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Demon Slayer: 1.02 "The Will to Change"

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  • Demon Slayer: 1.02 "The Will to Change"

    The Demon Slayer
    Episode: 1.02 "The Will to Change"
    Re - Released
    This Episode has been re-edited and changes have been made.



    Caption: London, England


    We see Minxie standing over a bed as the camera pans to Willow’s unconscious body. Willow’s hair is still black. Minxie begins to pace back and forth as she bites her nails. She is wearing black slacks, denim jacket over a sky blue shirt. The door opens and a male doctor walks in. Minxie stops pacing and meets the doctor at the end of the bed.

    MINXIE: (worried) Hey Dr. Lloyd. So what is the diagnosis?

    Dr. Lloyd’s face is filled with sorrow and remorse.

    DR. LLOYD: Miss Reuben, I’m sorry but I am afraid I have bad news.

    MINXIE: (with great concern) What is it?

    DR. LLOYD: Miss Rosenberg isn’t waking up.

    MINXIE: (holding back tears) What do you mean she isn’t waking up? Are you saying soon, next week, in three days?

    Dr. Lloyd takes a deep breath and clears his throat.

    MINXIE: (impatient) What is it, Doctor?

    DR. LLOYD: I’m extremely sorry Miss Reuben, but Miss Rosenberg is brain dead. She will not regain consciousness. All of the tests we’ve performed have indicated no brain activity. I’m deeply sorry.

    Minxie puts her hands on her chest just as her mouth drops.

    MINXIE: (disbelief) Oh my God. This can’t be happening. You have to do something! Use all of your resources, anything! Don’t give up!

    DR. LLOYD: I’ve exhausted all avenues. I am sorry but there is nothing I can do for Miss Rosenberg.

    Minxie walks over to a chair and sits down.

    MINXIE: Dr. Lloyd, I’d like to be alone, please.

    DR. LLOYD: Before I go, does she have any family members that I can get in touch with?

    MINXIE: (holding back tears) I’ll do it, Doctor.

    CUT TO

    Caption: East Wick


    CUT TO:


    We see a deserted room, with various pieces of furniture covered with a white sheet. Cobwebs invade every aspect of the room. The wooden floors are cracked while the walls are scuffed. The house clearly has been neglected over the years.

    In front of a camera shot, a cardboard box drops to the floor. The camera pans to Stacie with a disgusted face. She has on black hip hugger jeans, fitted black top and a black leather jacket.

    STACIE: This is so gross. Look at all of these damn spider webs.

    The camera moves over to Casey who is wearing a white sweater and black jeans while her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Casey puts the box she is holding on the floor and scopes the room.

    CASEY: (not convincingly) Very nice. Homey.

    STACIE: You’re lying, don’t sugar coat it. We both know this place is old, rundown, and disgusting. (Beat) And you’re wondering the same thing I am.

    CASEY: And what would that be?

    STACIE: Why in the hell would he choose to move back here?

    CASEY: Stacie, you have to be considerate of other people. This house obviously means something to him. I’m pretty sure he sees what we see; (gestures) that it’s a dump but he is able to look past it.

    STACIE: Well, hopefully he’ll clean the place up. (Beat) It needs it.

    Stacie thinks for a moment.

    STACIE: Where is Steven any way and why are we unloading his crap when he‘s not even here?

    CUT TO:


    We see Fredeth holding up his hands with boxing pads while Steven, wearing sweats, punches them vigorously. Fredeth is counting the punches and moving around as Steven follows, still hitting the pads.

    FREDETH: (taunting) Come on, Steven! You’re lagging. Come on!

    STEVEN: (tired, annoyed) I’m trying, just be quiet for a minute.

    Steven throws a punch but Fredeth moves out of his shot which causes Steven to fall to the ground. He gets up quickly, and then Fredeth strikes him over the head with one of the pads.

    FREDETH: (Yelling) Let’s go! Come on!

    Steven’s face grows red with fury.

    STEVEN: (angry) You old fart!

    Steven throws another punch. Fredeth jumps back and Steven’s fist misses him by inches.

    FREDETH: (laughing) Good one, but you still missed.

    STEVEN: (cocky smile) Do you know what I have that you don’t?

    FREDETH: (smirks) What?

    Steven extends his leg kicking Fredeth in the chest sending him back flying into the air and to the ground.

    STEVEN: (smiling) Slayer strength.

    Fredeth slowly pulls himself up in a sitting position and takes the pads off his hands. As he smiles and laughs, he brings his hands to his chest rubbing it.

    FREDETH: (coughs, laughs) Good one. You finally used that move.
    Steven makes his way over to Fredeth and helps him up to his feet.

    STEVEN: (remorseful) My bad, did that hurt?

    FREDETH: Yes, that hurt and it’s supposed to hurt. That’s what’s wrong with you. You always do that, you do something that you want, and then you feel sorry for it after you did it. It’s like you do things just to make others happy.

    Steven sighs and rolls his eyes.

    STEVEN: (annoyed) Not you, too.

    FREDETH: (smirks) So, I’m not the only one that has told you that?

    STEVEN: No, you’re not.

    FREDETH: Do you think it’s true?

    They move over to the porch stairs and sit.

    STEVEN: Yeah, I guess. I need to change that about myself. To be honest with you, some times I don’t feel like a man.

    FREDETH: (concerned) Really?

    STEVEN: Yeah, I don’t and I just feel like a weak, pathetic loser.

    Fredeth: Well, you‘re not weak anymore. I guarantee that. (Jokingly) Now, the loser thing I can’t help with but I’m pretty sure you’ll remain that way.

    Fredeth begins to laugh just as Steven joins him.

    FREDETH: (in a serious tone) Seriously though, you’re not a loser and you never were. So, don’t let anyone ever tell you different. But to be frank, you have to man up. You need a thick skin. You are a Slayer now not a little boy. This has changed your life and you’ll never be the same anymore. So I’m going to tell you one thing.

    STEVEN: What is that?

    FREDETH: Be strong and don’t worry about what others think and always follow the rules.

    STEVEN: You’re a pretty cool watcher. Last week you seemed pretty stuffy.

    FREDETH: I was just stressed by the whole Demon Slayer situation.

    STEVEN: Have you talked to Minxie? Do you know how Willow is doing?

    FREDETH: (sighs) Yes, this morning.

    STEVEN: What did she say? Is Willow okay?

    FREDETH: (his face falls) No, she isn’t. She fell into a coma for two days then her brain shut down. (Beat) Willow is brain dead.

    Clear shock washes over Steven’s face as his mouth drops.

    STEVEN: Oh god. (Stands to feet) I don’t get how a spell that’s supposed to help the world would put a person in a coma. This is why I hate all of this magic stuff, innocent people get hurt for no apparent reason or they even… die.

    FREDETH: Steven, that’s life.

    STEVEN: (raising voice) No its not! Do you really think half of the world even knows that demons exist? They think it’s all pretend, but it’s real. (Beat) And some people get dragged into this life when they didn’t even want it.

    FREDETH: Is this conversation still about Willow? Or do you have something to say?

    STACIE: (OS) Are you two bickering? Get over yourselves.

    STEVEN and FREDETH both turn around and discover STACIE standing at the back door with her hands on her hips. She proceeds to walk across the porch and down the stairs.

    STACIE: Well, I’m about to split. Noah’s gonna start PMS - ing if I don’t get his truck back to him. Oh and by the way, that house, (points to the house) not cute. One word. Move.

    She swings around on her heel and begins to exit the back yard with her red hair flowing behind her. Then she comes to a stop before she exits the gate and turns to them.

    STACIE: Oh, Steven. I put the box of porn under your bed, you might need it tonight.

    She leaves the back yard. Steven’s face is bright red as his eyes widens. He looks back at Fredeth who is laughing.

    FREDETH: Don’t look at me.

    Then back at Stacie who is climbing into the jeep with a huge smile on her face.

    STEVEN: (under breath) I hate her.



    Theme Song: “Helena” by My Chemical Romance


    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Sean Faris - Noah King
    Danielle Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel- Casey Odelia
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson

    Emily Van Camp - Rebecca Adams
    Katie Cassidy - Minxie Reuben
    Cameron Richardson - Alicia Lennon





    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this Fan -Fic, it’s for fun. DS is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben).
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    ACT I


    Steven is sitting in the middle of the floor Indian style unpacking boxes. Steven pulls out a picture frame from a box and stares at it with a smile. Camera cuts to picture and we see it’s a picture of him, Jennifer and Chance.

    STEVEN: Those were the days.

    The door bell rings, making Steven jump. Steven hops to his feet, running over to the door. He opens it to see a beautiful YOUNG WOMAN with long blonde hair that falls past her shoulders. She is wearing hip hugger blue jeans, a green fitted sweater, and a brown denim jacket. Her smile is beautiful, but she looks familiar to Steven.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Hi. I live down the street. I just thought it would be generous to come and say hi.

    Steven doesn’t respond as he’s clearly mesmerized by her.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Hello?

    Steven shakes himself out of the trance.

    STEVEN: (shyly) Sorry. I’m Steven Grohtes.

    The young woman lifts her brow.

    YOUNG WOMAN: You mean the Grohtes that used to live here?

    Steven nods.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (surprised, excited) Oh my God, Steven. It‘s me, Rebecca.

    Steven thinks for a second and then his face brightens.

    STEVEN: Rebecca Adams!?

    REBECCA: Yeah.

    STEVEN: (thrilled) It is you. How’ve you been?

    They embrace in a warm hug. They come apart.

    REBECCA: I’ve been good, just working. How about you?

    STEVEN: (smiling) Good, I guess. Wow, I can’t believe I’m talking to you.

    REBECCA: I know. So you moved back here?

    STEVEN: Yep, home sweet home.

    REBECCA: Cool. Hey, I have to open up Grinds because my mom is out of town. Maybe we can have some coffee later. Around noon?

    STEVEN: Grinds is still kicking? Wow.

    REBECCA: Yep, going on twenty years.

    STEVEN: Yeah sure. Noon

    Rebecca nods.

    STEVEN: Noon it is.

    CUT TO:

    INT - GRINDS (coffee shop) - DAY

    Steven and Rebecca are sitting at a table across from each other, drinking coffee.

    STEVEN: I’m happy your mom didn’t shut this place down.

    REBECCA: Yeah, me too. I love it here. It’s like my second home.

    STEVEN: (smiles) Remember when we used to play tag inside and we would always break the dishes?

    Rebecca giggles as she takes a sip of her coffee.

    REBECCA: And my mom use to make us wash the dishes every time we broke a dish.

    STEVEN: (laughing) Those used to be the good old days.

    REBECCA: Sure was. And I miss them.

    STEVEN: Me too.

    CUT TO:


    Irritated, Noah is forcefully punching a boxing bag. Sweat is dripping down his bare, toned chest. He throws another punch just as the door opens and Stacie enters. She makes her way over to the weapons case. She takes a sit on a trunk as she begins to sharpen a sword with a smirk on her face.

    STACIE: Again? This is your fourth workout today.

    NOAH: (still hitting the bag) Well, I gotta stay in shape. (beat) Hey, where were you yesterday?

    STACIE: Steven’s new place. Well… old place really. It’s a dump if you ask me, but I guess that’s what he wants. (Disgusted) You should have seen it, Noah. It’s awful. There are spider webs everywhere an---

    NOAH: (interrupts) Was Fredeth there?

    STACIE: (annoyed) Thanks for cutting me off, you ass and yes, Fredeth was there training Steven.

    Noah lets out an angry grunt and hits the bag one last time but with more strength. He walks away, then turning to the wall slamming his fist through it. Stacie jumps back, startled at what she just witnessed. She drops the sword and stands to her feet. She strolls over to him.

    STACIE: (devious, curious) Is someone jealous?

    NOAH: (curt) No!

    He rips his hand out of the wall.

    STACIE: Fredeth’s going to be pissed. He is in the living room. (Beat) And you are jealous.

    NOAH: (annoyed, infuriated) No I’m not Stacie. Just shut up.

    STACIE: Just admit it, you’re jealous of Steven.

    Noah faces his sister.

    NOAH: I’m not jealous of Steven and if I was, why would I be? He’s just a little, pathetic loser!

    CUT TO


    REBECCA: So, why did Mr. Grohtes come back home?

    STEVEN: I wanted a change, ya’ know something different. I wasn’t happy where I was so I needed to escape. Now, here I am.

    REBECCA: I’m glad you did. So how are Thomas, Anna, and your mom?

    STEVEN: My mother is doing well and Thomas is being a teenager. He’s been getting in a lot of trouble with the law. He’s just being rebellious because of our dad. Anna is good and she’ll be graduating this year. I think she’ll be attending USC this fall.

    REBECCA: Cool, but I’m sorry about Thomas.

    STEVEN: It’s fine. It’s life. (Changing subject) So how’s your life been?

    REBECCA: Boring. Just me my mom and this coffee shop. That’s all I need, really.

    STEVEN: What did you do after high school?

    REBECCA: I stayed here and helped my mom out. That’s about it.

    STEVEN: (joking) Can you say ‘small town girl’?

    Rebecca giggles.

    Steven’s cell phone begins to ring.

    STEVEN: Hold that thought.

    Steven pulls his cell phone from his jacket pocket, and then flips it open.

    STEVEN: Hello. (listening to other line) Okay, I’ll be there. (listening) I know it’s almost evening. I’ll be there. Bye.

    Steven shuts the phone and places it back in his pocket. He looks back to Rebecca.

    REBECCA: You gotta go?

    STEVEN: (bummed) Yeah, I’m sorry. Raincheck?

    REBECCA: (smile) Okay, rain check it is.

    Steven gets up from his seat as well as Rebecca. They exchange hugs and he hastily leaves the coffee house. Rebecca picks her coffee mug up from the table then heads to the back.

    REBECCA: (to self) So cute.

    CUT TO


    STACIE: Well it could be because he’s a Demon Slayer and you’re not, or…. is it because Fredeth isn’t giving you his undivided attention or is it both?

    She leans against the wall as a smile stretches across her face.

    STACIE: Because I would love to know.

    Noah ignores her, storming over to his duffle bag. He begins to gather his belongings.

    STACIE: So you’re going to ignore me?

    NOAH: Yes.

    STACIE: (serious) Noah, what’s bothering you? You’ve been angry all week and it’s pretty annoying. (Beat) You’re my brother, you can tell me.

    Stacie approaches Noah who is kneeled down stuffing his duffle bag. She nudges his head.

    STACIE: Noah, what’s up?

    NOAH: (lets it all out) Everything is up.

    He stands to his feet and begins to pace.

    NOAH: (enraged) It just makes me so angry inside. It makes my blood boil.

    STACIE: (Concerned, curious) What does?

    NOAH: (yell) Everything! The whole Demon Slayer dilemma! It just makes me so mad how he doesn’t even appreciate the power that was given to him. He just doesn’t care and Fredeth is spending all his time training the one person who doesn’t give a damn. Steven is not ready for what is coming this way. If he makes one mistake, it could cost us our lives!

    STACIE: Noah, you need to realize everyone knows that already and that’s why Fredeth has been training him a lot. You can’t be mad at him for doing his job. I think you’re angry that Fredeth has been training another… guy… a son. If you ask me, it’s a big testosterone thing. (Beat) Fredeth is like a father to us. After mom and dad died, he took us in and for that we’ll always be grateful. It’s just that he has other priorities but it doesn’t mean we’re not important to him.

    Noah storms up to Stacie, grabbing shoulders and pulling her close to his face.

    NOAH: (yells) Stacie, don’t you think I know that already?!

    Stacie shoves him off.

    STACIE: (raises voice) You are the most selfish, self involved, ignorant, and a pathetic person! You need to chill out! I’m trying to be a good sister and help you out and you’re being a complete ass! What did Fredeth tell you about your anger? Noah, did you take your meds today?

    NOAH: (annoyed) I don’t need this from you or anybody else! The sun’s about to set, I’m gone.

    Noah turns and heads for the door.

    NOAH: I’m going to patrol.

    He snatches his shirt off the door handle and exits the room following the door slamming behind him. Disappointed, Stacie stays where she is with her arms crossed, shaking her head.

    CUT TO:


    Steven enters the apartment; Fredeth is sharpening a sword in the middle of the living room.

    STEVEN: What are you doing?

    FREDETH: (not looking up at Steven) I’m getting ready.

    STEVEN: For what?

    FREDETH: Patrolling.

    STEVEN: (confused) What?

    CUT TO


    Fredeth and Steven are walking side by side, each with a weapon of choice in their hands.

    STEVEN: (gripping his stake) So this is patrolling? We are patrolling?

    FREDETH: (carrying his sword) Yep. This is what a Slayer does.

    STEVEN: Seems pretty boring. Nothing has happened and where are the others?

    CASEY: (O.S.) Here.

    Casey and Stacie approach them.

    CASEY: (lifts her battleaxe) Ready to kick some demon tush?

    STACIE: (crosses brow) Tush? No, what you really mean, are you ready to kick some demon ass?

    CASEY: (shocked) Stacie!

    STACIE: (shrugs) What?

    CASEY: (disgusted) You and your brother have such foul language.

    STACIE: (annoyed) Shut up, Mother Teresa.

    CASEY: (rolls eyes) Whatever.

    STACIE: (to Casey) Don’t be all bitter that you were raised in a church and a pastor’s daughter and you didn’t experience naughty things in life.

    FREDETH: Speaking of your brother, where is Noah?

    Stacie gives him a “You know what happened look.”

    FREDETH: (sighs) Okay. Patrolling?

    STACIE: Ya’ know it.

    CASEY: (to Steven) So, are you really ready to fight?

    STEVEN: (excited) As ready as I can be. I think all that training we did this week really paid off.

    CASEY: Good, because there’s a vampire behind you.

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      ACT II


      STEVEN: (fear) WHAT!

      CASEY: (yell) Duck!

      Steven falls to his knees as a female vampire is revealed standing behind him. Casey leaps over Steven kicking the vampire square in the chest. The female vamp tumbles to the ground as Casey lands to her feet gripping the battleaxe. Suddenly a male vampire appears out of nowhere and he violently grabs Stacie by the shoulders.

      STACIE: (frighten, Scream) FREDETH!

      The male vampire throws Stacie to the side as Fredeth charges towards the vamp with his sword in hand. Stacie flips over a headstone and lands on a fresh grave.

      STACIE: (pain) Ouch!

      Stacie pushes her self up to her knees and runs her fingers through her long hair. Then Stacie hears a cracking sound beneath her.

      STACIE: (listening closely) What the hell?

      A hand shoots up from the soil. Stacie jumps to her feet and staggers off the grave.

      STACIE: (surprised) Whoa! (to self; sarcastically) Nooo, don’t bring any weapons!

      CUT TO

      Casey back hands the female vampire then brings her leg up, kicking it across the face. She spins into windmill punch. The vampire stumbles back then recovers with a punch to Casey’s face.

      FEMALE VAMPIRE: Come on bitch! Show me what you’re working with.

      CASEY: This!

      Casey swings the battleaxe but the vamp catches it and snatches the axe from Casey’s grasp.

      CASEY: (surprised) Oops!

      CUT TO

      Steven is standing in the middle of the chaos not knowing what to do.

      He clutches the stake tightly and puts on his game face.

      CUT TO

      Fredeth is swinging the sword at the vamp, missing every time.

      MALE VAMPIRE: Come on old man. Put some back into it.

      Fredeth swings again, missing the male vampire just as he kicks the sword right out of Fredeth’s hand. The vampire grabs Fredeth by the neck violently and lifts him off the ground.

      FREDETH: (choking) HELP! Stev--

      CUT TO:

      Stacie walks back slowly as the vampire climbs out the grave snarling and hissing at her.

      STACIE: (yelling; to Steven) Steven help!

      The vampire finally emerges from the grave and snarls at Stacie but she has no where to run. She looks around frantically and spots a shovel stuck in a pile of dirt that a grave digger must left behind. The vamp comes rushing at Stacie. She runs to the shovel, pulling it out of the dirt and swings it at the vamp, hitting him across the face knocking him over.

      STACIE: Bitch!

      Stacie then slams the shovel into the vamp’s neck and decapitates his head. Within a few seconds, the vamp turns to dust. She looks up and see Fredeth in trouble and then observes Steven just standing in shock not moving. She runs over to the vamp that has Fredeth and sneaks up behind him then hits him across the head with the shovel. He drops Fredeth and grabs he’s head in pain. Stacie swings again but the vamp recovers and grabs the shovel pulling it away from Stacie.

      STEVEN: (O.S.) NO! You son of a bitch!

      The vampire looks up as Steven punches him across the face. Just as the vampire staggers back, Steven jumps up into a round house kick, hitting the vampire’s jaw. The vampire crashes to the ground. Steven runs over, kneels and plunges the stake into the vampire’s chest but to his bewilderment, the vampire doesn’t burst into dust.

      STEVEN: (panic: looks up at Fredeth) Why isn’t he dust!

      FREDETH: (yells) Steven, the heart!

      Quickly Steven pulls the stake out and jams it into the chest again, this time aiming for the heart and sure enough, the vampire turns to ashes.

      STEVEN: (excitement) Yes! (Jumps to feet) My first!

      STACIE: (irritated) Took you long enough!

      They still hear Casey taking on the female vampire and rush to her aid. Surrounding Casey, she throws the vampire to the ground and turns to Steven who is behind her.

      CASEY: (hand out) Stake please?

      Steven gives her the stake, she grips and turns back to the vamp and jams the stake into the vamp’s chest, dust.

      CASEY: (smirks) Job well done.

      Casey hands Steven back the stake.

      CASEY: Thanks.

      FREDETH: Good job.

      He turns to Steven with a disappointed look on his face.

      FREDETH: But you.

      STEVEN: (apologetic) Look, I’m sorry. It’s just my first time and I made a mistake. I mean is it that big a deal?

      FREDETH: Is it a big deal? (Angered) Yes it’s a big deal! You’re not a regular citizen any more. Steven, you have a greater power now and you have to take it seriously. You almost got us killed and your self tonight.

      Steven slowly looks down to his feet in shame.

      FREDETH: This is not a job, it’s your calling. This comes before anything.

      STEVEN: (softly) I’m sorry.

      FREDETH: Don’t be sorry, do it right next time.

      Fredeth turns and walks away.

      FREDETH O/S: You guys keep patrolling.

      Steven looks up from the ground, he is holding back tears.

      STACIE: (sympathetic) It’s okay. (Pause) He doesn’t do it to be mean.

      MALE VOCIE O/S: He does it because you’re a pansy ass.

      They look over to see Noah coming from behind a crypt.

      NOAH: (to Steven) I saw the whole thing. I love your style of fighting. (Pause) Very two year old girl.

      CASEY: Noah, shut up.

      NOAH: I’m just saying. The kid fights like a girl.

      Steven’s jaw locks in anger as he glares at Noah with an evil eye.

      NOAH: (to Steven) Aren’t you suppose to be chosen?

      Noah puts his finger on his lips, into a thinking position.

      NOAH: Hmmm. I just don’t see it. (Pause) I wonder why that is?

      STACIE: Noah! Enough!

      NOAH: Stacie, shut up.

      STACIE: NO! Stop acting like an ass .Steven hasn’t done anything to you.

      NOAH: Do you wanna know how to slay a vampire? Ill show you.

      A vampire rises from its grave and charges at Noah from behind. Noah spins around kicking the vampire across the face. He pulls out a stake from his leather belt that carries stakes on both sides of his hips at all time. Noah plunges the stake into the vampire’s chest, dust. Noah turns and walks over to Steven and gets in his face.

      NOAH: (smiling) That’s how the job is done. You’re pathetic.

      Noah steps back from Steven.

      NOAH: I’m gone.

      Noah turns and struts with pride out of the graveyard.

      CASEY: (to Stacie) our brother is ridiculous.

      STACIE: Tell me something I don’t know.

      CUT TO:


      Steven enters and heads into the leaving room. He flops down on the couch and sighs.

      STEVEN: (to self) Why me.

      The door bell rings startling Steven. Steven hops to his feet and heads over to the door. He opens it and Rebecca is standing there looking beautiful. She is wearing a green fitted shirt and a black fitted, hip hugger jean. Her long hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

      REBECCA: (smiling) Hey, Steven.

      STEVEN: (amazed, nerves) Hey, Rebecca.

      REBECCA: Well since it’s the weekend, I figured you’re new in town and maybe I can take you some place tonight.

      STEVEN: And where would that be?

      REBECCA: (smile) Come with me and you’ll fine out.

      STEVEN: Sure, why not.

      REBECCA: Good! I’ll be waiting in my car.



      CUT TO:


      Fredeth is sitting at his desk; he is holding a picture frame in his hand. He stares at the picture, holding back tears. The camera pans around and zooms in on a picture. It’s a young African American girl smiling. Fredeth is in the picture too, the teen age girl is giving him a kiss on the cheek. The camera zooms out to see Fredeth crying. He places the picture face down on the desk. The door opens and Stacie walks in.

      STACIE: Hey.

      Fredeth quickly wipes away his tears and nose. Stacie comes around and sits at the edge of his desk.

      STACIE: (sympathetic) Are you okay?

      FREDETH: (holding back tears) Yeah.

      Stacie picks up the picture frame; she turns it around and looks at the photo.

      STACIE: (understanding) I know its hard Fredeth and it sucks. But in all respect, you could have approached Steven in a better way.

      FREDETH: (stern) Did you see him tonight? He was terrified, in this line of work that’s not allowed. It can get you killed.

      STACIE: (sighs) I know. I know what happened to Lily is what Steven reminded you of tonight.

      FREDETH: Yeah and look where she is. I didn’t yell at him to be mean. I did it to protect him. I’m his watcher and that’s my job.

      STACIE: I know.

      CUT TO:


      The Haven is a large run down factory. It looks like it’s been refurbished into a night club. Cars are parked all around the building and there is a long line out side the door. Loud music is coming from the inside. The sign above the door entrance reads “The Haven” we see a dark purple Jeep Liberty pulling up and comes to a stop. Seconds later Rebecca and Steven hops out and walks over to the building.

      STEVEN: What is this place?

      REBECCA: A night club, it’s been open about four years now.

      STEVEN: Clever, it’s in the middle of a corn fields.

      REBECCA: Yep, never any noise complaints.

      STEVEN: Fun.

      CUT TO:


      The two of them enter the club. Steven looks around in amazement the club is packed to its max. The dance floor is packed with young people. There are colorful lights above the dance floor; the D.J is on the stage at the far end of the club. Steven looks up to see three more level of floors.

      STEVEN: This place is massive.

      REBECCA: Yeah, I know.

      STEVEN: There are lots of people here? Are they all from East Wick?

      REBECCA: (laughs) No, there are three counties around here.

      STEVEN: So, they all come here.

      REBECCA: Yeah.

      STEVEN: Cool.

      Rebecca holds her hand out.

      REBECCA: Dance?

      STEVEN: (smile) Yes.

      He grabs her hand and they make their way through the crowd to the dance floor as “Every Time we Touch” by: Cascada, begins to play loudly. Steven gets behind Rebecca as they move to the music.

      I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
      I still feel your touch in my dreams
      Forgive me, my weakness, but I don't know why
      Without you it's hard to survive.

      Steven grabs Rebecca by her hips and pulls her closer as they grind to the music.

      'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
      And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly
      Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last
      Need you by my side.

      Rebecca lets down her hair, swinging it around. Steven burst out in laughter. He moves her hair from her neck and stares at her.

      'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
      And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky
      Can't you hear my heart beat so.

      Steven slowly kisses her neck with passion. Rebecca closes her eyes with pleasure as they are still grinding to the music.

      Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky
      They wipe away tears that I cry.

      Rebecca turns around, now facing Steven. They look into each other’s eyes as Rebecca rubs Steven’s face softly.

      REBECCA: Kiss me.

      And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly
      Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last
      Need you by my side

      Steven leans in and grabs the back of Rebecca’s head and pulls her to him. Kissing her roughly but passionate.

      'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
      And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky
      Can't you hear my heart beat so.

      Rebecca and Steven pull back from the kiss as they stare into each other’s eyes. Steven rubs her face softly.


      Music is still playing in the back round.

      We see an attractive young blonde about her early twenties. The same blonde young woman from the end of episode 1.01



      She slowly walks up the steps out of the pool. Her naked body is dripping with dark blood; her long hair is slicked back from the blood. The young woman head moves left to right in a robotic fashion, studying her surroundings. The First/Tara approaches the young woman with an evil grin on its face.



      The Young Woman is wearing a black, fitted tank - top that is pushing up her assets’ with a blue jean jacket over it. She is also wearing a black mini skirt and black stiletto boots. She is leaned up against the bar drinking a beer, glaring at Rebecca and Steven closely.

      YOUNG WOMAN: (evil grin) Let the games begin.

      She sits the bottle down and heads over to the exit as two bringers pass by her with knifes in hand.

      YOUNG WOMAN: (to Bringers) Go do your job boys.

      She leaves.

      BLACK OUT:

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        ACT III


        Noah is taking on a vampire. He throws it to the grown.

        NOAH: (to vampire) I hate him so much. Do under stand my anger?

        The vamp gets up from the ground and dust him self off.

        VAMPIRE: Let me get this straight. You hate this guy Steven?

        NOAH: Yeah.

        VAMPIRE: For what?

        NOAH: Because he thinks he can waltz into town and own the place.

        VAMPIRE: So…. your jealous?

        NOAH: (yells) I’m not jealous!

        Noah punches the vampire across the face.

        NOAH: (yells) Son of a bitch!

        VAMPIRE: But you are jealous.

        Noah tackles the vampire to the ground and repeatedly punches the vampire in the face as Noah’s face turns red with fury and anger.

        NOAH: (yells, angered) SCREW YOU!

        Noah pulls out a stake from a leather stake holder on the side of his hip and stakes the vampire. The vampire explodes into dust. Noah stands to his feet as he wipes his pants off. He twists his head cracking his neck.

        NOAH: (to self) I’m not jealous.

        He places the stake back into the holder. Noah turns to walk away but something stops him. The camera rotates to reveal three bringers and two vampires standing in his path. Noah steps back as fear overcomes his face.

        NOAH: Whoa.

        Noah goes into his fighting stance pulling out his stake out as Bringer #1 and #2 charges at him. Noah jumps in the air into a spin kick, kicking both of them in the face. Noah lands on his feet then breaks Bringer #1’s neck. #2 rushes at him from behind with his knife in hand ready to stab. Noah spins around and takes the knife from Bringer#2’s hand. He reverses the knife and stabs him Bringer #2 in the gut. Bringer#3, vampire #1 and #2 rushes at Noah. Noah throws a punch at vampire #1 but he catches Noah’s fist.

        VAMPIRE#1: He will walk the Earth and destroy all your kind.

        CUT TO:


        Steven walks over to the sink. He looks in the mirror with a big smile across her face.

        STEVEN: (to self, excited) I just kissed her!

        Steven turns on the water and lowers his head down washing his face. We see a Bringer quickly walk across the mirror behind him. Steven lifts his head up with his eyes closed, he reaches for the paper towel dispenser. He feels fabric of clothing. Steven eyes shoot open, in the reflection of the mirror there is a bringer standing behind him.

        STEVEN: (surprised) Oh shi----

        The Bringer grabs Steven’s head pulling his head back exposing his neck. He brings his knife down, pressing on Steven’s throat.

        STEVEN: NO!

        Steven flings his head back, head butting the Bringer. The Bringer stumbles back holding his head in pain. Steven turns around giving the bringer a kick to the face.

        CUT TO:

        INT - THE HAVEN/ BAR

        Rebecca is sitting at the bar drinking a margarita. She has a smile on her face and in the back round we see a bringer approach. A hand lands on her shoulder.

        REBECCA: Steven, back so soon.

        She turns the bar stool around facing a bringer.

        REBECCA: (fear) Oh god!

        He violently snatches Rebecca up by her neck. He pulls her away from the bar. She struggles to get loose from the bringer’s grasp.

        REBECCA: (struggling to breath) Let me go!

        The Bringer throws Rebecca; she tumbles onto the crowded dance floor. “Good Vibration” By: Gym Class Heroes begins to play.

        Im pickin up good vibrations
        (Hey hey)

        Rebecca stumbles to her feet as she looks around the crowded club franticly. She looks over at the bar but the bringer is gone. She walks backwards looking around cautiously.

        Shes giving me excitations

        She bumps into some people behind her who are dancing.

        CUT TO:

        Music stops


        Vampire#1 then punches Noah. Noah falls to the ground on his hands and knees. Vampire#2 runs over to Noah kicking him in the ribs; sending him crashing into a crypt. Noah struggles to stand to his feet in pain as the two vampires approach him. Noah throws another punch at them, but missing.

        VAMPIRE#2: You’re pathetic.

        Vampire#2 then snatches Noah by his shirt and begins to punch him several times in the face. Noah yells in pain as blood is seen covering his face after each blow. Noah moans in pain as he holds his bloody face. Bringer#3 runs up and pulls Noah to his feet and plunges a knife into his ribs. A look of shock and pain grows across Noah’s face. The Bringer pulls the knife out and takes off running throw the graveyard. Noah is standing there holding his wound, swaying back and forth. Vampire #1 and vampire #2 step up to Noah.

        VAMPIRE#2: This was a warning. You think this is mad? Wait until it rises.

        With the little strength that Noah has he stakes Vampire #2.

        NOAH: (weak) Kiss my ass.

        The vampire explodes into dust, leaving just vampire#1.

        NOAH: (weak) That wasn’t a warning.

        VAMPIRE#1: You don’t know how badly I want to kill you right now, but I have orders.

        The Vampire back hands Noah, Noah hit’s the ground unconscious.

        CUT TO


        “Good Vibration” By: Gym Class Heroes is still playing.

        Im pickin up good vibrations
        (Hey hey)
        Shes giving me excitations
        (Im feelin it)

        Steven tosses the bringer across the restroom, smashing into the stalls. Steven turns and heads for the door. The bringer jumps to his feet and chases Steven.

        Im pickin up good vibrations
        (Hey hey)
        Shes giving me excitations

        Steven opens the door as the bringer tackles him out the bath room into a corridor.


        They both smash against the wall, sliding to the floor. Steven stands to his feet and runs off as the bringer follows behind. Steven runs from the corridor onto the dance floor. He runs through the people as he looks back to see the bringer still behind him.

        Close my eyes
        Shes somehow closer now
        Softly smile, I know she must be kind
        When I look her in her eyes

        He looks over at the back exit to see Rebecca defending her self from a bringer.

        Im pickin up good vibrations
        (Hey hey)
        Shes giving me excitations

        STEVEN: Rebecca!

        Steven runs over to them, he pulls the bringer off Rebecca and breaks its neck. The Bringer falls to the floor.

        Im pickin up good vibrations
        (Hey hey)
        Shes giving me excitations
        (Im feelin it)

        Rebecca looks at Steven with a shock.

        REBECCA: (baffled) What the hell did you just do?

        The bringer that was chasing Steven tackles the both of them through the exit door.

        CUT TO:


        Steven, Rebecca and the bringer hit the ground.

        The music stops.

        Rebecca stumbles to her feet and helps Steven to his. The bringer stands and then throws Steven to the ground. He pulls his knife out from his robes and charges at Rebecca. Rebecca steps back and braces her self. Suddenly a ball of flame generates from her hand and she whips it at the bringer. The Fireball hit’s the bringer square in the face. The bringer flies to the ground.

        Cut to

        Steven getting to his feet looking amazed at what he is witnessing.

        Cut to

        Rebecca approaches the wounded bringer with another fireball hovering over her hand.

        REBECCA: Eat this.

        We are looking up at Rebecca we are in the bringer’s vision. Rebecca whips the fire ball. The fireball comes to the camera.

        CUT TO


        Rebecca is driving and Steven is in the passenger seat.

        STEVEN: No offense, but what exactly are you?

        REBECCA: (nerves) I’m half demon. I’m not evil, I assure you.

        STEVEN: I don’t recall these powers of yours when we were kids. Have you always been a demon?

        REBECCA: (corrects him) Half- demon, since birth, my mother was a demon an--

        STEVEN: Wait! Ms. Adams a demon? No way.

        REBECCA: (laughs) Yes, she was a demon, but that was her old life. When she was pregnant with me she went to a gypsy to become human. The gypsy granted my mom’s wish but since I was conceived when my mother was a demon. I was still imbued with her demonic genes.

        STEVEN: (amazed) Wow.

        REBECCA: And you, a demon slayer?

        STEVEN: (chuckles) Yeah.

        REBECCA: Wait I thought it was only vampire slayers?

        STEVEN: Please don’t ask me to explain that because I have no clue my self.

        REBECCA: (chuckles) Okay, So where to?

        STEVEN: Fredeth’s.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          Fredeth is sitting on the couch reading a newspaper with his feet resting on the coffee table. Stacie is curled up in the love seat across the room reading some love book. Her eyes are watery.

          STACIE: (to self) I can’t believe Karl is dead.

          Fredeth looks up from the newspaper with a annoyed expression.

          FREDETH: What are you sapping about?

          STACIE: (holding back tears) This book. It so good, you should read it.

          FREDETH: ( rolling eyes) I’ll pass.

          Fredeth continues reading the newspaper.

          STACIE: (setting down the book) I have to take a break from this.

          She wipes her tears and stands to her feet. She heads over to the window and glares out of it. She notices a group of bringers and several vampires standing outside of the apartment complex. Stacie steps back slowly from the window and turns to Fredeth.

          STACIE: (fear) Fredeth, look at this.

          He looks up from his paper.

          FREDETH: What is it?

          STACIE: Look out side.

          Fredeth closes the newspaper and places it on the coffee table. He stands to his feet and goes to the window to look. Outside the bringer’s and the vampires run in scatter formation. Fredeth steps back from the window.

          FREDETH: Those bastereds are up to something. (to Stacie Get Casey and get some weapons.

          Stacie runs into the back.

          CUT TO:


          Casey is practicing on the fighting dummy. She is wearing a grey tank - top and black sweat paints. Her hair is in a ponytail. Stacie storms in.

          STACIE: We need weapons, now!

          Casey stops and turns to Stacie with confusion on her face.

          CASEY: (confused) Why?

          STACIE: We need them!

          CUT TO:


          Casey and Stacie enter holding weapons in hand.

          CASEY: Stacie told me the 411. How many?

          FREDETH: About six bringers and three vampires.

          STACIE: That’s a lot.

          CASEY: Are they working together?

          FREDETH: Yeah, it looks like it.

          CASEY: So they must be The First’s army?

          FREDETH: I wouldn’t say that but I know they’re working with The First. I need a weapon.

          Casey hands him a sword.

          CASEY: Here.

          FREDETH: Thanks. We need Steven and Noah.

          A knock on the door makes everyone jump as their heads turn to the door.

          CASEY: You think it’s them?

          STACIE: I highly doubt they would knock.

          Fredeth slowly makes his way over to the door and looks through the peek hole.

          FREDETH: Oh god!

          Fredeth opens the door and Noah spills in holding his wound. Fredeth catches him before he meets the floor.

          STACIE: Noah!

          Stacie and Casey run over to Noah’s aid. Casey helps Fredeth to take him over to the couch. They lay him down. Stacie kneels down beside him and places her hand over his wound.

          STACIE: (holding back tears) What the hell happened to you?

          NOAH: (weak) Bringers and vamps attacked me in the graveyard.

          STACIE: (crying) Oh god! They stab you?

          NOAH: (weak, snickers) Yeah, its okay, it’s a flesh wound, only in the ribs.

          Stacie wipes her tears away and clears her throat.

          STACIE: We have to get you to a hospital.

          NOAH: (weak smile) Yeah, I guess so.

          Suddenly the door burst open and Bringers come rushing in.

          FREDETH: (yells) Get Noah out of here!

          Stacie helps Noah up to his feet and they quickly walk into the back.

          Casey punches Bringer#1 in the face as she extends her leg kicking Bringer #2 in the face. Fredeth plunges his knife into a bringer’s stomach. Two bringers chase after Stacie and Noah. Stacie and Noah stumble into the training room.

          CUT TO:


          She helps Noah onto the floor; she turns to shut the door. A bringer runs in.

          STACIE: (frighten) Oh baby!

          Stacie steps back.

          STACIE: (nerves) Listen, don’t do this. I know you’re a good guy inside.

          The bringer charges at her. Stacie runs over to the weapons closet as the bringer follows her. Stacie flings open the weapons closet and pulls a crossbow out. She turns and points it at the bringer.

          STACIE: Peace out.

          She pulls the trigger, the arrow flies out and into the bringer’s head. It falls over, dead.

          STACIE: (gulps) That was close.

          She runs back over to the door and closes it as two bringers run up to the door. Stacie locks the door. She steps back as the door is being banged and beaded on from the other side.

          CUT TO:


          Rebecca’s SUV pulls up in front of the apartment building. Steven and Rebecca climbs out the SUV. The both of them head over to the entrance.

          REBECCA: All this stuff is crazy.

          STEVEN: Tell me about it.

          Rebecca stops.

          REBECCA: Do you here that?

          Steven stops

          STEVEN: What is it?

          REBECCA: Heavy breathing.

          STEVEN: Let’s get inside.

          As they run to the door three vampires’ step in front of them blocking their path. Steven and Rebecca steps back. One of the vampires snarls as he steps forward. Vampire#1 leaps at Rebecca and vampire#2 and #3 charges at Steven. Steven leaps in the air as the vampires run under him. Steven lands.

          STEVEN: (surprised) Whoa that was cool.

          Vampire #2 and #3 turn and charge at Steven again.

          STEVEN: (to self) Step back, turn, and kick.

          Steven steps back turns and swings his leg kicking vampire#2 and #3 across the face.

          Rebecca sprints to her SUV as vampire #1 chases her. She makes it to the passenger side and proceeds to open the door. Vampire#1 grabs Rebecca by her hair and spins her around violently throwing her against the SUV. Rebecca slides to the pavement. The vampire bends down to grab her. Rebecca generates a fireball and throws it at the vampire’s face. He jumps back yelling in pain as it falls to dust.

          CUT TO:


          There are now four bringer’s left. Casey is taking on two and Fredeth two. Casey runs across the living room as two bringers chasing her. She runs up the wall into a back flip then landing on bringer#1’s shoulders. Casey raises her sword and plunges it into the bringer#1’s chest. Bringer #1 falls and Casey comes to her feet. She turns then sticks the sword into Bringer#2 chest, killing it.

          CASEY: Bye.

          Casey turns to see Fredeth getting smacked down to the floor by bringer#3. Bringer#4 steps in front of bringer#3, ready to stab Fredeth.

          CASEY: FREDETH!

          Casey quickly throws the sword; the sword enters bringer#3 then enters bringer#4. They fall to the ground, dead. Casey heads over to Fredeth and helps him to his feet.

          CASEY: Are you okay, Fredeth?

          FREDETH: I’m fine, thanks.

          CASEY: Yep.

          They hear scuffling out side, so they make their way to the window to see Steven taking on two vampires.

          CASEY: Steven!

          Casey turns to run but Fredeth stops her.

          FREDETH: He can do it.

          CUT TO:


          Steven hits the ground. He gets back up to his feet and into a fighting stance. The two vampires are circling him. Steven has his game face on now. Steven pulls a stake from his pocket and grips it in his hand. Vampire #2 charges, Steven closes his eyes. Steven extends his arm punching vampire#2 in the face then spins around staking it. He then throws the stake and it impales vampire#3 in the chest, dust. Steven opens his eyes in shock.

          STEVEN: (baffled) That was strange.

          CUT TO:


          Casey and Fredeth stand at the window watching in aw.

          CASEY: Fredeth, what the hell was that? His eyes were closed and he did it perfectly. He’s a fresh slayer, can he do that?

          FREDETH: I don’t know but it was good.

          CUT TO:


          Everyone (Steven, Casey, Fredeth & Stacie) Are surrounding Noah’s bed. Stacie is sitting on the bed beside him. She is rubbing his head, Noah is asleep.

          CASEY: (worried) Is he going to be okay?

          STACIE: Yeah, he will. The doctor said he lost too much blood and so they’re gonna take some of mine.

          CASEY: That’s good.

          STACIE: Guys, what was that tonight?

          FREDETH: It’s war, that’s what it is. The First has declared war and we need to fight back. I don’t think this was meant to kill any of us. It was a warning. They had Noah where they wanted him and they could have easily killed him.

          STACIE: If this is the beginning of the war, were in trouble. We will lose this battle. Look around we aren’t an army. (pause) We can’t do this alone.

          FREDETH: I understand what you are saying Stacie but right now, we are an army. And we will act like one and we will not give up. (stern) Is that clear!

          No one answer

          FREDETH: (raises voice) Is that clear!

          ALL: Yes.

          Awkward silence, a knock on the door breaks the silence. Everyone’s head turns to the door to see Rebecca standing in the thresh hold. She has a forced awkward smile across her face.

          REBECCA: Hi

          STACIE: Who are you?

          STEVEN: Oh, she’s with me. I’ll be back.

          Steven turns and walks out, pulling Rebecca into the hall.


          Steven and Rebecca exit the hospital and walk over to a bench and sits.

          REBECCA: (smile) This has been a interesting night.

          STEVEN: Yeah.

          REBECCA: I guess it was kind of fun.

          STEVEN: It was, wasn’t it? So… where do we go from here?

          REBECCA: (thinking) Hmm, this.

          Rebecca grabs his shirt and pulls him into a kiss. The camera pans back as music begins to play. Beautiful Love By: The After

          What a beautiful smile
          Can I stay for a while
          On this beautiful night
          We'll make everything right.

          They continue to kiss as the camera pans back and grows dark.

          What a beautiful smile
          Can It stay for a while
          On this beautiful night
          We'll make everything right
          My beautiful love.

          Camera fades to black.

          CUT TO:


          A large white, brick, building it’s fenced in with a tall black fence.


          We see the same young, blonde, woman from the club wearing a long black silky robe.
          The young woman is sitting on a couch looking through a purse. She pulls out a wallet and opens it. She pulls out a driving license. Camera pans in on the license she is starring at her self. The name reads Alicia Lennon. She runs her finger over the picture then feels her face. She stands to her feet and heads over to a body length mirror. The young woman studies her self. She pulls her hair back and studies her face then she slides off her robe and studies her naked body.

          ALICIA: Beautiful proportion.

          Suddenly she sees her self in the reflection standing behind her dressed in a black dress. Alicia gives a half smile and turns around.

          ALICIA: I love the look.

          THE FIRST: Love yours too.

          Alicia kneels down and picks up her robe and raps it around her again.

          ALICIA: Thanks.

          She heads over to her couch and sits down.

          ALICIA: So, when do I start? (smirk) When can I get in to their lives?

          THE FIRST: Hold your horses, Alicia

          ALICIA: I’m curious. What made you pick this body?

          THE FIRST: Why do you ask so many questions?

          ALICIA: Well I’m working for you so I should have the right to ask you as many questions I want. Ya’ know I came to you, I can easily leave.

          THE FIRST: (smirk) Honey, do you know who your talking to?

          ALICIA: (exaggerate) Ohhh the infamous, powerful, the great one. The First. (giggles) Your name isn’t very catchy. It’s a little bland.

          THE FIRST: Do you know what? I like you, I’m glad you’re my right hand woman but lets get one thing settled. I --

          ALICIA: Save the small talk. So, what’s the plan?

          The First giggles and ignores Alicia’s last comment.

          THE FIRST: Okay, smart ass. Like you said before you need to get into their lives and foil every plan that comes their way. Don’t fail or I’ll kill you myself.

          Alicia stands to her feet.

          ALICIA: Silly, you can’t kill. Corporeal, remember?

          Alicia approaches The First and runs her fingers through its chest. The First rolls its eyes.

          THE FIRST: (annoyed) You know what I mean.

          ALICIA: (evil grin) Basically I have to break them down so badly that they will never walk again?

          THE FIRST: Exactly.

          The First disappears into small tiny flash of light. We see Alicia standing there by her self. She crosses her arms with a devious smile on her face.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
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            -This was the first episode that we meet the character Rebecca Adams who will be a new addition to the cast.

            -This is the first time I picked a lot of songs for this series. The songs fit the scenes well.

            -The character Minxie will be in more upcoming episodes through out the series. She is an important figure in this season. She has are own arc in the series.

            -Steven's brother and sister that was mentioned will be on the series in the future.

            -The last one is READ ON!!!!!!

            AND FEEDBACK!!!!!! HERE!!!!!!
            East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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