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Riley The Series: Episode 1 "Pilot"

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  • Riley The Series: Episode 1 "Pilot"

    Just reposting this here

    Riley Episode 1 Season 1

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    Cut to a newspaper workroom. It is dark but there is one person there closing up shop. She turns around and she is face to face with a vampire. She screams and he grabs her. Then a man jumps though the roof. He is revealed to be Riley. He runs towards the vampire and kicks him. He then punches him. The vampire punches him. Then a girl, Sam, runs through the door and kicks the vamp. She takes out a stake and kicks him again. Another man runs through the door. He is Intank. Sam throws her stake and it hits the vamps heart and he dusts.

    Sam: I didn't know we were gonna do it the old fashion way.

    Riley: Well we are, no more guns.

    Graham from season 4 walks through the door.

    Graham: None?

    Riley: Well sometimes.

    The Girl, Salomie, stares at them.

    Salomie: What the hell just happened?

    Sam: Nothing, now you keep this to yourself.

    Salomie: Who the hell are you?! Are you murderers?!

    Graham: No, now just calm dow-

    Salomie: What the freakin hell was that? It went poof.

    She waves her arms around.

    Intank: Just stop! We need to go.

    Salomie: NO! Tell me who you are and what that was, now!

    Riley: Girl, go home.

    The window is broken and a man outside saw them saving the girl.

    Man: Look, they're heroes. They saved her.

    Riley: Better go.

    Cut to a huge room with a T.V, a sofa, a chair, and a coffee table in the middle. On all the sides there are valuables. There are seven doors leading out to other rooms. A tall man, Intank Wellee, with brown hair walks out of a room. He is holding a newspaper and is reading it while walking. He has a purple shirt on and jeans. You see Riley in the chair drinking coffee and watching T.V. Intank goes and sits down on the sofa. Riley looks up at Intank.

    Riley: Why are you here?

    Intank: Because I want to.

    Riley: The door isn't wide open for you.

    Intank: Yes it was.

    Riley: I didn't mean literally.

    Intank: Well you shoulda said that.

    Riley: What I was saying is that you're not welcome here.

    Intank: What? You get all the glory in the seat and I get nothing? I helped you save that girl.

    Riley: What are you talking about?

    Intank: Look. (He indicates the newspaper)

    The headline is "Mysterious Characters Saving The Innocent".

    Intank: They notice us!

    Riley: Yeah but they don't know it's "us".

    Intank: So, they still know we're here.

    Riley: We don't do it for the publicity.

    Intank: I know but it helps when people are rutting you on.

    Riley: That's true.

    Intank: What are you watching? How to become gay?

    Riley looks at Intank.

    Riley: Ha ha, very funny. I'm watching the same thing you were reading.

    Intank: NEWS!!! Turn it up!

    Riley turns up the T.V and you can hear it.

    Newscaster: Yesterday at approximately 7:58 PM, five mysterious people were spotted saving a young girl around the age of eighteen. They are considered town heroes by many.

    Sam walks out of a room and walks over to Intank and Riley.

    Sam: Hey guys. What is he doing here?

    Riley: Let himself in.

    Sam: You should put a collar on him.

    Intank: Shut up and look at this.

    Intank hands the newspaper

    Sam: Cool! They noticed us!

    Riley: Yeah, we're being appreciated.

    Sam: I thought you didn't care if we were appreciated.

    Riley: I don't, it just feels better.

    Sam: You got that right. Where's Graham?

    Riley: I think he's having breakfast in the kitchen.

    Sam: Oh, I'll go check on him.

    Sam walks over to the fifth door and walks through it.

    Cut to the kitchen. Graham is sitting at a counter where there are five stools. Sam sits in one.

    Sam: How ya doing?

    Graham: Good.

    Sam: Did you hear? We're on the news.

    Graham: Yeah.

    Sam: Then why ya down?

    Graham: We've been doing this saving thing for a few months now. Right?

    Sam: Right.

    Graham: Well we've recruited someone on the way, a demon. I don't even trust that guy also.

    Sam: Yeah.

    Graham: I've finally realized why we're doing this.

    Sam: Why?

    Graham: Well not you, me and Riley. To make up for what we've done.

    Sam: Like what.

    Graham: Like working for a secret, evil organization.

    Sam: Well you didn't know it was evil.

    Graham: But it still was. It cost people lives.

    Sam: I still don't get it, why are you sad for redeeming yourself? We forgive you guys.

    Graham: I know you forgive us. The sad thing is Riley will never forgive himself.

    Cut to the inside of another house. A red haired girl, Salomie, runs out of a room and has books and a purse with her. She is running. There is a man in that room waiting for her.

    Salomie: I'm gonna be late for my first day at college. Just the right way to make a good impression.

    When she gets to the door she opens it.

    Man: Be careful. There are rats running around outside.

    Salomie: Yes, I must watch out for the rats or they will rip out my brains.

    Man: You never know.

    Salomie runs out of the house.

    SalomieOS: It's crappy how we live so far from the college.

    Man: Live with it.

    Cut to a dark, dusty basement. It is filled with dust and there is junk everywhere. A demon is there holding onto a girl by the neck. You see a man about ten feet away from the demon and the girl, dead. The demon is blue with sharp teeth and sharp nails. He has an outfit similar to the Ubervamps outfit. He has a black spot on each of his hands also. He is smiling while looking at the girl who is terrified. He electrocutes her with the lightning coming out of his hands and making a bigger black spot on his hand and while doing so his smile widens.



    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Mike Lombardi - Intank Welleee
    Keira Knightley - Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Orlando Bloom - Michael
    Topher Grace - Lain
    Liza Weil - Melissa
    Jared Padalecki - John
    Carlos Bernard - Bob
    Jewel Staite - Jill
    Roseanne Conner - Mrs. Tapon

    Start Of Act 1

    Cut to Laintan University. Salomie is walking through the halls looking confused. She runs into a boy.

    Salomie: Oh sorry.

    Boy: No problem.

    Salomie: Are you sure?

    Boy: Well it won't be a problem if you tell me your name.

    Salomie: Oh, how rude of me. I'm Salomie.

    She tries to shake his hand but she can't with all the books in her hands.

    Boy: My names John.

    Salomie: Nice to meet you John.

    John: Nice to meet you too.

    Salomie: I hope to see you around school.

    John: Same here.

    Salomie: Bye.

    He walks away. A girl walks up to her.

    Girl: Hey Salomie.

    Salomie: Hey Jill.

    Jill: So what do you think of him?

    Salomie: Who? John?

    Jill: Yes John. Everyone knows he's had a crush on you for like......EVER!

    Salomie: Really?

    Jill: Dah. So, what do you think of him?

    Salomie looks around.

    Salomie: Hot.

    Jill: Yeah, almost every girl in the school has a crush on him but all he wants is you. Don't tell me you couldn't tell.

    Salomie: Fine, I won't tell you I couldn't tell.

    Jill: Very funny.

    Salomie: I need to go, math class.

    Salomie starts walking away.

    Jill: Meet me in the Maline building after math! We can talk! (She yells it after Salomie)

    Cut to Sam walking down the street. She is looking in shop windows. People around her are talking about the mysterious heroes and she puts on a little smile knowing that someone actually cares. She walks into a store called "Bernie's Bookstore".

    Cut to Int. "Bernie's Bookstore". Sam walks towards the "Army Books" section of the store. She goes into that aisle and sees all those different books. She sees one called "Weapons". She grabs it and walks to the register. The cashier, a boy, looks at her.

    Cashier: What are you? A mass murderer?

    Sam: Something like that.

    Cashier: Weird. That'll be $23.99.

    Sam: That much?

    Cashier: Yes.

    Sam: Fine.

    She finds $22.00 but she needs $2.00.

    Sam: I only have $22.00.

    Cashier: Then you can't buy it.

    A man walks next to her and hands her $2.00.

    Sam: (To the man) Thanks. (To the cashier) Here you go.

    Cashier: Thank you, have a nice day.

    He takes the money. Sam walks out of line with the man.

    Sam: Thanks.

    Man: No problem. My name's Michael.

    Sam: Nice to meet you Michael.

    Michael: Right back at ya.....

    Sam: Oh sorry, Sam.

    Michael: Sam, nice name.

    Sam: Oh, and I'm also married!

    She holds up her hand and shows him her ring.

    Michael: That's nice.

    Sam: Yeah.

    Michael: Do you wanna have some coffee?

    Sam: Did I forget to mention I'm married?

    Michael: No, I don't think so.

    Sam: So, like getting to know each other coffee?

    Michael: Yeah.

    Sam smiles.

    Sam: Oh, okay.

    Cut to Graham walking through the streets. A girl runs up to him.

    Girl: Hey Graham.

    Graham: Hey Melissa. Long time no see.

    Melissa: I saw you yesterday dope.

    Graham: Yeah. Where's Lain?

    Melissa: He's over there.

    You see a boy around the age of twenty five run up to them.

    Lain: Hey guys.

    Melissa: I see you're tired.

    Lain: Yeah, just ran about one hundred miles.

    Graham: Where did you start running?

    Lain: At my house.

    Graham: That's one hundred blocks.

    Lain: Same thing.

    Melissa: Nowhere near same thing.

    Graham: Way different.

    Lain: Oh.

    Graham: Did you two do anything yesterday?

    Melissa: I saw a movie with Lain yesterday.

    Graham laughs.

    Graham: You did?

    Lain: She sure did.

    Melissa: I had to hear snoring for an hour and a half.

    Graham: I feel sorry for you.

    Melissa: You should.

    They keep on walking.

    Cut to Riley in a small room. It has weapons on all the walls. There is a punching bag in one side. Riley is punching it. Then he takes a knife and sticks it into the punching bag. Intank walks in.

    Intank: I see you're quite sad.

    Riley: No, I'm mad.

    Intank: Same thing.

    Riley: I don't think me and Sam have the same spark we had.

    Intank: Maybe you should make her change her name.

    Riley: Shut up.

    Intank: What? If you don't joke around you'll turn into a miserable dope that we have an example of right in front of me.

    Riley: Am I that bad?

    Intank: Yep. Maybe you should see Sam bed.

    Riley: Why are you here anyway? Get out.

    Intank: Why? Am I banished?

    Riley: I don't want you here. Go away. You're not welcome.

    Intank: Fine, but I suggest doing what I told you.

    Intank walks out of the room leaving Riley all alone.

    End Of Act 1

    Start Of Act 2

    Cut to a coffee shop. Sam and Michael are sitting down at a little table.

    Sam: Wait, so you ate twenty five worms?

    Michael: For a bet.

    Sam: You're insane.

    Michael: Maybe so.

    Sam laughs.

    Sam: You're funny. So what do you do?

    Michael: I work at the DQ over on Copper Street.

    Sam: Oh, I go there sometimes. It's good.

    Michael: Yeah, and I get it for free.

    Sam: Lucky duck.

    Michael: The thing is I'm not a duck.

    She laughs when Riley walks over to them and pulls up a chair. He sits down as well.

    Riley: So what's so funny?

    Sam: Oh, it's just that Michael's funny.

    Riley: Oh, who's Michael?

    Sam: Oh, I forgot to introduce you two. This is Riley, Michael, and this is Michael, Riley.

    Michael: Nice to meet you.

    Riley: Nice to meet you too.

    Sam: So, did you know that this is my husband.

    Michael: Oh you're very lucky to have a wonderful wife. I've only known her for a few hours but I already know she's wonderful.

    Riley: Thank you.

    Sam: Isn't he nice?

    Riley: Yep, so nice.

    Michael: Well, I need to get going. If I don't my boss will kill me.

    Sam: Okay, bye.

    Michael: Bye.

    Riley: Bye.

    Michael gets up and walks away.

    Riley: Why were you flirting with him?

    Sam: I wasn't flirting with him. I have a husband.

    Riley: That's why you shouldn't be flirting.

    Sam: I wasn't flirting. I promise. He's just a guy I met. I hope to become friends with him, nothing more.

    Riley: You promise?

    Sam: You have my word and you know that I never break a promise. We've been married for two years now, you have to trust me.

    Riley: Fine, I will. Do you wanna go to bed early tonight?

    Sam: Why would-? Oh, sure.

    Cut to the halls of Laintan University. Jill and Salomie are walking to there next class. They look excited.

    Jill: Isn't college awesome!? I can't wait for the acting class. It's gonna be so much fun.

    Salomie: Yeah, I can't wait.

    Jill: Come on! Get into the college spirit!

    Salomie: The thing is I don't know where we are.

    Jill: Well I do.

    Salomie: Then where are we?

    Jill: Maline hall.

    Salomie: You actually know where we are.

    Jill: Definitely.

    Salomie: Don't you think it's awesome that a bunch oh the kids from Laintan High came to Laintan University.

    Jill: It's okay. I just wanna get out of Iowa.

    Salomie: I know what you mean.

    Jill: So when are you gonna go to see John again?

    Salomie: Not anytime soon.

    They talk while they start to walk.

    Jill: Oh, come on. He wants you.

    Salomie: I can't just go up to him and kiss him.

    Jill: Yes you can, he wants you.

    Salomie: Shut up Jill.

    Jill: I'm not joking Salmoie.

    Jill stops Salomie and grabs her shoulders.

    Jill: If you don't want him, I'll take him. I'm serious.

    Salomie: Fine, I'll talk to him soon.

    Jill: Good.

    A lady walks up to them.

    Lady: Hello. I hope you two are having a great first day at Laintan University.

    Salomie: We are. We're getting the college vibe.

    Lady: That's great. Are you Salomie Sullivan?

    Salomie: Yes.

    Jill: And I'm Jill Hardwin.

    Lady: Miss Hardwin, you and Ms. Sullivan are roommates, yes?

    Jill: Oh, that's what this is about. Yeah, we are.

    Lady: That's good. I'm Mrs. Tapon.

    Salomie: Hello Mrs. Tapon.

    Mrs. Tapon: You are going to get your dorm room key now. Okay? And number of course.

    Salomie: Cool, so, where is it.

    Mrs. Tapon: You're room is number two hundred seventeen. Here is your key.

    Mrs. Tapon hands Salomie a key.

    Salomie: Thank you.

    Mrs. Tapon: I hope you have a great first day here. I hope this myrder in town doesn't get you scared.

    Salomie: Murder?

    Mrs. Tapon: Yes, a girl and a man were found dead in their basement.

    Mrs. Tapon turns away from Salomie in grief.

    Mrs. Tapon: It's so sad.

    She turns back to Salomie but she's gone. She sees Salomie running out of the school towards the gate.

    Mrs. Tapon: SALOMIE!!! STOP!!!

    She gives up.

    Mrs. Tapon: (She says to herself) Freshmen's.

    Cut to a bar/party place called "The Gold". It was twice the size of "The Bronze" and it had two balconies. No one is in there except for Intank. He is at the bar wiping it with a towel. You see the clock and it says 1:00 PM.

    Intank: Another few hours and this place will be full with people.

    Intank hears the phone ring and answers it.

    Intank: Hello. Who is this?

    ManOS: Neiki.

    Intank looks surprised and scared.

    Intank: What?

    NeikiOS: It's time for vengeance, don't you think.

    Intank: Why?

    NeikiOS: I've waited long enough, soon you and your friends will die in front of me, and I will laugh.

    Intank hangs up and looks scared.

    Cut to the sidewalk. Salomie is walking down the street when Jill runs next to her.

    Jill: Where did you go? You where there and then you weren't.

    Salomie: I'm going to my job.

    Jill: Um, it's the middle of school.

    Salomie: I don't care.

    Jill: Why are you going there though?

    Salomie: I just want the job.

    Jill: I thought you already had the job.

    Salomie: I mean writing the article on the death. It's some big news and the articles I'm writing now are about school plays.

    Jill: So what? I enjoy them a lot.

    Salomie: Not the point.

    Jill: What is the point then?

    Salomie stops.

    Salomie: Jill, I'm going to run in two seconds to get that job and you will not follow me. Got it?

    Jill: Got it.

    Salomie: Bye.

    Salomie starts running towards the press.

    Cut to "The Gold". Riley, Sam, and Intank are sitting at different tables and talking to each other.

    Sam: So, what happened?

    Intank: I've told you a million times. Neiki made a threatening phone call.

    Riley: That's bad. Who's Neiki?

    Intank: No one.

    Sam: So, no one called you?

    Intank: I don't want to tell you guys.

    Riley: You brought it up moron.

    Intank: Well, Neiki is a demon I used to know.

    Riley: I always knew that you had demon friends.

    Intank: Shut up and listen.

    Riley stands up.

    Riley: No! You know I could kill you in a second.

    Intank stands as well.

    Intank: I'd like to see you try.

    Sam stands up and stands in between them.

    Sam: Sit down. Let Intank finish.

    Riley sits down followed by Sam and Intank.

    Intank: Well, Neiki was my friend who got turned into a demon just how I was. At the same time actually.

    Riley: You mean by a vengeance demon.

    Intank: Yeah.

    Sam: Same one?

    Intank: You got it.

    Riley: And he's coming back for revenge.

    Intank: Yeah.

    Sam: I'm gonna go find Graham.

    Riley: K.

    Sam: Be back soon.

    Sam gets up and walks out.

    End Of Act 2

    Start Of Act 3

    Cut to Laintan University. Jill is walking down the halls when a gorgeous girl walks up to her.

    Girl: Hello Jill.

    Jill: Shut up Susan.

    Susan: What, you're mad because I was the most popular girl in high school and then I had to go to this college and be popular again?

    Jill: Sorta.

    Susan: You and that Salomie are the laughing stock of the school.

    Jill stops walking.

    Jill: Why?

    Susan: Because Salomie went off campus to her silly job.

    Jill: Why am I a laughing stock?

    Susan: Because, you're her only friend.

    Susan smiles.

    Susan: My advice is; lose her. Drop her.

    Jill: I won't do that.

    Susan: Okay, but if you change your mind and can't find a new friend, call me. I'd be happy to get you a new friend. Ask anyone for my number. Oh wait, John is a laughing stock too.

    Jill: Why?

    Susan: He left campus to his job too.

    Susan walks away.

    Jill: (Whispering to herself) bast***.

    Cut to Salomie running towards the press. Salomie runs through the door and runs next to her boss but John is next to him also.

    Boss: Oh, hello Salomie.

    Salomie: I want the death article.

    Boss: Oh, I'm sorry, but John here has gotten that job.

    Salomie: John?

    Salomie notices John.

    Salomie: You.

    John: Salomie can have the job.

    Boss: Really?

    John: Yeah, it's fine.

    Boss: Okay. (To Salomie) You got the job.

    Salomie: (Stunned) Ah, thanks.

    The Boss walks away and John begins to when Salomie turns him around.

    Salomie: Why'd you do that?

    John: You're mad.

    Salomie: No, I'm confused.

    John: You need it more than me. You've only had a few articles, no good ones, and you haven't been here for awhile.

    Salomie: How did you know that? I didn't even know you worked here and you know everything about me?

    John: (Figuring out he's been caught) Well, I just guessed.

    Salomie: (Suspicious) Guessed, ha?

    John: Yeah.

    Salomie: I see. Thank you, see you around.

    John: Bye.

    Salomie walks out the door.

    Cut to "The Gold". Riley, Sam, Intank, and Graham are there.

    Graham: So, what's this important meeting for.

    Riley: Well, demon boy got a threatening phone call.

    Graham: So what? Let people kill `em.

    Riley: It was for us too.

    Graham: Oh.

    Sam: And there's a demon on the loose.

    Intank: What?

    Sam: Heard it on the street but there's not an article on it yet.

    Riley: How do you know it was a demon?

    Sam: Mark on the victim's hand. It was a lightning bolt from what I heard.

    Graham: And this means what?

    Riley: Trouble. Me and Sam went after this same demon a year ago. It?.ended badly.

    Riley seems like he is about to cry.

    Graham: What happened?

    Riley: Never mind, it was just a demon. Now, we need to kill it. That's all.

    Intank: Okay, easier said than done. You're not the only one who knows about this demon. Lives together, hunt alone.

    Sam: Good information. Maybe you are useful.

    Riley: Let's just kill it.

    Graham: Um, how?

    Riley: Stab.

    Sam: We need to find it first.

    Intank: That's easy. Just need to know its' call.

    Sam: Do you?

    Intank: Yeah. Here it is:

    Intank makes a weird sound.

    Intank: He'll be here in the next half hour.

    Riley: Idiot.

    Intank: What?

    Riley: The whole pack's gonna come.

    Intank: Crap.

    Cut to John walking into his room. There are two beds there and another boy is sitting on a bed with earphones on his ears. He takes them off.

    Boy: Hey dude, I here you're John.

    John: Yeah.

    Boy: You're pretty popular. My name's Bob.

    John: Nice to meet you Bob.

    Bob: Whatever.

    Bob puts his headphones back on and sways his head back and forth. Then he stares into space again. John sits down at his desk and takes out some homework. He then takes out a pencil and is writing stuff. Then Bob takes off his headphones and turns off his CD player.

    John: Why did you do that?

    Bob: I need more sound.

    Cut to the outside of John and Bob's room. The door opens and John runs out with some books and a pencil. He shuts the door fast. You can here loud music playing in the background.

    Cut to "The Gold". Intank looks scared and Riley just looks aggravated.

    Intank: This is bad.

    Graham: (Sarcastically) Really? I had no clue.

    Intank: Are you making fun of me?

    Graham: Kinda.

    Sam: Stop bickering! There are scary demon things coming.

    Riley: Okay, now all we can do is run like antelopes or get ready and fight this piece of crap.

    Graham: I want to run, just not like an antelope.

    Sam: We're not running. We're staying, and fighting. Got it?

    Intank: Fine with me.

    Graham: That's not fair. I'm the only one that's not strong!

    Riley: Work out, it helps.

    Graham: Haha, very funny. I'm not joking. This demon's gonna kick my ass.

    Intank: Just to inform. Those demons that are gonna kick your ass, they're right there.

    Everyone looks over and sees a pack of demons. It's the same demons seen earlier.

    Cut to Laintan University's Library. John is sitting at a table studying. Jill walks over to the table and sits down next to him.

    Jill: Hello John.

    John notices her.

    John: Oh, hey Jill.

    Jill: So, what are you doing?

    John: Studying. We have a test tomorrow. It's only gonna be out second day here.

    Jill: (Not listening) That's nice. I hear you like someone.

    John: Is that why you're here? To flirt with me?

    Jill: No silly, you don't like me, you like Salomie. I know.

    John: You do? How?

    Jill: Everyone does. Now, here's my proposition, I hear you have a new roommate named Bob. He is from New York City. I'll make Salomie fall in love with you if Bob falls in love with me.

    John: Deal. Maybe he'll get out of the room so I can have some peace and quiet.

    Jill stands up.

    Jill: Thank you for your time sir. Oh, and this conversation never happened.

    Jill walks away.

    John: Got it.

    LibrarinOS: Keep it down!

    Cut to "The Gold". Sam, Intank, Riley, and Graham stand up and stare at the demons.

    Riley: Ready?

    Graham: Why wouldn't I be?

    Intank's skin turns blue.

    Intank: Because you don't work out.

    Sam: Okay, the 47 maneuver.

    Intank: the 47 what?

    Sam and Riley run at the demons. Riley is about to punch but at the last second he bends down so there is room is for Sam to punch him hard. The demon falls to the ground. Everyone runs at the demons and begin to fight. Intank picks one up and throws him.

    Intank: Don't hurt the furniture. Opening night people.

    One of the demons throws a lightning bolt at Riley and he goes flying behind the bar. When he stands back up he has a gun in hand.

    Riley: I knew this would come in handy one day.

    Riley begins shooting at multiple demons but the demons are barely stunned. One looks at him and runs towards him.

    Riley: No.

    Riley drops the gun and jumps out of the bar and runs towards the rest of the gang. Graham is on the ground with a demon toppling over him. There are about eight demons left. Sam is fighting two at the same time is losing and Intank is just punching random demons and actually doing some damage. Then a demon rams his fist into Intank's stomach and he spits out blood. Intank falls to the ground and demons begin to pound him. This is all happening in slow motion. Sam punches a demon and then is grabbed by the neck from another one and thrown onto a table and then collapses onto the ground. Riley is watching all this and has a tear in his eye. It is slow motion. Graham is being punched in the stomach while lying on the ground.

    This is happening while the song "Clearest Indication" by Great Big Sea is playing. The Lyrics are:

    "Where do we stand, what am I supposed to do
    Give me the clearest indication,
    that I am not alone with you
    Reach out your hand, in a world I thought I knew
    I need the clearest indication,
    the clearest indication from you"

    "Times like these its hard to see
    With any kind of clarity
    What's the point of wondering anymore
    So much I just can't figure out
    I'd love to know without a doubt for sure, for sure"

    "Where do we stand, what am I supposed to do
    Give me the clearest indication,
    that I am not alone with you
    Reach out your hand, in a world I thought I knew
    I need the clearest indication,
    the clearest indication from you"

    When the song ends Riley shouts something.

    Riley: Get up!

    Riley runs into a the crowd of demons and starts punching them. He is obviously losing but as he is punching them. Sam jumps up and kicks one of the demons in the face, cracking his neck and throws another into a wall. Intank gets up and then puts his fists into two different demons, killing them making only four demons left. Graham gets up and punches the demon that was hitting him and then goes to help Riley. A demon kicks Riley into the "Training Room" where all these weapons and a punching bag are. Everyone runs in there and Riley grabs a sword. Riley decapitates one and then Intank grabs and knife by spinning around the demons and spins after he gets the knife and the knife hits two demons while he's spinning, killing them. The last demon punches Intank across the room and he hits the punching bag. He pushes Riley and Sam away and the kicks Graham to the ground. Riley grabs a knife and throws it at the demon but the he throws lightning at the knife sending it a different direction, at Sam. It goes into Sam's arm and she falls to the ground. Riley runs to her.

    Riley: Oh my god! Sam!

    Sam: Kill him Rye.

    Riley gets up and grabs another knife and walks to the demon. Riley punches the demon to the ground and then jumps on him and keeps on punching him. Then he finally takes the knife and stabs him in the face.

    Riley: Bye.

    Cut to the hospital. Sam is sitting in her bed at the hospital. Riley, Graham, and Intank are sitting next to her. Intank's skin is normal again.

    Riley: I'm sorry I let that happen.

    Sam: There's nothing you could've done.

    Riley: I could've stopped him.

    Graham: You couldn't have stopped him.

    Intank: It was meant to happen. Sam will be alright though.

    Sam: Yeah, it was meant to happen.

    Riley: I can't believe that.

    Riley gets up and walks out of the room. Intank, Graham, and Salomie follow. They are out of the room now.

    Riley: I can't believe she got hurt.

    Intank: It happens man.

    Riley: I wanna kill him.

    Graham: Newsflash, you already did.

    Riley: I wanna kill him again.

    Intank: Riley, I know you're ?

    Riley: Shut up! You're a demon. A stupid demon. You don't know what it feels like! To actually love someone and they get hurt like that!

    Intank: (Offended) Actually, I do.

    Intank walks away.

    Cut to a warehouse. Riley is sitting on a crate. Graham walks in.

    Graham: Hi.

    Riley doesn't respond.

    Graham: Are you gonna do something about what happened or are you gonna be a child and whine?

    Riley looks at him.

    Riley: Go away.

    Graham walks next to him.

    Graham: I know it's the first time she's gotten hurt like this. But believe me, she'll be okay.

    Riley: How do you know?

    Graham: I just know. And you gotta believe me, I'm your bud. I've always been your bud and always will be.

    Riley: Thanks.

    Graham: And if you think about it, Intank's not a half bad.

    Riley: He's a demon.

    Graham: Yeah, so what? He's a good demon.

    Riley: I've never liked good demons.

    Graham: Just think about giving him a break.

    Riley: Don't count on it.

    Graham: Okay.

    Riley: I appreciated this. It's nice to know someone cares.

    Graham: Anytime.

    They smile.

    Graham: Now we should get to opening night.

    Riley: Yeah, can't wait to hear the first act.

    Cut to "The Gold" at night. It is empty. Intank is picking stuff up that fell done from the fight like chairs and tables. Riley and Graham walk in.

    Riley: Hey.

    Intank: You.

    Riley: Don't do that. You know I don't care what you think. But I don't want this night ruined.

    Intank: Fine, I can't even hold a grudge if I wanted to so this would've happened.

    Riley: Whatever.

    Cut to "The Gold" at night. It is packed. People are dancing to an upbeat song. Riley and Sam are sat at a table. Sam has a cast on.

    Riley: Is that okay?

    Sam: Yes and stop talking about it. Just think about us. Is that so hard?

    Riley moves closer to her.

    Riley: Not at all.

    He kisses her. They both smile. The song ends and a slower song starts.

    Riley: Do you wanna dance?

    Sam: But my arm.

    Riley: Don't think about it.

    Riley pulls her to her feet and she laughs and then they begin to dance.

    Sam: This is nice.

    Riley: Yeah.

    You see Salomie and Jill on the balcony looking down at all the people. They both have cokes in their hands.

    Jill: Look at them. All that dancing.

    Salomie: That's what they're supposed to do.

    Jill: I know but they're so into it.

    Jill spots John.

    Jill: Look! John! (She points to John on the dance floor dancing with a coke.)

    Salomie: I see him, cool.

    Jill: Go dance.

    Salomie: What? No way.

    Jill: Yes way. Or I'll get him first.

    Salomie: Fine, here I go.

    Salomie walks down the stairs. You see Melissa, Lain, and Graham sitting at another table.

    Melissa: This place is awesome!

    Graham: I know. And I also know who owns it.

    Melissa: Can I meet him?

    Lain: Now Melissa, don't think you're gonna-

    Graham: Sure.

    Lain: What?

    Melissa: Thanks so much. You know what, I want to dance.

    Graham: Go dance.

    Melissa: With you.

    Lain: What?

    Graham: Okay.

    Graham and Melissa stand up and start dancing slowly.

    Lain: (Talking to himself) He gets everything.

    Salomie walks up to John.

    Salomie: Hey, killer opening, huh?

    John: Yeah, it's great.

    Salomie: Yeah, um, and yeah.

    Salomie smiles and John just nods.

    John: You know what, I think we should dance.

    Salomie: Well, yeah.

    The slow song ends and a fast one starts.

    Salomie: Well, let's dance.

    They start dancing together. You get a shot of the whole place and you can see Salomie and John, Melissa and Graham, and Sam and Riley dancing.

    Fade Out

    The Song Continues

    Roll Credits

    The Song Ends

    End Show