of happiness.
    Angelus: yep
    that night at the Library Angelus walk over to Willow a grab her by the neck.
    Angelus: I just had to stop by I tell you the Angel you know is gonna, I final lost that soul the gypsy curse me with. Miss. Calendar walk into the library.
    Miss. calendar: you kill my uncle, I now know why he sent me here to keep you away from Buffy. Let willow go, you do not want to kill her.
    Angelus: oh yes I do.
    Buffy and Faith: I would put her down.
    Angelus throw willow into Giles and run off.
    Willow: Xander and Oz did the two you get the rocket launcher?
    Xander: take care of.
    Faith: there be at the Mall at close time tonight.
    Buffy: we need to beat them there.
    Buffy, Willow, Xander and Faith was already went for the Judge when he walk into the Mall with, Drusilla, and Angelus. Buffy: you gonna to die tonight Judge
    Judge: no weapon made can kill me.
    Buffy: that was then, this is now.
    Xander head Buffy the rocket launcher.
    Judge: what that?
    Faith: that would be a rocket launcher, blue guy.
    Buffy fire it at the Judge and Drusilla and Angelus jump over the edge of the second floor to get away from the fire. the blast hit the judge right in the chest and sent piece of him fly every where.
    Buffy: scooby gang get the Piece, Faith help them. I'm going after Angelus.
    Faith: Great the sprinkler went off, we all gonna get wet again.
    Buffy run after Angelus they start fight.
    Angelus: you Heart not into this Slayer, you still think that this is a act, it not the soul gone and there no way to get it back.
    Buffy kick him between the legs and walk away from him.
    Giles give Buffy a ride back to her place, when he get there he put the car in park and look at her.
    Giles: Buffy, the next couple of month are gone to be hard, and they gonna to be a choice a head of you.
    Buffy: I'm not ready to talk about it.
    Buffy get out of his car and run into the house.

    Part 15: Phases
    Xander and Faith are sit in a graveyard talk about what they should Name the Baby girl she is have.
    Xander: how about Beth
    Faith: no, how about Cat
    Xander: no, How about Destiny
    Faith: Yeah, that the one, her name is gonna to be Destiny.
    Then they both hear something howling . they turn around and look in the direction of the howling is come from and see a big dog run out of the graveyard.
    Xander: that not a dog is it?
    Faith: No, I think that a werewolf.
    Xander: I think we need to go tell Giles.
    Faith: yeah
    The next morning
    Oz wake up lay on the Ground outside in the woods, without any clothing on. He get up a slow walk back to his parents house and goes into his bedroom and put some cloth on. Then he goes and pick his girlfriend Willow up. Willow get in his car and kiss him on the lip and he kiss her back.
    Willow: we have to go to the Library when we get to school.
    Oz: ok
    Oz and Willow was the last two to get to the Library.
    Giles: take a sit in a chair, It seem that there is a werewolf in Sunnydale.
    OZ: I think it me, I wake up in the wood naked this morning.
    Giles: have you been bite by anything since the last full moon.
    Oz: my cousin Joey
    Giles: call his Mom and ask if he a werewolf.
    Oz walk into Giles office and call his aunt.
    OZ: Hi Aunt Kate, This might sound like a wired question but is Joey a werewolf?
    Aunt Kate: yes, he been one for the last four full moons.
    Oz: thanks, I would not let him bite anyone us, because now I'm one.
    Aunt Kate: Oh dear, we make sure he does not bite anyone else.
    They hang up and Oz walk back out and take a sit.
    Giles: what did she said?
    Oz: he a werewolf.
    Giles: to be on the safe side the next two day we have to lock you in the book cage for the night. Also someone need to stay here to night just to make sure he change into a werewolf.
    Faith: I stay here
    Giles: Good, Buffy me and you are going out on patrolling, to make sure that there is no other werewolf walk around.
    That Night at the Library Oz change into a werewolf right in front of Faith. She sit in the Library do her Library homework. Buffy and Giles walk into the Library at 6Am and see Oz Change back into Human form.
    Giles: Oz was right he the werewolf. Willow walk into the Library.
    Willow: is Oz the werewolf.
    Oz walk out of the Cage and over to Willow.
    OZ: yes, do you still want to date me?
    Willow: yes.
    Oz: cool.
    Faith: I'm gonna go home and get some sleep.
    Xander: We have school.
    Faith: Xander I have been up all night and I'm tire, I need to get some sleep.
    Giles: Xander Faith is right she need go get some sleep.
    Faith: I'll see everyone tomorrow.

    Part 16: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
    It February 13, 1998, Buffy patrolling and Xander with her, Buffy keep look around like something going to jump out at her and Xander.
    Xander: You hope Angel we be out tonight so you can dust him.
    Buffy: actually no, I was just think it would be nice to have a couple days off without have to slayer any vampire. So Xander what you plan for tomorrow night?
    Xander: Going to the Valentine dance
    Buffy: Isn't Faith work that night.
    Xander: that why I'm going to keep a eye on her, She over do it between school, work and Slayer. She need to slow down some.
    Buffy: Xander she fine.
    Xander pull a ring out and show it to Buffy.
    Buffy: you not gonna to ask her to merry you are you Xander.
    Xander: no it a ring with the Baby birth stone in it. Her birth stone is a Ruby.
    Faith walk up to him, and hug him from behind, Xander turn around and give her the ring, and put it on her right ring finger.
    Faith: I know about the ring already, I tell him to show it to you.
    The next day out school Willow and Oz are hold hands and walk, Xander.
    Willow: Xander where Faith at today?
    Xander: she stay home from school today, because she has a check up at the OBGYN this Morning.
    Willow: Oh.
    That night at the Bronze after the dance is over Faith walk over to Xander.
    Xander: Faith want to go to a movie or something.
    Faith: I want to take a break from eachother Xander
    Xander: you break up with me?
    Faith: No, I just need sometime to think about stuff, Xander can you Just give me a a week or so to have time to myself.
    Xander: ok, I can do that Faith.
    Xander run out of the club and head home. Faith just stare into space, think Xander really love me, but I'm not sure I have the some feeling as he does. What should I do. Faith then leave the Bronze and goes and slay a few vampire then head home for the night. The next morning in History class Faith is a no show. Buffy walks in right as the Bell Ring and Hand her and Faith homework into the Teacher.
    Teacher: Faith can't make class again?
    Buffy: she not up to come to school today, she feel under the Weather.
    Buffy goes and take her seat behind Xander.
    Xander: Buffy what the real reason Faith do not come to school.
    Buffy: Xander as I tell the Teacher she feel under the weather, but do not worry you head off, she just has a little head cold she want to the Family doctor yesterday after he OBGYN and he Just tell her to take it easy and she and the Baby will be fine.
    After class Xander pulls Amy aside.
    Amy: Xander what do you want?
    Xander: I want you to cast a love spell on Faith, to make her love me.
    Amy: No, I can't I'm just learn to do magic, and even If I could I would not cast a love spell on Faith.
    Xander: why
    Amy ok I list the reason. 1. she a slayer, 2. she Pregnant,3. it could hurt her and the Baby, 4. do not know how yet.
    Xander: No, I'll take the risk I can't lose her I really love her, and I'm afraid she going to break up with me she tell me last night she need some time alone.
    Amy: I will not do it Xander, it will only make you and Faith have problem if I do a love spell.
    Xander: fine
    Xander walk away from Amy really fast, Giles walk up to Xander.
    Giles: I over hear what you and Amy was talk about she made the right choice, Because she cast the spell on Faith she would of had no control over her feel, at all and it could cause her to hurt herself or someone else.
    Xander: Like the unborn Baby?
    Giles: yes
    Xander: I'm glad Amy would not do the spell, I just love her.
    Giles: I think the break away for eachother will do both of you some good, both of you live will be change for good in four and half months when the baby comes. Take the time you have left till them and have some fun Xander.
    Xander: thanks that what I need to hear.
    Giles: now go to class.
    Xander Head to his next class and Miss Calendar and Giles Head to the Library and start kiss eachother.

    Part 17: Passion
    Willow, Oz and Faith, Buffy and Xander are hang out at the Bronze. Buffy and Xander are Dance. While Faith, Oz and Willow are sit at a table watch Xander and Buffy dance. Angelus is watch them.
    Angelus: Passion everyone one has it, make you fall in love. It can cause you pain and happiness. Some people even let it control they life.
    The song end and Buffy and Xander walk over to the table and Join Oz, Willow, Faith.
    Buffy: we have that Science test in the morning we should go home now.
    Willow: I do not want to take the test tomorrow.
    Faith: She has to be sick, she love school and take test.
    Willow: I just do not want to take is all.
    Oz: you have seem a little out of it tonight.
    Willow: I'm just tire.
    Oz drive all of them home, and when Buffy and Faith waken up in the Morning they both find drew of them a sleep lay at the end of they bed and they was sign by Angelus. First thing Buffy and Faith and the rest of the scooby gang does is go talk to Giles who head Willow a Book that has a spell that keep vampire out of they house after they been invited in. Oz has his arm wrap around Willow waist.
    Willow: Giles, can I have a Tissues, I need to blow my nose.
    Giles: sure
    Giles hand Willow the box of Tissues and she pull one out and blow her nose.
    OZ: Honey maybe you should stay home form school you are sick and are run really warm.
    Willow: I come because, Sneeze, I was suppose to fill in for Miss calendar, Cough, first hour because she thought she was going to run late to day, but she made it on time. Also I have a test in second hour.
    Oz: at lest go home after the test.
    Willow: After Second hour, I'll go do the spell to keep Angel out of our home. Then I'll go home.
    Doing second hour which is Miss Calendar free hour. Angelus walk into the school and see Miss Calendar sit at her desk, she had just finish paint out the curse.
    Angelus: Drusilla tell me you figure out how to recurse me I can't let you do that
    He walk up to her and push the computer of the desk and it catch Fire. He then throw the curse paint out in the fire. Afterward he pick up the orb of Thesulah and throw across the room it hit the wall and break, he then grab Miss. Calendar and drink her blood to she fall dead in his arm. Giles. When Second hour was out Buffy, Willow, OZ, Xander and Faith was walk toward the main door of the school to head to Buffy then Willow, Giles and Faith place to do the spell to keep Angel out of their house. When they walk pass the computer science room and see the EMT say Miss. Calendar is die. They head out of the school and go to do the spell out Buffy, Willow, Faith They save Giles house for last. Willow was just finish up when Giles Walk in and seat down on the couch.
    Buffy: who kill Miss Calendar?
    Giles: Angel
    Buffy: Me and Faith we kill him for you.
    Angelus: Passion if we could live with out it we would, but a life would have no mean at all.
    Two days later Faith, Buffy and Giles are stand beside Miss. Calendar gave.
    Giles: in all my years as a watcher, I have lost a lot of people I know, but never one I love till today.
    Buffy: I was not ready to kill him before, but I'm now.

    Part 18: Killed by death
    Tuesday morning doing three hour, English Class. Faith, Willow, Xander are read the Hobbit, like they Teacher tell the class to do at the begin of the hour, but Buffy just can not focus on the book, her eyes keep close on her and she feel all ache, she rise her hand.
    Teacher: Buffy Summer what do you need?
    Buffy: can I go to the nurse, I'm not feel good.
    Teacher: sure, here a pass.
    Buffy gather her book up and take the pass from the teacher and walk to the nurse station. She walk in a hand the pass to the nurse Mckey.
    Nurse Mckey: not another student that does not feel good. What wrong with you Miss Summer?
    Buffy: I feel all oogy
    Nurse Mckey: What are your symptom?
    Buffy: I'm all ache and tire
    Nurse Mckey: I gonna check to see if you have a fever.
    Nurse Mckey put the thermometer in Buffy mouth and when it beep 30 second later she take it out.
    Nurse Mckey: you have a low grade fever of 99.99, I usually do not sent people home with this low of a fever but I'm going to let you go home, because you really do not look like you feel good. Here you pass to leave school.
    Buffy pick her books up and head home. Doing four hour home room Giles is whit for Faith and Buffy to come into the Library and let him know how patrolling went last night, but only Faith walks into the Library.
    Giles: where is Buffy at?
    Faith: she went to the Nurse and then went home sick.
    Giles: she never get sick!
    Faith: I think she caught the Flu from Willow.
    Giles: how was patrolling last night?
    Faith: I was tire, so I stay home and watch Tv and went to bed early.
    At the Summer house, when Buffy get home she take a shower thinking it would help wake her up and warm her up because on the walk home she get really cold. But the shower did not help. She put her pink PJ on when she finish in the shower, then French braid her hair, then goes down to the Living room and turn the tv on. Joyce Summer Come home for work with take out Chinese food for her and Buffy.
    Joyce: Buffy are you not go out to night, because I see you are already dress in your PJ?
    Buffy: No, I'm gonna stay in tonight.
    Buffy only eat part of her egg drop soup and does not touch her chicken dish.
    Buffy: can I be excused mom?
    Joyce: sure, baby
    Buffy head upstairs and into her room and lays down in her bed. Joyce walk into her daughter bedroom and see that she is already lay down.
    Joyce: baby, are you not feel good?
    Buffy: No I feel all oogy.
    Joyce: ( feel Buffy forehead) you run a fever, I'm go to get the thermometer and then I'll be back.
    Joyce walk back into Buffy room a minute later and put the thermometer in her daughter mouth and when it beep she take it out.
    Joyce: you have a fever 102.889, I'm keep home from school tomorrow.
    Joyce leave Buffy room and let her go to sleep.
    The next morning Joyce check in on Buffy to see how she doing,
    Joyce: how are you feel this morning?
    Buffy: sneeze and Cough, I feel awful and I just check my temperature it is now a 104. 012
    Joyce: I hate to leave you home alone when you so sick, but I have meet all day at work that I can't get out of. But I want you to stay home and get some rest.
    Buffy: ok Mom.
    Buffy mom leave for work, Buffy get up long enough to get a box of tissue and then goes back into her room. She sit up in her bed blow her nose when the Phone rings, she grab.
    Buffy: Speak, cough
    Giles: Buffy I know you are sick, but we have a problem , they has been report on a demon call De Kinderstod, go around at night kill children that are sick.
    Buffy: You are joke, Sneeze, right
    Giles: No I'm not Joke
    Buffy: Giles I'm not up to slayer ask Faith
    Giles: You have to have a fever to see it Buffy so you have to look for it tonight, come to the Library, as soon as you can and I fill you in on everything.
    Buffy: Fine, Sneezes and cough
    Buffy does not ever change out of her pink PJ she goes to school in what she wear and with her hair still French braid, the only thing she does is grab massage bag and throw the box of tissue and the thermometer into the bag then. She get to the Library and sit down in a chair and put her foot up on the table and take out a tissue and blow her nose once more.
    Buffy: see Giles I'm really sick, I'm even blow yellowish- green stuff out of my nose and I have a fever of 104.012.
    Giles: I'm sorry to bug you but this is important, and need to be take care of right away, Faith will be gonna with you.
    Faith show Buffy a drew of what the Demon look like and give her the I'm sorry Giles is make you go out slayer when you sick.
    Buffy: he ugly looking.
    Faith: no wonder he can only be see when a person run a fever.
    When the Sunset Buffy and Faith head out to look for De Kinderstod but run into Angel and the Kinderstod at the some time.
    Angelus: I'm so glad I run into the two of you. I think I'm gonna let Buffy take care of De Kinderstod first, he look hunger.
    Buffy and the Kinderstod start fight but he knock her down, but Buffy grab his neck and break it. She then start stand up.
    Buffy: sneeze and cough
    Angelus start fight with her but leave Faith alone all he want to do is fight Buffy.
    Angelus: so you feel under the weather love.
    Buffy: I'm feel well enough to fight you.
    Angel knock her down and kneel down on top, but Faith jump in and throw him off of her. Angel start run away. This is not over lover. Faith help Buffy up.
    Buffy: thanks, cough and sneeze.
    They start to walk but Buffy start lose her balance Faith put her arm around her and help her home.
    Buffy: we can go in the front door my mom still at work, which is good, sneeze, because I was suppose to stay home.
    Once inside Faith help her up to her bedroom and into bed, then call Giles.
    Giles: Hi, is everything ok?
    Faith: Yeah just call to let you know that Buffy kill the Kinderstod, but we also run into Angelus.
    Giles: is Buffy are right?
    Faith: yeah, but she fall asleep as soon as she lay down in her bed. I need to go now so bye.
    Giles: bye, see you in school tomorrow.
    Faith then head to work and Joyce come home to find Buffy fast asleep.

    Part 19 and 20: Become part one and two
    (In my vision the episode I only have eyes for you, and go fish does not happen).
    Town squad 1753, Angelus: There are moments in you life that can make you, and one that can set the course of you life, I'm going to show you one now. Angel and one other guy get throw out of the local tavern and the door slam close in they faces. Angel start walk and run into a noble lady.
    Angel: I have to ask myself way a Lady of you class is do alone in a alley like this time of night?
    Darla: Maybe I'm lonely.
    Angel: then let me be your escorted, to keep you out of harm way.
    Darla: that nice of you, are you sure you up for it.
    Angel: Yes
    Darla Lean in and Bites his neck to his pulse slower then make him bite her chest.
    Angelus: see what I mean, If I did not get kick out of that tavern that night I would never have become a vampire.
    To present day( May 1998) at the Sunnydale cemetery. Buffy and Faith are patrolling and Xander come with to Make sure Faith does not over do it.
    Faith: ok it total slow in vampire active tonight.
    Buffy: Yeah, and it never this slow this time of year.
    Just then they hear something behind then and turn around to see Kendra is back in town.
    Kendra: Hi
    Faith: Ok if you in town that mean the quiet we have around here is going to be end really soon.
    Kendra: yeah, By the way Faith did you find out the sex of the baby?
    Faith: yeah it a girl.
    Xander: a vampire walk up behind you
    Kendra swing around and stake the Vampire right in the heart and it become dust.
    Buffy: I guess the three of us we be meet Giles in the Library in the Morning.
    Kendra and Faith: Yeah
    Rupert Giles walk into the Sunnydale museum of Natural history and to the back room, Which is where he meet Doug. When he get into the room he see a big stone with write on it.
    Doug: So Mr. Giles what do you thin it is?
    Giles: I'm not sure but do not open till I can translates what the write on it said.
    The next morning before school Willow run out of the computer lab hold a printout of the cruse to restore Angel soul and Show it to Buffy, Faith and Kendra. The four of them walk into the Library and show the printout to Giles, Oz and Xander.
    Giles: Willow if you think you can do the cruse, I think you should do it right a way.
    Willow: how soon
    Giles: Tonight when Buffy, Faith , Kendra and on Patrolling.
    Willow: ok, But way so soon
    Giles: Because we are gonna to need Angel Help to stop Acathla.
    Kendra: what he is try to say is if his soul not restore tonight, he will bring Acathla back to live and he swallow the world into Hell.
    Giles: Drusilla going know you do the curse, so the slayer are going to be hang outside the school so they can't get in. I need Xander, Oz here to help me and Willow.
    Oz and Xander: Ok we be here.
    Willow: I will need a orb of Thesulah
    Giles: I have one.
    That night in the Library
    Willow is seat on the Library floor and cast the Bones.
    Giles: Quod perditum est, invenietur (What is lost, return).
    Willow: Not dead nor not of the living. Spirits of the interregnum I
    call...'Let him know the pain of humanity, gods. Reach your wizened
    hands to me. Give me the sword...'Gods, bind him. Cast his heart from the... evil... realm. I call on Te implor, Doamne, nu ignora aceasta rugaminte.
    (I implore you, Lord, do not ignore this request.)
    Nici mort, nici al fiintei... (Neither dead, nor of the living...)
    Lasa orbita sa fie vasul care-i va transporta, sufletul la el. (Let this Orb be the vessel that will carry his soul to him.)
    While Willow Say this Oz Is swing smell stuff around the room and Xander watch the door.
    Outside the School at the sometime this is go on. Kendra, Faith and Buffy are wait but not for long because they are only outside two minutes when Drusilla, Angelus and Spike come walk up to them.
    Buffy: I get Angelus
    Faith: I get Spike
    Kendra: I guess I have Drusilla then.
    they start Fight eachother but Kendra was only able to hold Drusilla off long enough, But Drusilla do a spell on her then cut her throat when her finger nail and Kendra drop dead. Just as she fall to the ground Angelus falls to his Knee
    Angel: It feel like I been gone for months, what happen. NO all the people I kill it hurt Buffy.
    Buffy kneel down next to him and hug him. And Spike and Drusilla run off. Giles walk outside and See Kendra dead.
    Giles: I get a hold of the museum They get the Stone that Acathla in, on a ship to the Watcher council in England. I call Kendra watcher and Let him know his Slayer pass away Fight, who?
    Faith: Drusilla
    Giles head back into the school and Make the call to Kendra watcher In Jamaica. The next couple of week went by really slow and the scooby gang was happy when school finally get out for the summer.

    part 21: Sunnydale The Summer of 1998
    it is now the 5 of July, and it late afternoon. Faith is sit on the couch in Giles apartment try to get Giles to let her out of patrolling that night, But is not have any luck what so every.
    Faith: G, Please I'm not feel up to go out and patrolling tonight.
    Giles: with Buffy out of town spend time with her Father this Summer I need you on Patrolling every night Faith.
    Faith: But the Baby due anytime now, I should really be take it easy not go out slayer Vampire and demon every night, that and It get harder to walk much less fight vampire.
    Giles: I'm Sorry but there is no way you can get out of slayer, the Vampire have been very active all summer, and do not seem to be slow down anytime soon.
    Faith: Then you come with me.
    Giles: Oh no I can't I have a something to do tonight.
    Faith: Yeah right you was gonna stay home and read that book that on the coffee table.
    Giles: I'm not the slayer I do not have to go out patrolling.
    Faith: G, at lest come with me, what if I go into Labor or my water break when I'm out slayer.
    Giles: ok you have a point, We should be going now the sun start to go down.
    Faith Slow get up off the couch and head to the door grab some stake on the way. As they walk through one of the twelve graveyards in Sunnydale they are talk about what Life will be like once the Baby born.
    Faith: You do know once the baby come, you really are going to be a watcher, that is the watch of Destiny when I'm out on Patrolling.
    Giles: I guess that would be part of my Duty as a Watcher of the Vampire slayer, is to watch the Slayer child if they have one.
    Just then Faith Stop walk and put her hands on her stomach. Giles stop and turn around and look at Faith who has start to breath really hard and look like she in pain.
    Giles: Faith are you all right?
    Faith: no, I think I'm in Labor Giles
    Just then four vampire jump out at them And start fight the two of them. Faith Kick the first one that come at her and send him fly into a headstone she run up and stake him. The vampire turn to dust right as Faith water break, and a second Vampire come at her. The second Vampire throw her, but Faith land on her feet and throw the stake at her and it hit the vampire die center of her heart. Giles meanwhile is fight two at once and is been over power Faith run up to them and take one of the Vampire of Giles hands. Giles and Faith stake the lest two Vampire at the some time.
    Faith: Hospital now, and when we get there call Xander and let him know so he and his mom and Dad can get there also call Willow.
    Giles: yes right, Good Idea, let go.
    Once at the Hospital Giles get Faith Check in and into her room then goes and Call Xander and to let him know what go on.
    Giles: Xander It me Giles, Faith is in Labor, we at Sunnydale General hospital.
    Xander: Ok let Faith now me and my parents will me there in twenty minutes.
    Giles: Ok see you then, call Willow and let her know Xander.
    Xander: Ok i will. Giles bye.
    Xander and Giles hang up and Xander call willow. As Faith and Giles wait for Xander and Mr and Mrs. Harris, Willow to get there. Giles hold Faith hand and talk between her contractions.
    Faith: Giles, this hurt a hundred times worse then get beat up by a group of vampires.
    Giles: good to know.
    Faith: Och
    Just then Xander, Willow walk into Faith Hospital room with Mrs and Mr. Harris.
    Mrs. Harris: how are you hold up?
    Faith: It hurts
    Giles give Faith Hand to Xander and Right as faith take Xander hand she has another contraction and start squeeze. Giles Sit on the couch in the room with a ice pack on his left hand.
    Xander: no wonder you happy to give me Faith Hand Giles, She Squeeze it to death.
    Giles: so do I for get to tell you about that.
    Faith: Xander you get me into this mass, you have a right to know what it feel like.
    Two hours later Xander sit next to Faith stare at his Baby girl Destiny.
    Xander: she so cute.
    Faith: I know.
    After Xander Mom and Dad leave Giles look at Faith and Xander.
    Giles: Faith take as long as you want off from Slayer I fill in for you. You need to take some time to get to know you daughter.
    Faith: Thanks Giles, I'm tire, I think I'm go to take a nap.
    The rest of the summer went By fast for Xander and Faith who are just get use to have a baby, Before they know it There is only two days before school start back up and Buffy get back in town.


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      Season three Part one: Anne
      The first morning back at school. Giles is in the Library check book out to the student. He has see Willow, Oz, Xander But has not see Faith or Buffy yet. when the phone in his office ring. he walk into his office and pick it up.
      Giles: Mr. Giles here
      Buffy: Hi Giles
      Giles: where are you Buffy?
      Buffy: I'm still in LA, I'm Not come back
      Giles: what do you mean you not come back?
      Buffy: I'm not come back to Sunnydale, a last not this week Giles ( Phone goes Die).
      Giles: Buffy, Great she hang up on me and do not leave me a number.
      Faith walk into the Library and in to his Office with her baby daughter Destiny, who scream her lungs out.
      Giles: she grumpy today isn't she?
      Faith: you would be to if you had a wet diaper.
      Giles: Yes I think I would be.
      Faith lays Destiny down on the floor and changes her diaper. and Destiny stop scream.
      Faith: Giles do you get a weird call From Buffy that say she wasn't come back to Sunnydale, because Angel and I both get one yesterday?
      Giles: yes right before you get here.
      Faith: I think something bad happing in LA.
      Giles: I'm sure, It just Buffy have fun and does not want to come back is all.
      In LA Buffy Summer had been in the sewer Look for her friend Anne Boyfriend who is Miss. She had only been home a hour and just get out of the Shower when she call Giles to talk but only long enough to let him know she was not come back yet then hang up on him because Anne walk into the room and she need to talk to her more.
      Anne: do you find him?
      Buffy: yes and no.
      Anne: what
      Buffy: I find his body age and dead, he had a tattoo on his hand, this is what it look like.
      Buffy hands her a drew of sun with a spear through it.
      Anne: what does that mean?
      Buffy: you know that crazy church on sunset street, there is a enter to a hell dimension in the basement there.
      Anne: that guy that always handout flyer he seem a little demon to me.
      Buffy: yeah I know, I have a appointment to go get save in two hour by him.
      Anne: but what if he kill you
      Buffy: I'll be fine, I'm not going get killed now after I slayer a Vampire in front of my mom and Dad the day my mom driver me down here for the Summer, I have to go home and see how my mom handle me been a vampire slayer, but just incase here my mom number and Mr. Giles number. If I'm not back in two days call them and let them know what was go on and that I might not be a live anymore.
      Anne: ok
      Back in Sunnydale Xander, OZ and Willow are in class listen to the English Teacher talk about the books they will be read doing the new school year, Faith is sleep or was to she jump up scream.
      Faith: we have to save Buffy she gonna die, Sorry fall asleep and had a nightmare, Can I take a restroom break.
      Faith run out of the classroom and to the library and into Giles office.
      Faith: Buffy do not come back because she gonna to try and close a hell dimension In LA today.
      Giles: slow down Faith, and how do you know this?
      Faith: I fall asleep in English class and had a dream, and she was talk to a friend name Anne, who boyfriend went they and when, he was to old to work anymore they sent him back dead. The time movie faster there. and also Buffy mom and dad show her slayer a
      vampire the day miss summer drop Buffy off at her dad house.
      Giles: she be fine Faith.
      Two hour later , Back in LA at the church. Buffy is kneel on the floor in front a pit of black water and can feel the evil come out of it. She grab the guy by the neck the twist it till it make a loud pop sound and she drop the guy, because she kill him the pit close up and become a solid floor. Buffy pull the guy mask off to show his true demon face. she take out her cellphone and call Anne and tell her everything is great and the hell dimension enter is close. she goes home and pack her suitcase and her dad driver her back to Sunnydale.

      Part two: Dead man's party
      Buffy is in her bedroom unpack her suitcase and put things away. she had just talk to Giles and tell him the reason she stay In LA long then she plan to. when She hear Destiny Cry. She walk out of her bedroom and into the guest room and pick her up, and walk into her the mom room through the door that connect it to the gust room and her mom bedroom.
      Joyce: thank Buffy she been whine the whole time she been here, Faith tell me, she was like this for her all day to.
      Buffy: and why is Xander not watch his daughter tonight mom?
      Joyce: Because his Mom and dad are both sick.
      Buffy: oh, It was nice of you to watch her for Faith.
      Joyce: Mr. Giles need a break little Destiny, keep him busy the whole time he wasn't check book out to student. And See that Faith is also a Vampire slayer, I figure it was the lest I could do to help her out. Oh look at this new mask I get, It from Africa.
      Destiny: crying
      Buffy: (rock Destiny) I do not think she like the mask mom.
      Joyce: (roll her eyes) I think she hunger, I'll go get her bottle ready, Will you bring her down stairs Buffy.
      Buffy: sure
      Joyce: Buffy I invitation Mr. Giles, Faith, Xander, Willow and Oz over for Dinner tomorrow night, So can you go down to the basement and get the fine china out please, when I'm feed Destiny.
      Buffy: ok.
      In the Basement Buffy find a dead cat she carry it outside and burying it. Only to have it come alive and come in through her bedroom window during the middle of the night. and since it Sunnydale, Buffy calls Giles right away and he comes over to get the undead cat and see the mask in Joyce bedroom which is where the cat went and hide at.
      Joyce: Mr. Giles I see you look at my mask, it come from Africa.
      Mr. Giles: when do you put that mask up?
      Buffy: right before for I find the dead cat that now alive again Giles.
      Giles: Oh dear
      Giles walk over to the wall and grab the mask.
      Joyce: what are you doing?
      Giles: I'm took it with me it could be the reason the cat come back to live. Buffy grab the cat cage, and come with me.
      At the Library Buffy, Giles, and Faith, Oz, Xander, Willow are look into the mask and the undead cat.
      Faith: you cat smell awful G.
      Oz: I have to agree with Faith on that one man, it need a bath really badly!
      Giles: It not my cat, It was dead and come back to live.
      Buffy: ( head Giles a open book with a picture in it.) is this the Mask in question Giles.
      Giles: yes it is, oh dear. The mask has the power to bring back the dead and then the undead will com to where the mask is to try and get it and be the must powerful monster every.
      Just then a group of undead women and man come through the back door to the Library and head towards the mask on the study table. Faith and Buffy jump up and Start fight then, as on grab the mask and put it on.
      Giles: do not look that one in the eyes, and you have to kill it by hit in the eyes. Xander case in to the book cage and grab two Sword and give one to Faith and one two Buffy who both take a eyes and stab the eyes out with their sword.
      Faith that was funny and different then normal.
      Oz: I say let have my band play at are little get together tonight, to celebrate are victory today.
      Buffy: that a great Idea Oz.
      Everyone: Great let party.
      That night at Buffy house they fill Joyce in about the mask, and then let lose and dance to Oz band as they play, even Angel come by and party with them.

      Part Three: Faith, Hope and Trick
      Faith Apartment in the middle of the night, she is sleep in her bed and have a nightmare about Kakistos the vampire that killed her first watcher.
      Faith nightmare
      Faith walk down the step lead from the trapdoor in the mausoleum floor into the under ground cave. Faith walk towards the sound of her watcher scream, but it was not the voice of her first watcher she was hear it was the voice of her currently watcher Rupert Giles. Faith pick up her speed and run toward the sound even fast then she hear Buffy, Xander, Willow, Mrs. Summer all scream and the sound of Daughter cry.
      Faith: I kill you how can you be here?
      Kakistos: Did you see my bone turn to dust Faith?
      Faith: No It can't be!
      Kakistos: I have been bring back to live Faith.
      Faith: no you can't kill them, it me you want not them.
      Kakistos: I will kill each one of them and make you watch me then I will kill you last.
      Faith sit up scream and cry. Then stand up and run into her daughter room to check on her, and see she is fine. She walk over and pick her up and sit down in the rocking chair with her. she sit there to it time to leave for school. After she get Destiny, ready she throw on a tank top and a pair of jeans then the two of them head to the high school and go right to the Library to see Giles.
      Faith: Giles we need to talk ASAP.
      Giles: About what?
      Faith: Kakistos
      Giles walk out of his office and sit down at the study table, and Look at her and Faith hands him Destiny.
      Giles: He die, Faith
      Faith: I had a dream about him last night and in it he was bring back and come after me and had you, Buffy, Xander, Mrs. Summer and Destiny and kill all of you in front of me before kill me.
      Destiny: laugh ( kick Giles in the face.)
      Giles: I think she has you personality Faith.
      Faith: I think so to.
      Giles: I'll look into you dream, to be on the safe side you and Buffy will only patrolling with a group.
      Faith: as in me, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Oz and you.
      Giles: yes, I talk to Mrs. Summer for you and see if she will watch you daughter when you out do you slayer duty.
      Buffy walk into the Library and look and Faith and Giles and the baby.
      Buffy: we have a problem, I had a dream that a vampire named Kakistos was bring back to live.
      Giles: I guess Faith was not the only one to have that dream, I say the two of you skip class and hit the books and see what we can't find anything out.
      Buffy: Giles how do you get that bruise on you face?
      Giles: Little Destiny has a very power kick already.
      Buffy: all baby like to kick and it normal that it hurts Giles.
      Giles: Yeah and she has her mom personality.
      Faith hand Giles a book open to a page that tell all about the day Kakistos come back to Kill a slayer named Faith.
      Giles: oh dear, we have a major problem on are hands.
      Faith: can we stop this from happen G?
      Giles: no, it already happen, the only thing we can do is kill him when he show his face.
      Faith: I want you, Xander, Willow and Oz to stay inside to night, me and Buffy will go over and get Angel and the three of us we handle patrolling and we take care of this Kakistos issue. Also Giles I want you to watch my daughter tonight.
      Giles: sure, Faith.
      That night There get to Angels place and find he is already fight Kakistos. Faith and Buffy run over to Angel and help him out Buffy and Angel pin Kakistos against the wall and faith goes and break a tree limb off a tree and run right at Kakistos and push the limb into his heart, and everything turn to dust but his bones Faith then grab a slag hammer and hits the bones to they become dust. Then Faith walk to Giles place and pick her daughter up.

      Part four: Beauty and the Beasts
      Willow, Oz, Xander, Faith and Buffy Are sit in the lunch room When Debbie and Pete walk up to them And take a sit by them.
      Debbie: Oz do you bring the notes for senior bio, like I ask?
      OZ: yeah
      Oz hand her the notebook to Debbie.
      Debbie: so Buffy how was your meet with Mr. Platt yesterday?
      Buffy: long and boring
      Debbie: I think he evil, if I was not fall senior bio, I would stop going.
      Oz stand up and start to walk away.
      Willow: Oz where are you going?
      Oz: I'm going home and go to bed, I'm not feel so hot.
      Willow: I walk out to your van with you.
      Oz: ok
      Willow stand up and take Oz hand and the two walk out of the lunch room and towards the park lot, and talk as they walk.
      Willow: you need to set you alarm clock so you are back here before sunset, see it a werewolf night for the next three night.
      Oz: yeah, i be back in time willow.
      Willow goes to kiss him and Oz pull away from her.
      Willow: Oz what wrong?
      Oz: I just do not want you to get what every it is that I come down with.
      Willow: Ok i see you when you get back here.
      fifteen minute before sunset at the school library. Giles is walk back and fourth and look at the clock then at the doors.
      Faith: G man relax
      Giles: Oz is not here yet, and there only fourteen minute till the sunset. He does know that tonight is a wolf night right Willow.
      Willow: yes he does Giles.
      Giles: then where is he?
      Willow: he probably on his way here from his house, he went home sick this afternoon.
      Buffy walk into the Library with Oz, and Oz lock himself in the book cage.
      Buffy: look who I find walk into the school on my way back from the restroom.
      Giles: Oz you really need to stop cut it so close to sunset, one of these days you not gonna to make it on time and you could end up kill someone.
      Oz: sniffle, Sorry I sleep through my alarm.
      Buffy: anyway back to the issue of that monster that eat people during the day and the night.
      Oz: howl
      Debbi: It Pete
      Faith: what do you ,mean it Pete?
      Debbi: he made this formula up so he could be a big stronger man, but it only make he kill people.
      Giles: you mean he try to be Like Jekyll/ Hyde deal.
      Debbi: no he not try he did it. Willow I thought you was go to be study with oz tonight?
      Willow: I was gonna to study, as I keep a eye on werewolf Oz.
      Debbi: that Oz in the book cage?
      Xander: yep.
      Pete: Debbi where are you?
      Angel: I tell you to stop walk away from me baby!
      Pete run into the library and stop in front of Debbi and grab her arms.
      Pete: you mad at me for kill Platt every there you said he was evil.
      Giles: so it is you that been kill.
      Pete: yeah because Debbi was Look at these three men and like them better then me.
      At that moment Pete become all tell and his nails become long and point.
      Debbi: you need to stop this Pete.
      Pete: no
      Debbi: I never look at other guy, you are the only one I like.
      Pete: you are a lie.
      Pete start attack Debbi, Angel, Buffy grab Pete and Faith help Debbi away from Pete. Pete throw Angel across the room, then start fight Buffy and knock her out. Angel come run back over and grab Pete and break his neck.
      The next morning after Willow fill Oz in on what happen.
      Oz: I can't believe I miss that because it was a werewolf night.
      Faith: You was a sleep anyways.

      Part five: Homecoming
      It the night of homecoming and Angel, Xander and Oz are worry because Willow, Buffy, Cordelia ( Xander Date), and Faith was all ride together in Faith min van and was going to meet the boys outside the library and they never show up. Oz keep call Willow cellphone but keep get her voice mail, Cordelia was not answers her cellphone either neither was Buffy, and no one was home At Faith and Buffy mom side that she had already left the house to go to Faith when they try Buffy house Number.
      Mr. Giles: Xander maybe you should call your parents and see If Faith has drop Destiny off yet.
      Xander walk back over to the phone and call his house. Mrs. Harris pick up Xander: Hi Mom has Faith Drop Destiny off yet.
      Mrs Harris: yeah a hour ago, Willow and Buffy was with her they was on they why to pick Cordelia up, then they was head to the dance.
      Xander: Ok Mom, they must still be whit for Cordelia is all.
      They hang up and Xander walk back over to where Oz, Angel and Giles are.
      Oz: what do you mom say?
      Xander: Faith drop Destiny off a hour ago, then they way to pick Cordelia up and then come here.
      Angel: something not right they should be here by now and I also have a bed feel.
      Just then a group of demon and Vampire come crush through the windows of the library. then Buffy and Faith come through the window fellow by willow and Cordelia.
      Oz: why is it that are date always end up have to fight for they life when they are wear formalwear.
      Xander: because some evil demon or Vampire or evil person is always try to take over are school dance to eat us or just kill us.
      Faith: Yo, You guys mind give us a hand and stop talk to eachother, can't you see we are out number here.
      Angel: sorry.
      The Boys join in and help fight and dust and be head the demon before they could get to the gym. But it was not a easy fight more demon and Vampire keep shower up each time they kill one.
      Oz: just to ask where have you girls been this whole time.
      Buffy and Faith: Outside in the park lot. As soon as we start get out of the van the demon and Vampire jumps us.
      Willow: Giles what going on, they not some demon hellmouth open event going on tonight is there?
      Giles: Not that I know of Willow.
      Demon one: No we was hired to kill the slayers and they watcher.
      Buffy: you gonna lose.
      Faith: We always win.
      They kill all the demon off after two hours but the Vampire did not give up to right before sun rise, when they all take off and head back to they hide out, before the sun come out and could dust them.
      They all drop into seat and look at eachother.
      Angel: Oz can you give me a ride to my place so I don't catch fire.
      Oz: sure I pull my Van up to outside library entrance for you.
      Angel: thank Oz.
      Buffy: will I every get a normal Dance at this school.
      Faith: No way, we live on the hellmouth. I don't even think are prom will happen with out something evil happen that night. Cordelia: I'm Go home to take a shower and put some clean clothing on.
      Faith: Xander let go I need to pick Destiny up then I'm going home to Sleep.
      Buffy: can you give me a ride Faith?
      Faith: Sure.
      Willow: I'm go with Oz.
      Giles: See all on Monday morning.
      They all take off, Beside Giles who stay behind to clean up the library once again.

      Part 6: Band Candy/ Revelations
      The Scooby gang is walk into the lunchroom when Snyder hand each of then a box of candy bars. They all just look at him.
      Faith: what this for?
      Snyder: it candy Bars to sale to rise money for the Band.
      Buffy: but none of us are in the Band.
      Snyder: so you are still gonna sale it.
      With that Snyder walk away from them and over to other group of students.
      Faith: Buffy you need to go to the Library and See Giles, the watcher council, sent a new watch for you and she here and wants to meet you.
      Buffy: But I do not need a new watch.
      Buffy leave the lunchroom and goes to the Library, and stop as soon as she get through the door. A women walk up to her.
      Gwerndoyn Post: You must be Buffy, I'm you new watcher Gwerndoyn Post.
      Buffy: I'm doing fine with Mr. Giles I do not need a new watcher.
      Gwerndoyn Post: It not you choice, the watcher council thinks it would be better if you and Faith each had different watcher.
      Just then Faith walk into the Library and goes into Giles office and pick up her baby girl Destiny and then walk back out and sit down at the study table. At the some time Giles grab a candy bar from one of the box on the table, and start to open it. Just then Faith remember the dream she had last night.
      Faith Giles put candy bar in his mouth) Faith Stop do not eat that.
      Giles: ( take out of mouth) and way can't I eat this candy bar Faith.
      Faith: I had one of my slayer dreams last night about the candy be sale for the band, they have a spell put on them to make the adult act like children again so the Demon Lurconis can get it annual feed.
      Gwerndoyn Post: I hate to make things worse But a Demon called Logos is come to the hellmouth and his look for the glove of myhnegon.
      Buffy: so we find the glove before he does.
      Faith: do we have a location for this glove is?
      Gwerndoyn Post: It burin with a wealth person in a graveyard.
      Giles: they are twelve of them in Sunnydale.
      Just then Willow and Xander walk into the library.
      Giles: Good Willow and Xander this is Gwerndoyn Post Buffy new watcher.
      Buffy: we need the two of you two hit the book and see if you can find a location for the glove of myhnegon, it in one of are twelve graveyards and also info on Lagos.
      Xander and Willow: ok I see book that talk about Lagos on the backside of the second shelf.
      Buffy: I'm going to check with Angel, Maybe her know where it is, call my cellphone if you find out anything.
      Giles: Faith you are with me we have to go to the hospital and stop who ever gone to get Lurconis feed which is new born babies
      Faith hands Destiny to Xander and leaves with Giles. Xander, Destiny and Willow go and sit down by the book shelf and start look at book. Gwerndoyn Post sit in Giles office with a big smile on her face. Back at the book shelf Xander and Willow kiss.
      Xander: I'm going to take Destiny to Faith Place and put her to bed. Will can you holder this on you own.
      Willow: Sure Xander it probably better if you leave see that I'm date Oz and you just start date Cordy.
      At the hospital Giles and Faith are fight a large group of the mayor vampire off. Faith is throw to stake and dust two vampire at once, and jump into the air and kick a three one down then kneel down on top and stake her.
      Giles: dust one vampire them move on to another. After a hour the had kill all the vampire then went and kill Lurconis. When they get to the sewer where Lurconis live and go down into they see the mayor wait for the vampire to bring the babies. Mayor Wilkines take off as soon as he see Giles and Faith. Faith grab the gas pipe and set Lurconis on fire. Back at the library Gwerndoyn Post as just get a call from Buffy say that she and Angel has the glove of myhnegon, Willow hear this and walk up to her.
      Willow: Gwerndoyn Post do you need my help to destroy the glove I have a book here that tell how to do it.
      Gwerndoyn Post: No, I'm not going to destroy it girl on went for my self.
      Gwerndoyn Post then hit Willow really hard and knock her out. And take off to Angel mansion.
      Meanwhile Faith and Giles are now head back to the library and run into the demon Logos.
      Giles grab the axe of the demon back and throw it to Faith she catch it the cut Lagos head off with it.
      Faith: Two for Two, let hope Buffy has find the glove.
      Giles Let hope.
      Angel mansion
      Buffy: So you are sure that destroy the glove is the right thing to do?
      Angel: yes
      Gwerndoyn Post: No, it not. Give the glove to me now.
      Angel: who is this Buffy.
      Buffy: the new watcher I tell you about Gwerndoyn Post.
      The Library
      Willow just come too as Giles and Faith walk in.
      Giles: what happen Willow?
      Willow: Gwerndoyn Post, Buffy call say that her and Angel had the glove at his place, so I tell her I find a way to destroy the glove and she knock me at.
      Faith run out of the Library and towards Angel Mansion.
      Back at the Mansion
      Gwerndoyn Post: I said give me the glove now.
      Angel: I know it the right thing to do is destroy it, if it fall into the wrong hands it could cause major damages.
      Gwerndoyn Post grab the glove from Angel hand and put in on, just as Faith come run into the mansion. Angel grab Gwerndoyn Post by the back and Buffy grab her right arm and Faith cut her left arm off. Then Angel does the spell to destroy the glove for good. Then Buffy and Angel goes and fill Giles in on what happens and Giles call the watcher council and finds out that Mrs. Post get fire two years before.
      Faith: Giles I know you get a note about her be fire, didn't it say she get fire for miss use of dark magic?
      Giles: Yes it did, how could I forget that.
      Buffy: It no big deal, everything is fine, Faith kill both demon and I we stop Gwerndoyn Post before she could end the world.
      Giles: yes we did.

      Part 7: Love walk/ The wish
      Faith pull her min van into the school park lot and park it in the first student park space by the library. She then get Destiny out of her carseat and head to the library try to think way Giles call her this morning at four AM and ask her to come see him right away.. It could be about not answers any of his, Buffy, Oz or Cordy calls to her cellphone Five night ago Maybe Giles want to fill her in on what went down or he mad at her and want to yell at her for not come and help them fight evil. Our it could be about the fact she miss school the last four and half days. She get to the Library and Giles point toward his office. Faith walk into his office and take a sit on the couch.
      Faith: G why did you want to see me this early for?
      Giles: Faith I understand you miss school. Everyone miss school at one time or another. But when four of us call you and leave a voice mail say that we need you help to find where spike is keep Xander and Willow hostage at, and to help save they live once we find them. There is no if and or but you call us back and see what go on. Not just leave us hang without any word from you in five days. That very rude and unslayer like Faith.
      Faith: first off I did not check the voice mail I just look at the phone number of the four calls I miss and see that it was just you, Buff, Cordy and Oz. I do not think it was about anything demon relation see that you did not try call the house phone.
      Destiny: (Wake up) scream cry.
      Giles: She really loud this morning.
      Faith: she start to teething a couple days ago G, that and the fact she has a ear infect in both ears she been very unhappy camp the last few day and nights. Xander and Willow they are ok right G?
      Giles: Yeah, Oz and Cordy found them, But Cordy get hurt when she seen Xander kiss Willow and went run back up the burn factory stairs and fall through.
      Faith: she did not die did she?
      Giles: no, she alive, she should be back in school today.
      Faith: what about the rest of you?
      Giles: Buffy and Angel and I had a run with spike old crew and had to fight them off, which made Spike change his mind about Willow cast a love spell to get Drusilla back. He decide he was just going to go take her hostage and beat her up to get her back.
      Outside the school right before school start Cordy is hang out with the new girl Anya, who she meet the day before she get injury save Xander and Willow live. Faith walk up to Buffy, Willow, Oz and Xander and sit down in the grass under the tree next to Xander. Faith then hand Destiny to Xander.
      Faith: who the new girl with Cordy?
      Willow: I believe her name is Anya. She start go here the day you left school doing four hour.
      Xander: Faith you do know Destiny run warm right?
      Faith: yes I know that Xander she has ear infect in both ear and also start teething a couple days ago to. Oh and she take a couple steps yesterday I take a photo ( hand Xander the picture).
      Xander: Oh look Buffy and Willow, Oz her first try at walk.
      Buffy: that cool Xand
      Back to Anya and Cordy
      Cordy: I never want to see Xander again in my Life he so geek and he hang with lose.
      Anya: but don't you wish you could
      Cordy: I wish Buffy Summer never come to Sunnydale.
      Anya: (turn around) done.
      In the school court yard, but Cordy the only one still outside and there is trash every where. Cordy walk toward the school doors and Harmony and her other friends and goes over to them.
      Harmony: I love the hot blue outfit.
      A guy name Ted walk over to Cordy.
      Ted: Cordy want to go to the spring Lunch with me.
      Cordy: Sure
      In last hour a few minutes before the bell rings for the end of class.
      Teacher: Ok class remember there is no class Monday for our monthly memorial service.
      Just then the bell ring and the few student in the class get up and head to the door.
      Cordy: you guy want to go to the Brozen and hang out?
      Harmony: you are joke right, no one goes to the brozen if they are alive.
      Cordy: Oh I forget I hit my head this morning and I been forget thing. Just to Ask Willow and Xander they are geek right no one hang out with them.
      Harmony: They die.
      Cordy: Good.
      Harmony and her gang goes run out the door and head home. Cordy walk out to the park lot and look for her car but it not there. Then she see a sign say student are not able to driver to school. So she start walk home, but the sun goes down before she get there. Just then Xander and Willow come walk up to her.
      Cordy: I thought you was die.
      Xander: we are, well undead.
      Cordy start to run off but Willow grab her.
      Cordy: screaming.
      Xander: Scream all you want, no gonna come to you save.
      Cordy: Sunnydale was better when Buffy was here work along side Faith, I need to call Buffy and get her here.
      Willow: The slayer, she won't come here.
      Just then a grey van pull up and a guy pull Cordy into the van and it speed off back to the high school.
      At the Brozen
      Xander: Master I run into a old crush of my tonight, she talk about call the Slayer Buffy here.
      Master: she talk about call a slayer here the night before are factory open up and you let her live.
      Willow: the white hat show up and save her.
      Master: go kill this girl before she can get the slayer Buffy here or get Faith to start Slayer again.
      Willow and Xander: Yes Master.
      At the school Library
      Cordy: Giles, Buffy should be here, why are you here and she not you her watcher.
      Giles: How did you know that I never tell anyone I was I watcher.
      Cordy: I wish to Anya that Buffy Summer never come to Sunnydale and she made it. This is Anya necklace she put on me right before I made the wish.
      Giles: Do you Say Anya
      Cordy: Yes
      Giles: this is not good you made a wish to a vengeance demon.
      Just then Willow and Xander come into the Library and push Giles into the book cage and drink Cordy blood. Oz come run back into the library after they leave and get Giles out of the cage. Giles then pull the neck off Cordy neck and Calls Faith and then Buffy watch. Faith show up at the Library and is very unhappy about have to bring Destiny outside before the sunrise come up. A hour later a blond hair girl come into the Library look very unhappy about have to be in sunnydale.
      Buffy: why I'm I here.
      Giles: to help us fight the vampire and they boss the Master, why I try to reveres this wish a girl made to a Vengeance Demon.
      Faith: what was the wish
      Giles: that Buffy never come to Sunnydale.
      The Slayer look at eachother.
      Buffy: Let go dust this Master guy.
      Faith: I'm for that, he need to pay for kill the father of my daughter.
      The slayer find Angel lock in a cage under the Brozen and set him free to help them fight the Master. Angel take to the girls to the factory the Master is open that day and us soon as they get there. The two slayer and Angel start fight the Vampire. Faith take out Xander first then dust Willow. As Angle fight two vampire at once. Buffy goes after the Master and he break her neck. Faith come up behind him and stake him in the back and he turn to dust right as Giles break the stone of Anya necklace, which cause everything to go back to normal.
      Cordy: I wish Buffy Summer never come to Sunnydale.
      Anya: done, what why did it not work.
      Back to Xander, Willow, Oz, Buffy and Faith. Who watch Destiny take a few step in the grass outside the school.

      Part 8: Helpless (in my visions Amends and Gingerbread does not happen)
      Buffy out patrolling by herself because Faith was a no show for the three day in a roll. At lest it was a slower night then the last two night; Which she was happy for because she was really not in the mood to fight any vampires. She only went on patrolling because Giles made her. She try to get Giles to let her out of it for one night seen that she was tire for fight the face of dark till the sunrise at 6AM that morning and did not get any sleep in the lest twenty-four hours, but he made her go out. Despite the fact she dazed off on him when he was quiz her on rock and mineral; which is part of her slayer training. Just then a vampire come out of nowhere and was run after a girl Buffy pull her stake out of her back pant pocket and start run after the vampire. She catch up to him and grab his arm.
      Buffy: run girl get out of here now.
      The girl take off and run out of the park as Buffy start fight the vampire. She was just about to stake the vampire when she get really dizzy and everything around her start spinning on her. The vampire run at her and push her down and grab the stake she drop and try to stake her. She was able to get the stake out of his hand and push him off of her then drop to her knee and stake him before he could get back to his feet. Buffy get up a dust herself off then goes home for the night. The next morning Buffy get to school early to tell Giles about what happen on patrolling, but he was not at school yet when she get there, the only one there was Faith who look like she had see better days.
      Buffy: Faith what happen you look like you was in a huge fight.
      Faith: I was with a group of Vampire three night, you know the night you went home form patrolling early because you had a headache.
      Buffy: oh sorry, Have you seen Giles I need to tell him about what happen last night when I was fight a vampire.
      Faith: I have not seen him yet, which it not normal for Giles he always here this early. But I think you might want to see this note I find on his desk.
      Buffy: (take the note from Faith) NO this tell me everything I need to know and the reason I get really dizzy when I was fight that vampire, he be give me shot of muscle relaxes to make me lose my power, then he gonna lead me to a inn and lock me in a room with a crazy vampire.
      Faith: I know your eighteenth birthday was come up, so I look through Giles stuff three days ago when he was in the restroom right after school get out for the day and take this note off his desk, I was going to give it to you that night but Giles come with us patrolling, so I could not. I was not going to have you go into this without know anything about it, because I have already done the test last summer, I just very made it through the test.
      Buffy: Thanks for tell me.
      Just then Giles walk into the library and see both slayer are give him a evil look
      Giles: Buffy I'm no longer you watcher because I kill the vampire I was suppose to locker you in a room with, after give you four day of muscle relaxes that cause you to lose you slayer power. The Council is sent you a new watch.
      Faith: who going to be my watcher?
      Giles: I have only be remove as Buffy watcher, I will still be your watcher Faith.
      Faith: Because you did not tell me about the test and put me through it.
      Giles: yes, but I could not do it to another slayer. I felt the test should be stop .Buffy you should stay of the street the next few night to be on the safe side, because the muscle relaxes are probably start to work.
      Buffy: I going to class now.
      Faith: Me to
      Both girls leave the Library and head to they first class of the day.

      Part 9: Bad Girls ( my vision The Zeppo does not happen)
      Joyce Summer walk upstairs to her daughter bedroom, and goes into the room. She see that Buffy still a sleep, she walk over to her Daughter bed.
      Joyce: (think to herself out loud) I really do not want to get her up, she was out Slayer with Faith really late last night, But I have to. ( shake Buffy lightly) Buffy you need to get up you have to meet Mr. Giles and you new watcher in the library before school today.
      Buffy: ( sit up and rub her eyes) I'm up mom, but do I have to. Can't I just sleep in for once. I can always meet him doing my free hour or after school.
      Joyce Summer: Miss the meeting to meet you new watcher, will only make the new one think you do not take be a slayer seriously Buffy.
      Buffy: I know that mom. It just that since Giles has be release from being my watcher he become slayer duty this and slayer duty that, with Faith and me. Because he want to be able to show the my new watcher that he still a good watcher to Faith. I have not had a day off in three and half weeks now.
      Joyce Summer: No Buffy you have to go, so get up.
      Buffy: fine mom, leave so I can get dress.
      Joyce Summer: What do you want for breakfast?
      Buffy: nothing I'm not hunger. I eat a snack when I get in from slayer a hour and half ago.
      Joyce Summer: Ok
      Joyce summer leave here daughter bedroom and close the door behind her. Buffy get out of bed and slower walk over to her closet and get out a pair of jeans and a black tank top. She get dress then goes into the bathroom and brush her tooth and does her hair. When she finish in the bathroom she goes back into her bedroom and grab her book bag and head downstairs.
      Joyce Summer: Buffy do you want me to give you a ride to school.
      Buffy: Yeah, that be nice seen I'm already run late as it is.
      At the school Library, Buffy new watcher is walk back and fourth as he wait for Buffy to get there. Giles is in his office have a meet with Faith.
      Giles: Faith what I'm going to tell you might make you hate me for ask you this but I have no choice, it a order from the Watcher Council. Buffy new watch even know about it.
      Faith: G get to the point already.
      Giles: The council has order you to Kill the Deputy Mayor Allan Finch when you and Buffy our out patrol tonight. You are to stake him in the heart.
      Faith: But I'll be put into jail if a kill him G.
      Giles: No the Council will make sure that does not happen.
      Just then the new watcher put his head through the Door way.
      Giles: Yes is Buffy here yet.
      Wesley: she come into the library right now.
      Giles: ok.
      Faith and Giles get up head out of his office into the library and Take a seat a the study table.
      Buffy: Who this Guy Giles?
      Wesley: I'm Wesley Wyndan -Pryce you new watcher.
      Buffy: great, so has Faith fill you and Giles in on what happen last night on patrol?
      Wesley: yes she did you are deal with a Demon called Balthazar, the vampire you run in to last night work for him. the vampire group call it self El Eliminatin. I believe they are look for Balthazar amulet it location in the Gleaves family crypt. Buffy you and Faith are to go get the amulet right now before school start and bring it back here to me and Giles.
      Giles: you two will be patrolling downtown tonight, because we believe Balthazar is live in one of the old warehouse in that part of town.
      Wesley: Now go and find that amulet.
      Buffy and Faith head to the graveyard that the Gleaves family crypt is in.
      Buffy: I do not like my new watcher, he to set in doing everything council way.
      Faith: I know he even has Giles act that way.
      Buffy: Where Destiny at today?
      Faith: With her Grandma Harris for the day, she did not have to work so she watch her, so I did not have to leave her with Giles.
      Buffy: Buffy That nice of her.
      Faith: Look is that the crypt we need Buffy?
      Buffy: yeah.
      Faith and Buffy walk into the crypt Buffy look in the first tomb and Faith Take the second one.
      Buffy: not in this one.
      Faith: I get it let get back to the Watcher, then go take our first hour Science test.
      Buffy: I so forget about that test I'm going fail it.
      Faith: join the club.
      Back at the Library Giles and Wesley are look at the watcher diary when Buffy and Faith comes back.
      Wesley: That was faster then I thought it would take the two of you.
      Faith: It was easy see it was daylight, so there was no vampire to worry about attack us.
      Giles: go to class, we see the both tomorrow morning when you fill us in on how patrolling went.
      On they way to class Faith and Buffy catch up to Xander, OZ and Willow.
      Faith: Xander can you watch Destiny tonight and can she also stay over at you place for the night I'll pick up in the morning?
      Xander: sure, Willow and Oz was come over to watch a movie but I can do both.
      Willow: Let watch the little Mermaid Destiny like watch that.
      Oz: That fine with me if Xander does not mind.
      Xander: no that fine.
      Faith: thank Xander.
      That Night on patrol Giles and Wesley was right about Balthazar live somewhere downtown. They keep run into member of the El Eliminatin. They keep come two at a time. Faith would stake one and Buffy would stake the other it was get late so they went down one last ally way when a guy jump out in front of Faith.
      Buffy: Faith watch out there one in front you.
      Faith does not think of look she just pull her stake back out and runs at him. Buffy then get a close look at who it is.
      Buffy: Faith stop it not a vampire
      Faith does not stop in time a stake him through the heart with her stake.
      Buffy: (run up to him kneel down next to him) Will get you help.
      Finch: ( blood start run out of his mouth and nose). I
      Buffy: Stay with Us
      Faith: (Pull Buffy arm) Buffy It to late he die we need to go.
      They run back the way they come and runs into Angel.
      Buffy: Angel what wrong?
      Angel: Balthazar has Giles and the new Watcher.
      Angel leads Buffy and Faith to the warehouse Balthazar at.
      Faith: great more El Eliminatin to Fight.
      Angel, and the two slayer start fight the vampire and Giles and Wesley take out Balthazar. It take them a half hour to dust all the vampire. After they are finish Buffy heads home, as does Wesley, and Angel. Giles and Faith head back to the school which is where they cars are. On the walk to the school they talk.
      Giles: did you do what I tell you to this morning.
      Faith: yeah I take care of the deputy mayor for the council.
      After they get to the school Giles head into the library and Faith goes home for the night.

      Part Ten: Consequences ( the rest of the episode do not happen)
      That night after Faith get home from Slayer and pick her Daughter up from Xander. She goes and sit down in the rocking chair and holds Destiny in her arms rock her back and fourth At the some time she talk to Giles on the phone about kill the mayor next. She did not stop rocking Destiny till they was a knock on her apartment door at seven Am. She stand up and put Destiny in her crib and goes to get the door. She open the door to see Buffy stand there. Faith Just walk over to the couch and sit down, Buffy walk into the apartment and close the door behind her and walk over to the couch and stand in front of Faith and Stare at her for a moment, before she start to speak.
      Buffy: Faith we need to talk about what happen last night on patrol.
      Faith: which part?
      Buffy: the part where you kill that guy.
      Faith: oh, that part. I really do not want to talk about that, much less think about it Buffy.
      Buffy: Faith, we have too, you kill a guy!
      Faith: God Buffy I know that, but talk about it will not change what happen the guys still die.
      Buffy: you have to turn yourself in.
      Faith: no I do not, the watch council has already take care of that Buff.
      Buffy: what are you talk about?
      Faith: The Council made me kill the Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, because he and the mayor is evil. It all part of the plan to stop the mayor from become a demon and eat the town on Graduation day. I even have to kill the mayor tonight before he can do the ritual that will prevent him from be harm or kill in any way.
      Buffy: If he really evil they no way you will be able to get inside to kill before he can perform the ritual.
      Faith: that way I need you to come with me and take out the vampire that work for him that will be ground the outside of city hall.
      Buffy: I will not kill the mayor when he still a human Faith it wrong.
      Faith: I'm not ask you to, just to fight the vampire so I can get inside city hall and kill the mayor myself. So the class of 1999 can finish they senior year with out any major evil events happen.
      Buffy: fine
      That day both girls skip school and play with Destiny and try to keep the mind off of the night before and what they have to do that night. A hour before sunset Buffy and Faith drop Destiny off at Giles apartment then head to city hall. Faith open the door of city hall a few minute before sunset and the Vampire was wait for then right inside the door Buffy start fight them and Faith head to the room the mayor is sit up for the ritual he get ready to preform. He stop what he do and work at Faith.
      Mayor: you ain't Allan?
      Faith: No his die, I kill him, the watch council, know what you are up to, it over. I'm here to finish it before you can start you plan.
      With that the mayor and Faith start fight eachother he put up a good fight, but Faith was better then he was she pin he against the wall and stake through him through heart like she did the Deputy Mayor Allan Finch .
      The next day Buffy and Faith walk into School to take they final exam, That event the scooby gang goes to they last high school dance, and a few days later they Graduation from highs with anything hellmouth active happen.
      The end of the high school year. I start a new thread up for Faith and Buffy Slayer since season one the college years.