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Something I Ate (a drabble)

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  • Something I Ate (a drabble)

    Disclaimer: Illyria might dispute Joss' ownership of her, but I won't.

    Characters: Illyria

    Rating: PG

    Setting: Sometime post-NFA.

    Author's Note: This fic comes from a subplot originally intended for my never-begun Buffy S9.

    She doesn't tell them about the way her hands tremble at night. That would be weakness.

    She doesn't tell them why she's been speaking in Fred's voice more and more.

    She does tell them, on one occasion, that all life has predators, and parasites. They don't understand her, though.

    She does tell them that Fred is gone, stop pestering her. It comes out in the wrong accent.

    She quotes "That is not dead which can eternal lie...." They think she means herself.

    When the Devaj, the God-Devourer, That Which Sleeps in Chrysalis, awakes in her, she welcomes it. This world was never for her.
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