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Moscow Rules: a Buffy season 8/Spooks crossover

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  • Moscow Rules: a Buffy season 8/Spooks crossover

    ((You don't have to watch Spooks - or MI5 - to read this...all you need to know is that Harry is a high-up English spy dude. Though, watch Spooks, because it's fun!))

    Giles sat down on the park bench beside a middle-aged man. The man had one of those fair-ish, rubbery, ageless faces that could have been anything between forty-five and sixty. Giles wasn't sure of his exact age, but he always got a strong impression from Harry that he was in the presence of someone more authoritative, more senior. Even though the man had only technically been his boss for a couple of months in the early 80s, before Giles had realised that his duty to save the world was more pressing than his duty to queen and country.

    Still, it had taught him a few tricks, and had certainly dispensed with any delusions he might once have had about how the world works. Working for "Five" during the Cold War was a cold bath in realpolitik with no sauna to warm the bones afterwards.

    Giles took the newspaper, which Harry passed to him as if it was nothing, and secreted it inside his jacket without a glance. There would be plenty of time to survey its contents later.

    Business over, the tension between the two men eased. Giles glanced at Harry and realised that the man was already inspecting him.

    "You look tired, Rupert."

    "Collaborating with terrorists tends to do that to a man." He smiled. That subject had been cleared up between them months ago, shortly after the slayer army set up camp in the large castle in Scotland. There had been an unfortunate misunderstanding- involving a raid on a vamp nest in Edinburgh and some undead MSPs. Harry had approached Giles ? and by approached, that would mean manhandled into a black van with a bag over his head and questioned him in a dark room, under threat of rather a lot of discomfort.

    Of course, it had been merely business, and Giles doubted that Harry would ever go through with such a thing as torture. But one never knew. People change. They change so much that they can become unrecognisable. He felt a strong sense of the truth of that whenever he looked in the mirror. But perhaps that was just the ravages (as his young friends so often liked to point out) of age?

    Giles had told Harry the truth pretty quickly ? part of the truth at least. That the MSPs were not who they seemed...and that you should check their histories, to see if they had been seen out in the sunlight lately. Giles didn't realise that this would have such quick effects in clearing things up.

    It turned out that both MI5 and MI6 were fully briefed on the existence of vampires already ? ever since the Second World War, in fact, when Her Majesty's Secret Service had been made aware of a faction of their American cousins who were employing vampires for secret missions. Vampire, in fact.

    "Angel was a war hero?" Giles had asked Harry, incredulous, when they were drinking in a quiet pub near Whitehall after Giles had been freed and all seemed solved, though, Giles was now sure that Five would be watching them very closely. Which seemed fair enough. Even at that point he felt they might just need watching closely ? Buffy and Willow especially.

    "Of sorts," Harry replied, sipping his pint. "So, you knew him?"

    "Buffy dated him."

    Harry's eyebrows shot up. "The plot thickens."

    "Yes, it does seem to do that, doesn't it? More every year."

    Giles did not return to the castle, telling Buffy that he had business in other places, support work vital to the smooth running of operations. She didn't seem to question it too much, and Giles wasn't entirely sure of his own motives. He'd never told Buffy about his run-in with Harry over her so-called terrorist activities. He hadn't wanted to worry her, and...something else. Always a niggling something else.

    And then, the matter with Faith and Gigi arose, and he wondered if he would ever have the opportunity to discover what it was that worried him about Buffy, given that he would hardly have the chance to observe her at close quarters any more.

    Chatting together on the park bench, Giles did not disclose his estrangement, merely laughing at the misunderstanding about the Scottish vampires.

    "All well at GCQH?" Giles enquired. He didn't expect much of a straight answer.

    "The usual."

    "Well, if I can be of any assistance," said Giles.

    "Perhaps you might be able to nudge a few bright girls with superpowers in my direction? We're always recruiting," said Harry. "I don't suppose Buffy might consider a career change?"

    "I'll be sure to suggest it to her when next I see her," said Giles. He tried to muster a little chuckle, to show himself as much as Harry that all was well. But, not forthcoming.

    "And the matter with the princess in the white tower that I asked you to take care of?"

    "Terminated. She's...Yes. All's quiet on the aristocratic front."

    Harry nodded in acknowledgement. "This month's funds will be transferred to the Summers account this afternoon then."

    With that, he got up and walked away without a backwards glance. Giles got up a few moments later and walked off in the other direction. When he got back to the flat he was currently using, he opened the newspaper.

    Inside was a page from an oldish book, perhaps 1930s or 40s. Giles pulled out his microdot camera ? old habits and all that. He peered at the text of his next mission and felt a sinking sensation in his stomach. Harry was no longer his boss, but their collaboration was one compromise among many that were necessary for the real mission. Saving the world.

    Oh yes. That old chestnut.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --