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Monster: An After the Fall Poem (spoilers for issue 3. Big ones.)

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  • Monster: An After the Fall Poem (spoilers for issue 3. Big ones.)

    I'm an un-undead American
    In a very special hell
    The message here, kids, is...

    What was it made a man of me?
    Did I fulfil the prophecy,
    Carry out my purpose?
    If my purpose was
    To get almost everybody killed
    And damn everyone else
    Job done.

    I'm an un-undead American
    With a very special power -
    To make everything I touch
    Break, die, ruin.

    If this is a prize
    The competition's run
    by a crazy guy
    I hope I never meet.

    If it's a punishment
    Then I deserve it
    Pain, fear, weakness
    Imminent death
    Each time I leave the building
    (or even when I don't).

    But the more I think
    The more I know
    This isn't a reward
    Or punishment
    This is like Kipling said
    Just so.

    The universe doesn't care
    Whether I'm dead or alive
    It's just the hand I got dealt
    As the wheel spins round.

    Am I a sick de-fanged puppy
    That I find comfort in that?
    That I find this muggy semi-darkness
    Cosier than earth ever was
    I'm human now
    But the monster hasn't left
    It's beating out a primal anger
    In my chest
    And the thought:
    I belong here
    and I always have.
    Wolfie Gilmore
    Sad Castiel
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