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    Title: Motives and Opportunities
    Setting: Season 8
    Disclaimer: Joss owns them all.
    Description: An exploration in to some of the reasons that might cause the various scoobies to be the traitor.

    I chose.

    It was my decision, my choice. Sure the others were pretty damn quick to jump on board but I was the one with the idea, the one with the plan. I was the one with the power.

    I brought Buffy back, and for that I paid a price that's still too hard for me to even think about. I chose to bring her back… and then I helped her to change the world.

    So now it’s a brave new world we stand in, and it’s a world on the brink of war, but I’ve fought in a war and I know what they’re like. People are going to die, young innocent girls like Kennedy who never asked for any of this; that are only fighting because of what I did to them. I can’t have that much more blood on my hands; I wont. This war needs ending before it begins and I’m the one who can do that.

    Buffy's not going to like it, but I know what I have to do.


    The one who sees, that’s what Caleb called me. Trouble is, right now, I don’t like what I’m seeing. Not one little bit.

    I mean it’s Buffy, right? The girl who I’ve faced gods and monsters alongside, the girl who’s saved my life more often than I care to mention, the girl I used to think would be…

    Anyway you get the general idea. She’s Buffy and I'd trust her with my life.

    And there's the problem. That trust is being stretched to breaking point. The way she’s acting lately is off. No, it's more than off, it’s downright bodysnatcher scary.

    The bank was only the start of it but if Buffy is starting to believe she can just break the rules when and how she wants, if she’s letting the other slayers think they have carte blanche to act how they want because of the powers they have then that’s getting a little too far into crazy Faith territory than I can take. Slayers like that, they'd just wind up as some kind of master race with all us normal joes at their mercy.

    No, I can't let that happen. I’ve got to get through to her somehow. I've got to save her... from herself.


    We’re like strangers now. Once she was the closest thing I had to a daughter, but now…

    Of course it’s as much my fault as it is hers. I wanted so very much to protect her, to save her from having to make the choices that I have made.

    Buffy is strong, perhaps the strongest and most able fighter I have ever had the privilige to meet, but she has her ideals, she has her morals, and although I would have it no other way those are the things that weaken her.

    Our enemy holds no such scruples. He is more than willing to play dirty, playing us off each other, manipulating us to his own ends as if we were merely pieces on a chessboard.

    If Buffy is not prepared to meet Twilight on his own terms If her ideals will stop her from safeguarding the girls under her protection then I need to act... and I need to act now.


    She’s my sister, you know, more than that really. I mean in our case we really are flesh and blood. I was made from her, from her blood and flesh and everything.

    Without her I’m still a ball of mystical energy. Without her there is no me. And the fact that I’m still around now, well yup, that’s down to her too. She sacrificed everything, even her own life so I could have the one she gave me.

    So I guess that’s why it hurts so much, this thing that I have to do. If it was just my life then I would give it without a second thought, but the hold on me is so much more than that, so much more horrible for me and everyone around me and i only have my skanky self to blame for it. It's not such a big thing I’m being asked to do, just one small act of betrayal, just one little lie.

    Thing is, if it’s such a small thing then why do I feel like such a traitor?
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