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    Disclaimer: They're Joss's! I promise I won't do anything he didn't say I could do!

    Rating: PG

    Feedback: Please, yes...I'm feeling out of it and something isn't working right, even though I've had the basic idea for a long time.

    "You are so not wearing those," Buffy insisted. It was bad enough she had to take her sister trick-or-treating, but some things were just beyond the pail. Whatever that saying was supposed to mean. Whose pail was it anyway, and why was it bad to go beyond it?

    "Oh, geez, Buffy, you're not gonna go on about vampires again? Because I'll tell Mom you're cracking up." Dawn held up the cheap plastic-fangs-and-face-paint set. "You don't want to go back to the funny farm, do you?" A few years ago she might've made that threat in all innocence, but Dawn was beginning to understand just how painful that place had been for her sister, and bringing it up now was pure nastiness and dirty fighting.

    "Dawn..." There really wasn't an argument she could use, was there? Besides, it was just face paint. It didn't even look like the real thing. "Okay, fine. Wear what you like."

    Dawn smirked triumphantly. "Good. Because if you start hassling me over it, Mom hears you freaked over a pair of fangs."

    Someone spoke from behind Buffy's shoulder. "Really?" It must have been the new owner. Buffy turned to examine the source of the English accent. "It's only a costume, though personally I'm sure she'll be very frightening in it. Of course, it's also rather cheap. If you like, I could find you something in addition. I understand the tweens all want to look older, these days."

    "Thanks," Dawn said through her grin. "I guess you're Ethan?"

    "Ethan Rayne, young lady, at your service."
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