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    This is a fanfiction based on Angel in the future. Hence the title. Mainly what this is about is how Angel makes new friends, new enemies, and all together, a new sense of himself.
    Disclaimer: I own nothing except my Original Characters.

    Chapter One: The Man in the Shadows

    Angel stood in the alleyway, rain pouring down on him. He didn't seem to notice it, as he looked on, staring at the passer- byers. He always thought New York was beautiful at Nighttime, all the different lights.

    He stepped out into the street, hands in his pockets. The world definitely looked different in the year 2090. So much new technology. New cities.

    He hadn't expected to live this long, of course. He thought he would have died in the apocalypse of 2004. Gunn, Wesley, Lorne, all dead. Spike and Illyria had disappeared after the battle. He'd never heard from them again.

    And Buffy. Not a day passed still where he didn't think about her. He knew she was probably dead now, along with her friends. His heart ached every time he thought about that.

    But here he was now, in New York City. He didn't exactly know what for, either. He had nothing left to give. He could never be human again, he had signed that away.

    Standing there now, looking up at the sky, he knew it didn't matter right now. Because with the apocalypse, brought new demons. More vampires. And he had a duty to fight them, to protect those weaker than him.

    He stared into the distance, looking at the Wolfram and Hart building that stood on a hill outside of the city.

    Wherever there was a Wolfram and Hart, there was always sure to be trouble.

    He sat alone in his apartment, drinking week old blood. His apartment building was shabby, the walls cracked with moss on them. The windows were covered in dust and dirt.

    He took a sip of the blood and sat back onto the chair. It had been decades since he had slept. Nightmares and images always flashed in his mind every time he closed his eyes.

    He sighed and set the blood down.

    "Buffy...Cordelia..." He whispered, holding his heads in his hands. He lifted his head up, a small tear brimming in his eye. "Connor."

    He had found Connor the night after the battle. He had lived, took his father's advice and moved with his family. Angel would come by every now and then to check up on him, watching him from a distance. Until the day he dreaded came.

    Connor had died.

    Just like everyone else, Connor died of old age. Angel had been there, watching through the window, waiting for the time for him to pass away.

    It was his time, there was nothing he could have done.

    That was the downside of living forever. Watching the people you loved die.

    And that was when Angel had moved to New York. There had been many wars here over the last couple of years, humans vs demons, Demons vs demons. Whatever it was, Angel was here to stop it.

    By himself.

    He sighed and stood up. He looked out the window of his apartment, at the moon glimmering light down on him. For a second, he felt better. The moon helped him on the days he couldn't go on. It just made him stop thinking about what had happened.

    What would happen.

    His attention was broken away when a scream shattered his ears. He looked down.

    A women was being attacked by a man. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down, landing on top of her.

    Angel knew it was no man.

    "Give me your money!" The man screamed, smashing the women's head against the pavement.

    The women screamed, blood pouring out onto the sidewalk. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a wallet. Weakly, she threw it. It landed behind the man.

    The man grinned, his white teeth flashing in the light.

    "See, that wasn't so hard."

    Suddenly his face transformed. His brows interconnected, his eyes blazed a furious yellow. Elonged fangs grew from his mouth, spittle forming at the ends of them.

    "Now for the best part," he said, leaning into the women.

    The women let out a cry as the fangs broke her skin, digging into her neck.

    "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?"

    The vampire broke away from the women. He stood up, a little startled. His surprised face grew into a smile as he saw the man standing in front of him.

    Angel shrugged. "Of course, you probably ate your mother."

    The vampire let out a cheeky laugh. "She tasted like chicken."

    Angel shook his head, looking at the women.


    The women weakly got up and ran, stumbling along the street.

    Then vampire growled. "This is my territory. You have no right to-"

    He was cut off by a sharp blow to the face. He flew backwards. He was stopped by a brick wall. He slid to the ground, his face contorted with pain and anger.

    "I really don't care what you have to say right now." Angel said, walking towards him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a stake.

    The vampire, despite the situation he was in, grinned bravely. "Who the hell do you think you are?" He asked, blood dripping from his nose.

    Angel leaned down and grabbed him by the collar. He pulled him up, looking him right in the face. Bringing the stake up, he kept his gaze with the vampire.

    "I'm Angel."

    He brought the stake down, digging it into the vampires chest. With a cry of pain, the vampire exploded into dust.

    Angel stared blankly at the newly formed pile of dust.

    "You better remember that."

    Without another word, he turned and stalked off into the darkness.
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    This chapters pretty long, so I hope you don't mind reading it. Hope you enjoy

    Chapter Two: Acquaintences

    He returned home to his empty apartment. Nothing was there waiting for him. Not Cordelia, not Fred. Hell, he would have even liked Spike for company.

    He peeled off his jacket and threw it lazily onto the chair. He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, grabbing a bottle of blood. He placed it on the counter and went to the cupboard. He grabbed a pan and filled it halfway with water. Then, putting it on the burner, he placed the bottle of blood inside it and started to heat it. (What, A vampire can't have heated blood?).

    While he waited, he sat down in his chair and turned the TV on. As he skimmed through the channels, faces passed by. Different faces. Chinese, African, Caucasion. It was the same as it had always been.

    One headline caught his attention.

    "Rebel army thought to rise in Central New York."

    Angel turned the volume up. The young Asian women named Maria Chee started her broadcast.

    "Reports have been issued of a demon army raising up in New York city. No witnesses have yet come forward, but there have been reports from anonymous people who have told us when and where the army will be raising up."

    Angel raised an eyebrow.

    "This is no surprise to New York, who has seen their share of rebels and armies in the past couple of decades. I'm Maria Chee, reporting live from Central Park."

    Angel's nose scrunched up as he smelt smoke. He turned his head to see his blood burning. He jumped up and took the pot off the stove, throwing it into the sink. He ran cold water over it, sending black smoke everywhere.

    "Rebel Army, huh?"

    He looked at his now ruined blood, then at the TV.

    "The nights still young," he said, grabbing his jacket and walking out the door.

    The cold air hit him as he entered the streets. He placed his hands in his pockets as he walked along, his eyes to the ground. He eventually reached Central Park.

    He sniffed the air, searching for unfamiliar scents.


    He heard car horns and people's yells all around him. He concentrated, his attention on various people walking around the park. He heard another scream, this one louder than the rest.

    "Bad guys never take breaks," he said, rolling his eyes.

    He started running to where the scream came from.

    A young couple held themselves close, tears pouring down their faces. Two young men stood in front of them, guns in their hands.

    Angel approached them from behind, sniffing the air around them.

    Not vampires, he thought.

    He was about to lunge forward when someone else flew at the young men. A young women, from what Angel could see. He stood in half shock as the women took the men down, moving gracefully.

    A couple of seconds later, the two men laid in a heap at the women's feet. Her back was turned to Angel.

    She looked at the couple and smiled. "It's alright now, you're safe."

    The couple got up and ran, yelling back their praises.

    Angel gently approached her. "Now usually I would get mad that someone was in my area, but I can make exceptions."

    The women turned to face him. Her face was beautiful, her lips full and red. Her raven black hair fell down to her shoulders, waving slightly in the wind. Her skin was white, pale. But Angel could sense she wasn't a vampire.

    "Who are you?" She asked, with an accent. Angel guessed it was Greek.

    "Noone." Angel answered.

    The girl nodded. "You are a vampire." She replied.

    Angel looked himself up and down. "Yeah, I guess I am."

    "You do not seem evil."

    Angel grinned. "Is it that obvious?"

    The girl looked around, almost anxiously.

    "Who are you?" Angel asked, now that it seemed it was his turn.

    The girl flashed a smile at him and gestured. "Come."

    Angel cocked his head. "My mother, when she was alive, god bless her soul, always taught me never to go with strangers."

    The girl grinned. "You can trust me. We are on the same side."

    "How do you know that? I could be bad."

    The girl nodded. "True, you could be. But I can sense you're not." She gestured once more. "Come," she repeated, then started running.

    Angel hesitated for a second before he ran after her.

    "I have nothing left, so I have nothing to lose," he said to himself as he caught up with her.

    "Where are we going?" he asked, as he caught the looks of ther passer-byers.

    The girl kept her gaze ahead. "To my headquarters."

    Angel was about to answer to that, when he felt himself falling. Scratch that, he was falling.

    "What the-" He cut cut off, the wind blowing up into his face.

    He fell for what seemed like forver, when he finally hit solid ground. He rolled and then finally jumped to his feet. He wiped off his clothes and saw that the girl was already there, standing in front of him, her arms crossed across her chest.

    "It would be nice if next time we took stairs," Angel commented, pointing above his head to the hole they had just fallen out of.

    The girl grinned and walked away, Angel following her.

    "Our headquaters is undergrounds, in the sewers. It keeps civilians from intruding."

    "Our?" Angel asked.

    The girl approached a wall. She pushed against it, opening it up. Angel realized it was a door. He smiled faintly.

    It opened up into a small space, desks and chairs populating the premises. Computers were hooked up, the wires leading to somewhere Angel didn't know. Two men sat on a nearby couch, their minds focused on a nearby TV screen, a video game occupying it.

    The girl stepped inside after Angel and shut the door behind her.

    "Welcome, Angel."

    Angel turned to face her. "How do you know my name?" He asked, slightly alarmed.

    One of the men from the couch stood up. He approached Angel and the girl and smiled. His brown hair was shaggy, hanging down over his eyes. He looked young, only in his early twenties. He had a small goatee on his chin.

    "We've been watching you for a while." He answered.

    Angel didn't know whether to feel uncomfortable or flattered. "Okay, someone better tell me what's going on."

    The girl finally spoke. "We are the warriors of the underground. We've been fighting evil for years now, since we were young teenagers." She smiled at Angel.

    Angel thought of Gunn, and a small pang flashed through his heart.

    The other man stood up. His blonde hair was short, just covering his ears. His face was perfectly shaped. He was muscular and tall. He crossed his arms over his chest, his muscles bulging under his black T-Shirt.

    "We heard of you when we were first in the business." The man said. His voice was deep, amlost threatening.

    Angel looked at him, confused.

    The man held out his hand. "I am Kyrath."

    Angel shook it gently. He looked at the others.

    The girl spoke up. "I am Vivian."

    Angel looked at the young shaggy haired man. "And you are?"

    "Tony." He answered.

    "So what do you want from me?" He asked.

    Kyrath stepped forward, more into the light. Angel could make out a small scar on his chin.

    "We want your help, Angel."

    Angel let out a laugh. "Are you kidding? With her moves," he pointed at Vivian, "She could fight for all of you." He leaned back against the wall. "Besides, why should I help you?"

    Vivian stepped in front of him, looking up into his eyes.

    "We know you've lost everyone you loved." She gestured around her. "And so have we. New York is our home, and demons have bee invading it like it's Disney World." She lowered her eyes and turned around. "I cannot stand to watch anyone else die."

    "But you're not from around here," Angel stated. "You're accent isn't New York."

    The girl smiled. "True. But I grew up here. I was born in Greece, but I was raised here."

    Kyrath stared at Angel, his arms uncrossing. "We could use your help, Angel. We have lost many warriors. It is the cost of helping innocent people. But we are losing a battle."

    "What battle?" Angel asked.

    Kyrath took in a deep breathe. "The battle for our lives. We are the only three people left in the Underground Warriors. It is sad, but it gives us more reason to recruit."

    Angel frowned. "What's in it for me?"

    Tony finally spoke up. "The satisfaction of doing good. You may have nothing left, Angel, but you can still fight for yourself."

    Angel was silent, thinking. He finally nodded.

    "I'm in."

    Tony, Kyrath and Vivian all smiled brightly.

    Vivian leaned forward and kissed Angel on the cheek. "Thank you," she whispered into his ear.

    Angel nodded. "So what now?"

    Kyrath raised an eyebrow. "Now, we see if you are really worthy of being an Underground Warrior."

    "But you already invited me in the group."

    "Still, we have to know if you can hold your own."

    Angel pointed at himself. "Obviously I can. I've been around over 250 years."

    Kyrath grinned. "Being immortal means nothing to us. The reason you have not been staked yet is because you are obviously a worthy opponent."

    Angel blushed a little. "Yeah.."

    Kyrath clapped him on the shoulder. "Go home, get some rest. We shall see you tomorrow night." He raised his eyes to the roof. "The sun will be up shortly."

    Angel smiled and turned to go. He looked back at the three warriors. A smile slid across his face.

    "See you around," he said.