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    Title: A Matter of Time
    Disclamer: No he's not an original character. He doesn't belong to me.
    Description: A general Whofic exploring how he sees time.
    Spoilers: For season two of Who

    Time; it’s a funny old thing you know.

    I mean have you ever had that thing? you know the one,that thing where you’re stuck in some boring old meeting or waiting for that taxi to turn up or being forced to watch opera. That bit where every second seems to slow down until you start to think your watch is broken again. Oh come on, you must have... surely. I can't stand it myself. It’s like the seconds have somehow been stretched out , every minute getting longer and longer and more and more painful until you think that the second hand's going so slow it must have been dipped in treacle or something. Your nerves start to grate like they do when you hear that nails on a blackboard sound and it all just piles up on you, keeping going and going until in the end it all just gets too much and you just have to open your mouth and let it all out in one massive... AAAAAARGH!!

    Well maybe it’s not quite as bad as that, possibly. I mean I do have this tendency to exaggerate now and then... apparently. But anyway I’m sure you get the general drift. Of course when you’re actually enjoying yourself, well then it’s a different matter. Then it's always over far too soon, the hours hurtle by you like some kind of mad runaway train. Time just cries alons-y! and before you know it whole days have just... gone. Yep, it’s always the times you never want to end that end up ending too soon. The ice-cream melts, the bar closes, the kids grow up and move out, the holiday’s over and before you know it you’re on the plane back home with a straw donkey, a funny shaped bottle of Chianti and a sunburn that's just this side of radioactive.

    Those are the times when you wish it could all be the other way around; the ones you wish you could hold on to forever. When she’s holding your hand in that unselfconscious way and she’s smiling up at you with those big blue eyes, when you’re running in fear for your life but loving every second of it because you’re running with her. Then; when you don’t want the moment to ever end, when every second is a frozen slice of sheer perfection, that’s when time decides to get all giddy on you and flash right by you in a whirl. Hours turn into days, turn into weeks and the whole thing goes past like the last ride on a rollercoaster, until finally all that’s left is that one last image of a girl on a beach and the knowledge that there wasn’t enough time to say those words.

    I’ve travelled in time as all of us do, lived a life that had a beginning and will eventually have an end but I’ve done a lot, lot more. I’ve swum in the tides of time themselves, dived through the vortex, backwards and forward until the years became blurred. I was there at the end and I will be there at the beginning. I’ve been the cause and the effect, the fulcrum through which momentous events have flowed, the architect of countless triumphs and disasters. I’ve saved whole civilisations and destroyed entire races. But in the end it all comes back to that time that can never be; the lost, precious seconds that that will never, ever be mine. I must live with my regret at the words unsaid knowing as I do, that it's beyond my power to say them. I must plunge on, forever on; travelling through time and space, playing Doctor to a sick universe.

    Because for all of it, all of my knowledge, for all my authority, there is nothing I can do to reclaim what was lost. I am a lord of time, and yet time itself has left me helpless; stranded me alone to act as its champion, with the ability to help all but myself. It’s ironic and it’s cruel but it is the life I’ve chosen and it's the burden that I must bear. I can do no other.

    Yep, it’s a funny old thing; time.
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