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Can't I leave the hard choices to somebody else? A season 8 ficlet

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  • Can't I leave the hard choices to somebody else? A season 8 ficlet

    If this is what it means to be a watcher, I don't want any part of it. Not that I have one. Because, as I've told everyone, not a watcher. Just a guy who happens to...look at stuff a lot. And give advice. And maybe instructions. But...see, no tweed. No glasses. Just an eyepatch, a sense of impending doom and a whole river of sweat running down my back and down between my builder's buttcheeks.

    I'm crouching over the fallen body of a girl. Not dead, just unconscious. And I've got a choice to make that I never thought I'd have to. A choice that might involve murder. Which is option a...

    I can kill her now, and maybe save the world. No, scratch that, definitely save the world. Because if she wakes up and she's still...well, Him...then it's bye bye world, or at least the human portion of it. Probably animals, too, though maybe He's like Hitler ? not a people person but kind to dogs?

    And I'm rambling. Probably something to do with the panic. So, I've got a knife. Do I kill her now? Or wait til she wakes up, and hope to god that He's not in her any more. "He" being the demon overlord of the Masharknarr dimension that's been exorcisting in her body for the last week and using her to slice and dice half the inhabitants of the castle.

    Here's where you make a choice, Xander. And whatever you choose, the world won't ever be the same, because you'll know. That even if you don't kill her now, you thought about. You seriously thought about it.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --