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    Title: Black & White
    Setting: End of Surprise, Beggining of Innocence
    Disclaimer: Joss's toys. I'll give'em back
    Description: Just a little exploration of Angel's transformation into Angelus 'cos i felt like writing.

    The door bursts open and I spill out into the rain soaked night. Stumbling forward, blinded by the pain that rips through me, oblivious to the obstacles in my way until it's too late and I crash to the floor. Soaked and dishevelled I lie there as my soul screams. This can't be happening, can't be real. I have to stop it, for sake of the lives I will take; for the sake of?


    The pain burns within me, searing, white hot, like the dawning of a new star and I know, I just know that I can't hold on. Panic takes hold of me and I start to shake. I'm alone, helpless. I will die here and from my ashes will rise a monster.


    But it's too late. The agony rises to a fresh crescendo and I am driven once more to the slick ground as it consumes me. My head spins, I'm unable to speak, unable to move. Then, just as I reach the very limits of my endurance, it leaves me once more.

    "Oh, no."


    There is peace. No more fear, no more doubt just a sweet release andthe freedom I have been denied for so very long. The world around me is sharp and bright and filled with the possibilty of sweet, vicious games. Illusions of guilt and mercy flee before me as the pure lights of hate and certainty illuminate the black and white choices of life and death once more, banishing the comfortable shadows of mundane morality.

    I have been bound too long, locked in a cage of soft sentiment, wrapped in chains of self loathing but finally my shackles fall from me and I am free. I will use this freedom, search out those that imprisoned me, those that lessened me, that made me? feel. I will visit them with all the pain and sorrow I know how. My revenge will be bloody and it will be final.

    For now I know who I truly am, why I exist in this cruel world. I am a killer, and I am more. I am an artist of death, painting masterpieces of suffering in palettes of blood and misery. I have slept too long. Now is the time to awaken and embrace my true self. Now is the time to kill and feast and strike terror into the hearts of those I choose. It's time, finally it's time, to get back to what I do best.

    "Hey. You okay?"
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