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Faith and Buffy Vampire slayer since season one the college year.

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  • Faith and Buffy Vampire slayer since season one the college year.

    By: FaithRose1981 or shannonrosewiley on other Buffy forums
    Part One, Season Four: The Freshman
    Buffy and Willow are out patrolling for vampire in the downtown area of Sunnydale. Willow is talk Buffy ears off about college classes start up the next day. They had movie into the dorm rooms two days ago, and today Willow and her went and bought the textbook they need for the classes they are taken.

    Buffy: Willow would you be really mad if I ask to just to go listen to Oz and his band play at the Brozen.
    Willow: no, you need a break from the college talk don't you?
    Buffy: yeah

    Willow turn around and walk into the Brozen which they had to just pass. Buffy continue with patrolling on her own but not for long because she run into Faith; which she did not know was back in town the last time Buffy saw Faith are hear from her was the day after they finish high school. She tell Buffy that she and her daughter Destiny was going on a road trip with Xander, but she would be back in time to start college. Faith walk toward Buffy with her hand in her jean pocket. Both girls just look at eachother.

    Buffy: Faith you look tire, and you have black rings under your eyes!
    Faithhands still in jean pockets) I haven't been sleep, I haven't been able to since I kill the deputy mayor and the Mayor.
    Buffy: I still can't believe the council would have the slayer do something that wrong. I know they was try to end the world, but it still not right they was human after all.
    Faith: tell me about it.
    Buffy: I quite the council this summer, they sent me to Romania and They almost get me kill. So I tell Wesley I quite and I would not take anymore order from him or Travers.
    Faith: me too I call Giles up two days ago and tell him I could no long work for the council and he put me on hold then call the council and then Travers, Giles and I had a three way call to England and I tell him I quite, and I would not be take order from them anymore. Of cause Travers was really mad.
    Buffy: he just gonna have to deal.
    Faith: Buffy I can't get the deputy mayor or the mayor face out of my head I seen them every time I close my eyes.

    Just then a group of vampire run at them from all side and Start fight them. Faith throw a pouch at a female vampire, but she bend down and kick Faith feet at from under her she fall down and hit her head on the ground and pass out. Angel was walk by and hear the Fight so he join in and help Buffy fight off the vampire. It take them a hour and faith was just start to come to when a group of demon come run at them. Faith stand up and start fight and demon that come at her. Angel look out of his eyes and see a another group of demon and another Vampire group come they way, the three of them run into the Brozen and block all the door and pin the trap door in the roof shut. Willow and Oz run up to them.

    Oz: Vampire?
    Faith: Vamp and Demon.
    Willow: need are help?
    Buffy: no everyone gonna stay in here to the sun come up.
    Oz: Buffy, Faith and Angel this is not like you three!
    Angel: they is to many of them and more group keep come, we do not have enough stake or weapons to take them all out.
    Willow and Oz: oh
    Willow: I could use magic on them!
    Buffy: I do not think so Will you magic power are not strong enough yet.

    The band Oz is in play all night so the time to the sunrise would go by fast, as soon as the sun was up Faith, Buffy, Angel check to make sure the street was free of vampire and demon; which they were so everyone head home. Oz give Faith, Willow, Buffy, Angel a ride to Giles place. So they could hit the book and see if they could find out way the vampire and demon was work together but come up empty hand.

    Giles: Faith, Buffy to we know what up I think we should do group patrolling.
    Faith: which mean Xander, Willow, Oz, Angel and you Giles we be come with me and Buffy.
    Giles: yeah just to be on the safe side for now.
    Buffy, Angel and Faith: ok.

    After they finish talk Oz drop Angel off at his place, them Faith, Willow, Buffy and Him goes to they first college class.

    Part Two: Roommate (on the TV show called Living condition)
    It Saturday afternoon, Buffy was sit on her bed which was on the left side of the door as you enter the three person dorm room, Tara her only roommate so far was sit on her loft bed read a book called The hide secret of witchcraft. When there is a knock on they door, Buffy hop off her bed and open the door. Willow, Oz, Faith and Xander come into the room carry Willows bags and boxes of book.

    Willow: Buffy, Tara thank for let me movie in here. My other roommate would just not stop party and I could never study in my room or get any sleep.
    Buffy: It no big deal are three roommate drop out the first day of class so we have a open bed.
    Tara: you bed the one under my loft that has the desk next to it.
    Willow: Are these your book on Witchcraft Tara?
    Tara: yeah
    Willow: cool
    Tara: so you are a witch to?
    Willow: yeah, all the books in the boxes are on witchcraft.
    Faith: hi, Willow I need to go. I have to get ready for work, because I'm open the brozen tonight.
    Willow: ok, thank for help me move.
    Xander: I have to go with Faith she my ride.
    Willow: that fine Xander.

    Oz, Willow start unpack her boxes and Bags and Tara and Buffy put the cloth and books where they go. Oz final look up at Buffy alarm clock and see the time, he give Willow a sad look.

    Willow: what is it Oz?
    Oz: I need to get going Dingo eat my baby play at the Brozen tonight, I have to go help sat up.
    Willow: (has a sad look on her face) Ok
    Oz: Will what wrong baby?
    Willow: I don't want you to going.
    Oz: then come with me!
    Willow: I love to but I not feel to hot right now and I'm really tire.
    Oz: your stomach not bother you again is it?
    Willow: yeah it is, I think I'm going to be sick.

    Willow put her hand over her mouth and run into the bathroom that connect to they dorm room. The next thing Oz, Tara and Buffy hear is Willow get sick to her stomach. Oz get up and walk into the bathroom and pull Willow hair out of her face, and help over to her bed when she done been sick.

    Oz: Will do you want me to stay I can call Devon cellphone and tell I can't make it?
    Willow: (lay on her bed with her eyes closed) No, Buffy and Tara are here If I need something.
    Oz: Ok, if you need me just call my cellphone?
    Willow: I will, but I think I'm just going to bed.

    Oz leave Buffy, Tara and Willow dorm room and close the door behind him. Buffy look out the window and see the sun going down. Then there is another knock at they door, Buffy goes and open the door and Angel, Xander, Giles is stand there.

    Giles: Buffy, Will are you ready to go um, on
    Tara: Patrol so Buffy can slayer vampire, see that she the vampire slayer!
    Giles: you tell you other roommate
    Tara: no, my first day on campus I was run away from a vampire and I trip and fall. The vampire kneel down and was able to bite me when Buffy stake him and he turn to dust in front of my eyes.
    Buffy: what Giles I could not let the vampire eat my new roommate.
    Giles: I know that, on that note we should be going Buffy and Willow!
    Buffy: I just need to grab by bag with my slayer stuff and then I'm ready to go.
    Angel: Willow you need to get up.
    Willow: I'm not feel good, great I think I'm gonna be sick again!

    Willow stand back up and run back into the bathroom and kneel down in front of the toilet and start throw up.

    Buffy: Willow stay in tonight, she sick.
    Giles: that fine
    Buffy: Tell Will when she get out we take off, and I see her in the morning.
    Tara: Ok Buffy.

    Willow come out of the bathroom and look around for Buffy, Angel, Xander and Giles but she could not find them.

    Tara: they left, Buffy said she we see you in the morning.
    Willow: Ok, Tara can you do me a big favor for me.
    Tara: sure what is it?
    Willow: will you run to the store and pick me up a early pregnancy test.
    Tara: you think you are pregnant!
    Willow: yeah, I miss my period last month (August) and now I have not start this month.
    Tara: sure, if a vampire get near me I just float the vampire into a tree branch.

    Tara leave and goes to the store and get the early pregnancy test for Willow. She get back to the dorm room a half hour later and Willow take the test for her and goes into the bathroom to take it. Meanwhile Buffy, Xander, Giles and Angel are busy fight a group of thirty that had seek up on them. Also at the sometime across town a group of soldier was fight a group of thirty demon. The vampire and demon get come all night, Faith join Buffy, Xander, Giles and Angel at around eleven pm. The scooby gang and the soldier fight the vamp and demon till the sun come up. Buffy walk back in to her dorm room at 6:15 and See Willow Stare at the early pregnancy test.

    Buffy: Will what up?
    Willow: ( cry) I'm pregnant Buffy.
    Buffy sit down next and hug her till she stop cry.

    Part Three: The Hush light of day
    Buffy and Faith are patrol in one of the twelve graveyard that are in Sunnydale. There has hardly been any vampire our Demon out for the last two week, So Giles felt it would be safe for just the slayer to go out on patrol by they self. Which made Xander happy because he was able to speed time with his daughter Destiny. Oz and Willow was happy because they get to spend some alone to together and talk about her being pregnant, she had tell him the day after she find out but they been so busy help Faith and Buffy Slay vampire and Demon they had not been able to talk about it. Tara was even happy because she had also been help out with patrol. She was happy to sit and read a new witchcraft book she just buy two days ago. Giles was happy because he get to stay home and read a book. No one had any idea that the Demon and Vampire had set the two week slow down up to get the slayer out by themself without they friend tag along to help. The slayer had only been out on patrol now for a hour when the first group of Vampire and Demon come rush at them. Faith and Buffy both get ready to fight the two group of Vampire and demon that reach them not see another group of Vampire and Demon head they way, because they was to busy fight the one attack them already. Faith side kick a vampire in the back and at the sometime a demon grab her from behind and throw her into a headstone. Buffy is not doing any better she get tag team by five demon at one and they had her on the ground. One of the demon had a mental pip and was hit Buffy left leg with it. Buffy kick the demon and sent him fly across the graveyard. She stand up and another demon grab her left leg and twist it cause her already hurt knee to pop out of place and to make a very loud creak noise. She throw a stake at one of the vampire and dust her ever there the demon was still beat up her left leg. By this time Faith has get back up and is fight off five vampire and three demon. Faith had get her sword out by now and has cut five demon heads off and ten vampire head off; which turn them to dust. Faith had now made back to Buffy side as Buffy get her sword out. But know matter how many they take out more seem to come. After about two hours of fight Angel come run over to them.

    Angel: Buffy, Faith there four more groups head this way for the way I come from and by the look of it four more come from behind the two of you too.
    Buffy: great Angel help us.
    Angel: that what I'm here for.

    Angel take Buffy extra sword and join them in the fight. They had been fight the demon and vampire now since a hour after sundown and they was only two hours till sunrise and the new group of demon went after Buffy left leg because they see she was favorite it, by not put as much wight on it. Angel and Faith are at the other end of the graveyard from Buffy by this point because a demon pick her up and throw her to the other side but she land on her feet; which only cause her left knee to give out on her and she fall to the ground. Buffy push her self up use a headstone to get rush out by five vampire and ten demon she try her hard to fight them off by is lose. Then out of know where a group of soldiers come run into the graveyard and start help Faith, Buffy and Angel fight the Demon and vampire off. Buffy get kick in the back of her left knee by a vampire and goes fall forward. One of the soldier catch her before she hit the ground and out the sometime the sun start to come up. So the vampire and demon go run for safety. The Soldiers look at eachother and then Buffy, Faith.

    Soldier: Was there one more of you.
    Faith: He had to leave, he has to be a work in ten minutes.
    Soldier: I'm Riley Fin, do not tell anyone you seen as fight Vampire and demon.
    Buffy: as long as you do not tell anyone you see as fight them we will not tell on you.

    Buffy head back to her dorm room to catch a few hours of sleep before class and Faith head back to her apartment to catch a few hours of sleep before class. The soldier take off to the headquarters, to change and begin they day as normal college students. Buffy get into her dorm room and put on a clean tank top and a pair of short. She then sit down on her bed and look at her left knee and see that it has swell up to the size a huge watermelon. She lays down and close her eyes and fall asleep. Two hours later she wake up to knock out they dorm room door. Willow run over to the door and open it. Faith and Oz walk into the dorm room and sit down on Willow bed. Buffy sit up in her bed and look around.

    Faith: Buffy how you left knee feel?
    Buffy: I can't bend it!
    Willow: that not good.
    OZ: Willow did you tell Faith or Buffy about see Spike back it town last night?
    Willow: no but you just did.
    Oz: that not all I want to Giles and did some book work to look up the ring Spike was wear on his left ring finger, it allow him to be able to walk around doing the day.
    Buffy: great Faith it look like we are miss class to go search for spike.

    Buffy get out of bed and her and Faith leave the dorm room. OZ, Tara and Willow fellow them out of the dorm room and outside. No soon then they get outside of the dorm Spike come walk over to them. Spike notice that Buffy can't bend her left knee so the first thing he does is get her square in the left knee, Buffy fall down and grab her left knee and cry out in pain. Faith grab Spike and Oz grab the ring off Spike left ring finger and Spike goes run into the men hole to get out of the sun. Faith run over and kneel down next to Buffy.

    Faith: Buffy are you ok.
    Buffy no, I want to go to the ER.
    OZ: my van in the park lot help me get Buffy up Faith and I take her to the ER. Faith then you run the ring over to Giles. Willow and Tara you go to class and let profession Wash Know that Faith is sick and can't get out of bed and that I'm Take Buffy to the ER because her left knee went out and she can't put wight on it.
    Willow and Tara: ok

    Faith take the ring from oz and put in her pocket then help Oz get Buffy up and to his van front seat. She then get in her van and driver to Giles apartment. Tara and Willow head to class and give profession Wash know that Faith Lehane is really sick and can't make to class and that Oz take Buffy Summer to the ER because her knee went out on her and she can't put any wight on it. Meanwhile at the ER Oz is walk back and fourth wait with Buffy in one of the ER room for the doctor to come in with her MRI results. After a hour the doctor come in and look at Buffy.

    Dr. Smith: you blow your knee out, I have to do emergency surgery to repair it, eight now. Is there anyone you need to call first to let them know.
    Buffy: no my mom out of town.
    Dr. Smith: I just need you to sing the form then say it ok for us to do the surgery.

    Buffy sign the form and the Doctor take her back to the operation room to do the surgery. Oz call Giles and after Buffy goes into surgery, he also call Willow and fill her in. Buffy wake up from surgery two hours later and see Giles, Oz, Willow, Tara, Faith an d Destiny and Xander at her bedside.

    Buffy: When can I go home Giles?
    Giles: the nurse is bring a wheelchair in right now so we can take you home.

    Oz driver Tara, Willow and Buffy back to they dorm. Oz pull his van into the park lot of the dorm and turn it off he get out of the driver seat and walk over and open the door for Buffy and hand Buffy her crutch. He walk up to Buffy, Willow and Tara dorm room with then to make she Buffy make it up the stairs. Oz leave after he help Buffy get into bed, because she was tire and just want to sleep. Oz and Willow kiss good bye, and Oz head back out to his van and head back to his house.
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    Part Four: Fear Itself
    (Angel Specking)
    Everyone has fear in their life even the undead and The Vampire Slayers. Fear is just not for the normal everyday souls. Throughout my years as an evil vampire without a soul. I have watched many slayers from a far. The two fears I notice about the girl chose to fight the force of dark was that she felt like she was alone in the fight against, and is tonight the night I am going to die. Once the Gypsy cursed me with a soul I learn that must people fear the little things in life like will on passes the tests I have to morning, or will I get fire from my job, not what goes bumps in the night. When I move to Sunnydale in 1995, I start work along side Faith, the vampire slayer and her watcher Rupert Giles and Buffy Summer the other Vampire slayer when she comes to Sunnydale in the fall of 1996. I learn that not only does the slayer fear that she alone in fight the force of dark and is tonight the night I die, they also fear other things. Buffy fear that a vampire or demon could kill her mother or father and that her friends that help her fight the force of dark could die help he and Faith, fight the force of evil each night. Faith Has a every big fear that her daughter Destiny will get killed by the vampire, or that she or her daughter father Xander will die fight the vampire and demon and leave her without parents. Both slayer fear that Giles will die fight evil alone side them.

    Buffy and Faith friends not only fear about the force of dark. Also, fear other things in they Life. Oz and Willow are worry that they unborn baby we be a werewolf like Oz is, the two of them have been speed hours at Giles Apartment do research to figure this out. After three days of research they were glad to find that the baby will not be a werewolf. Willow of cause also fears about what if a spell she cast backfires. Oz of cause fear that he will get out of his cage on a wolf night and kills someone. Xander also fears about dead fight the force of dark and leaves his daughter without a dad. His big fear is that Faith will be kill fight a vampire or demon. Tara feels that she will lose her new friends and that the spell she cast will not work. Giles Faith and Buffy watcher fear is that his slayer will die in the line of duty. Of cause my fear are sunlight, behead, stake through the heart, lose, Lose the friends I made in Sunnydale and fight along side in the fight against evil. But what I feel the worst is losing the soul the Gypsies cursed me with and going evil and kill all the one I love.