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Questions and Answers: Alerternative Ending

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  • Questions and Answers: Alerternative Ending

    Author's Note: I just needed a little more Spuffy.
    Feedback: Beloved

    They walked towards the castle together, neither one speaking. They had just said good-bye, what else was there to say?

    He's leaving. Buffy worked to get her head around all that had happened in the past hour. Spike had just showed up and now he was leaving. It was all happening too fast. She knew he was right, it was best if he left. It wasn't fair to ask him to stay. But?

    "Do you have to leave tonight? I mean? will you stay here tonight?"

    "Buffy?" He looked at her quizzically. She doesn't mean it like that.

    "I haven't really finished saying hello?can't really say goodbye, have to finish the hello part first, right?" She was babbling and she knew it. How could she still feel all shy and nervous around him? Hadn't he always accepted her just as she was? "Couldn't we just be saying hello a little longer."

    Spike fought to keep the hope from his face. This one small woman had the ability to completely strip him of his hard-won facade of cool confidence. With her he was William again, a pathetic love-struck puppy dog. He had no pride; he would take whatever he could get. He would take her, whatever part of her she was willing to give. If he had learned anything from looking over his life with his newly ensouled eyes, it was that life, no matter how long, was made of moments. You had to grab at the good ones, the bad ones were already guaranteed. Spike had plenty of regrets, a couple of lifetime's worth. He wasn't going to gain another one in the name of pride.

    "Yeah, I can?if that's?" She probably just wants to talk, he told himself. He couldn't really let himself think anything else from her request. "We can talk or whatever." He shrugged.

    She nodded. Or whatever. They had arrived at the castle. Without discussion they had headed towards the side entrance closest to the room Spike had been staying in the past few nights.

    They walked in and headed down the hall and into his room. Buffy looked around, she hadn't been in the room since it had been given to Spike. The windows had been covered, but otherwise the room was about the same, pretty empty. Spike traveled light. There was a backpack on the floor and a couple things in the closet. Buffy stopped and looked back at the closet; his trademark black coat was hanging there. She looked back at Spike; he was wearing that coat. She looked up at him, eyebrows furrowed.

    "How many of those coats do you?" She froze when she met his eyes. He was so close. When had he gotten so close? He was just standing there watching her. He's waiting, she realized. He was waiting for her to?to decide or explain or make the first move. He still talked a good game, with the flirting and the insinuations, but when it came right down to it Spike didn't push. Not anymore, not since?not since he had pushed too hard. But that was a long time ago. She knew he didn't consider himself worthy of forgiveness, just like she knew he wasn't the same man. She took a step closer.

    Spike clenched his jaw and inhaled deeply. He didn't need to breathe, but the habit proved hard to break. God she smells good. He tilted his head as he often did when questioning, "Buffy?"

    "Kiss me."

    His eyes widened. "Are you??"

    "Spike." She said his name tenderly but firmly. "Kiss me."

    He didn't wait any longer. His lips met hers in a flurry of need. She gasped as he lifted her off the ground pulling her mouth closer to his. Her feet dangled inches from the floor for a few moments before she wrapped her legs around him. He groaned as her body met his. Buffy. Real. Not a dream. Oh God. Buffy. His mind reeled.

    Buffy pushed her fingers into his hair, torn between pulling him closer and pushing him away. Finally the need for air won out. She pulled back, breathing hard. Spike froze unsure if he had gone too far, if she wanted him to stop.

    "I breathe." She said it softly with a reassuring smile, cupping his head with her hands. She leaned in and kissed him softly.

    He returned her kiss, keeping things gentle for the moment. It was her undoing: his tenderness. She moaned quietly and deepened the kiss. He tightened his grip on her sides and took the three steps to the bed. Without ever breaking their kiss, he sat down and pulled her on to his lap. He ran his hands up her back to her shoulders and placed his thumbs under her collar. Spike slowly pushed her jacket back and down. Her jacket slid easily over her silk top. She lowered her arms so he could push off the jacket. As it hit the floor, she grinned.

    "Your turn." She gripped the sides of his coat suggestively.

    Spike chuckled. "Hmm?whatever you say pet." He gripped her hips, stood up, turned to place her on the bed and ditched his coat. He turned then and walked towards the door. "Wouldn't want any little visitors." He slid the latch on door, insuring that they would remain alone.

    She smiled and watched him turn back towards the bed, enjoying the play of muscle under his black t-shirt. He wasn't a large man, but no one could ever mistake him for weak. Buffy let her eyes run slowly up his body, noting the way his jeans hung from his trim hips. She had acknowledged the attraction before, well hell she had done a lot more than acknowledge it. But she had never really let herself enjoy it. Tonight she did.

    Spike moved towards her, noticing the appreciation in her eyes as she watched him. He smirked, pulled in his cheeks and slanted his eyebrow. "Like what you see, luv?"

    He was teasing, but she answered truthfully. "You know I do."

    He hesitated for the briefest of seconds to let himself soak it in before joining her on the bed. Spike kneeled down next to her and once again sought her lips with his. Buffy placed her palms against his chest and began running them down over his stomach and around to his back. He shuddered and she pulled him closer.

    She had always loved his back. She kneaded the hard muscles there for a moment before sliding her hands up under his shirt. As always his skin felt cool to the touch, though she knew that he was no cooler than the air around them. It was only her blood running hot that made him feel that way. She grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it firmly upward.

    "Spike." She broke their kiss and tugged again on his shirt.

    He groaned and pulled himself away. Within seconds his shirt and boots were on the floor and he was pulling at her foot. "If it's all the same pet, we could do without these", he murmured, while unzipping her battle-worn boots.

    They used to be pretty Buffy thought, taking a quick glance at the scrapped leather. All that training took a toll on her wardrobe. She needed to go shopping. But right now she needed something else. She reached for his belt and he gently pressed her on to her back. He brushed away her hands.

    How is it I always end up naked while she is completely dressed?
    Spike leaned over her, holding his weight with one hand and playing with her hair with the other. He loved her hair, had written poems about it, though none he would ever share. He moved his hand to her face, caressing her cheek and running a finger along her lips. She turned her head and kissed his palm. Again she reached for his belt. He caught her hands. "You said I could stay the night, pet." He ran his eyes down her body and back up to meet her eyes. "I thought I just might take my time."
    "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."