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Coward: a season 8 Spuffy drabble

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  • Coward: a season 8 Spuffy drabble

    Of course she slapped me. I wanna bloody slap me.

    I let my fears, and my stupid bloody champion fantasy clog up my head and stop me from doing what I wanted. Trying to be the big dramatic hero? it's not me. Never was.

    "You stayed away because you didn't want to spoil your exit?" She looked at me, horrified. And then she slapped me. It was a fair cop.

    "Sorry." I owed her that word for so many things.

    "Loser," she said. But she was laughing. She kissed me, softly. She'd never done that before. Guess we've both changed.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --