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The other woman: a season 8 Gigi ficlet

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  • The other woman: a season 8 Gigi ficlet

    I've had crushes before. Pashes, nurse always called them, because nurse thinks that we're stll somewhere in the 1950s and Enid Blyton is writing the script for the universe. Nurse is not the brightest bulb in the electricity showrooms.

    Which is an excellent bar, by the way. At least, it was on the one occasion I managed to sneak down to London and explore a little. I couldn't really go to any of the obvious places that my set would be. And, seriously, why would I want to? My spiritual home is NOT Annabelle's. It's probably somewhere in Hoxton, or maybe New Cross (being the latest greatest place). But, I've hardly had a chance to find out these things for myself.

    I find it deeply humiliating that I can only find out about these places on the net, or second-hand. I should be leading the so-called "Seen", not stuck in this bloody great folly in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it's really shit, having a destiny.

    Anyway, about my crushes. I've had plenty, or as plenty as someone of my limited social opportunities can be expected to have. There was the stable boy when I was too young to know better. There was my Latin tutor when I was fifteen. He was particularly memorable. A surprisingly firm arse for someone who spent so much of his time sitting on it reading Pliny. There was that boy I met at the Crinbaugh's shooting party, though I'm not certain I had a crush on him. I think I mostly envied his gun. That thing could pop a pheasant out of the sky with just the slightest of pressure on the trigger finger. Though, in terms of weaponry, I've never felt quite so at ease with a gun as I have with a sword. Something about a blade feels right. I can't quite explain it ? though Faith says she understand.

    And speaking of crushes, and speaking of Faith...

    Now I've met Faith, it's like I've finally understood...the point of it all. All that business, all those stupid things people do. Why they want to kiss, and touch, and do everything that nurse warned me would send me blind, mad and possibly pregnant. Though clearly not in this case. Unless slayers have further skills I have not been appraised of.

    Faith is amazing. She's everything I want in an ally. She's...what I always imagined would make the perfect friend. And, well, if you saw her body, all the rest of my feelings would make perfect sense to you.

    But I don't think she's got a clue that I'm thinking any of this. I don't know that I want her to know because, I have this feeling that there's someone else on her mind ? some ex, maybe, someone who's still niggling away at the back of her mind. Some bitch who doesn't deserve her, no doubt.

    I bet she's blonde. Cow.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --