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Working with Chimps (a drabble)

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  • Working with Chimps (a drabble)

    Disclaimer: All characters belong to Mr. Whedon...who else?

    Setting: Season 8-ish

    Rating: PG

    It wasn't a Slayer thing, Buffy thought. Faith's tolerance for alcohol was all her own.

    "Wassup, B?" Faith slurred at her. "Want beer?" Without cans, there was no way to tell how much she'd had, but the shape the table was in said it was a lot.

    "Geez, Faith, you've really done it this time." The dark-haired girl stared blearily at her, puzzled. "You know, we ran this guy out of Sunnydale. Too bad he wasn't a demon. I'd have killed him. You just better not have done any slaying tonight."

    Xander emerged carrying a keg. "Black Frost? Gaah."
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