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Tastes change: An AtS season 6 drabble

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  • Tastes change: An AtS season 6 drabble

    Gunn chewed thoughtfully on the fried chicken. "Want some?" He offered his companion a wing from the bucket.

    "You know I don't eat that crap any more," she said, fake-gagging.

    "Yeah..." said Gunn, throwing the half-chewed wing into the bucket. "Don't think I will either." He swallowed the last remnants. "It's weird, you know? When I was chowing down on some real food the other day, I said to you it tastes like chicken? Well, it didn't. Or, only in a crazy way. Cause, now I'm a vamp...?" He gestured to the bucket. "Chicken doesn't taste like chicken any more."

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --