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The first dance: a season 8 Spuffy drabble

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  • The first dance: a season 8 Spuffy drabble

    This is written as a tag to KingofCretins' "Back to black". Because I was feeling in a happy-spuffy-endings mood for some reason. Warning, this is PURE 100 per cent fluff.

    Buffy was feeling ridiculous as she wrote out the list, in a crappy, half-dead pen, not believing that she was doing it at all. But if he came back, she wanted to be prepared. If they didn't get long, she wanted to be able to give him something solid. An answer.

    She wrote the final words and slipped the card into its plastic case. The mix CD was ready. It said "I love you." on the cover. And if Spike didn't get what the inclusion of "You are the wind beneath my wings" meant then?well. He really wasn't The One.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --