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  • Talk Dirty To Me [Torchwood Fic]

    NOTE: I've always imagined that Ianto has this secret life that no one gets to see. We kind of see it peek through when he's with Jack, but overall we don't see much of the other side of Ianto. So, here's a one-shot about a Mary Sue that Ianto meets and just how she affects him. This is my first time dabbling in the "Torchwood" universe, so we'll see how it goes. Comment away, I need the help!

    Rating: Maybe R, there's some sexual images in it.
    Ship: Ianto/Mary Sue
    Disclaimer: I don't own Jack, but I'd love to snog him and all his pretty friends.

    "Talk Dirty To Me"
    By: Lady Redspire

    Ianto turned off the lights over Owen's station (he was always forgetting to do that before he left) and gave the keys in his pocket a jingle. As far as he could make out, everyone had already left and Jack was tucked away in his office, absorbed in something or other. He'd already tidied up the conference room and made sure the paperwork for the day was in order, so there was really nothing left for him to do but head off.

    Briefly, he wondered if he should go say good night to Jack, but that error in judgment cleared soon enough and he was headed out toward the storefront, shaking his head. Jack never really seemed to care when and if Ianto left or not, so he didn't make a habit out of telling him. After all, it was Jack who instilled the "need to know basis" eulogy into him. He supposed that two could always play at that game anyway.

    "One of these days I just know you're going to surprise us all and leave first," Jack said behind him, making him spin around before he could physically make it out the door. Jack stood, leaning, against the shop's door back into Torchwood and he was clutching a stack of yellowing papers. He tried to look casual, but since he was carrying his work with him, it was clear he must have rushed. Ianto pursed his lips and nervously looked around the shop front.

    "I'm sorry, I thought I was the only one left." he lied, jingling the keys in his pocket again. He looked at Jack, nervously.

    "You were. I was just saying good night, that's all." Jack said with a little smile. It wasn't just any smile, Ianto knew. It was the smile Jack gave to anyone he fancied and it was meant to make the receiver turn around in his or her shoes and give the good Captain a long and proper snog.

    Ianto stayed rooted to the spot.

    "Yes, of course, good night, Jack." he gave him a quick smile and turned out into the street as fast as he could. He knew Jack was scowling. He could see it in his mind. It was a hurt kind of scowl reserved for people he would generally shoot if he wasn't on such personal terms with them. Ianto shook his head and gave the keys in his pocket a good toss. If anything, Ianto thought, Jack had to be the most confusing being in the entire universe.

    * * *

    His plan had been to go home. All he wanted to do was watch Waterloo Road and head off to bed, but his feet had another idea for him. While he let his thoughts dribble helplessly and begrudgingly all over Jack Harkness, he found himself standing outside the one place he promised never to go near again. It was a cheesy little neon club that he'd visited several times before. The first time he'd been in it was with Owen.

    They'd discovered a case of Ladorian larva beetles in the club's basement and Jack decided it was a good chance to catch a few specimens. The two headed over near the end of their shift when the club opened for the night. After the dirty work was done, Owen had, of course, chatted up the ladies and made far too many friends than was necessary. In spite of himself Ianto found that he was lured into a discussion of his own. Before he could stop, he was talking deeply to one of the young dancers. Her real name was Tegan, but everyone called her Missy at the club. She was cute, but not gorgeous like all the other girls. Her hair wasn't blonde (it was a dusty red, actually) or particularly long and her make-up was simple and pretty. She also had a sweet way about her and the unconscious habit of actually seeing Ianto instead of just looking at him. She made him feel like he was the only man in the room.

    Maybe that's why he went back eight times over the course of a week. It was also probably why the club owner started charging him a room fee every time he showed up to talk to her. And maybe that's why he started using the room he paid for, just to talk to her every night. Maybe that was also why he stopped going. It was like an addiction to cigarettes or really good chocolate. The more he went, the more he wanted and the more he wanted, the more terrified he became.

    He hadn't been in over a month. He thought he'd finally kicked that habit. He thought he finally kicked her. And yet, there he was standing under the campy neon glow of the "Tilt A' Whirl" titty bar once again.

    The world was handing him an already lit cigarette.

    Lady Redspire