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    Lucy's house

    As Lucy walks through her Kitchen and out the front door, passes Quincy, who is clutching SAT prep Book to his chubby stomach

    QUINCY: Hey, Lu, Would you mind bailing me out of pre-calc County tonight? I mean I get bits of it. Except the numbers and letters. (Then) Lu?

    Cut to cemetery.

    A girl obscured by darkness is working her way through a herd of Vampires. She doesn't have a stake but is weaving around her opponents knocking them on their asses with elegant kicks to the face and one with a swift kick to the Male Parts. She loves this.

    Cut Back to Home

    Quincy flips through the pages of his big book of SAT Questions (That's its title) without looking at them. Drops it to the floor and removes a stake from under his bed which he plays with. He gets up and mimes Slayer techniques, which he's not unfamiliar with and then drops the stake. He bends to retrieve it and?


    CEMETERY GIRL goes into a roll, slides through the legs of a male vampire and lands another blow to the jewels. She pops up and smirks at the vamps that remain.

    Lead Vamp: Okay B*tch. You got a beat down on my boys. Now you might want to knock off the b*tch thing. Now before I get angry, Why don?t you go home and whip up a batch of cookies-

    Cemetery Girl here knocks him on his butt.

    Diana: Please! That's so Cleaver!

    Cut to home again

    Where, Tray and His Mother are in the Kitchen, he is eating cookies, she is making them. Quincy enters toting his book.
    Lola: Hey, Sweetie. What're you doing?

    Quincy: I am having a Gary and Wyatt evening.

    Lola: Oh. (Then) A what?

    Tray: He's studying. ( To Quincy) Hey could you grab me the milk if you're up.

    Lola: What's your sister doing?

    Quincy: She's not having a Gary and Wyatt evening.
    Lola: Is she with Cedar?

    Cut to Lucy in another Graveyard.

    She is struggling with a vampire. Losing actually. She lunges with a stake but misses. The vampire kicks her twice in the stomach. She doubles over in pain and then rams the vamp. With her torso. They both topple over and she lands on top. There is a scramble, she tries to move off the vamp but is caught. The vampire pulls her in and closes his mouth around her neck. Lucy whimpers. It's only kind of frightened.

    Cut back to Diana in the Cemetery.

    There is general dustiness. She is triumphant. She begins to walk through the cemetery.

    Diana: Tada. Slaying presented pastorally.

    End of Teaser

    Opening Credits.
    ( " Time Bomb" by Rancid)

    Major: Quincy-to be announced
    Di-to be announced
    Cedar-to be announced
    Shane-to be announced
    James-to be announced
    Lucy-to be announced
    Minor: Laurie-to be announced