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Summer of 69: three Doctor Who drabbles

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  • Summer of 69: three Doctor Who drabbles

    These stories are set during the time the Doc and Martha spent in 1969...


    "Budge over!" Martha bum-barged the Doctor sideways. Three months of sharing a cramped, squalid bedsit was doing a lot to cure her crush.

    "I did try to get a job!" said the Doctor, in a plaintive voice. "Anyway, this is an historic moment. Shh!"

    Martha rolled her eyes but fell silent and they both focused on the TV . She was curious to see something her dad had banged on about as being one of the most exciting moments of his youth.

    After the broadcast finished, she felt disappointed. The first episode of Monty Python? Really not that funny.


    The light wove around the Doctor in tendrils of gold, like a heavenly octopus.

    "Martha?you didn't drink the punch did you?"

    "What I do isn't important," she murmured. "You're the light."

    The Doctor's eyes glowed brighter. Sparks flew out of them in Catherine wheels. He shrugged and the sparks flew off in infinite directions. Pointing the way to the end of the universe.

    "Well, spose you might as well enjoy it."

    She held out her hand to his face. "I can see you. As you really are." She shuddered. "Terrifying."

    "And that's why I don't want my companions doing acid."


    "John Smith?"

    "Ah. Yes. That's me. John Smith."

    "There've been complaints. Apparently you've been tampering with the production line?"

    "Tampering? I wouldn't say tampering?"

    "With that?shiny screwdriver thing."

    "Well, you see, the belt wasn't running smoothly, and I thought?"

    "Tampering, like I said. This isn't your first warning."

    "No. My?ooh?fifth, I think."

    "I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go. You're too much of a liability."

    When the Doctor told Martha what had happened, she frowned. "It's almost like you were trying to get fired."

    "Who, me?"

    "Yes, you."

    "Couldn't have been."

    "Oh, shut up, dole boy."

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --